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Adventures of Sange

Adventures of Sange



The world that is the mercenary’s homeland is a similar to ours in the 2000’s. It has cars, cell phones, computers, and devices. The biggest difference in this world compared to ours is the use of laser weapons and people who are referred to by numbers because of the large population. Ten years in the past, the technology for laser weapons was founded and has advanced even more since that time. This has led to many weapons of mass destruction being built in a short amount of time.

Instead of names, people are assigned a number at birth. The mercenary, number 463,720,396, lived a normal life in this world. He was a tinkerer and had an interest in developing new technology.
Number 463,720,396 carried a laser weapon for defense. The world was constantly in turmoil with constant wars and constant bombings. Today, one of the nations decided to drop a new experimental bomb that would plunge the world into darkness for all eternity. He was heading back home when the bomb exploded. Luckily, he was far enough away from the blast to survive, but he knew what type of bomb it was and the consequences of setting one off. He tried to power up his laser weapon but it was dead. The bomb knocked out all electronics in the vicinity. He knew he would need another type of weapon and ran to the Museum of history to find a katana that was recently put on display. Number 463,720,396 ran by many people fighting to survive on his way to the museum.
Once he made it to the museum, he noticed the doors were unlocked, forgetting that all electronics were knocked out. He headed inside and went to the katana exhibit. The light from the large windows shone brightly on the name of the katana, “Sange.” He broke the glass with a nearby bench and took the katana along with the scabbard. He immediately ran outside and noticed the dust covering the sun.

A bright light began to shine behind Number 463,720,396 as he stared at the sun. He immediately drew the katana in the direction of the light out of fear and was met by a unique looking weapon. The person holding the weapon started talking in his language and said, “If you want to live and escape this world, come with me.” Number 463,720,396 was afraid to leave his world, but he knew everything would die soon. He told the stranger that he would join him and the stranger led him on to the curious ship that was emitting the light. As soon as he was aboard, the stranger called out to another, “There are no other survivors here. Warp up out of here.” Before number 463,720,396 could ask what he meant, the world disappeared and another one suddenly appeared around the ship. This one had a beautiful sky and four bright suns. The stranger then asked, “What is your name?” Number 463,720,396 decided in that moment he did not want to be known by a number anymore and said as he looked at his katana, “My name is Sange.”



Sange did not know at the time that he had joined the Airship Nincols. It is an airship capable of traveling through time and different dimensions. The time and dimensional drive used in the Airship Nincols is a very rudimentary design. It takes a large amount of energy to travel and must recharge after every one or two warps. The crew of the Airship Nincols is very lively and seeks both contracts and treasure.

The stranger that met Sange and asked him to come along walked up to him and asked, “What kind of skills do you have?” Sange answered, “I am good with all manners of technology.” Happy with his answer, the stranger said, “I was hoping you would be good with technology. Your world had many forms of technology. My name is Yano, welcome to the Airship Nincols. You will be a part of the tech crew who keep up the ship. Dels, I’ll need you to show Sange here how to handle the katana he has. The way he stands and holds that katana shows he has never used one before.”

A burly, tall man came over and introduced himself, “My name is Dels, and I am the ship’s weapon master. I know how to wield any type of weapon, from swords to hammers to pistols to mini-guns. I can teach you everything you need to get started using that katana you have. Could I see it?” Sange was nervous about handing him the katana, but decided to give it to him. Dels took the katana from the scabbard and was amazed by the build. “This is an amazing weapon. It was constructed well. It seems like this katana was made of some sort of unbreakable material. You have a fine weapon.” Sange knew at the time that the blade was made of diamond with a nanomachine lining. These nanomachines gave the blade its shine and made it virtually unbreakable.



Sange slowly improved his skills training with Dels every day. At first Dels was disappointed since Sange had no skills with the katana, but he could see the young man had determination. Sange also spent his time learning about the time and dimensional drive in the Airship Nincols. He was very sharp and impressed the tech crew by how fast he learned the principles of time and dimensional travel even though he was not allowed near the drive until his skills were proven.

