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Affiliate Marketing 101


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By Kum Eric Tso

Blogger @ www.moneymastertutorials.com


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Kum Judith.


First and foremost, I’m grateful to my Father in heaven who keeps enabling me to fulfill my glorious destiny and accomplish my ministry by the Holy Spirit through His son Jesus Christ who dwells in me.

I equally thank all my friends, partners, followers, readers, subscribers, staff, sons, daughters and everybody who is participating in the realization of this project in one way or the other. Well, what else can I say? Special thumbs up to you guys for all the support out there on all the social media platforms! I remain grateful to you all. Thank you!


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What is affiliate marketing?

Why choose affiliate marketing?

How does affiliate marketing work?

The different types of affiliate programs

Advantages of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing best practices

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Note that this tutorial is a continuation of book 1: Introduction to Money Mastery. In case you haven’t got your copy yet, simply click here. It’s FREE!


There are loads of ways to make money online yet very few people actually get to earn anything substantial from their efforts. Some spend their time and money on practices that bluntly do not work while others simply choose the wrong monetization methods/programs. One of the best and quickest (but not easy) ways to start earning a lot of money online is through affiliate marketing.

This book is written to serve as a guide to those who intend to make money through affiliate marketing. We will look at: what is affiliate marketing; the different types of affiliate programs; the advantages of affiliate marketing; affiliate marketing best practices; difficulties involved in affiliate marketing; 10 things you can do today to attain affiliate marketing success; helpful Resources for affiliate marketers and more.

I do not believe in easy money or magical tips that will help you get rich overnight. As clearly illustrated in [* How to Establish a Successful Online Business or Blog in 5 Steps*], success in any online business takes time, the right practices and the right practices – it takes PROCESS. No magic portions! In case you are looking ‘get-rich quick’ that undermine process, then this book is not for.

You can choose to go down the same road that 90% affiliate marketers are taking and get lost in the online crowd (which is exhaustive but futile) or you can learn the best practices used by the successful 10% earn earn between 6 to 8 figures passive income each year from affiliate marketing simply because they chose to follow a realistic process.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts (Wikipedia).

Basically, as a publisher, you will be rewarded when you help a business by promoting their services or products. For example, you sign up for [+ Konga Affiliate Program+] and promote their products; then you will get a commission when the visitor you send from your site or elsewhere makes a purchase.

Affiliate marketing to the best of my knowledge so far remains the quickest and cheapest (not the easiest) way you can start making money online since you don’t have to create any products yourself. You simply link up a buyer with a seller and you receive a commission on the sale that you referred.

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Why choose affiliate marketing?

Let’s see what successful bloggers had to say about monetizing their blog through affiliate marketing

We caught up with the most successful veteran bloggers who earn between 6 to 8 figures $US per year and this is what they had to say about blog monetization through affiliate marketing. The question was ‘What is your best blog monetization method?’ Note that they don’t pay us to feature here and we do not promote or recommend their products/services in anyway.


We were simply thrilled by their success in affiliate marketing and thought it worth sampling their opinion and including links to their site so you can check them out to see the best affiliate marketing practices and emulate.


‘‘When I first started blogging my favorite way to make money was recursive affiliate income. This means selling other people’s subscription products, since I could sign someone up for a program or service and get paid month after month as they continued to pay their bill.’’

Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs Journey



‘‘Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog because it is easy to do and in most niches it can be very profitable. It’s also scalable along with your traffic. On the downside this can be fairly unpredictable.’’

Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard


‘‘It’s all about the funnel!

First, I figure out what product I can create or affiliate I can promote and then I go about finding traffic. Your blog is just a means to get traffic – I think people really miss that point.


You don’t just post blindly – you post so you can tap into new traffic sources and constantly grow your reach. There’s no point in having 10,000 visitors every day if they are not interested in your end-product.


My favorite thing (because it’s long-term safe) is to grow a mailing list around a tightly targeted niche by buying traffic through ad placements on relevant sites, or guest posting on relevant topics. My aim is to make my guest posts on authoritative sites rank on Google for at least 5 years so I get a constant stream of referrals.


For example, I’ll write guest posts about topics I mention in my massive guide on how to start a blog which then introduces people to some affiliate products in a useful and honest way.’’

Ramsay Taplin of Blog Tyrant

‘‘Affiliate marketing is my best blog monetization method. I love the fact that I can help other people and earn at the same time!

