All about the books I have written and published


All about the books I have written and published





I have been wanting to do this for a while and after publishing my latest book, The Buddha Board, I decided that the time was right. I feel that it is important that I get in touch with readers and give more reality as to who I am as a writer and what it has taken for me to become a writer of a dozen of books written and published within the last three years in English and French.

I am not trying to set myself up as a prodigy or a phenomenon. I have become a writer simply because I just love writing.

It was part of my bucket list to at least successfully write one book and have it published. I am very happy with my achievement. While I have been discouraged sometimes or told that this would be an undeniably tough journey on which I was about to embark, I never gave up. During the time in which I wrote most of my books, I was working a day job and the only time I had available to write was during the evenings and week-ends. However, after a lot of work, I could finally put a check mark against this goal on my bucket list. I was very proud of what I had achieved.

First of all as a writer, I have to confess that I can never predict how my first written chapters would lead me into creating the next ones.

I just carried on writing, putting my thoughts together and extending the story until I was satisfied with the end. I have never believed that a book needs to contain hundreds of pages to make it interesting. What has always counted for me is the content rather than “what could be an acceptable number of pages for a book to be good”. I have never tried to look to extend my stories just to increase the number of pages.

I have never written in an orchestrated type way, i.e. thinking of the story for days or weeks and then, figuring out how the story would go, chapter by chapter. I have never done that. It has always been based upon what I felt at the moment while writing and seeing my words filling a blank page that carried me to the end.

I have always chosen the book cover image with its title before I put pen to paper.

I would say that I am a spontaneous writer. Everything that I have written is based on the spur-of-the-moment.

As I went along, I created individuals in my stories, I named them, gave them a certain type of character and roles that they had to play as they become alive in my mind.

It requires a lot of work as a writer; I have to tell you that you have to love what you are doing because it is at times very challenging. But when you love what you are doing, it is not really “work” and you really do not care how much you have to persist to reach your goal of having written a good story that readers will enjoy.

I no longer count the times that I have worked long into the night to put my stories together. It is funny that it has never tired me. It has happened a few times that I just forgot to eat for the whole day just because I was so much into my story, the words kept on coming and before I could realised it, the day was gone.

I’ve always started very early in the morning with very good strong coffee and just carried on throughout the day. Just amazing when you love what you do. Time goes by so quickly.

With the exception of my first book, Terra Cotta, it has taken me an average of three to four weeks per book. Then there is the process of re-reading the story several times, doing grammar checks, proof reading, etc. This is the part that I find to be the most time consuming.

I always published my books in English first and immediately after translated them into French. As a writer, I always want to make sure to keep the story fresh in my mind so that the French versions, words and meanings, would be as close to the English as possible; I always to give the readers of my books in French the same quality of words and expressions to get across the exact meaning.

I found sometimes that the original idea gets lost in the translation due to different meanings of words and expressions which can give a lesser impact for the whole story.

As a writer you have to make your stories sequitur, you cannot contradict yourself in the story, it has to flow and make sense or you will confuse the reader.

Each one of my books has a personal meaning as they are related to events that I have either lived or observed or topics such as Sci-Fi in which I am interested. Several of my books have also been inspired by music.

These are the main sources of my inspiration.

My book topics vary between Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fiction, and Thrillers, High-tech, New Age and Genetic Engineering.

This eBook is all about what I have written and published over the past three years.

I want to tell you how my books came about.

There have some funny occurrences in my life which have inspired me to write these stories; there are also some not so funny occurrences.

When you know what is behind each one of my stories, you’ll understand why and what type of writing I have chosen for this specific subject.

I’d also like to say that I feel as if every one of my books could make great movies or mini-series. I honestly feel that my stories can give audiences new and interesting thoughts about life, values, hope and motivate them to embark on a journey of diverse thoughts and discoveries that I have shared in my books.

So, here is how my books came about:

The Buddha Board: The Art of letting goI got a Buddha board as a gift and started to use it myself as I found it to be a great technique to help in letting go negative thoughts in life. It worked for me and I wanted to share my findings with this story. The story is of young teenage mother who uses the Board to help her and her son handle some major situations in their lives.

The Theory of Devolution: [_ A Genetic Engineering Odyssey – I do not consider Darwin’s theory as being 100% accurate. So, I looked at putting forward another theory based on my thoughts of what could have possibly happened during our very remote past human history. This is a story of a scientist who gets involved in a scientific journey to find proof of the origin of the human race evolution. It all begins with a simple, casual DNA test which provides much more than anyone could have expected _].