During this time, the Airship Nincols was hired to hunt down a treasure in Sange’s home world. It was a dangerous mission many years after the hydrogen bomb went off. The world would be dark, cold, and full of creatures that had adapted to the changes. The crew wanted Sange to help lead the expedition. Sange felt very nervous about the expedition, but he agreed to help in any way he could.

After Sange made his decision, the crew left immediately. Upon arrival, they all grabbed flashlights and breathing masks to protect them against the new harsh climate. Sange knew the world would look dark and desolate but nothing could have prepared him to actually see it. There were patches of light from random fires in this barren, snowy landscape. Yano came over to Sange and asked, “Do you think you will be able to lead us to the treasure?” Sange recovered from his shock and answered, “It will be hard, but I will help lead us, but I need to know what we are looking for.”

Yano decided it was time to tell the crew what they were looking for. “We are looking for the power cells used to create the bomb which caused all of this. The power cells can hold immense levels of energy. Sange, do you know where the research lab was that created the bomb?”

“Yes I do, I will never forget it. I worked in the lab as an intern. Do you know where we landed? I can barely make out the area.”

“Yes, our client provided us this map.”

The Airship Nincols flew toward the lab. Yano, Dels, Sange, and Mox, of the tech crew, departed from the ship and went into the darkness of the lab.



Yano, Dels, Sange, and Mox did not get far before they were stopped by a curious noise. They shined their flashlights deeper down the hall and saw some humanoid creatures. The creatures suddenly awoke and approached them slowly. As they got closer, Sange and Mox realized they were guard robots. “I don’t remember robots as advanced as this.”

“A lot must have happened since your time here. This is why you have been training” Dels said, admonishing Sange.

Yano was reluctant to fight, but Dels took out his silver revolver and shot the first robot in the center of its face. The bullet knocked the robot back a step, but it stood there with the bullet in its face. A voice came out of the first robot and said, “It looks like we have some trespassers here, what do you want? And where do you come from with those primitive weapons?” This angered Dels, but Yano held him back. “Please excuse my colleague here. He lets his weapons talk for him.”

“At least one of you is civilized. Now, what do you want?”

“We want the power cells in this lab.”

The voice laughed and exclaimed, “You will never have the power cells!”

At that moment, the robots started marching toward them.

Sange noticed a glimmer on the robots. “No one get near them, they are electrically charged!”

Yano pointed at Mox and told him to take care of the robots. Mox smiled and grabbed a small gun the size of a revolver from his backpack. It did not look like much. Mox told everyone to stand back and pulled the trigger. The gun fired no less than 20 laser bolts back to back. All of the 20 bolts hit the robots and all nine of them shorted out. Yano and Dels commended Mox while Sange was astonished. They continued past the robots as they travelled deeper into the lab.



They did not encounter any more guard robots by the time they reached the Power Room. The Power Room had only one computer in front of the two power cells. The computer and power cells were in the middle of the room. The edges of the room were blank walls all around. There was only one way in and one way out of the Power Room.

They approached the computer and the voice spoke through the computer’s speaker. “How dare you come to steal these cells!”

Yano was tired of this voice. “How is this thing still active when the bomb had an EMP?”

The voice promptly answered, “The exterior of the lab is made of lead to protect against EMP blasts.”

“I’m tired of this thing. Mox, get those power cells and shut down this AI.”

“You should not do that; I can start the self-destruct sequence at any time.” Sange knew about the self-destruct system built into the lab. “The bomb is outside the facility and has been disabled through the EMP.” Mox walked up to the computer and disabled the AI, but before the AI was disabled, it said, “Number 463,720,396, you have doomed these people with this act.” Mox ignored this while he opened the container and placed the power cells carefully in his radiation proof container. Sange was worried by the AI’s last words. “What do you think it meant?” Dels answered, “It didn’t mean a thing. These power cells are radioactive and it was a warning about that.” Mox and Yano stayed quiet. They walked back to the airship in silence.



