Acuity theories on how to fix everything


Super book; detailing contravening glimmering renaissance wisdom of the universe.

(This person script was originally tittle; Candor Global Renovatio: reloaded)

Inspired by true redundant multiple centuries unfavorable global events

Pleasant appropriate greetings to all the various levels of operating levels of consciousness around the entire world.

And special condolences for all of those beset in grief, and those who had, and are currently misfortunately dealing with unfolding natural, and unnatural disasters, challenges, crisis and tragedies.

To be, or not to be was the long running question, an existence enigma, and sense of purpose. How to be, these are the all-inclusive and collective evolution suffusing big picture answers.

Full disclosures, only the whole unvanquished truths, and nothing but the unvanquished truths it’s also a main secrets, and prime directive of having a wonderful life.

The price is alike all of the best things in life absolutely free;

atleast @Shakespir.com kwnolege should always be free, to secure future generations.

“Welcome to the story that never been told.” It contains comprehensively all of the main reasons, and the missing equations for all of overwhelming, unnecessary challenges and crisis in everyone’s lives around the world.

This is also an introduction to common ground utilitarian perfect uniform code of existence theories, and a preordain intervention. It’s all-inclusive, encourage and promotes collective hive team spirits. All-inclusive prime directives that can guide everyone towards our most pressing priorities.

We are living selfishly, greedily, and imprisoned in unnecessary primitiveness pay stringent super supportive attention to the big picture, and it’s remitting high resolution altruistic demonstrations of epic prime directive uniform code of existence.

It’s the undeniable the most comprehensive set of prime directives uniform code of existence, and ultimate the enchanting greater good rules of engagements, to restore our entire world to all-inclusive favor.

A conciliating refreshing all-inclusive and collective evolution set of constructive criticism theoretical science that will be “stepping on allot of toes.”

Shining all-inclusive like-minded thought-provoking grand curative gesture manual for, free future enhancing cutting edge lifesaving inventions, “figuring out the things we haven’t figured out yet.” It’s never too late to learn”, it also contain free ideas and inventions that can enhance everyone future, cutting edge lifesaving inventions.

Basically a handbook over flowing with grand gestures and curative insights, a well of well-seasoned insights, riveting perspective enlighten concepts, A reset manual that can offer our best conditioning, indicative of eliminate all global wrongs, missteps, and rewrite our outlandish rapidly replenish reservoir of disinformation around the world.

A surprisingly effective diametrically opposing recourse that will be extremely challenging to convert and transform from our customary and traditional comfort zone norm that are constantly plagued by extenuating uncertainties.

It’s guaranteed to be regarded as graphic content, from those who prefer society approve misconstrued prestige separatist primitive ill-ideas of success. Success is a condition and brain wash paradoxical perspective. Successful people, prominent elite, public figure, famous, royalty, old money, new money crème Della crème’, the daunting haunting grandstanding volumes of the haves, goes on, etc., view those with less, haven’t as failures.

Those with less see successful people as their heroes and heroines. Unfortunately we are conditioned and brainwash from our most impression ate stages to, start off on the wrong foot, and fall into a preset normal complex chaotic paradox. “We are all well-bred to spread long running lies, when the truth is painfully clear.” “We are a shoe in, for “destroy our own dreams,” and our true very promising potential, by the time we are around three years old, with unnerving accuracies.

An in-depth- solutions for all of our Hu person’s failings, goes against our entire state of being. There is no logical way to say stop what we all are doing, we are going about everything, with false start, and the definition of insanity is doing the same separatist unnecessary primitive things, all the while expecting different and all-inclusive promising results.”

Our normal customs and traditions is a numbers lame toss up game, no pain no game.” A phony game of elaborate rouse and pretense, let threat the only symptoms, and rely on aftermath contingencies. Which is willful intent to create blind confusions, and blatantly disregard the surreal preventive measures and all of the root causes.

In most cases reason for endless oversights and ruthless carelessness, stems from our fundamental oversights, mi’ concepts, mi’ perception, and mi’ educations. Globally too many people around our world are in the wrong jobs, especially our most sensitive occupations. Most people are unaware of all of the key secret of life. A very important secret to a wonderful life stipulate that we all should be allow freewill to find our passions at our earliest age.

When we are preoccupied and involve with things we are passionate about we aren’t never working, we are doing what we want to do. A basic element of a perfect world, is a world where everyone is preoccupied with things they are passionate about, everyone are constantly in their “happy place.” And it’s surprising to know, there are people around our world for our most challenging occupations that others may found to be challenging.

These are the elementary natural benefit of us paying attention to the big picture obsessively, and implementing the all-inclusive approach. Imagine a world where everyone operating with the same all-inclusive uniform code prime directives and greater good principles. The template for surreal unity, good compromises, encouraging collective and team spirit.

Our prevailing norm is everyone “pushing the envelope,” without all of the crucial and mitigating and relevant facts, “dishonestly stealing each other’s time,” and true potentials. We are self-creators the great rift of our collective hive very promising evolving potential. We are all “cheap on the all of the relevant specifics.” Most of us are just shadowing or overly friendly to primitive subverting authorities globally. We have to go to great length to use techniques to suppress all of the authority’s overly documented unnecessary ruthless wakes and collateral damages. Hence the blended and fusion premises for this an unorthodox crude, shrewd and rude awakening.

How we all can “ride out and sail the unnecessary storms of self-destruction s to calmer waters. The all-inclusive information’s for deciphering, and recognize unauthorized and authorized linchpins, and ambushing subversive principles that’s has been cutting it close “failing us miserably,” and seemingly intentionally rudimentarily railroading us aground.

Anyone willing can test these captivating all-inclusive theories and take away something from this is broad based comprehensive collection of all-inclusive “shooting stars of what if’s,” “mottos of champions,” specific enhancing concepts for all areas of our continuities, deal breakers, game changers, “new age wisdom,” and curtailing advance techniques that can eradicate our social tendencies to overlooked dangerous prominent operating official, sorry productions, words, and priorities. That seem to be synchronized with a music score.

These theories is not cloaked in the traditional low form of wit common sense, there is nothing common about common sense. These are all-inclusive ways to end all of our primitive inappropriate cavorting spastic enthusiasm, that turn us into being a natural born war mongers, it contain all-inclusive ways to end our well pronounce primitive ideas of crime and punishments, in-depth details on all of the root causes of possessiveness, greed and selfishness. The virtual, literal and figurative how to, nip in the budding stages temerity nurturing and mi’ educations that encourage and promote aggression, hate, violence, and abuse.

With new insights into reasons for our entropies stems from ill-conceive self-destructive ideas of education systems, rather mi’ education systems, and systematic global subversive nurturing, that brainwash and conditioning us to be a massive part of the “quaking problems.”

Why we are busy perfecting our twisted sense of priorities, preoccupied adding deception to our continuity, that’s already riddles with authorize distortions. From here we all can begin the process of editing all our false starts, and missteps.

Identify endless vile and very disturbing oversights which was supposed to be greater good elementary.

Examples are the throw seed/ cloning project, and the reading stingless program, concepts can play our part to set the right condition to begin the process of ending world hunger, and end many other unnecessary challenges and crisis.

How to pinpoint our endless subjections to disinformation, subverting “echo distortions,” interlock ripple of exploits, unethical interests, and other ill- distracting non items. Bring solvency attention all of our separatist super nonsense, ill-policies, subverting protocols, conditioning and brainwash to become “mindless drones, too scared to change our ill-ways,” “just living to serve revenge and administer punishments.”

Our fragile senses is always ill-exposed to unscrupulous mine fields. From the very beginning, and even in the womb, we all are constantly constricted and conditioned to be willing co-conspirators, remain battle ready contenders, develop propensities to attack, and brutally go against our collective hive greater good. Everyone is basically nurtured and mi’ educated to live our lives disregarding other nouns, and selfishly carve out niche, that are elaborate imprisoning menagerie made of brake away sugar confection ate glass.

The majority of us is conditioned to master primitive aggressions, be willing and able and always dip set to attack. Oblivious to a key and main and intense secret of life, “when we have to fight, we had already lost the battle,” and just playing catchup.

Everyone globally is standing their own primitive grounds, doing their own personal brands home and garden varieties of counter-intuitive thing that is mainly regarded as fortuitous traits.

Our existence are over-run by selfish reckless garish monstrosities that are ill-perceive as success, all of the wrong things has endless opportunities and access relentless open budget. Our concepts of successful existences is engraved with twisted upside down carnivals, prominent ticket tape parades, and reckless preemptory celebration. While some are celebrating, others, are facing unnecessary adversities, that’s the ways we was condition to think, constantly on a one-size-fit-all level of consciousness. The underline truth is we are being selfish when we are celebrating, we really can’t honestly celebrate until every noun is sorted out.

Globally we are just witnessing and playing a major role in being a misguided part of, “floating charnels of elaborate clandestine parades” cavorting with unwavering confidence. “The life we are living is not fully our own,” it’s highly based of our levels of consciousness, which is our most formidable paradox. “We only know and lock in to a level of consciousness that is design by our repertoire, which is generally relies great deal on serendipity.”

In most ill-case we are conditioned and brainwash to follow set subversive perimeters. Some are intense fanatic based conditioning that discourage individualism, “get down or lay down,” is the motto of all ill-systems, up to no good groups and poisonous organization, like “clockwork orange,” they all starts off with “stop, drop shut down” our freewill, and freedom, and begin to dish out moronic empty promises, as if they can control the future. The truth is everything is an empty promise, “tomorrow isn’t promise,” we are just conditioned to design our entire continuity to rely and operate on promises and hope (“promises is comfort to a fool).” Hope, fear, love, promises, beliefs, fantasy are all just classified as intangible business, and ironically the highest grossing business to date, is untouchables, intangible business.

As long as we are relying on groups and organizations that isn’t all-inclusive base to be our important decision makers. They are anti collective in nature, and had mastered the selfish art of turning us into disposable assets, “telling us what we want to hear and feel,” and ultimately brainwash and conditioning us to “fail miserably.” Everyone wants to belong to something, everyone wants “sweet dreams.” In most cases we don’t know what sweet dream are made of, it basically all a guessing game.

We all have two life force core, microscopic core and anatomic core. We all are always surrounded by our individual invisible bubble of energy which is projected from our microscopic core, cosmic field extra depth perception sense and reach that we project, and receive. We are always interacting with others secondary life forces, a kind of extra depth perception.

Addiction to crowd complexes, and life of the party complexes, is a form of existence confirmation. Interactions with crowds subjects us to complicated mixture of senses and our brain manufacturing a cosmic type of extra depth perception pleasure. Proximity breach reach, our true boundary, lies beyond our physical being. For sake of argument let’s call it extra sensor reach super powers, it may be similar to the phrases coined as chi, or yin and yang. When our reach sense energy field is overlap, our cosmic core release and cosmic type endorphins when we are in a crowds or love interest a, friends, family, or when we come in contact with someone who plays a good or bad role in our immediate or long term future.

ESR can manipulate us into doing the wrong things, or enhance us. It’s quite possible that some people can heal other people who fall with the perimeters of other ESR the ranges. Guesstimate ranges of ESR may vary from feet’s, quarter mile and wider circumferences, levels of our daily vitals play a serious role in our capabilities and potentials. Families, siblings, and real friend’s ranges may be even broader, and may eve cross seas.

Extra sensor reach, evolve in accordance to our levels of consciousness market intelligence, we can use our levels of consciousness to go dark, and feed of negative energy, or remain on the positive side, by doing the right things, and maintaining our purities and wholesomeness .

Negative ESR can take away energy negative ESR are positive ESR suckers. Positive ESR can offer curative energy. Many of us worldwide, has both a blend of negative and positive ESR, which means we spend allot of time expelling vital energy battling with our self.

When we are in groups we are subjected to others ESR energy fields. We are always crisscrossing others ESR. Our true potential enigma’s can easily turn us into fanatical follower’s complexes. And our most subverting primitive predisposition to constantly searching and combing our entire world for values, money fame and power, are constricting us to play redundant conniving and tricky self-destructive roles. Since we value based, and our ESR interactive capabilities is unknown, its’ a natural counter intuitive response that any group that command an enormous following must be doing something right.

Everyone is basically flying solo around the world, inching unnecessarily towards graveyard spirals. We are all preoccupied in our very own personal brands of riotous confusions, confidently posturing twisted ill-ideas of self-worth, and well roasted aired of selfish importance. We are pretending to exist, it’s as if we can compartmentalize our world into multi-billions of concentric worlds and live in a world all by ourselves.

“What we don’t and don’t know,” depends on our conditioning.

There two main fundamental and elementary diametrically opposing principles of existence. The prime principle and the abeyance aplomb sub-prime ampersand principles.

The subprime principle has everyone fighting to attain iconic caliber, no matter the consequences and collateral damages. From ague Lang sync, our international ancestors and current decision making resident’s ideas of civilization all over the world was decided to lead with ill-design and self-destructive subprime principles, we have all have a lot riding on subprime principles. The subprime principles has been letting us down, and is single handedly responsible for creating and nursing all our subversive linchpins.

Subprime principle set the prime conditions for global crime sprees. It’s self-evident that the justice system doesn’t work, yet it’s enforce with open budgets and deadly force, although its symbol, and statue that represent the justice system, is blind, with unbalance scales etc. If that is not a full disclosure, and a cry for help I don’t know what else will suffice. The justice system is letting us know something is dreadfully wrong, with their attempted correction and justice.

Current solution to deal with crime, never worked, its design to pretend to treat the symptoms. Crime and punishment is completely primitive and counterintuitive, and overrun with super nonsense, that has been back firing enormously. The correction has been creating staggering prime conditioning and pampering opportunities for crime “take on a life of its subversive own.”

The entire current idea of correction is backwards, counterintuitive and a super waste and disturbing squander of resources. The justice and correction systems not only encourage, create and promote crimes, is virtually an international nursemaid for every underworld gathering. Correction system is a global convention for perfecting illicit trade, and for crime to flourish with ease. It’s not in the best interest to for allege danger to congregate, who’s bright ideas was that for further insight and all-inclusive solution, please read Paleo howler matter allegory, it’s also included this person script.

Subprime principles also are responsible for all entropies, recidivism and for us not playing our very important propagation role. The throw seed/cloning project, simple stated when we eat fresh fruits and vegetation’s, please save the seeds and cuttings and throw them where they has a chance to grow, every day is earth day and night.

With the subprime principles, full disclosure wasn’t important. Followers are encourage to have secret meetings, and any other types of behind close door, which is still in full effect. Authorized personnel only, only people that’s up to no good, spies and moles operate under the cover, and with secrecies to find cures, and use aftermath contingencies for everyone’s challenges and crisis. Full disclosure is not important in a lot of our continuities.

We are conditioned and brainwash to overlook so many mediocre discrepancies, and idiosyncrasies. For instant many people attend restaurants, although we are not supposed to eat cooked foods, cook food is dead foods, dead of our essential daily vitals, and responsible for most terminal deceases. A chef ultimate and chief ambition is to make sure that their customers was presented with their daily essential vitals, which is we can obtain mainly from raw foods, it’s not a major overall concern. We also overlook a major full disclosure fact, most restaurants kitchens are located out of our line of vision, yet we ingest their concoctions, and aware of their five second rules, that could only be conjured behind closed doors.

All of our ancestors and current resident’s poisoned unfair one-size-fits-all consensus of civilization,” was ill-design to “elevate a few individual to top, and then turn around and try to reach them.” Obviously this is the epiphany of clouded judgements, one-size-fits-all overnight troglodyte’s scheme. Which stipulated and is sanctioned in all global ill-ideas of societies, wide spread conditioning and brainwashing everyone to develop and cherish money, fame, fortune and ill and primitive dull notions of power, as their first and main loyalty. Which basically says anything goes, win by “any means necessary,” all nouns is fair game, and it’s brutally ok to become possessive, flirt with greed and groom intense selfishness, everything else is secondary.

It initiated and incurred multiple centuries of super subversive labyrinths of “estrange arrangements” and reoccurring nightmare that everyone even in the most remote locations, and gravely subjected to, unwelcome distractions, unnecessariness and super nonsense 247. Although it “wasn’t well taught out.” It was able to with stand the passage of time…

It’s no great mystery that most of the wealth is in the hands and foot of guesstimate eleven percent of the world’s population. These conniving systems are design to turn most of the inhabitant into ill-feeling and odd sensation they have to always be competing, and feel hopelessly abandon and failures.

We are only failures when we try to fit into systems that has been failing us miserably from their subversive inception.

Comparing is a dangerous prominent aberration of greed, throwing back information others disclose to us, back in their faces, and accumulating endless selfish flaws, are all derivative of comparing. Eradicating all of our primitive urges to compare, is a main secret of life. Since every species is a unique entity, they deserve their unique respect, and deserve its own freewill merits, and should be well treated in a special natural light of its own. “Everything has a crack in it,” that’s usually how the collective evolution kaleidoscopic light gets in.”

Comparing is a separatist subversive, and return to regular primitive scheduling unnecessary distracting game. Game changer, there is no way to gauge and compare, unless we decided to.

The prime principle is the all-inclusive and curative principle, also known as the surreal clarity collective hive principle, it entails being super supportive to everyone and everything in our universe. There is no aggression, hate, abuse, preoccupation revenge, violence’s.

The prime big picture principle require ruthless mutual obsessive meek awareness, ugly emotions delicious accommodations for everything and every single species, unwavering respect for everyone and everything, everyone is equal contributors no status working towards improving upon others contribution, sublime 360 degrees awareness, boundless freewill, and constant big picture considerations in every aspect of their journey.

“Develop a smooth all-inclusive relationship with one another, natural instinctive and senses for getting the world out of trouble.” “Generous with viable and valuable information’s,” obsessively always quick on the draw how can I help, and always obsessing over and accomplishing over first priorities.

The sub-prime scene principle is number two principle also known as the separatist principle, the self-erasing of our very promising future and the epicenter of going dark, unnecessarily testing all of the primitive limits. Its sub principle is impossible to address and support everyone’s pressing needs. Separatist subprinciples are just “run of the mill impediment crutch, part of the problems” that are clandestinely trades greater good interest for values. It teach us to separate, divide, find fault, and hate indifferences in everything, even hating things we haven’t expirienced. The successful players of the separatist games, with ceaseless search for “explosive wealth’ are able to “come out of places we didn’t even know they existed.”

The separatist principles is anti-full-disclosures, and transparencies, it incorporate endless lies and especially the long running lies and distractions with ease. Full disclosures and unwavering transparencies at all times is a very important secret of life. It’s the claiming, blaming and crave all intense games reloaded and rebooted. The separatist sub principles, teach us how the “rise above having everything, mastering and grandstanding grotesque cunning lack of prime principles, evidences is everywhere around the world.

“Conquerors are put on pedestal and worship. Everything that is separatist in nature is typical and second rate, and are hands down the main creator of “hopeless emptiness,” everything of separatist nature has been tricking us to buy into endless ridiculous delusions of grandeur. ”everyone knows the truth, no one ever forgets the truth, we just get better at telling lies, and living out the expensive fantasies.”

One of the main prerequisite for separatist principles, and footholds requires us to have unwavering eyes on the primitive prize, and constantly “measuring others importance, and possessions, confrontation is inevitable.” Congenial DE sensitivity is a shoe in, and being an avid professional at blocking out important information’s, “only seeing and hearing what we wish to hear and see.” “In the separatist system everyone is for themselves.” Prominent reputations is highly based on material gains and wealth. Our international past time is to ruthlessly aspire to become prominent and VIP selfish players in self creating fool’s paradise.” Anyone willing are allow to self-indulge, participate and compete in the global fool’s paradises, be contestant, try their best outdo each other, depend on aftermath contingencies, hunt, fish and, and gather new smell of chemical finish products and all kinds of material gains. Most of the world’s population is condemned to be enslaved, and get stuck and preoccupied with stifling mercantile operations, and assign to unrewarding assignments, as long as they choose the separatist principles, there is only room for the best of the best. The separatist principle relies on off chances, it’s an elaborate high fashion pretense and false sense of control.

It’s a long running “false construct and secrecy, and secret laws, rules, policies, and protocols,” that provide ill-fitting platforms for all the wrong things to flourish with ease. “The more people lock things up, the more they are signaling they have things to hide.” It’s ruthlessly lock into all measures and sensitive aspects of our continuities. “The more we protest and revolt to their unfavorable acts, and fetid sequels, the more famous and well protected they become.”

Everyone is an attaché conditioned from a child to become furiously opinionated glib-gaggers play acting, with a separatist couture dress code, and cut of ages, in elaborate counter-intuitive mysterious adaptions, and total business transactions. When we use separatist principles, is as if they are saying “when they see counter-intuitive potentials, they have to see it through.” Everyone is desperate to find something of value and hold on to it. On any giving day and night, we can observe the working class in the mornings or night with their quiet steely determination aggressively preoccupied, and an odd queasy sensations that something is wrong with this mechanical fiction scene. The separatist principles has replenishing mighty force, a super global grand team multibillion strong of endless regimes, fanatics, and part of the problem patriots who got their priorities in disorder. Dishing out and receiving dark elements of unnecessary subverting surprises.”

In the separatist systems nothing is as they seem, you have to be able to read between the blurry lines hook and sinkers. In the separatist systems “anyone can be a king, president, a leader before they are worthy of being a person.” From toddler ages our first active behaviors, is mimicking, emulating, pretending, and make believing.

As we aged the pretending, and derange from inhibited emotional developments, we continued to play hide and go seek, emulating. Our ability to mimicking never changed, it progress into epidemic and pandemic value finding obsession all in accordance to our market intelligence birth lotteries. Our available market intelligence is usually located in dark alleys, perfecting separatist principles, it’s a metamorphous always branding and stranding our psyche.

As an adult the games change into complex well pronounce pretending, go see, emulating, and mimicking only directed at the wizards of the separatist principles, the most successful followers of money, fame, intangible business, love, and power, regardless of their eccentric water falls of seeping issues. “They will seem satisfactory coalition for a while, then like clockwork they must undoubtedly must become a threat. “

The separatist game only progress darker and darker, behind gated communities, and authorized personnel only super nonsense, always inventing new separatist rules, shadowing clandestine dirty tricks, living vicariously and chasing non-items. Royalty, colossal castle, knight in shining armor, princess, prince, old money, big house, crowns, jewelry, fine breeding, silver spoons, public figures, weddings, VIP, all of these signifies all of our mi’ priorities, that we are force led to belief to get us “paralyzing happiness.”

What it really signifies, we are ruthless separatist, has a deep-seated anti-collective nature, could never be trusted, always cavorting spastically with super greed, unnerving possessiveness, and carrion selfishness. Perfecting DE sensitivity and accumulating progressive unnerving ambitions, willing and able to enslave others to supply their elaborate fantasies that always backfires.

Unfortunately these are the things most of us are submissively nurtured and m’ educated to respect and aspire for. It’s a mutative primitive custom and tradition to pick the ones with the most to respect and admire, our primary diametrical mistake. To send young minds to circumnavigate and concentrate on finding value in others and in every noun, no matter the consequences in most cases.

Meanwhile the pick of the litter of the young and the most ambitions are well seek to forms our elite aspect of sensitive societies. Its’ all elaborate separatist subversive scheme to create unnecessary vulnerabilities, and the underline reasons for our recidivism, and entropies in a nutshell.

Our “happy place” is nil and void, as long as we are willing to go along with anything that are separatist in nature. It would only leave us desperate to find escapes, and embrace and cling to things that can keep us from feeling the truth.” Anyone who are successful will always be plague by numerous unspeakable escape, most of the separatist are able to hide them expertly, and they are just functional addicts to escapes, in most cases it’s all negative escaping attempts.

People with less are misled to feel insecure, and inadequate, or that they are failures, always being subject to grandstanding obnoxious wealth. It’s actually quite the opposite, people who desire less is the best, “less is best.

The separatist systems main subversive ploy is to divide and conquer. It’s the separate principles that is still spawning our most bizarre and twisted, subversive battle of the sexes, that still in being played out around the world, up to this very second. The separate principles stipulate and orchestrated endless ruthless violence against women, by falsely insinuating and spreading globally women are second class citizen, and they can’t be leaders, when women was risking mortal dangers leading all of us into existence via duel universe, from the microscopic universe into the anatomic universe the whole time, and the rest of the future of our continuum.

The separatist principles operates like “clockwork orange,” “they stop drop and shut down,” all indifferences and all-inclusive ideas, and inhibiting our very promising evolution into awkward stasis.

We are always unnecessarily subjected revolting global disorders. Formidable mesh of intertwine highly brained wash consortium’s mastering new ways to sucker-punch one another and add unnecessary complications and time wasting distraction. Germane with endless persons of ill-interest enlist by global open budgets systems to do their worst. Sheer vastness and volume of global people moving against the collective hive that has total respect, preoccupied promoting and encourages one-size-fits all ill-fitting primitive missing links chains of counter-intuitive commands that overrun with of endless international infamous Hench person.

Multibillion of people with strange privileges who has their priorities in grave disorder that are able and forcefully willing to “elevate ominous disingenuous agencies, and individuals over them. All of which overrule by capitalizing on unnecessary fear, which gave them the edge, and then they turn around and try to reach them,” suffering from the false sense of securities, unbearable doubt, and reach the unreachable complex. “Fear makes people easy to brake.” We cannot see our own faces, unless we use reflective surfaces, or others. We have to rely on others, for assistance, from the placenta stage to our inevitable perdition, which is death. “Life is once in a life time deal,” “got me for life.” “We can’t get out of life alive,” which can be the sums of all our unnecessary fears. The main source of all our fear is dying, which we cannot escape. Unless we manage to overcome the inevitable fact of life, “we can’t get out of life alive,” which can be done by simply practicing often for death, by simply voicing out loud it’s always a good day, second, minute, or time to die, only when we can bravely say those words, we are truly ready to live. Otherwise we spending our entire life panic-stricken, always letting unnecessary fear of death take on a very important life of its own, forever progressing grotesquely in all aspect in our life and into and even hurt everyone around us. We are born on our birthday, and with a death day. “Some of our finest moments, is when we let go of things we can’t change.”

Separatist principles sanctions, “I came I saw, I conquer.” Separatist principles relies on deep in the know desensitized autonomies, and is a tar and feather crime of willful intent. All separatist concepts, systems and principles should be recognized as a crime against HU persons, and the collective hive very promising potential. “Giving the sheer gravity of the ill-situations,” it should be a first priority of The Hague.com and the united nation.com, to concentrate on eradicating all separatist principles.

The operating word in the united nation, is united. Unless they are just like every other systems that’s just along for the ride, selfishly indulging in left field lapse in judgement loopholes diversions, and a ruthless supporter of congenial society accepted insensitivities. Whereas; it’s more profitable to pretend and just treat the symptoms, instead of “reaching the heart of the matter,” and finding all-inclusive solutions for all of the root causes.

Creating a subverting delusion of grandeur global patronizing overcast. The separatist principle is a game of endless false pretense, we are all can’t get right, yet we’re ruthlessly demanding. We‘re “always counter-intuitively trying to justify our, can’t get right existence.” all around our world, can’t get right games is the only prominent game in town. In involves a lot of secrecies, and keep our eyes dead pan on the subversive primitive prizes, high primitive expectations, money, fame, power, and the pretense of love, all of those things are misconstrued to take away our freedom and our freewill. It is the anti-collective evolution putrescence scenic route of existences, endless primitive distracting competition, they are painfully obvious by all of our global “strange suspension of disbeliefs and secure reigning arrangements.” Dress to impress, become a super star, winners, best of the best, a champion, beauty rules, get the best metal, best award, crown, tittle, all of which require shameful aggression, ruthless willful intend to cause undeniable harm others.

The subversive separatist principles start in the home and is refine in all educational institution globally. After initiating unnecessary damages, instilling a deadlock beacon for furthering our already diminish capacity, OnStar EZ pass GPS to work our way to the bottom, we are pooled and thrown into a global loop mix, lump together to show our battle scar, compete over our personal brands of cluttered missteps and inaction, and add to the “quota of nasty surprises.” Long after the no frill thrill and the black magic is gone, and our psychic is torn, unhinged with false lapses, delusional paranoid set in, and endless ugly emotions runs its course, we are left to the mercy of indecisions.

All is fair in the separatist principles, don’t study the collateral damages, it’s left for future generations, culminating into the passage of can’t get right time….

The separatist principle is a race the finish, anything goes, “it relies on growing through unshared experiences.” Every ill-conceivable battles is welcome with open budgets, battle of the sexes, and any battles that that create winners a pretend losers box, it’s just an elaborate edgy events with complex underhand maneuvers, an intangible game of Oscar worth blacken mood pretenders, moles and disloyal transfers of allegiances. The separatist system authorize commandeering and eminent domain super nonsense in all of its systems, it creates mindless drones to separate us in endless ways to become “haves and have not’s.” in the end the players are “just locked inside themselves” and “just living for revenge and punishments. “The primitive circle of revenge and punishments never ends.” The separatist principles are a maze of well fused underworlds, supporting plethora of complex intangible business with endless open budgets. It’s a volatile combination of a convention, rave, carnival, culminating into a global circus run by the banking systems. It’s the greatest show of greed in the world. Where we all are always searching for ways to escapes and “new ways, or something to take the edge of, of our something isn’t right ubiquitous odd profound sensations.

Where most of the world population conditioned for the fool paradise, well-groomed to be value go getters, clawing and gnawing their way to the upside down top. It’s a ruthless game of unkempt and twisted desire to follow intangible businesses, fear, control, security, protection, safety, money, fame, promises, power, tittles, trophies, awards, crowns, fanciness, ownership, love, marriage, etc., anything that they can use to grandstand and make belief they elevate they are better than the other. “Whenever we partake in the delusional and Nancy game of primitive pretense, the only major game in the world, “where everyone for themselves, “spit shinning themselves “to capitalize on others weakness, and fears, the end is always bitter. In our twisting bitter forming ends, we will have no one, just gradually turning invisible, “ with funny disused look, while the younger generations with the same inflictions and gradation of delusion of splendor, cross mocking and pretending we that we are invisible, “taken up where we left off on the subverting relay, without skipping a misstep beat.

The winner’s circles are the clowns, grandstanding delusion of primitive grandeur, and first class ignorance. Preoccupied, and getting busy with all forms of mi’ priorities, when the entire world is are facing all kind of unnecessary challenges and crisis created by separatist principles. The winners of separatist systems are elevated, they get to rule, be admired by children during their most impression ate ages.

Where everyone is going nowhere really fast. Priorities depends on geographic birth lottery blend of fantasy created from the dark ages, and troglodytes leaders, when fear and ignorance was our guide, the separatist principle is a “stich and a promise.” Separate principles create hate, aggression, violence, greed, abuse, negative response, fantasy lovers, unrealistic ambitions, and endless moot points, etc.

There are numerous intricate labyrinths steeped in ill-subcutaneous web work mi’ directing all of us to “react badly to most of the time self-creating bad situations.” Unnecessary hurdles, missteps, customary odious dispositions, and traditional false starts, has been keeping us it the hot seats, panic rooms, and situation room unnecessarily, when we peel back the multi intricate layers of continuities, we will find endless self-creating society approved “sweet and evocative nostalgic,” cataclysmic infiltrators that has been “spreading long running lies, when the truth is absolutely clear” inhibiting all of our journeys.

Existences is a constant flow of onward and forward merger and acquisitions which culminates into the, preordain. Our entire planet is always moving into the future. Everything, every item we place, move, etc., is place into the future, our and everyone else future. We are always a player in our future streams of events, we either falling into, negative boomerang, butterfly, domino effects, and goose tail effects, that’s creating, or created by others ignorance’s. Continuity is a global stream of market intelligence interlinks, where everyone input their actions or inactions. Every inaction, ignorance’s, lies, missteps, wrong doing, mishaps, false start, we’re placing them the future, to come back and haunt us and sabotage our future. There is a greater good formula that everyone can use to stop creating negativism, making mistakes, and falling prey to ignorance’s, anything else are interchangeable “willing extension of fantasies,” primitive competitive Sisyphean sidetrack debonair fancy distortion, and is very far from the truth. The formula for collective evolution is as follow, remove anything that is not all-inclusive obsessively, and apply all-inclusiveness in everything, the old and the new, we are involve with, otherwise we are self-creators of future chaos, and the final extremes.

Although attempting to rectify our ubiquitous global volatile redundancies of unspeakable, crisis and disturbing challenges is considered, mission super impossible, a tall order, a tall ticket, in the “arc of productivity,” and is undeniable will disrupt all of our conditioning, interrupts everyone’s ill-sponsored comfort zones, and is a major threat for our long running delusions, our entire ways of existing, which is overrun with unnecessary primitive thinking, counter-intuitive and self-destructive preoccupation, and immensely subverting operating systems, a complete system overhaul is globally warranted, we need a global concentric reset and an all-inclusive complete comprehensive make over is long overdue, to “yank everyone out of our overwhelming fugue,” and new all-inclusive uniform code of prime global directives, that will elevate everyone’s levels of consciousness to collective evolution favor “and a rare kind of happiness.”

It contains further insight into our super powers, and in-depth explanation of our M.I.E.K.E super powers, and dream scape paradoxical premonitions, extra-depth perceptions, we all are endow with, and most of us are oblivious to. Dreams time frame isn’t the same as earth time frame. Dream occurs in our primary life force core, our microscopic life force operates in outer space time, our universe time frame. Lack of daily vitals may inhibit dreaming.

An all-inclusive suffusing collective evolution mindset are lovelier than, our well sensationalized ill-fitting customs that looms. Time to re-zoom our ubiquitous natural all-inclusive guidance, that always been in plain sight, the universe has always been demonstrating ‘wisdoms of the highest order,” full of artistic expressions, at the same time not hampering freewill big picture prime directives.

Anyone willing can use these theories as the ultimate all-inclusive exploration of ill-perceive social norms, as an all-inclusive intellectual exercises, safety nets to put us back on our best and most productive path. Overloaded with indisputable facts on how; “everyone can leave our concentric world better than we found it.”

Magical game of truth, all-inclusive words that can opening a special kind of long awaited missing pieces to the puzzles to orchestrate comprehensive consideration and all of the missing equation to attain super awareness’s. A complete whole new set all-inclusive ideas for our mind body and cosmic link, and to promote and receive collective evolutionary all-inclusive ways.

Anyone position in existence can be enhance and transform and harness the light of an advanced levels of consciousness, instead of foredoomed to remain with mediocre levels over consciousness, “feeling our way through the unnecessary darkness.” Bridging all of our fraudulent gaps and quaking voids adjunct landmark efficacious profundity demystifying leaven deportments denouement gendarmes of the eternal truths, and “agonizing resolutions and all-inclusive clarities.”

Full details of life’s refreshing recon figurative all-inclusive and collective evolution prime directive anomaly citation all-collusively design. As well as a space and time all-inclusive natural order of things, collective code of conduct singularity. A prioritized grand list of the right things we all can do, to rectify all of our pressing and immediate challenges, crisis and unfavorable seeping issues. “Every great move has a great, or even greater counter move.”

A comprehensive mutual understanding generous offerings for anyone willing to preset all of the prime conditioning to develop vivid awareness of all of the cross roads, highways, waterways, by ways, and undercurrents of the big picture horizon.

A rare intriguing chance to developed well tailor prime directives that encourages exceptional hospitalities, outbursts of all-inclusive greater good, intense freewill, and wider all-inclusive perspective, and all shades of enchanting mellifluous reasoning we are here.

Ample chance to recognize negative pattern, “negative pattern recognition.” There is many forms of disinformation waves, missteps, mi’ directions, that all our extremely subverting global systems currently open budget battle ready and firmly in prominent place, and part of primitive mystique, “has formed a protective shield around,” all our ill-customs and self-destructive traditions, all of which has been interfering with our collective hive true and very promising buzzing potentials and one all-inclusive prime direction, that allocate everyone to be able to strive for a future that accommodates all of our true and very promising future.

The finishing touch, is pushing each other to primitive subverting extremes.

Although we are in the full brunt of maximum primitive efforts, and all of its ill-will spasmodic indefatigable unfolding unnecessary dire tidings; we now pause for our verisilitude ill-customaries, primitive authorized oddities complex primitive occupational hazards, “secret territories and white spaces” and subverting traditions to addressing non issues hazy fragments, “the usual free-floating paranoia,” and a moment of fulfilling silence with comfortable silence. There is endless ironies in false starts, bonds of gateway linchpins and infinite number of things that are society approve that should be on our naught list to clear, or edit out of our continuity, in order to write past wrongs.

Full errata transparencies disclosure; disclaimer; “the rope-a-dope mental agony and anguish of creation,” and teasing the flow of preordain, has its global primitive brands of wasting precious time punishments, vindictiveness, and spiteful retributions. This circumlocution super book has everything in it, a literally, figuratively, and virtually tell all that’s wrong with our entire global continuities, spread the breaking news, the quick the fast we can regain our purposive directions. “The worst vice, can be advice.” Primitive acerbity mindset are always, shadowing, trying to belong, fit in and disfiguringly searching for values, in others and in everything.

The main unnerving loaded inquisition of value hunters, what do you do. Questioning is plain and simple gateway aggression cross patches, and just curve interrogation. Any time someone ask us question they are always loaded question, and has follow up deceitful questions. it’s is our best interest run and hide, from question it’s in most cases up to no good, the real creepy questioners is the ones has snide ways to frame questions with disturbing enthusiasm, ways to gain information.

“We really don’t need any offers,” leaving our sense open to offers is the recipe for misery, more appropriately all offers are clandestine poisonous hook offers, every offer, and question has a follow up secret line and eclipsing sinker. You must first volunteer to join, although most we are born into numerous subverting systems, in order to get trap and enslaved by any of the endless disturbing systems in counter-intuitive play. The most disturbing think is inquisitions, stalking question and bias answer games, which in most cases, is unduly overrun with secret agenda’s, and dark motives. All of our fully derange customs and traditions mi’ direct people into having a knack for asking embarrassing, and awkward questions.”

It sometimes seems simultaneously when we encounter inquisitions, and up to no good questioner, most if not all Questioners, and inquisitions are usually up to no good prying, a music score seems to begin to play. The best response is to use cut the chase away music score song of our own, “my name is no, my number, is no my sign is no, you must let it go.” The only problem is “humor is anger with make-up.” Then it might be safe to say make up, is humor mix with anger. It’s not in our best and freewill interest to stay in the same proximities with questioners and inquisitions.

Most of our customs and traditions are sticky and gooey, and ill-design to making “lost cause stupor is our de jour specialties.” And to keep us down and follow a constricted dark alleys, and selfish paths, at a particular time it seem “disconnected we get a sly feeling that everything unfavorable are happening at a distance, yet there is a progressive uneasily feeling that always present, secretly robing us of our purity and wholesomeness, hobnobbing and social climbing us, most of the time it’s a complex farce that eventually plateau, and then transgresses violently into a unnatural disorder, that spiral into various forms of poisonous hollows and mud that we are misled to believe its caviar.

The opposition are always masquerading disguised super ignorance’s, harboring well anchored acrimonious spit fire aggressive intrigue, motivated by clandestine selfish secret agenda’s ,and with some type of following the fortune, fame and power motives, which are conditioning us to become reckless high risk takers. I wouldn’t had got in touch with our collective hive, unless our continuity “didn’t have a “mad magical ubiquitous feel ““circumstances was quite exceptional.”

I recently found out, surmised I am a run of the mill has been with so many ill-ways. “I tend to overlook the obvious. “Personally, I has been spending all my life proving beyond the shadow of a doubt, and confirming how UN intelligent, UN observant, UN bias, and how ignorant I am and a “prize idiot.” I remember specific words said by Tanka back in New York, when I was living the abnormal dream, and exploring prevailing selfish social norms, and fielding secret agenda’s and primitive labyrinths of counter-intuitive offers His opinion was well pronounce and well enunciated, in an animated way that seems like he was waiting a long time to say these condemning mutinous words. He said arrogantly, “I was finish.” Those words had always reverberated in the back of my mind, it was nondescript, yet it always resurfaced and puzzled me. It’s only lately I realize, he was wrong, and right at the same time. I was finish putting the finishing touches on all of my mi’ programming, mi’ education, mi’ directions, etc. The reason I am sharing this is to prevent redundancies. Due to situation beyond my, preordain, it’s painfully obvious this person scripts, is unedited. Yes I said person script, any words that start off with man, or is gender oriented has to be remove from our continuity immediately, it’s all part of our long overdue greater good editing. As irony always seem to plague us, due to our immense preoccupations of unadulterated unnecessary primitiveness. This unedited person script arisen to edited our global continuities to all-inclusive favor. Delaying this amateur literature to placate demands of our selfish needs, ubiquitous mi’ prioritizing, and serving our present ongoing major general malfunctions, dysfunction and prevailing unnecessary primitiveness. (From my duel core of all-inclusive and greater good perspectives, I would be selfish to wait for the opportunity to get this super manuscript edited, it can be construed as wasting valuable time waiting for the finish product, when in all-inclusive considerations, this unedited super manuscript could prevent some of the world’s unnecessary crisis, and challenges, good luck with that (message to self).

