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Addicted To The Alien: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance The Euthenian Bat

The Euthenian Battle Series

Book 2

Addicted To The Alien’

A Sci Fi Alien Romance Thriller

Addicted To The Alien’

A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

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[]Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents 4




The stars are endless in the black sky as I stare out the small, round window of the room I’ve been locked in. I have no idea how long I’ve been in here, locked away for something I had no idea was going to happen.

My surroundings are nice. An all-white interior. Right down to the blanket covering the large bed. The only touch of color is the purple pillows on the bed.

A mirror runs the length of one wall and there is an attached area to bathe and use the facilities. Most wouldn’t complain about this make-shift prison. But I miss my husband.

My stomach is growling like a hungry lion’s. Food, or what they consider to be food, has been brought to me by a woman who appears to be a maid of some kind.

She’s an older woman, with no personality. Or perhaps she’s just was afraid to talk to me.

The silver covered tray she brought still sets on the small table. I opened it when she brought it in some time ago and put the lid right back on it.

What looked like snails covered in green slime were moving around on the tray and I would rather die of starvation than put that in my mouth.

Kerr was supposed to be feeding me to help me ingest something to sustain my body. That’s not going to happen it seems.

The King is a man I am beginning to truly despise. With no chance to prove my innocence, he sent me away to this room, alone and wondering if my husband is okay.

They injected Kerr with some drug which had him unable to move. That was a long time ago and I still have no idea how he’s doing.

I asked the woman who brought the tray, but she wouldn’t speak to me at all. I suppose they think I’m capable of more than I am. A person to be feared.

It’s ludicrous. There is nothing in me to hurt my new husband. Although his actions in front of others make me furious, his actions when we’re alone make up for them.

My body aches to be held in his strong arms. My heart aches at the thought my marriage might be over before it has even begun if the King has anything to do with it.

The bed is soft as I sit on it, still in the white robe, Kerr placed on me after he administered the punishment for leaving the room without his permission.

My bottom still hurts a bit as the strap left a few thin whelps across it. My cheeks burn with the anger building in me for the unjust punishment. I had no idea leaving a room without permission was against the rules.

Just as I get up, the door glides open. I quickly drop my eyes and head as I see it’s the King.

The tall though slumped man with long, white hair and light brown eyes has graced me with his presence. Now, perhaps I can talk some sense into the tyrant.

“Sit,” he commands with a harsh tone.

I do as he says and still look down. I am not about to give this man any reason to see fit to use the hook and strap which hang on the wall in this room as well as all the bedrooms on the ship from what I’ve seen.

He stands over me. His presence is threatening and I find it hard not to stand up to the beast. I hold onto my temper, though.

“Tell me what you know,” he says.

He takes one of the chairs at the small dining table. I notice him looking at the tray and he lifts the lid. He makes a huffing sound as he sees I haven’t touched the nasty stuff.

“Not going to eat what we give you, Princess?”

“May I look at you, Sire?”

“You may.”

I raise my head and try hard not to glare at the man. “I am having an issue taking the live things into my mouth. My husband had told me he would help me until I got used to eating the food on my own. How is your son, sir?”

“My son is fine. He’s come to his senses.” His eyes lock on mine.

The fear in my eyes must be what he’s looking for. I’m positive it’s there as I have no idea what he means by Kerr coming to his senses.

Does it mean he’s annulling our marriage?

“May I ask exactly what that means, Sire?”

“No, you may not. I want you to tell me what you know about the uprising on Euthenia.” He crosses his arms over his chest and waits for an answer I do not have.

“I swear to you I know nothing about it, sir.” My eyes do not waver. There is only honesty behind my words and any person would know I’m hiding nothing.

He rises and turns away from me. “I will be back to check on you in approximately one hour. Your food will need to be completely eaten by that time or it will be the hook and the strap for you.”

“Will Kerr be coming?” I ask with hope.

Spinning on his heel, he turns back and gives me an evil smile. “No. It will be me who administers the punishment if you do not eat every bit of what’s on that platter, girl. We do not waste things where you are going. Remember that, please.”

The door glides back open, and he leaves me.

And now it seems I must shove those awful snails down my throat or be tied up, naked, and beaten.

It’s hard to say which is worse. My heart pounds as I find I want my husband more than I ever have.

But does he still want me?

What could the King have meant by telling me Kerr has come to his senses? Could Kerr be acting as if he thinks I’m capable of being involved in such a thing as an uprising on his planet?

Did my father know of the impending uprising and award me to Kerr to get the royals and their guards away from the capital so this could happen?

My father always acted as if he loved me. Is it possible he would do this to me on purpose?

My head hurts as it spins nearly out of control. The door glides open and I nearly fall off the bed to get to him.

“Kerr!” I run to him and he catches me in his arms and picks me up.

His mouth covers mine and I melt as his tongue touches mine, stroking it and taking me to a much better place.

I can hear my heart pounding as he releases me. “We haven’t much time. My father told me he would be coming back in here soon to see if you have eaten.”