Is there an App for That?My personal observations of certain events throughout my life. This one is dedicated to all baby boomers. In this one, I just speak my mind on some of today’s various topics such as religion, drugs, social behaviours, global warming, aging, wonder drugs, politics, sciences, insanity plea, the right to die with dignity, etc.

Project Carbon CopyI always had been fascinated with UFOs, Aliens, and how they could have influenced our actual technology and human advancement. This is the story about the unthinkable being revealed by a biologist involved in a very special secretive project. He pays a heavy price as a result of witnessing the unthinkable. The turn of the events will keep you on the edge of your seat. The event related to writing this story is when my husband and I were watching TV and joking about the people who were giving their opinions on the upcoming elections. They looked to be so completely out of touch with reality that we looked at each other and said these guys cannot be for real, they cannot be from this planet. The aliens are already amongst us. That’s all it took me to get to 250 pages later…and it has nothing to do with politics.

The Pawn: Could you have lived before this life? Do you believe in reincarnation? – I do not consider the human race to being solely pieces of biological fabric that rot in the dirt when they die. What I describe in my book is a story of a man who becomes aware of this fact. This is a topic for people who are asking themselves what happens when they “die”. I have observed that there are many have different theories on what is supposed to happen. This is simply my take on it.

The Ultimate DNAWhat is perfect DNA? A civilization that is desperate to save its people. They need to find the perfect DNA in order to survive a plague that is destroying their civilization. In this book, you’ll see how human scientific intelligence has advanced in this setting which takes place in the future. I did some research in order to increase my understanding of DNA and then I wrote my book.


The Forbidden BookThis is about the clash between religion and science. How religion has influenced man throughout history. I wrote this book based on my own personal observation and the fact that I gradually became aware that religion might not have been our best answer in order to handle conflicts and keep peace around the world but instead had greatly directed people in the opposite direction. It is the story of an alchemist who encounters an individual whose name is Beelzebub, a contemporary name for the Devil or I prefer to call him the Angel of Light… This alchemist who lived during the Middle-Age era had been told that this character had a very bad reputation and this has been the case throughout human history.


Beelzebub revealed something that the alchemist had always suspected to be true about the human make-up. He has never dared mention it due to the unsettling epoch in which he was living in as alchemists were not recognized as being the scientists of their time due to a lot of suppression of any advancement by the church’s leaders.

The ProgrammerThis is a story of two school drop outs involved in a multimillion Bitcoin hacking business where they find themselves in a situation which completely puts them at the mercy of an alien, a programmer who has a very specific agenda for the future of the human race. The inspiration came from a TV story news about youngsters hacking US government servers.

The Will of Sam WilcoxThis book is dedicated to animal lovers. It came out after I have observed that animals were considered by law as being as valuable as furniture. I have seen events where animals such as cats and dogs are being “put to sleep” for no reason or being neglected or blatantly abandoned by their owners for various problems that could have been easily resolved. I have seen pet owners getting rid of their animals when all the animals needed was proper care and they would still be alive.

As an animal lover, I had to write something about it. The story is about a veterinarian with a cause that strangely enough changes her life. A lawyer’s will is the catalyst that puts everything into motion. A very touching story! I hoped when I wrote it that laws would change and they factually did later on in Québec province. I was very happy about that!

Terra CottaImagine what could happen if we would have to leave Earth if it because it becomes uninhabitable. Imagine the impact it would create on all of us. This is my first book. It was inspired by this classical music piece: Capriccio Italian from Tchaikovsky. Great music! If you have read this book, when you listen to the music, you’ll see every chapter of this story streaming through your mind. That’s how I felt when I wrote and read it before its publication.

Terra Cotta has been published under another name: The horrible fate of our Blue Planet: One possible scenario

This story has also been published in three volumes:

Point of No Return (Life Survival Book 1)

The Dream (Life Survival Book 2)

Journey to New Earth: Life Survival (Life Survival Book 3)

The Revenge of the DragonI am very interested in the wisdom of Buddha. This story takes place in Japan, a country that has a very interesting history and a very long standing Buddhist religious movement. It is about two teenagers who discover the meaning of various symbols in Buddhism. Good legend, a story of the good versus evil for adults and children alike.

So, there you have it! Hope that you have enjoyed the introduction to my books and the reasoning behind why I wrote each of them.

I invite you to visit my author pages on Amazon and Goodreads. All my books are there in English and French.

If you happen to read them, please leave your comments and ratings. I appreciate that readers take the time to let me know what they think about my books.

Here is my author page on Goodreads:

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All about the books I have written and published

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All about the books I have written and published All about the books I have written and published