Editing our continuity and preordain to greater good should be our pressing priority. It’s all preordain fate, ill-fate, lucky and “the good the bad and the ugly preordain fate.” “The needs of the many far exceed, the needs of some over ripe learnt cognoscenti commiserating individuals with riding personalities, and their omnipotent “noisy clamor of mi prioritize intellects,” doughy critiquing, obsessing superior complex critiquing).” The only one of us can really qualified to be a critique, or allow to criticize are those amongst us who never made a mistake, they are naturally able and allow to be a critic, any other critic is abnormal critics. We are however allow to offer endless viable solutions.

Demanding edited work, are part of spurt of scintillating temerity counter intuitive Subprime plots always in play to waste valuable time, we must abnegate. Our herding malign innate propensities has us brushing priorities aside and flock to “part of the quaking problems,” Shepard’s that are adding to infinite amount of consuming hurdles that are firmly in displacement.

In one way or another we are professional at adding, first class complications misfortune to others, and overlooking other pressing needs, “there is no two ways about it.”

There are endless examples of willful wickedness, and dirty tricks we use to “take selfish advantages of confusions and empty distractions.. Everyone are conditioned partake with ease in slinging various shades of mud, being a willful “messengers of misery, “and our usual steely determination, to promote, and encourage our well respected and fortified innate endless absorbing subverting cataclysmic contradictions, idiosyncrasies, discerptions, double entendre, mix message, and mix signals. Cloaked in can’t get right positioning. For some it’s painfully obvious this enhancing solutions is an otiose chore, even though it’s design to reciprocate, and rectify any and all customary pitfall our global demographics might be face with. It’s painfully obvious this literature is a pile up of impeccably unedited grammar, and a wuthering low. Although some of us we in positions to prevent further carnage, unnecessariness, and unnecessary disappointments, we are always overseen by overstrained dreamlike “horror-comical,” sneaky types, that threatening everything around the world.

Our entire world is just one big grandstanding of people that got everything glazed in unnecessary primitiveness to offer. spiky game faces, pensive faces, and panicking faces, profligate contagious clear-cut ruthlessness ill- starts, that condition and brain wash us with quaking misgiving, to strive selfishly and fly solo, as if we can exist in a world all by our self’s. From our inception into reality, until our inevitable perdition we have to rely on others, yet along our journey we are condition and brainwash to become twisted with ill-fitting super nonsense, and unnecessary fears, our entire ways of sense of being is overrun by every ill-conceivable competitive acceptable practices, which is the heart of the unnecessary primitive matters, and has a long list of impairing vision evidences that contests, awards, pageants, competition, beauty pageant, elevating complexes, trophies, etc., constrict us into masterminding hate, mold us into violent jealousy monsters, deep-seated envy, requires progressive aggressions, predispose us to becoming critics and gossip lovers, encourage primitive distractions, encourage and promotes unkempt desires, and is a global licenses to be super greedy. All of which preset the subprime brutal conditions for us to be willing percipients in getting overrule by tight lip, wrong appendages types, “laughing teeth’s leering, ”they’re smile, but their eyes don’t smile.” They are always in charge globally, they are masters of masking ill-intensions, and fandangle wasting precious time, subverting us to progressively “regressing back to our troglodyte state of being” principles.

We are constantly brainwash and conditioned to respect tittles. Tittles are a main stream intangible ill-business. The unvanquished truth is a title, is just a tittle, and is up there with all the rest of unnecessary primitiveness that is wreaking havoc on our, can’t get right world. No one is better than the other, anyone who believe that they are better than others, is always up to no good, and trying to destroy nouns. Since we are all unique specimen, and play a unique relay role, we could never gage others contribution into our continuity. We all born a vagrant, and all die a vagrant. In-between is nothing but countless ill-perceive unnecessary primitive ill-ways to make each other lives and nouns complicated.

The all-inclusive formula is elementary, anything that separate anyone from e our collective hive is extremely dangerous. Tittles and positions is promoting separatist fantasies, and encourage superiority complex, is the ultimate extreme primitive subverting separatist farce, it’s not only similar to childish game of dress up, it require long term brainwashing, a undermining flaw and derivative from our propensities, predilections for ubiquitous contest, perverted fantasies, competitions, seeking awards and trophies, in which prerequisite is super greed. It’s a ploy to manipulate the masses. Titles, and intangible businesses doesn’t mean a darn thing, unless we allow it to exist, and means something. “We reap what we sow.” Unless we subscribe to tittles, enforce, encourage and promote them with open budgets

Behind misconstrued grey and murky norms and contending “hook worm motives,” adroit false sense of securities, “sugar coated response,” second hand “slutty emotions,” and off the wall secret agenda’s, rapid predicable part of the problem, perfecting the art of squandering natural resources. Primitive stifling dull and duller response is dully expected, pioneering new preempted nefarious ways to capture the public imaginations, and get “a ticket to the ill-perceive upside down tippy top. In my short live experiences, people that love to pretend they are squeaky clean, is usually hiding the most and mainly the most dangerous to our severed collective. “Pretending is our way of coping, it a grand part of our innate faire tale that is binding and holding us to posthumous very high standard, faire tale, imaginary, and fantasy are our imaginary security blanket that keeps us from sinking into the ubiquitous muck.

What we all fail to realize, is all information is a merger and acquisition. All information’s has effects on us, information and disinformation is everywhere.

There are countless ill-founded disinformation that has savage the raves of time, and has grown so much over centuries,” it’s able to wag its tail.” Information on the whole whether it’s good or bad, is always brainwashing, conditioning and molding us, in countless ill-ways for the most part. Our fragile senses is always exposed to market intelligence, Medias, surroundings, seduction, corruption, fanatics, secret dark agendas, ill-motives, sugar coated terrorizing factors, poison pens, escapes, elaborate schemes, the unscrupulous, spiteful, vindictive type, transgression, etc. Every stream of information’s can alter our perceptions, and our already mostly dull levels of consciousness, for better or worst.

“Life has its own flavors,” these all-inclusive and collective prime directives, is the ideal recipes to seduce the natural flavor of life, and taste the real free flowing animated latitude, and greater good horizontal freewill collective formation of the big picture. “There is a pattern in everything.” When we don’t know how to be, everything no mater its nature is worth a try. Unnecessary primitiveness sells it ‘self. We spend our entire life “panic stricken with scythe-sharp indecisions.”

We are always silently pitting ourselves, against everyone and everything counter-intuitive, more often or not, under the guise as terms of endearments, and as a token of affection.” Globally we are nurtured, and mi’ educated to constantly search for cutting edge technologies on how to conceal our presence, and the true nature of self. Every single thing in our ways of life, beliefs, customs, traditions, and heritages, has dark motives, and secret agenda’s. all of our global preoccupations has business as usual subverting clause and intense counter-intuitive protocols, that dictum it’s ok to turn anything and anyone into each other subordinates, or enslaving them, hold them, “by any means necessary. “ Any world that has organize its entire population from during the most impression ate age, to be preoccupied with following the money, fame, fortune and power completely wrong and willfully will progress to our worst behavioral nightmare. Every single person, and species is of equal status. Separatist ubiquitous super nonsense that has been disassembling and distraught, our entire population true potentials. The sheer number of separate and destroy primitive super nonsense we embrace willingly, are turning our bodies and minds duller and duller, eventually it plateaus and inevitably it must crash and burn, as our, can’t get right world turn.

There are some many stretchy things that we do, that are acceptable counter-intuitive practice background, globally they has unwavering authorities and overly commiserated subverting artifacts. We are professional’s at taking simple and making it ridiculously complex, whereas; simple no longer exist. Desperate time should never call for desperate measures. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, these are “one way dark alley linchpins “that has been growing tall and mysterious throughout numerous centuries. Once we start down secretarial thinking one-way-dark-alley, or one-size-fits-all, expect countless collisions and near miss with unnecessariness, there is no way of going back. “it’s just one of endless encroaching poaching poisonous ubiquitous cliché that was coin by others with well pronounce big seven seeping untreated clinical issues, most of us are following blindly, which is exactly like saying is ok to use negative energy to deal with negative ness, which is our constant norm. There is a simple formula, elementary equation, algorithm, everyone around the world can use to root our counter-intuitive, easily begin to solve all of the problems of our can’t get right world, and future challenges, it call for full all-inclusive discretion, and special common interest alterity reset our priorities, and incorporating all-inclusive consideration. Surreal and simply put, but mutated to be subjected to unnecessary primitive complications. An all-inclusive algorithm, essence of greater good failsafe forthcoming equation, that should be apply to all of our global preoccupations immediately, to weed out what we are doing wrong, all of our missteps, inactions, we have to immediately stop telling and promoting lies. Reevaluate our entire continuities take everything you know, everything we have, everything we see, everything we touch, and preoccupied with doing, and seriously evaluate them to see if it has all-inclusiveness, if we are obsessively adding all-inclusive awareness, and all-inclusive consideration and make absolute sure when we continue our journey, it’s contain unbridle all-inclusiveness possess natural collective evolution medicinal purposes, every step we take, if not its, its futile and guaranteed to be a part of the quaking problem” and goose missteps. Anything that’s doesn’t snugly fit the all-inclusive collective evolution description, get rid of them immediately, only then you can begin to get rid of our secret something isn’t right percolating secret pain.

“Imbedding is our innate tendencies to latch on to the first bit of information, “or in most cases disinformation’s. We are natural born mimickers, emulators, and clingers, it’s normal to cling to things via rote and things that can imitate familiar futile fits and share principles of comfortable feel mumbo jumbo, imbedding us in to endless fortified foredooming preoccupations, and distracting us to “often overlooking all of its disturbing contradictions.”

At any given time each of us are chasing our personal brands of counter-intuitive things, and overlooking intense conflicts of interest. We are mi’ programmed to develop all kinds of “instincts for discovering others weakness, “burning the midnight oil conspiring to fleece one another, spreading unnecessary fears, and to spitefully, maliciously, and vindictively waste precious time capitalizing on them.” Most of life lessons are based on quixotic perverse grave trial and grave errors, in other words we are mi’ programed to progress mostly from hindsight, and rely on aftermath contingencies that are leaving most of our pressing priorities unsettled.

“We can’t change the past, but we can attempt to change the future and the course our, can’t get right history.”

We are fully absorbed, with counter-intuitive distractions these days, twisted and staying tune to non-items, degenerate compliances, preoccupied in being a creature of primitive comforts, and falling prey to loaded questions that neatly accommodates jeepers and creepers, “measuring looks” and “badly phrase questions.” No one is bother that our continuity is a polish blend of multi-fantasy and one-size-fits-all overbearing ominous systems that waste a sizable fortunes on “plausible deniability’s.” every system in place with Teflon edge, has us believing “their stupid is sweet, “with open budgets to have us practically beg for them. We has tried every ill-conceive systems globally, but the all-inclusive one. We are taught to respect intangible ill-businesses, and all of its giddy aberrations. Around our world we have endless emblazoned intangible super nonsense that causing our world to suffer in can’t get right couture fashions. Some of the super grand profusion of intangible businesses are constantly shadowing us, in all of its provoking intangible ill-forms, tittles, positions, empty promises, hope, contest, competitions, awards, trophies, power, fear, etc., they all creates endless missteps and false start in their own volitions they are leading ill- guidance, and has us undoubtedly constantly falling into chaos, seek out guilty temptations, and infinite acceptable counter-intuitive practices, “until we no longer know who we are.” Most of us are taught to keep looking for the goose that lay the golden egg, our ship to come in, keep grabbing at any and everything of value, and don’t bother to stop to think of the collateral damages.” “When we are conditioned and brainwash endless strangeness base on our geographic birth lottery, strangeness, strange terrorizing behavior is perfectly normal.” Strangeness has to have funding, and support in order to survive and become eccentric. Everyone is brainwash and condition they have to leave a tangible remember me mark. We all has that wanting to be part of something where we make a difference,” which a dark derivatives of missteps, false starts, mi’ nurturing, and mi’ education to always compare ourselves to everyone around us, its transgression, an innate dark deep-seated home grown floating charnel parade of quirky aberration from all of our flirting with, respecting promoting, elevating, contest, competitions, and awards, etc., in which the lines of how to be is, is disappearing, and are forever crisscross and criss-mock with disturbing contradictions.

We have successfully created a world, where most of our inhabitants and the predecessors are “desperately seeking higher elevations of fortune,” especially the successful ones that already have all of the primitive selfish trimmings of their aggressive rouge misconceptions of fame, fortune and power. “People with fame, and fortune belief the world was betrothed to them, and was especially made for them.” “Growing through unshared experience,” everyone doing their very own counter-intuitive things. Always searching for anything to take the haggard jiggered edges of.

We are famous for creating invisible targets, and making them the center putrescence pieces. Our main dark objective, is to create unnecessary transgressions, mi’ nurture, and mi’ educate endless opportunist, which is hands down, the endless recipe for global rebounding, resounding and renowned chaos, and let them run its counter-intuitive course.

This is a super supportive common ground lateral movement intervention, an appeal and repeal from encore spiel “becoming predisposed to traipsing around with nefarious mi’ nurtured, mi’ educated, and mi’ programmed to get stuck in unguarded and vulnerable ill-situations, chasing short cuts, blind ambition, and falling prey to become run of the mill convenient counterintuitive tool, and spending our entire life as an empty vessel, remaining a shell of our true enhancing potential. This is the ideal and perfect opportunities for all seasons, for anyone interesting in “putting our mind at all-inclusive ease,” introducing an all-inclusive and collective evolution solutions to your voids, and secret pains. Outlining the prime intriguing essential conditions, all-inclusive envisage for our entire world to all-inclusive and collective evolution favor. We are mi’ programmed a mi’ educated to leave all of our desire levels akimbo askew. And brutally open, constricting us in always desperately waning more, even when we have everything, “our belly full but we are hungry. “The all-inclusive collective evolution “story that told itself.” Where ever we venture we are condition to pay bias self-protection attentions, and with and be unaware of our primitive selfish needs, motives, trapping us into self-deceptions, and self-preservation dark greedy redundant scenes, devoid of the in high definition suffusing Technicolor big picture.

How the paradigm of existence became compromise.

“Belief in nothing of what you hear, and only half of what we see.”

“Truth has been coexisting with long running lies.” its’ part of our natural bubble of pretense, and a clear sense of disconnection from the big picture.

“Keep your enemy close and your friends far.” We are predispose to finding and “discovering others weakness, and all their fears and use no mercy using them against them.”

From the very beginning our ancestors saw unnecessary primitiveness, and most of them succumb to all degrees of its ill-aberrations, or fall violently for them. “What seems unlikely today, can be inevitable tomorrow.” Most things that we assimilated highly based on our geographic birth lottery, are one-size-fits-all, therefore ill-designed from their onset for us “to go from zero to psycho in seconds.” All of them contains bias elements, they all require battle ready impertinent impositions. They encourage “dubious sense of morality, which is complexly disguised under cloak off hypocrisy.“ and resonating with ill-conceive for us to constantly be attacking and warring each other, ensnare and enslave each other. In order to create winners, we must create excess losers.

An in-depth deductive analysis, from the study of Hu person’s idiosyncrasies, and our inert consuming passions subplots, contain numerous invitation for can’t get right darkness. Our most detrimental undercurrent, and common denominator, stems from every single one of us is suffering from an intense deep-seated complex array of naked up-close and personal contradictions. Most our overall search is for intangible certainty, certainties base on false starts and primitive “wants and brinkmanship’s.” And well played visionary confirmation in light of our well pronounce feeling something isn’t right ticket parade loose ends. Empty well played certainty is a global norm to placate us into feeling we are right, which is part of us blatantly overlook unnecessary entropy and recidivism, veil self-doubts, side step and bamboozle fleeting thoughts, prove we are not wrong, or that we isn’t on a wild goose chase being misled. Absolute certainty gives us confidence and power to take what we want from this world.” Certainty isn’t an exact science, anything that isn’t an exact science contain the imbalance complexes, and can be manipulated with lies, beliefs, vagueness, customs, traditions, heritage, money, fame, fortune, and rote.

Unspoken words

The ultimate, perfect and the highest levels existence is all about all-inclusive fore thought, and assimilating the highest levels of the unvanquished truths. It’s hard to realize, there are endless people around the world, are probably thinking “what’s the fun in that.”

We are has so many systems fully absorbed in, that constricting all of us to put ourselves in harm’s way, constantly sending all the wrong messages, enforcing counter-intuitiveness, wasting a lot of precious time with open budgets to turn against each other, and treat each other as expandable assets.

“When we don’t know what we want personally, or on the whole. Everything is worth a try. How can we presume to impose what we think they need?”

Life forms itself into preordain pattern based on available market intelligence, preordain streams are well known by most predisposition to the abstract cliché, “everything happens for a reason.” Preordain is a collective evolution painted masterpieces culminating into big picture collages from every stream of unfold events 360 degrees collective progression.

“Oh what a tangle web we weave, if at first we try to deceive.” We are all byproduct of long lasting deceive. Our entire continuum is continuing from labyrinth of big hot messy mesh, and titanium webs of elementary lies, intersperse with minefields of conjured beliefs minefields battle ready ambitions. Ambition is just a society accepted fancy word for ruthless greed.

The knowledge we are privy to, and whatever things “we are giving our minds to, or belief matters,” all acts , good, bad, and unspeakable acts, stems from past actions and inactions, inevitably form our continuity and shape and streamline and outlines our preordain patterns, which culminate into all unfolding future strings of events.

We all in some ways are copying or improving on the dark bizarre mistake of the past. “When everyone around us is coerced, or engulf in missteps, then that becomes the new sanity.” We are constricted into observing ill-ideas and play an active dangerous mole role in administering and receiving “collective missteps.” Therefore orchestrating change after compound centuries of missteps, can easily be paradoxical enigma. “We will have to examine the content of all of our minds,” which is a paradox. “We can hardly use the same mind that get us into a jam, to remedy, or champion the cause, and get us out of rote jelly.

It’s almost impossible to find anything other than what we are brainwash to belief of conditioned to find, but our long standing aberration venerations orgies of frenetic bustling primitive disorders sense of purpose icons.”

Existence is a global pitch fest, everyone pitching and exchanging market intelligence. This is where it gets dicey, more than 98 percent of the information is ruthless dis-information that our always exposed senses has to brutally endure. There is no escaping super nonsense and unnecessariness. “We have been fool so many times we don’t know what else to do.” We are distracted by false sense of confidences by a few behind the time inventions, and accomplishments.

Our primitive ideas of success is ill-design with grand empty gesture, and use super greedy role models. Project negative images, while cavorting spastically ugly boasting in a separatist relay race against time, suffocating everything around us, and float like a bat in the daytime on the dark clouds of infinite counter-intuitive possibilities.

“Success is an intangible myth,” that encourages us to “keep our eyes on primitive prizes,” and promotes all forms of grim art forms to claw and gnawing our way to the upside down top. The only real all-inclusive and collective currencies, is to reverberatingly desire less, and “oil the wheels of conservations.”

“Our entire well rooted erupting influx with unnerving precisions requires deadly inquisitions at all time, social grace, success, etiquette, finish school, royalty are highly based on maintaining shouldering super greed, that shapes us into “taking our place in what is ill-perceive as the highest societies.” They are the perfect double edge conditioning to turn all of its twisted participant into becoming the zenith of “saucy baggage’s, and having a diabolical shrewd outlook on life and making a big fuss over non items.” Total opposite of the big picture.

Most of us isn’t concerned with the pressing priorities, yet they are brimming with sudden sodden sense of pressing urgencies with air of important decisions. Under easy going exteriors most of us are concealing all kinds of nondescript formidable diabolical streaks. We are an encyclopedia of most of all the wrong haughty priorities, preoccupied with “exploiting emotional attachments,” using cloak and dagger shadowing maneuvers promoting subverting thrills and deceptions, and parry to try their very own counter-intuitive thing.

Disturbing waste of precious time, “spit shining ourselves for others.”

“How swiftly darkness can gather around from, our beliefs, customs, traditions, heritage, and life can divide us,” from the collective hive, and there are countless separatist games we are force fed. “The art, and heart of a persons, depends on what they are taught, or mi’ programmed to belief in.” most of us are struggling to be part of all the wrong things, that pushing us from our true potentials. Inadvertently we all are learning astonishing abilities on how to master the art of losing.

Most people are overwhelm in rote self-interest, jingoism, self-indulgences, anything that held elements of excitements, self-promotion, and selfish desires. “It’s considered a duty to rule each other.” All of our mi’ programming has been constricting us towards counter-intuitive diabolical paths “where so many thing can grab us and send us crazy,” “succumbing us to glows of unnecessary primitiveness.”

Most of us have mastered and always perfecting overlooking all of our obvious priorities, and prefer to start off with endless variations of selfish missteps.

One underline and overall subversive error of the global work force, too many people are in occupations they are not passionate about. They are there as obstruction to others. Whenever we are preoccupied with things we are passionate about, we aren’t working, we are doing what we love.

The best people to surround ourselves with are those who are not liars, greedy nor selfish, and are preoccupied with greater good preoccupations that they are passionate about, as their occupations. Many artist tends to use their passions to funnel their greed, and selfishness, those are the ones to steer clear and wide from.

The unvanquished glowing truth is, every one of us, and even the ones swimming in wombs has in common grim under current of misunderstanding “that are driving us into serving each other unpleasant surprise, and constantly battling each other,” for non-items. Imposing rote customs and rote belief on each other.

“Most of our highlights of customs and beliefs teach us to refrain from “giving thoughts to things that doesn’t concern us unless we can use them to serve our secret and agenda’s and ill-motives, that has been creates disastrous current affair results.” In other words imposing our beliefs, and so called customs is an automatic licensing and diplomatic pass to take away others freedom, and freewill, via aggression/violence inquisition to conform others and prey on other people, tell them what they wish to hear, it’s an unstable game changer. Everything good must not, take away freewill, has schedules, take away freedom, constrict us in anyway, have any history of a pedal of abuse, hate, intangible edge, fantasy, money, fame, fortune, and power, aggression, violence. They must be all-inclusive and collective evolution in nature. The unvanquished truth is any organization, group that contain a drop of negativity, or the aforementioned dark sides, is taking us for a roller coaster selfish rides out of this world. There are numerous ill-ways for us to “go nowhere really fast. Example following the money fame and power, aspiring for frame useless certificates, awards are all primitive triumph’s and conquest, they all primitive linchpins with open budgets, all a complex aberration aloof primitive favoritism hierarchy super nonsense that has destroyed billions of lives from our collectives. When we peel back the intricate subverting levels of our social fabric, we find molten lies, troglodyte style competitions, seeping entitlement issues, primitive feel good tittles, contest, and award fame, fortune and power hungry ambitions, that has been fooling us into being part of the problem, and gives us an air of superiority complexes, we are better that one another complexes running amuck. All of our global primitive disposition has open budgets and all around diplomatic immunities to enslave each other, that turn each other into looser are all counter-intuitive distractions that only unhinges us in numerous ill-ways to stumble and fall into creating chaos, recidivism and entropies, become a selfish greedy shell. It’s impossible to gage a contestant equivalence since each person is a unique specimen, with unique attributes that make up our collective, comparing in extremely primitive. Our greatest and best accomplishment is and always be unity, “only together we can full achieve collective evolutions, only together we can aspire all-inclusively.” The second we born we are all winners of the “birth lottery,” it means we made it against all odds and all final competitions, and final contest, we were able to circumnavigate the microscopic universe and made it to the anatomic universe, as a unique specimen, each of us an unwritten book. We are never the same from day to day, or sometimes moment to moments, we are always keeping our duel core moving, on warding and forwarding, travelling into the future.

Each person is rare one of a kind combination of their parent genome, with unique needs. Everyone plays a very important role in the scheme of existence, and is a unique contribution to our collective hive, based on our preordain intelligence.

However we all are forced fed one-size-fits all super nonsense, from the very start, we must fall into customary, and traditional, that has been “failing all of our predecessors miserably. We are force fed cooked dead foods, a giant detrimental false starts, subverting ideologies for us suffer all of the infirmities, from all of the deficiencies of our essential daily vitals. Most parents don’t give us the choice to be vegetarian from the start, they expose us to the aromas of cooked dead foods, during our most impression ate ages. Follow the money, fame, misfortune, separatists delusions of grandeur, compete, be a winner, get frame awards as if we can live in a world all by our self. And have the contradicting air to be perturb by uncanny chains of unfolding current bizarre unfavorable events, we all somehow play a hand, creating the causes and effects, most which takes place from our humble abode sanctum, and mi’ educating systems in subverting play.

Then we are lump together to brutally compete and contest one another, if this isn’t the epiphany of unnecessary primitiveness, I don’t know what can be. Lumping together without knowing “how people sync up, “has some form of ruthless intent in it.

It’s a bizarre custom turn children into their worst nightmare, turn them with easy into carnivores, reward us with sugary substances, that leads to well-known terminal decease, and subject us to numerous false starts, just like “clockwork orange, and grape fruits,” When we arrive to begin our journeys, somehow our ignorant predecessors had incorporated our feral and primordial instincts, as if to say” there is no village idiot here, we all takes turn.” Our ignorant ancestors set every ill-conceivable inaction momentum in subverting play. All of the wrong preoccupations are heavily guarded and super protected by endless global open budgets conglomerates, double daring each other to do their worst. Their main brinkmanship is embracing primitive competitions and contest games in all of our most sensitive preoccupations. If we compare our primitive predisposition obsession elevate sports, and endless competing arena’s, and compare it our mi’ education systems and you will notice a bizarre uncanny dichotomies. Our entire priorities are twisted, there is more resources allocated to sports than the mi’ education systems. It’s as if the primate arenas from our ancestor’s day’s gladiator’s days, were the only thing that evolve.

How can we evolve if we are busy competing, and chasing fortune fame, and selfish misconceptions of power? We was supposed to shed our primitive primordial and feral instincts during our scheduled evolutions. Instead we are preoccupied invent primitive distractions in countless social misfits super nonsense forms as contest, beauty pageants, awards, competition which are all the prerequisite to make us battle ready, create bullies, fanatics, and terrorist, from the sanctum of our homes and mi’ education systems that is totally design around contest, competitions. For us to be immorally distracted our entire life time fully absorbed and engage in endless battles. We continue without skipping a beat to take it to the next primitive levels, pioneering and encouraging endless ignorant ways to separate our collective hive, from evolving, and experiencing our very promising true potentials.

All around our, can’t right world we are primitively just marking territories, and prefer super propensities, morbid affair with materialistic gain. Our own personal brands of disfiguring geographical temper lobe eclipsing elementary psychological block is always in fatal play. We are all literally force fed (cook dead foods pestilence) endless disinformation we all are cherishing, mi’ educations, and we are continuing on goose missteps, that we design our entire ways of existence on. “The truth is we all are clueless, don’t know where all of the endless long shot disillusion begins, and where it ends.” Here is the paradoxical thing, in order to begin the process of removing most, or all of the disinformation’s, mi’ education, and missteps, etc., it involve turning our comfort zone upside down, rethinking our primitive predilections and counter-intuitive instinctual reactions, creating a paroxysm of conscientious ill-will fury, and opening our mind, and body to levels of consciousness “that’s way out of our league, and out of class, ”“supreme mental effort” and “confronting the endless rapidly growing horrors” experiencing the unprecedented phenomenon, intense awareness to naturally lit omnipresence big picture, that has always been in front of us every cavorting spastic, or waddling misstep we are predisposed to. Some of us are always kicking it up a notch, with various forms of hopscotch botch, “just creating new begging’s of something intensely more horrible.” We are brainwash and condition maliciously not to pay attention to the omnipresence acute vivid natural big picture, that’s always in synch 360 degrees.

“When we have to fight we had already lost the battle.”

Omnipresence battle ready, even thou we don’t “known anything for sure,” most of us are completely devoted, and fanatical about our beliefs, customs, and systems.

All surviving systems are made up of endless contradictions, endless shades of grey, and they all stems from some type of force conformations, invading and conquering other countries. Nothing good ever comes from a bad start, without mass collateral damages. All systems was a product of occupying power. “Everyone has different ideas about what honor and loyalty is.” “When we married the wrong systems, ways of life, nouns, etc., there is only two major results, it complete us or they will finish us.” This is why all of the horror able systems, nouns, etc., indoctrinate us during our most impersonate age just as formalities. The night and days of global “youth is magic period,” has always being the targets of our most unscrupulous minds and creators of our utmost terrorizing ordeals. A young mind with unkempt emotions, and desire levels, can easily be fool into thinking they are in the present of greatness, anyone with money, fame, and power, after all they learn from the sanctum of home and schools to worship fame, money, power and imaginary friends with benefits. Without access to all-inclusive prime directives, and major secret of life, our priorities are screw up, and we all are just trying our personal brands of counterintuitive things. Taking matters in our own mi prioritize buzzkill judgmental hands, encouraging, and promoting new ways to let others down, leaving a wide berth for the “me myself and I complex,” fear of failing, and all or nothing approach. Nothing all-inclusive and sensible can “get a word in edgewise.”

Wounded, damaged, and easily broken, “they are featureless, and susceptible to be commandeered into doing anything. Every single youth are at risk to be a target of our worst nightmarish underworlds and fanatics, who has all types of twisted cheap tricks of unspeakable trade’s to desecrated youth moral complex into haunting our global futures, unscrupulous minds are always having a field day, shaping and distorting, mi’ nurtured, mi’ educated, and abandon young minds. Forgotten youths has always been prime target for creating unspeakable acts. A youth can become a return to sender as subverting moles, our worst nightmare with ease, or we can bring out the very best in them. They are endless eyes creeping the path of the youth, underworlds, armies, etc., with instinct for weakness, highly corruptible weak will, attention lovers, and conformist affirming eyes, they are always targeting and hiring youths to do their dirty biting. On their way to school, malls, school zone, on the net, etc., unsuspecting youth, with minds that are preconditioned and brainwash to follow money power, and fame, During the magic of youth, they are susceptible to fall for anything and thriller experiences; concepts, beliefs, ideas, imaginary beliefs, nouns, etc. which can be classified “to be, or not to be,” “they are either the rose or the thorn.” We are self-creators of vast wild emptiness, sly deceitful dry runs, form separatist ideals, that naturally creates endless fatal oversights. Any kind of separatist super nonsense is barbaric, and it automatically create labyrinths of unnecessary primitiveness that are always coming back to haunt us.

Every single member of our collective hive and every single species, is extremely important. “The risibity of the situation is ignoble.” Until we incorporate an all-inclusive and collective evolution prime directive, we are enforcing unnecessary on everything and everyone around us.

All of these are dark underhanded offerings design to create distracting pretend subverting boundaries, and hampering evolution all-inclusive progression. Law of application, and supplications can either unhinge us or complete us. There is always good or bad consequences when we add new or old ingredients. The results must be opposite in nature, we are professional in fooling ourselves, and mi’ believing we can have both. Whenever we add new or old concept we change the flow of continuities. Whatever concepts we add to the equations of existence, there are only two recourse, they either complete us with an all-inclusive air, or they finish us or ruin and brake others in our collective hive family.”

Why it is so hard for our global members of the collective hive to comprehend straight forwardness.

Why time after time we finds it hard to decipher good, from bad. Anyone can fix there fixable brokenness, you owe it to yourselves to separate all of truth, become acutely aware of our limitations, and retire the innate long running, swimming and jumping lies. Whatever you are doing, and are associate with around the world, be it a country, belief, systems, government, group, etc., if it’s causing harm, hate, violence, terror, mayhem, separating our collective hive, etc., it’s really bad, and no good, and finishing us. It is desensitizing us, making us part of the quaking problems, and constricting us to play a major role helping to spread negativity around the world.

There is no morsel of contradictions, wrong doing, force in doctrinarian, hampering freewill of any kind, revenge, jealousy, punishments, vindictiveness, aggressions, hate, abuse, devoid of all-inclusiveness, violence, negative energy, etc., in any aspect of anything we deem good, when any aspect of the aforementioned occurs goodness is compromise, that concept, belief, system, method, etc., could never be consider good. Anything deem good can ask people to do bad acts, and any kind of terrorizing things. In order to stay on the true path, we must cleanse and purify ourselves of all of the innate lies, and “tear down the subverting walls, distracting boundaries. The lies, hopes, and empty promise that we all are routinely force fed,” and all of the systems we are forced indoctrinated into globally has us constantly falling into unnecessary chaos. “When you lie consistently, you become immune to it, it becomes second nature.” We are nurture, and mi’ education to accept endless unnecessary confusing subtext, which undoubtedly ends up being sneaky conniving ways to alienate ourselves from our very promising true potentials.

Now read and hear this, spread the all-inclusive words.

Unvanquished candid truth; non snide aggressive, and aggressive enquiry, inquisitions to seek out each other different views, beliefs, is not a pressing and urgent priority, not now or never-ever be a prerequisite for evolution, or securing the future.

Most of us are mi’ programmed to strive with diligences for primitive perfections, expel great deal of negative energy to reduce, and make worst others already dire situations.

Bird cage theory

Why it’s so easy for us to cage a bird, in most of the time a tiny cage. We are highly trained in the find art of spiteful wills, vindictiveness, punishing others, serving cryogenics dishes of revenge, and trying to gain control. We are mi’ programmed to brake, and control everything around us.

There is no such thing as control, only when we can control death, then we can have control, otherwise it’s an elaborate farce. We are constantly being misled to waste precious time “worrying about things out of our control.” “We are all exile from the past.” Yet we have so many ill-context, and disturbing counter-intuitive beliefs, customs that keeping us hostage to our past unspeakable transgressions, and pestilence, we are using as bargaining power. Can really control any outcome, we just has elaborate schemes of make beliefs.

We all play major roles in loaded topics, using “aggressions that comes from uncertainty,” utilizing urgent unfriendly enquiries, acting as riot squads confusing already twisted issues with self-indulgences, and ongoing mysterious adaptions. We are professional when it comes to enlarging the endless quaking fraudulent gap and voids, and gray areas that has been unnecessarily creating misconstrued primitive idea of civilization, since antiquity. Every ill-conceivable idea has been tried, and “fail miserably” by over powering primitive culture since antiquity. There was a gross time, a time of amphitheaters, “where the lowest class were goad into fighting to the death.”

There is only one all-inclusive and collective evolution direction we all to adapt and transform to, it’ teeming with our most promising potential and the future.

We all have to strive to all-inclusiveness, and collective evolution every step of our journey with congenial exceptional greater good assimilations.

With lesser levels of consciousness everything is a threat to ourselves and everything around us.

“There is time in life when all we can do is wait.” Preparation is an important secret of life, without preparation in every aspect of our life, we can allow down time, the “limbo phases” to seem like an ambush, intimidating and distract us. Whenever we are playing the waiting game, or in down time mode, it’s all part of our, preordain. We are waiting for our next active momentum streams of preordain, scenes and sequences and sequels. The preordain active momentum process takes time, sometimes a moment sometimes, a month, sometimes it’s the end game.

Objects of primitive desires, and counterintuitive prime objectives.

We are “hucksters, wizards and masters at bartering the happiness of millions of people with scented smiles.” All around the world there are garden varieties, with diplomatic immunity to hold on to things that’s isn’t there, intangible businesses, fantasy, beliefs, customs, tradition, heritage, hope, selfish dreams, empty promises, despot ambitions, unreasonable expectations, glory days, lies, growing disappointments, flukes, counter-intuitive formulas of legitimacies, etc. “to hope is to put ourselves, outside ourselves; in many ways it can encourage lies, betrayals, missteps, unnecessary disappointments.”

We are all following in the mi’ footsteps of others that has “fail miserably,” especially the so called successful ones. Our entire idea of success highest levels of current existence require us to mimic playing chess. Playing chess game is synonymous with all of wrong mi’ perceptions, and mi’ interpretation of existence. The rules, policies, etc., freedom is similar in the extreme ways to our mi’ nurturing and mi’ educations on what success is, and how to attaining most success, fortune and fame.

The game of chess is a very deceitful with miserable intensity, and contain a great deal underhand ness. In order to become a great chess, a master, or a grand master it require us to use primitive separatist dirty tricks of the primitive trades, become very sneaky, covert operative, clandestine, grandstanding, testing opponents reactions, despot materialistic ambition, a natural born value monster, “Kansas city shuffle,” use the Mexican turn over,” endless deceptive flare for the dramatics, creating looser, using, conquest, secret motive, secret agenda, high degree of wickedness, unkempt greed, capturing, diversion, violence’s, murder, enpassant, sacrifice others, a great deal of manipulation, competing, destroying, making a better move whether it’s the good or bad, of the ugly. Chess players enjoy and savior the taste of tricking others; checkmate.

Rote unnatural curiosities finding value, relieve others from all their valuable, make immortal statements, and eternal effects. All is fair in following the fortune, fame, power, and the sum of all unnecessary fear. Including “using garden variety, and market intelligent chicanery to fleece the gullible people of their fortune, fame and power, and manipulate their unnecessary fears,” and “taking everyone and everything around us.” Part of following the wrong things, be able to turn flashlight impaired senses.

All of which has been fully formed, and had midcenturies of really long head start. Around our world there are endless people able, and willing to “trade people health and safety for profits,” as if the appalling collateral damages that comes with gross missteps, can escape them. there is no shortage people willy to contribute, and guaranteeing us to spend our entire life completely out of focus of the big picture, overwhelming with self-interest and super greed. “Loyalty can be secure by four major things, fortune, power, fame, and fear.”

“Most people are basically candidly and animatedly scratching a living from the crumbs of others ill-conceive ideas of prosperity, a losing selfish battle championing separatist causes.”

“It’s amazing the sheer number of people that love to observe bad things happening to others.” These days the ancient primitive idea of amphitheater style fighting to the death, has been modified to risking live limp and long term injury, and slow death; with trending entertainments, pugilistic barbaric events, martial arts, domestic violence, kick boxing, football, soccer, fencing, and a whole arena of other sports.

The lower class had no choice “they either get down, or lay down.” Much it has really change, since our major preoccupations involve us counterintuitively following (P.F.V.M) money fame fortune, power, and desperate for value. When we nurtured, condition, brainwash, and mi’ educate our, offspring’s and youths to following P.F.V.M, we turn them into backwards gray area void, they will waste precious quality time always trying to fit in, preoccupied “putting nouns on pedestal and elaborate displays,” engulfed in unnecessary psychological despair. It’s counter-intuitive to trust anyone who primary interest is following the money, fame and power. Everyone is always protecting the primitive franchises, searching for “fresh money streams,’ wells, and seas. In order words most of our entire world’s population is mi’ programmed to seek recognition. Rewarding unnecessary primitiveness. Gathering and hunting for material gains, is the main primitive game in every global towns. “Attachments creeps on us, before we has a chance to raise our guard.” We are nurtured and mi’ educated, and severely mi’ programmed to remain predisposed with unkempt desires for material gain, it’s never enough, forever remaining attach and deform to the concentric chemical hazards of material gains.

The judgmental primitive uplifting drama associated with money fame, and power requires us to betray our emotions, and taken by romantic greedy storms, “paint a rosy picture of pyrrhic victory,” “grandstanding grandeur in the mist and shadow of appalling poverty.” “Long live the world of high finance,” which signifies our environments is doom to be short live. All of these counterintuitive prolific obduracy misgiving statements and come out of their long running collateral damages with flying colors. Following P.F.V.M primitive mi’ direction that only create unnecessary chaos, with brutal terrifying regularity. Is a natural disorder of things, making the most of negative situation, and creates endless labyrinths of negative environments, that constrict youths and offspring’s into being susceptible to become natural born groupies, followers, and slaves. Eventually we realize our mundane resurgences of boundless missteps, when it’s almost too late, “all of the things we run to were tainted, turning us bitter and twisted they inevitably becomes the same things we run and hide from.” Instead they should be encourage to find their passion at the earliest stage of their journeys. Following P.F.V.M “should never be the problem or the solution.” All F.F.V.M is good for is possessing us “to accept the unnecessary primitive conventions of societies.” Unnecessary primitiveness is our constant factor in equation and dark companion. Unnecessary primitiveness is always reclaiming us, and progressing inside our mind, and intensively devising “knells of doom”

Negative input, abuse, hate, greed, violence, etc., will always be a major part of a world plagued by unnecessary primitiveness. In, can’t get right atmosphere, there will be no shortage of “people who enjoy watching other people suffer.”

“In Salem, anyone could just call someone a witch, and they would be facing death.” There was a stranger than fiction time, when anyone could receive payment for turning in people they claim had mental problems. There was a period in our, can’t get right history, where anyone could identify someone as a communist and get them in hot water, no proof was necessary, ‘since you’re guilty until proven innocent. “We are all nurtured and mi’ educated to be mad, some simply aren’t mad enough to admit it.” We are all just different aging version of accumulation of unnecessary primitiveness. All we know is counter-intuitive repetitions, and how to tear everything apart, and run with it from one-size-fits-all perspectives. “Our bodies mind and senses are constantly assaulted with toxin,” seemingly everywhere we go and in the sanctum of our homes. Dark reflections, the first thing unnecessary primitiveness do is attack and endanger everything around it, especially the environments and all fragilities. Since the discovery of chemicals, toxin is synonymous with existence.