He pulls me with him to the table and sits down, pulling me to sit on his lap. “I have to eat this all or he will beat me.”

“I know. That’s why I snuck and changed the monitor to your room then came in to help you with this.” He pulls the lid off the tray and takes a large portion of the snails and eats them.

I wince as the things wiggle in the spoon just before he places them in his mouth. “Kerr, your father said you had come to your senses. What does that mean?”

“It means I told him what he wanted to hear. He was going to keep me locked up if he thought I was going to fight him on this.” He grazes my cheek with the back of his hand. “You’ll need to eat a little of this. I don’t want you starving to death.”

I give him a nod and close my eyes. “Just put it in, Kerr.”

The metal of the spoon rests on my tongue, leaving a metallic taste in my mouth. He tips my head back and the slimy stuff runs down my throat without touching my tongue.

I swallow and open my eyes. “Thank you.”

His lips touch mine and his arms run around me, pulling me to him. Ending his sweet kiss, he holds his forehead against mine. “Kataline, I will get you freed. Somehow I will get him to see you had nothing to do with what’s happening at home. I will have to act like I’m on his side, though. So if he brings me in here, please don’t take anything I say or do seriously. It will all be an act to get him to trust me.”

I nod. “So, you still want me as your wife?”

“I do. Look me in the eye and tell me the truth, please.”

Looking straight into his eyes, I say, “Kerr, I had nothing to do with what’s happing on your planet. I had no knowledge of anything, I swear on my life.”

“I believe you, Kataline. Now one more bite of this for you and I’ll finish the rest.”

With one more bite and him taking the rest, the platter is clean and I am no longer in danger of getting punished by the King.

Kerr makes a low growl as he picks me up and turns me around on his lap to face him. He moves my legs on either side of him and pushes down his loose-fitting pants, exposing his desire for me.

My eyes light up as he pushes the robe open and slides me down his long length. I sigh as he fills me. “I’ve missed you,” I say as I relish how he fills me completely.

His lips brush against my hair as he pulls me close to him and lifts me up to stroke him. “I’ve missed you too, Baby.”

Softly we both moan as he lifts me up over and over to stroke his hard cock. My naked breasts rub the soft fabric of his shirt, making the nipples hard and erect.

The silkiness of his long, blond hair has my hands moving through it and loving the scent released by the motion. It’s citrusy in nature with a musky undertone. I inhale deeply to take in as much of it as I can to keep with me when he has to leave me.

The way his large hands bite into my waist as he picks me up to move my body over his sends sensations through me of being light as a feather in his strong hands.

His warm lips touch my neck, sending chills through me. He bites it hard, igniting a moan from me.

Moving my hands from his luxurious hair, I trail my fingertips over his muscled back then down his arms. His giant biceps move every time he lifts me up.

I leave my hands on them, enjoying the feeling of the bulky muscles as they move beneath my hands. Trailing kisses along my neck, Kerr’s mouth finds mine, and he kisses me hard. His tongue twirls with mine.

The feel of his muscles moving, his tongue stroking, and his long, hard cock filling me over and over again is taking my body to its edge. I blow apart inside with a quiet moan as I know we have to be quiet, lest we’re overheard and caught.

Kerr pulls his mouth from mine and speaks through clenched teeth, “Come all over my hard cock, Baby. Give it all to me.”

His words spark something in me and I ride him harder as my walls squeeze him, provoking him to join me in this ecstasy.

With a moan, his body stiffens and heat fills me. It’s the best feeling in the universe. It’s all I want. To be with him like this forever is all I want out of life. And yet, for now, at least, this has to be short-lived.

I’ll not be able to lie in his arms and fall asleep. I’ll not get to lie my head on his chest and hear his heart beating inside it.

“I love you, Kataline,” his words come in a whisper near my ear.

My heart pounds even harder. It has only been a few days since…

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Addicted To The Alien: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance The Euthenian Bat

A Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance Introducing Addicted To The Alien, book Two in the hot and sexy new The Euthenian Battle series by Ashley L. Hunt... Kerr, the Alpha male, the Prince of The Euthenian Nebula, is a man with a mission to unite Earth and his planet. Kataline, a strong and well-educated young woman and the first of the genetically modified females to be awarded to an alien. She’s not happy with her predetermined fate. He thinks it will be easy to handle her. Something changes when they see each other… But … Some promises are meant to be broken… Some others have different plans for the young couple, other than mating… An uprising stage at The Euthenian Nebula, while the Royal family and their guards are away on Earth! -“Take her to the holding chamber.” - “No!” Is it really Kataline’s fault? Is she just a pawn in all this? What will happen between the Prince and his new Princess? *A hot and sexy Sci-Fi Alien romance, perfect for fans of A.G. Riddle, Ruby Dixon and Calista Skye *

  • Author: Ashley L. Hunt
  • Published: 2016-03-18 16:50:09
  • Words: 2455
Addicted To The Alien: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance The Euthenian Bat Addicted To The Alien: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance The Euthenian Bat