Sange was stilled worried when they were back on the airship. No one else mentioned what the AI said. No one knew what the number meant except for Sange. Sange decided to go to the captain and ask him if anything was something special about the power cells. “Captain Yano, is there anything special or dangerous about these power cells?”

“Sange, you do not need to worry, the only danger of these cells is the radiation levels, but they are inside a radiation proof container.” At that moment, the airship lurched forward and Mox busted through the door. “Captain, the Time/Dimensional Drive is not working.” Yano and Sange followed Mox to the Time/Dimensional Drive and saw the repair staff standing around the drive looking confused. Mox turned his attention to Sange and Yano to tell them of the dilemma. “The drive does not seem to have anything wrong with it even though it stalled. It started up normally then just suddenly crashed.” Yano told Mox and Sange to follow him back to his quarters. As soon as the door was closed, Sange asked, “The power cells emit some kind of energy that prevents the drive from functioning properly, doesn’t it?” Mox looked surprised, but Yano showed no surprise. “Yes, the power cells are preventing the drive from functioning. I was warned when taking the mission that the cells interfere with some drives, but I thought ours would work. Mox, Sange, I need both of you to study these notes I have about the drive and figure out a way to either house the cells or house the drive from the interference.” Mox went back to the drive and told the repair crew to relax and he will figure out the problem. Sange went back to his quarters and started studying the power cells.

The solution came to Sange a day after the discussion with Yano. He first went to Mox and discussed the solution with him. Mox was satisfied with the solution so they brought it to Yano. Sange explained the solution to Yano. “Captain, the idea is to use the power cells as the power supply for the drive. They have enough power and would not interfere with the drive since it would be inside the drive itself. Mox and I have discussed it and we agree that this needs to be done.”

Yano approved of the idea and it worked. The drive started and they were able to warp back to the world that some called the “Hub World.” They arrived many miles away from the capital city of this hub world. These power cells held an immense level of power that would allow warping to any destination.



The Time/Dimensional Drive allows objects to travel through time and dimensions. The device requires a huge amount of power to use and usually warp to the highest energy center of the destination. Some people have figured out how to have the device warp anywhere they want at the destination. Many know the basics of how to remove the limit but never learn how to implement it since the power requirements are so immense. Many crews would never be able to acquire a power source that would enable them to warp anywhere they wanted. Some crews dedicate their lives to seeking power sources capable of warping anywhere. These crews also have a tendency to try to steal the power source from others who have it.



Not many travelers know the name of this world or the capital city. Many do not stay long enough to learn of its name and origins. The capital city is a hub for all time/dimensional travelers. Many come here to trade and commune. The planet’s name is Masachiko. The main energy center of the world is the city called Nesk. Nesk has always been a trade center, originally for this world and then spreading when the first time/dimensional traveling crews arrived on this city and world. The first travelers brought strange goods and traded for other common items here. The crew brought the goods with them and traded with other travelers along the way. They also gave them the location of Masachiko and those other crews started to travel to Nesk. This led to Nesk becoming the main trade center for all crews who had a time/dimensional device.



They flew to town and arrived at the gate just before sundown. A guard came out and was surprised to see an airship wanting passage. “We don’t get many crews through the gate these days, who are you and how did you arrive outside?” Yano yelled back at him, “We are the crew of the Airship Nincols. Our goal was to bring back power cells we found on our mission and the power cell warped us outside the city.”

“You can go in. Just make sure next time you properly calculate your path.” They flew in and docked at the Airship center in the middle of town. Yano pulled Dels and Sange aside to tell them they were coming with him to drop off the power cells. Sange and Mox packed up the cells and they left the ship. While in town, Yano warned them, “The customers we received this request from are very shady. They offered a high reward that I doubt they will be able to keep. Be on your guard because we may be fighting our way out.”