“The two most common ailments that are unnecessary plaguing elderly are arthritis and forgetfulness,” both mostly stems from compound years of cooked dead foods, that create lack of daily vitals complexes. Aging aches and secret pains, is mostly our biology signaling that we are really feeling the full brunt of UN purged compound years of being, we systematically expose to toxin unnecessarily. Toxicology reports has always been revealing it’s normal to have compound levels of excess toxins in our systems. “In most cases when we are simultaneously making ghost,” when we cook dead foods. Most from everyday pestilence cooked dead foods, hazardous environments, over the counter products we all has been using for decades, and household chemicals. Left untreated, it can turn into all forms of terminal deceases. In most case can be rectified from biweekly hefty doses of noni juice, or monthly doses of living bitters from Ghana, along with a decent amount of centrum performance multivitamins. Since most of our world’s population is relying on soporific cooked dead foods for their daily vitals, our biology is sending and receive false and empty signals, which sends our entire biology in constant disarrays, creating endless kinds of early onset terminal deceases.

This accredited complex unilateral peer into complex labyrinth and dark portholes of HU person’s complexities, HU persons nature, and why we all are contribution indefinably to insignificant unnecessary primitiveness, that are well defended and along with its high handed metamorphous impacts. Our blind trust for double crossing long drawn out mundane redundant encore tales, to identify all of our self-creating linchpins, the entire world is derange focus on protecting, and awarding stardom.

It’s the ideal above board behooving abreast preordain corpus rude awakening, the perfect behavioral modification theory, cosmic scoop on how to interpretation of big picture enchanting majestic and animated, and a repertoire of compelling arguments on how to replenish and rectify our reoccurring recidivism. A treasure trove of sparkling elevating all-inclusive and collective ways we can all add values to ourselves and our entire world. This can be the all-inclusive “voice of the future,” origination of a better future and cosmic key to existence theories, the missing new world order quantum link, the ultimate renaissance world trouble shooter that traces entropies way back to its all-encompassing points of origins, and abrogate them. In addition to addressing the reasons for the unexpected, and our world’s expedient rising first edition volumes of chrysalis critical issues. It’s also honey suckle sweet dreamlike chance to know everything we need to know, in order to have easy access suffusing set of well-tailored brand new and refreshing orthodoxy of infinite reductionism wisdom, and rewarding all-inclusive essentials.

A externalizing fountains of overly concern collective awareness all-inclusive solution finder, that “can go above and beyond” greater good levels of consciousness, and unite our worlds populations, a lost circuitous turning the tides to favor art, that guarantees to offer everyone a chance to create all-inclusive breathing space, and fix the entire world. Anyone willing can begin to set the prime conditions for calmer equanimity circumstances so everyone can become aware of their part of the big picture magical existence, and live happily ever after. Foster a peaceful united and coexistence among every species in our universe.

From the onset of ill-conceive idea of civilization, most of us were instigators and messengers, and promoters of fear. For multiple centuries most people that ever enter the planet has been searching high and low, with obscene ignorance’s, for the best ways to control and enslave each other out of sheer unbridle fear that has been with most us as a progressive disability.

“What’s the best way to control and enslave the masse? By capitalizing on all forms of unnecessary fear.”

Fear taps into all of our main stream emotion, it manages, our hang ups, idiosyncrasies, phobias, perdition, anxiety levels, stress and frustrations levels.

“When you found the thing a person fear the most, you found the key to their madness and the means to control them.” “Shining the all-inclusive and collective evolution suffusing light on the darkest corners of our mind.”

This person-script contains ecological desirables, “elegant secret mechanics” of existence, succinct lifesaving encapsulations, it’s an all-inclusive encyclopedia with the big picture prime directive solace. Ideal principles and elementary for creating a world without conflicts, atrocities, torments, and deplorable conditions. All of our global linchpins has been finally isolate. Why seemingly everyone is aimlessly busy trying broken each other, and letting insignificant non items “rub us of all-inclusive reasoning.”

With in-depth details outlining our most counter-intuitive gateway behaviors, and our counterintuitive preoccupations to live in the self-destructive moments. A manual that can help anyone overcome, getting bronco by all of the systems that has been “failing us miserably, and conspiring to leave all of us in twisted state of being, unnecessarily detached and with collapse prospects. “It also contains “fair sporting propositions,” on how to check all eventualities, repair escalating damages, recognize the linchpins, “paradox of insanity,” the underline reason we are all “sutologicafantastical and alienist,” just spreading and receiving hefty potions of unnecessariness, trigger points, recidivism and the root causes of our entropies. challenges, crisis, overlook super power, pre-crime, health, terminal deceases root cause, root solution for aging pains, natural disasters preventative measures, for instance unwavering transparencies on all of our global fault lines, and possible natural disaster area should be visibly outlined and mark with day glow paint for everyone to see. A rough estimate, a “guestimate” of half a million schools are locate on well know ground zero disaster zones, fatally awaiting aftermath contingencies, oppose to preparation contingencies, that’s the way the unnecessary primitive stories goes. “Prevention is the best cure.”

Millions of Tsunami buoy type escape pods, Styrofoam or plastic, similar to water tanks should be place along all coastlines, all beach property should have escape tsunami buoy, all wood homes should be fitted with smoke detectors, etc., and can be a tool for behavior modification, and finding their “internal multitasking logic” and sense of purpose, learn how to “think, the unthinkable, ”a chance to design an all-inclusive versions of ourselves, set the prime condition to develop a heighten levels of consciousness, develop prime minds, a mind well furnish with all-inclusive and collective evolution laudable ambitions, etc., and a whole lot more. For instance it’s all across the board all-inclusive solutions on everything important, expunging on why there are an “organic connection between all living things.” Anyone can have quick pince-nez access to the long or short story on how anyone can achieve our necessary critical all-inclusive and collective evolutions prime directives. It doesn’t matter where you are in our world, the contents of the handbook for HU persons, every position of life, can easily be access root cure, via search words and related search words to find their query, big answers for any and all forms of problems, crisis, challenges, etc.

If we aren’t obsessively asking throughout our entire journeys how can we help, then there is a very high probability we are crossing the line, menacing full circle, always been part of the quaking problems and terrorizing x factors, and playing a dangerous hand in “reinforcing delusions.

“All nouns fall apart,” “everything is never as they may seem.”

Most of our preoccupations are all for nothing, and are “wrong on so many levels.” These are the linchpins and the unvanquished truthful reasons “why we do so much ugly and deceitful, and disfiguring things to each other and the rest of nouns.”

Our entire world is passionately involve in displaying show of primitive strengths. Encouraging, receiving and promoting unnecessary primitiveness, with utmost grace and twisted ideas of refinements, they has been indulging in goose missteps, provocation mi’ educating, mi’ programming, yet we aim to be neat figures, even though most of us no longer has common interest in truths. All of which are the subprime conditioning for all of us to be ardent self-creators of frustration, stress, (for stress and frustration fragrance and aroma therapy) etc.

Therapy to repair our mojo; our super best therapy is our passions. Recommend as the best therapy, do whatever we really passionate about that are normal practice three times a day.

To become successful, require a great deal of unscrupulous negative “half-a-boss” infective will. It really means we have the hate firmly in place, and are willing to sacrifice others, endanger others, manipulate their freedom, mistreat others, and enslave them into doing our dirty biting and our dirty laundry. The name slave was rebranded since antiquity, as workers, staff, and endless terms of enslaving endearments. The reason people; workers, staff, concierge, etc., falls into the primitive enslaving paradox trap, they unknowingly fall into the circle of greed. A main secret of life is managing our unkempt emotions, most of us have so many unkempt emotions. Unkempt emotions, and unkempt desires evoking guilty pleasure is everywhere, mind boggle primitive tear activating subverting gray areas, placating unbearable despair with unnecessary with concealment and fear, astute unnecessary fear is all of us subverting multi-sensual spice of life.

our brains is the first super computer, “it will work diligently and progressively behind our back to get us anything our heart desire,” unless we put a cap on our specific emotions, our super computer brain will work day and night to get us anything we ask it to do. “The hearts wants what it wants, “our super computer brain has to see any task set through. Unless we condition ourselves to desire less, a very important secret of life, you allowing nonstop greedy desire to run like a locomotion and develop all kinds of selfish commotion. Less is best (over the top, when we desire less, we will always have more. The first life lesson every youth, “during the restless stage between youth and adulthood,” and especially during the “magic of youth” needs to assimilate is settling desire levels to desiring less, and all of our unkempt emotions).

Another example of reckless unkempt emotions is objectifying the opposite sex. For instance it’s may explain the global disturbing enigma, why some many male family members, visa versa, end up molesting their daughters, etc. your mind is just busy finding the object of all your preset desire’s progressively. There is a slight dilemma with objectifying management, keen observation can involves some form of objectifying.

“Since we are creatures of all kinds of habits, good the bad and the unspeakable.” We are all child prodigy of coping and mimicking, and following fashion, it’s the very first thing we learn to do emulate our surroundings and people are around us. If we don’t put a cap their objectifying levels, or allow it to begging in the first place, we are setting the prime conditions for our emotions to run amuck. All of these fundamental and elementary traits can progressive like Greek wild fire; hate, violence, greed, selfishness, crime, guilty pleasures, stealing, lying. Crying, sneakiness, imposing factors, disturbing others privacies, spying, critiquing. Gossiping talking behind others back, etc.

Identifying gateway progressive linchpins, that guarantees us to take a drastic turn to the worst, and cause us to go dark. (It also can be used to identify people with the big seven seeping issues)

This is the unvanquished truth short list that will interfere with most of the world population convenient diversions, and comfort zone.

Any separatist ideas, complaining, fantasy, hunting, fishing, calling others nicknames, lying, objectifying opposite sex, competing, accepting mi’ education, saying someone work for us, accepting mi’ programming, contest, seeking awards, ambition, and enthusiasm to win(creating loser complex), unkempt desire levels, gambling (“make no mistake, if you are risking something, you’re are a gambler”) speeding, escapes, beauty favoritism (“often flaunted great beauty disguise emptiness and chaos,)” celebrity, hoarding, selfishness, playing tricks others, rude and nasty jokes, preset beliefs associated with a morsel or a sprig of violence, seeking revenge, killing insects, punishments, jealousy, hate, alcohol tobacco and fire arms, profiteering, aggression, violence, fighting, abusive language, critiquing, negative remarks ,greed, selfishness, inconsideration, testing, accessorizing, slave to finding value, following money fame fortune, seeking power, control, management position, attempting to be in charge, unkempt emotions, vanity, hiding the truth, augmentation, using make-up (without having medical challenges), dressing to impress, (concealing presence, “honest people don’t conceal their presence”) violent games, video games, “trying to get more out of a situation than allowed,” trying to outdo each other, being a soldier, putting things on a pedestal, “not leaving things better than we found them,”etc.

Best laid plans.

Most of us know every ill-conceivable trick to prolong unnecessary primitiveness. We are conditioned to remain in the shadows of our true and very promising potentials.

From the very beginning our mind- super-computer-brain are clouded with a volatile mixture compliance to complex labyrinths of unnecessariness, “to hone fragile counterintuitive ego’s, always pretend everything is fine, when there are overwhelming redundant evidence they aren’t. “Build futures and happiness on the burden and expense of others, or a noun, some can do with insensitive ease, but not those who have to be turmoil by their heighten burden of elegant consciousness.” Everything unnatural are made up. It’s natural to be overrun by “disembodied thoughts and voices, that seem to becoming from somewhere else,” out pouring self-thoughts and voices for every unnecessary primitive occasions, that some of us take to the extreme and act on them, as a form of grim escapes. Our entire global social systems is based around some form of mood enhancers, illegal drugs, over the counter, and prescription drugs, alcohol tobacco and fire arm, all of which are counter intuitive forms of escaping our existence which is an elaborate parody. Thoughts and voices is basically hinting and notifying us something isn’t right with our preoccupations that can progress to “the secret conversation of the world.” Seemingly “the only time we feel truly alive” is when we are doing the wrong things, we are all teeming with, hard lies, fantasies, uncapped desire levels, naked and fatally exposed to all unscrupulousness, fragile senses, uncapped self-indulgent levels, false inducements, self lies, become a slave to every ill-conceivable types of escape’s, mi’ priorities, goose missteps, mi’ direction, we are condition to do things that can only progress to the worst, constricting us to walk run and hide on the dark side. The unspeakable slave trade wasn’t personal, it was only business from our primitive fascination to follow money, fame, power, sports, etc. it’s stem from imaginary beliefs that was orchestrated by the royal families. Imaginary beliefs insinuates for those who believe in imaginary beliefs, “to experience sensations of things that is not there, how cool is that.” In the medical world it would be classified a disorder

Authorized writers incline

“The pen is mighty than the sword”

A poison pen is mightier than reality, a writer can write off, or write in our priorities. “Best laid counter intuitive plans is non all-inclusive plans.” “A fiction writer is a person who taught his mind to misbehave, authorize distracting super storms, add contradictions, create fresh agonies, re-master delusions, spike and tweak our super brain computer, breed contempt, and in most case do their worst to our collective hive.” “A writer periodically needs a vacation from their mind,” especially the fiction writer.

Words are magical, they can be used as a trigger, entice a neat figure. Words can create or destroy. Words may be used to toy. Words at time can bring us up, or they can be conjured to discombobulate us and bring us down. Words we learn can set our mind with everlasting first decree burn. Sticks and can brake our bones, words can create centuries of subverting worms, putrescence moles and decree they elaborate systematic thrones.

Since a very large part our world during antiquity remained illiterate for many centuries. Ironically illiterate people always had a secret fascination with their literate counterpart, and belief anything that was written. They were quite explosive, and extremely important in spreading written subverting disinformation’s, and “sanitizing lies.” In most cases, “a lot was lost in translation, most of the time they personalized, and had put their personal spin on false information in order to feel like they belong to something. These dark things tends to accelerate.

A writer, or writers, editors, and the media which is highly based on writers, can be a nonfiction enhancer, or create fiction addicts of autonomous proportion. They are the greatest story tellers, with automated mechanical ease they can make us put trust in bad systems, keep us hostage in unnecessary primitiveness paradoxes, any extra curriculum dark activities design to create effects, volatile concoctions of maximum ill-efforts, and every ill-conceived fly-by-night and day extravaganzas, causing our continuities to spiral fatally out of control.

Fiction is the greatest form of escapes, and primitive validations, and a magnum intangible business as well. We all has intense secret pains that we placate with escapes. Global we have so many ways to reinforce our; can’t get right prolong evolution stasis. Our global enigma stems from our twisted Aesop nurturing and mi’ educations global systems that play a major subverting role in filling our minds and fragile systems with faire tales and Nancy stories, during our most impression ate ages. A writer, or artist can make you take a disembodied trip. A writer is by far can be the most dangerous force du jure. A writer can play an intricate enlightening role in restoring the earth to all-inclusive, and collective evolution order where the entire worlds priorities could have been well organized in synchronized with pressing priorities and all-inclusive fits all order whereas; everyone could of “shine bright like precious gems in the land sea and the sky.” Or a writer can aid in turning everything dark, with one-size-fits-all ideas, they can prolong the well synchronized circle of confusion with ease, that seemingly has its own dramatic well composed creepy music score of un palatable strings, that seems to always playing our can’t get right song. Authors can make us take a trip out of our mind. The entire world always has been controlled by written words. All of us are condition to belief in written words, whether it’s’ truth or not.

Writers has always been a main influence in designing and shaping our future, preoccupations, and are responsible for spreading valuable information, and on the flipside, writers are also unfortunately responsible for spreading disinformation.

A writer main objective and agenda and motive is fame, fortune, and power of influence, and not necessary in any order. A writer ultimate goal is join the ranks of successful authors, and become a wizard at creating influential effects. And we now return to regularly scheduled unnecessary primitive ness. “Whenever we hit rock bottom, we can always trace it back;” way back to over ripped poor pioneered decisions of antiquities.

Our senses are always open and extremely fragile, we have no filters from unscrupulous behavior. Anyone can easily cast a spell, make a cameo and can subject to us anything on their “naughty list”, or intrude, and trample on our fragile and dangerous exposed senses. Any writer can commandeer our entire emotional systems, show us on paper what we want to here, and turn our entire state of being upside down. A writer is allow make up information, brain storm, let their imagination run out of this galaxy, and tweak our fragile minds. Writers is always used in designing belief systems. Belief systems came about as a form of population control, and most importantly as a long lasting dark art of maintaining hierarchy, fortunes, fame, and power.

In every kind of imaginary beliefs order, and disorder the writer was their applying their tricks of their influential global trade. Writers was singly involve in authoring a person-script (politically correct oppose to manuscript) to invented belief systems that are protected today by all forms of terrorizing sequels. Imaginary belief systems were systematically design to establish class systems, authorized and maintain slavery, and placate overripe fear of death.

“Who fear death,” tweak an elaborate unnecessary enrapture inept mindless void.

Spoken wet, journeys under current distracted creeping trek, useless fathomless cryogenics depth.

Overgrown shadowing well season disembody paranoids.

Music score intensifying strings curtail insignificant self deception fette.

The fear of death is the first thing to overcome, otherwise we are feeding directly into it our entire life. Giving our inevitable perdition an unnecessary life of its own, offering it delicious pampering, that is counter-intuitively distracting, constantly, and to unnecessary to progress, churning “super nova” inevitable perdition. Accept the undeniable fact “we are not getting out of it’s a wonderful life alive,” only then we are truly able to truly live.

It’s always on high alert, allow to lavish sponsoring quick retrievable corners of our minds.

Our unkempt fear of the inevitable, elastic mole elaborating latest versions of unnecessary fear rendition (“the little voice in the back of our head, most of the time is not our conscious, it’s our fear”).

Counterintuitive tweaking, blinking ambient failsafe glare tear night and day wondering, no one can decline.

It’s the most counter intuitive disturbing feeling that we can have, fearing something that must happens is useless waste of emotions. Instead to overcome the fear, and phobia, every once in a while it’s good to voice out loud, it’s a beautiful moment to die, etc. Belief systems control the peasants and masses form antiquity in every region and eventually internationally. “We are condition to use the theory to fit the facts.”

“Well to do; use business to do their bossiness as a camouflage. “ The only culprit that had the means, trust, dynamics, and secret agenda’s to enact some type of mind control and brainwashing obsequious pompous domineering endeavor, and motives to engineer, and architect such a multi-century subverting consolidating super plot scheme, and theory to fit the motives, is the royal families and the wealthy of antiquities. Their descendant have proof their pregnant schemes in this present challenges days, the original grim person-script that outlined imaginary beliefs objectives, in their possession, and in safety deposit boxes. Some of the invented document, are in possession of the owners of the paper industries, editors, and printers, some was lost and destroy during hostile invasions. Since in the inner sanctum of our homes and schools, we are conditioned primitively to follow and respect fame, fortune, and power blindly, it will always remain a paradoxical unnecessary primitive instinct, a grim graceless enigma (“When ewe don’t know which direction to take, any direction would do.”) Devising belief systems was the best recourse for population control of antiquity, since they had the world’s population already manipulated, gracelessly watching each other, battle-tested, battle-harden, and wither and twisted with intense unnecessary fear, old fashion dissolution imaginary belief was a shoe in.

Schools and nurturing, was the best place to manipulate “our innate dependencies to rely on emotions for happiness.” was a natural, and perfect place to spread hand-me down system that curtail most people to fall into systematic chaos, and spread any form of imaginary belief systems, any counterintuitive laws that would maintain establish respect for fame, fortune and power. This method is so profitable people are still getting busy making up belief systems, cults, etc.

We are all trying to fit in, and belong to something. The only thing we all should belong to is the unvanquished truth, first and foremost.

There is no place in an all-inclusive and collective evolution future for current governments and most if not all systems in place. The ultimate governing is collective global exchange.

During antiquity only the wealth and the royal family, had the means to print, and promote disinformation maintain their counterintuitive hierarchy system that was anti-collective on countless levels, that’s self-evidently was manifest as subverting destiny, and stranger than any fiction. Since then we are really looking for friends, family, love interest, and significant personal brands of “crazy; to match our personal brands of crazy.”

“Due to the immense clusters of aegis graphic ad nausea abysmal accosting nature of our overripe stifling trifling circumscribe existence encore, and in light of past and recent rapidly progressing unspeakable unnecessary primitive acts and sequels we seemingly have down to a science. Viewer’s description is strongly advised. A very motivating distinguish independent chimera thorough fielding and concise analysis of continuity is warranted and therefore was conducted in order to transform our challenging exist into. An in-depth study and all-inclusive detail oriented researched found out that there are endless committed derivatives, and aberrations to unnecessary primitiveness. The unnecessary primitive global tides is tsunami high, yet everyone seem oblivious to its sometimes obscure, clandestine and other times blatant subverting tethering itineraries, and are confidently moving on, mechanically falling into unnecessary chaos” and it’s inevitable nose dive and graveyard spirals. Every single one of our global systems that are firmly in place, was ill-conceive and are guaranteed to herd us figuratively into becoming egotistical maniacs and can’t get right fanatics, which is are unnatural state of being and our only recourse and response are to desperately seek some form of counterintuitive escape. All systems relies on its citizen staying tune to a mediocre levels of consciousness, which allow them to enact numerous intangible methods of dark population control. Higher levels of consciousness is a natural threat to inferior systems. We would naturally find that all of our worst systems has highlighted high profile status and are allocated open budgets. All of which encourages false starts, false steps, mix signals, mix messages, etc., that are the spry reasons for unnecessary entropies, and recidivisms. “The most protected events are usually the one that contains the most unnecessary primitiveness.” Defining moments is usually when we are presented with the best opportunities to see, feel, hear, sense, and be part of the big picture, or remain a bitter part of the scene. The truth is most of the information in this person script isn’t new, most of us suffer the sling s and arrows of our misses, and Mr. Fortune. from the onset of ill-perceive ideas of civilization and has offers solution throughout our entire time line, in forms of adages, clichés, maxims, etc. the only problem is some of these aforementioned was coin by people who was suffering from the big seven seeping clinical issues, and is hard to decipher their motives.

Most of the time it occurs in at first bias glance, it may at first appears as unfavorable, we must look again, and sometimes it may take years to recognize the big picture. “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” Defining moment’s times is when the unfavorable events happens, when the unthinkable happens, everything turn upside down, is when all in a sudden we are in ground zero, defining moments is when someone do something strange and when the unexpected occurs, throwing us into a tail spins. “it’s unusually boil down four or five moments, we encounter in our journey to become heroes and heroine” Those are the times when we can determine whether or not we have all-inclusive and collective evolution thinking and wonderful characterization, or just run of the mill highly mi’ educated with selfish concerns. Our immediate responses, reactions to crisis and challenges is based on egos, and our levels of consciousness, our preparation to expect things out of the ordinary, without panicking, panic is just a waste of precious time, that makes any challenging situation worst. Our immediate response and reactions is usually primitive and executed in opposite fashions. Devoid of all-inclusive and collective evolution responses, and reactions. Reasons for variation of performance levels, decisions, behavior, reactions, and response is highly base on proper intake of daily vitals. Prolong consumption s of cooked foods, which is dead foods that in rare cases contains trace amount of daily vitals, is allocated super open budgets. Cook dead foods is always percolating a frenetic bustling intense orgy of toxic toxin overload storms, always trying to escape our, fragile contain biological systems. After compound prolong time of not being able to purge from our biological systems, it mutates into various forms of terminal decease, some of the terminal decease already encoded in our genome, from our ancestors prolong use of cooked dead foods. Cooked dead foods create all kind out imbalances, it takes away more than it adds to the humors of our body. “Denying our body essential daily vitals is the recipe to create imbalances and sickness.”

When we don’t know our sense of purpose, any purpose will sometimes do. We spend our entire life trying to find the elusive sense of purpose, and sometime to hold on to. Most of us are confuse and facing rising secret pain, pretending to be all we can be. To be, or not to be was the long propose enigma, how to be these are the all-inclusive and collective evolution big picture answers and a refreshing chance to levitate a great deal of our secret pains.

We all know the big truths, our mi’ programming, and mi’ education condition us to be Oscar worthy pretenders. We are professional’s at blatantly overlook truths, and “hide the important truths inside ourselves.” We all has our very promising potentials locked inside ourselves.

All of our sources of utmost inspirations, are usually two fold, they are also contain well sanctions complex labyrinth that are constantly testing primitive limits, and teeming with hidden sources of our utmost striking confusions, that “comes out of places, we didn’t know exist, “and root of most of our unnecessary future crisis, and challenges. A brief examining of the primitive ideas of the word love. Primitive love is a complex division of ego feeding, accumulating wealth, and seeking power, emotional state, generosity levels, fame, escape, entitlement, selfish levels, levels of consciousness, agenda’s, and motive, hatred, aggressions, revenge, punishments, jealousy, insecurity, potential for abuse, state of fear, love interest and passion. Love has to be share with these primaries and a whole lot more.

We must end the germane primitive cycle of futility of trying to exact revenges, vengeance, punishments, aggression, abuse, greed, escapes, selfish agenda’s, and motives, contesting, comparing, awarding, sports, “honest about being dishonest,” competing, money, power, fame, laws, beliefs, etc. “Remorse can make a dead tree blossom.” Is just an elaborate scheme, “that placates “every generation into distractedly blaming the one before,” and without skipping a beat continuing with missteps and inactions, instead of addressing the root causes.

Secret of life: all through our journeys, we should always ask without flinching or faltering how can I help? What is our first priority? And our all-inclusive and collective evolution move?

An in-depth analyzes of our challenges, crisis and counter intuitive circles of entropies and recidivisms stem from our customs, heritages, mi’ programming, mi’ educations, levels of daily vitals and it’s cook dead foods sources, out of this world invented beliefs, and traditions ecological desirables, bitter and twisted demented focus and imbecilic mi’ priorities, which are a very important part of our international pastime. Following ideas of our ancestors. “Reputations is based of material gains,” “importance is measure by possessions. “From antiquity any Johnny come lately, with valuable possession was allow to create on a whim primitive rules and counterintuitive regulations and laws, without knowing their mental state at the time, motive operand’s, selfish agenda’s, there is most likely they had some form wealth, which only confirm master mind greed, seeping insensitivity issues, desecrated moral compass and “ugly boasting.” Which on the whole we are all programmed to respect and follow fame, fortune, and power. Most of the infants around our can’t get right world are being condition to respect and follow money, fame, fortune, and power, oppose to their passion, by education systems and from the sanctum of their, “humble abode,” homes, and comfort zones. People with fame fortune, and power strongly belief they are winners, and they can compartmentalize and live in the world all by themselves. This is the candor rundown of our major and general malfunctions. Our true source of daily vitals, and curative powers, can only be found in all global edible vegetation arrangements, fruits, and vegetables. From the discovery of masonry, brick and mortar we counter intuitively decided hands down to replace natural jungles for concrete jungles, which is concrete and roofing are causing the heat index to rise, instigating global warming, and global starvation, creating poverty, earthquakes, and wreaking havoc on agriculture practices. Cook foods, which is dead: dead foods. (live raw foods are our true source of our essential daily vitals for our biology. raw foods are responsible for regulating ph. balance, replenishing our storage cells, ,etc., and a whole lot more) other things wreaking havoc on our environments, concreting, roads, and roofing, deforestation, etc. not replenishing our global fruit trees is our most dangerous uncanny oversight. By not planting fruit trees and destroying endangered fruit trees, we are engineering and architecting our entire planet conditioning for doom and initiating global starvations, from limited availability of fruit trees, edible vegetation’s, berry nuts, and vegetables. There was a surprisingly effective prime time whereas; anyone could off walk in any of the 360 degrees direction around our entire world and ate their belly full of edible vegetation’s, and fruits, nuts, berries, and vegetables, that are well endow with endless curative powers. At the same time they replenish and restocks our storage cells with our true source of essential daily vitals from in season fresh fruits, nuts, berries, edible vegetation’s, and vegetables, etc., absolutely free.

There was no global starvation, where natural vibrant agricultural practice were in a serious gear, birds, bats, bees, etc., and people are playing major role in propagating, an replenishing trees, although a great deal of heroic people around the world, are continuity that endangered agriculture practice, their precious number are forced to dwindle by engineer and architect primitively busy trying to outdo each other building the highest sky scrapers and concreting the entire world. “following the mistakes of their predecessors with more wretched mistakes.”

Engineers, architects and builders, should read knew world order iconoclastic, a book detail the future of all-inclusive city building. Now they have earth day, FYI every day is earth day. The throw seed project that had a simple message, on some of crowd funding site, without a single response, asking for everyone to throw the seeds from there fruits they eat, where it has a chance to grow. Even birds, bats, etc. Propagating process are landing on concrete, or being mow down, or destroyed where they had a chance to grow.

This is a rough guess, it’s quite possible that concrete and roads, are place over fault lines, and play a fatal role in preventing our earth from breathing gasses, resulting in unnecessary earth quake’s, and other unnecessary natural disasters. We had been in the longest evolution stasis, spending more time than necessary playing with unnecessary primitiveness, which are inhibiting us in so many levels. A hundred years ago we should have been living in floating hovering cities, leaving the land for animals and vegetation’s (for further information and the specs please read knew world order iconoclastic, available at Shakespir.com). There was a time every one of us could of walk in any direction and ate our belly full of season vegetation’s, vegetables, and most importantly a plethora fresh fruits, which was a pure natural ultimate source of our require daily vitals. The proof is there in the longevities of amount the elders that had that wonderful and sublime experience. Most of the remaining fruits trees is well fence in, and located in the home of the fame, wealthy, and the powerful, wasting, and been carted out and dump in the garbage fill around the world. The wealthy are busy beautifying and planting flowers, instead of fruit trees, which wonderful for the birds, lot of insects. In addition most of our entire world’s population are devoid our role we are supposed to play as replenishes of vegetation’s, vegetables, and fruit trees. When everyone around the world eats their occasional vegetation’s, vegetables, and fruits, they usually throw the seeds in the garbage, which ends up in the dumps around the world. The throw seeds/ cloning project was initiated to spread that critical message, by stipulating pretty please when anyone eat edible vegetation’s, vegetables, and fruits, please throw the cuttings and the seeds where it has a chance to grow. Also when you are finish with bottle water please throw the remainder on the closes vegetation’s. Waste water from air conditions, rinse water, etc., can be used for gardening.

From the get go we are mi’ programmed globally, to become value go getters, these primitive diversions is fatally wrong on so many primitive levels. We are taught from a child to hunt, fish and trap, and horde fortunes, fame, and power that set nasty conditioning to become distracted with unnecessary primitive curiosities and whims. “Everyone for themselves, become invisible to each other.” “Spit shine ourselves,” sell hope and illusions.

Trillion shades of greed, selfishness, and secret self-indulgences agenda’s undertone.

We are just passing through this planet. A very important secret of life: are lost art, all ways be the best we can be, “always leave nouns better than we found them, “not wounded and damaged. For centuries most people had their priorities screwed up, we are facing the dark progression, from the missteps of antiquity.

“Stranger than fiction,” it’s brutally and terrorizing normal for people to develop overgrown unkempt self-indulgements, and sit on primitive extravaganza’s. It’s even more bizarre that most of the world’s populations is condition to worship these global greedy cheap people that are sitting on uncanny primitive extravaganzas. Primitive extravaganzas are everywhere in our continuities and preoccupations, it’s ugly boasting that sending a message in time capsules detailing unnecessary primitiveness, how our priorities are screwed up, our can’t get right enigma’s, greedy, and selfish we can be, stemming from knowledge, important information’s, secret that can help others, wealth, royal properties and wealth, bank accounts, engagement rings, jewelries, safety deposit box, etc., some of which can single handily could of save, worlds at the least multibillion of misfortunate people. Outrageous high cost of weddings stems from secret inadequate desire that stem from the collateral damages brought on originally from hierarchy complexes, lavish affection for ignorance’s, irrefutable exaggerated attention to pursuing rabbit ostentatious fame, fortune, and power natural tendencies to abuse privileges, aggressive strive to become misguided center of attention. And following the sheer numbers of poisonous and violent cliché’s we are spreading counterintuitively.

Marriage is an aberration of imaginary, (“marriage is simply a business transaction for most people, most of the time it’s negotiated by the parents,)” belief, a selfish attempt to mimic the uncanniness and the super selfishness of the royal families, selfish faire tales, “ugly boasting,” acquisition and merger, infamous way to manage possessions, material gains, and power. “It involve excess “building happiness on the burden of others.” And unrealistic demands, imposition, and empty promises, in sickness and in health.

Some people love attention so much it’s insignificant to some, if it came in forms of drama, deformation, negative critiquing, humiliation, abuse, violence, etc. How can these people sleep soundly at night, knowingly there is a great deal of people around the world don’t have a proper place to sleep of source of a meal. It start with mysterious adaptions of all degenerating fly-run-jump-crawl-walk-by-night-and day separatist anti collective ideas, neurotic lurching terrorizing fixated greed, self-indulgences, all faction of hate, following and respecting money, fame, and power, revenge, punishments, missteps, mi’ educations, misunderstanding, misinterpretations, everyone trying their very own cryptic thing, “as you like it,” or as we was conditioned to like it? “You be you, and I be me,” with no all-inclusive consideration and collective evolution awareness, and consideration, is all around us.

The breakdown of unnecessary primitive precluded absurdity

Sometimes we need contrast in order to see the truths. All of the following are unadulterated harsh contrast to the all-inclusive and collective evolutions ways we should embrace. It’ bitter normal for all of us to invent and venture in extreme length to create wintry unnecessary primitive ness and remain suspended in the orbits of ubiquitous ill-conceive separatist ideas and anti-collective super nonsense, which are a major part of our everyday primitive concepts; competing, contest, “fascination with mockery and taunts,” primitive attempt at out doing each other, awards, best of the best, and a the whole nine yards of separatist pachyderms dropping ideals, primitive claims, etc.

A rough guestimate

The history amass weapon on the planet of any of the so called super country, can save hundred primitive can’t get right worlds.

The money spend on couture fashion, and fashions can single handily save two worlds.

The cost of accessories can save twenty worlds.

The cost of poison chemicals save seven hundred worlds.

The cost of mansions, castles very large homes can save three hundred worlds.

Some people are hording items they don’t even use, that can save ten worlds.

The cost of most engagement rings, primitive symbols of =high maintenance, careless selfish love, can save one hundred families.

Use the funds to provide separate home for both parties, as a pre contingencies plan, and use the remaining funds to save the misfortunate. Try pricing a high price engagement ring, give your love interest a picture of it and an ordinary rock, and a carrot salad. Love is a full hundred percent circle, you can’t compartmentalize love, you have to love everything.

The cost of weddings can save anywhere from ten families to a thousand plus.

The cost of high price primitive vehicles, can save anywhere from twenty to hundreds of family.

The cost of recreation vehicle can save on an average of thirty plus family.

The fencing cost of wealthy home owners can save ten families.

Our earliest memories, very first things we learn tends to be resonating conditioning that stay with us progressing, everything we do progresses, it’s an endless task, most of the time it progress darker, especially in a can’t get right environments. First ways we learn is how to take: and take, accepting, as we get older we naturally become accustom to getting are offers, we end up getting a great deal of empty promises ego and power trip. From an infant we are conditioned for games, especially hide and seek. We are encourage to pay attention to special effects, live selfishly in the moments, develop propensities for counter intuitive comfort zone, and become addicted to only hear “things we want to hear,” whether they are true or not. “After while we can resents any single attention that isn’t giving to us,” creating attention monsters, and also setting the perfect environments for narcissistic behaviors. Mimicking is also one of the first thing we learn to do as an infant, from there on our market intelligences progresses dark through our entire lifetime becoming brutally selfish, with evolving shapeless greed. Learning to expect everything handed soothingly on a silver platter in most case can promote sweet greedy emotions, and can bring out our worst antic dispositions. It’s natural to begins to take everything granted, develop selfish expectation, freeloading tendencies, and become encrusted with bizarre entitlement seeping issues. One of the most important secret to life: life lessons you must teach an infant is how to give, and learn to recognize their passions. They must be taught the enchanting art of giving, cultivating patience, fostering compassion, nothing is certain, and must be taught to not give to get, they must learn to be generous and be able to give away things that they are especially fond of, and most attach to, otherwise you creating greed and selfish monsters, “deficiencies in character,” which are prevailing and ubiquitous globally. All conditioning are very progressive, everything we do is progressive. We are condition from our very impression ate age to want everything we see.

Preoccupied with selfish agenda’s, and lodestone motives, unkempt freestyle desire levels, loose unnecessary primitive ends, “justifying controversial ideas and idiosyncrasies, early poisoning memories, “special selfish concerns and request, “vengeances that are profound and absolute, conspiring to our insane realities, ”mischievous claims,” reckless peer pressure to acceptance of unnecessary primitiveness,” “the charge of cynical indifferences,” inaction able intel, world class ambition and play time without all-inclusive and collective evolution values, and our eagerness to foster instabilities, “great sense of euphoria” from contagious greed, “spreading insanity to make us feel better about ourselves,” selfish tantrums, spreading disinformation’s transparency clause, long-smoldering resentments, “and censor unnecessary primitiveness that are the hallmark of finding comfort in disorder, has been getting the best of us since antiquity, the conclusions is inescapable. We are all byproducts of our world’s population trying an unnecessary and ridiculous primitive thing. We are just different egotistical versions of confident, “full of nervous venomous excitements,” engulf in full floods of “seething pent-up” unnecessary primitiveness that has been “unwitting us in every turn. Poise and suave primitive confidence trying to justify unnecessary primitiveness that has us paralyzed. It’s our ultimate distraction that has us discombobulated and fending for counter intuitive outlets to fill the quaking voids. We are all being misled into following primitive hunches, “believing we are mastering, playing these unnecessary primitive tremulous games we are always overthinking, when in all self-evident actualities these unnecessary primitive games are playing us.“ We are all preoccupied with our own placating chilling parallels, in the same instance trying to find our callings. “The prize of anything can be based on what others are willing to pay for the item in question.” Our ways of life’s can be narrow down to being one continuous bartering and haggling auction.

Our overall focus from the very start is “framing that draw the eyes, and keep the subjects inside barriers.” Taking advantages of primitive situation instead of making maximum effort to rectify them.

We are always preoccupied wasting precious time intriguing ways to create favorable effects, establish superiorities, out do everyone else, and win: win, always be at the center, and the object of attention. Our entire global ways of life are manipulated by a set of false beliefs which is an acronym that stands for (false: evidence: appearing: real) counterintuitive struggle to fit in, into systems that has been “failing us miserably.” “Our existence is a famous global mixtures of obstinacies, “ “insecurities masked as bravado,” bargaining chips and power that’s always ben at other noun expense, faire tales, Nancy stories, imaginary beliefs, complex graphic social etiquette based on “geographic luck of the birth lottery draw,” infamous misunderstanding, counterintuitive forms of defenses, selfish courage’s, testing new found strength, primitive game changers, false assurances, indecisiveness, touchy selfish sensitivity, unrealistic ego’s, suppress emotions, sarcastic attitude, cynical retorts, mix messages, affluent missteps, a desperate hunt and fishing for “leverages that people can’t turn away from,” suffusing smoke screens, mix signals and mi’ concerns, and cannot escape the uneasy sense of something isn’t right, and interval sense of impeding doom.

Life for all of us, is an open hollow expire book that really and truly has us as coconspirators in administering each other endless sweet nothing. Our entire lifetime is teeming with life log primitive engagements, preoccupied inventing “deception plans,” rope-a-dope subjection to twofold redundant blah-blah blaring babbles, and pension to ramble, we always foredoomed to share and exchange primitive counterintuitive grim thoughts, “negative feed backs are always marinating,” worshiping primitive major decisions, and parties that always putting us in harm way, holding our minds hostage in grievous turmoil, drawing strength from pumping unnecessary fear, and keeping us on dangerous ground, choose your next preoccupation very carefully. Our traditions and customs, and heritage allocate us wide berth to develop waste of time, finger pointers, blame gamers, and fault finders finder, which is big business that are used to create profitable effects, and as a deform aftermath solutions.

All of our minds is intensively focus on some form of primitive greed, overriding moral pains and pangs, our life time spent hunting and fishing for chemically finish products, and primitive material gains. Our primitive preoccupations are rope-a-dopes going dark isotope elopes, moping and groping brinksmanship, that keeping us hogtie and bitter twisted in insurmountable amount of mi’ priorities, and different complex levels of self-interest. We are always silently primitively comparing ourselves, contesting, competing, awarding, and pitting nouns against, all of these primitive levels of consciousness that are anti collective evolution, and separatist ideals. These proclivities are only design to double cross all of us, and waste valuable time creating losers circles and in circles. All of which has prerequisite, which is selfishness, greed, insensitivities, aggression, hate, abuse that must turn into violence and declaring war. All wars are a volatile mixture of pronounce greed, selfishness, miscegenation, narrow-minded, “judgement corroded by deleterious effects,” reckless insensitivity, love doing the primitive don’ts, seeping entitlement issues, malodorous reputation, crave all resources, etc., just imagine there was numerous wars fought over ordinary spices. War is the most of all of our passionate primitive undertaking. War is deliberate intention, and ruthless will to make endless mass fatal mistakes, the most popular symbol of unnecessary primitiveness. “The operating word in soldier is sold.”

