Adventures of God Part One



The Adventures of God Book One


Copyright 2016 Tracy Delong

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Table of Contents


p)))<>{color:#000;}. Jesus is alive

p<>{color:#000;}. Nobody loves me


p<>{color:#000;}. Telling about Jesus


p<>{color:#000;}. Forgiving Others


p<>{color:#000;}. Heaven—What is it like..


p<>{color:#000;}. Thanksgiving—Thank You God


p<>{color:#000;}. Jesus spoke in Parables


p<>{color:#000;}. God has a plan for each one of us.


p<>{color:#000;}. Joyful Noise Please God


p<>{color:#000;}. Lost Sheep
















Billy Bob: Wow! That was a great sermon that the preacher gave this Sunday.

Tiffany: I know Jesus is alive, but how can we share this with everyone, Billy Bob.

[Tiffany and Billy exit. Then Tiffany enters]

Tiffany: I wonder if Billy Bob has thought of an idea yet. What do you think, kids?

[Billy Bob enters]

Billy Bob: Hi there, Tiffany. I came up with a great idea.

Tiffany: What is that, Billy Bob?

Billy Bob: One night my parent’s were talking about this Christian Band, called Mercy Me. They coming to town and they’ve picked our church to give free concert before. They leave for their next concert date. There’s going to be food, rides and a petting zoo.

Tiffany: Oh Gee! That sounds great and so much fun. I can’t wait until next Sunday.

[Sunday Morning]

Preacher: I see a lot of new people here today. Welcome to our Church. We have great things happening today. I’m going to talk about how Jesus suffered, died on the cross for our sins. And in three days rose from the dead. After the service, we have a special guest band Mercy Me. To play for us and praise God with their music because Jesus is alive.

[After church]

Preacher: Ok, here they are, Mercy Me.












[Cowboy is riding a horse back and forth, when Tiffany enter]

Tiffany: Ohhh! Cowboy! Can I talk to you?

Cowboy: Whoaa, there: Thunder…of course you can talk to me, Tiffany. Let me get off

Thunder and then we can shoot the breeze.

Tiffany Shoot the breeze? What is that Cowboy?

Cowboy: Well, Tiffany that’s old Cowboy talk meaning: Let’s talk.

Tiffany: That is neat I never heard that. I had some great news I want to share with my parents.


[Tiffany and Cowboy start swaying back and forth].

Cowboy: What happening? Tiffany.

Tiffany: I don’t know…it happens sometimes when I talk about the past.

[Cowboy and Tiffany exits. Then Tiffany and Dad enter]

Tiffany: Ohh Dad, I have some great new…

Dad: Not now Tiffany I trying to pay some bills.

Tiffany:[whining] But Dad…

Dad: You can tell me later.

[Flashback ends]

Flashback Two:

[Tiffany and Billy Bob enter]

Tiffany: Billy Bob, I have great news, I have to tell you.

Billy Bob: I can’t listen now Tiffany. I have to pack.

Tiffany: Packing where are you going?

Billy Bob: My parents have some family in San Antonio and then we are going to the Alamo.

Tiffany: Oh OK, Billy Bob, I can tell you later, have fun.

[Flashback ends. Billy Bob and Tiffany exits. Then Cowboy and Tiffany enter.]

Tiffany: Oh, Cowboy, sometimes I feel that nobody loves me and nobody is listening to me.

Cowboy: That’s not true, Tiffany. There is someone who loves you and will always listen to you—JESUS.

Tiffany: Ohhh!Gee, I forget about that. You right JESUS does love me. How could I forget?

Cowboy: It’s OK,sometimes we need to be remind that Jesus loves you.



Tiffany: Billy Bob, know we should tell others about Jesus. How do we do it?

Billy Bob: That’s a good question, Tiffany Here comes Cowboy. Let’s ask him.

Cowboy: Howdy Kids, how are you today?

Tiffany: We’re good. We have a question for you.

Cowboy: What’s your question, Tiffany?

Tiffany: I know we should tell others about Jesus, but how can we do that?

Cowboy: Well, kids, because this world is

so big in some places people haven’t heard

about Jesus. So a group of people will go to these places and talk about Jesus. They read the bible too.

Billy Bob: Gee, that sounds good.

Tiffany: That sure does.

Cowboy: I got and idea kids, you can give bibles out. I’ll talk to Preacher and see

if we can get some to give to another


Tiffany: Sounds great, Cowboy.

Billy Bob: It sure does. Let’s go, Tiffany.

[Tiffany, Billy Bob, and Cowboy exits.]

Next Sunday

Peacher: I want to thank Cowboy, Billy Bob,

Tiffany for collecting 200 bibles. They

are going to Africa. I got a received a letter from the preacher at Africa.

My Dear American Friends,

Thank you for the 200 bibles. We are giving them to the villagers who need the word of God in their lives. They also tell me because they have the bibles they’re not alone. God is with them.

Thank you

Reverend Nantook

Preacher: See what the bible does. It spreads the word of God and that is how we can tell people about Jesus.



