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Ally And The Daily Prompt




Copyright 2017 Ally Mare

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“To family, friends and myself… Thank you for the support and encouragement so I can keep on writing. Including the daily silly thoughts I had to share with you guys.”

Ally L Mare, 2017

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Daily Prompt: Sincere

I’ll brave myself,
Be sincere to you,
Every time spent together,
Are the comforts of my life.

Daily Prompt: Base

It’s his future,
Everything lies in this inning,
His last inning too,
Two outs and losing,
All he need is miracle,
To bring their third base,
Back home.

Daily Prompt: Hyperbole

Tell me about your love – she asked,
My love shines brighter than the sun – he told,
Stop exaggerating with your hyperbole silly – she frowned,
I love you and love you and love you forever – He claimed.

No matter how hard they tried,
They were never meant to be together.

Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

He just can’t decide,
His heart or his brain,
Having second thoughts,
On never ending pain.

Daily Prompt: Vegetal

His mind spins round and round,
His ground fallen down and down,
His trapped in this forest of,
Vegetal breakdown.

Daily Prompt: Or

It was the moment of now or never,
The moment of bravery,
Or it haunt him forever,
And prove him unworthy.

Daily Prompt: Flames

It’s in his mind and heart,
Throbbing and hot,
Swirling like eternal flames,
His passion for the games.

Daily Prompt: Tart

A text received from her,
Wishing happy birthday,
She was no amateur,
Her sweet tarts made me stay

Daily Prompt: Filthy

The fog is thick,
Dark and hazy,
Like an endless tunnel,
Where his filthy mind resides.

Daily Prompt: Mythical

Will I be someone you’d seek?
Someone that you’d need?
Because I knew I want you,
And I knew that,
I’m not your mythical figure.

Daily Prompt: Elicit

Let there be hope and wings,
In this tiring endless wars,
No joy does it brings,
But to  elicit sadness of yours.

Daily Prompt: Anticipation

He is a fallen,
And suffering demon,
Not the charming angel,
In her angelic anticipation.

Daily Prompt: Chaotic

It resides deep inside,
Like a black hole in space,
Sucking all forms of light and matters,
But not my chaotic pressures.

Daily Prompt: Culture

The drum, stage and dance,
Filled with cultural delight,
Called Bon Odori.

Daily Prompt: Faded

I looked at you,
A part of me is actually scared,
Of something that I could never repair,

This special bond of friendship,
Between you and I,
And I pray it would never ever faded away.

Daily Prompt: Sacred

I have something,
Collection of sacred treasures,
Things that I still keep,
Of something I should not remember,

What struck me the most,
Is not the pictures,
But the letter to my future self,
Which I’m too scared to read.

Daily Prompt: Vanish

This soul is old,
Old as it told,
Dull like the coal,
Vanished and cold.

Daily Prompt: Martyr

He’s not brave,
But not a coward,

He can’t wield a sword,
But he can be a shield,

He’s not the first to march,
But he’s the last man to stand,

Who is he?
A martyr of love.

Daily Prompt: Missing

It happened to all,
Never me alone,
Missing pieces fall,
Queen to my heart’s throne.

Daily Prompt: Mystical

How lovely it is to see,
A dark cold but starry night,
How long I want it to be,
Part of this mystical night.

Daily Prompt: Flee

Problems showers me daily,
Left me alone and tired,
What more could I asked dearly,
To flee as heart desired.

Daily Prompt: Maddening

How cruel? How it’s cruel?
Sadistic and twisted world,
Now! Maddening us!

Daily Prompt: Fortune

We chase our dreams,
To earn fame and fortune,
Or for our own passion,
But for me,
Stays a dream not reality.

Daily Prompt: Discover

Easy it was not,
The treasures in deep passion,
To be discovered.

Daily Prompt: Retreat

The line has been broken,
The formation crumbled,
But there stood a soldier,
Said – love knows no retreat.

Daily Prompt: Hopeful

It was frightening,
And traumatizing,

Sending chill to my spines,
Shivers on my skins,

Painful events full of screams,
Followed by my drying tears,

Carved as unwanted memory,
It will never be a good story,

They said that love is gold,
I had it and it’s not sweet as they told,

It tasted dry and bitter,
I doubt anything could be better,

How can I save this soul,
In this game full of wickedness and foul,

It’s binding me and dragging me dreadful,
But her words saved me by saying “Stay hopeful!”.

Daily Prompt: Year

What should I wish,
Everyone has their own wish,

What should I achieve,
Everyone has something to achieve,

Will I be blessed,
I hope everyone be blessed,

Because I am the year,
People tend to forget.

Daily Prompt: Gone

Where has the warm comfort gone,
Like a blanket that used to cover me,
Through  my easy and tough nights.