Most soldiers are kept under duress, and are routinely handed unrewarding assignments, “soldiers are imprisoned, they have to fight who ever enemy their government deem the enemy, or point to, and otherwise they face court Marshall, and execution. Military, security, and all type law enforcements has the prime conditions for those who has untreated big seven mental issues.

The primitive traps is always set worldwide, with our mi’ programming, mi’ nurturing, mi’ education, disinformation, mi’ concepts, misunderstanding, etc., are the infuriating live bait. “The walls we are building to protect our unnecessary primitiveness, delusions of securities, disarming formalities, are always closing on us expediently”

Although most of us is privy to all of the important parts of existence. We haven’t out grown our well known urges and primitive enthusiasm to waste time with primitive formalities, spend our entire lifetime making everything unnecessarily complicated, for everything around us. We are always discovering brand new ways to outmaneuver each other exhilarating defying vulture greed, and knack to indulge in our derange propensities, and predilection, to desperately seek far fetch primitive selfish glories, hunt and fish our universe high and low for all of the “signs of odd primitive sense of wealth, fame, fortune, power, thrill, and how to conquer, and enslave one another.

Most of us love and take great pride in fueling “the surge of savagery” making everything unnecessarily complicated. Creating unintended consequences, deviating from pressing priorities. We are pros and cons at making something out of nothing. Globally every one of us are preoccupied and fascinated with no items. All of the relevant parts are in disarray, making our awareness unsolved puzzle. The aim of this literature is to advised and inform the entire world on haw they can set, understand the pieces of the puzzles of existence to fit together forming the big picture logically, and perfectly.

Imbalances are from us creating our own personal brands of circle of confusion paradoxes.” Seeking diverting stimulants that are of paramount importance, and share all of the characteristic of “reckless abandonment of pressing priorities, and safety.” We are well nurture, mi programmed, and mi’ educated to exercise out counterintuitive resentments completive moody skill sets. Predisposed to “focusing presumptuously only on fear of death and decay.” Life is a continuous primitive competition. We are constantly and redundantly trying to outdo each other at keeping each other in perpetual state of unnecessary primitiveness.

We are all well-conditioned to feed and throw resources into systems that has “failed miserably” in uncountable ways. Systems that orchestrate unnecessariness that has us living in unnecessary fear forever, while we are distracted seeking validations and attentions. We waste a large portion of our life cleverly mocking each other with “vertical stares. Our minds, bodies, and cosmic field that are disarray projectile all over the place, constantly subjected to patrolling profane activities, and sweet old fashion notions. Our secret pain voids are intense, and are always gradually expanding, and sailing from all kind of unnecessary primitiveness that are pedigree instincts, seemingly out fitted with music scores per se, “ heavy use of strings, with occasional distant cord progression.” Preform counterproductive mi programming to try and reach intangible idyllic. During the intermissions we are force de jure to toil with the rhythmic fusion of horror and relief, unnecessarily misplaced, suffering the spelunking slings and broken arrow of recklessly abandonments. Our entire lifetime is spend, spent trying to fend for air of completions.

There is no other major center piece threat to our world, than those of its unnecessary common shared creepy residues butterfly effect altering all of our destinies than those of all kinds of variations of broken minds, especially “strained sophisticated “broken mind, broken from being engulf by progressive unnecessary primitive caterwaul, outlandish chariot of fire charades, fascinated with “eliciting appropriate response,” creating selfish effects, and stimulating trending ignorance citadel. When our acquaintance, family, love interest, and friends re-enter our lives, we fail to realize we and them as well, are always climbing into the future , and always changing, and when they had known us or they had known us our levels of consciousness mostly had differ, and our mediocre levels of consciousness conflict with any types of change. That was mi’ educated, mi’ nurtured, and mi’ programmed to be selfish go getters. Unnecessary chauvinistic primitiveness, guilt trips, imaginary beliefs (“the operating word is imaginary)” standard operating catacomb charades, charismatic intangible business thoughts and actions that are put on a pedestal. Imaginary beliefs insinuates for those who believe in imaginary beliefs, “to experience sensations of things that is not there, how cool is that.” In the medical world it would be classified a disorder. Most of us are nurtured, and mi’ educated to become bitter opinionated side line spectators, and self-creators of unnecessary flaws.

Our rites of passage constrict all of us to fall into in sync labyrinths over flowing with high standards of malicious intents unnecessary primitiveness that encourage endless unnecessary chaos. We are being mi’ nurture, and mi’ programed to bear the brunt of well-seasoned , mi’ concepts, disbeliefs, long running lies, missteps, mi’ direction, misunderstanding, and all forms of illusions of securities. We are routinely mislead into believing that we are not responsible for our primitive actions and inactions. Seemingly “purely for dark research purposes,” we are being highly trained to role play, be stagers, pretenders, master the dark art in scrutinize each other calculatingly, and constantly wage a to z war on nouns. We are all professionals at living double entendre lives, “using each other to get want we want.” With inferior levels of consciousness, “it’s has always been easier to hate than to love, “seeing the good in everyone.” We are misled to seek out everything fast that guarantees dangerous and “harass sensitive consequences and repercussion’s, fast tracks, fast life, and quick fix that just set the right conditions that allow bitterness to run amuck.”

Notable auspicious contribution towards our existence requires a high degree of frequent abreast all-inclusive and collective acumen teamwork.

We are systematically abducted willfully accepting mediocre levels of consciousness, that gives us super star residuals from being “part of the quaking problem’ role in our continuum, instead of playing active greater good, all-inclusive and collective evolution enchanting animated majestic big picture roles.

“The precursor squabbling, and making primitive abracadabra impression cavil babel that usually come from always breezing over unnecessary primitiveness that is always in the wind. We are always trending new ill ways to feed, extend and cherish unnecessary primitiveness that abscond our very promising potentials. Most of us could never shake our unnecessary primitive something isn’t right feeling. We are predispose to document over protective unnecessary primitiveness, and make a movie about it, as if we want to be able to relive, harness, use the distractions, and share the aftershock of unnecessariness of it all.

There is no other way to interpret our journey than utilizing only the absolute unvanquished truth, every step of the way. The wrong ways and already in intense play all around us. “Building momentum, a unstoppable unnecessary primitive force,” eventually into “a story without hope,“ if we don’t initiate “ghost protocol.” There is no future for future generation if we continue with unnecessary primitive ideologies, selfishness, greed, everyone doing the wrong thing, and doing their own thing.

It’s normal primitive enthusiasm to misstep, to and fro, “floating around lunatic fringes,” pulling rabbits out of one-size-fits-all hats, to venture out rabbit animal hole clandestine covert subverting decaying mole, misled led to mucky beliefs, a rabbit foot is lucky when the foot host wasn’t lucky. It’s normal for most of the world’s population to attempt to profit from can’t get right haze, and grey areas. We are only creators and admirers of primitive distraction, force ripe part of the quaking problem charms, sticklers for shadowing non items, major shell game players of global twisted regimes with porcupine game faces, panic faces, flaccid “placid acid orbs,” subdued in sublime “vanity that conceal weakness,” engulfed in primitive gossips, and primitive agitations, always brandishing reckless “star-spangled,” primitive blah-blah imposition, and decaying mi guided squandering splendor, busy making side bets.

There are countless explicit insipid adulated trails of unnecessary primitiveness spreading like wild Greek fire especially, in recent decades, the entire world’s population has major unnecessary extreme primitive threats moonlighting as standard of excellence, and countless latest addition of unnecessary primitiveness client privilege rainbow labyrinths. We must at all times brace ourselves for the unnecessary disappointments, and distractions. Readers discretion is advised,” Collective evolution awareness, and all inclusive contribution is strongly advised to disentangle controversies.

The worlds entire idea of sanction success is severely misconstrued, are is constantly being misinterpreted by most of our entire world’s population. This fatal fact was mi’ perceive from ague Lange sync, our primary ill misdirected idea of civilization. How our twisted idea of “civilization” got its illicit start. In the beginning of forming gated communities, very similar to present gated communities, the motto “greed is good,” and separating us from our collective hive as well, remain intact, it never skip a beat, creating winner and looser circles, in-crowd, and out crowds which depends on twisted primitive ideas of fame fortune and power. Primitive competitions, endless sweet nothings, contesting took on a primitive life of its own, sending a permanent wedge, sports which are the epiphany of separatist, contesting and competing, and creating spectator complex from the ague Lange sync, which has been dissuading us from our collective aspiration and our very enhancing and promising collective hive evolution, instead of pursuing our greater good enthusiasms. Instead everyone began to jump the Gatling gun, always eager to listen to unnecessary primitiveness. Unnecessary primitiveness has a diplomatic immunity clause in all our preoccupations, and derange systems, it’s on high rotation self-destructive playlist, mastering self-creating unnecessary primitiveness, duped, nurtured and mi’ educated into playing stubborn inadvertent clandestine a mole role sampling of astronomical , and spinning great subverting separatist yarns, separating us from uniting and aspiring promising evolutions, with countless separatist super nonsense.

During a time when “simpler minds of our past”, began spread ill-conceived ideas and life lessons. In a time when our unnecessary fear, respect for selfish greed and unspeakable ignorance’s was our guide, we only had utmost cow towing respect for the people with the most pachyderms and their droppings, the host with the most mess, they were a shoe in to lead the rest, no matter how many seeping mental issues they had, or perverted ideas. “Fresh didn’t germinate primary out of fear of some type of barbaric punishment or death, or they were stifled or stamped out.” Any new concept were considered alien, and threat to our unnecessary primitiveness comfort zone. Everyone are condition to watch each other, and “alert authorities on unusual developments from antiquities, nothing has change in our present, our neighbors are busy playing musical curtains, peeping tom mick and Mary. Most of us are still defending and playing counterintuitive roles, behind the primitive scenes, oppose to becoming a protocol expert, understanding the in high definition suffusing Technicolor big picture. Instead we are misled to develop savoir faire counterintuitive guile and reckless determinations, raise primitive expectations, crush each other happiness, and allow molten unnecessary primitive tyranny “circle of confusion” footholds, to take its treacherous terrorizing told, “flatter to deceive,” establish primitive pecking orders, play an intense role in increasing challenges that are impossible to overcome, and obstructing collective evolution. There is nothing more alarming for evolutions, than incessant primitive minds playing security, and creating laws, especially those with strict imaginary beliefs. Unnecessary primitiveness has protections, even in our present by “positions of influence and advantage.” Those with the most is well respected, all of their unspeakable heart desire, and wicked fantasy were allow to materialize, and they were allow to make up laws to protect their every ill whims, secret agenda’s, and any and all of their unspeakable motives. People with the most were allow a wide berth of revenge, justify, payback, primitive barbaric “an eye for an eye” and punishments, which could never restore unfavorable events. Globally we are encourage to search for value, which creates to prime condition to have each other preoccupied fighting for crumbs, and is a primitive oversight kind of diplomatic immunity to destroy our global environment and search for precious metals, no matter the consequence, use eminent domain to acquire anything wish to further their obvious selfish greed. Since then respect for prosperities progress into all types of unspeakable acts, and each of us “ugly boasting” that they are better that the next. Money fame and power is the most devolving primitive self-destructing mi’ priorities principles, we could ever adopt.

With unkempt emotions and desire levels, “people are just chasing more;

We waste a lot of time getting imprinted, and couture fitted with every ill conceive counterintuitive selfish ill measures, that are poorly design to get us ahead of our primitive selves. “As we age we begin to see and notice things clearly,” only major problem it’s a very long lapse in what could have been quality time whereas we are trying to become complete. Instead we had to seek dark comforts, equalizers, and escapes adapt being “barely here with no protection open to full brunt harsh exposure to unnecessary primitive elements that has been changing us from one dark stage to another of existences while squandering our innocents, purities, and wholesomeness.

We are all subjected to second nature collision of consequences from global unnecessary primitiveness that creates endless antagonist, and has us all over the place unnecessarily displace as primitive opportunist, and it’s infinite variations of squandered deficit from unnecessary primitiveness. All of our senses are always expose to continuous willful wickedness streams of unscrupulous aggression and violence’s.

Without all-inclusive, collective awareness, and ingenuities, most of us has to be all in with unnecessary primitiveness, which guarantees us to brutally spend our entire life disenchanted, mastering collusions, gambling and squandering our wholesomeness and purities. If you have high twisted hopes to for white picket fence, apple pies and 2.5 children, and other delusion of selfish pursuit of greed excellence, you are read the wrong book. Unnecessary primitiveness has always been the new dark art twisted form.

Unnecessary primitiveness are the apple in our eyes, it’s a forbidden subject allows incurable recidivism to fester in disguise. Unnecessary primitiveness we are forever ever scanning to prevent up-close and personal super craggy flaming unnecessariness, from eating away our very promising potentials.

You are on the flipside, on the outside of our very promising potentials. Your perception and access to all of the relevant information determine your awareness and distinction of your real and pressing priorities. Whenever anyone transform to the all-inclusive and collective evolution level of consciousness, you can set the super prime condition to hone an astute mind, get “your first priorities in order,” have access to real self-introspection, and recognize everything lining up. When we don’t stand for all-inclusive, and greater good collective evolution, we are guaranteed “to fall for everything, “especially being susceptible to falling for all the wrong things.

You are most likely peering into our abstruse world, that perspiring a strong acrid sent of can’t get right levels of consciousness. We can only perceive things we are conditioned to notice “our most detrimental challenges is things we don’t thing about,” Or not condition to acknowledge.

From mediocre exacerbating levels of consciousness, we may see our world from dark scenic route, as a world where most everyone acclimatize gone with unnecessary absentia primitiveness advertising fancy ignorance’s, and blended super greed, not skipping a beat, being showered with vivid putrescence convoluted stealth “innate sense to hurt every nouns around them.” MI’ programming preoccupied with predicable multitude of entertaining error bouts of inhibiting primitive cynicism, and retorts, running quick maneuvering that sucks us into unnecessary primitive errands. Unnecessary primitiveness has us, always “overlooking the greater good obvious.” “Unnecessary primitiveness is the top ranking, seemingly the only grotesque hidden lust freakish game in town,” that are constricting most of us to do the unthinkable.

Unnecessary primitiveness sporting acclaim propositions ironically is always trying to wrap up reality into a neat discrete baggage, naturally resulting in super intense unnecessary primitive embarrassments. Unnecessary primitiveness are promoted by global super regimes that you can notice the “dollar sign in their eyes,” and the murmuring “gamblers glints” in too many eyes around our world progressing to “personality plus, a stickler for falling into stuttering chaos. Something worthwhile involves some form of rituals of primitive counter procedures, “trying our own personal brand of counterintuitive thing with healthy convictions, primitive claiming, are just moving primitive targets in lace unleveled mine fields, can’t see our true directions, self-creators of “starling outlooks, a funny volatile mixture of fear, hush greed, hostilities, puzzlements, and grim primitive determinations,” always wasting precious time playing tricks ourselves. chasing after primitive high value targets, preoccupied with faire tale happy endings, goals to achieve “by any cold blooded means necessary “setting unrealistic unnecessary primitive always stock piling for war, predispose “to getting stuck in one find mess, after the other” and doing state of the gray and dark cloud art advance “ugly boasting.” Most of us derange into believing, as long as we do one thing we guess is good, we are ok.

We are all in one way or another spot on socially displace run of the mill ruin-errs, all the subverting credits is due to our well encourage oddly possessive vile natures, and besotted unnecessary primitiveness. Globally it’s all an elaborate charade of disbelief, odious allegations and spurious enthusiasm, yet we are avid nest builders, what kind of nest we builds is based on our market intelligence. Unfortunately most of our market intelligence are counterintuitive and comes with curves, twist, and deceit. Furthermore we are force to get herded, pretend to be sync, and lump together in as captive audiences, with many boiling seeping uncanny, and disturbing ways. When we observe our world from heighten levels of consciousness, our first and foremost thought is “how can I help pathologically,” which is the best all-inclusive, greater good, and collective evolution way we can proceed of find solutions, when we aren’t utilizing these elementary steps, then it’s safe to surmise we are on the flipside of our very promising potentials.

Everyone is stiflingly familiar with where we are, where we go from here? Going backwards is not an option, not now not ever. The only thing we can do is go forward and onward. Our entire world is also advancing into the future, we are always leaving the past behind, every Incident that occurred, took place in the past, no amount of energy, revenge, punishment, can reverse unfavorable occurrences.

HU person’s nature are highly based on availability of viable market intelligent. We have to decipher through endless information. The only problem is 98.2 % of information is wicked disinformation that has been creating unnecessary heinous dismal repercussions, and retched settings. Wicked disinformation manifest endless plaguing finicky oversights, unrealistic dreams, chaotic childhoods, create Oscar worthy actors, elaborate pretenders, and fighting every battle reaction. fill with fly-by-night disparaging contradictions, everyone desperately and with uncanny desensitize ness trying to get what they can’t have, a volatile cocktail of fantasy and beliefs, blatant “lies that we pretend is true,” counterintuitive aftermath solution that motivated by “eye for an eye, “revenge and punishment, twisted ideas of success, which encourage medieval separatist perquisites such as competing, contest, jumping for awards, comparing and “ugly boasting,” “positioning ourselves get set ready, to derange follow fame, fortune and power, run crawl, jump, trick, maim, kill, mass murder, terrorizing activities, sail vie, that prevent us of being “mindful of deprave indifference, those who are less fortunate than ourselves.”

How to sharpen and wiggle our minds, elevate our levels of consciousness to favor, “get our priorities in order, “ recognize loose unnecessary loose primitive ends, develop acute awareness for unnoticeable obstacle in our journeys, set the articulate conditions to develop well-balanced magnetic purifying agile acuities, and enhance our priming sense for the unexpected. It time to implement all-inclusive, greater good and collective evolution protocol.

We spend our entire life time well content gathering and processing information’s. It’s stiflingly unfortunate most of us are ignorant to the truth about information’s, and it’s is self-evident, and a well-known fact that 98.2 % of all information is aggressive disinformation’s, grand part of 360 degrees preoccupations with uncanny cradle of unnecessary prevailing primitiveness, that has been turning our entire planet into battleground and eventually ground zero Maximus.

Universe “rough evergreen magic” flow

Every noun allow a little more life eclectic flick

Glow grow, freewill bestowed

Free guile guild all-inclusive collective all accommodating entwine cosmic wick

Existence should no longer be a legendary decorative “sugar coated,” immobilizing libelous, and remain a lifetime exposed to remedial guessing game. We are held accountable for all of the resurfacing missteps of our ignorant predecessors. The gross international product are our predisposition to focus with high resolutions on complex quirky psychedelic thermal aberration of whacko super imposed life lessons venomous spastic transfers, that brand us mostly with bobtail glowing ember short fuse’s, some are masters at hiding their molten fuses. Low and behold, only game in town is picking and choosing between is the phosphorescence gross progression of backward logics, lazy thinking, selective remembering, counterintuitive innuendo’s, disgruntle created insane foregone conclusions, disturbances, and distracting misgivings, and mi conceived directorates from all of our past.

We are only able to notice, process, observe, and acknowledge distorted indispensable abject abjure scenes that are painted in our minds from our personal brands of negligent black market intelligence.

A large segment of this literature contain boosting and enhncing phosphorescence all-inclusive and collective evolution holistic, curative perspectives, remedies and solutions. It’s an ultra-life secret source of intelligence, change of pace transforming all of our current predicaments, and refresh to sublime fresh starts, into brilliant new greater good exotic telemetry and topographies of “stratosphere of ecstasy,” “that can keep everyone happy, and foil the wicked.”

A book that contain a comprehensive thunderstruck information about our existence is super tall order, yet these are feasible all-inclusive and collective evolution concepts on how anyone can be complete, assist, and concur in thwarting unnecessary primitiveness that has been hemming our collective hive progress. These are all-inclusive collective evolution uniform elementary prime suffusing directives enjoy a lifetime of happiness, available to anyone wishing in their journey of life.

Presenting the world class leaven reason we all must at all times lend all ourselves to the unvanquished truths unique ness that will shed suffusing essence of existence. Ultimately it’s the all-inclusive and collective evolution wisdom to enhance and control greater good rebirth designs, prevent future all unnecessary conflicts, create lasting peace, and aim right at create the perfect future.

Solving each other short coming and helping and caring was supposed to be a natural enchanting majestic animated natural quick-minded response. Instead we are misled into believing in harden and cynical succinct destabilizing evergreen primitive separatist ideal, insurmountable amount of nurturing and medications that are duping us into be out fitted with mediocre levels of consciousness, and becoming loyal to all of the wrong preoccupations, induce unnecessary fear, flight risk, and twisted priorities, that are intricately mi ’designed to separating our collective hive in all ill-manners, and derailing us into precarious existences.

All inclusive and collective evolution thoughts before any action. The foot prints of our major decisions that was made without all of the relevant information is forever lodge in and on, causing us to suffer the sling and arrows of broken minds.

The primitive element of surprise, code of silence, and its caveat attrition rate.

Every primitive choice we make, that isn’t necessary, has primitive haunting consequences.

First and foremost neatly and eloquently define:

The absolute and real definition of primitiveness: any and all things that doesn’t encourage and promote the greater good concepts at all times, that isn’t all-inclusive, and isn’t collective evolution in nature every waking and sleeping split-second. Inventing, and remaining preoccupied with things that create future challenges.

Whenever you have a situations, concepts, etc., where varieties isn’t an option, it’s obvious our freewill is compromised.

Word perfect putrid slimy unnecessary primitiveness are always being rebranded, make over, repackaged even as you read all over the world.

Potent disinformation can “go above and beyond,” realistic and practicalities, withstand the motion of time, retain, and attain omnipotent VIP status if it’s has connection with fame, power, and fortune.

A primitive world is definite as a world where most of everyone are discourteously flew the coup, or “flying over the cuckoo nest,” for themselves, obsessively compulsively and condition to following fame, fortune and power, from during their most impression ate age. Where most of their entire population is always trading their freedom for wealth, leveraging power, fame, and the disillusion of security.” Where most of its inhabitant are obsessively preoccupied doctoring new ways to competing with one another, from every ill-conceivable angle, etc. a world that has strict sets of gender role. Battle of the sexes, is a normal time consuming preoccupation. A world where everyone is constantly trying to drive all kind of unnecessary wedge between one another.

“Nothing scream success,” like building theatric elfish reputation, and identities, overstepping greater good, overlooking the obvious, and “doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.”

When you quest 360 degrees there are infinite amount of primitive acute truculent highlights. In all theatric couture fashions, there are so many ill ways we are nurtured and mi’ educated to blur the line of greater good realities and uncanny measures we are highly trained to distort and twist the relevant facts of existence. all around the world you can find most of every misled, most child, woman, and man are busy bees with scattered extreme razzmatazz blend malice wits and on the always on the brinks of ooh and aha moment of complacent and hysteria in personal brands of relay post.

It’s clear and precise everyone on the planet is lost in their personal brand of unnecessary primitiveness. They are globally preoccupied, and vibrant with unnecessary primitive interest that are dully noted as counterintuitive bog mire esquire choir, and a Nancy plethora, labyrinth self-destructive activities, they haven’t thought out all-inclusively, and in a collective evolution manner.

Unnecessary upheavals, flooding the market with inaccurate information that fits the primitive description, derailments, catch 22, snag, entomb, in endless unnecessary dilemma’s, peddling perverted ideas, primitive puns intended, self-delusions of grandeur, enigma’s, and collision of primitive consequences, they’re preoccupied with trying to get whole enchilada, doing everything all for themselves. Naturally they have to find endless forms of escapes, and selfish comforts from the purpose behind the self-creating unnecessary realities pizzazz and their spiraling towards unnecessary disasters, in gear with predicable primitive pattern overrun with super handy odd consequences, giving way to primitive impulses, and digressing with flaming putrid sermons. Primitivia could never work, it’s a decaying redundant bout, rerun repacked, and star-spangled remake “vanity concealing weakness” story of their past mistakes coming back draft back full force majeure to haunt and destroy them. We can only see the bad in everything that we all play a serious hand in creating and maintaining. We just spend our entire lifetime perfecting a primitive competitive edge, and counter intuitive thirst for plotting revenge, predispositions to administer punishments, and stock pile and always prepare for war.

Dishing out and receiving high profile cahoots unnecessariness, minds are preset to always search for values, teacher parents syndrome running amuck, every is type casted in unworthy cause’s, and off-beat senses. Circus of fervent ill-feeling activities, and tainted inferior levels of consciousness residing in rabbit holes, chameleon misgivings, unstable gross affection for money and appearance of prosperity, hook line and sinker distractions, primitive mind over all that matter, hookworm motives, everyone has a secret agenda, unmanaged desire levels, over run with groupies and fanatics for all of the wrong things, the operating word in fanatics is fan, we are quick become fans of all the wrong things, everything is always progressing, the wrong things always progress darker, instead the fan could be the operating word in fantastic.

We already has the tandems of endless false starts and missteps, we are precondition to fail miserable, unless we decided to play an active role in editing out all of our missteps and false start, and elevating our levels of consciousness and others around us in a serious altruistic fashion, we will remain can’t get right and extremely susceptible to become fanatics without a cause. Mediocre levels of consciousness pernicious influences prevailing, mix signal and mix message primitive “observe play therapies, transfixed on catch 22 primitive reference points, self-contained entitlement issues is ubiquitous, separatist think has diplomatic immunities, inevitably filling their hearts with larcenies, the mi’ leading primitive fifth teen minutes of fame, intense predispositions to follow the money, rigid selections of fantasy masquerading as substantial preoccupations, side bets, “regurgitated verbal vomit, “well shadowed merging ignorance’s, and second nature confidence to ignore all of the warning signs. We are always inventing, pioneering and perfecting new ways we can offer bravura endless sweet nothings to each other. We digitally mastered dishing out unspeakable disappointments. Globally we intriguingly found every ill-inconceivable ways to botch daily vitals.

All of us has some type counter-intuitive tricks up our short sleeves to work the crowd, and maintain our intense self-destructive devoid of the in natural Technicolor, high definition animated, majestic, brazen breach of peace, gated communities next to mister and misfortune, ramping prevailing intense mi’ programming, regal all-inclusive and collective evolution big picture.

Primitiveness is very territorial, in environment overrun with unnecessary primitiveness, and ignorant, you will find the fastest growing things is negative freakish traits. Negative traits are guaranteed to progress like high speed molten lava, their worst at an astronomical rate, missteps, ill-advising information’s, “the harder you run, the more you stay in place,” overkill, enigma, stigma, imbalances, predicament, everyone for themselves, “twins bumping off one another in the wound,” drama, diabolical lust, the usual primitive song and dance, prejudice, traitors, disgruntle ness, underworlds, disturbing allegiance, disorders, restless wandering, twisted priorities, punishments, revenges, unspeakable acts, fear and fascination fusions, secondhand emotions, doing and saying things to create effects, greed, selfishness, super wars, abuse, crime, radiant secret pains, loopholes, inactions, pretending, inconceivableness, ambushes, lies, taking advantages, aggression disinformation’s, distraction, fear and hate. Everyone spend their entire life justifying unnecessary primitiveness, and are preoccupied with comparing unnecessary primitiveness.

The reason why most countries, ill perceive ideas of civilization must fall, and would always be doom to repeat themselves. Is due to their inability to understand, and decipher what primitiveness really mean. Every bit and stream of information is made up, usually of canard enthusiasm, and “sugar coated response, “mostly of wilful wickedness, and “people saying things others which to hear.” 98.7 % of information is really and truly disinformation that has been progressing with open budget easy. Most of us are really clueless to; “what we know for sure.” Yet we are confidently preoccupied, and a fore to reckon with. We are just elaborate animated callow caricature pretenders, overrun with twisted priorities, and capricious life lessons, trying and invented our very own unnecessary primitive canard and remedial thing.

Most countries, or civilization are unable to recognize, or realize those who came before them, has been getting comfortable establishing unnecessary primitive disorders calamitous show time, more unnecessary primitiveness, the more primitive situations it creates. The entire world has been falling prey to impulsive rash unnecessary primitive drastic decisions, based on facts they don’t know. All around the world we are just forging primitive empires. “The average lifespan of most successful civilization is 200 years,” most of them were from remains of brutal inquisitions, and cassock pedophile leaders that use casuistic cataclysmic disinformation to further selfish twisted anti greater good secret agenda’s.

Diversify unnecessary ignorance, and unnecessary fear, which still has a serious foothold in all major countries, has carte blanche and open budget to maintain unnecessary primitiveness, although it’s self-evident all of their counter intuitiveness, inactions, and misstep, has always been coming back to rope a dope, and haunt us, there is really not much we can do about it, most of the world’s population has been well tame to protect unnecessary primitiveness, it’s a paradox, and there is really nothing we can do about it. This literature is design to dismantle the our global unnecessary primitive hot sticky and very messy paradox, and take us back on track to our very promising evolution, put an abrupt end to our longest stasis era, and devolving. The normal primitive ways most civilization is created, starts at ground zero and then everything is expound on those missteps, and mi’ perceptions. Primitiveness naturally draws attention, there is a natural place for all of the wrong things.

Primitiveness involves a serious amount of unnecessary high profile one –size-fits all awareness, consummated broad base burgeon can’t get rightness, overwhelming unnecessary fears are encouraged, obliviousness to all of the things that desensitize us, bourgeois lunatic antics, conspiring rainbow fanatics, everyone for themselves, overnight hair brain schemes welcome with open arms, open budget to do all of the wrong things, “twisting the facts to suit theories, branching botch concepts, “competing to “hurt everything around us, “self-appointed super stars, attention super monsters, double entendre double standards, elaborate pretending, dressing to impress, botched-ego’s, “seducing to reduce, “different renditions of disorganizes, “forcibly trying to get more out of a situations than are offer,” recklessness, and personal brands of carelessness, celebrating, boorish drama, bumptious, cadenza and cacophony lies, digitally re-mastered craftiness, jolly-folly booby-trapping capricious life lessons, byword deceptions, crooks, thief’s, mercilessness, bloated ignorance’s, compromised influences, opportunist, villains, murders, thirstiness, bonhomie swindlers, buccaneers, bureaucratic go between, red tape buffers, snakes, moles, sad life, contests, competitions, mutating greed, dark surprises, all levels of selfishness is cherished, uncanny ups and low down and dirty mischiefs.

Civilizations that last longer, would naturally be better war mongers that are wizards at mastering the art of stock piling and inventing mass killing latest trending weapons.

We have little regarded for true meaning of primitiveness and, it’s widely forfeited, culminating into all of us missing the entire concept of civilization. Unnecessary primitiveness is our prevailing dark energy, that will always make everything harder, and forever unbalance, than it need be, and most importantly, the underline browbeaten byproduct of primitiveness is primitive emotions, aggression, greed, selfishness, craving all, hate, violence, abuse, and war, and “a desperate need for acceptance, or attention from anyone who would listen, “all a major part of unnecessary primitive game. War is the referee for unnecessary primitiveness. Instead of evolving, unnecessary primitiveness has been conditioning all of us to develop crude odd and grave orbiting camaraderie, with the current long running misguided, mi understanding, and mi’ perception of what being civilize really mean. Primitive mindset, we wouldn’t know how to truly belong, has all twisted and lost, preoccupied selfishly and greedily with leaving primitive eyesore, graffiti’s and scratching boasting we was here.

Always open for clandestine discussions:

You have to fist fit in to primitive systems, groups, etc., in order for them to control your freewill, and make you sell or exchange your freedom.

Unnecessary primitiveness has most countries “rigging their nations to help the to help their winners.”

“HU person’s emotions is like great works of art, and they can be forged as well, to seem just as the originals.”

Levels of consciousness around are world, are symbolized, with ordinary arithmetic symbols. You can find levels of consciousness to match every possible arithmetic symbols.

Our world has always been unnecessary driven by over privilege with free range heart felt all-embracing Nancy unnecessary primitiveness yarn that has always been causing us to become “morally bankrupt.” “Which way do you which to go forward or backwards?” If you chose backwards, cease and desist from reading this unedited literature immediately, continue as you been doing, and you will have your wish with ultra-ease.

It’s brutally normal to spend our entire life outlining unnecessary pressing primitive needs, overly concern with separatist exploits, and getting to the bottom of unnecessary primitiveness. Unnecessary primitive mi programing has “been manipulating all of us. Unnecessary primitive thoughts consuming, and terrorizing us, and has us feeling like are part of something incredible.” It’s not personal it’s just unnecessary primitive mi programing.

We are all creators, we create our personal realities, we create our line of perceptions, understanding, limitations, and vulnerabilities, levels of consciousness, awareness, propensities, predilections, predispositions, priorities, and preoccupations.

There always been renowned intimidating legitimate unnecessary subverting quaking glossy emblazon gaps in our continuities. Hit-n-miss chain gaps are everywhere literally. There are countless people around the world that are devoted to double standard gaps working diligently against us making tsunami waves, flickering snickering, whickering faltering smarting detrimental gaps are a major part of our officialdom.” Gaps systematically has us all over the place discombobulated, we are brimming and teeming with frenetic mi representing gaps.

Fleecing gaps has considerable loyal aristocrats and income to encourage and promote, “our worst top of the line operators lurking in the undergrowth.” We are mi nurtured and mi educated to stay within very strict set of counter intuitive primitive parameters, and attachments, that are unconditionally putting an end to our greater good future choices. The most primitive thing we can ever do is trying to beat records, competing, contesting, or being part of any and all things that involve separatist ideas that has been separating us from our collective hive, or collective evolution. yet everywhere we quest around the world 360 degrees, you will notice the worst evidence of primitiveness, which are competitions, contest, gambling, record admirers, primitive best of the best of, has us stuck and susceptible to self-entitlement hot seeping issues, aggressively trying to become a primitive super star, they has been “breaking us, and turning us into awful pieces’ and throw us away in our twisted and bitter inevitable ends. My Asperger aspiring intention is to narrow, or altogether eliminate all of our disparaging epic subverting and separatist gaps. Help everyone longing to be rescue from fleeting air something isn’t right cruel twists of faiths virtues, help everyone around the world to rescue themselves from unnecessary obscurity.

Gaps are our unscrupulous false image, and misperceptions. Gaps has been setting everything in self-destructive motions. Gaps are traditional, and are available to protect some of our longest running accepted idiosyncrasies, and its attrition rates, are part of our customary prevailing none all-inclusive and collective evolutions thoughts before in actions. Primitive gaps has become a very important part of our sceneries. Fraudulent gaps and voids are our mi interpretations, inabilities to understand our limitations, or our true potentials, “choices dictated by twisted emotions, our endearment for mi priorities, herding acceptance for unnecessary missteps, propensities for deranged progression personal brands of weirdness, predilection urge to merge with each other around the world trying their very own personal brands of smelting volatile potluck concoctions thing that has some measures of counter intuitiveness, and are combat oriented. Around the world there is a lot of people that wants to honestly help who don’t have any ideal ideas, or elementary prime directives, on how to really help, they end up joining groups that mostly waste time treating the symptoms instead of the root causes, inevitably falling prey to fancy ignorance and primitive standard operating mi procedures, in the end, they naturally twisted into becoming bitter and dark exceeding primitive expectations, “when they hear the all-inclusive shout,” they has been“ part of the quaking problems, instead of being part of the enlightening solution. We are all has been highly trained to become animated professionals at doing the exact counterintuitive things that has been “failing us miserably from their initiations,” lack of a uniform all-inclusive and collective evolution prime directive code

“There is a primitive riding art to losing ourselves”

“Our world has a lot of well-fortified deep-seated strange primitive arrangements, primitive selfish survival skills, primitive counterintuitive loose ends, free range greed, infinite ways to differ us into being ‘vulnerable to crimes of mediocre levels of consciousness, let me rephrase, letting primitive emotions get the best of us from our predilection to be caught in epic distractions, always having to sift through, super unnecessariness, unnecessary disappointments, and sweet endless nothings, most of which is written in small print using invisible ink.

“When we peel back the layers of our realities, it will never add up, “we will indubitably found out we spend our entire life missing the whole concept of existence.

In light of all of the treacherous circumstances, and super cultivated disillusions, the world needs the real;

All of the very important preoccupations of life is based on our undying respect for values, which is our life time hypocritical oath, we are nurtured and mi’ educated to pledge allegiances to, and follow. Our choices on how to be, lay between the regal enchanted animated majestic poignant “rough magic” candor truth, and the real big picture, or the dear morally reprehensively cesspit stale, constantly recycled and rerun clean image disillusions.

Basic Hu person’s engineering and wiring.

“We are the product of well over three billion years of evolutions, suck in our longest running stasis.” From our inception we have well over 100 trillion cells at our disposals. Billions of neurons and synapses unleash to do our worst or our best, culminating into two interconnecting life forces. All of this fierce agile epoch-making power is always in play, during our journeys, depending on our health status, and reliable and viable information’s.

Our galvanizing primitive standard operating procedure; the only thing we can count on, or rely on are primitive people skills, it’s “pretty clear intentions” to squander all of the greater good all-inclusiveness, and collective evolutions. Most of us are constricted into spending our tire life in-between a real hoot of reinforce trick offers, and best primitive offers. “In one brief shattering moment, it all “can plunge us into unnecessary never-ending darkness.” It’s naturally become predispose to beautiful lies most of which are memory imprinted, and stay away from the ugly truths. All over the entire world in any give split-second, we are just bewildered, and disenchanted seeking primitive glory, buying and selling hope, and other forms of intangible businesses, intangible businesses is the highest grossing business of all times.

Everywhere we quest it’s self-evident we are getting busy replacing outdated illusions, with brand new complex form of disillusions.

We all are observing our world from personal brands of makeshift portals verities, from which we set the moods of conforming halo ego’s, and create our own immature personal worlds. Main secrets of life is being stringent about owning a predisposition for selflessness, candor and honesty.

These personal world we creates depends on whether or not we choose to go through our journey using truth or illusions. Ideal existence is evergreen, are always being sabotage and compromise from previous ignorance and inactions. 97.5% of information is black magic minded, black market intelligences it’s a blue blood fierce glib malevolent molten rapid progression, of false start, false steps, disinformation, and games, all of which are leading us astray, and constricting us on a bittersweet schedule with to the epicenters, and targets he ground zero’s unnecessary chaos.

Most of us are ignorant about our first major comfort decisions, and how to clarify and remain committed to all of our first priorities, which is a choice between finding the unvanquished “truth and candor in everything, every waking and sleeping split seconds times, or being satisfy with the illusion, and ‘deal in appearances,” which is the prevailing metal tasting norms. “ Although our choice is already made, via preordain. By choosing the unvanquished truth we had decided to spend our entire lifetime making more informed decisions. When choose to be committed to the force ripe illusion, we decide to loyal to all of the global subverting and counterintuitive games that are always in play, that always has us “whishing we can turn back time,” or ‘wishing we can have moments back,”. We prefer to be quick with “keeping up and learning primitive counterintuitive and subverting games, as it change for the worst.” Look around its self-evident, take an international quest and you with in enviably find “the worse it gets, the better off the worse people (b7 seeping issues) are.”

The opposing principles, we are all oblivious to our most rewarding and most impressive teacher; wordless conversation, joie de vivre.

The anatomy of existence, and basic behavioral self-destructive patterns.

Our best prospects for a wonderful future.

A completely clean healthy dose of the ultimate levels of consciousness, which is our ultimate and ideal best weapon.

Our universe has always been demonstrating on the whole the ideal ways for us, “to be, or not to be.”

Presenting all-inclusive accommodations, a perfect blend and bioluminescence fusion of goodwill and freewill, how to make our most informed decisions.

How to be; these are the suffusing luminescence all-inclusive and collective evolution philosophies and revolutionary answers. Once in a lifetime opportunity detailing how to find, or create the best version ourselves.

Viva la difference

All-inclusive and collective evolution anthropologies.

“fais ce que veuli”

What’s real for an individual, is usual hard to perceive by another, since every single individual are lost in their very own personal brand of trying their very own selfish counter intuitive primitive thing.

Existence is stagey with unnecessariness in the extreme, overflowing with contradicting guesswork’s, faint clues, and unnecessary uncertainties. Whenever a world is overrun with unnecessary primitiveness, one can in doubly find that intangible business is the highest grossing business at all time, example, sweet notions, love, fear, beliefs, hope, hopelessness, promises, control, paper money, glory, attention, wisdom, expectation, awards, fantasy, etc. Most of us is “selling, rebranding, repackaging, exchanging and buying hope.”

