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Alexander and His Great Horse

Alexander and his

Great Horse

Areeba Khan

Art by SweGizmo – DevianArt

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Text © Areeba Khan

Cover Illustration © SweGizmo

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Bucephalus was a big, black horse. He was brought in for the King of Macedonia, Philip.

Bucephalus was worth 13 talents! That was so much money!

The horse was wild and King Philip asked that they take the horse away.

The young prince, Alexander, who was only 12 years old, yelled from the crowd that the people were weak.

His father, King Philip, only laughed. Alexander continued. He dared his father that he would pay for the horse if he could not tame it.

The crowd only laughed at the prince of Macedonia.

He slowly walked up to the horse. He knew what was wrong with Bucephalus.

The horse was scared of its own shadow.

Alexander turned his horse around to face the sun. Now Bucephalus could not see his shadow.

Alexander climbed on top of the horse and took the reins. He would ride Bucephalus that day like he would into every battle!

The End


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Alexander and His Great Horse

  • Author: Areeba Khan
  • Published: 2017-02-16 15:20:20
  • Words: 256
Alexander and His Great Horse Alexander and His Great Horse