[Dustie is calling Preacher on the phone}

Preacher: Hello?

Dustie: Hello Preacher, this is Dustie. Can I come over and talk with you.

Preacher: Sure Dustie come on over.

Dustie: Thanks Preacher.

[There is sound of knocking at door.]

Preacher: Come in. The door is open…

Dsutie: Hi Preacher

Preacher: Hello Dustie. What can I do for you?

Dustie: Preacher, I have a problem at school.

Preacher: What is the problem?

Dustie: Some kids have been bulling at school and calling me names. What can I do? I know that God want us to forgive others but it is hard to do at times.

Preacher: I tell you a story.

Jesus was teaching then someone asked him, How can we pray to God?

Jesus taught us a prayer.

Our Father in heaven

Hallowed be your name

Thy kingdom come

your will be done

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us our daily bread

And forgive us our sins

As we forgive those who sin against us.


Dustie: That is a nice prayer, Preacher.

Preacher: I have an idea what if I talk to the kids saying bullying hurts and we should get along with each other,

Dustie: That sounds like a great idea, Preacher.

[A few days later…Dustie enters, then Preacher]

Dustie: Oh Preacher thank you so much. I made some new friends and I forgave them for bullying me.

Preacher: You’re welcome Dustie. That’s a great thing that we cam all learn to forgive.



Tiffany: Hey, Billy Bob, do you know what heaven is going be like?

Billy Bob: No I wonder what it’s like too.

[Next Day]

Tiffany: Billy Bob, oh Billy Bob.

[Billy Bob pops up]

Billy Bob: What is it, Tiffany?

Tiffany: I heard that our church is going to put on a play.

Billy Bob: What’s the play about?

Tiffany: It’s going to be about Heaven. Isn’t that neat?

Billy Bob: Hey, let’s try to be in the play.

Tiffany: Yes, we can learn what heaven’s going be like.

[Cowboy enters]

Cowboy: Heaven’s going to have twelve gates with twelve pearls on them. It will be a city of gold and roads of gold. There’s also a river in middle of the city.

[A picture of a river]

Cowboy: In the river will be trees of light bearing fruit every month.

[Shows the three of life]

Cowboy: We will see Jesus looks like and it will always be light never dark. We all have the name of Jesus on our foreheads.

[Billy Bob and Tiffany leave the stage

and then come back with the name of Jesus

on their foreheads]



[Billy Bob comes out with a paper and pencil. Then he looks in the bags and starts writing]

Jose: Billy Bob, what are you doing?

Billy Bob: My mom wants me to make a list of food so we can make a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Jose: Neat! Can I help you?

Billy Bob: Yes, you can. You can help me open these bags and write them down.

Jose: Let’s dig in, Billy Bob.

Billy Bob: What is the first thing you see, Jose?

Jose: I see a can of corn and green beans.

[pull out a can of corn and green beans]

Jose: I see some stuffing…

[pull out box of stuffing]

Billy Bob: I love stuffing it’s so good.

Jose: What about the turkey, gravy, rolls, and dessert, Billy Bob?

Billy Bob: My mom says she has the turkey. Rolls, gravy, Dutch apple pie, and pecan.

Jose: Oh OK. Talking about all this food is making me hungry.

Billy Bob: Thanks for helping me, Jose. I talk to you later.

[Scene change…we see Cowboy and Preacher. Then sound of knocking]

Preacher: Come in, door is open.

Cowboy: Hi, Preacher. You want to see me?

Preacher: Yes, I did. I’ve been looking over our food pantry and we are running short on food. I don’t know if we can hand out Thanksgiving dinner for all the people who need it.

Cowboy: Let me if I can make some calls and help out.

Preacher: Thank you Cowboy, anything you can do.

[Scene change, Billy Bob and Cowboy enters]

Billy Bob: Hi, Cowboy. I have same news.

Cowboy: What is that, Billy Bob?

Billy Bob: My mom as a lot of food from Thanksgiving Dinner. She doesn’t know what to do with it.

Cowboy: Wow! I think I know what she can do. Let’s go.

[Billy Bob and Cowboy exits…scene change Preacher, Cowboy, and Billy Bob]

Preacher: I want to thank Billy Bob’s mother for the extra food she donated to the church. I also want to say thank you to God. Every day we should thank God for all the things has done in our lives. That’s why we have Thanksgiving.



[Tiffany’s reading the Bible]

Dustie What are you reading, Tiffany?

Tiffany: I’m reading the Bible.

Dustie: Why do are frowning?

Tiffany: Do you know what a parable is?

Dustie: I don’t know, Tiffany. Let’s go ask Preacher. He knows what it means.

[Tiffany and Dustie exit and go to see the Preacher. He’s writing when he hears a knock at the door.]

Preacher: Come in, Oh Tiffany and Dustie, How can I help you?

Dustie: Preacher, we have a question for about the Bible.

Preacher: That’s great, girls. Let’s hear it, Dustie.

Dustie: What is a Parable?

Preacher: A Parable is a story that teaches a lesson. Jesus used parables in His preaching. It helps the people understand his lessons.