Plus they are one of the highest paying ads.


I earn commissions from reviewing products, creating tutorials, and recommending products I use. I used to dislike this method because I wasn’t sure how to do it properly. I thought it was super complicated…until I watched how the pros do it, and figured how to actually work it.

It may seem hard at first but once you learn how it works, it’s a lot fun and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is. Sure, it may take a lot of work, but it’s worth it.


TIP: Choose your niche, provide value, find where most of your target audience hangs out, and promote! Keep reading tips from the pros. AND don’t forget to optimize for the search engines.’’

Pauline Cabrera of Start Your Blog Online

‘‘Bloggers usually have varied ways of monetizing their blogs. Two of the most common are by creating products or service lines which they promote. The other is by promoting affiliate products. I favor the option of getting your product to promote, and there are plenty of reasons why this is so.


For one, promoting your own product usually increases your net earning potentials. This is because bloggers have a chance of growing their own product and getting profits along the way. They also tend to establish themselves as experts in their niche.

Bloggers who promote affiliate products are usually dependent on their marketability.


This also means that they are not likely to receive all the long term benefits of their promotional work. Bloggers who promote their own products also enjoy long-term SEO benefits.


Promoting products which you can call your own is usually easier. Recognition is also a benefit since producing high quality product puts its creator in the spotlight.


Despite these advantages, creating your own line of products is not easy, especially for new bloggers. This is because it requires resources that new bloggers may not be willing to invest.’’

Ron Sela of RonSela.com and PageWiz

‘‘The simplest way to monetize a blog is to add relevant affiliate links to products in your niche. But let’s ignore that choice, as I am sure it is a common one.

Instead, what I would say is this: if you are blogging to earn money alone, then you might be in for some disappointment. It could take years to make a living (that is, you need to be big).

So instead, I recommend adding your own products and services to your blog. What kinds? That depends on what you are blogging about and what you are good at. But there is always something you know, that others are willing to pay for, and you need to find out from your audience what that is (ask them in a post, email, survey). But the main point is this – if you honestly want a business out of your blog, plan for it from the beginning. A blog supplements businesses but rarely creates them.’’

Ashley Faulkes of Entice Online Marketing

‘‘Affiliate marketing all the way for me.

Once a piece of content is up it’s there forever and no further work needed on it.

So it generates passive income on auto-pilot from there on it.


Though I’ve also just added 5 info products which don’t really require any work once online either. These have already generated a few hundred extra dollars a month and took me no longer to create than a blog post. All the payments and stuff is handled through the marketplace I use so it’s passive once up.


I’ve also added in some services which require a little work on my part but nothing too much. And just recently added in AfterOffers.com which is a clever new way to make money when people sign up to your list by offering them to join the lists of other bloggers at the same time.


At the time of writing I’ve had this on the blog for less than 48hrs and it’s generated $34 for me. So if it remains steadily earning like this it’s an extra $500 a month in passive income.’’

Stuart Walker of Niche Hacks

‘‘Mmmm! It is hard to choose just one.

My three main monetization methods are:

1) Banner advertising, 2) Affiliate marketing (via reviews, guides, links in posts etc), and

3) Direct product selling

Selling products directly has the potential to be the most profitable if you have a good product to market. Though, historically, the blogs I have run have always had most of their income generated through affiliate marketing. So if I have to pick one, I would say that is my favorite, Though I do like the income consistency that banner advertising can bring every month too.’’

Kevin Muldoon of KevinMuldoon.com

‘‘As Be A Better Blogger continues to gain in popularity my attention will shift away from services, and towards affiliate marketing and selling digital products. The former is truly passive; the latter requires a lot of work up front, but only minimal work later.


Affiliates will allow me to earn income without the time commitment of creating my own product. It has its cons, but as a passive form of income it’s difficult to beat. Creating my own digital products (eBooks, plugins) will require a considerable time commitment initially, but its income potential (not to mention its ability to build my reputation as an expert) is significant.’’

Kevin Duncan of Be A Better Blogger

‘‘Affiliate Marketing is my favorite way to monetize my blogs because it can generate regular stream of income. Also we can consider it as a long term business.’’

Rajesh Namase of TechLila

‘‘My favorite strategy for monetization depends on the blog. This really comes down to what I feel my readers want and what is appropriate for the niche.