Yano, Dels, and Sange slowly made their way through the city. They eventually made it to the

Dimension’s End, a small bar and restaurant for high class individuals. Most crews and people that come here have lavishly decorated transport vessels with a power supply strong enough for transportation anywhere. The customers were in a corner away from most of the other patrons. There were two of them and they had no visible weapons. Yano led Dels and Sange to them and they placed the container with the power cells on the table. Yano looked at the customers, “The power cells are in this container, where’s the money?” The customers looked at each other and the smaller one said, “We must see the cells before we can show you the money.” Yano nodded to Sange and he drew his katana. The blade shined bright in the dim light of the corner. Yano looked at the blade and then looked at the customers, “This blade will slice cleanly through both of you if you do not show us the money.” The larger one smiled as the smaller one said, “You do not know what you are saying. Show us the power cells or you will regret this act.” At this point everyone was looking at them and staring at Sange’s glowing katana. Yano yelled out to everyone there, “These gentlemen wish to scam us out of paying for the power cells they hired us to find. Please go back to your drinks and food.” Everyone heard this and went back to their drinks, not caring much for the situation. The smaller one looked around and saw no one was coming to their aid and conceded, “We did not bring the money in fear of you swindling us. We will meet at Airship hangar 31 tonight to finish the trade.” Yano agreed to this, so and they all left the Dimension’s End to go back to the Nincols until nightfall.



Yano took Dels, Mox, and Sange to Hangar 31 for the exchange. The hangar was on the far side of the air dock where no airships were docked. It was very quiet the entire time they walked. They arrived at hangar 31 and saw the patrons they met earlier at the restaurant who were dressed the same as earlier. The only difference was that the larger one had a briefcase. Yano took a step toward them, “We have brought the power cells and I assume that briefcase is our money. We will show you the power cells within the container if you show us the money.”

“No, you will first show us the power cells!” As the smaller one said this, a group of people came up behind the patrons. “We have brought our crew to make sure we get the power cells without paying you.”

“Then we will just need to get that briefcase and take it as payment while keeping the power cells!” Yano exclaimed as he gave Mox the signal to lock the container holding the power cells. Dels, Sange, and Yano drew their weapons and charged toward the group. Dels was the first to reach the group and slammed his hammer against the large one’s hands, making him drop the briefcase. Yano grabbed the briefcase and ran back toward Mox, who by this time had set up his laser turret to protect the container. Sange dashed threw the crowd of enemies, cutting their weapons as if he was slicing through air. He feared he might accidentally cut one of them and kill them so he sliced with extra care. Dels had no problem with this as he was slamming his hammer into either the person’s weapon, shattering it, or the person’s hands, disabling them. It did not take long for the group to be completely disabled without weapons or the ability to hold them. “YOU WILL REGRET THIS!” The small one yelled as he ran with the group following closely behind. Dels and Sange walked back toward Yano and Mox as Yano opened the briefcase. Inside the briefcase was a bracer of curious design. “This must be what they wanted the power cells for, but what is it?” Yano asked as he picked it up. “Captain, with your permission, I think Sange should study this bracer when we get back to the ship.” Mox said as he looked it over. “I agree, Sange, you are the best person in the group with electronics. You will figure out what this bracer does.” They all walked back to the Nincols cautiously, making sure they were not followed back.



Captain Yano decided that he wanted to give the crew a break instead of going on another mission immediately. He let the crew vote on the destination. They chose the casinos on the other side of the planet. The trip would take a few hours to get to the other side of the planet. About an hour into the trip another airship approached from behind. The airship was approaching rapidly and did not look like it was going to stop. Yano yelled for the crew to hold onto something as the airship drew closer. The airship slammed into the Nincols sending it crashing to the ground. The other airship crashed a few miles from the Nincols. Yano did a quick check on the crew and everyone was alright. “I want all damage noted and everyone working on fixing everything as soon as possible. There may be an attack soon so be prepared!” Yano exclaimed to the crew. Mox and Sange reported to the captain a few hours later. “The time/dimensional drive is stable but all radios are out Captain.” Mox said as he read his findings. “Sange, I want you and Mox to try to get the radios up as soon as you can. Mox, I also want you to prepare all your laser weaponry. I don’t think the crash is all that is in store for us.”