Tiffany: What kind of stories does he tell?

Preacher: That’s a good question; Tiffany One was a parable about Mustard Seed. The mustard seed is so small you can’t see it.

But it grows into a large plant. The mustard seed is faith. If you just have a small seed of faith and take care of it. It will grow.

Dustie: Wow!

Tiffany: What’s another story?

Preacher: A shepherd was watching his sheep when he noticed one of them wandered off. He looked all over until he found the lamb and brought him back to the field. That’s the way it is Jesus. If one wanders off and get lost, he won’t rest until he finds Us and brings us back to him.

Dustie: Thank you, Preacher. Now we know that parables are stories that Jesus used to teach his lessons so we’ll understand them.

Tiffany: Dustie, Let’s go and see if you find some more parables in the Bible by ourselves.

Dustie: That’s a good idea, Tiffany Let’s go.

[Two girls leave together]


[Dora and Jose enter]

Dora: Jose, did you finish your paper for career day?

Jose: No, I haven’t and it is due next Tuesday. I don’t now what I am going do when I grown-up.

Dora: We need someone to talk to.

Jose: Who? Both of our parents are working.

Dora: How about we go and talk to Preacher?

Jose: Great idea, Dora. He always there to help us.

[Dora and Jose exit then Dr. Moody enters with Jose and Dora]

[Sound of knocking]

Jose: Preacher

Dora: Preacher

Dr. Moody: Come in kids.

[Dora and Jose enter]

Jose: Hi, Dr. Moody

Dora: Mr. Moody, where is Preacher?

Dr. Moody: Preacher went on two week vacation. He asked me to full in for him.

Jose: I have a paper due about careers and I can’t decide on what I am going do when I grown-up. I see all the things I like to do. How do I choose? How do I know I will choose the right thing?

Dr. Moody: Well, kids that is easy. God knows each one of us and as a plan for each one of us.

Dora: He does?

Jose: How does he do that?

Dr. Moody: Sometimes you can hear him. Other times he will right people to guide you. You can turn to Gos and he will show you the way.

Jose: Gee, thank you Dr. Moody. I am going home to finish my paper.

Dr. Moody: Your welcome, Jose. Let me know how your paper turns out.

Jose: I will, Dr. Moody.



[Billy Bob enters then Dustie. Background noise: banging stomping and yelling]

Billy Bob: Did you hear the new neighbors moving in down the street?

Dustie: I did.

Billy Bob: How do you study?

Dustie: Not very good. I try to study at school.

Billy Bob: What are you going to do?

Dustie: I am going find out why they are so noisy.

[Billy Bob and Dustie exit. Then Jose and Dora enter. Noise in the background.]

Jose: What is that noise?

Dora: I think it’s our neighbors moving in/

Jose: It’s been going on for a week now, When it is going stop?

Dora: I heard that Dustie is going find.

Jose: Good! I hope finds out soon.

[Scene change Preacher, Billy Bob, Dora enter]

Preacher: Hello everyone, it good to see you here. It’s been called to my attention that there is noise and banging going on, I am happy to say that some the Christian Rock Bands has choose our town to kick start their tour. It’s going to start this afternoon. Remember God likes you make a joyful noise.



[Jose and Dora enter]

Jose: Wasn’t that a good story that told us this morning?

Dora: It was, the Lost Lamb.

Jose: I have a good idea.

Dora: What is that?

Jose: Let’s close our eyes ans see if we can inmage the story of the Lost Sheep.

Dora: Great idea. On the count of three 1….2…3…

[Jose and Dora close their eyes. And they exit]. Scene change Billy Bob, and Tyrone enter and the sheep.]

Billy Bob: How was your night?

Tyrone: It was quiet.

[sound of sheep] Ba, Ba, Ba.

Billy Bob: Did you hear or see and wovles last night?

Tyrone: No I didn’t

Billy Bob: Let’s count the shee[ just to make sure.

Tyrone: One…Two…Three…Four…five.

Billy Bob: Six…seven…where is number eight?

Tyrone: I don’t know. It was there last night when I counted them.

Billy Bob: We must find the sheep. Tyrone you stay here and I ‘ll will go look.

[Scene change Moutains and hills. Billy Bob calling the lamb]

Billy Bob: Ba, Ba, Ba.

[sheep sounds coming from a moutain. Billy Bob see the lamb]

Billy Bob: There you are my little lost lamb.

[Billy Bob climbs the moutain to get the lamb]

Let’s go home.

[Tryone and the sheep enter. Billy Bob enters carrying the lost sheep]

Tyrone: Billy Bob you found the lamb.

[Sounds of sheep]

Billy Bob: Yes I did. I found it on top of a moutain.

Tyrone: I found out a part of the fence was broken and I think that is how the lamb got out.

Billy Bob: Let’s go and fix the fence.

[Billy Bob and Tryone start fixing the fence]. Scene change: Jose and Dora fall asleep].

Jose: Wake up! Wake up! Dora.

Dora: Jose! What happened?

Jose: We fell asleeo.

Dora: Boy, our imangations must be good.













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