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We have noticed that to be part of a religion, is something that is important to most people around the world? When we are looking at the number of the different religions we have here on Earth, it looks like most people are taking their own religion very seriously. The same all over the world.


With many thousands of different sects, and cults. In US alone, there are around 5000 cults, where someone has declared himself to be the God, or the God’s helper, they all work, and are protected under the cover of religions, and they all get people to come and join these fake organizations that call themselves religions.


And, then we have 730 established religions in the world, plus the 21 major religions, like Christianity, Islam and Hindu and so forth. We have to estimate that out of the world’s seven billion people, close to five billion believe in, and is a member of at least one of these religions. That also means that close to two billion peoples are non-believers, or what also is called atheists.


Why are these people non-believers? Could it be because of all that is written into the holy books, doesn’t sound believable to them? How can a spirit come down to Earth, and make a woman pregnant? A married woman.


When we read the holy books from some of these religions, we have to ask ourselves are these true religions? What we have to keep in mind is, is the religion I have accepted for myself, the true one? Or, am I going to this church because my parents did it, and also my grandparents. Or could it be, that the creator of that other religion is the same creator that I have in my own religion, and it is the same creator that I have been praying to, with just a different name? Could it be, that of the world’s 751 religions there is actually only one true God? What is it that this God have told us in the holy books? This is a question that is not easy to answer. How many bibles are there? There are fifty different version of the bible only in the English language, here in the USA. That does not include bibles translated to any other languages, or other faiths.


We have: King James Version, (KJV)

New International Version, (NIV)

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

New King James Version (NKJV)

English Standard Version (ESV)

New Living Translation (NLT)

Homan Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

New Century Version (NCV)

New English Bible (NEB)

New English Translation (NET)

American Standard Version (ASV)

Revised Standard Version (RSV)

Good New Bible (GNB)

Today’s English Version (TEV)

Easy-To-Read Version (ERV)

Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

Bible in Basic English (BBE)

Amplified Bible (AMB)

Contemporary English Version (CEV)

God’s Word Translation (GW)

New International Readers Version (NIrV)

21-Century King James Version (KJ21)

Revised English Bible (REB)

Jerusalem Bible (JB)

New American Bible (NAB)

The Living Bible (TLB)

The Message ™

Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

The Bishops’ Bible

Douay-Rheims Version (DRV)

Tyndale Bible


Here we have thirty-two English bibles of the fifty versions that are available. You have to consider that there are over two hundred countries in the word, so there are a lot more bibles, or holy books around. Plus of course there are another 750 different religions with their own bible, or holy book.


Then we also have 13 different denominations within Christianity. Why so many, and why is it that a Catholic cannot join its Protestant friend to his/her church? Does it really matter what church you go to, or where you pray? Are we not praying to the same God?


There are a few sentences that appear in most of these religious books. What is it that is written in so many of the holy books? And in the bible as well, the one sentence that stands out, and appears in several of the major religions holy books? The answer is; “Do not make any shrines, idols, figures or paintings of me,” says the Lord, says the God, says the Creator, and says the Divine Being, and says also the one true God the almighty number one, the Alpha.


Then one asks, what are the Churches, the Cathedrals, the Mosques and all the other buildings put up for religious congregations? Is it to keep the believers in one place, where they are easily manipulated? And money can be extorted from them? Are these religious building not shrines? Of course they are shrines! What else can they be? Any building that is built only for the sole purpose of religious praying, and congregation is a shrine to that God, or Creator this building is put up to praise.


The next question we have to ask ourselves, what is a church? The churches around the world, whether we like it or not, are corporations, some of them large international corporations, and organizations that work for profit, and for profit only. To be a member to any one of these churches you have to pay, not a yearly membership fee, which would have been cheaper. No, you have to pay each time you go to church. Say that you are a family of four people, mother, father, and two children, which on a regular basis goes to the church of their choice. When the plate is moved through the pew, they would be expected to put in twenty dollars for four people. Over one year, they have given this church over one thousand dollars. Over ten years, they have given away ten thousand dollars, of their hard earned money. Why? To hear a person that is standing a few steps above you, so you have to look up at him, and from this place he is reading out aloud from a book.


Are most of the people that go to church, doing so because they are religious, or do they believe themselves to be religious? Or, is it just to congregate, and to meet and have a chat with old friends? Have the church become a meeting place for lonely people, old and young, that are willing to pay for the privilege, and for the chance to meet and chat with old friends, and even have a chance to meet some new friends? If you are in a situation, where you like to go out just to meet people, the YMCA is a much cheaper alternative, and there you can meet hundreds of peoples. And you will never see a plate being moved around to catch your hard earned dollars.


