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A Little About My Journey Here…


The Writer

Born in Sydney, Australia I always knew I wanted to be a writer. Yet no one ever taught me how to do it, so I just picked up a pen one day and started telling a story. I started creating. I was obsessed with the literary works and read so many novels and nonfiction to expand my mind.

The more I read, the more I wanted to learn.

For my 18th birthday, I begged my parents to give me a computer. I was over the moon when they did. They also enrolled me in the Australian College of Journalism to complete a Diploma in Professional Romance Writing (yes this course existed in 1998).

I loved the course and my tutor was amazing, inspiring more and more that my passion as a writer was worth the struggles. Though depression and anxiety was a constant in my life, I always found my way back to my art.



The Depression & Anxiety Warrior

The rocky road through young adulthood was filled with anxiety, high levels of stress and isolation. It took a long time to understand the reasons for what I was feeling and it also took a long time to manage it well enough. I’ve found, for me, exercise and art have played a major part in dealing with the challenges of depression and anxiety.

I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to achieve things I never thought I would – through belief, self-care, spiritual enlightenment and support of family and friends I’ve overcome the many obstacles that blocked me so long ago. You can learn more about my personal journey over at Charismatic Lifestyle. 




The Screenwriter

It wasn’t until 2011 after several hundred rejections in the publishing world and ever so close progress with Literary Agents that I found a new direction. I discovered a whole new style of writing – screenwriting – and I haven’t looked back. I completed a screenplay of my novel BaSatai: Outside In and started entering into Screenplay competitions for feedback. Well not only did I receive feedback, I won.


A nomination at the St Tropez International Film Festival and other wins, nominations and encouragement in the entertainment field has been the foundation for where I am now.

I took the chance to fly half way around the world – based on a nomination – to network and mingle with like-minded creative artists. I flew half way around the world with the full intention of winning. Even if I left without an award, I had decided I had already won by taking the opportunity.


I decided that despite the anxiety of possibly winning, having the opportunity to speak would cause me great anxiety, I decided at that point, I would do it anyway, why? Because I am Suzan Battah.


That’s it.


I won! I won! I was on my own and several people from my table followed me up to the stage to take pictures for me. in that moment, I was overwhelmed with joy.


The moment in 2013, I actually said a long winded speech but it was missed in the recording unfortunately due to the excitement of everyone walking up to the stage with me. Never fear, I will make sure to win again.



The Creative Strategist 

My experience is that I’ve managed to overcome a debilitating condition to achieve dreams, goals and in a creative world, I have determined I belong.

So I quickly got into screenwriting workshops, scoured the internet for resources to continue to learn and grow. I also studied a certificate in scriptwriting online and achieved High Distinctions which encouraged me further but also validated that my skills were there and I just needed to persist with my passion.

Fear is a major issue when it comes to moving forward. Stamping down on it is the hardest, hardest intention to set but it is not impossible to get rid of fear.


I achieved it. So can you.


Now, I’m dedicated and passionate about working with talented Creative Artists (Directors, Screenwriters, Playwrites, Filmmakers, Artists, Singers, Actors, Performers, Dancers and other Creatives) to achieve their dreams and unleash your talent.


Whatever you are wishing to achieve as an artist you can! It starts with you believing in yourself the artist.


Never be afraid to try. And never be afraid to make mistakes. There are not mistakes in art, only what you perceive to be a mistake.


Don’t sit on the fence and watch other artists forge ahead. You may fall but it’s all the more fun to play the game with love, laughter and really delve deep into your artistic imagination.






Why use Affirmations.


Many successful people use affirmations as part of their self-improvement, self-development and this leads to both failure and success.


For failure is the one way to really know you’re on your way to creative success.


Trial and Progress.


I’ve been personally using affirmations in all areas of my life to remind myself of my skill, ability and to boost my creative confidence.


The practice of autosuggestion has been utilized by many to achieve great movement in their lives.


With consistent development in confidence you will find the creative boost you need to overcome those fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs.


Don’t be afraid to step out and be seen as the great artist you are.


Remember you can purchase the MP3 audio program to listen to at your leisure.





You have taken the first step in moving forward in improving yourself as a writer. Unleash your talent and don’t be afraid to tell your stories. Affirmations are so powerful in helping to adjust your creative mindset and set you on the right path.


Transform your beliefs as a writer so you can freely express yourself in this creative field.


The power of affirmations and setting intentions with full faith and belief followed by continuous action has been proven successful for many talented people.


If you are a screenwriter, literary author, poet or playwrite – you will benefit from practicing affirmations to improve your self-confidence.


Listen to these affirmations daily or on a regularly basis to improve confidence as a writer, break down the fears and anxieties while overcoming your limiting beliefs. You are a writer, as long as you write and believe in yourself.