It was fairly quiet for the first few hours after the crash. Everyone worked hard to get the Nincols back in the air since they wanted to be back in the air before nightfall. Because of this, their guard was down when they were attacked during the brightest part of the day. A cannon bolt came out of nowhere and blasted some of the crew off the ship. The rest of the crew was confused until Captain Yano yelled for them all to grab their weapons. An airship approached and a voice came over its loudspeaker, “I told you that you would regret it. Now hand over the power cells and we will leave. Otherwise we will kill all of your crew.” Yano ran to the radio room looking for Mox and Sange. He told them he wanted them warped out of there, “Sange, Mox, I want you two to punch in some coordinates to get us out of here.” They looked at each other and Mox asked, “Where should we warp us Captain?”

“I don’t care; I just want you two to warp us somewhere safe until we can fix the ship!” Sange and Mox ran to the time/dimensional drive’s coordinate system and Mox punched in coordinates for a jungle planet they traveled to once in the past. He immediately started the warp and they were transported there. Dels gathered the crew and Yano explained the situation, “We were attacked by the customers who did not want to pay us for the power cells. I decided to warp us and it looks like Mox warped us to the jungle planet we visited previously. We will need to get the airship back to running condition as soon as possible. Everyone who is not repairing the ship will look for food and water since our supplies are low. That is all.” Yano walked up to Sange, “I want you to figure out what that bracer device does and why they needed such a powerful power supply for it. Report anything you find out about it only to me.”



Sange went to his quarters on the Nincols to start studying the bracer. The bracer had a curious design. It was a very basic leather bracer with a strange clock and keypad. Sange tried different sequences of characters but noticed no change in the device. He looked at the clock again and noticed that it was not running. It seemed to be out of power. He turned it over and opened a slot on the back and noticed there was no power supply. There was an extra power supply in Mox’s workshop so he went to visit Mox to ask for one. Mox was out helping the crew so Sange wrote a note and borrowed a mini power supply. The power supply fit within the slot and powered the clock. Sange typed out a 40 with the keypad and suddenly he was in the forest. He looked at the clock on the bracer and noticed it was out of power again. Some distance off, Sange heard the crew yelling to each other for repairs. The bracer was a portable time/dimensional drive. He immediately ran back to the ship to tell the captain.

Sange ran to the ship to find the captain. He passed many crew members and found the captain helping the crew with the cannons Yano saw Sange running to him and pointed to his cabin. Sange followed shortly after Yano entered his cabin. “So what do you have there?”

“This is a personal time/dimensional device.” Sange said as he panted.

“Is that why you were off the ship?”

“Yes, I typed 40 and it transported me off the ship about 40 feet away.”

“How much power does it require?”

“It drained one of these power supplies with the 40 foot trip.” Sange said as he took the power supply out. “We will need to test the device with a more powerful power supply.”

“We are limited by the size of the container though. We would need to create a power supply that is small enough for the container, powerful enough for a jump, and capable of being recharged.”

“Go to Mox and tell him you need the old power supply that we replaced. Tell him that he can direct any questions to me.”

Sange went straight to Mox to get the old power supply. Mox asked Sange about why he needed the old power supply but Sange just said that only the captain can answer his questions. Mox retrieved the old power supply and handed it to Sange. Sange tried to fit it into the device but it was too large for it. “The power supply is too large for the device.” Sange said in a sad tone. “I may be able to shrink the power supply. I would want an explanation of what the device does though.”

“We can go to the captain then.” Sange and Mox walked back to the captain’s quarters to tell Mox about the device.