Any person that wants to pray to the God of their choice, in any of these 751 established religion’s they believe in, can do so from the privacy of their own home, without the help of the preacher that does nothing but reading out aloud from this what they call the holy book. Any kid that have done second grade in school, can do that. One does not need a grown person to read what is printed in that book. Or, could it be that they are just too lazy to get a regular, or a decent job?


When you do get the feeling, that you would like to hear someone read this holy book for you, there are books, already read on the market, that you can buy, and listen to in your own home, or in your car. These books are called Audio Books, when you listen to God’s word through these books, it will give you more peace of mind than you will ever get going to any one of these established churches, no matter how much money you give away when the tray moves through the pew.


If the quiet contemplation is what you are after. Even while you are watching your favorite television show, you can close your eyes for a moment, during the commercials, and think of what you want out of life, contemplate and relax; you do no need a church pew to do that.


What most people that goes to one of these regular churches, are missing out on, is the closeness to the Creator. To get this, you have to start to think further than to the church. Think about what is happening all around the world, at all the different religions, the willingness to fight and kill, just to get a religious control in different countries, and of us. Why is this happening? Could it be because these holy books’ you are reading tells us to increase in numbers? No creator has ever told us to over populate this Earth of ours. It is something the church itself has written down in their so-called holy books. And, it is hundred percent wrong. What this world needs, are less people. The quantity of the food that can be harvested from our planet can sustain up to four billion people. We are close to double that amount. Now our scientists have to change the buildup of our crop, to make the crop grow faster, and give better yields per acre, it is still not enough for all the people. Chancing the seeds will have adverse effect on us in the future; nature’s own way has always, and will always be the better choice.


How can we change the system, so we are not looking at a new war every year because of hunger; a war started by a surplus of hungry and restless people? One thing is certain, it will not happen in a church, no matter how often we go there. It is we the people that through our leaders have to demand that something is done about the over population, nothing will ever happen from a church.


The way is to follow not one of these many hundreds of religions, but one, and the only right one. The right, and only real God is Alpha! So, what is Alpha?


Alpha is the number One, the Creator that has created our universe. Where can you find this creator, you might ask? He is the one you most probably have been praying too all the time when you have been going to church, but you have been using a different name when you have prayed to him.


Alpha has its domain in an alternate universe, where we all will end up. There is no hell, and no damnation. When we are born, and have lived our life, we will all end up with Alpha. Hell, does not exist, that is another thing invented by the church. Hell, is only what our major religions have been putting into our minds. Hell, exists only in our imagination. There are good people, and there are bad people. There is no hell, and no devil. No matter how we live our lives, we will all end up with Alpha, our Creator, in its alternate universe.


In less than two weeks after copulation, the new baby has its own soul. If this baby for some reason is still born, or is aborted, its soul will travel, and meet with Alpha. No life is wasted; Alpha looks after all of our souls.


How we spend our time here on earth, has no bearing on the final results. We will all finish up together with Alpha the everlasting Lord. Even the most brutal of all people in our history, like the one that started the Second World War, even though he committed suicide, and had well over a million people brutally murdered, and another couple of million soldiers dead because of the war he started. His soul is still there together with Alpha. His soul is not in any way responsible for what his human part was doing while he lived here on Earth. We have been given a free mind, our mind is hundred percent free; it is up to us to use it in the right way, and choose the right Creator. It is just as easy to be nice, as it is to be nasty.


When it is your turn to meet with Alpha? Your Creator, when your days here on Earth are over, your soul will meet Alpha, as he will be waiting for you up on the top of a green hill. You will be arriving, and you will be standing next to him, and you will be dressed in a white gown, like everybody else here, the gown is full length, and it is reaching down to the green grass. From this hill, standing next to Alpha, you will be overlooking a beautiful lake. In front of this lake, on a trail through the green grass, below the hill, you can see many other people walking and talking to each other. All of them at the same age, and all wearing this white gown, your soul looks mature, and your soul looks the same whether you die before your first birthday, or if you are past ninety year of age the day you die, the soul does not change like we do, it is ever lasting. To the left, when you are looking down this hill, there is some trees growing in a small wooden area, and further across this grass field and along the lake-shore, many others that arrived before you, are walking, or sitting down in the grass talking to each other, all dressed in their white gowns. This is your first day in paradise, the day when you are meeting and standing next to the Creator, Alpha. And the two of you will start to walk down from this green hill together.