For example, my favorite way of monetizing my blog at Blogging Tips 101 is with an affiliate product. The entire site is based around one large product and it will stay that way. Yes, I do have some smaller affiliate links such as Hootsuite, but it is not a site where I will be having a lot of advertising and I currently do not have Adsense.’’

Catherine Holt of Blogging Tips 101

‘‘I use a mixture of affiliate marketing and selling my own services to monetize my blog.

Since I have a background in freelance writing and content marketing, it made sense to offer these as services to my readers. It’s a great thing to look into doing if you have a blog, as your posts will stand testament to your ability as a writer.


With the affiliate marketing side of my monetization plan, I promote products that I use or have used myself. This I believe adds more authenticity and comes across in my product reviews.’’

Stacey Corrin of StaceyCorrin.co.uk

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How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is very simple and anyone can use this method to earn money online. All you have to do is join an Affiliate program (which will assign a unique code that you can use to refer traffic to the target site) and select the products you would like to promote and the method from the options provided by the seller.

Most affiliate programs offer ready-made banners, text links and several other forms for you to copy the code and place in your on your website to start referring traffic. Any time an interested visitor clicks on these links from wherever you choose to place them (it could be on your website, in emails, eBooks, social media platforms etc), they are redirected to the service or product site and if they purchase the product or subscribe to the service, you as the referrer gets a commission.

The amount per referrals is subjective to different affiliate programs. It could be a percentage like 10% per sale or a fix amount like $70 per sale/sign up.

Both you and the seller can track your performance through your affiliate ID using pre-installed tracking software. You can check your stats at anytime to find out what is working and what is not working since most tracking reports provide where the visitor clicked before been redirected to the seller’s page.

For instance, I stopped promoting services/products on Social Media through paid ads when I realized that 99% of the visitors that clicked on products I promote did so through my eBooks or website. The 1% did not buy and the Social Media ads turned out to be a waste of time and money.

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The different types of affiliate programs

There are probably several affiliate marketing types, but these are the three most commonly used and best ones.

#1: Pay per sale (PPS)

In a pay per sale affiliate program, a merchant (seller) pays you a percentage of the sale price when the purchase is completed.

Advantages: Through the PPS program, you can sign up with most merchants and start promoting their products right away. You don’t have to go through a long process to be approved. You can earn a lot more than with the Pay per click (PPC) or Pay per lead (PPL) programs especially if you are promoting digital products or services where sales commission ranges between 50% to 75%. You mustn’t have a high-traffic volume site in order to earn money through PPS. You can start earning money even without a website.

Disadvantage: Since most merchants do not limit entry to the PPS program, it is highly competitive and only those who actually use a clear plan succeed. Also, you commissions are reversed in case someone refunds the purchased item. More to that, your income is totally dependent on customers’ ability to pay for services/products.

#2: Pay per click (PPC)

With PPC, you get paid based on the number of visitors you redirect to the Merchant’s website through your affiliate link placed either in your website or elsewhere irrespective of whether a sale is made or not. These are often served through an ad network like Google AdSense, Chitika, Bidvertiser, Clicksor and Yahoo! Advertising.

Advantages: If your blog brings in high traffic levels then displaying PPC adverts can be a quick and easy way to make steady revenue. If your blog is good at keeping your users on the pages then PPC ads can work well for driving high conversions, especially with in-post ads.

The big advantage of using a PPC network is that it takes just minutes to set up and you don’t really need any coding knowledge to implement it within your blog.

On top of this, PPC ads can easily be displayed within your blog posts to give extra impressions and revenue potentials – a quick way to do this is to create a WordPress shortcode to display your ad code (which saves you a lot of time otherwise spent copying & pasting).

Disadvantages: Unless you’re bringing in large volumes to your blog (over 50,000 visits a month), PPC ads aren’t going to give you the kind of revenue figures that you could get from other monetization sources. Yes, PPC ads are quick and easy to set up, but if you’re not making any money from them then what’s the point?

Another thing to consider is that the ads aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing, and you don’t get to choose the exact ads that will be displayed – this can compromise your design, cheapen the site’s look and even have adverse effects on page load times (because you’re loading them from an external server instead of your own).

#3: Pay per lead (PPL)

You get paid once the referred visitor signs up for the product/service or provides his or her contact information on the target site by filling out a simple contact form.

Advantages: Unlike PPS, you are not subjected to any refund since customers do not have to make a purchase before you can earn commissions. Just like PPC, you can earn a lot of money if you have a high-traffic volume blog or website. Plus, it’s really easy to set up.