Where ever unnecessary primitiveness are, it’s natural to find out that anything goes in high aggressive spirit, “unadulterated unnecessary primitiveness weight heavily on our conscious.” Since 98.2 percent of our preoccupations are is highly based on disinformation’s, it’s safe to say we spend most of our life getting mi’ programmed, and teeming with ready mix forms, mix beliefs, mix ways, sending and receiving mix signal, mix feeling, mix message, mix concepts, mix up, etc., that has been forcing us to remain in unnecessary primitive attritions, and stable in a can’t get right stasis, everyone in some way or another is utilizing some form of sheer primitive technique that has us well anchored and tethered on the out skirt of reality, yet we have various master class, “how cool is that”? We all are “making it up as we go along,’ all of us are caught up in one way or another in highly over rated pipe dreams, modeling very bright missteps, the exact science for creating unnecessary calamity and chaos, that has been infamous for “failing us miserably,” during our entire time line, is part of the standard operating procedure. Energy can be utilized in countless ways. There is good energy and dark energy. Since everything is progressive, especially energy, energy can be purified. We can’t be yin and yang, or good and bad, and be complete. Dark side UN managed will always progress, into deeper darkness depending on our available market intelligence. Good side has a chance to progress into greater good, depending on available market intelligences. It’s quite realistic and possible for goodness to progress into proximity energy healing, and purification, and touch energy healing and purification, one of our most advance super power, if the right conditions are met throughout our entire existence. There is always a vice versa opposite and flipside. People who stay tune to dark energy, are always progressively going dark,” some dark energy practitioners, can advance into performing proximity good energy subtraction, and many others can perform touch energy subtraction from their counterparts.

Pretty fair description of our primitive support short circuit systems that has been conspiring with unnecessariness and unnecessary disappointments, culminating into our actualities is always being twisted. Primitive unnecessary flippant floodgates of illogical successions, is always trending globally. Globally there are just flirtation with flow charts of fleecing, one form of unnecessary primitiveness, is always replacing the latest forms of unnecessary primitiveness. We are preoccupied with finding new ways to enslave each other, and are well conditioned to stay tune to the primitive scruffy value of nouns.

“Too many critical high value decisions are being made dreamlike, without all of the relevant facts, and relying on faint clues. Most of us is always and constantly twisting the facts to suit their secret bravado agenda’s, purpose and unrealistic theories.”

We are all born rich with life, unnecessary primitiveness are misleading us into comparing, and believing we are poor. The moment we enter existence we hit the jackpot. Everyone is a special and one of a kind entity. Each of us has our personal individual needs. We are only as poor, depending on what we chose to compare our uniqueness to. In most if not all of the time, we are, jealous, envious, and comparing ourselves to nouns that are “part of the quaking global problems.”

“When we don’t know what our purpose is, then we are lost, sorting through fragments, devoid of the rest of the relevant piece of the complete puzzles of existence, going through our journeys with a gaping holes, setting the prime condition for anyone to tell us what our purpose is.”

This is safe all-inclusive passage, from being type cast and miscast into all of the unnecessary nouns that fits the primitive descriptions.an how is my living greater good Geiger-counter, every walk of life can find out which path we are on? Which way is the right way to be? And identify and edit the wrong ways to continue our journeys. This is a box set of literature proposing a comprehensive set of uniformed elementary principles offering solutions for all of our demerits. Consisting of a series of books that offers solace, all of the relevant information’s that can solve everyone around the entire world unnecessary challenges, and it can enlighten the world’s population to cosmic sense of purpose. Everything we do, and every step we take should be done with all-inclusive and collective evolution purpose, otherwise it’ a giant misstep.

Mystical universe cosmic remix refueled, and reloaded undertones

This super manuscript proves everything is preordain. Life our existence is just like a movie, the identical ways a director flashes and preview hinting an object that comes into play in a future scene, we all have a subtle super power, that gives us a glimpse of our individual future sneak preview our individual future, our eyes subtle lock for split-second informing us of ordinary items that will come into play in our preordain future. Scares all-inclusive collective, life lessons, and up close and intensely personal overflowing suspicious life lessons, everyone is primitively free to, make it up as, they, and we go along:

Existence is virtually, and ritually, everyone is throwing each other, hot messy primitive minds parties, serving up cold dishes of left-handed odeuvres.

The usual suspects, are sometimes extremely easy to distinguish, they liars, the greedy, the professional needy, people that don’t say thank you, with no sense of humor, after all, 360, there is always something to laugh at, the insensitive, inconsiderate, common foul greed types, grandstanders, hoarders, materialistic, empty promisors , those who discourage innovative ideas, (all logical new ideas, should be tested, after all most inventions, was from a result from accidents) anyone who dress to impress, needy types, those with entitlement issues, people that demands special treatment, etc., except for the professional very composed pretenders.

It was normal to super master doing our worst to everyone, and everything around us, the world, and our universe (space garbage’s), brace ourselves for ensuing recognized tones, disfiguring repercussions, pedestrianized insanity disassociation pleas, waves of fresh primitive inactions, character disorders, from our seeming entire time line.

These are all part of primitive patch work of all-inclusive, collective ideas, instructions, etc., so anyone can do their super best for themselves, everyone around them, and our universe.

We have more advance senses, secret weapons

Whenever we ask our brain to retrieve or assign a task, it’s important to know, it will response to us, and based on the order the query was received.

This is just one of the many of suspecting estimation of super powers we all are endowed with; coined as M.E.I.K.E, an acronyms for (mental esp. imaging kinetic, extrapolation). Some people subscribe to this philosophy “we need lies in order to live,” if you are still actively participating in telling and accepting lies, it may inhibit you from noticing the meike super powers, recognize by the French as Deja vu. The most important thing about our meike super powers proves everything is preordain, “may the meike force always be with you.” “Have you ever seen someone and know they are going to play a role in our lives,” that’s our meike super power speaking, and signaling to us to us.

Continuity is the result of preordain rough magic.

The preordain stage is set, for the chain of preordain framed acts and event, scenes and sequels, forms the big picture. It’s safe to preordain say, since 100 percent of our actions and inactions are preordain, most of our UN preordain are actions and inactions are done in a useless game, primitive lame rains falls mainly in vain

Understanding why a particular preordain path, has been pre choose for each and every one. Why some of us are preordain to be subjected to “the unspeakable horrors that lay askew, and akimbo just around the corner, or next bending scene.”

We must quarantine ourselves from the levels of consciousness we became accustom to, and adapt the best levels of consciousness we ought to have.

We only able to perceive environment we are accustom to, therefore we are transfixed on piece of the puzzle of existence. It’s hard for us to recognize anything outside our compromising conditioning. To make matter worst we also has an uncanny inabilities to recognize and distinguish honestly from, un welcome coincidence, those who was really “part of the quaking problem, or part of the solutions. “Only able to search with one-size-fits compromise awareness for those environments we are condition to recognize, which is are usually scenes, and not the big picture.

Most of the information’s we are privy to is omnipotent bad influencing disinformation, creating endless discourse, negative association misgivings missteps, and inhibiting us from being capable of developing vital all-inclusive reasoning’s, greater good thoughts pattern ,conducive collective evolution prioritizing preoccupations, herding us into “persistent vegetative stages.” Most of us are precondition to believe anything, global we are set with hot messy force majeure are willing and able to point primitive misconceptions, anger, punishments, revenge, retaliation, hate, aggressions, inaction, where ever our brainwashers, and conditioners chose. All of the very interesting facts we should know; without them it’s guaranteed your next step is a missteps.

How to wiggle our minds, unlearn our unnecessariness, our prevailing primitive standard operating counter intuitive procedures. How to “steady our unsettled selves decently”, and truly relax and relish our most defending moments; take quality time to observe the universe flows, and the preordain curves, hence the ultimate observe play therapies.

Let the preordain flow, work its cosmic flow big picture magic’s.

When one preordain scene closes, it redirects us to our direction, even unspeakable daunting adversities, direct us to exactly where we have to be in a new beginning, and our next preordain scene, or scenes.

When everyone globally made the greater-good uplifting axiomatic averse transition, universe friendly change to all-inclusive and collective evolutions, and refrain from sizing each other up to determine “lower and higher social values,” only then the laws of preordain can be suspended to favor.

This is a virtual verbatim cohesions of collating abstract missing equations quotient, a great debunker of our missteps, and spotlighting all of our obscure and hidden relevant facts that has been inhibiting and toppling our chances for great good life. How to cater to, and identify our immediate and pressing and critical needs, and abnormal amount of all across the board useful information’s, on how to be our very promising selves.

Distinguished access to enhancing knowledge, relevant wisdom of experiences, sources of our incompetents, hospice care awareness of our squandering heighten capabilities, source of all-inclusive and collective evolution satisfactions, and detailing some of self-evident super powers. It’s also the all-inclusive answers to big question we wanted to know, or need to know, and how to proceed with greater good insights at all times in our journey of existence. How to harness all of our very promising true potentials, and an introduction to our real evolving scale of contributions we should allocate to each other and our universe. It also entails elementary and basic steps on how to become a universe whisperer. It’s also literary depicts all of the relevant greater good and collective evolution ways to organize our limitless best qualities and enhance our very promising true potential.

Dark chapter:

Evolution has plateau: we are succumbing to unnecessary primitive ness, and our insurmountable of accepted doctrines, and well cherished false beliefs that has been vetting since antiquities.

Origin of how we are constantly immersing ourselves in reality base stifling unnecessary primitiveness, “that is design to defend itself,” and defies the laws of probability.

Existence, our continuum is an exact intense focus of intense counter intuitive trending rebellions well hatched snide garish mastership games, which is common-place. Existence is overrun with fierce and agile unnecessary disappointments, that’s precisely cued to produce upturns of ensuing maelstrom of intense inactions, idiosyncrasies, and swift and fluid inadequacies trajectory and it’ continuous quiet intensified dark relays. It’s a preform putrescence sequence framed slow motion scene relay over run, and rerun with baffling bizarre false starts, and primitive rules of engagements. What we all are witnessing globally is “open-minded irrational response to unnecessary primitiveness insanities.” We all has ‘sampled a great deal of unnecessary primitiveness our can’t get world has to offer, some of us liked it enormously,” with unpredictable convalesce ignorant, we are neck to neck competing willy-nilly force majeure heading to the finish lines stropping against each other our very own force ripe personal brands of long shot missteps, and counterintuitive enthusiasm.

Ironically ignorant is bliss, and grey area undying hiss. Most of the time it’s normal to find out that people that are harboring the most infamous ignorance’s, are also the most opinionated. A world of unnecessary ignorance’s is always has an unnecessary uneasy feeling of progressing imaginary threats.

Existence has always depend on our perspective, whether or not prefer to “deal in appearances,” “keep learning subverting counter intuitive games as quick as it can be change them,” or peel of the fake labels. Perspective varies, and its primary based on information, and disinformation we are privy to.

Every one of us has been at the helm of a super computer. Every brain is a super computer, with a serious amount convoluted inflamed disinformations, and primitive ambition in play globally, most of us are force to use our super computer brain as a calculator.

“We are drowning in unnecessary primitive ness, and it’ natural for drowning with our very own personal brands of wholesale damage goods, and some of us sporting glowing ember bobtail sparking fireworks halo quirky ticks.

It’s well known that drowning victim’s natural response is to take down everyone around them.”

It’s customary for all of us to always to inure invectives, “play along hailing faire tales, “subjected to the intermittent linkage of unnecessary causes and it’s negative effects, as part of our vital resources” our primitive unnecessary game faces, always has us faltering and divesting in hot mess, taking a counter intuitive internecine gander at coning science, gather the wrong consciences, and read our universe upside down, and back to front, and share the primitive Ludacris unnecessary risks, a losing game. 360 degrees global questing, we are doing an outstanding filthy snap decisions primitive job at constantly going off the deep twisted and bitter ends. Primitive love has so many interpose boomeranging, goose tail, still in the primitive stage, cocoons of negative effects, it’s a volatile fusion of revenge, retaliation, and punishments, “that those people who we love, are the ones who can truly hurt us.”

The unvanquished truth; everyone around the entire world is a diamond in the rough, that need to regroup and rejoin the all-inclusive and collective evolution movement. When we run around, and circumnavigate the globe with uncapped desire levels, getting busy trying their very own personal brand of any primitive things goes, desperately seeking to make a primitive name for themselves devoid of all of the unnecessary self-creating primitive consequences.

Chapter eleven:

Everyone around the world main point of primitive interest is basically, going about our lives like a lifelong auction, always desperately seeking, and offering the best offers.

Everywhere we venture there is guaranteed to be some type of obscure bitter honey unnecessary primitive traps.

We have so many sporting subverting propositions. Most of us well-marched in cunning and steely logic to out maneuver the greater good, and enraged with deep seated aversions for collective evolution. We are predispose to remaining incomplete, and intricately linked highly trained to burn through a lot of unnecessary primitive topics really fast.

Billons of people are misled to belief they are fighting their way to the promontory top following the money power, and fame, and “trying to get hit by a pile of money,” when in all actualities they are clawing their way to the bottom. “It’s not conquer, one must how to seduce,“ and how to seduce to reduce.” Our primitive global farce to relentlessly search every corner of our endangered planet to find value, no matter the future consequences, and to ruthlessly follow money, power, and fame, etc., “has our world quaking with stranger than fiction arrangements.”

There isn’t foreseen end to abomination of twisted capitalistic counterintuitive cliché’ and tragedies associated with its aberrations. Following fame, fortune, values, and power, has been crowding our true potential. With unkempt emotions, and unkempt desire levels we are just chasing more; more value, fame, fortune, competing, awards, contest, power, is de-sensitivity, greed, selfishness, and new ways to hate. There are numerous poison cliché that sanctioned following money, example; “if you don’t rule, you get ruled,”

Failure to launch our very promising exquisite sublime all-inclusive collective evolution freewill encrusted with super powers and all-inclusive rescuing potential. Forging interstice lingering problem, forever premiering under develop primitive levels of consciousness, and various hint of can’t get right splendor starting points and it’s brash mergers and acquisitions, seeking emotional satisfactions, and attitude of primitive “watchful intrinsic tension, vying for primitive punch lines. Most important and relevant things we aren’t able to see until it’s too late. It’s natural for the ones with most under develop levels consciousness, while making a hot leaky mess of their life, “hurting every noun around them,” to assume they has the highest levels of consciousness. We are always in-between interregnum with secret agenda’s, and our traditional self-misleading stupor into believing a few cool acts, allocate us a higher levels of consciousness, or we are good people. Goodness is limitless and all-inclusive, can only be used in lifelong sequels, and not acts to create primitive effects.

“The real problem, is our mi conceptions, inoperable levels of consciousness, usually those things we never thought about, that blind side us on an idle Tuesdays.”

Most our problem is our overs. Over desire’s, over settling, over stressed, (for stress and frustration fragrance and aroma therapy)over imposing, over spying, over lying, over planning, over pretending, over accepting, over mi prioritizing, over representing, over reaping, over frustrated, over arousing primitive curiosities, over conspiring, over controlling, overrun with unnecessary fears, over fight, over stock piling, over fighting, overrun with primitive prospers, overrun with primitive ideas of success, overrun with ‘far-fetch flights of gossips, “overrun with grievance, over celebrating, over finding faults, over brainwash, over egocentric, overrun with none items, overrun with revenge, jealousy, and punishments, pushing the primitive buttons, overrun with primitive working theories, overrun with loquacious blah-blah, over thinking, overrun, overestimating, over protecting, over dreaming, over promising, over greed, over selfishness, over dramatic, over reacting, over bearing, over indulging over expecting, over look, over insensitivity, over interest, over mi direction, overzealous, over craving, over accessorizing, over regrets, over fishing for compliments, and sympathy, over exhausted, overfed, overmedicated, over systematic, over rhetorical, over prejudice, over favoritism, over unnecessarily damage, over intense, over ignorant, overrun with primitive trade secrets, over using primitive ideas to solve challenges.

“Global bubble of security” is a masterpiece climax “packing a pretty lethal charge” a fusion and assembles of twisted sense of impartiality, perfect consistent inactions, self-creating ‘fresh problems brought to light” wrapped in instinct of primitive defensiveness, and raw antagonism always over stepping fresh molting messy bounds, the only disquieting distressing game in town, it’s just our norm, finding intriguing ways to force each other into unnecessary unspeakable primitive self-destructive order.”

There is a prime way to exist, with extra priceless qualities, and countless ways to butcher our existence. Most people are uncertain on how to begin, and can only see the everyday serendipitous side of existence. Therefore we are all badly miscast, quick to fly-off-the- handle always seeking primitive assurances. Everything becomes a threat to our chilling primitive dignities.

This is the formulas for the best ways for everyone around the world to be. A well of streamline alternate greater good equations for clearing our minds, taking back our life from the placating psychological warfare and our egotistical needs for primitive approvals loopholes. There is an unnatural ultimate price for our primitive clouded proclivities to life our lives backwards. Back to front primitive remix existence, inevitably and naturally must makes us our own enemies.

How to curb reinventing journeys of pure displeasures, “the present is hardly worth accepting.” We have to settle for the latest trending counterintuitive forms, culminating into us falling prey unnecessary sugar coated confusions, mix metaphors, unbridled uncertainties, and deep seated hot messy putrescence obscurities, decipher our complex method of mi perceptions.

Understanding of our rewarding existence patterns, and pinpointing our pressing critical priorities, culminating into worldliness acute insights, understanding, and interpreting the secret code of existence. Comprehensive guidance on how anyone can begin the delectable process to enhance their brain, mind, and induce an all-inclusive and collective evolution big picture view.

The creative process takes time, sometimes, weeks, months, and even years. “Sometimes holding on do more damage than letting go.” True value is only available to those who desire less, reductionism a main secret of life, less is more, and for psychic best.”

A “broad base public ultimate enhancing existence awareness,” all-inclusive survival skills, aligning form “the misstated beaten path,” re-coursing to the collective evolution path least travelled. ”

Introducing mitigating remedies for all forms of challenges, a spot light on the fountain of youth, that has been in from of our eyes throughout our world’s entire time line, it was fit for advance life forms. And the critical necessities, and the well season reason for everyone around the world must understand lies are primitive. Only when we stop telling lies, distorting and mudding up our reality with primitive unnecessariness, and develop harmonizing “pathological honesty”, only then we can begin the labor intensive process, of setting the prime conditions, in order to present the best version of self.

And the la dolce vita elixir, how to regain competencies and cure all providing, the medical diagnosis hasn’t reach, “the point of no return.” Entailing how our universe flows, and the precise cognition cogent tailoring all of the relevant steps to creating an elementary eclectic perfect new world order algorithm and solace.

Universe poetic axiomatic flows, in primitive wonderland

T’ was the best of azure true potential concentric prime.

MI programmed, mi nurture to stay with in imprisoning lines day glows

T’ was the worst of ponderous balderdash squalid primitive clockwork mi conception grime

Observing the universe from one-size-fits-all plays, partial, and bias primitive perspective

Carbon trail wet, clouded judgments jets yet bet met dip set, thoughtless broth diplomatic crept, magical threats, offering solutions to self-creating challenges, whose slime it is fete.

Bar none premeditated glory, everyone subjected, unnecessary sky scarper primitive story

Rudely interrupted unnecessary primitive common decency subprime illogical succession menageries, following money, power, fame, competing, contesting, best of the best mess, encourages us to give to get

Can’t get right s venomous interventions, float like volatile pretty- whack-out-butter fly, sting and sing like a rabbit busy bees, to the left self-detention, preempted from the right enslaved for pension lifetime gradual tear,

“Get done and be gone”, shell games shattered proof glaze, subverting maze, mi programmed blaze, before the dew fly-by night renditions spear, mid-summer malinger gear “steaming face sinking in paroxysm of helpless fear” hindsight perspective night and ground zeros heydays disbelief suspension, topography hike frumpy premeditated shenanigan contentions four season bears, value wars, in short our entire existence is a smorgasbord of clandestine super powerful primitive value systems. 123 steps to freeing ourselves of our overpower secret pains, 1- Stop telling lies

2- Always desire less

3- Always use multi-vitamins every day, if you can get our optimum daily vitals, which are juice of every single edible vegetation’s, vegetables, and fruits from around the globe.

Foreshadowing Ariel psychedelic cosmic magic awe high resolution possible combination, all expression of being wean

All –inclusive observe preordain play curve accommodation, allocated dissipate biosphere’s for all forms and pairs

All forms of complex life cogitating, fine striation of gazing vacant flairs, set free palliating newness endless possibility treasures

Delicacy of manner therapeutic dawning spawn

Low and behold dead center mitigating new entity wiggling spikes, chance to get super imposed “a little more life”

Above and beyond, down under blooming all primitive focus, zooming transient measures exhaust, atoms ideal bonding pleasures

Overcast all-inclusively life also flourish free will thunder

The ideal prerequisites for all flows of life to establish all-inclusive, and collective evolutions perfect world order. Instigating dexterous interpretations of preordain pattern of “reducing our very promising true potential to primitive instincts’, and our life’s journey patterns. An elucidation comprehensive interpretations of existence, and the thwarting our overrated prevailing minted unnecessariness, and ubiquitous super nonsense.

The final chapter:

All-inclusive and collective evolution template for ideal living. It’s also can be our global rebirth mark, preventative guidance to refrain the world’s population from customary falling prey to proclivities, false starts, false steps, false alarms, false implications, and our uniformed vicious primitive concentric traditional free reign on letting every ill-conceive things all to go the unnecessary primitive distance. “Cherish the greater good and collective evolution moments”, and become acutely aware of “life true pleasures.” Develop very important instinct, and initial offered inspirations within ourselves, we are accustom to self-inhibit, from all of our innate primitive compliances.

Quality altering our unnecessary troubling future to greater good, quality time reassigning concatenation, tailoring our concentric true potential, and our all of our very rewarding evergreen qualities, or compos mentis proficiencies, levitating excessive intimidating verbiage uptakes, and incorporate cost effective collective evolution preventive care, and.

These are the synchronize steps we all must assimilate and expand upon in order to stimulate and develop an all-inclusive comprehensive analytical mental operating systems with higher levels of consciousness and collective evolution cognitive acuity, and all forms of highly desirable all-inclusive and collective evolution laudable enthusiasm and ambitions. Any walk of life can begin the prime directives to create a well-furnished greater good transcending mind. Now is the; preordain ultimate time for everyone around the globe can make long awaited transitions to all-inclusive and collective acute “predictive modelling, everything else is irrelevant.” We are byproducts of diametrically oppose all-inclusive and collective evolutions, hogtie to tailgate fair exchange of super nonsense.

Our existence journey awareness and perceptions depends on our choice of how we programmed, or mi programmed to observe our reality priorities. We have two critical choice of accepting our journey reality. Red dread Reality and evergreen reality, in red reality we chose mysterious counter intuitive twilight ways. We are living spoof proofs, living testimonies burdened from all of current systems has been “failing us miserably.”

Forever type casted by one-size-fits-all and any primitive thing goes, by grudgingly MI casting directors in our normal primitive vicious concentric circles, and fathomless quaking depths of unnecessary relentless false starts, false implications, false alarms, false steps, falsified dry run of the one-size–fits-all, selfish, greed, every one for themselves, as if we can compartmentalize our world, and let everyone try their very own personal brand of counter intuitive partial and bias rerun scenes, unfortunately this is our present and current red reality. Evergreen reality is the path less travelled, it’s the big picture reality, with all-inclusive and collective evolution uniformed greater good prime directives every steps of the way. Where every species, and everyone on the planet become important. All separatist ideas is abandon and replace with all-inclusive and collective opportunities.

The primitive chapter:

Derivatives of our true potentials

Any nouns, concepts, preoccupations, etc., that isn’t all-inclusive, and collective evolution in nature is primitive.

“When we compromise one thing we, we begging to process that will compromise everything”

All global insensitive institution, and systems in place makes all of the sensitive, and critical decisions.

We are on threshold of perpetual ignorance’s, and the dirty disturbing business. The primitive plots and subplots is always thickening, always going back to the blind luck drawing board that has been “failing us miserably.” It’s customary to treat primitiveness as a high-valued package. Our oddly well-equipped ignorance, mi programming and mi nurturing are primitively design to have us always sorting out unnecessary trouble, and chaos.

Protesting violently against greater goodwill, all-inclusive and collective evolution know how’s, is a deviation from our straightjacket comfort zone patterns, and are dully unwanted. We are master minds at provoking failures, at remaining in “sinking paroxysm of unnecessary helpless fear,” wasting precious time covering mi conceived tracks, idling with miss giving’s, and derailing transparencies, hiding our misconstrued defective character,

Most societies around the world chief incongruous foreboding sentiment and preoccupations, is highly base on everyone constricted, conspiring to provoke indulgent in perplex unnecessary ill-sensations, reckless with relevant information’s, always measuring words, steep in primitive trade secrets transferences, constantly vying to push primitive buttons, and creeping over powering primitive flaws, enjoying settling for ambivalent lies, professing carelessness, curling up with primitive “keystones cops” funny business status quo, and using them as safety nets. Our predominating operating systems, “is trying to fit into institutions that has been ‘failing us miserably.” All government systems lords, naturally must apply divisions, and all forms of population control. Applying any and all type of separatist ideal will always be the standard one size fits all operating procedure there is no ways around it unless, we implement collective governing and all-inclusive wisdoms.

Otherwise governing will always remain a can’t get right primitive game, using all forms of open budgets to keep each other “overly hostile and defensive with inner guilt,” in order to falsify some primitive type of self-worth, presetting the subprime conditions to keep each other’s claustrophobic, lost and confused our entire life, all the while derailing any chance of our ultimate state of being that can only occur with all-inclusive and collective evolutions. From during our most impression ate ages. We are all confidently going through our journey confidently a live one, with the only available order is border line disorder, teeming with primitive tsunami glowing distracting reaction, torn between two opposite course of opposing actions and inactions. Our life’s missions is to get one up on each other, prematurely judge each other, use mi conceive profiling, clandestinely administering “brand new second hand” the latest trending primitiveness. Extolling loop holes, wasting our entire life competing with each other and trying to enslave each other, from our twisted innate nurturing and mi educations to follow the money.

Primitive bagatelle opportunities are always presenting its selves, graveyard spiraling falling into our laps. We are always falsely settled, we are forever torn away from transparencies, “pondering and lost between ambivalent decisions what to hide, and what to reveal.” Searching for perfection, electing defection, craving distracting reflections.

Most of us are just wasting precious time distracted from the suffusing essence of existence, bouncing barbarity ignorance and beguiling mi programming of each other, some very compose. When we are living our life behind our egos, with a fancy obsession and preference to talk about each other behind their backs, love being a model prisoner of dis organized, and all-encompassing belief systems, we are susceptible to fall for any and all off the wrong things. Every systems in place globally caters to our egos, diametrically opposed to us using our brain, which is a super computer, that are being mi programmed to be squandered and led astray. We are only poor when we use our green eye egos and compare ourselves to each other that’s “lost in their very own personal brands of unnecessary confusions.”

Whenever we primitively compare to others, we create “suspicion of sudden unnatural change.” Fall into the globally prevailing self-destructive trap, giddy unbound pattern of romancing fame fortune and power. On our own volitions we warming ourselves and our minds to become anchored constantly operating on ill-preconceived counter intuitive notions and ill-ideas, that guarantees for us to go cryogenically dark undetected. Simultaneously we are sequester and slaughter our natural freedom, the direct source for creating and nursing primitive condition to fall into, use of one-size-fits-all, bias and partial desperate primitive measures than enhance chaos. Everyone is a unique divergent entity, everyone journey is different to one another, exerting and twisting the facts to suit uncap greed and greed is not a solution, but a creation of additional unnecessary challenges. Most people are preoccupied administering punishments and revenge.

Everything we really need its’ usual right in front of our face the entire time. Unfortunately all our mi programming and mi nurturing, unnecessary squalid conditioning and our putrescence mi priorities are constantly hindering us from seeing them, the intense suffusing animated majestic in high definition Technicolor big pictures, and all of the relevant unvanquished truths.

We are careless with primitiveness, and cheap on all of the relevant specifics. Our attention span, and priorities are always counterintuitively divided with fervent dim witted first rate fly-by-night notions going the primitive distance, trying to outmatch others merriment faults, ill-natures, and self-creating deficiencies. reckless clouded double dealing, underhand misleading aberrations of fortified parlor tricks visual subverting spikes, there seems to be a hands down preferences for inefficient substitutes, favorite primitive diversions, “dismal preoccupations fully formed during hours of unnecessary fear,” and trending counter intuitive distractions, primitive whim’s and all of its fancy overtures, that has been endowing us with a false sense invincible violent feelings. We are mi programmed to view each other and other environments as stepping stones, and as slaving assets. It’s our long running self-sabotaging custom to become fixated on harmful pleasure, distractedly celebrating, even though we have overwhelming unrectified challenges. Things aren’t as they may seem when we are settling for unnecessary primitiveness. Unnecessary primitiveness has endless carrion aberration and an infinite amounts of unnecessary underhand dirty businesses. There are many fine-tuned (acronym for fine “feeling inside not expressed”) primitive traps. Example when our associates, friends, strangers and families, mention challenges, some use it as their personal form of escapes. It’s natural for us to response trying to offer help others with their challenges. Allowing our brain or ego’s to go on auto pilot to find placating solutions, just treating the symptoms, and not the main causes. In most case we are just probing each other’s to find the simplest of ways to get over, and find juicy gossips.

We are mi nurtured and mi educated to allow aggressive impulses to flourish. We are authority on the subject of finding new ways to imprison ourselves with self-destructive mercurial back firing psychological warfare, that has us constantly aspiring backwards distracted with countless thoughtless, guilty displeasures. We are just different dull dubious versions of personal brands stock exchange, always taking a rain check of force ripe recipes for delusions. Out numbering blazing mad shining examples, desperately seek out “the lap of vulgar luxuries, “at others expense. We are always well prompt for impromptu flairs to developed odd perversion chasing the selfish “life’s styles of the rich and infamous,” of grandeur, overreaching, overstepping counterintuitive boundaries, and “aggressively over expanding.” We are always modifying our dense capacities for selfishness and greed. It’s all very important major part of our heritage and traditions that are branding and disfiguring us, and turning us into damage good with Ludacris speed. Trying our own can’t get right thing, that has been “failing our entire world miserably,” is our idea of state of the art cutting edge movements. It’s considered a natural enthusiasm trying to get the whole primitive show bang. Flaying our very promising true potential, brandishing one-size-fits-all ideals, relying on partialities, and counterintuitive bias mi programming. Relishing our uncapped desire levels foredooming us to suffering the slings, arrows, guaranteeing us to remain miserable with can’t get right charm our entire life.

It’s customary for us to use our talent for unnecessary primitiveness and settle for unnecessary fallible grimly progressing wrecking balls levels of consciousness. Globally we just substitutes, run of the confident can’t get right mill consortium, always shadowing each other, putting our own selfish primitive needs ahead of each other, always motivated by unshakable unnecessary fear last-ditch efforts, instigating our worst, preferred to wear mask, clandestine, cloaked hidden and secret agenda’s in counter intuitive motions, that has been establish from antiquities.

This is a locution of eco-friendly groundbreaking brand new enriching and refreshing global changing efflorescence’s, suffused whirlwind of propitiations, and the pristine uniform all-inclusive collective prime directives, aim at solving our “ignorant present, “quaking with faulty ambitions”, and daunting “violent emotions”, and missteps of our limit processing power of our embattling brain. Our brain processing plain, mostly falls in unnecessary disdain. All of our faces, and ways has lifestyles etched lines evidence of well pronounce, unnecessary disappointments, and a great deal of various unnecessariness. Those without life styles etched lines, of well composed, seems to have deeper can’t get right scars, and volumes of seeping issues.

This literature can teach everyone all of the relevant and mitigating facts necessary to ride or, float on the crest of the big picture, and detail all-inclusive ways to shed our primitive in longest devolving stasis in our carrion cocoon’s, and rise above our primitive scenes and attain butterfly levels of consciousness status Maximus, and shine like precious gems in our universe. Instead of falling into chaos, and shadowing primitive activities.

Although it’s long-winded, it’s a locus linear preordain environment friendly message; generous offering all-inclusive ways to adapt in changing for the worst environments, reminder of “the path least resistance,” to all caring eyes and extremities around our fragile world, to all kindhearted, wonderful, generous people around our fragile world, this is GPS to the path least travelled. Off the bat like-minded kind people don’t give to get, nor put their needs above others. Truly kind people, who don’t give to get, “don’t even want thanks in appreciations”. “Helping nouns is a wonderful privilege.”

Deficiencies of relevant knowledge is our most crucial enigma. “Trying to find the things we don’t know, should be one of our main collective objective”.

Livid un-kind people, primitive eyes arm to the teeth, always willing and able to protect primitiveness are everywhere, wrong hands, feet’s, and other types of pretend impair senses, need not apply.

People are alike arithmetic symbols, most people are clueless to what type of symbol, or symbols they are exhibiting. Symbolizing is very tricky, it’s very important to calculate in, and understand all of the logarithm missing equations.

Some people are minus specialist, who cherish fostering hate and separatism. Some people are addition, adding a little niceties where ever they venture.

Some are minus, that pretend to be addition symbols in public to create deceptive effects, and initiate “disastrous methods.” Some people are symbols in the rough. Some addition symbols, were misled and mi condition, “raise in the crudest forms,” that has been abdicated.

Some people are just Oscar worthy symbols manipulators. Others are “shut them down, set up “negative polices shop”, “relying on the therapeutic values of primitiveness.” Some people are tight fisted scatterbrain symbols, and charismatic demolition experts. Some are givers to get, messy long diversionist, some people are radical short division, some are multipliers, some are enigmas, calculating the b7 seeping issues, and you get reality.

Those who chose to be the wrong symbols, is self-evident, and self-explanatory of their state of physiognomy, they are restricted to progressing in “the crudest forms.” They would naturally and normally always overstepping unnecessary primitive boundaries, mimicking others culpably, emulating courses of self-oppressions, and miming “narrow-minded partialities, and one-size-fits-all primitive principles, with overwhelming antipathy towards greater good and collective evolutions. Always overly confident with inferior levels consciousness taking primitive matters in their own subverting hands.

The formulas for no frills, thrilling legitimacies’’

“Doing the same counter intuitive things, but expecting favorable results”

Long after the thrill of seasoned guttural primitive ness ran out, and the newness of every ill-conceived unnecessary entropies, rerun chaos, recidivism, we are still foredoomed to be indebted to primitiveness, and it’s aberrations of complexes. From the inception of the hourglasses, we has been getting chummy with people with b7 hot messy issues. People with b7 seeping pinning issues has been in charge from antiquities. People with b7 transfixed seeping issues, are always shaken and stir crazy, always performing high reconnaissance to invent new ways to destroy collective evolutions, history has document most of their customs and traditions to thrash violently at the greater good concepts, harboring bitter contempt, “battering and settling happiness of our world, ” with one size fits all solutions.

We are always jumping the gun, unnecessary overreacting, and reacting confidently without all of the relevant information’s, “devoid of the vestiges of chivalries” mouthing slanderous theatrical anecdote’s. Forever engulfed in primitive lapse in judgments, and primitive major malfunctions, destine to seek out primitive comfort zones, spend their entire life clouded with primitive immoral issues, with overcrowded unnecessariness sensations, and super nonsense, and seek out ant collective selfish meaningless existence.

Existence shouldn’t have to be a guessing game, with state of the dark art disinformation, countless mix message, all of us sending and receiving mix signals, waste our precious time deciphering conflicting theories, forever “twisting the facts to suit counterintuitive latest overnight bird brain theories, inhibited with preposterous unnecessary oversights.

Our levels of consciousness is an extension of our primitive nature and unnecessary self-destructive egos. No frills, thrill fit our continuity bill,

From the jump start, and the very progressive budding stage, we mustn’t get it twisted, this isn’t a simple message, simple just don’t exist any longer, everything around our world and universe that was simple, has took on a turn for the worst, and became unnecessarily complicated. We are utilizing open budget, and gargantuan amounts of Hu person resources, and relentless efforts to advertise how good we are with unnecessariness, we have to earn each other worst, and withstand newly invented primitive super nonsense.

If we aren’t busy trying to streamline, refine, fine-tune, fine better ways to handle our preoccupations, it’s safe to deduct we are busy getting desensitize, going dark, “twisting in false hood, lost in unnecessary personal brands of confusions, “everything we do always progressive towards the dark or enlightenment. Telltale signs, telling primitive questions, are everywhere, we are all distracted trying to find primitive fits, and all sort of shinny primitive finish products that fits the primitive description. We are always at the drawing board, inventing and conjuring new ways to give everyone around us endless fancy nothingness. We are wonderful at leaving things (nouns) worse off that we found them, oblivious to a main secret of life, “we must leave things better than we found them. Every one of us has things we don’t need or use, others will love to have, we are all hoarding and squandering other pressing basic needs. We must always find and hone our passion at the earliest possible stage of existence, another main secret of life.

Welcome to our brave new world, where everyone is subjected to counterintuitive primitive redundant echo’s, “misleading status quo legends,” “taste unnecessary lies,” “where flaunting wisdoms,” and trying to recapture things we squander, in exchange for despot ambition is normal.

Everyone is still consume, bog down and belligerent from pent-up spacious bestial hand-me-down, sums of all unnecessary fears, and willful flouting acceptance of inferior levels of consciousness. “One worst nightmares is bound by unnecessary and unshakeable fears, “the uncommonly animated relentless threshold of unnecessary primitiveness.

Primitive Ego boosters

Can we honestly assess, decipher, deduct whether or not we are progressing carrion “part of the problems, crises, challenges, or part of the resounding solution.”

All of the global systems in place, offers everyone high profile distracting counter intuitive, and primitive ego boost incentives as succinct delectable rewards, commemorating, and memobelias. Ego boosters is our primitive life-blood, and our main oversight sources of recidivism, entropies. Ego-prone complexes is forcing us to “get down and dirty, or lay down,” in many obscure ways.

It’s an endless list and all of its aberrations, here is the shortlist of primitive ego boosters; that are keeping us in the eye and crossroads of primitiveness. Our primitive “intense capacities for attachments,” fame, fortune, power, depleting our environment, inventing weapon of mass destruction, progressive greed, progressive cheapness, perverse will, philanthropy, “propensity to be saucy, linage, “ fanatic devotions, instilling fear, getting over, selfish instincts, self-deceptions, self-preservation, creator complexes, teacher complexes, secret rendezvous, gossiping, fantasizing, princess complex, fire tale, make believe, parent complexes, all types of endless entitlement issues, anxiousness to conceal, milking primitiveness, world foremost, creating chaos, hoarding, amassing weapons, sabotaging all of the relevant information’s, retorts, offspring success, Ownership, slander, ignorance, pretending, acting, falsifying, devotion, mesmerizing, preventing, blocking, subverting, creating effects, destruction, disinformation spreading, lying, conjecture, witty adjective, size of suicide bomber wake, sense of purpose, change, sustenance, ”a flair for the dramatics,” creed, race, gender, impulse buying, health, acts of kindness, location, priorities, grandstanding, revenge, crime and punishment, laws, justice systems, dress-up, pleasure, delusion of prosperities, accomplishments, intelligent, heinous acts, belief systems, currencies, credit rating, stock market, hate, violence, aggressive, education, nurturing, media, entertainment industry, hospitality, real estate, intangible business, natural resources, control, Beauty contest, make over, transformation, Contest, gambling, Sports, nobility, Modelling, memobelias, commemorate, Accessorizing, Awards, “moods of thoughtful melancholy, prelude to spontaneous inactions, “genealogies, geologic, Fashion, make-up, transportation, politics, leadership, government, military, war, following the money, marriage, love, properties, success, best of the best, every form of competing, material gains, finish products, out doing each other, ant collectiveness, separatist, even burial plots is contest oriented.

There is only one true mold of perfect limitless kindness, in which most us nurtured and mi educated to progressive oversight towards our universe crucial teaching,. Our universe that has been demonstrating the idealism, and all of the best greater good ways, ‘to be, or not to be.’ Our universe has been hinting, the best basic ingredients for anyone to attain greater good lifestyles. Most of us are clueless to whether or not they are kind, pretend-of-the-third-kind, or kind-swine.

Globally we are all on the receiving and exchanging ends, of flummox levels of unnecessary counterintuitive and self-destructive levels of consciousness. Most of us are being well groomed to falsify everything important in accordance to our “geological birth lotteries.” Inferior level of consciousness, compromise our priorities, sand eventually leads to us, “hurting, and damaging everything around us.”

We are mi nurtured and mi educated from the onset, to being ego-sped, opposed to being brain-led by our super computer brain. We are mi directed to settle for flummox ego boost chief motive, and be oblivious to true value retentions, all are disturbing goose missteps that has been inhibiting us from experiencing the fullness of graceful collective evolution.

We are on the whole driven by pent-up, and scared with etch lines from unnecessary silent combating “sums of all petrifying fear,” that’s well pronounce, flouting, and conquering our very true potential. “One’s worst nightmare is bounded by unnecessary and unshakeable fears.” On the whole we are always pursuing selfish excellence, and its resale valves. We are all across the board encourage shadow every ill-conceivable false starts, false hope, and create uncanny false sense of perceptions.

We are anxious to conceal all of the critical inalienable truths, we are encouraged from a child to pursuit selfish dreams. Our entire ways of continuities is anchored with overwhelming unnecessary counterintuitive progression shaping us into various personal brands of libelous goods.

