Adult Coloring Books - Book 1 - Flowers: A Full Color Introduction To The World


Book 1



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Coloring Books for Grown-Ups

With a hardworking and busy husband, as well as two extremely active teenage children, I set out some time ago to find an activity that we could all do as a family to simply relax and reduce stress levels.

I searched high and low and, while my search led me to the world of coloring, at first I could not quite see how this could become a group activity. However, it intrigued me and I simply could not shake off the idea that this might just be what I was looking for. So, I decided to give it a try and have not looked back since.

Today we sit down regularly as a family with a mountain of pencils and a wide range of different coloring outlines and enjoy a wonderful hour or two as a family unit, away from the trials and tribulations of modern living. It is simply wonderful!

When it comes to relaxation and meditation it is hard to beat coloring. It is also a super tool for exercising the brain and for developing natural creativity.

One of the great things about coloring is that the range of subjects available is almost endless and includes many favorites such as mandalas, flowers and animals to name just three.

So, please join me and my family to share our passion as you work through the pages of this book and bring each simple black outline drawing to life.


Remember that this kindle book is designed to simply show you the outlines available, and to give you a few examples of what a completed colored drawing might look like. To use the book you will first need to download the outline drawings and print them out on your own home printer. You can also take the download file to your local print shop if you wish and have them print them out for you, perhaps in a larger size or on heavy weight of paper.

To download the outline drawings please click on the link that you will find at the END of the book.

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Click Here to download the outline drawings

Adult Coloring Books - Book 1 - Flowers: A Full Color Introduction To The World

It will comes as no surprise when I say that we all suffer stress in out lives from time to time, and that there are many different ways to deal with this situation, and bring peace and calm back into our lives. What might surprise you however is the fact than many millions of people turn to coloring as their preferred solution. As children we well remember our crayons and coloring books, and the many hours of pleasure that we derived from bringing those simple outline drawings to life, as we let our imaginations run riot and carry us to every corner of the world, and into fantasy land. So, is it really a surprise to find that we can enjoy the same pleasure from coloring as adults as we did as children? Coloring is much more however than just a tool to help us to relax. It also stimulates our brain, fires our imagination and memory, and helps us to develop our sense of creativity. For those of us who, like myself, have passed retirement age, it is also a wonderful way to keep our minds active and alert. But, if you are new to the world of adult coloring, where do you start? The mechanics of coloring are simple enough and, like riding a bike, are something that you never forget. However, one aspect of coloring can present a challenge for those of us returning to the art later in life, and that is color selection and, more importantly, color combination. It is for this reason that I have created this first "introductory" book to the Adult Coloring Books series. Starting with the time honored theme of flowers, Book 1 contains 21 full color illustrations, each alongside its simple line drawing. As you start I would suggest simply copying the first few color schemes, just to get the hang of things. Then, I would use the illustrations in the book as a guide to creating your own unique color combinations. And do not be afraid to experiment. Sometimes you will like the result, and sometime you will not. Over time though you will learn what works, and what does not work, for you and you will see a steady overall improvement. Flowers are a wonderful place to start and, following this introduction, Book 2 will provide you with the opportunity to really consolidate your flower coloring skills, before moving on to other themes in the series. So, find a light, airy and quiet corner and Happy coloring!

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Adult Coloring Books - Book 1 - Flowers: A Full Color Introduction To The World Adult Coloring Books - Book 1 - Flowers: A Full Color Introduction To The World