Disadvantages: Most merchants will turn down your application to their affiliate program if you don’t have a high-traffic volume site. Some of the merchants specifically require that your website has a good ranking on alexa.com.

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Advantages of affiliate marketing

Why should you choose to earn money through affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing and best internet marketing methods to earn money online. Here are some advantages of affiliate marketing.

#1: Affiliate Marketing is cost effective

Affiliate Marketing is really cheap way to earn money online. You don’t have to go with all the stress, time constraints and cost of production because the product is already developed by the seller for you. More to that, you don’t need a physical business location neither do need to hire employees.

#2: The Global market is open to you

Through online marketing, you can easily reach several people all over the world from just one spot. I can only imagine how many people I reach everyday from the comfort of my home.

#3: No fees required

Another cool advantage is that you don’t need to pay anything to join an affiliate program. As a matter of fact, certain merchants pay you just for signing up.

#4: Neither storage nor shipping required

You equally don’t have to bother about storage, packing and shipment of the product. The seller is totally responsible for these.

#5: No customer support worries

The seller deals directly with the customer or final consumer thereby saving the headache of having to deal with customer complaints, disputes and refunds.

#6: Gateway to Passive income

Unlike a regular job that will only give you a fixed income as long as you continue to work affiliate can provide a steady flow of income even when you are not working. Your passive income like to keep increasing progressively every month if have a really old high-traffic volume site and good marketing skills.

#7: You can work from home

Affiliate marketing is one the quickest and cheapest ways to get out of the rat race. Once you get it right and start making enough money, you can start working from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to worry about going to work every day, woke up by an annoying alarm or getting stuck traffic.

#8: Creates multiple streams of income

You can create multiple streams of income, by using more affiliate programs and different marketing options. You don’t ever have to bother about a stream that dried up; probably a service or product that didn’t sell at a particular merchant. During pay-out, you receive from several sources of income. This can mean 6 to 8 figures a year if you run more website and have good SEO and marketing skills (See: [* How to Establish a Successful Online Business or Blog in 5 Steps*] and [* Top 7 Dirty Truths You Must Know About Web Hosting Service Providers*] (free).

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Affiliate marketing best practices

The benefits of affiliate marketing are so enticing, yet success in this quick and cheap money making gateway seldom comes on a platter of gold. If you think you’

Difficulties of affiliate marketing

10 things you can do today to attain affiliate marketing success

Helpful Resources for affiliate marketers

Help others to help you achieve your dreams

Measuring Your Results

Are you ready to begin your journey to creating multiple streams of income that keep flowing even while you sleep through affiliate marketing?

Are you ready to revolutionize your online presence and outsmart your competitors?

Are you ready to stop working for money and make your money work harder for you?

It is time to stop wasting your time and money on so-called ‘get rich quick’ tricks that do not simply work and start putting the best practices you have learnt in this book to practice.

Thousands of bloggers give up every year ; many websites go offline each day and hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers get exhausted and give up after spending month after month without any returns from their affiliate marketing efforts. All because they all started out with the wrong mindset. Unfortunately, 90% take this road, doing just the same things as anyone else. See step #1 in How to Establish a Successful Online Business or Blog in 5 Steps.

Always feel free to contact us in case you need any help on your way to creating your own online success story. We are equally open to have new colleagues, affiliates and business partners on board. You can start by joining our affiliate program today, promoting our free eBooks on any platform (website, social media, eBooks etc) or simply write to us regarding your wish to part of BORN TO REIGN GROUP.

Tip: We got 90% percent of our business partners calling and proposing to work with us after we promoted their services/products for free on our website, eBooks, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ without ever having to contact them directly.

How was this possible? Most successful online businesses use a tracking software on their website to monitor which of their promotions are bringing in the highest traffic. This is to help them concentrate on what works best in order to maximize profit. For example, if using adwords works best for them, they will put in more time and money to it.

We figured this out when certain bloggers contacted us just because we included a link to their website in one of our posts for free on www.moneymastertutorials.com. Others simply reciprocated this favor by linking to us in their website, eBook or by sharing on social media.

You may not be able to contact someone directly to help you achieve your goals but can do that by genuinely helping them first. Calling someone directly or sending emails can simply reduce all your chances because that will be regarded as spam.