Uncap desires, spiting Greek fire, running amuck, “goof proof,” and remain forever a recycling nostalgia blotter scene, widespread “environment entropies, “detached from our collective evolutions very promising potential. Adhere to our geological preferences of self-centered-love. Dishing out of mediocre respect, and choosing between mediocre bias-respect, settle for adjustable-honesty, becoming more and more gradually devoid of all-inclusive accommodation, hampering greater good freewill.

Destine to become staunch supporters of unnecessariness, and super nonsense, develop drama prone predilections, and propensities, to meddle in primitive matters become confident with ill-prescribe Claus phobic enigmatic life lessons, forcing others to observe reality from their inhibited perceptions, and limited-understanding, posturing above our collective hive.

In other words for as long as we choose to play with uncultivated priorities, we’ll always be trading truths for suspension of disbelief trade secrets, just paying lip-service, as a respectable sometime-e, undone, percolating towards eruptions and molten messy meltdowns. In the same instance we also are offering protective surveillances, which really implies, we are free to invent and conjure brand new ways to ill-watch, ill-treat, deceive, and reduce each other.

Pretty fair description.

Our realities are a series of conceal primitive repackage causes, and primitive hunger to mi live. “Everything is never as it may seem.” There is a distinctive possibility, 99% of things we are preoccupied with are a diversion from our true and greater good goals. There are some many lethal combination of methodological skill sets, primitive short circuit smoke screen primitive business as usual support systems, that are possessed by that has been rapidly progressing cryogenic dark unnecessary primitive extant hoaxes, games, bluffs, threats, overbearing primitive social pressure, and useless enthusiasms.

We are pursuing love, excellence, prosperity, property, etc., in a permanent state of blended unnecessariness that has spiraling to rock bottom. Most of us are a molten fusion brimming with unnecessary grievances, stress, (for stress and frustration fragrance and aroma therapy) and frustrations, without selflessness, and “pathological friendliness.” Pursuing anything relevant without proper levels of consciousness is the basic recipe for chaos. Most of us are progress rapidly with greed gone wild, and prominent selfishness into eloping brinkmanship. Seeking acquaintance, friendship, love, marriage, when both parties were encourages to promote, and following the money, power, fame, and status, desperately seeking “embarrassing amount of riches, “”by all means necessary,” inevitably must end very bad, we had decided to deal in in appearance, and agrees to be endow with a full blast of thoughtlessness, recklessness, carelessness, while growing more and more devoid of admitting our faults. We would some way along the way sell, or exchange our freedom for primitive money fame, power of status, only able to offer to the world a shell of our truth potential. Most of the world population is motivated by money, power, and fame, its normal that “the fortune of most is precipitate by the misfortune of others.”

The first primitive order of introducing our love interest, is customary to use some form of primitive grandstanding, boasting about their status. With unnecessary fallible levels of consciousness, therefore we are forever clueless to the true nature of things we are pursuing. Although our universe always demonstrated ideal excellence, we remain tainted from its majestic, animated delectable ardent fervent big picture and greater good insights.

Defending chapter:

Every one of us creates and manage their own identities, perception of realities, a distinctive personal brand of reality, highly based on their experiences and information’s they were privy to, culminating into their own world, and level of consciousness and awareness.

Every person born is a unique, one of a kind entity, they is a combination of two genome. They would naturally has unique fragile needs, and understanding. It’s customary to throw them into our prevailing one-size-fits all mix, and wait to see what happens.

By the time we are three years we are anti-collective, overrun with separatist’s ideals, smooth primitive operators.

We had to endure repetitive geological unnecessary black market intelligent, re plastered compounded unnecessary ignorance’s, mimicking false steps, and emanating missteps, following out dated fashions and counterintuitive trends, instigating not taking responsibilities for our inactions, mistakes and missteps, become a ruthless pretender, instilling lying is ok, treated to hefty portions of fantasy and counterintuitive treats, encourage to develop unrealistic selfish wants, bounded to run of the mill brinkmanship’s, evasion tactics, self-lies, expose to monumental over sights, copying counterintuitive operating procedures, primitive tricks of primitive trades, that has been, “failing us miserably.” Inferiority complex are hampering us from detecting signs of favorable change.

To make matters worse they are lump together in captive audience, with others who are suffering their own “slings and arrow” of can’t get right market intelligent.”

Posturing can’t get right poster child charms, sporting hair trigger primitive paragon reactions, accusatory without all of the relevant information’s, promoting and encouraging some form of wicked super nonsense. A high profile asset for unnecessariness, a labyrinth of suffusing conflicting theories, deep seated with mix messages, mix signal, holding on to corporate disinformation’s, selfishness is well anchored. Inevitably inferior levels of consciousness retorts are one-size-fits-all. “Example you have all this philosophies, what happen to you?” it’ brutally normal to impose doleful detestable misconstrued primitive ill- perceive ideas of success, and respect on the rest of the world.

By three years old our levels of consciousness is almost fully formed, and well structured. Therefore a child three years old is already corrupted and almost permanently compromised, if they possess inferior levels of conscious.

Most people is misled into believing, if we are kind to a reserve few, did an act of kindness, we are good people. “Kindness isn’t an act it’s has to be a rerun sequel,” most of us are, “giving to get”, a detrimental misconception. An inspiring secret of life, state we must not give to get, or give to curry favor, or give to create favorable effects, all of these forms of giving compromise and corrupt our sense of moral balances. Truly kind people, who don’t give to get, “don’t even want thanks in appreciations”. “Helping nouns is a wonderful privilege.”

In many cases, it’s painfully obvious, we are grandstanding, and “greed is dam frigging good.” Most of us are generous to a limited few, and the most dangerous people are usually, only generous very limited few, to one or two persons in our collective hive of seven and almost a half billion people, this can’t be right? We are only kind to chosen ones, we has either enslave or pull the wool over their eyes, clandestinely hiding our wolf ness in sheep clothing, or force into dependencies, gross oversight breaking news flash, that’s quite to dandiest opposite.

The first step in getting help, is admitting the underline problems exist.

In most cases everything critical, and crucial, has always been befuddled right in front our face, all the while. Try this experiment, next time you have a challenge, unveil your inhibiting blinders, by intensively searching, and researching, your immediate surrounding for the solution, or use collective evolutions, ask for help lifeline from a member of our collective. Our traditional acceptance of reality, actuality, is lace with a surplus of unnecessary blinders that create complication, in simplicities.

The universe has always being our super best incomparably beyond and above us all “teacher. Everywhere our universe has been setting the perfect bar none boundless love, kindness, how to experience “joy in the fullness” behavioral ingenuities, generous accommodations, optimum character building and structuring, “predictive modelling, “crystal clear and sharp understanding, culminating into supreme prime directives.

Access to existence optimum state of being, and behavioral ingenuity algorithm, and the unvanquished truth about everything critically important.

Bespoke diatribe detrimental crystalline judgment call; offering in-depth insight into our missing links, missing equations, and self-appointed enhancer of levels of consciousness advocate. Delving and spelunking into our disheveled beveled biosphere’s, and find the crucial libelous linchpins, and offer viable solution to our existence enigma’s, itemize the reasons, why our shelf life’s is foredoom to be unnecessary cut short. Entangle entitlement pipe dreams, atrophying barb and anchor birth right.

Our global psychological make-up, play a very serious role in our continuities. Ubiquitous primitive uncertainties, unnecessariness, has been entangling our continuity and streaming our; preordain carelessly aimlessly wander on the counterintuitive darker wild preordain side. In grave addition we are mi programed to be loopy, droopy, and snoopy with extracurricular unnecessary fears.

Most inventions, logical new ideas, and applied concepts, was from happenstance, serendipitous, results from accidents, there is a high probabilities, there is the unmentioned disturbing anarchy flipside, and critical chaotic vice versa, to that normal acquisitions and mergers, it’s is also safe to assume every day and night, new decease, new virus, and new mass ways to destroy one another is being accidently discovered globally, in countless research around the world. The UN suspecting to the public, has been, and continually being condition to accept and expect new brands and strains of global sum of unnecessary fears.

Access to relevancies denied;

Rude shock awakening, our halo and heirloom mi nurturing, and prevailing mi education, is fortified with excess verbiage, they are always putting the kibosh on our access to advance levels of consciousness, or being a fervent activist of the big picture.

Most of our entire global population, if not all, are conditioned to use “cloak and dagger super nonsense,” play and strife on “delinquent playgrounds, with ease.” We are all carrying wholesale luggage’s over stuffed with international damage expired goods. We are all toting three parts mi programming, three parts ignorance, three parts personal brands of super nonsense, guided by our personalize no frill brand of ego desperately seeking immediate gratification.

We can’t honestly decipher whether or not, something is afoot,“ we are the culprit in unnecessary complicity, an avid member confirming their good fortune, eager to join the ranks of global regimes willingly participating in making other lives unnecessary complicated, promoting, and competing with dark mindset forces, every waking and dreaming split second. Engineering their part of the unfolding around the clock unnecessary problems, crisis, tragedies, facing our universe.” In there lies “a problem of astronomical proportion,” causing our entire ways of life to be overrun by a series and volumes of recycled one-size-fits-all, ill-prescribe everyone trying their own counterintuitive thing, creating a surplus of unshared delusions. “What’s real for some, most of the time it is as if everyone mi belief they can compartmentalize our world and universe, into their own abortive affair, and they don’t have to be part of our collective evolutions, and live in their own world all by their selves. “We only have access to forestalling, subsiding and conflicting enigmatic life lessons, and well-guarded off-chance sentiments, and primitive enthusiasm, and other off the wall assets such as, “don’t ask, don’t tell,” then we don’t run the risk of knowing.”

Dishing out hefty portions of their own trying their own thing counterintuitive recycled normal hand me down whims, mi nurturing, false starts, missteps, misconceptions, disinformation, misunderstanding, mi education, underline and fundamentally inhibited with unnecessary barb and anchor with super nonsense lynch pins, inferior and mediocre options, and can’t never get right opportunity.

When we decided to advance our levels of consciousness to the big picture levels of consciousness fullness, encouraging, manicuring, maintenance, grooming, procuring, fine tuning, and promoting obsessive participation, only then we begin the labor intensive ground work to restore our planet to greater good favor.

Hence the reason everyone around the world must undergo a level of consciousness make over, reiterate everyone must reset their entire perception of existence, upgrade their levels of consciousness to our optimum super advance cutting edge state of the all-inclusive and collective art universe approve levels of proper consciousness

The earth is a past concept, time is different in the universe. There is a gap in time, between the earth (primitivia) and the rest of the universe.

We all place a very important role in shaping and making the future, with practice emphasis everything we place is place for the future. Future placement of every object is subject to prospect, reject, infect, defect, abject, dissect, retrospect, preordain trajectory. Every object cross our collective paths, when we cause an action, inaction, or place object it can have a direct impact on our entire continuity.

All of our actions, inactions, or placement of object, goes around, and comes around the future addressing you or a member of collective hive, in our journeys. (Objection stand down frown, shadowing and detonating primitive subverting gong.)

All object place, inaction haze, action, reaction, distractions forms preordain, all of our movements is part of the big picture. All moments is a future act, it’s our past relaying creation of the always moving future. Our actions and inaction play an intricate role in the future, it affects our future for better or for worse. Objects, actions and inactions is place for future processing at the precise preordain time, influencing, subverting, sabotaging, disfiguring, or cultivating of our future to greater good favor, hence creating preordain streaming.

Astute preordain lock of demotic demagogue de facto contravene evasive counter measure premonition end result, “found a way to reach way-way recycled official ignorance’s, and official primitiveness.” “Change all of our defunct sweeping defeatism complaisance vicious circles, into collective inner calmness greener Pasteur.

Concord angst decorum analytic innovative transforming introduction to harbinger anthology; preventative maintenance concomitant eye and level of consciousness evolving opening super comprehensive Handbook/ Manual and elixir for every Hu persons around our world that can cause them to be continuously transform into limitless greater good possibilities.

Every noun is angelic andante mind over matter throughout the passage of can’t get right hanky-panky time… desperate version to gather the real finer thing in life, weren’t’ able to comprehend.

Disorganized ongoing threat to all nouns that never enter our mind, or cross our path, animus mi programming blather. Our very first families are the atom family, our cosmic link.

Our levels of consciousness is conceptual. Our cornucopia levels of confetti mi programming and prevailing ignorance’s, is always being digitally re mastered.

When we aren’t obsessively well preparing to climb the immediate, and long term future, then is safe to surmise we are disconnect archeologist holding on to past complicity dainty daft deride credo’s, that has been “failing us miserably’ from the unsetting sun setting of misconstrued ideas of civilizations. Mind lock, stuck mirage, running amuck, block, pot luck, tick tock, bog down salted oasis in cul-de-sac culture shocks, at times impaired desert Shepard herded sheep’s in wolf clothing anti collective flock, descending backwards to primitive levels of attitude.

Without the proper advance all-inclusive and collectively positioned levels of consciousness, that can position us for greatness, we are derailed from the start, guaranteed to have fixed primitive desultory mind sets instinct, careening with enraged conflating conflicting conforming crisscross personal brands of jonnie come lately confection fly-by-night philosophies.

Grooming cudgel criterion cumulative cordial blind spots, counteractive counterfeit levels of consciousness’, destine to be coup de grace, mi perceiving each other as a “luckless ego centric addicted to fiction presence,” bestial progressing dark gracefully brandishing false values, devoid of future preparations, devoted to promote anti all-inclusive and anti-collective. MI believers of collective evolutions fixated with straining eagerness to be weakness collectors, brutally capture the hearts of people.

Befuddling be te’ noire primitiveness, beatnik copouts thrown into the crestfallen courtship in false credo mix, ego mutiny, a stickler for disinformation, creepy mi programming, leading the way by a nose, mi education running high, mi understanding ha unlimited Bligh’s, mi conception pile ups.

Aspiring to be global mascots, cynical defiant well plastered with ignorance and mi programming, feral incarnation “head held high while our minds are in the gutter,” our predicable in a bad way uppity guttural propensities took on a life of its own, mechanical about capitalizing on the overwhelming amount selfishness in love, fame power, cosmology, and fortune, which we are highly trained with cutting edge couture mi programmed to launch stealthily aggressively attack, without spearing capital violence, “by any means necessary,” seemingly from the wombs.

Don’t know how to play nice, fore doomed to all forms of frighten intrigues, regicides and unnecessary decays, a livid veil strange shell of our true very promising potential. A fretful fearful can’t get right revolting messy scene, struggling to arrange our uncanny forced fed seen better days ideologies, and gather our squandered true potential. Every moment waking a new form of greed, infiltrating others that are “lost in their personal brands of confusions,” dangling composed frantic carelessness last minute desperation will always be our primitive order. Primitive order implies we are forever cloaked with uneasy heighten subverting presence of enchanting primitiveness. It ‘also signifies its ok for everyone tells each other whatever they which to hear. Broken mold, always picking up crumbling pieces, world foremost backseat captains of sinking ships, sailing on unveiling tsunami’s veil ultimatums will always be coming out of left field.

Imaginary chapter:

“Never saw it coming, how we lost our ways, from being globally mi nurtured , and mi educated, to fall prey and constricted in the spending our lifetime participating in redundant overdrawn rerunning freak show prevailing part of existence.”

We are always learning fresh new ways to remain socially unacceptable, dark ego friendly, forever disconnected from the most import and precious big picture, we take extraordinary steps to create distortions, and distracted by cesspits of latrine unnecessariness, from noticing the endless enchanting majestic and animated implements of preordain directing us all to be, every moment in our journeys, unfortunately it includes every directing actions, and inactions, the good, the bad, and the unspeakable acts and scenes.

Semantics or a figment of our imaginations; chance, coincidence, happenstance, faith, serendipitous or preordain.

Existence has always been, and will always be a collaboration inclusive of all of the nook and cranny collective efforts, even though we only have less than ten percent of our world’s participation participations. Special thanks to all of our global unsung and song heroes. We had to beat insurmountable odds just to be born, should it be quick-minded to “leave everything better that we found it,” especially if we all are pioneering the way for future inhabitants, as a natural response.

Whenever we found viable all-inclusive and collective evolution better easy access ways, ideas, concepts, secrets, solution, magic application, etc., it’s our basic contributing instinct to be with straining eagerness to please, and willing heart to share new and greater good concept immediately with our collective hive.

“Don’t put anything in a person head they can use.” Better ways is always on the rise, yet we don’t have an immediate system to integrate, upgrade new information. School children are carrying around capped information have to wait for not in their time period reprints to access new addition. It’s a false start when we deprive the youths of all of the relevant information’s, filled their heads with fantasies and blatantly lie to them, it’s really bizarre revelation, this is the way most of us began our youth, which surprisingly to say was during our most impression ate ages.

We are always been force indoctrinated into unnecessary world renown well pronounce well-grounded deft contractual corridors of power primitiveness, shape shifting us to become enamored mercurial disfigure, devoid of all-inclusive thought, rising to any and all primitive occasions, with personal brands of primitive pedigree concierge power trip, making our own rules, besotted tweaking enigma stigma’s, killing others softly, while “agreeing to disagree”.

Power trip advisor; globally we are abducted to falter from the very beginning, mustering ominous renditions of frigid repeat primitive performances. Living off the deep end, barely existing deep cushion primitive preformed thoughts, small contrapuntal contrive life, reflecting selfish glory moments, defunct of the big picture, selfishly out maneuvering others overstating primitive farce, competing for the abyss scenes. Forever type casted to be monotonous sideliners, sidekicks, confident misanthropic harboring resentments that others will find to be therapeutic, and has medicine purpose for their unravelling intertwine psychic.

We are discretely ambushing posturing foil identification of sense of updraft purpose, devoid of missing equations, common dominators, and all of the relevant information, yet we are speeding everywhere, leaving quaking wakes, everywhere. Our staged pass time is always in-between where we want to be, and where our brinkmanship’s guide us to “walk, jump, crawl and run on the wild side, creeping onward and forward towards the darker side of preordained. Jerking each other around is our favorite pass time.

If we are not trying to “leave things (nouns) better than we found them,” every step along our journey, it’s safe to say we are aggressively progressing recklessly, selfishly, insensitive, self-centered, etc., using textbook primitive response everywhere we venture. All through our entire existence we have to depend on many others, from the placenta at large to the toe tag, and even then, some are family, friends, neighbors, most of the others we have to rely on are strangers, ranging from, doctors, nurse, ambulance drivers, teachers, home builders, entertainers, power providers, authors, etc., and many unsung heroes, and femme hero’s, of the collective hive. Yet throughout our entire existence we are nurture, mi educated to establish a good vouchsafed soliloquy anti collective understanding in the beginning. Have zero tolerance for our collective hive, and anti-separatists.

Forbidden chapter:

When our operating levels of copiousness consciousness “stood for nothing, we are obvious to fall for everything.” Urge to offer deficient affection, be anti-collective, and to create a mounting fatigue, strive for primitive tactical advantage. Our operational cover should be that of an intense ardent separatist, enraging with pervading neglecting our true sense of purpose, casing us to make misstep, and false steps, every step of our journeys. Everyone that ever exist actions, and even inactions, played a very intricate role in shaping our present, preordain.

We are all forever preoccupied with a global primitive birdbrain prize fight, handpicked, half witted, half-baked, halftone loquacious intonation blah-blah motor mouth kerfuffle one-size-fits all enigmatic life lessons. We refuse to listen to practical reasoning, prefer to display slapstick delusion of grandeur, always putting our own importance above everything else. We are the greatest pretenders, we spend every moment as well guarded squanderer, perfecting the art of pretending, engulfing us in global ill-disguised feral primitive handiwork that encourage all of us to head to the empty promise lands, empty handed guided by neon lit with cold-hearted counterintuitive materialistic gains.

Our comfort zones are disreputable festering panache and gumption, which involves seeking out maze that offers “great dollop of escapism,” personal brands of over the counter legal and illegal escapes, love to treat only the symptoms with aftermath contingencies.

We spend our entire life with impaired attempts, at correcting deficiencies, instead of addressing all of the root causes. Quotidian personal primitive preference is packing a wallop, from over run of the mill intense global egos, is leading the ways of life. Sybaritic indulgences is always premiering. Tethering in distance of our squandered wholesomeness, we has been looting our own youthfulness, as mi programed soot’s, forever exchanging our wholesomeness and purities, for counterintuitive values, pioneered ignorance desperately seeking, gated blind alleys, gated death valleys, and unnecessary ground zero’s, desperately seek out all of the hallucinating vanities of the universe, trying to catch black rains, overwhelmed by each other trying to sell, and give one another things I don’t need, give me gangs with saber tooth fangs, hunkering down in personal brands of, “have and halve not gated lairs, in fool’s paradises, oblivious to the “universe language.

We are all disgruntle hang in on unnecessariness, and super nonsense, and foolish arrogance, until the newness runs out in a careless manner. “Using progressive objectifying billet-doux in calamity stain glass bottle masculine, or femme fatale wiles to further advantage each other, “until intimacy becomes a quirky chore,” loss of sense and direction mustering can’t get right, on the verge of hysteria, cringing under the big picture cosmic radar, type casted in ominous renditions of where we want to be, and where we are preordain to be.

Our ego-led existence inhibited from the fullness of life. Brain-led existence, can enable us to see the big picture, our true sense of all-inclusive, collective and greater good directions.

We are being well bred to become primitive invaders, carry primitiveness everywhere fully formed long running antediluvian internal and external lies. MI’ adventuring with secret ingenious smiling obsessive for value eyes, continuously being distracted with frivolous primitive changes, always ready to fight for the balance of primitive bilious power, oblivious to a crucial secret lesson of life, “When we have to fight, we had already lost the battle.” No retreat no surrender to greater good of the in high definition suffusing all-inclusive and collective big picture. “Treachery and violence are spears point at both ends, they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.”

We are always pioneer new hapless ways to wage unnecessary war on nouns, and ourselves, all is fear in love, war, and following the money, fame and power, is our underline society approve secret conquering code of deceitful softness hospitality and continuity, it’s “function preceding form.” We are exultant to milk primitive moment’s at large. Most of us has master engineering, the ubiquitous prevailing false impressions serendipities atavistic understanding of actuality, we are all attrition plethora’s twisting yin yang transient hostile leering levity fits, leap frogging, leafing through, words, information’s, disinformation, happen stands, and distracting mi priorities. Brandishing mix obscure signals, mix invisible message, and feeling, desperate to get more of; “what we don’t know for sure.”

When we make the refreshing transition to advance all-inclusive and collective evolution big picture levels of consciousness, only then we are able to properly make enhance sweeping surveys, we would be able to recognize all of most important and critical legitimate laurel needs is usually right in front of us all the can’t get right time’s. Without all of the relevant information, “our basis for conflict has a wide latitude and longitude”, with limited greater good possibilities. We are just transient scale of true value is twisted. Our overall hostile primitive presence is moral and environmentally poisoning. We are just keeping up with the prevailing primitiveness, pretending to have pleasure, our true feelings, consciousness, and awareness of our universe cosmic radar are polluted and severely compromise. With inferior levels of consciousness it would be normal to opt and preferred fickle superfluous, frivolous preoccupations, unreasonable, unrealistic assertions.

With inferior levels of consciousness, we spend our lifetime barring, hating, overflowing with unnecessary limitations, playing dress up, grandstanding lethal ignorance, pretending nouns, and challenges don’t exist, not in my level of consciousness, we create a glass menagerie world super enforce with breakaway glass made in…

Our prevailing inferior levels of consciousness are lethally keeping us disfigured from the fullness of our surroundings relevancies, and its noun. Stringent well pronounce mi conceptions are squandered super powers, preordain premonitions, and a proper organized level of consciousness, we are unable to see our true needs. We will always be going through life severely impaired, taking nouns for granted.

Intuitive fulfilling’s preordain changer for all walks of life, anyone interested in the, all-inclusive collective language of existence. Those who are truly ready to beginning the ground works, of making sense out of our global ubiquitous labyrinths force ripe super-nonsense. The prioritizing all-inclusive collective preparations to find and hone their best inward and outward treasures, on how to refrain from devolving principles, cultivate the greater good beacon, onward and forward acuities framing higher levels of consciousness, how to find and rely on our own all-inclusive , collective evolution basic instincts. How to feast on their true collective evolution enhancing potentials, every step of their journeys.

The big picture happens, while we are busy making plans to be type casted and trapped in primitive scenes.

Every one of us are mi programed animatedly to see, observing, and quest our world in accordance to our habituated unnecessary impairment, culminating into our present, past and future extreme limited personal primitive levels of consciousness, against anything that upset our primitive balances, and our imprisoning by our primitive prognostications, panic room, and comfort zones. Love flirting with mediocre, which promise haggling drama.

We need to choose between the inferior level of consciousness we are accustom to, and the higher optimum level of consciousness that can set us free from all our major malfunctions.

Our primitive mind set inferior levels of consciousness has a distinct hate for changes. Nouns changes all of the time. We have inept inabilities to choose better levels of consciousness. The super best way to observe our world and our universe, is incessantly from the big picture levels of consciousness, standing, siting, laydown and floating point, “that the point in our life, when everything comes in vividly and animatedly clear.

Everything primitive, goes around subverting, and come back around at a disturbing price. Globally we all are just putting our personal aberrations of the finishing touches on primitiveness. This can be the ultimate social intuitive mentalist guidance for our sheer volumes of unrealistic innate traits, and counterintuitive attributes.

Globally there is no shortage of corporeal primitive libelous and defamatory key skill sets, secret primitive ill-fated ambitions, and deforming primitive enthusiasms that has been preforming our prevailing enigmas.

Everyone able and willing are offer a viable chance to put an immediate end to our global fierce force aggressive and violent herded indoctrinations.

We must cleanse our minds of primitiveness, and conspiring negative thoughts. to thin slice through ambiguities, recognized our imbedded slithering propensities, to participate and spread unnecessary subverting suspensions of disbeliefs, invoked disbeliefs, tinkling on the blended edge of fear and terror, restricting us to unnecessary primitive impairments, twisted in our priorities, global oblivious to critical importance of pressing and first priorities, every step of our journey, otherwise we are overwhelm in goose missteps, it’s normal to ignite overwhelming prevailing ubiquitous primitive jealousies, identical to crab in a basket guard ship, conspiring to supply each other with countless deficiencies, pretend living, our entire life a personal brands of elaborate hilarious farce, always making ourselves and each other a primitive spectacle, in unusual gloom.

Most of us is selfishly preoccupied with own selfish agenda’s, throughout all of the seasons of life, which is traitorous, and should be coined collective treason. Therefore it’s safe to say we are blatantly disregarding nouns around us immediate needs.

There are many ways we unknowingly, and knowingly tell lies, example dressing to impress, using make-up, omission, etc.

The average persons that lie tell themselves a rough low balling estimate of over thirty six mouthwatering serious lies every day and night. Telling lies is the prime prerequisites to make us, confident instruments of primitiveness. We are all mi programmed to let beauty, fame, fortune, power, newness, life of primitive parties, etc., “seduce us and reduce us.” Telling the tiniest of lies makes us liars, what is the reason we hang around with people, after we found out they are liars? To get more lies. When we stop telling the tiniest of lies on a whole, we begin the process of setting our set free, and begging the process of separating truth from “pulp fictions. The truth has a penultimate position.

In addition; it’s the virtual guide on how to wiggle our mind, and rise from our unnecessary longest evolution stasis, halting our true potentials. We all are entomb in can’t get right cocoons, and shine like precious butterflies in the sky. Endowed with affable emotive pontifications, genteel imponderable all-inclusive and collective aesthete furtherance didactic decision.”

We have so many underhanded primitive drastic measures, ways to allocate primitiveness, kowtow to primitiveness and award primitiveness to diplomatic and VIP status. We are always primitively turf mapping, seeking primitive trade secrets, using primitive categorization, making primitive judgment calls, judging from primitive levels of consciousness inventing new ways to turn against each other, and making them enemies, separating our collective hive and inhibiting collective evolution. We are enshrined ensnared passengers with intense dastardly intoxicating senses, our mind are primitively stuck, running amuck reflecting from primitive stand points, hobnobbing with our primitive matches . Our preexisting primitive conditions, we are held hostage by primitiveness, has been cornering us into developing various Stockholm syndromes.

Cultivated primitiveness in progress, although we are all in some ways caretakers of our universe, we each play a very intricate role, or mole, in the scheme of existence, even those who commit heinous and unspeakable acts, our primitive reaction, and ingrained endless ill-forming subverting separatist priorities, are accustoming us to skip critical facts, twist facts to suit our selfish needs, setting us to jump to primitive conclusion without all of the relevant facts.

Everything sound bizarre, yet at this moment in time we have so many ill-systems in place, we are sharing in their delusions, every systems around the world has expend resources keeping a file on everyone, some they can keep us hogtied, “lock into a down ward spiral”, and conforming to unnecessary ignorance, and primitiveness.

Most of the entire world’s populations are being nurtured to be careless with lies. What is the reason we hang around with people, after we found out they are liars, or abusers? To get more lies, or more abuse. There is no shortage to the seven plus billion of people who are still protecting our inherited ignorance’s and inhibited levels of consciousness. Everything in the universe started our as one, every life form in our universe are allowed freewill “to get a little b it more life.” Unfolding chains event is highly based on our preformed global past occurrence, for every past inactions and actions, there is an equal, and opposite progressive reaction. “What goes is around is always coming around progressively”.

Every noun is relative to all of the streams of past actions, our fortified ignorance, goose missteps, mi priorities, mi educations, mistakes, mi understanding, molten unnecessary fear, prevailing super nonsenses, etc., are hampering the world’s populations, creating UN favorable and inactions. Everything is preordain. We are accustoms to treating just the symptoms, ready with expensive aftermath contingencies, is stead of utilizing preventive all-inclusive and collective measures, we prefer to always be pretending to exist, blatantly disregarding the root causes. In order to set our world preordain in proper order, we must remove all of our misconceptions, lies, missteps, mi understanding, mi educations, mi comprehensions, mi priorities, disinformation’s, etc. this literature addresses all of our subverting ways of life.

We are captives, held hostage by our fortified ignorance’s, constantly being tame with run of the mill primitiveness, which are gravely disconnected from the big pictures concepts of existence. Ensnaring us in personal brands of fool paradises and all of its global aberrations. We are just the byproduct from our ancestors trapped throughout history held captives by endless counterintuitive global systems trying their own inaction things, keeping us hostage in capture audiences. There are countless ways we are lump together to battle over run of the mill death defying entrench super nonsense, framing high notions of ourselves, enraptured and enthralled with every ill-conceivable superior complexes. Our life long mission, is to seek out to capture, and destroy nouns.

We are all can be each other hero. We are all squandering something others would appreciate greatly. Anywhere in the entire world conduct the big picture test, put any group of people in an audience, all strangers from every walk of life, make a list of their pressing needs of each person, then ask the group who can easy provide the object of each other needs without serious discomfort, and see the uncanny result. We have so many things preventing us from constant awareness of the best levels of consciousness, the all-inclusive collective big picture levels of consciousness.

We are mi programmed to put pressing issues aside, be hustling and bustling, always on the primitive go, selfish go-getters, busy bumbling bee’s enticing others, with unpleasant glee, mimicking recidivism, entropy copycat, “doing the same thing that destroys our youthful vigor, trying to recapture our youth.” Always arm with pasteurized primitiveness, and ready to compete with others brands of saucy ignorance’s, in unnecessary disfiguring environments, in the journey of life. With greater good transporting comprehensive furiously articulated collective searching, all-inclusive and collective fettle principles, enormously satisfying egalitarian solutions for all of our global ensuing crisis, all-inclusive and collective zest guidance, now everyone around the entire world can be, “at the receive end of an unexpected sense of purpose windfall, and a lifetime supply of vivid happiness.”

This is an altruistic cram patch work of viable ideas and all-inclusive and collective solution on how to get evolution back on track and all of the relevant steps for Earth restitution.

After a labor intensive daunting contentious task sifting through all of the well-rehearsed convoluted, dark Ludacris speed transgression and progression. Enduring every morsel of indiscernible bad intentions primitive social dominance putrescence indiscriminate tricks of primitive trades, from global “Johnny come lately” contrive disinformation gateway data, that has been commandeer and shaping our, preordain flow, our already threatening futures for the primitive worst. This literature is design to prepare us compressively for what coming.

It’s a mesmerizing and at the same time a primitive challenge, orchestrating an in-depth analyzing of most of our world extensive primitive grim oversights, deplorable ignorance’s, devoid of compunctions, and the sheer abundance of collective alienations, alluding causes and butterfly effects, goose tail effects, and domino effect, etc. and every move repercussions, off course leaving elbow room for all-inclusive extenuating circumstances, and unforeseen circumstances, consideration for extenuating circumstances, ideas and viable solutions, are from different levels of my consciousness. I was able to set generous prime precedents, and create a generous offering of all-inclusive and collective relevant advice for all walks of life to create real all-inclusive and collective safe zone.

All of our across the board, are concealed glowing primitive rough detouring patches, true potential squandered, primitive recommendations, we are the unnecessary full brunt backlashes from trending surface changes, bad primitive ideas that are being constantly rebranded, repackage, and make over disguising primitive and disfiguring ideas, immoral decays, and ambivalent primitive loose ends, that must be tied up.

Introduction to all of the relevant super rhythmic comprehensive reasons for HU person unnecessary degrading conditions, and our sheer number of devolving principles. In addition there is a hypnotic super theory of existence; a special message to everyone who has recitation belief system, they owe it to themselves, family, and friends to, create, invent conjure their very own personal belief systems, and test the prognosis. It’s also a largesse lateral thinking assortment of global emphatic hypothesis, preserve the greater good peace, and formalism.

Things really took a turn for the worst when we began to preoccupy obsessively with base future plans devoid of precise all-inclusive and collective evolution conclusions, the global welcoming undesirable subverting story tellers with openness, and allowing counter intuitive systems that tell themselves, “they would love to see a lot more primitiveness before they get tire of them.”

The moment we to the global-evident, the unvanquished truth realization every one of our fidelity decorum, customs, traditions, heritage, etc., are bogus one-size-fits-all, relies on aftermath contingencies, are fill with bad intentions, commanding ignorance’s, creates after the unnecessary dark deeds, sorry professionals, forgiveness professional, finding values side effects onslaught global regimes of give-me gangs, and all across the board personal brands of genuine bad nature’s, collaborators of global oversight design to create endless collateral damages, lifelong fanatics at creating insurmountable unnecessary, are just spreading super nonsense disposable counter intuitive causing much more harms than good assets. In that very moment we shed some of our counterintuitive rising irritating baggage’s become semi free, and automatically elevate our levels of consciousness to favor.

The less we meddle with these primitive tumultuously bolshie systems, the better off everyone will be, the closer we can be to equanimities. You have to consent, be a birth lottery recipient, or join these systems that are constantly making uninformed decisions, and ways of life, in order for them to destroy our true potential.

We are all in many ways or another are promoting selfish and separatist persona non grata ways of living, they require society approve dark skillset to follow their fiction base mass fatality causing oversights. They are un doubly, and hands down, the brunt dark force quaking common denominator for our primitive transgressions, recriminations, entropies, present damage reality, responsible for most our present and unfolding crisis.

The aforementioned nondescript devolving principles, has been failing us miserably, without a doubt, and dump all of us into the can ‘get right abyss. And it’s primitive and juvenile to try to protect something that hasn’t work, “when you have to fight, you had already lost the battle.” Our global ways of life has been given multiple centuries to remove the kinks in their breakaway glass amours.

“When you are given everything, there is an extremely high probability we forget what’s like to need something, and if you aren’t giving everything, we become impulse buyers, and forget to save.”

All of our calamity customs, traditions, heritage, ways of life has been invented, they are a series of permanent grim fiction fixture that require us relying all of the interconnected global primitive systems, all of which are out to pasture borrow thriller time projects, that are steeped in gather as much primitive attachment as you selfishly desires undertones, “invisible hands, eyes, ears, mouth, and foots, “has been subjecting us to be at the receiving end of each other ignorance’s, breeding bad embryonic feelings, encourage to us to primitively strive for social dominance and become a high value target, view competition, gambling, awarding, prestigious international awards, nobility, contest as healthy, at the same instances hypocrite, and conflictingly sporting great deal of pretense of all-inclusiveness, and collective has many flaws, are one size fits all, beveled with missing equations, require us to comparative the world, as if we can actually divide the world, those primitive global hyperactive mindset has been initiating remedial false starts, poison whispering, getting hurt is unavoidable, “convincing each other to give them things they don’t need”, overrun with missteps, encourage separating our collective hive.

The clarification of our ambit harrowing global bombardments of blighting synchronized missteps, mi start, mi programming, mi understanding, collision of unnecessary frustration, primitive reliance, and stress, mi conception, mi interpretations, mi priorities, reasons we has been developing excessive primitive short cuts, etc. All of the specific latent culpability identifiers, reasons and culpabilities, we are recycling, the ground zero cycle of primitiveness, fuel by trending couture halo ignorance, primitive cheerleaders spit fire blab unnecessary primitiveness, magnet for unnecessary super nonsense, encourage inferiority, force primitive issues, “controlling and censoring individual expressions, limit ideas, primitive concepts of high places, assuming the worst of each other, selling each other for any and every type of value, herd into “doubting our own senses’ keep the masses busy with entertainment, celebrations, and all forms of other distracting escapes, busy finding new ill-ways to interrupt, disturb, and compromise each other ill-perceive comfort zones, limit knowledge, a controlled primitive pattern that repeats itself.” Preferred to swap the all-inclusive collective evolution big picture, for alternate current primitive reality. Identifications of all nations alluding honorable measures, “querulous manifestation” for pretense for synthetic zest of existence.

There are many layers of available levels consciousness,

Everything comes into preordain full circle. Globally all nations is clandestinely palming off effete, footloose futility, preoccupied with absorbing primitive task that has-been brewing unnecessary unrest, “collateralizing ensembles of primitive obligations, ”oblivious to self-creating effrontery culpabilities, utilizing primitive points of reference, primitive envies, time consuming distracted with primitive incentives, harboring buzz kill effervescence ignorance and senile sensibilities, fortified with enshrined systems that has-been breeding extraordinary primitive comatose inducements that force its citizens to seek out kinetic art primitive comfort zones, as if they are the liveliest of pleasures, to make cognizance primitive matters worst we are also bounded by plethora’s of other unnecessary global misguided intentions, causing our entire continuity to be in a world inside a world, one of self-created world is our primitive bubble that has span, and circumnavigating the entire world.

All of our indeterminable gunge ensnaring systems globally encourage cupidity, the main recipe to foredooming everyone, they are inferiorly structured, one size fits all predesign for us to be each other primitive reoccurring night/day mare’s, interfere with freewill, compromise the greater good, unravel our psychic, stuck, bog down in quick sand, repeating unnecessary harmful primitive performances.

We was supposed to embrace with open arms, all-inclusive and collective awareness and contributions, in every juncture of our continuities. We are all constricted from all ill-fate –global-hostile-systems in counterintuitive play, pity party gimmick pretending to rewrite every wrong, we are force to stay within the line, it’s an automatic pledge allegiance those with value, within the box, and consoling counter intuitiveness, while walking primitive high wire tight rope with as confident oppressive by-product from hostile clashes from, 3000 years of plastered blended vivid primitive predatory customs, hopelessness, rope a dope harlequin ignorance’s, master selfish one size fits all oppressive traditions, conjured run amuck melting pot luck beliefs, “suffocating religious tolerations “rather entertaining disbelief, force ripe heritage subjugating global ignorance’s. The irony most people around the world has found convivial harangued solace, ways to add selfish virility, and redeeming qualities as well in the aforementioned tranche offerings. We are force to spend out entire life in-between, “to be, or not to be,” devolving subprime prime directives, that limiting our cerebral processing power, disfiguring super nonsense, unnecessary, and morbid time consuming distractions, “pretending to be something we are not”

For the longest time, we are encouraging a talent to “misused and abuse our facilities. “We all have an innate undying duty to reproduce, recreate every detail primitiveness and its side effects in intense high resolutions. Promote, and expand “wrapped in dishonest doubt,” primitive rules of engagement, primitive investigation, primitive scrutiny, and interrogation from ‘unripe minds “of each other as pleasure, “regard unworthy as offensive weakness” has been well-meant conceal misconstruction, “unnecessary pain, no words can render.” Time lapsed, dejection nature, spread like wild fire primitive customs to bear blended with unnecessary fear and unrealistic hope, deeply branded, and imbedded and seared in our continuities, and memories. We has been following legendary sub-prime synthetic series of counterintuitive directives. Subprime directives really means, primitiveness has us, we are just primitive mind bouncing off others conceal horror plots, self-denying long-suffering unnecessary accumulation of bottle neck fear, protected rope-a-dope repulsive ignorance’s, primitive evenness of manner impulses, “addicted to mediocrity for the rest of our entire life,” any selfish thing goes, people just want to hear what they wish to hear, the unvanquished truth is held hostage by can’t get right tear, freedom to adopt all forms of missteps, mix message is ok, mix signals welcome with open arms, half-implications, send society stir crazy, “sliding skills morality” primitive implications, and it authorize everyone to try their own selfish, hidden agenda thing, use “hot hand fallacies” disorganized existence code. The reason our continuities hasn’t been functioning properly. Our subprime prime directives prerequisite is anti and insensitive to the big picture. Our facilities has been constantly being dulling, instead of looking for the big picture, we are force to find out, and where is the primitive scene?