Hasn’t Alpha set up any rules like what the churches tells us all the other God’s has done?


He has twelve rules, number one on Alpha’s list is, that he would like us to follow, but as we have a free mind, it is up to each one of us to follow our own rules as well as Alpha’s.


# 1 believe in one God only, me your Creator, I have among the religious organizations had too many different names; I have had different names in different lands. However, there is only one real God. And no matter what you call this God you are praying to, the God, the Lord, the Creator, the Divine being, the everlasting spirit, its real name is Alpha.


  1. 2. Do not make any idols of me, no shrines, and make no images of me.


  1. 3. Do not misuse my name; do not use my name in vain


  1. 4. Take a break and rest on the weekend, or on the day off from your work, whenever that is. Relax and contemplate of what life has given you. Take this chance to speak to me, with your thoughts only.


  1. 5. Honor your parents, and your Creator Alpha. He wants us to honor him as our original parent. But, Alpha wants us also to be friendly with, and also to honor our birth parents.


  1. 6. Do not kill any other humans. Life is a precious gift, and should not be taken for granted. We should help each other at all time, any violence; including verbal violence is against Alpha’s rule.


Your question to this rule, what about all these maniacs that have killed millions of people throughout our history? And those religions that allows killing of those that believes in, by their own mind, the wrong religion, and not the religion sanction by their own religious leaders.


Alpha gave us all a free mind. It is up to each of us to use this mind we have been given to the best of our ability. Alpha wants us to be nice to each other, help each other when needed, be polite and generous, and do not kill another person. Unfortunately, when someone is given a free mind, it is too often being used for personal gains, with no regards for other people, or public safety.


# 7. Do not commit adultery.


  1. 8. Do not steal. Do not take any items, or products that doesn’t belong to you.


  1. 9. Do not lie. Never say something that is not the truth. If you feel that you cannot tell the truth for any reasons, then be quiet, and say nothing.


  1. 10. Do not which for your friend’s wife, or your friend’s husband, or for their house or home, or any of the items they own.


  1. 11. Do not over populate.


Our Earth can support three and a half to four billion people. When we go above those numbers, there will be hunger and starvation. Where you find hungry people, you’ll find unrest that can lead to war. We have to listen to Alpha, and lower the amount of people on Earth. It can be done it must be done. If nothing else, we have to put up restrictions for how many children a family can have. To see a family at the supermarket with five children, and the wife is expecting number six, have to stop. A wife should not be looked upon as a breading machine. It has been said on the television, that families with twelve children are called heroes to the country. It is against any normal thinking, for the family, or for the country, and it is definitely not good for the Earth to be overpopulated.


  1. 12. Talk to me in privacy.


Here we have the same as with some other religions, where their holy books tell them, no churches, no shrines, and no images. And, do not wear any symbols to show that you believe in Alpha. With Alpha, we have to; if we feel a need to pray, use our own home to pray, not a church. If we feel a need to explain our sufferings and wants to Alpha, do it inside your own home. Are we supposed to have a special part set aside for Alpha in our homes? No! No shrines, we are to use our mind, and with our thoughts tell Alpha about our family and ourselves. And we do not have to bend down on our knees, or put our hands together, to pray, if you like to do it to show respect to Alpha, that’s okay, you can do it. The normal ways to talk to Alpha is for you to stand up, or sit down, and look slightly upwards with your eyes, close them and thinks of Alpha, and tell him what is on your mind. He will listen! These are straight religious facts, which have to be adhered too. No matter what religion you prefer to pray too, it is something that does involve all of us. And by following this, to you my friend, new religion, you will never have to pay a dime to belong, and to believe in Alpha. And you can proudly tell yourself, that you are not part of any religious groups that keeps giving their money to someone that doesn’t want to do a normal day’s work. Show yourself instead as a person that wants to help this world that Alpha has given us, try to help at least one person each day, and look at others with a smiling face. It only has to be something small, but get into the habit of helping someone each and every day. And, do not believe everything the church has written in what they call the holy book. We are all Alpha’s children; he has never had a child of his own here on earth, which is another fable introduced by the church.


When you want to speak with me, says Alpha, or contemplate your thoughts to me, that can be done in the privacy of your own home, or at the place where you sleep, and rest your body. You can even reach me in your car, or at your work, or during a lunch break. Any time during the day, or night, I am prepared to listen to your thoughts. But for me to hear you, you have to talk to me with your thoughts. When you talk aloud, the people in the room can hear you. But, when you want to talk with me says Alpha, you must use your mind. I can only hear you when you talk to me with your thoughts.