“I assume Mox wants to know about the device.” Yano said as they walked into his quarters. “Yes, I would like to know what this device is before I shrink the power supply, especially since the old power supply stores a lot of energy.”

“You can tell him what it is Sange.”

“It is a personal Time/Dimensional Device. It transported me 40 feet away when I typed 40 into it earlier with a very weak power supply.” Sange explained.

“That is an amazing device you have then. I will start the process of shrinking the old power supply. It will take a few hours. Once I am done, you will still be able to recharge it with the station I have in my cabin. I’ll get some of the crew to move it to your cabin as soon as I am done.”

“Until then, Sange, you go help the crew until Mox is done with the power supply.” Yano told them, looking pleased.



Sange went back to the lower decks to help the crew repair the Nincols while Mox shrank the power supply. He was not much help with physical labor so he helped repair the radios. The radios were almost completely repaired by nightfall when the captain commanded everyone to rest while some stayed on watch. The night passed quickly with no surprises for the crew. Mox came to Sange in the morning before anyone else woke up and brought him to his cabin. “I was able to shrink the power supply and place it inside the device. I have not tested it though.” Mox said as he handed Sange the device. “I guess I will test it. What are the coordinates of the Hub World?”

“What are you planning on doing once you reach the Hub World?”

“I will seek out information on the people who attacked us.”

“You should go before the captain finds out. He will surely not approve of this venture.”

“Then I will just need to return shortly after I leave. I will just need to figure out how the time part works.” Sange typed in the coordinates of the Hub World, Masachiko. He left before Mox could tell him about recharging the device. He hoped the power supply would be powerful enough to return him once he was done.


Sange did not warp to the Hub World immediately like the times he was on the Nincols. He felt very nauseous during the brief few minutes of the warp. Darkness surrounded him and he had a feeling of weightlessness the entire time. The airship dock seemed to appear out of nowhere and Sange stumbled as he felt his sense of weight come back. He realized the trip may have exhausted the battery and checked the device. It was still functioning and seemed to have enough power for another warp. Hopefully it will be enough to make the complete warp back to the Nincols.

Sange went into the city to find out more about the people who attacked them. He did not need to travel far. He overheard some people talking in a bar about the crew of the Nincols so he went in and sat just far enough away to listen to the conversation. They were talking about attacking the Nincols as soon as it arrived. They bribed some of the dock workers to inform them of when the Nincols arrived. They would immediately seize the captain and hold him hostage until they received the time/dimensional device and power supply. Sange decided now would be a good time to leave and started to put in the coordinates Mox gave him and timed it so he would arrive only seconds after he had just left. He pushed the button to start the warp as he hoped it would have enough power to take him all the way back.



Sange went through the weird darkness again as he traveled back to the Nincols. This time felt like it took much longer. Sange started to realize that the device may not have enough power to bring him back. The weightlessness and darkness suddenly disappeared and Sange saw that he was in an empty field. He noticed a town nearby and traveled to it. The people in town did not seem to notice him as he entered the city. It looked similar to the cities in Sange’s birth world. He needed supplies to build a charging station to give the power supply in his time/dimensional device enough power to warp back to the Nincols. He set off to find out the monetary system so he could buy his supplies.

Sange was unable to find a way to earn money, but he was able to find trading posts where he could trade some of his food and supplies for other supplies. He was able to gather enough supplies for a recharging device that would last for one charge. He assembled the recharging device and charged his time/dimensional device. He went to a secluded area where he would not be seen and activated the warp. The device successfully started him on his way back to the Nincols, but the device did not have much power so it took Sange hours in the dark weightlessness as he warped back to the Nincols. When he finally made it back to the Nincols, Sange decided that he would add a charger to the time/dimensional device so this would never happen again.