No imagination require, every child from during their most impression ate age, are well nurtured, educated, free reign to us any type of perverted passion to follow the money, respect wealth find values, in nouns, basically turning all young mind to spend their entire life tricking, manipulating, always trying to get one over on each other. From our most impression ate age, most of us is well groomed, to turn against our world and each other. Encourage to turn greedy dreams into reality, conjure up magnanimous appetite for fortunes, and be value detectives. We are also encourage to have other separatist predilections, be involve in primitiveness, competing, gambling, contesting, prestigious international awards, nobility, create losers, self-denying, aversion for anything that might fail, why being plastered with all of the missteps, subverting life style choices, and mi priorities that twisting them, and guarantees them to fail, be the best, a billion ways to separate from our collective evolution, nurture a perverted feeding frenzy passion for all types of values, how primitive and cruel is that?

With a prime directives uniform all-inclusive collective code of how to be handbook and manual for all walks of life, we can begin the steps to have all piston firing, always well in tuned with the all-inclusive collective big picture, the best way we can ever be.

The subprime directive in global play, requires we stay tuned, hefty potion of fraud, respect, admire without fault, primitive values, let judiciary be our guide, respect delusion of prosperities, lasso polish greed, and use one size fit’s all compound primitive operating procedures. Allow primitive systems to tell us how to value nouns, culminating into our, unnecessary can’t get right fraudulent present era.

Our bodies carry us through time

Preordain twirling motion animated vertical and horizontal freewill

Our unnecessary primitive mind set a dip set slime fete

Prone to conciliatory comfort zone

All the side effects of our subprime directives are prevailing globally. Subprime our present primitive manual for HU person, (the word human is a sex’s term, Hu person is all-inclusive) on how to be, and all its mind tumbling, mind retreating into dark crevices, mind distorting subverting aberrations. Most people all over our fragile world, has primitive and separatist second rate notion of faith, and trust in current operating media armed systems and government, education, and especially nurturing that condition us to respect our worst nightmares, and embrace cunning lack prime principles. Its society approved “grotesque predatorily armors,” main objective is to keeps us lingering in the unnecessary primitive zones. “The more we protest, and rebel to their well pronounce ruthless acts, the more famous they become.” Once violence is introduce, and sanction, it becomes the highest and futile disorder and irreversible, war is just aggression that reach maturity.

Aggression and violence is always progressing dark spoiling everything forever and unless, abuse violence, aggression is completely eradicate, our future is completely stifled.

All systems on the whole are authorized to extreme measures, deadly force, and open budgets, flourish behind closed doors (authorized personnel only, obviously imply they have secrets that apparently the public and customers isn’t authorized to know, where there is secret’s, it’s safe to say there are hidden agendas, conniving forces against transparencies), all of these primitive signs are self-evident why these parasitic, always turn against the very public they were supposed to be helping, has been failing us miserably from their overnight scheme in to untouchable fortification.

All of systems of gathering information, and preoccupations are fuel by basically a series of can’t get right guidance that’s guaranteed to, “set in motion latent sparks of honorable primitive ambitions.” Subjecting each other to be highly motivated to use primitive ness as our highest stimuli, fan latent primitive sparks to get counterintuitive resolve a greatly harassed by unnecessary primitive obstacles, pre-occupied with ill-success.

Our basic instinct shouldn’t have been always all-inclusive and collective in nature, we was supposed to offer all nouns, generous helping, as long as it deem sensible and feasible. We are all using primitive means to a primitive end. We are all nurtured to trust, rely, worship and relay primitive wisdoms, primitive burden of proofs, commission to study primitive finding, primitive gifts of knowing, become unnecessary primitive statically probabilities, and relish primitive games of life. Attack with mindless violence any noun that threaten or disrupt our preferred counterintuitive comfort zones

We all are locked into primitive sector of our preordain UN remitting unnecessary super storms that’s, “strangling our minds, from with in.” In more ways than one we are all part of the credence of our global primitive feeding frenzy, consequently relinquishing strength and consistencies to effuse primitiveness, learnedly mi programmed to be all the primitive misfits we can be. Knowingly promoting, brandishing, hiding, falsifying, forging, brewing, designing, recruiting, spreading, cloaking, buttering, financing, immortalizing, spelunking, inventing, conjuring, twerkking, cooking, tweaking, organizing, wedding, trendsetting commercializing, elaborate cutting edge primitive fool’s paradise’s, as if it’s some type of harmless pleasure. Primitive personalities can be a weapon of mass destructions. Most of us are not out to change our primitive super glue, all our next move contain personal brands of g-force fallacies.

The rich dazzle primitiveness is our prevailing state of being, that has been choking us, all the while we are pretending it does exist, or has the vaguest expressions, and impressions. Primitiveness is an all across the board dark all-encompassing illogical succession, and cascading series of global everyday false start fission of twisted pleasure, and a misstating misstep level of consciousness bend arrogant air, it’s inept propensities, predilections, predispositions to be enraged, spending our entire life twisted and discombobulated always aimlessly searching for values, and counterintuitive material gains. A patron of primitiveness always ends up in,” why me pens,” they are always trying to be free, all the while they imprisoned by their compound self-creating inferior, mediocre train wreck levels of consciousness, trying to use the same inferior levels of “derailing train of thoughts” consciousness, folly attempt to try and escape.

Indisputable only the unvanquished truths can set us free, we must remove all of the lies from all our global continuities, lies are the gateway, once we begin to tell lies, we become partners in crime interconnecting all thresholds of all the global underworlds, lies has been keeping us trapped into a, can’t get right loopy loop poison sensations, stupor, and our longest evolution stasis. What is the reason we hang around with people, after we found out they are liars? To get more lies.

Even if we are able to advance to higher levels of consciousness, our previous inferior levels of consciousness, may subside, however all of the info, picture painted, remain, rooted, and resurface from time to time, it’s natural to revert, relapse, to inferior levels of consciousness’ that has been conditioned in our psychic, plastered in our mind.

Primitiveness is our self-possessed uncanny mesmerizing witty overgrown nurtured abilities to, “igniting already flammable situations,” it’s also any hazardous preoccupations, and activities that create problems, crisis, and challenges that will come back to haunt, and obscure current and future residents of our planet and our universe.

Our underline aggressive la-di-da subprime directive, ongoing life missions, is to obsessively make primitive demands, primitive implications, subject each other to unnecessary cloak primitive rigomole storms brewing in our eyes, cultivate primitive points of interest, value override logic, without a doubt, enjoy being distracted by ,“ primitive all points bulletins, and breaking news, we rarely attempt to do anything about,” become annoying primitive spectacle and be spectacle’s, constantly, seducing each other to enslave each other, capture others expose fragile senses, pull the wool over others eyes, serve our secret selfish agenda’s, reduce each other’s and subject them to primitive unnecessary, betray our collective hive, cleverly offer hefty portions of super nonsense, and most of the time predicable disappointment.

We are condition in all our inner sanctum, to allow primitiveness to grow and flourish, becoming less and less traumatic, free reign to run its primitive detrimental course globally, with no visible sign of its abnormalities.

We all are still borne into deep seated lies, we are nurtured with lies, mi educated and mi programmed to spread lies, and live out our entire lives in global well-grounded lies, ground zero. Our existence are just personal brands of synchronize well choreograph unnecessary sequence of far-fetch outrageous lies.

We are all engulf in our personal tradition of hand-me-down brands of primitive unnecessary lies, aka as our comfort zone. Suspension of disbelief is our grand scheme of existence, keeping us trapped, forever type casted to be in primitive redundant rerun scenes, instead of paying attention to the unvanquished truths, which are the all-inclusive and collective big picture, always in high definition, with intense majestic animated Technicolor.

We can hardly keep up with our well-seasoned downright ugly highly placed grim sources of premeditated primitive enthusiasm, primitive revelations, outrageous primitive theories, primitive magical thinking, and rapidly growing sense of primitive anxieties, and all its abbreviations of primitive familiarities, over-reacting, imaginations, testing, denials, intrigue by primitive creations, self-lies, comfort zones, priorities, architects, preoccupations, education systems, newness, baiting and switching, nurturing, extermination our environments, self-mutations, endeavors, trial and errors, giving to get, restless temperaments, triumphs, sustenance, forbearance, forays, compassion, rationalizing, devotions, celebrations, interactions, relationship, transportations, agricultural practice, concerns, aggressions, accomplishments, grand standing, awards, hate, love, conception , life purpose, ill-treatment of each other, redemption, attempts to escapes reality, “cultural infused competitions”, systems of governing, crime and punishments, infrastructures, ideas, secret agenda’s, congregations, seductions, redeeming qualities, romance, paring, counter intuitive successes, etc.

Primitiveness has the highest levels of digressions, disuse of Hu person’s resources (HU person’s resources is the greatest potential resources), and open budgets. All over the world there are multi-billion of people condition to protect primitiveness. Untold regimes in the woodworks, arm willing and able to defend primitiveness. Primitiveness has been getting the best of us. Most of us are wielding the highest power of misconceptions, keeping each other in primitive corridors, inhibiting our true very promising potential. Mesmerizing primitiveness has put us all on a certain can’t get right paths, we need not stay on our graveyard spiral paths, always adapting, “doing the same primitive things, expecting different evolving results.”

Our continuity is a deviously preset with gambits. All of our exchange principle are primitively flawed culminating into unnecessary gamut entropies, ubiquitous dramatic gaffe, and recidivism galore. Our entire ways of life subjects everyone on the planets to” absurd convoluted ways to initiate secret selfish agenda’s, seduce each other to enslave and reduce. “When the newness runs out from falling prey to each other unnecessary games, traps, snags, primitive remedial inactions, “far-fetch theatrical” primitive plots, and high caliber subplots, and subtleties, “we are disfigured, our fragile mortality is unnecessarily being squandered, leaving us desperate to find some form of absurd convoluted forms of escape actuality.

Our primitive intense disturbing gauntleted ways of lives, is calling for, any factions of counterintuitive active ingredients. And all its personal abbreviation of the “mastership primitive game,” secret agenda strings attached. The mastership primitive has always been in self-destructive play.

Globally all our important intense ways of lives are a dark labyrinth’s assortments of all of the missing equations. For instance how come don’t make the advance preparation contingencies transformation in all our continuities.

Everyone around the world should be obsess with pre-needs intelligence, oppose to the primitive norms, relying on aftermath contingencies.

Example placing emergencies deluxe lifesaving capsules, buoys, with secret compartments that contain emergency gears, communicated device, and equipment’s, etc. pre deploy on the oceans, deserts, hard terrain, mountainous regions.

Instead we preferred costly aftermath contingencies, backwards solutions.

Our eyes tell of our paralytics secret pains, We are instilled with fright full primitive optical delusions, the master code is obsessive transferring, retaining, and promoting of primitive evidence. Continuity is ticking self-creating super storms time bombs, in all of our preoccupations, and continuities.

Unnecessary feudal primitiveness are a shoe in preordain stronghold in all of our infrastructures and its subdivisions; customs, unnecessary garrulousness systematic fiasco interlocked in our heritage, gauche beliefs systems (we has imbedded primitive fibber ferment mindset to belief in on-size-fits-all, and everyone trying their own counterintuitive things system. War is declare on everyone who don’t belief in others invented and conjured “suffocating religious tolerations.”

If you pay attention to the truth, our existence prerequisite requires us to belief in many things, that makes us who we are, they are usually all-inclusive and collective nouns), tribal gawky education systems, nurturing traditions, has an underlined undermining prerequisite twistedly set of sabotaging beliefs; well-polished “greed is good,” at any given moment in time, rough estimation of seven and three quarter billion people are progressively getting busy, pretending to live, we’re just a globally, getting eagerly ready to betray those closes to them, settling for primitive chances of devious streaks, and primitive squabbling, transferring and leaving evidences of primitive marks, always cultivating and planting the well-choreographed synchronized home spun whirlwind of mi programming, and uncanny seeds of doubts, reaping primitiveness we are sowing.

We are just the personification of primitive sophisticated lost rebels without collective cause’s, disassociated from our very promising evolution. Simply put, all-inclusive and collective evolutions is our perfect evolution. Instead we are taught from during our most impression ate age to rely on one size fits all counter intuitive solutions, conjure, invent, plot, hatching schemes, using overnight and over nap tricks of primitive selfish trades, utilizing endless global personal aberrations of the laissez-faire mastership games” to follow the money, become wealth detectives, this can’t be good. Yet we are always seem puzzled, and perturb that our end game arrive un expectedly, with all our goose missteps we are nurtured, mi educated, and constantly mi programmed to cherish. One of a major secret big picture of life is to try and spend our entire life with things we are very passionate about. If you are in a preoccupation or job you’re passionate about you wouldn’t be working, you would be happy, spending quality time doing things you love doing. Most of the seven and three quarter rough estimated populations are in jobs they isn’t passionate about going super dark, with fickle flagellating dis-grunted, going postal, exuding subliminal treachery, suffering the slings and arrows of discomforts, humbug, feeling trapped, being a nightmare to each other’s in our collective, via following the money blindly, wealth, fortunes, fame and power hides truth, they keep us seeing the big picture, and progressively contributing towards the mortifying delinquency of our universe, turning our existence into a ripe fiasco.

The key to effective illusions and disillusions, is mi directions, lugubrious disinformation”

Our comfort zones are self-destructive, anti-collective fickle games of pretending we are the most important cogs, and a nauseating series of separatist games, loser creating dark infrastructures, and countless authorize societies approved predilection, propensities that interconnected to fame fortune and power. It’s ok to use, “by any means necessary,” and gamble life and limb, put our very fragile senses, organs for a fist full of dollars, fame, and power.

All is fare, in love war, food preparations (it’s ok to hunt, fishing, kill and eat anything with a face), and following the money. Most of us are just run of the mill, value magnets, fortune gazelles, automatically severing any hope of collective evolutions, the perfect evolution. We are all instilled with primitive mi perceptions to become materialistic groupies, with innate respect for prosperity, versa, it means, don’t trust and hate the misfortune and the poor.

Encouraging Hu person’s unnecessary frailties.

Dress to impress which mean dress to lie, hide, cover up, (“you can put on all the makeup you want, but it can hide crazy”) make up, mirror don’t lie, make-up turn mirrors into liars. We have a predilections for primitive dirty tricks and self-destructive trade secrets, “seducing each other, to reduce them.” It all falls under our international communities approve and authorized primitive umbrella corporation of following the money to wits end. “When we meet a noun immediately go into operation cognitive analytic characterizing. We conduct our primary ideas base on our greed levels, preconceive, and ill-conceived treatments base on their appearance, and our levels sneak primitive ambitions and enthusiasm, and ability to find value in nouns.” ‘If you want to fit in or get accepted, you have to look the part,” which leave room for a great deal of confusion, mix messages, and mix signals. Other ways we use our tricky sticky freaky trade secrets, all of which is sanctioned by most nurtures and mi’ education systems, “we are high trained to appeal to other people voids,” “pretend to share beliefs, ideas, and feeling, and worm our mole ways in so we can engender trust. Painful reality is, “we all are well trained to hide our flaws, that’s means “nothing is as they may seem,” there are certain tones, and undertones, trigger materials to decipher, you have to become an archeologist to unearth transparency. We have to waste a lot of valuable time deciphering the pretenders, and the simple truth.” “It’s make dark sense that when some of us gain a smattering misconception of success, they automatic false sense of control.” There is no such thing as control, yet we learn so many mi’ programing super nonsense, that create a quaking confusing gaps and voids, empty promises and empty expectations, that rationalize and fool us into primitively thinking and mi’ believing we have control. Simple put when we can control time, and death, only then we can have control. Every waking and sleeping minute, we are all following blindly the primitive formulas, and recipes to turn all of our environments into wastelands. All is fair in following the money, wars, religions, love, fame, fortune, and acquiring power. Every waking and sleeping seconds, Thousands of new money eyes and fresh eyes is unleashed, thrown helter-skelter with unkempt greedy and selfish desires, “they’re the kind of people we wouldn’t want to know,” if we are concern without best interest.

Most of us in grand disturbing ways are mi programed to fall into chaos, and add our incognito personal spin to chaos, grand stand super greediness, polish and groom possessiveness, and offer better selfish insights. If you want to pinpoint super greed, quest most people who are successful, and even retiree’s, that still getting selfishly busy with their uncapped following the money desire’s, are also still following the money, wait this can be any greater good? Our brain “will work diligently 247, and behind our back progressively to get anything our heart desire.

Non collective all-inclusive power, fame, and fortune “could never solve our global unfolding challenges, problems, and crisis”.

Fame, fortune, power etc., are available to anyone, willing be obsessively anti-collective, devolve gracefully(grace is lace with primitive pace, make haste), promote one-size-fits-all systems, sell, or exchange their wholesomeness, and purity, for wealth, ride the turbulent wave of very progressive majestic progressive greed, become super selfish, lifelong intoxication of twisted priorities, be a separatists instigator for pleasure, invent new ways to be inconsiderate, put your personal needs above anyone else, outdo, always competing with everyone around you, a wizard at making empty promise, a clandestine spy, and professional of nursing secret agenda’s, grandstand, materialistic fanatics, become a primitive montage of super greed, following the money, is really a doing your worst insurance a primitive self-promise to be in the bitter end a chorography going dark, careening animatedly.

Following the money, is a promise to the collective, you are able and willing to become a part of the primitive problems drone, become a counterintuitive creator of unnecessary collateral damages for fame, fortunes and power, etc., is the highlighted and search light sources of all our primitive malfunctions.

How to free our minds, increasing cerebral processing powers, depending on our individual stage and wiliness for greater good changes, and enthusiasm to end unnecessary suffering.

This is an introduction to a uniform code of prime all-inclusive and collective evolution prime directives. A generous offer of all the relevant elementary information’s that can free everyone around the world from their secret pains forthwith:

Although it’s a new pulsating era, we are constricted to super imposed nonsense, and gargantuan unnecessariness, they’re well fettered festooning always merging with other prevailing global primitive faux pas initiatives, our ancestral festive goose missteps, remain a rapidly progressing force to be reckon with. Fey preoccupations is the grim corner stone of our continuity forestalling our evolution, fortifying in an intense can’t get right loop, causing our existence to be various forms of recriminations. It’s well known to be satisfy with primitive accomplishments, which are behind the time of our true potential. We are preoccupied with primitive celebration, self-creators of unnecessary limitations, and fatal expensive distractions.

We are lock in, and super fortified in the realm of primitive speculations. Primitive influence, has been running a jet setting muck.

All areas of our preoccupations are really brimming with shrewd primitive operators, we are enigmatic figures, seethed with corrupting ambitions, air of primitive dignity, force into bespectacled primitive crime and punishments against our collective hives, it’s at an all-time high, stifling any chance of collective evolution, the perfect evolution is our collective evolution. Our primary methods of learning, is thick as keystone photogenic thieves, fixated on each other, like crabs in a basket, always watching, mimicking, copying, following fashion, following trends, etc. we has been coping and mastering the recipe for recidivism, entropy and recriminations. Goodwill is carefully scripted, it’s an act, it’s seasonal, has special days, in most case, and not a moment more… how cool, calculating is and maniacal is that?

We need to start afresh, make a sharp one hundred and eighty degrees turn from fortifying our freewill, and compromising our true very promising potentials, stop relying on fortuitous events, “principle of favorability’s(beginners luck),” and serendipity. Learn our forthright potential. Effective immediately, now is the prime time to start using our hidden parietal powers globally. Stop being mi programmed, mi nurturing, and stop being mi educated to build tolerance for the unnecessariness, ubiquitous well pronounce super nonsense, and having to collect and cherish all of the counterintuitive ingredients that are guaranteed to make us devolve with primitive style and confidence. Refrain from breaching and misadjusting our collective hive gathering primitive thoughts, accepting peek of unnecessary primitive risk, and reigniting our very promising evolution, impeccable relevant enhancing instinct. After “monitoring all areas of Hu person’s primitive endeavors, and our ongoing contribution to leave lethal legacies.” It’s painfully obvious why we, the population of Primitivia (Earth), are spellbound and balletic for primitive personal brands of comfort zones, tethering with occasional witty banter, most however; are bizarre streams of disturbing ranges of unspeakable ubiquitous unnecessary primitiveness….. Long pause of respect, for the ill-gravity of the unvanquished truths to set in, and reflect on all our unnecessary global carnage. Most of us are not out to change our terrifying “cascading series of un remitting super storms,” of ubiquitous primitiveness, a normal play pattern, strangling our mind deep seated from within.

Chapter zero:

Our ways our continuities we are brainwashed with primitive strain of thought, in multiple castanets echoing ways, to pretend the truths doesn’t exist. We are always primitively analyzing, dissecting relishing in each other challenges, celebrating and rejoicing the momentary hype that bad things is not happening to us, at that moment. Until it’s inevitable our turn to feel the full brunt of all our primitive ways of life, our innate uncanny ability to do our own self-interest thing, by then it’s too late, “when we have to fight, we had already lost the primitive battle.” “Treachery and violence are spears point at both ends, they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.” Most of our next move around world, is guaranteed to be self-creating of primitive repercussion, and collateral damages that will unfold in the not too distant choking our future. All of our levels of our consciousness are cocoon levels of consciousness, globally they are in can’t get right play. We are unable to see beyond our inferior levels of consciousness. This literature offers anyone willing, a chance to evolve their personal brands levels of densely compromise levels of consciousness a chance shed their inferior level of consciousness and evolve graciously to the political correct butterfly levels of consciousness, aspiring to collective super status. Everyone around the world has an equal chance to rise, float and shine like precious gems in our universe.

The primitive ideas of civilization is for everyone to survey each other with crabs in a basket mentality in all our inner sanctum. Apply fusillade amounts of primitive self-destructive statistics, always brainstorming primitive lapse of judgments, vying for primitive comfort zones, ignoring our ubiquitous growing sensations, something is amiss. “In order for systems to destroy us, we must be a part of it.”

There are many underhand tactics, and undermining ingenuous, and infamous ways global behind closed doors, systems that has been following the money without faults, are making sure everyone must, belong, and remain in “the center of a gigantic global web of disinformation gathering and aggressively promoting interconnecting systems. ultimate guide and manual offering the best ways to promote global peace, rectify our primitive counterintuitive customs, questionable tradition, replace self-interest with refreshing all-inclusive and collective interest, refrain from primitive instillation of sums of all unnecessary fears, thin-slice through our normal mi priorities, and establish a direct line to all of our best collective and all-inclusive critical vibrant interest.

How to remove all of our set in primitive checks and balances, redundant grand standing primitive talents identify all of the self-creating reasons for us, world’s population innate capacities for progressive cruelty, to each other and our environments. Every system has access to open budgets, and always has their own selfish agenda at heart. Following the money true natures, all is fare in love, war, and following the money. Following the money is our supreme method of self-destruction. We have so many blinders that keeps us from noticing the foreboding appearances of following the money, and its primitive frays. Following the money, has always been a low down and messy routine. All of the inconceivable repercussions of following the money is stale global news.

It’s a multi-centuries of repeat sinew primitive performance, most of our world’s population are busy negotiating terms with primitive mind sets. Unless we learn to control our unrealistic nurturing and mi education to let our desire levels to roam, and progress our entire life, when we observe old people with progress greed, it’s self-evident, our open levels of desire could never ever be quenched, or truly be satisfy, or content, open desire levels, we are allowing our brain to send us ticker tape dark primitive gathering mix message and disturbing mix signals all of time, there is never enough with open desire levels.

From a child we are mi nurtured and mi programmed, mi educated, with personal brands of primitive wants, and are encourage to exult and use genie, and any exuberant faire tale to spark and exude primitive financial desires. We are just primitive drones, mi programmed to be constantly feeding our primitive greedy gene, groom all of our selfish desire. We have diplomatic immunity when anyone follow the money into all of its despicable debts, to betray, lie, you hear voices of progressing greed, conceal, and “mass murder-death-kill,” to the vicar goes the primitive spoils. Stunning factual relevancy, in order to be the best person we can ever be, we must preset our mind to desire less, a main secret of life, less is more. “Make do with whatever crumbs I have.” An uncap desire mindset, however prevailing it is, means we are always can’t get right, “our belly is full,” our house is overflowing with hoarding material gains we don’t even use, while our neighbor struggling a few steps away, yet we are always hungry and thirsty. We are conditioned to woo, and toy with unnecessariness, and create unnecessary disappointments. The prerequisite for allowing our desire levels to remain uncapped, we must shut our mind off to the UN vanquished truths.

The profound implications following the money, is global primitively obviously, bias and guarantees unnecessary collateral damage. Our first priorities, has been twisted.

These stale insight are inhibiting, everyone and everything on our planet. We need to restart, start anew, refresh, refrain from our primitive norms, with new prime uniform directives, act decisively reform our self-creating super storms, work as a collective, and all-inclusive, and coexist, above our stifling primitive mercurial plains. We must always be part of the big picture, if we aren’t paying stringent gaiety attention, obsessively involve in an active role in the big picture, then any primitive scene will do.

Only collectively, we can aspire, only collective we can achieve collective evolution,” the perfect evolution, allowing everyone to play complete effective role in creating and transcending global greatness being the best we can ever be. We all have to be overflowing with all-inclusive and collective awareness opportunities. Highlighting exponents of the relevant viable information’s, whereas everyone can “get a little more collective evolution life,” enhance with our very promising evolving “equal sense of balance. “

All minds on deck, for the ultimate generality all-inclusive and collective source of true sense of being encouragements, and expounding transcendence into the best versions of our selves.

Cease and desist our extraneous dissonance primitiveness extravaganzas, how to expunge extant primitiveness, that has been disassociating us globally from all of the unvanquished truths. Primitiveness has no fathomless limits

Downtime managing;

Whenever we are waiting, we are waiting on preordain, there is no coincidences, it’s all preordain game.

All preordain mainly falls within continuity culmination wane.

Life expectancies are preordain, most of our preoccupations are done in vain.

Existence is supposed to be all-inclusive, and with obsessive super keen inclusion of our collective hives, obsessive first prioritizing, in all of our inner sanctums, recognizing our active role, in the big picture of existence, total awareness.

The super-best way for everyone to be, proceed everywhere with an all-inclusive considerations, and insist on allowing everyone and everything collective opportunities everyone and everything in our universe, never interfere with others free will, always leave nouns better than we found them, and most importantly; never leave any of our collective hives family behind. At this precise moments in our, can’t get right time, we are 354% degrees remove from our “six degrees of separations, “and we seemingly just got started.

Everyone around the world, are being offer a rare extrication opportunity to rediscover our true levels of consciousness, pinpoint, and thin-slice through all of our primitive inhibitors, primitive psychological warfare, settling for extreme primitive measures and unnecessary super-nonsense obstacles, unspeakable discrepancies, absurd contradictions, abstain from being snag by off the grid primitive subject matters, primitive commitments, primitively seeking public knowledge of primitive contributions, primitive undermine parlor tricks, constricted into battling non-issues, and develop a collective sense of sense, recognize our fragile sense and always exposed to unscrupulous mindsets, from the age of three most of us are force fed sleep walking levels of consciousness twistedly careening impaired sense of suitable being, making primitive executive decisions. Our preferred comfort zone, keeping tweak inly moving, as primitive can’t get right bunch of misfits, turning everything into a primitive market, constantly sleep-driving on nonstop autobahn, destine to slip through self-engineer counterintuitive cracks byways, the only exit are various crisis stages, mid-teen-life, mid young adult life, and midlife crisis, desperately seeking complicated panic room comfort zones, extenuated with unnerving primitive terms of endearments.

Formidable introduction to ultimate life style changes, that can introduce the best information’s that can unlock our cerebral capacity, accessing more neurons capabilities, enabling the user to venture into the furthest regions of our minds, “we all so richly deserve.” An all-inclusive offerings, all walks of life’s life, lament laypersons opportunities, to flourish and evolve with collective interest at heart every step in our existence journeys.

This is a virtual how to have our, “situations situated at all times,” attaining the next evolving all-inclusive collective next prime levels of consciousness, keen awareness of our grand universe scheme big picture and it’s medicinal purpose umbrella of new elementary eclectic perfect world order, the introduction to brand spanking new elementary set of global all-inclusive collective uniform code of prime directives.

Current chain on unspeakable events disquisitions.

What we are witnessing globally are dire jiggery-pokery full blown primitive lapse of judgments, all things primitiveness is our preferred posh comfort zone. We are indebted to primitiveness. Rejoicing with primitive sensations, primitive principles, a twisted stickler for malfunctioned morals, deducting with inferior levels of consciousness, overstepping and jumping the gun, in the last vestiges of primitive boundaries, relishing on one-size-fits all systems, the final jilt referendum from all of the collateral damages enclave’s from everyone constricted into being brilliant primitive drones, against collective and all-inclusive judgments, trying desperately to find primitive fits, exuding primitive fits of all forms of rage, trying and doing their very own disassociating counter-intuitive things, and all of self-destructive uncanny aberrations, some are mild manner primitive passive intellectuals, rough and tumble. We are teeming with primitive judgments, primitive methods of appraisal, primitive creative juices flowing, as clear cut primitive reason to live, fulfilling’s our self-creating voids with gossips, and rubber necking. We are primitive drones who enjoy being too observant at others dealing with failure’s. Entertainment for most is us are primitive conversation pieces, do nothing to help, addiction to headline extra news, waste time secretly and congregationally observing others facing hefty portions of UN necessaries, challenges self-creating frustrations, anxieties, stress, crisis.

Progressing dark, calculated cool and Jesuitical maniacal bad forms, trail blazing minds, unraveled grey matter, spewing from primitive levels of consciousness. We are mi programmed to choose between rock solid hark knock inferior vile levels of consciousness, that always unnaturally graveyard spiraling, towards crashing and burning finales.

It’s customary to demand nouns to fit our personal brand of perspectives, waste precious time evaluating, and subverting relevant information’s.

People are just like arithmetic symbols, some people are minus, some people are additions, some people are am Aphrodite arithmetic symbols, both symbols, some are all combine, some are long division, short divisions, etc. some give us energy, some take away our energies, and all the other combining aberrations

“Global collisions of disavowed circumstances , primitiveness that’s too far gone, “that begun from the very begging of our hourglass line, rough estimate 2600 years plaster aptitude for out dated ignorance’s, has been being passing the primitive botch baton, primitive mind stuck, verbally posturing, inflicted with predilection for “manufacturing juicy messy drama “shying away from the truths, taking primitive things in our own primitive hands, we are constricted to be at the receiving bitter ends of randomness and chance violently spinning out of control hand-me-and-everybody down jibe, societies approved well-guarded counter intuitive approval of success follies, primitive aggression, primitive role playing, strong constitutions of goose missteps, mi priorities, legacies of faux pas, inactions, hidden jocular aim agenda’s leveraging, low down and dirty mergers and acquisitions, culmination of dissimulation. Diehard followers, with ingenuous smiling eyes, taking disfiguring mi programing to the fathomless, next cryogenics levels, into the darkest recess our; can’t get right mindsets.

Poor medieval flagrant disparaging hilarity customs, well harness delusions of grandeurs, troglodytes mi programing hoaxes, and intense mi nurturing, basically our nurturing, flaming flagship ignorance, mi educating systems, heritage 98.9 percent of our preoccupations, and all of our systems has been in cahoots, all-encompassing conspiring and keeping our mind in a primitive muck, stuck, flamboyant brinkmanship play.

On the whole they all has been distorting the facts, to suit and fit selfish creepy theories, twisting the facts to promote secret selfish agenda’s. Overall our entire ways of life, and primitive habitats, has been compromise from “the get go”, “Hu persons are concern with having, instead of being.

“Our quest is be self-efficient, self-managed, independent, is a limelight primitive Ludacris, self-destructive “notion of self, “the universe is an all-inclusive freewill allowance. We are oblivious to all our pressing first priorities, exchanging first priorities for primitive conversation pieces.

From our birth into existence to our “final destinations, we have to rely on heavily strangers as our hero’s, and heroines in most cases, in every emergency incident. We are force fed all the wrong separating us form collective practices. But let an emergency occur, we will be begging, and crying separatist master, to the nearest stranger for assistance and help.

The best we could ever be is all-inclusive, and keen collective interest in every step in our journey, we must remove all of the synchronized primitive boldness, that are design to keep us wounded and forever vulnerable, settling grief stricken for current preordain events. Your next step is guaranteed to be a selfish misstep.

Global collusion has been distorting all our senses, and depth perception, causing us to overlook, and not utilized any off our super powers. There is nothing common about common sense, common sense of twisted pride has been dulling our senses of perceptions, conceptions and mi prioritizing our true priorities.

Without a uniformed prime directive code eclectic order, we will continue to hone our morbid curiosities, be each other psycho magnets, be special spastic covert shadow OPPS professional spoofs, clandestinely sporting evil genius “smiling eyes.” We are just run of the mill fixity fiasco’s, part of the waking and sleeping problem, hedging, desperate to pioneering new unspeakable acts, promoting, brewing, budding, encouraging, staging and riding the torrid waves of disorder.

This empirical fastidious literature exigency emotive collective relay production from everyone that ever exist, everybody in one or many ways play an intricate part role in outlining, our entropy and recidivisms points of origin, and how to get our world populations and our environments, back in in-all-inclusive, collective evolution synch.

Furthermore; this is a collective expatiate literature, is a world rescuing service, effective immediately. Offering all-inclusive and collective ways to put an end to our ubiquitous counter intuitive decorative primitive games, we consider existence, everyone is playing, and about to play primitive games with each other and themselves. Everyone is nurtured and mi educated to seduce each other to reduce each other, enslave each other, in many personal hidden agendas. Everything we do is to create some form of primitive selfish effects.

This is a strategic guide and manual to solve the most incurable acute exorbitant challenges, UN necessary messy vulnerabilities, UN necessary crisis, UN necessary primitive disappointments problems facing our global primitive ideas of societies, securing the universe and our future. The only society must be an all-inclusive finesse finality collective society.

Our true life missions is an attempt at gathering as much of all of the intermittent far-flung enigmatic life lessons, a serendipitous and magical feat

Continuity is tethering and quaking at the hove vortex, continuity is the past particle, all our disgruntle dissonance perception of reality, distort us from noticing the Unvanquished truths, every streams, scenes of existence are preordain.

Our actualities, are heaving past tense mi concepts and redundant primitive concerns, and endless self-creating cognitive impairments. All of our customs is personal brands of everyone basically trying their very own counterintuitive selfish greedy things. We have become super expert at milking, and drawn out past principles, and non-items, for special selfish effects, at each other’s fatal expense.

We are always moving to the future, we just move into the future with every word you just read, and reread, every waking and sleeping split second we are going onward and forward. Therefore almost all of our preoccupations, are done in vain, isn’t design to for us wiggle room to evolve and hampers our free will, it doesn’t fit the all-inclusive collective freedom to acquire our highest levels of consciousness bill. It’s painfully obvious we need brand spanking new all-inclusive collective order. All-inclusive collective uniform global code of prime directive’s. When everyone incorporate obsessive future preparation rhythmic basic elementary, secret of life, we can begin the labor intensive steps to remove our global evolution stasis, and jumpstart our enhancing process of extremely promising collective evolution.

Unresolved chapter:

Most of us are just primitive busy bee’s, creators of major “part of the problems,” selling and exchanging our freedom selfishly and greedily, for primitive prizes, primitive material gains, hot sticky messy awards, counter intuitive values, selfish primitive recognition, the primitive recipes that creates underline recidivism, and entropies. In order for us to have winners, we must create losers, separating our collective hives families from attain our true collective evolution potential.

All species has two life forces. Our and other species primary life forces is our microscopic life force, also known as our cosmic life force. The secondary life force is the anatomic life force. Both life forces require the optimum supply of daily vitals.

Life is just like a big picture movie, some of us get stuck and forever type casted in rerunning scenes. Some of the available type of lifetime movies, can be rated PG, x or has an R rating. Other levels of consciousness can determine our characters where we become an antagonist of a protagonist. Some get all f the options, some get reruns, others get, a horror film, skin flick, a fantasy, love story, a b movie, or a documentary, etc., when we don’t know how to use our super powers and read the meike previews, we never know what kind of scenes we are going to get next. Life is alike a mighty big picture movie in high definition Technicolor majestic and animated motion picture. All of us are type casted in scene we are engage in. sometimes we end up in silent movies, or getting the silent treatments. Some of us are still ending up in black and white pictures.

We are mi’ programed to tune out the big picture, and become trapped in primitive scenes.

We are been duped into disassociation of our true potentials. We are just hitchhikers, high road high jinx’s pretenders, remaining primitive, noncompliant to evolving, super powers impaired.

We all have at least two, most likely three ways to read, see, intuition, prescient, premonition extra depth perceptions of immediate and future chains of unfolding events.

Keen awareness and previews of our next future scenes, and in rare but possible instance, viewing future sequels of unfolding events.

Our M.E.I.K.E super powers force, has been with us our entire life, offering extra depth information’s. Secretly signaling us every step of the way about our next series of unfolding future events.

Instead our super powers are constantly being compromise, inhibited by entertaining primitive rerun of foot loose ignorance’s. We are forced fed six figure hindrances, well-fortified overnight scheming diehard disfigured followers of primitive Hippocratic Oaths, and messy customs, that has been “failing us miserably. “Labyrinths of conjured super nonsense, railroading us to be train wrecks. We are force to exist, pretend live in-between our true enhancing enlighten potential, preordain to be can’t get right highlights, victims of primitiveness, live our lifetime in black and white still picture will be or “who’s line is it,” primitive reaction, stay tuned to primitive announcements, resentments, primitive play on words, cueing, “let’s go to the primitive video tape”, step lively, but stay with in all of the primitive lives, and special effects, rather our next primitive line, everyone is preoccupied doing any and all counter intuitive things to create selfish favorable effects.

Evolving was never an option. All of acumens and operation procedure, especially our deem official tenor ones, are creepy empty promises of endless reckless, careless disappointments, disinformation’s, without all of the relevant equations, in most case information’s are useless, since “information can change overnight” herding each other into “failing miserably,” 360 questing in any place in primitivia (earth), there are so many keystone cops types eye sore, anti-evolution gore, flying –lies, ubiquitously there are countless nuisance, most which are anti-environment, fed open budgets well-fortified to keep us primitive, oblivious that our brain, and every other species brains, is the first super computer and search engine.

Whenever you can’t recall or remember some things, your brain is otherwise engage, prioritizing processing your previous queries, and all of your heart desires, it will response to all of our queries, are offer you total recalls, in the other they was receive.

Our brains and every other species with a brain, had outlive our entire life, there are intriguing relevant existence technique that we are ignorant to. We even have the capabilities to wake up in our dreams. Instead we are always busy trying to hobnob, stay ahead of our primitive trending games, up until our “final destination”, “inevitable perdition”, “our timely demised,” our brain and every other species, can read the future, and is endowed with other super powers.

Elephants and dolphins, are more in tune with their special abilities, and super powers. Globally we are being mi educated and nurtured to over-looking and not honing our great deal of secret super powers, and always play an intense unnecessary game of catch up play.

One of the main secret of life we must always concentrate on immediate first priorities, every waking second.

Faux pas all-points bulletin: filigree primitive exemplar fine print cause for alarm

Juncture symptoms and juxtapose signs

We are all byproducts of unnecessary distorted unpleasant twisted evolution stasis bizarre acts, and sequels, a lifetime engagements to no-holds-barred to hot messy pursuit of primitive excellence, seconds and so on helping of primitiveness please. Primitiveness causes all of us to play an intense role in promoting the negative streams of illogical succession preordain paradox, systematically destroy each other lies, in many ways or another.

Primitiveness will always have us in a negative gears, designing unnecessary disappointments, constantly trying things at others in our collective hive expense. Communications is very primitive loquacity’s blah-blah, meaningless talks, and intense promise of drama prone blah-blah. Primitiveness prone us to entertaining quality time wasting morbid distraction delusion. Certain knowledge, and truths, wreak, leak, and reek-havoc on lesser levels of consciousness, lovers of primitiveness. Lesser levels of consciousness is signifies, we prefer lies, and isn’t being true to ourselves. We haven’t recognized our best interest.

Our best interest is at all time all-inclusive and collective interest for everything and everyone around us.

Certain relevant information, should not be divulge, and can’t be process by inferior levels of consciousness, it’s unfortunate multi-billions, a very large number of our collective hives, has ingrain disfiguring customs, and organized beliefs, and other forms of “suffocating religious tolerations”. War is declared on anyone who doesn’t belief in others invented and conjured beliefs, there are global regimes, always ready to defend primitiveness, as kamikaze’s, and suicide bomber, remain arm to the teeth, with howitzer, ear hustling drama, with “smiling eyes” and lips, in primitive lines, stay shook, engrossed in unnecessary fears in primitive boxes, some sporting tuxes, in various primitive enclosures, seeking primitive closure and gated communities.

Definition of primitiveness =anything that’s no all-inclusive and collective in nature is primitive.

