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Adventure's With Oinkie

Adventures With Oinkie

by Coyotes Publishing

Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing

Shakespir Edition

Oinkie Being Bought / Biography


My name is Oinkie on Feb 14th 2006 I came into the life of Kennie & Crystal’s when during the day Kennie was feeling down since the tragic accident that killed his father. He was a nervous wreck in the car whenever they went out,so Kennie decided that he wanted a travel companion.

While Kennie & Crystal were suppose to be watching the dog they decided to take a trip into a near by mall. While there they searched the mall from top to bottom for something to put a smile on Kennie’s face, the first stop was the Toys R’ Us, in which Kennie seen me on the shelf. He picked me up looked at me and even hugged me, he then put me down and ventured through the rest of the mall.

When Kennie & Crystal returned back to Toys R’ Us they had nothing but a frown upon Kennies face, and I was still sitting on the shelf looking depressed as well, Kennie walked over picked me up yet again and hugged me. He then carried me with a smile upon his face to the counter at which he paid for me. At that time I was placed into a big bag… I was actually placed upside down so my foot was hanging out of the bag, which made for a very interesting walk for Kennie & Crystal as they had to walk to the other end of the mall with me like that,they later told me they got plenty of strange looks.

When we got to the car I was taken out of the bag, placed in the backseat for a short time before being brought forward and sat on Kennie’s lap in which he released me by cutting my tag off, from that moment on I knew that I was set free into a wonderful family. The name Oinkie was later given to me as it was apparently discussed before my purchase and it put a smile on Kennie’s face as well as tears in his eyes.

Since being purchased I’ve been on many adventures including one shortly after I was brought into Kennie’s life, so be sure to check out all about my adventures.

Oinkie First Adventure – The First Day

Shortly after I was bought by Kennie & Crystal (see my bio for full info) when the three of us got closer to Jessica’s house I was asked to go back into the bag,seeing how Crystals parents were home and Kennie & Crystal weren’t suppose to go out since they were suppose to watch a small little dog named Jody ( I rather dislike Jody alot?).

So while in the bag Kennie snuck me on upstairs to Crystals room in which I would have stayed in the plastic bag while laying on her bed, until the two of them decided to go back home to Kennie’s place,at which point Kennie came and got me… he snuck me back down and out the front door… right to Crystals car that was waiting for me and Kennie.. from there we went home… although a few months later we ended up moving in with Kennie’s Mom…

But when we got home I was able to meet all of the family for the first time,before the family expanded….

Stay tuned for more Adventures Of Oinkie

Oinkie With Shane Night #1 & #2

So September 10th and 11th, I spent the night with Kennie, I knew he was scared about going to the dentist so I did what I thought was best of me and that was to hold him the first night, I had my arm around Kennie while he slept and I was right there beside me…

I enjoyed it as I think he slept better knowing that even though Crystal can’t be here he’s still being taken care of by me, I know he misses her as I do as well but I also know that Kennie and I have grown ever so close and I continue to look forward to spending more days with Kennie.

Stay tuned for more Adventures Of Oinkie

Sept 12th / 13th – Night After Dentist & First Full Day

So when Kennie got back from the dentist he came directly downstairs and climbed into bed, which I kind of figured as he told me from minute one that’s what his plans were as he’d probably be so exhausted from everything he would sleep all night.. Although he did get up a few minutes later to check his email to see if Crystal wrote him.

That night did bother me as I was expecting Kennie to sleep more but he only slept about 3 hours that night, not only that but I was hoping Kennie would have held me too… But due to what the dentist told him about for the first night anytime he drools it could very well have blood mixed in with his drool as he found out when he got home and before he came downstairs he did infact have some gaze in his mouth that he did spit out along with a line of drool mixed with blood, after that Kennie decided that it probably would be best if he didn’t curl up with me that night as he explained everything to me and told me that he didn’t want to get blood on me as the case maybe… Needless to say when Kennie got woke up in the morning by his mom, Kennie never had blood on anything.. not the pillowcases or anything else.

We’re currently going through the first day since Kennie had his 5 teeth yanked from him, although he has told me that he’s sore he has been spending alot of time with me as he did promise, and we do plan on watching a movie or two later today…

I don’t know when or what at this point in time but I’ll be sure to fill you guys in on that tomorrow as I’ll add another Story Of Oinkie…

I do look forward at spending this time with Kennie although I wish that he wasn’t in pain as he doesn’t really want to do anything while in pain just rest, and I guess with him having the little bit of a cold that he does doesn’t make life any easier since it’s one of those things that is another thing to contend with while he heals…

Stay tuned for more Adventures Of Oinkie

Oinkie? & ?James?

So Kennie had a roomate since he wasn’t living at home he was moved out with a friend of his,his roomate was named James,and one night while James was preparing dinner Kennie brought me out to see James,at which point he put me up on James’s shoulders much like you see me in the one photo that I’m with Kennie,and while James cooked dinner he proceeded to talk to me as well as take me around the kitchen plus he did also entertain me,I had fun doing it and I know Kennie enjoyed it too as he had a few laughs which ment alot to me seeing how I know at times he has rough times with how things have went ever since his father passed away.

Stay tuned for more Adventures Of Oinkie

Back 2 Crystals

So after several months I finally got my chance to go back to Crystals house how this happened she ended up coming here as a surprise to me and the rest of the family one long weekend near the end of August,she then invited me to come back to her house…I couldn’t wait to get back there,on the drive on over she warned me of her dog Jody,I wasn’t a fan of Jody and I was scared even though I am bigger than Jody is,he always bugged me…But with Crystal & Kennie always near by I knew that they would protect me in anyway possible,specially Kennie as he told me that he would protect me at all costs from jody..

Also on the way over Crystal warned me of a person that I met for the very first time, Crystals Mom…I never really liked her I can’t really put my finger on why but it’s just a feeling that I had come over me.

So while there I spent much time with the extended family that I never did get to see while being with Kennie since the extended family usually stays with Crystal while she heals from her broken leg,so I finally got to see them and while there the three of us (Crystal, Kennie & I) all sat down and watched a few movies…

I enjoyed my time there even though I dislike Jody,I always felt safe even though I do feel depressed at times,and I always knew what was going on but I wish next time that I go that I spend more time with Crystal & Kennie and less time by myself,I don’t mind spending it with family but I thought I would have spent more time with Crystal & Kennie so hopefully next time I get over I’ll beable to do just that.

Stay tuned for more Adventures Of Oinkie

Adventure's With Oinkie

  • ISBN: 9781370338672
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2017-03-02 06:50:08
  • Words: 1556
Adventure's With Oinkie Adventure's With Oinkie