Sange warped back to Mox’s cabin and it sounded quiet. He slowly opened Mox’s door and saw that the Nincols looked like it was back in working order. He could not see any of the crew though. He checked the local time on his watch and discovered that it was 3 days after he left. He must have entered the incorrect time before warping back. Sange slowly made his way toward the captain’s quarters. He knocked on the door and heard the captain yell, “COME IN!” Sange opened the door and was greeted by Mox as he entered. “I see you finally made it back.” Yano said as Sange walked in. “I had to tell the captain where you went after you went missing for a day.” Mox said nervously. Sange decided now was a good time to tell the captain what he had found, “Captain, the people we stole this device from are going to attack us as soon as we dock in the Hub World.” Yano did not look surprised, “Sange, I expected that, but it is good to know for sure that they have it planned. I assume they have bribed some of the dock workers to turn a blind eye.”


“Mox, you will ready all the defensive measures on the Nincols and prepare for an attack once we come out of the warp back to the Hub World. I plan on meeting this crew and destroying them.” Once Mox left the captain’s quarters, Yano directed his attention back to Sange, “You will not warp again unless I command you otherwise, is that understood?”

“Yes it is, Captain.” Sange went back to his cabin slightly angered by Captain Yano’s order about the time/dimensional device. He started to wonder what the captain had in mind since Sange was the only one who had experience with the device.



The Airship Nincols warped into Masachiko’s dock in silence. The crew was nervous about an ambush and stood at the ready. A voice came over a loudspeaker saying, “Leave the device and the airship and your lives will be spared.” Yano yelled to the crew, “They are trying to scare us, everyone get ready for the attack!” As Yano was uttering those words, an airship flew to the dock alongside the Nincols and its crew stormed out. Unfortunately for this crew, Yano expected a tactic like this and had set up the docking side of the Nincols with turrets. The crew of the Nincols started firing upon the attacking crew as soon as they came within site of the turrets. They did not stand a chance at all under the combined force of the Nincols’ combined turrets. After many of the crew had died, the leader showed a white flag in surrender. Yano decided to let him live as long as he gave up his airship. He begrudgingly agreed and ran off into the city, scared for his life. Yano commanded some of the crew to look over the new airship. Sange was ordered to check out the time/dimensional drive on the airship and report back to Yano once he found out more about it.

Sange explored the airship with many other crew members. His main interest was the Time/Dimensional drive which he found in the captain’s quarters. The drive was smaller than the Nincols but required much more power. The power supply’s capacity was much larger than the Nincols’ previous power supply. The new power supply would have made sense for this drive. The console to control the drive was located in the captain’s desk and it seemed very advanced compared to the rest of the airship. It did not take Sange long to get around the safety measures and find the vast amounts of data on Masachiko and the various other crews who passed through. The data contained full background information on each of the airship’s crews. The crew that owned this ship could not have gained this information or technology themselves. The question that burned in Sange’s mind was “Who gave them this information and technology?” Sange made his way back to the Nincols to talk with the captain.

Sange sought the captain on the Nincols and explained the situation to him. Yano did not seem surprised that there was a wealth of information on so many crews. Yano told Sange to keep it quiet and sent Sange with coordinates to their next warp on the new ship. Sange was very curious why Yano was not surprised by the wealth of information on board the new ship and why he wanted to move out so fast. He went back to the new ship and waited for the crew to get the ship ready.



Sange entered the coordinates to the next destination and the crew was ready. They started the warp but Sange started to feel strange. He saw a lot of light and was weightless for what seemed like hours. He reappeared in an industrial looking area with huge buildings and steam clouding the skies. He was alone with no one of the Nincols around. He looked at his time/dimensional device and tried to warp, but it failed. The device somehow interfered with the time/dimensional drive on the new airship and sent him to this strange time and place with no idea what to do or where to go. Sange set off to start his new life in this new place.





Thank You for reading my first book. It was an adventure writing this and took too long for me to publish it online.

Adventures of Sange

  • ISBN: 9781370786824
  • Author: Chad Fanguy
  • Published: 2016-12-31 03:35:08
  • Words: 6383
Adventures of Sange Adventures of Sange