Daily Prompt: Float

Dreams oh dreams,
Will you stop haunting me,
You left me breathless,
And my whole body ache,

Dreams oh dreams,
Will you stop deceiving me,
All the sweets images,
But dissolved as I wake,

Dreams oh dreams,
Why do you show me hope,
Where your true nature speaks,
Left me float and wait me fall.

Daily Prompt: Someday

Today was a bad day,
Tomorrow will be a better day,
Someday – it will be your day.

Daily Prompt: Capable

Are we the type,
Who never tried,

On the things,
That we like,

We just give up,
Without knowing exactly,

We are capable or not.

Daily Prompt: Unseen

How down one can feel,
How dark one can be,

We have seen the wrong in them,
But not the unseen burden inside.

Daily Prompt: Exquisite

They said love is exquisite,
Everything innocently sweet,
They forgot to mention,
The tears  they dried,
The cold heart they had,
The countless exchange of words,

All for the images they had,
On exquisite love

Daily Prompt: Marathon

A modern lifestyle,
Hours and hours time spent,
Movie marathon.

Daily Prompt: Invitation

I can no longer stand,
In this grey connection,
Yet bigger  it expand,
With no invitation.

Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

Dear Beauty,
What do you hold,
Valuables that cannot be sold,
With aesthetic to be told,
But ugly secret to be unfold.

Daily Prompt: Overworked

A day like yesterday,
Never ending blandness,
I will not fall today,
From this overworked sadness.

Daily Prompt: Exposure

She stays in the dark,
Shadows all around her,
She found comfort and haven,
Far from bright life exposure.

Daily Prompt: Privacy

A stay away sign,
For time alone and comfort,
Instant privacy.

Daily Prompt: Successful

They said keep trying,
Until you break an arm and a leg,
She said stop chasing,
Because we were never meant,

Either way – both successful,
In making me a failure.

Daily Prompt: Oversight

What made it worth?
What made it counts?
The happiness together?
Or the tears?

It is the moments!
The ones that you oversight!

Daily Prompt: Devastation

His words poisoned her mind,
Left her helpless in bind,
He is vile and most unkind,
In devastation – her heart you shall find.

Daily Prompt: Simple

When it comes to words,
The one that touch the heart most,
Are the simple ones.

Daily Prompt: Filter

I used to know them,
Did many things together,
We laughed,
We danced,
We run around,
Even stupid things too,

Things changed now,
With filter on.

Daily Prompt: Automatic

He was left bleeding,
His heart shattered,
Shot by her words,
Deadlier than automatic.

Daily Prompt: Yellow

I still remember,
And my heart still wonder,
Amazingly written,
Even my brain got bitten,

Twisted adventures of her,
In The Yellow Wallpaper.

Daily Prompt: Replacement

You believed,
No need of saving,
You said,
Better off this way,

Still the truth was,
You need a better,
Replacement of me.

Daily Prompt: Scent

This man has a wish,
To return to the past,
Desperately as he aged,
For – the thing do not last,

The scent which he no longer remember,
Of his beloved who died in December.

Daily Prompt: Resist

A sweet and lustful,
Of human intimate touch,
No one can resist.

Daily Prompt: Clean

Cold swift like the wind,
By a skilful samurai,
Beheading heads – clean.

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

How wonderful to appreciate,
The bond of friendship,
To share the laughs,
To shed the tears,

No paper can hold the contents,
Of  this overwhelming bond.

Daily Prompt: Recognize

Will the world be easier,
If we hold our hands together,
We accept our strength and weakness,
And be united together,
To recognize the human in us.

Daily Prompt: Craft

There was a piece,
Of you stays,
One you gave me,
To keep me warm,

It was knitted,
A craft well done,
Filled with love and efforts,
That is now a memory.

Daily Prompt: Lovingly

They said affection,
Changed someone,
Some turns sweeter,
Some turns sour,

Will I change,
Shares my heart lovingly,
Or will I,
Hurt them endlessly.

Daily Prompt: Tremble

A tremble moment,
Gushing blood rush from his vein,
Bloody tragedy.

Daily Prompt: Heard

Maybe years from now,
All the things he wrote vanished,
Never heard of him.

Daily Prompt: Criticize

You convinced yourself,
Love betrayed you,
Denied your fantasy,
Crushed your reality,

Little did you know,
When you criticize it,
You made a fool of yourself,
Because  it is your fault,

To begin with.

Daily Prompt: Lush (And lush soul)

Her beauty none can compare,
Her fair and white skin,
Paired with moon bright eyes,
Decorated with sweet cherry lips,
Whispers in angelic voices,

It is not her body,
I desired most,
But her pure,
And lush soul.

About the Author

Ally Mare is an active blogger. He write poems and short stories. He started to write poems in secondary schools as a hobby after reading few classic literatures especially from Edgar Allan Poe. After having a great time and experience working in the biggest online game publisher in South East Asia, he decided to pursue his passion in writing.


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Ally And The Daily Prompt

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