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HG Wells describes a multiverse of alternative worlds, complete with the paratime travel machines. With a little help from Cern we happened across a Diary of events from a planet we call Alt Earth believed to be Earth’s Twin planet in this Alternate Universe.


JANUARY 1^ST^ 2017 – JANUARY 7^TH^ 2017

table<>. <>. |<>.
p={color:#000;}. Sunday |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. President Trump is making good his campaign promise to build the Wall on the southern border. Mexico have agreed to pay for it in kind by supplying labor suggesting Trump use the eleven million Mexican immigrants he plans to deport. Trump dismissed the irony and readily agreed claiming it a victory for his administration. Political pundits see it as a guise to save face as it is widely accepted the deportation plan would bankrupt America.

| <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Monday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. The world renowned painter Adolf Hitler died peacefully in his bed. After being accepted into the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 1930 he quickly became one of the most recognizable talents of the twentieth century. His mentor and close friend Dr. David Goldberg credited him for finding the contemporary arts movement which has been said to challenge the very nature of art itself. His last words “Following my true path as bought me inner peace and happiness and I thank David with all my heart.” | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Tuesday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Mark Hamill is to resurrect his role as Indiana Jones in the forthcoming movie Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The Han Solo star is said to be thrilled to be playing his favorite character still at the age of 56. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Wednesday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. The long awaited sequel to Star Wars franchise has been announced. The story picks up 30 years after Revenge of the Jedi working title and cast is as yet unknown but it is strongly expected the original cast will make an appearance. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Thursday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Synthetic coke has been legalized. Columbia goes bankrupt.


| <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Friday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Harrison Ford says he is happy to work alongside Mark in Star Wars – The Force Awakens. He has been quoted as saying he harbors no ill feeling toward Mark and says he owes his happiness to wife of thirty years Carrie Fisher. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Saturday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Trumps approval rating is the highest of any incoming President due to the reversal of every key campaign promise. In addition to scraping the deportation plan Obamacare will remain. Waterboarding will not be reinstated and the US will not pull out of the Paris agreement on Climate change.



JANUARY 8^ST^ 2017 – JANUARY 14^TH^ 2017

table<>. <>. |<>.
p={color:#000;}. Sunday |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. Former UK Prime Minster Neil Kinnock presides over the decommission of the last nuclear weapon in North Korea. His brave move for unilateral nuclear disarmament marked a long program nuclear disarmament. In a candid interview with Editor of the Times Helmut Dong the Welshman said. “Someone had to go first. I’m just glad it was us.” | <>. |<>.
p={color:#000;}. Monday |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. President Bashar al-Assad stepped aside allowing his country to hold free and fair elections. He said “It was the right thing to do and looked forward to spreading his influence to other nations.” | <>. |<>.
p={color:#000;}. Tuesday |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei in a shock motion stepped down from power. When asked about his action he said “It was the right thing to do and was glad to have followed Assad’s lead.” Assad reported to have said “Someone had to go first I’m just glad it was me.” | <>. |<>.
p={color:#000;}. Wednesday |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. Prime Minister Theresa May in an attempt to forge closer links with America has agreed to modify the English language. “By scraping ‘useless U’ we are getting rid of the last vestiges that separated our country.” it was a significant symbolic gesture not lost on President Trump. Prime Minster May agreed we had to move with the times. Colour will now be spelt Color. Favourite – Favorite and Flavour is now Flavor.

| <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Thursday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. John Lennon has left Yoko Ono and moved in with his former band mate Paul McCartney back in London. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine he said “I now realize the problem with Beatles was never Paul. It was the better halves we were married to. “ | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Friday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Behavioral inhibitors for minors have been outlawed after a five year old rejected the drug and went on the rampage shoplifting a box of Tootsie rolls and two bags of Butterfinger chocolate. The parents are calling for an all- out ban on the drug and themselves are reverting back to old fashioned parenting techniques. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Saturday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Theresa May has reverted back to Olde English as the US has rejected calls to swap out S for Z on the words Realize, Apologize and Organize. May said she thought she could negotiate a tat for tat compromise but now admits she may have bitten off more than she can chew. |


JANUARY 15^th^ 2017 – JANUARY 21^st^ 2017

table<>. <>. |<>.
p={color:#000;}. Sunday |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. Kid Ready computers have become law avoiding the need for parents to actively set prohibitive controls. It was a common sense measure employed under the 2015 BFO ACT and in Europe has resulted in 90% reduction in violent crime. | <>. |<>.
p={color:#000;}. Monday |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. England won against Argentina in the semi-finals of the World Cup in part due to a penalty awarded for Maradona‘s handball. Paul Gascoigne converted the penalty to make the score final 3-2.

| <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Tuesday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Thanks to goal line technology Lineker’s goal in the dying seconds of extra time secured a win against Germany making todays historic win the second time England has won the World Cup in fifty one years. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Wednesday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. President Trump has been impeached for breaching Constitutional law. Trump ignored advice despite White House ethics counsellors from Democratic and Republican administrations warning him his presidency may be revoked by the electoral college. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Thursday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Michael Jackson siblings Paris and Prince have begun a search for their bio-logical father. 80,000 men have come forward for testing. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Friday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Conspiracy theorists are up in arms over Toby Dexter’s claim to have spotted Elvis pruning a privet hedge in Utah. They believe Toby, commander of the Apollo 1 mission, is trying to distract the unveiling of evidence to prove the moon landing was fake. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Saturday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Frida from the group ABBA has agreed to make a cameo in the Musical Mama Mia along with former band mates Benny Bjorn and Anna. Frida once married to Bjorn has long lived as a recluse and vowed never to sing with ABBA again. |


JANUARY 22^nd^ 2017 – JANUARY 28^TH^ 2017

table<>. <>. |<>.
p={color:#000;}. Sunday |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. Prince and Michael Jackson will perform together at the Super Bowl. After arguments broke out over who would headline the two decided to perform together. They have agreed to sing each other’s songs. Prince will duet on We Are the World and Michael on Purple Rain. A coin toss by the pitch ref will determine which song will be played first.

| <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Monday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Meghan Markle has been named as the new Bond. The mixed-race beauty will start filming Dr. No the first remake of the movie at Pinewood in June this year. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Tuesday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. John Lennon and Paul McCartney plan to reform the Beatles. In an interview with Times John said “If it’s in your heart you have to let it out.” The first gig will be a webcast from the rooftop of Apple records a throwback to their final Saville Row gig. Linda McCartney will play keyboards in place of Billy Preston and Yoko Ono is expected to make a guest appearance on tambourine. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Wednesday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Prince Andrew has announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend Megan Markle. They plan to have a Bond-themed wedding to co-incide with the release of blockbuster Dr. No | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Thursday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Queen Elizabeth is rumored to be up for a sky dive with Meghan Markle into the Olympic Arena to open the London 2018 games. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Friday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Democracy is to be superseded by Fidel Castro’s Cubanism, The system, by which the public select policy was adopted by The Europeans in the 1950s. The idea of rule by Consensus was floated in the 1930s in the USA but quashed by the Supreme Court. Following the 2016 Election and Trumps impeachment the bill was passed by a wide majority. | <>. |<>. p={color:#000;}. Saturday |<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Evidence of a multiverse have been discovered at Cern. Scientist say it may be possible to send an encoded message through the wormhole to Alt Earth. |



HG Wells describes a multiverse of alternative worlds, complete with the paratime travel machines. With a little help from Cern we happened across a Diary of events from a planet we call Alt Earth believed to be Earth’s Twin planet.

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