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Along Came Sally













To Salome phiri









I never knew going ones way could do you any good. Yes, I know, you get wasted, euphoria hits, feel like am on top of the world, I can do anything but I have to tell you that none of these are too good to what I found to be more than too good or….. well lets just find out.




Finished my high school and had my first test of weed. Damn I was so high, reached cloud one and nine all together, how high is that?……. don’t answer.


I walked to my crash maureen with full confidence, weed taking its effect. She was seating on a desk in the schools football ground with her two side chicks by the side. ‘‘Hey mau mau’‘ I phrased her name short.


‘‘Hey boo-boo’‘ she replied.


Whats that supposed to mean I thought, anyway. ‘‘Last paper, last day in high school huh?’‘ I asked.


‘‘Yeah’‘ She said not looking at me.


‘‘Look babe,’‘ I don’t know if it was me using the word babe but I got her attention ‘‘I have seen how you look at me, and this might just be your last stare, so what do you say we end this right here, right now’‘


She looked at me puzzled.


I stooped down to show her what I meant. Closing my eyes I managed to brush my lips against hers before I got a BIG slap on my cheek. Can’t believe am not the one who hissed to that one.


‘‘Hey,’‘ she wiped her mouth with her hand ‘’ whats wrong with you!’‘


Can’t believe the whole crowd had their gaze at us now. ‘‘I thought you were a virgin Mau Mau, virgin lips and all’‘


‘‘So, you thought you could be my hymen breaker’‘


‘‘Also, I see the way you look at me’‘


‘‘Bullshit, eww, I look at you because you disgust me frog mouth, I mean look at you’‘ Can’t lie I had to look at myself.


Looking at myself and not finding anything disgusting I turned and started walking out when. ‘‘Hey Marcus…,’‘ Sally, full name salome one of Maureens side chicks stopped me ‘‘am also that word you mentioned earlier, only that am both, so what do you say I meet you at your place tonight’‘


‘‘Cool’‘ I managed to say still surprised by the offer.


‘‘Thanks’‘ she kissed me on the lips and walked to her friends. I heard Mau Mau asking her what that was about but decided that whatever they said to each other was none of my business. Tonight I was getting laid man or whoever is reading this book, and she’s pretty I have to warn you and got big nice curved hips, which means….. well I’ll just have to warn you about that one too.





I laid in bed thinking about nothing, yes, nothing, no I wasn’t asleep either but not until,…. Should I use a condom?, heck man no, but…..But she’s clean, she told you she’s a virgin remember?, yeah of course but I don’t plan on getting her pregnant you know?, right, you know just what to do not to let that happen. Man is she supposed to take this long.



Don’t worry it was only Sally knocking on my bedroom window. Yeah, I’d to use the CRASH because I don’t know how a knock sounds like, most people use knock knock, but it sounds like a sound from the mouth rather than a door or window.


I jumped up from bed to the window. Sliding it up, I helped her get in.


‘‘It smells romantic in here’‘ she said.


Girls and love stories, I just hope this one night thing won’t turn into one.


She walked to me. ‘‘You planned all this huh,’‘ she said ‘‘the sheets with love on them, the aroma, how romantic of you’‘


Poor thing I could see why she was Maureens side chick. ‘‘Yeah’‘ I lied. About the bed sheets, am not gay alright?, its only that I washed my bed sheets so I had to get some from my sisters room being mine didn’t dry up. Winter you know.


She was on me now, kissing me like crazy as she pushed me on the bed. She removed her shirt, I rested my head on my hand watching her as she did so. Then her trouser dropped, revealing her nice curved hips that I told you about earlier, she was still wearing pants and a bra. She looked at me. Seeing the awe on my face, she removed her bra, revealing,… well you know what it was. She also removed her pant, and I had to say WOW.


She jumped on the bed. I quickly undressed myself, You can almost guess what the surprise was. I jumped on the bed as well. She raised her leg in the air and I saw…….well if I say what I saw it will only mean you saw it too.


‘‘Eat me Marcus’‘ She called me Marcus did hear that? by my name and not that…..


‘‘What did you say?’‘ I asked looking at her mouth as I wanted to see her mouth moving as she said the words.


‘‘Eat me Marcus’‘


‘‘Nice white teeth,’‘ I said ‘‘do you drink a lot of…..’‘


‘‘Sperm,’‘ She said dropping her leg and clossing the door ‘‘you want me to suck your dick Marcus’‘ She jumped out of bed getting dressed.


‘‘No,’‘ I said ‘‘I was to say milk when you cut me in’‘


‘‘This is not porno, dammit’‘


‘‘Hey Sally, I didn’t mean any of that’‘


She was fully dressed now.


‘‘You can’t leave me like this,’‘ I said ‘‘look at my willie, what should I do to it?’‘


‘‘You can suck yourself!’‘ she jumped out the window. And I guess this is the time you changed the title from along came Sally to along came and went Sally.





Thirty eight years has passed now and am still a….. that thing. Its not that bad right? fifty five years old and still that thing, right?,…………. forget it, after all I can claim a place in heaven for it. But what if there’s is no heaven? huh? what if there’s no heaven?


Then…….then…..Oh my God I should be sucking myself right now.









Along Came Sally

  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2016-11-09 07:50:08
  • Words: 1070
Along Came Sally Along Came Sally