My prophet, born in a country in the Middle East, is the one that I have asked to find this author, to tell the world about me through this story, about the only Creator this universe has ever had. I have had so many names; however, my real name is Alpha. All the rest are old mythologies, and products of a money hungry corporations and organization that calls themselves a church. They want to snare you into their way of believing, to get your hard earned money. Listen to Alpha, believe, and read what is written many times, this is the truth, and the only truth there is, and it is free.


Is it right for a church to charge you a fee for becoming a member? Of course not! But they want you as a member; they want you to give to the plate when it is handed through the pews. If you are a member of a church, and are away on vacation for a month, or more, the church will send you a letter with envelopes, so you can send them your money even when you are not at church. Look at the riches church in the world, the Catholic Church with its head office, and leaders, at the Vatican. Several hundreds of the Catholic Church leaders all over the world have been taken for misconduct with minors. That church has more leaders walking around in their red dresses than any other church on Earth. From there they collect money from all over the world, your money. When you hand over your hard earned dollars to your local church, they smile within themselves, and the money you have given them will fill their own pockets, not Gods.


With Alpha you do not pay, because you are talking to Alpha, and praying at the comfort of your own home, or the place where you rest your body. Alpha does not need your money, there is no one to pay when you join this religion, or ever after when you accept Alpha as the number one. You will never be asked to hand over any of your belongings, like several cults are doing.


How do I join this religion with Alpha?


You sit down in the comfort of your own home, or on a park bench, and with your mind you will tell Alpha who you are, and that you would like to join the group of people that has taken Alpha as their religious leader. When this is done, you have joined with Alpha, the everlasting God. You are now a member of this religion, and you have to remember, no shrines.


There are people that don’t know how to pray, or how to talk to Alpha by themselves. That is why they go to church, this is an unfortunate truth; here we have to show ourselves stronger. Once you start to talk with Alpha, it will be easier each day you just have to get started. If you have a sibling, a best friend, or even your parents they can help you to get the right feeling when you talk to Alpha by yourself, and remember talk to Alpha, with your thoughts.


And remember you always talk to Alpha with your thoughts. No high screaming, and no hymn singing, you just sit down look upwards close your eyes and think of Alpha, and with your thoughts tell Alpha about yourself, your troubles and your joys. Alpha will always listen to you. And, Alpha will do it for free, not like the corporations that call themselves churches, they only want to get your hard earned money, each time you visit one of these old mythologies that call themselves a church.


When you want to pray to Alpha, the first time, think of his name three times; Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, then tell him who you are, tell him about your family, about your job, about your school, about your closest and most secret thoughts. Tell Alpha whatever comes to your mind. He will listen, and he will understand, as long as you use your mind, and talk to Alpha with your thoughts.


Now is the right time for you to sit down, put your kindle, or tablet to the side. Close your eyes and think of Alpha, if you should fall back on your old habit and call Alpha, God, that is okay he will understand, and you will have joined the creator that will be waiting for you, and let you join him up on that green hill when it is your time to enter paradise.


We are all Alphas’ children. He doesn’t have any children of his own here on earth, no son and no daughter. He has never had. We are all his children, but he has not copulated with a human female; so if some religions tell you that this person is the son of God, do not believe them. That has never happened. It is impossible for a spirit like Alpha, or God, if you prefer to use that name, to be together with a living entity like what we are. Some items from the holy books can be believable others are pure fiction.



The end




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Alpha the Creator

When it come to religion, we have a number of choices. There are over 5000 cults, and 730 established religions. There are 21 major religions, Christianity, Islam, Hindu and many others. There are even thirteen different denominations within Christianity, why can a Catholic not join his friend a Protestant, when they go to church? Then, all the holy books tells us not to make shrines of the God. Are not Churches, Cathedrals and Mosques shrines? If some of us do believe there is a God, why do we have to go to church to pray? Should not our own home, or residence be good enough? In any Church, the one telling us Gods words, are sitting above us, so we have to look up to this person. Why? All churches no matter what size, wants our money. The larger churches are corporations, and want you to pay each time you go to your church. Why? With all these 700 plus religions there are only one God. No matter what you call your God, or what church you belong to, there is only one God. Within the English language, we have 50 different bibles to choose between, and as we have over 200 countries, how many different bibles would the total be? Now with the 5000 cults, over 700 established religion, and 21 major religions, and how many churches, or praying places would there be around the world? All we need is one God that covers what we need. It is Alpha, the only true God. The one for all of us. Please read this short story about Alpha, then make up your own mind.

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