To personally work directly with us today, join our consulting and business support services. Our consulting and coaching system actually gives you room to get first hand help on how to make, maintain and multiply your money.

If you will want to have me as your personal coach or consultant today, call or e-mail us to get started right away.

You could actually be closer to achieving your goal than ever and just need a few tools and tricks that will help you pull that huge result you desire. This is your chance. Right now, we start charging with as low as $99/hr for coaching on phone and who knows? You may be selected today.




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Kum Eric Tso is the CEO of the BORN TO REIGN GROUP and the founding president of Voice of Dominion Ministries Int’l with Headquarters in Douala, Cameroon, and the author of several books. He is a preacher of the Gospel of Christ, an evangelist with a mandate to reveal Christ and restore dominion to fallen man across the world.

Apart from being the host of Money Master Tutorials, he is also the founder of Saint Ket Foundation, a charity organization aimed at reaching out to the less privileged; orphans, widows, prisoners; the elderly, the handicapped, the molested, the rejected, the abandoned, etc. Thanks to the foundation’s partners across the world, the team is able to manifest the love of Christ and bring hope to many across the world. Saint Ket Publishers, a product of the foundation offers free publication services to writers.

Apart from being the author of several bestselling books like God’s Plan of Salvation For You*, he holds several distinctions and over 300 poems to his record and a handful of plays.*

This and other books by Kum Eric Tso are also available at eBook retailers everywhere.


Websites: https://www.voiceofdominion.com, https://www.MoneyMasterTutorials.com

Blog: http://www.kumerictso.blogspot.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/saintket

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KumEricTso

E-mail: [email protected]





Every human being on this planet is burning on the inside with the obvious fundamental questions of life. It is sad that many live and die without ever finding the answers to these questions. The most vital ones are:

Who am I?

Where am I from?

Why am I here?

Where am I going to?

Until you know who you are, you can never know where you come from, why you are here and where you will go from here.

Over the years, religions have risen with different beliefs and notions to fill this urging need in man to understand his purpose on earth; philosophers have tried in vain through countless attempts to ignore God’s existence and find answers to these questions on their own; science has experienced failure after failure to come up with some ‘scientific’ explanation for man’s origin and the role of man on earth. People have desperately searched for the answers to these questions, unfortunately in the wrong places and consequently never found them.

It has become more obvious that the answers to these extremely important questions can only be gotten from the author of the entire universe (including man). So, can you just email or call God and say: ‘Dear God, you are the creator of this world and everything therein. Please, tell me who I am; where I’m from; why I’m here and where I’m going to’? Nope! God did not leave His product without the product manual (the Bible). All these answers are found in God’s Word. It’s amazing that of all that God created; only His greatest creation is ignorant of the purpose of its existence.

Even animals seem to have enough intelligence to figure out their assignment on earth and fulfill the purpose of their existence. No fish looks up to God and says, ‘why the fins?’ ‘Why did you create me?’ ‘Why am I in water?’ The fish simply swims freely. In the same way no bird would ask God, ‘why the wings?’ Why scream to God in quest for man’s purpose on earth as I have seen many religious people doing in the name of prayer?

We have a guide that details out why we are here. We don’t need to search any further from the Bible. God’s Word tells us that you are not the evolution of some monkey or the product of some stupid accident – some bing bang as science teaches. Do you really believe in that lie that man is a modern Chimpanzee? Well, with all due respect for science, I don’t. I believe what God says. I don’t believe man is born helpless, powerless and purposeless to struggle for survival and die for the next generations to come and keep repeating the same futile circle.

This book is meant to help you discover your purpose on earth – the unarguable fact that you are born to reign. As you will see in this book, you are born to reign! We all have what it takes to reign in life. We all have our spheres of influence, our world or domain where we are predestined to influence the world (cosmos). Anyone who tells you differently is ignorant of a universal truth. This book will show you a few of the many reasons why you are born to reign. Note that the problem however is not really whether you are born to reign but whether you know that you are born to reign.

It is very clear that many live in captivity instead of dominion due to ignorance for the Word of God says in Hosea chapter 4, the 6th verse that my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hence, man’s greatest problem according to God is neither sin nor the devil but ignorance. The reason why many are not reigning as they are predestined to reign is simply as a result of identity crisis. It is clear that the heir to the throne will live and die like an ordinary man if he is ignorant of who he is and how he ought to function. It’s pathetic to be a king and spend all your life thinking and living like a slave just because you failed to come to terms with who you truly are.