Read aloud or silently.




I am a Writer.



I love the creativity within me.



I respect my creative writing talent.



I continuously thrive as a writer



I welcome my creative expression.



Audiences love my work.



Words flow easily to the page as I write.



An endless river of creativity flows within me.

I love creating new ideas.



Being creative is one of my great joys in life.


I feel creative in every way.



Writing is a pleasure.



Every day my writing skills improve.


I am safe and protected in my creativity.

I feel so alive when I write.

I love to write every day.



Being positive improves my writing skills.

Creative ideas flow to me in brilliant ways.

I love the writer within me.



Creative energy flows through me.



An abundance of creative energy flows through me.



Creative ideas come to me easily.



I am inspired to write.

Creative inspiration flows within me.

I release my Creativity to the world.



Words flow easily to the page as I write.



I have full faith in my creative writing ability.

Divine inspiration blesses every day of my life.



Writing is easy and fun and I love it!


I am inspired by the creative ideas within my soul.


Every moment of every day I embrace the writer within me.

Everything I write is unique.



Audiences love my work.

Fresh new writing ideas come to me daily.



Great ideas come to me easily.

I am free to express myself creatively in my writing.


I allow my creative energy to flow freely at all times.

I always follow where creative inspiration leads.

Everything I write is beautiful.



I am a brilliant and successful Writer.

I am a creative problem solver.

I am unique in all my creativity.

Words flow easily to the page as I write.



I attract a wide audience for my creative work.


My work attracts new fans every day.



I live, I breathe, I write with love.



I am a naturally creative individual.

I am a powerful and resourceful creator.

I am a visionary. 

I believe in me the writer.



I am abundant in creativity.


I always develop new and fresh creative work.


I am unlimited in my creativity.



I am a successful Writer in every way.


Being positive improves my writing skills.


I love being creative.



I am inspired in my creativity every day.



I work hard as a Writer.

I am a successful writer.



I am confident and skilled in my creative work.


I creatively express my writing skills and talent.

I easily express my creativity.



I embrace my creative side.



Being positive improves my writing skills.


I welcome new people into my life.



I am inspired and imaginative when I produce my creative work.


I am receptive to my creative guidance.

I am grateful for creative energy.


Words flow easily to the page as I write.



I exercise my creative juices every day.

I open my mind to my imagination at every opportunity.

I expand my understanding of things and this feeds my imagination.

I am a talented Writer.



I express my creativity whenever possible.


I am abundant with creative talent.

I am full of infinite, creative energy.


I believe in me the writer.



I am an endless supply of creativity that bursts to be released.

I love expressing myself creatively.


I possess an abundance of creative energy.

The creativity within me flows effortlessly t the world.


The creative ideas within me are imaginative and useful.

Words flow easily to the page as I write.



I am an original Writer with new ideas.



I am loved by fans worldwide.


I am safe and protected in my creative expression.



My creative art is beautiful.



I believe in me the writer.



I am an extremely talented Writer.



I am focused on my creative expression.



My creativity is endless.



My mind is always thinking creatively.



I am passionately dedicated to writing.



I express myself completely through my writing.



I love being a writer!



My mind is open creatively.



I translate life into my creative work.



I feel creative every day.



My writing skills are strong.



I am dedicated and passionate in my creative work.



Audiences love my creative works.



I am a true Writer.



I creatively express my best writing talent.



I live creatively.



I am a great Writer.



Words flow easily to the page as I write.



I love creating and expressing myself.


Being a Writer is the best feeling in the world.



I am a Writer.



I have many fans of my work.



I love my work.



I am creativity.



I am a creator.



I am a writer.



I believe in me the writer.



I am safe and protected in expressing my true creative self to the world.



I am free to be creative.



I am my true authentic self.











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Suzan is an award winning Screenwriter/Film Director. She is a vocal mental health advocate. She runs her Film Production company MRG Light Media and creates thought provoking films that entertain and inspire.

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Affirmations for Writers EGuide

This is the EGuide version of the Audio Program – “Affirmations for Writers.” The audio version is highly recommended to achieve maximum results. These affirmations for writers are inspiration to remove those anxiety, fears and limiting beliefs in your identity as a creative writer, screenwriter, playwrite or poet. With positive thought auto suggestions intended to boost your creativity, confidence in exploring your creativity and overall breaking down the walls to embrace the written word within you. You are a writer as long as you write. Listen to these affirmations daily (for maximum benefit) or on a regular basis to •Increase your creativity juices within your writing projects. •Eliminate creative blocks •Have more fun as a writer •Expand your imaginative confidence •Overall improvement of your creative mindset Unleash the writer within to the world.

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Affirmations for Writers EGuide Affirmations for Writers EGuide