Get ready to embark on a totally life transforming journey that will reshape your perspectives about the fundamental questions of life and propel you to fulfill your glorious destiny.


Book 2



In this tutorial Kum Eric Tso reveals 5 quick steps you can use to set up a successful blog or ecommerce website. If you want to build a highly responsive business website or a Wordpress blog that will create multiple streams of income for you and start generating some sweet cash to your account, then this tutorial is for you.

May be you have a business, an organization, a charity, a church or whatever project you’re just running offline and want to consider giving it an online touch which I would recommend you do if you haven’t because nothing can propagate and expand whatever you are doing like the internet. Or you are simply a blogger that dreams of making $1000+ per month. Then this tutorial is for you. Over 60% of the highly successful businesses in the world operate on the internet. This step by step guide should walk you through this process pretty quickly.

Money Master Tutorials

Book 3


You agree with me that most online businesses are not always what they claim to be…

Over the years, I have had very grumpy experiences with some of the so-called web hosting service providers. As a blogger and as the CEO of the BORN TO REIGN GROUP, I have had several losses and setbacks in some of my investments as a result of the poor and often times spammy services of hosting service providers. We have had to discontinue payments to certain web hosting service providers, delete certain sites and start from scratch, migrate from one service provider to another.

There is no decision as serious as choosing the right web hosting service provider when it comes to running your online business or organization online. I have used web hosting service providers like Wix, Yolasite, Simplesite, Host Gator, Godaddy, arvixe, Namecheap and [+ OrangeWebsite+] and would share some of the eye-opening experiences I had with them here.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you the top 7 dirty truths you must know about web hosting service providers alongside proposed solutions and some exceptional cases. I’ll provide truly honest, verifiable and factual information without advertising any service provider or bad-mouthing any. This tutorial simply presents the bitter truth the way it is in order to help many victims out there!


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Price: free

In this book, Kum Eric Tso reveals the fact that you are not the result of an accident neither are you the offspring of some monkey as science teaches. You are God’s creation and your creator has a plan and purpose for creating you. Your understanding and response to this plan will help you discover your purpose, pursue your goals and fulfill your glorious destiny. This life transforming book unveils God’s free gift of salvation to man and how man can maximize the benefits of this free gift. Get ready to be transformed like never before: body, soul and spirit. Through this book, your life can be changed from failure to success; from sickness to divine health; from eternal condemnation to eternal freedom; from shame to glory. It brings the Good News of God to all by presenting Christ’s replacement sacrifice and the opportunity for anyone to receive God’s salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. This revelation of Christ restores dominion back to the fallen man for the Bible says: For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:17)


To be part of the Born To Reign Vision, Voice Of Dominion Ministries Int’l, Saint Ket Foundation, Partners And Friends of Kum Eric Tso and everything we stand for, connect with us on social media.

Our BORN TO REIGN team is at your service 24/7 and would love to hear from you soon. Please, send us an email for any inquiries, concerns, request, or comments regarding our services and offers through [email protected].

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Affiliate Marketing 101

There are loads of ways to make money online yet very few people actually get to earn anything substantial from their efforts. Some spend their time and money on practices that bluntly do not work while others simply choose the wrong monetization methods/programs. One of the best and quickest (but not easy) ways to start earning a lot of money online is through affiliate marketing. This book is written to serve as a guide to those who intend to make money through affiliate marketing. We will look at: what is affiliate marketing; the different types of affiliate programs; the advantages of affiliate marketing; affiliate marketing best practices; difficulties involved in affiliate marketing; 10 things you can do today to attain affiliate marketing success; helpful Resources for affiliate marketers and more. I do not believe in easy money or magical tips that will help you get rich overnight. As clearly illustrated in How to Establish a Successful Online Business or Blog in 5 Steps, success in any online business takes time, the right practices and the right practices – it takes PROCESS. No magic portions! In case you are looking ‘get-rich quick’ that undermine process, then this book is not for. You can choose to go down the same road that 90% affiliate marketers are taking and get lost in the online crowd (which is exhaustive but futile) or you can learn the best practices used by the successful 10% earn earn between 6 to 8 figures passive income each year from affiliate marketing simply because they chose to follow a realistic process.

  • ISBN: 9781370961726
  • Published: 2017-02-25 14:50:12
  • Words: 6069
Affiliate Marketing 101 Affiliate Marketing 101