Our definition of normal life is us tripping over each other trying to survive the unnecessary carnage, quirky mesmerizing gripping hair pin turns, always on primitive edge, hot-blooded barely existing on crumbling wedge experiencing chronic vertigo, on cliff hanger, simultaneously spelunking to gathering trace evidence of far-flung relevant life lessons, guaranteeing us grand finale, us herded into a normal hopscotch twisted end, with everyone having multiple pharmacies on speed dial. Normal means primitiveness has us held as fancy expletive hostage. We has Stockholm syndrome for primitiveness. Globally we are just hotbed and cold beds mi programmed to hold everyone and everything around us hogtie, bludgeoning each other by our personal brands of nurturing that has been unraveling our psychic, from its hand-me down ague Lange synch inceptions.

In the next corner we have endless contenders, and classic typical head case counter intuitive decapitating systems challengers, reeking of promise despairs, unspeakable disappointments, saturated with mass causalities oversights, well documented failure, over kills, separatist rebranding. Punctuating blitz of after math contingencies.

Forging the worlds populations to become sympathetic listeners to breaking news, edited to create effects that catering to serve hidden selfish agenda’s. Systems are experts at give fear strategic couture make overs, encouraging us to be emotional rollercoaster, overcast primitive self-attacking distorting self-disappointing over casting emotional roller coasters, mangling psychopathy mi education fool’s paradise excellence separatist encouraging system. To be jollity bubbly promoters, encouraging recidivism, and exonerate entropies. Life expectancy is derange spreading exploiting mi programming and hand me down arrhythmic optimistic blend of official ignorance in all our inner sanctum welcome unnerving simpering cocky smirk sensation of disorder and mi priorities in every juncture of our continuities. Normal is a circus series of unnecessary grave trials and unnecessary errors, generous with opinions without all the relevant facts, finalizing counterintuitive deals. Normal is twist the facts, and conjuring hyper spiels to fit any selfish motive and personal hidden agendas. Normal is the highest order approval, and allocation of generous conditioning to blatantly disregard all our strong premonition s of failure. Normal is generous amount of subjecting everyone and everything around us to super nonsense and hefty portions of hot sticky unnecessary dirty scenes, then exit stage left, take flight.

Scouring dusty expanse of others learnt sour ignorance, akimbo attitude, and perfunctory generosities, composing personal creepy measures of primitive desperations.

A primitive mindset is basically destine to run amuck, get stuck, end badly twisted and kaput, always using finicky magical kaleidoscope thinking, minds twisted with juvenile violent level of consciousness, minds that has the minus touch joss stick going super dark with trending fashion joie de vivre confidently graveyard spiraling into the fool’s paradise realm of obscurities, exuding entertaining speculations seeking primitive closure’s. The greater the concentration of jingoism primitive mindset, the greater the concentration of unspeakable acts and sequels. Primitive minds are always competing, separating, using ‘any means necessary “to outdo, others primitive inactions. “All is fear in love, war, lies, war, following the money, and primitiveness”.

Primitive fatuous jocose thinking is corrupting thoughts, it incestuously design to “distort the facts, to achieve hidden selfish agenda’s, achieve our clandestine purpose. Primitive minds that is the epiphany of jollity can’t get right mind, twisted with primitive protocols. Primitive minds has a file on everyone. Primitive minds is obsessively searching everywhere for values and making money is always on a primitive mind, even though, every one of us are born a vagrant and die a vagrant. “Nobody ever notice, or see a vagrant.”

Everything about our primitive mindset, requires honing our selfish agenda’s futile rage, it’s all together Judas, and wrong.

All of us are busy misstep in, overflowing with false starts, and absurd mi programing, and “lost in our own personal brands of confusions.” To make matters worse we are ego-led.

More or less

We all have various forms of uncapped and unmanaged desires, most of us hasn’t grasp the obvious facts, and everything we do is very progressive. For as long as our desires is uncapped, unkempt, or unreasonable managed, we could never ever be truly happy. Put a cap on our greed, desires’, enthusiasm, ambitions, selfishness, honesty, squandering our wholesomeness, exchanging our freedom for primitive values, by desiring less, “less is more .“ We waste allot of precious time trying to impress each other primitive standard issued primitive mi programming. Trying to find value in everything around us, is really a violent super primitive comedy, a revolting redundant type casted counterintuitive scene.

Following the money, power, fame, competition, separatist super nonsenses, awards, staking primitive claims, pursing hidden agendas, doing things to create effects, fashion, vainness, beauty, financing primitive deals, best of the best, desperately searching for values, the winner circles etc., in order to have winners, we most definitely create looser, be twisted compassionate separatists, sporting flashlight smile’s, pretending with cold calculating disposition eyes promoting and encouraging separatist ideals. Willing and able to be judders, aggressive separate each other for values. We have twisted customs and mi educating systems to teach infants to seek values, love accessories, idea of love is provider based, carrot based, size of the wedding, that the recipe for fish-wife’s, and bride-zilla. Children are ingrain with deep seated mi concepts to, respect one another in accordance to their worth, cupidity’s, this can’t be good. To the winner goes the primitive spoils. Love is an all-inclusive and sharing concept, true use of the word love, it can’t, and mustn’t be compartmentalize. It’s a false start when we deprive the youths of all of the relevant information’s, filled their heads with fantasies and blatantly lie to them, it’s really bizarre revelation, this is the way most of us began our youth, which surprisingly to say was during our most impression ate ages.

Our universe has been demonstrating all-inclusive love from its history, providing the conditions for everything to, “get a little more life.” Most people idea of love are personal brands of “percolating volcanic “violent emotions. Super primitive love entails crave all, giving to get, unrealistic response, unnecessary disappointments, trying to impress each other, conforming to each other primitive whims, provider base, super selfishness, super greed, freewill hampering, devoid of wanting the best for our collective hive.

Any and all separatist super nonsense is the most super-primitive things we can do, it guarantees to keep us in evolution stasis, with primitive priorities to attack and “hurting everything and everyone around us” evolve levels of consciousness optimum collective hive are all things that are corrupting us and keeping us super primitive.

Primitiveness is always sharing the abundance of their lost cause. Primitiveness are overly end powered, fuel by endless counterintuitive systems, putrescence systems that are overly well insulated, in most case grandfathered in, untouchable, fortified with open budgets, selfishness, and super greed, contingent, empty promises, elaborate witty banters and expenses prepare “I dream of genie” speech design to tell primitive minds exactly what they which to hear, and catch my our falls aftermath contingencies. in most cases are always catch-up, some pretend to be surprisingly bias sentimental, and compassionate arm to the teeth, primitive mindsets always most definitely has to seek some form escape, legal and illegal, some are wait for hot new escapes. Primitive minds are always seeking to become primitive escape artist that makes us powerless.

Escapes from our ingrained goose missteps, false starts, inaction, entropies, and recidivism, and endless deep seated interconnected labyrinths personal brands of self-creating reality that are in Ludacris speed progressing dark, prone to lies, hate, selfishness, super greed, omnipotent even though we are only able to utilize much less than ten percent of our cerebral processing powers, aggressions, separatist nonsense, violent, abusing everything around them, opinionated without fault, impaired to the big picture of existence, mi priorities, in caterpillars stage, stuck in UN necessary stasis, metamorphic ally challenged, always on the primitive frontline, selfishly tether to our self-engineered primitive clandestine pitfall. Self destructively compromised from rising as b butterflies, and shining like precious gems in the sky

“Doing the same primitive things, careening to rock bottom, all the while expecting evolving change.

Definition of primitiveness= always making a production out of rock-solid disturbing UN necessary constantly colliding impaired quality of life. Unfettered easy access to world class ubiquitous veracity of prevailing presence of super nonsense, pretenders and emulating miming shivering and shimmying with macabre heinous pride, primitive tones, primitive nods of affirmations, counterintuitive preoccupations are everywhere, the only order is functional disorder. The most elementary reason why our lives are always in constantly in dismay batter.

There are multi-trillion streams of information, all information are made up, made up to create effect, 97 percent of these available unfettered easy access information’s are primitive disinformation’s, that has been down information, that was invented and conjure from Aug. Lange days, when our fear and ignorance’s was our VIP guide.

In this year 2016 children’s are still-nurtured and still-mi educated to strive with easy to attain great command of primitive ways. It’s a false start when we deprive the youths of all of the relevant information’s, filled their heads with fantasies and blatantly lie to them, it’s really bizarre revelation, this is the way most of us began our youth, which surprisingly to say was during our most impression ate ages.

We are always succumbing to reaping benefits of unnecessary and predicable complicated primitive force du jure. Primitive minds are always reaping broad common run of the mill primitive counter-intuitive benefits. Globally there are superb enthusiasm to imitate primitiveness, array, force fed hearsay, serve on a platter, influence by mad hatter, surrounded by disturbing chatter, descending “Jacob latter,” “wrong heads shaking”, a mystery stain, slater, prison matter, emulating hauteur, unfinished clutter, chasing child labor couture, guided by friends and family to slaughter, relationship splatter, “wrong mouth pursing” plastering ignorance’s mortar, unethical strike forces, morbid laughter,

We are witness and promoting international pillar of primitive sense, mergers and acquisitions of inactive inferior levels of consciousness.

There are always ingrained refine and well polish compose elaborate self-creating everybody doing their own personal primitive thing, promoting and encouraging primitive transference forces in global play. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens, before it’s preordain time line, therefore all of our actions are primitively lame, and in vain.

Definition of preordain= the elementary cosmic force acumination of past unfolded events, energy expelled activities, all streams of actions that ever performed, negative and positive, culminating into our continuum, designing our futures. “Every end is a brand new beginning.”

Our preordain order influence our vulnerabilities, it’s the culminating past streamed of unfolded unfavorable, favorable events, actions, and inactions culminating into our present can’t get right mesh, forming our present and future flow of time forming our quality of continuity.

Preordain, is greatly influence by our collective levels of consciousness. Preordain is the vivid majestic animations of culminating past occurred events, negative and positive actions, inactions stains, and mystery stains, that’s formulates, creates and design our future, forming our continuum. Earth is a past concepts, that’s why from space time is unequivocal, could never be synchronize with space time, we are just emulating elliptical elaborate type cast scenes of trying catch-up, to our super computer brain that are always existing in the future. We always advancing into the future every split seconds, yet all of systems are past concepts. Our concept of time is similar to us finding a waiter with the surname time, and get them to wait on us.

Primitive levels of consciousness, makes us twisted creatures of primitive habits, leaving intense wakes everywhere we venture confidently brimming with magical stinking thinking, making a well pronounce B-line into obscurities.

Primitive eccentric egotistical minds deployed on effigy auto pilot. “You don’t know a primitive person, until you know what they wants,” their primitive priorities, emolument needs, and agenda’s. primitive mind sets are always “morally depraved beyond all recognitions”, are always judging, reflecting from compromise levels of consciousness, “always part of the waking problems, “highly trained to string along catering to our own agenda’s, spy on each other and make dam sure they remain primitive. Primitive minds disregard an important secret of life, always leave nouns (people, places, and things), better than we found them. Primitive minds aren’t aware, elementary when we takes anything from others, we sell our freedom, they own you when you accept anything form them, in most cases, lot stock , and barrels, most people primitively give to get. Truly kind people, who don’t give to get, “don’t even want thanks in appreciations”. “Helping nouns is a wonderful privilege.”

Primitive minds belief they can “live in this world and not be a part of it.”

Primitive minds always using the same primitive minds to get them in UN favorable situation to be the solutions. Primitiveness are always tripping us up, it’s a sloppy loop, disorganize hoops, always will and able, ready to fight.

Oblivious to an important secret of life” when you have to fight, you had already lost the battle. Primitive minds are greedy and selfish minds, “their loyalty always susceptible to be available materialistic price , their loyalty are always in profit finding flux, loyal to some primitive material gain, until a more attractive holding comes along”. Primitive minds idea of friendship and love implies you must be subjected there, frustrations, stress, whims, putrescence ignorance’s, and their primitiveness. Love is intense love, it’s a fullness of the circles of life. Intense royal, or universe love means when, whatever your heart desire, your best love interest, will always bring out the best in each other, “true love interest, will not hamper, anything your heart desires,” anything else is love-hate fusion primitive version of current ideology of love. Our universe has been always demonstrating all-inclusive love. There is no such thing, as piece love, love is a full all-inclusive circle. We are primitively and selfishly thinking, when we decide to love a piece of our universe. Primitive mind makes decisions without all of the relevant information, primitive minds lies, to the person in the mirror. “A heart without love is a heart without voice.”


Our mi programming grey matter wiring, cause us to naturally block all collective and all-inclusiveness, no matter how conducive they are. Our imbedded entertaining preferences for extra over reactive imaginations, one-size-fits-all philosophies, bizarre ideas, are can’t get right and the prime conditioning for our current crisis, challenges and tragedies. Collective evolutions, and all-inclusive preoccupations can’t withstand up to our innate primitive scrutinizes.

All of our primitive emetic grand plans, and off the relevant grid subject matters finally exposed. Primitive actions creates primitive embryonic consequences, and primitive preordain. All of our embryonic mi conceptions, mi directions, learnt self-destructions, etc.

“Most of us are in a real bad place right now”, and if you aren’t, unfortunately, it’s guaranteed at a later date or time, by the long arm of primitive missteps. not been a promoter of doom, our personal brands of goose tail, domino effects and butterfly effects of past inactions is penciled in in our futures. This collective literature is design to alter our, preordain predicament to collective favor.

Most of us has on so much blinders, we could be easily nickname Venetian, yet we aren’t able to see it. We can’t see our own face, unless we use reflections, which proves we the best priorities are collective and all-inclusive priorities.

There are a large portion of the world’s population, who are being nurtured, mi educated, to offer empty-handed and empty-headed offers, be adamant enamored creators of encircling super UN necessaries follies. We spend our entire life with limited vision, as extrovert-spectators, devoid of introspective, whereas “everyone bizarrely seems to have clear cut ideas on how others should live their lives, but clueless about their own lives.” The reason being every one of us are mi programmed to imprison each other into our inferior levels of consciousness. Oblivious that each person is a unique specimen, with needs, and desires that is tailored to their inferior levels of consciousness.

Searching for answers empyrean askew, and akimbo, with emperor ignorance’s. The primitive redundant self-botching plots are always emulsifying thickening, ongoing as you read to twisting with its redundant inevitable recriminations embrocation distraction whims, discombobulated, self-possessed cavorting spastically, with super selfish organized beliefs, they can in this world, and not be a part of it.”

They are ingenuous and infamously able to compartmentalize, and live in their own world. It’s not that they are the recipe to go down, we are all going down, “it’s not that you are going down, is what and who you are taking down with you.”

We are all living in our personal brands of painfully obvious fool’s aghast paradises. We are all in some primitive ways or another highly trained with cutting edge state-of-art, to always be searching aimlessly to find false values in everything in our universe. Primitiveness, has been always been tripping us up, causing us to constantly be disregarding moral dilemmas remain a high disturbing flux unsettled state, always having to settle for inferior offerings. We are all are being duped in to remaining loyal to all types of global systematic debasements, Ludacris systems that are constantly getting away with debar brazen heists daylight heist and high profile robbery of the world’s populations. In order for us to fell prey to systematic reactions, and its guaranteed recriminations, we must first join them. However all of our nurturing, and mi education are poorly design to indoctrinate us, keep us belonging to the past, from our most impression ate age, and gestations locking us to a sleuth of peril for our entire lifetime.

Existence are a future concept, we are always climbing into the future, and we should at all-time be preparing for our immediate and long term future. Obsessive future managing preparation is a main secret of life, we must constantly prepare for all possible changes. Everything we do and place, are being place, for future usages. All of the systems in full blown archaic play are teeming with petrifying past acquisitions and demented merging of unnecessariness, they are has been, outer dated, throwback, grim reruns.

Our innate debonair ubiquitous genus primitive decision making skills, are the main sources of all our redundant existence debacles, crisis, challenges, enigmas, current escalating bizarre sequence of unfolding grim events, are the end results of, “doing the same exact thing, while expecting different results.” Your various hubris Nancy, astronomical myths, fable, airy-faire tale agglomerations levels of consciousness, are about be engaged in dawdling dilly-dallying dashing rude obnoxious cliffhanger countless rapid hair pin turns interruption. We are just swooping down on each other with our mediocre levels of consciousness. Your drama prone comfort zone, is about to be stone cold dethrone, and unravel your psychic at its unrealistic seams. It’s also an aptitude all-inclusive collective test, design to enhance the entire world’s population, ardors arousal sequencing ahead. Obstacles in our mind are further away from the truth than they may appear. First thing you should know of the back, front the onset, we are all members of cults, and are overwhelmed engulfed in all kinds of agog false starts, I’m not going to tell you want you want to hear, what we are globally nurtured and mi educated, and conditioned to hear, this literature is about the unvanquished truths, which we are mi programmed to keep shivering far in UN imaginary distance.

You about to be well informed about all of the points of continuities originations of lies, inventions of lies, countless centuries of ongoing plastering of stupefying mind boggling ignorance’s. are about all to discover the unfathomed rewards available in high definition efflorescence Technicolor all-inclusive collective big picture concepts, extent your cerebral capacity, discover enhancing enlightening, insurmountable highlighted aha moments, super awareness all-inclusive collective technique for improving our levels of consciousness, beware the unvanquished truth might be too much power for a person to handle, that are custom to inferior primitive levels of consciousness. The following are the ultimate steps for making our lives a whole lot simpler. In order to find the right answers we must first kwon the right questions. Reiterate in new order we must first ask ourselves, can we handle the unvanquished truths?

From a sesquipedalianist in the impotence red situation room, also known as existence, normal rules of exchange, interaction do not apply if we restructure our levels of consciousness, and perceptions, to all-inclusive and collective favor. Life is a future concept, every split waking and sleeping second, we constantly moving forward into the future. Our levels of consciousness has been compromised before we are even born, begin the mesmerizing journey of life. All of our normal systematic ways of life, are super fortified in place for us to, observe, experience, and “live out our entire lives twistedly primitive, through rear view mirrors, keeping us stuck to the past, while life are an onward and forward concepts.”

Most of our preoccupations has some kind of chains and rope tethered, constricting, holding us back to the past. Every time we place something, its place for the future, we must develop and a keen awareness of placing things, and always “finding a future home for everything”, temporary and just for now placements is the worse dark progressing practice.

We all must have recognize all of the extremely and critical missing equations.

What’s important for primitive mindset? Our continuities keeps us tie to the past, we are basically all are quidnunc going nowhere fast. The past keeps us stuck, running primitive mucks, all eyes intensely super glued on the next buck, desperately seeking our own selfish agenda’s. We are just comically acting upon our anxieties, frustrations, misunderstandings, misgivings, stress, etc., that has been sinking to all times low. These are an all-inclusive winds of collective change, presenting the cold appraisal, from labor intensive unspeakable keen observation, nauseating experiments, and realigning of inferior levels of consciousness, swift remedying action, against primitive rising detention, tension, retention, abstention, and pronouncement of impeding torrid seemingly bleak sinister atmospheres unnecessary dooms futures.

The aforementioned are ideal solutions against force indoctrination and self-inflicting impolitic habit forming howler flirtation with harvesting florid legitimate ignorance’s.

The ideal solutions for the essence of self, must and always be all-inclusive, and collective in decadence nature. This is part of a series of literature that is design to cure, offer evasive all-inclusive and refrain us from having arbitrary predilection and being predispose to systematic subverting understanding lesser levels of consciousness, redundant observations and predicable experiments, all of which are more troubles, than it’s worth.

Offer viable all-inclusive and collective prime directives, all-inclusive pre-crime viable restructuring, that can help enhance the entire world’s population. Introducing our best collective identify and inform them about their super powers, and lots more. This is an all-inclusive step by, apothecary, afforestation collective steps, child development, a virtual how to; remove our self-inflicted blinders and begin the process that allow them to access the furthest reaches of cerebral capacity. All of the wrong primitive systems are firmly well in place that causing most of us to become rebel without a cause, and develop eccentric ticks. Primitive systems standard operating derange procedures tends to force us into unnecessary twisted capture audience rules of proximities. Its labor-intensive most of the time and intolerable to be in close proximity with those who seems to enjoy knobby inferior levels of consciousness. . When one aspire to higher levels of consciousness, it’s natural to stand by and be sensitively defiant, and become predispose to recluse environments, especially all-inclusive and collective awareness. Sometimes hiding away from the problems of our world and its inhabitants, is the only way to find all-inclusive solutions, without customary distractions.

How the ill-fate mi’ conception of civilization got started.

“If you are reading this, continuity has become ‘ranger than fiction” infectious tale. It’s safe to say something has gone terribly and horribly wrong, our actuality ebb and flow is recoiling, and its soft under belly is vulnerability is in hyper progressive state. The imbalances could longer be placated, with all of our customary counter-intuitive pipe dreamy measure’s, and empty gestures. Our continuities, our reality and preordain has taken an evener sharper more fanatical hairpin turn for the worst.”

In more than gazillion ways we to make our lives overflowing with implicit un necessary quaking, floodgates, implausible thresholds, primitive nonsense boundaries we are being nurture and mi educated to be over qualified licensee to kill the truth, hate things we don’t understand and develop a prioritizing super high beam for finding, respecting, pantomiming, and promoting false value from during our most impression ate age. Panic blended fear, and free range fear, has always been drugs, we many self-underhanded primitives ways we are always naturally tricking our biology system to release adrenaline, endorphins, drama kings and queens, etc., and use it as drugs. When we panic, we send our brain in a tailspin. It started with lies, then speeding blindly, going no way, and or becoming risk takers, progressing into high-stake risk-takers. We are severely mi programmed, nurtured, and mi educated to let wealth and delusional non-descript germinal priorities influence our sense of being.

In trillion plus ways we are all declaim profound living proof, something is fatally wrong with our innate, one-size-fits-all, ill-conceived conceptions, unorthodox perceptions, misguided awareness, premature death throes, twisted fantasy riddle sense of selves, and primitive orientation and violent conditioning to decimate everything around us, we are only able to observe and experience the a minute shell of existence enchanting majestic fullness. We are always reflecting from inferior levels of twisted consciousness, on the cliffhanger edge, from the remove reality, force to accepting and settling for self-created dark preordain.

Our primitive degrading, degenerating expedited desensitizing levels of consciousness are decidedly germane that cause us to always feel insecure and feel unnecessarily threaten. Our perceptions of reality are a concoction of primitive super insensitive interlocking egg shell menageries. “We are not consciousness of our monumental deficiencies of relevant knowledge,” short cummings, well establish gentry spectacle, that is similar to comic fiction, false creations, false motivations, etc., imitation lives, missing priceless life lessons, uniformed all-inclusive, ubiquitous one-size-fits-all application in all juncture of our continuities, and insurmountable deficiencies of collective prime directive codes. Our ideas of love is all elaborate selfish delusional magic acts.

It’s a false start when we deprive the youths of all of the relevant information’s, filled their heads with fantasies and blatantly lie to them, it’s really bizarre revelation, this is the way most of us began our youth, which surprisingly to say was during our most impression ate ages.

Take the nauseating primitive concepts of children books, it’s a weird counterintuitive part of the subverting master code custom to fill children with fantasy carnival, cupidity, organized beliefs they must defend with rage, and violence, during their most impression ate age. It’s ok to declare war on anyone who don’t believe in each other invented and conjure belief. In addition double and triple-ply them with multi-century personal brands of geological birth hand me compounded plastered ignorance, and a derange eyes always desperately search everywhere for false value. Then lump them together with other suffering from the identical misfit perceptions, in capture audience, to compete, and separate from our true collective ideal aspiration, guaranteed to fail miserably.

All-inclusive and collective assessments, are the ultimate assessments. Primitiveness has been shadowing all our missteps, primitiveness tends to create unnecessary mind pollutions has us “feeling constantly like we are going under,” it also creates unreasonable doubt fray creepy cliffhanger edges, that back of our mind longing for better and that uneasy sensations that has been following us our entire life, warning us, theatrical gesture’s, something isn’t right, taking it has been progress into bizarre unspeakable chains of seemingly fictional strings of current events, culminating into ubiquitous unnecessary global ground zero tragic told. A lifetime of no shortage of impair critics, justifying inactions, misgivings, lies, unnecessary disappointments, and super nonsenses.

Reality is a gargantuan impish labyrinth’s of interconnected anthropomorphic self-destructive facades, our nurturing are global personal brands, along with our mi educations systems are ostensibly aiding and abetting promoters, justifying us how to fail miserably.

We are all locked night and day, to an un detecting zing and whizzing decoy maneuvers, due to our inferior cerebrals capacity, primitive wonderland, fierce and “angry all the time” jeopardizing very efficient pressure to bear elaborate super primitive master plan. Most of our minds are full, brimming with all forms of efflorescence compromising disinformation’s, we are unable to unlock our mind true potential and cater our priorities to the ideal greater good.

Our master plan is the ongoing redundant fascination and intense promiscuous flirtation, celebrations with ignorance’s, and the hot messy pursuit of primitive excellence. Our continuities are interlocking onslaught of imply stroke of genius recrimination social systems, relative to our cerebrals capacities. Everyone seems to have a quest to find out who we are, where we come from, why we here, notion of self, etc., everyone wanting big answers, from compromised tiny levels of consciousness. We all have, and had incredible super powers, and other senses, that aren’t being use.

The past is dark matter chemical perception, our psychosis and schizoid embolisms hiccups began in the dark ages, and has been progressing to our cryogenic depths of self-destruction, and causing us to devolve rapidly. Fuel by slapstick and cavorting psycho aggressive illicit ignorance’s, our past are a reconstruct of the dark ages, and primitive mind set. We all are susceptible to each other ignorance’s. We are just endless mutative versions of misconceptions, confident enablers of ruthless blinders. Is your mind free of poison thoughts? This literature is a tool to free our minds from the countless labyrinths of florid traps and snagging pitfalls redundant insane preoccupations, that keep us in the quaking past perceptions.

Life, existence continuity, is a crumbling cornerstone primitive selfish wants, and elementary oversight’s, nurture and mi educated for brinkmanship’s culminating into our dark preordain, regenerating epicenter parade with camouflage decays of misgivings, mi directions, floozy unnecessariness, dozy super nonsenses, mi perceptions, everyone trying their own selfish thing, Oscar worthy pretenders, primitive interconnected disappointment’s, codependent on all of the wrong things, and goose tail missteps, on the big seven seeping issues prominent standing, dysfunction VIP functions expediting entangled masses ground zero’s.

We all are just drifting on a titled planet, with severely corrupted and compromised levels of consciousness. Our priorities are taking out of context. Until we decides to strive to our best levels of consciousness, which is obsessive compulsive for an active roles in the big picture awareness, where we fine tunes the all-inclusive and collective perceptions, we are just reaching and forming conclusions via primitive reasoning’s. We are just run of the mill promoters of primitiveness, everywhere we venture we have our personal brands of primitiveness in tow. Pretending to be ok, engulf in secret pains, a shell of our true potential, spreading deceit, with an elaborate facades, cloaking our hot mess, hot ill-tempered, twisted bantering delusions, trigger happy go lucky, with Nancy ignorance’s, guarantee’s “to hurt everyone and everything around us.” Most of us are mi programmed to obsessively be twistedly searching for their own mi perceived immediate selfish needs.

“Let me help you, help yourselves.” Removing all of our throwback force fed lies, unclear circumstances, UN substantiating allegations, and becoming loyal to all of the unvanquished truth is our ideal future. How many times we had to say, “I’m sure you are nice, it would be nicer, if you leave me alone.” Everything important will be reveal in these series.

It’s extremely difficult to offer opinions to primitive minds, its double and triple, etc., jeopardy levels of consciousness attempting to wheel primitive control. Your preordain positions and flow is greatly affected and is constantly influence by an individual levels of greed, super greed, selfishness. The underline defining primitive trait is greed and selfishness, once a person is greedy, which is always coupled with selfishness, they are guaranteed to hurt everything and everyone around them. Sharing and caring goes, hand in hand. Greedy child turns into super greedy adults. The universe operates on a collective interactive principles.

Parents, and teacher’s most important aim, to make absently certain their nurturers, and students don’t develop greed. Greed and selfishness, always the most and quickest progressive traits and plight.

We are mi programmed to be each other and everything around us saboteur, and impoverishers. Fanatical aggressive primitiveness is mostly our normal response to the bearer of brand new information, is to lie and say they already knew it, or, take the low road, of the high road, greet new facts with suspicions, treat the messenger as a threat and try to kill the messenger in pretend friendship’s, that’s just an interrogating ploy. Chirp in with some stale cliché’s, and aggressively impose some type of imaginary organized beliefs, just to say the lease, to the lucky few. Taboo subject matter, it’s mind over matter, if it never enter your mind it wouldn’t matter.

If there are thousands of well-organized beliefs, anyone who introduce their personal beliefs is aggressively imposing. How Primitivia was created, as known by the name Earth. The entire population are sabotage with progressive dark mi information’s, that was conjured and invented in our dark ages and when our ancestors went through their troglodyte’s stage. The main underline problem, most people has an intense predilection and open arms friendliness for everything primitive. Unnecessary “fear is most of us dirty little secret pain”. During our dark ages, was a time when the sum of all their fears was setting all our ancestors unprotected ignorance’s, aggressive posturing, they was laying down the rules and regulations, setting crooked pace, they was twisted, bitter and lost, following the direction of those with the most-ess, vilifying the poor, impoverish, and the Mr., and misfortunes, regardless of their prominent disturbing seeping issues, creating disturbing cliché’s, maxims, adage, the people with most pachyderms hard card blanche, till this day people with the most have card blanche to do their worst, and that how civilization got started, current residents of Primitivia are following the same exact recipe for global disaster. Since the dark ages, all of us, in one way of another has been mi programmed to be vulnerably and fail miserably, in most aspect of our continuities. It’s always open season on our expose fragile senses.

That being said, this is a highly unusual unconventional universe preordain glitch exponent salvage operation, design to create a fun and neutral environment and restore our continuity to favor. A guide and a how to manual for everyone to unlock our true potential.

Change our levels of perceptions, interpretations, conceptions, understanding, priorities, and most of all our levels of consciousness. To the plausible alternative, whereas everyone has easy access to all of the relevant information and awareness, to aspire and ascend beyond our primitive self-created boundaries norms, and streamline our levels of preordain, even though preordain is paradoxical, preordain means there are no coincidence, once in a while a series of calculated informative literature can enhance our continuum paradigm. Every end, has a brand new preordain beginning.”

This is the optimize mind opening manual for all Hu persons interested in reach around self-destructive mi interpretation of continuity, escalating promiscuous obstacles, challenges, shift shaping identities, and crisis in attain their best and highest level of consciousness and awareness. There ranges of levels of consciousness, your consciousness level is relative to “what you know for sure.” A virtual how to be, and overturning foist self-destructive assumptions. This is a common ground intervention pin pointing and thin slicing the inaccessible relevant information’s to create the best versions of ourselves, processing all of the all-inclusive, and collective fine principles.

An itemized fine-tuned list of the innocuous grand scale real causes, why most of us “are of few principles, and all are open to revisions, “detailing all of the reasons for our grappling missteps, inactions, counterintuitive preoccupations, recidivism, wrestling entropies, etc., and restore our continuum to delectable favor. Identify our most important indomitable truth. Short and clear flawless inductive ecology of time less actionable greater good Intel, and all the tools to assist in making our existence undistinguished from serendipity, and falling prey to unaccounted pitfalls.

Outstanding uniformed all-inclusive collective prime directives truth finder, of all of our all-inclusive collective uniform prime directives, Eureka’s, my thoughts about the reason for all entropy, recidivism, challenges, and crisis and ensuing threats.

My in-depth honest difference of opinion, stellar ineffable perspectives are those of a self-appointed caretaker enhancer 26, a special preordain contributions, trouble shooter and keen observer obsession, delve into our primitive bubble, the inner passage of time, into the existence full circle, to provide, a big picture algorithm on how to be develop our true super potential, and introduce our super powers, a refresher course all of the relevant information, short and long answers to free the entire world’s population from their terrorizing secret pains.

Extreme time stretching assessments to rectify all of our imperative global challenges and escalating crisis. Find all of big answers, reason why all of us are devoid of the perfect levels of consciousness, filling the quaking voids, with primitive droids. Oppositions is sometimes the initiation to perfections.

Quantum restoration and transforming from our primitive stupor towards losing in translation, the immeasurably all-inclusive collective big picture in high definition and Technicolor level of consciousness. How to see everything as they are really are.

A feat of nearly impossible odds, trying to go through the normal channels, steep uphill challenge, enlightening the world’s population how they has deviate from the perfect existence big picture, and got stuck, and become accomplice aiding and abetting, some with elegant witty banters, others are sulk-a- holics, with our the shattered spattering illusion’s, unnecessary primitive inducements, wasting our true enhancing potential, most of us are in primitive hula-hoop loops type casted in devious scenarios, with burning primitive vindictive desires. Sifting through dwindling enigmatic life lessons, twisted with unnecessary fear, scrambling for endless nothing, with intense paranoid mi programming blues aspirations, predispose to awful complexes. In other words, we must find all of the unvanquished truths and praise them.

Haiku: tittle (Wandering eye times)

At day I wonder

By night I sunder

When will primitive life ends.

Insinuating chapter:

We all have go on the horizon of our journeys, where the preordain force takes us, there are no coincidence, where preordain is concern.

Stroke of luck assuage existence, it’s impossible to find all of the relevant truths telling even the smallest lies. In order to find all the truths we must not tell no shades of lies, fibs, etc., not telling lies, is one of the main, very important secret of life. stroke of genius, you must become obsessive compulsive to remove all lies, (when we have to have to mark ok check the box, saying you read the fine print, of a contract of policy, when you didn’t, that’s a lie, companies should have an alternative box, for people who are strict about integrities, to help those who don’t tell lies, accept for that seemingly unavailable lie.)

After all, when a person decided to tell lies, they decide to poison minds, and hide the truth, and become a liar. All liars must first lie to themselves. They must convince themselves that lie is feasible, and believable, they are able to suspense disbelief, which is guaranteed to progress into the super cryogenic dark, creating the worse versions of ourselves. Everything we do is extremely progressives, anything negative always and certainly must take a crooked turn to the worse path.

Most of us are dandified ill-equipped to comprehend existence, with intense momentum, over thinking with pathetic visual trending ignorance’s, inferior levels of consciousness, surprisingly confident with selfish self-preservations, and self-deceptions, are our active preoccupations. Reality is basically everyone are preoccupied with primitive speculations, equating and respecting everything based on its values, or money, wealthy, most of us are just run of the mill value seekers. We are all born a vagrant, and die a vagrant. And throughout our entire lifetime, we are mi programmed with a super nova poor perception of life. We are confident shell of our true potential, fortified with delusion of the third and fourth kind. MI programmed to hate everything around us, especially the word vagrant, poor and misfortunate, hard-luck case, “highly train to disassociate from anything that might fail. “Even though we are born with nothing, and die with nothing, in-between we are duped with materialist super-nonsense sense. Oblivious to a very important fact and secret to life we must desire less. A main source of our secret self-inflicted pains.

We are always attempting to gather our can’t get right selves

Always saying what was I thinking, always on the brink of a mischievous wink, reloading mi conceptions, and superficial perception, a glass menagerie of self-deception?

From an inferior levels of consciousness’, maintaining separatist conspiring distant, constantly getting caught in the primitive acts, and sequels trying their own, usually selfish, greedy, overflowing with unrealistic separatist ideas, they we are force into captive audience, with primitive consequence to weight, super ignorance, lump together with all fanatic quaking disparities of foist beliefs, rather disbeliefs.

Congregating are really a fault finding convention, overly concern with “ugly boasting” contest, mergers of super-nonsense, selfish and greedy speculations, and uncommon hasty insurmountable unnecessariness. We can see our own face unless we have reflective surface, we are unable to see our own selves as we really are, and we tend to direct our short Cummings at others. Since we can see our own faces, unless reflective, this should signal, and indicate to us we have to rely on others, and the collective hive is our true aim. From our placenta to the toe tag, we need people.

From our birth we are thrown into situations, our entire life time has us needing a situation room. We encounter countless situations where we have to rely on other people, even after death we encounter a disposal situation, we have to rely on others to dispose of our biological shell. We are mi programmed to despise and hate each other’s, without fault hate strangers. When nine time out of ten most of our challenging and even unspeakable surprises manifest from those we know. In event of emergencies, we all have failsafe reaction, ironically our failsafe reaction is to cry to the nearest stranger for help. All of those in our assistance industries, are really strangers to us. They are heroes our they’re in the world part of the collective hive able and willing to run to our side, gamble life and limb to save us from all forms of perils. We need to save ourselves from ourselves, our stinking thinking and mi programming. We are all being mi programmed to search for delusions of prosperities, posturing rouge vogue’s, and “Hot appearance’s”, “without mattering how cold their inside are.”

Force adhere in-between sickening primitive valley of decision typical painfully obvious pious wisdom deal breaker, our unattended senses are being manipulated in unscrupulous dimension exempt monumental oversights, most of the world’s population are mi programmed to smear and shove their personal beliefs , via their “birth lottery,” to others, imposing violently on our fragile sense, creating repeat performances of our worst case scenarios, primitive checklist, and primitive credentials are the only options.

Existence shouldn’t have to be a plethora primitive permanent ice field battlefields, everyone entitlement to learners permits for surface to air mi programming, mi information, mi interpretation, mi conception, mi, understanding, ignorance, etc., scientific explanation, and with VIP accommodations for circumnavigating ignorance foothill resort. Clinging to steep rise of long-standing borrowed time fallacies. With most of the world’s population in a reprehensive disorder slapstick cavorting petrifying facial priority, masking their quaking whizzing fear of their “final destination, “inevitable perdition “to solve creator absence that authorized them to be representative of order, with blatant super greed and selfish decompositions, devoid of all-inclusive and collective awareness.

Cloak clandestine wretched self-riotous shadow shell of our true potential, are always the main events, highlights with conniving following the money, following the money has our undivided attentions, we get low down and untidy chances to trade our wholesomeness, and promising quality of self, in exchange for money fame and material gains, at others and our environment delinquency expense. Money, fame and power are dearth, never enough. Following the money is our first love, the prerequisite for following the money is free forming selfishness and progressive greed. Fame fortunes, power and being an aristocrat, requires an intense amount of free formed selfishness, and well groomed insensitivities.

Each of us are just crooked antagonist, who are selling our freedom for money, type cast in low down and dirty brutally encouraging and promoting separatist scenes, oblivious to the big collective picture “this can’t be good.” Following the money is of first progressing dark schizoid free forming twisted scale of value, the financial ubiquitous motivation embolism, media influence, and harboring debility routines, another main prevailing ubiquitous self-inflicting gerontology fugitive is called; cooked foods attrition. During our past a leader actually was using the grim holodomoring as a method of mass population control. Eating cooked foods we are self-holodomoring. We are being marked for ever by cook foods, which is dead foods, that are is one of the main primary condition for unnecessary carcinogens. Cook foods, is caustic dead foods that has been attacking our entire physiology and biological systems. When our body are starved of nourishments, from prolong cook foods, after a while our body gradually and naturally stop working.

We are wasting a lot precious time holding on to inactions, providing undue attention to gather socially acceptable double jeopardy, calculated distraction’s by endless primitive “ debauchery moments of mutual fascinations, “some of which triggers our preordain cosmic flow, “every end is also a brand new preordain beginning.”

Bitter sweet ironies is always pivoting, access denied, wrenching unnecessary transitions, prosaic disembark, indignant erratic thrums, good or bad, mishaps all are part of force du jure placing us exactly where we supposed to be in the continuum, rope-a-dope mi information and mi programming, trying any new thing, no matter it’s collateral damages to try and escape our forced fed realities, corny cliché’s, etc., that can disarm others, that is most people ill-conceive perception of the vantage point. Most of us are all just roping in, lassoing, corralling and interrogating with unbridle ignorance, putting twist on old twist, constantly performing discrete, and non-discrete surveillances on one another, buying and selling each other freedom, eventually careening and catapulting into obscurity, fading out with unnecessary matching baggage’s and regrets, desperately searching to find ways to enslave each other to get billable hours, make profits, setting traps for one another, brainwashing each other into seeing “their own personal twisted strange lights,” leaving false trails, false starts, a ripe concoctions of false bitter ideals. Some of us are ice-calm, controlled at all times blazing surreptitious eyes, our sense of being a petrified torque mesh a volatile mixture of cringing fear, romantic ignorance, twisted respect, dollar signs etched in our eyes, “anger is always peeking through our haze of suspension of disbelief,” disfigured becoming grand master piece of suspension of disbeliefs, a stickler for imaginary friends with benefits, over reacting, panic stricken, nurtured and educated to be brimming with blind terror, each other roadblocks, evolution blockers, unfair to ourselves, never veering, from the wide world of majestic ignorance and mi programming pitfalls a walking crime scene, spending our life time being a pretender, tipping the scale in our counter intuitive favor, as a movie actor.

Mention the unmentionable

We all wants answered, answers to all of the big questions and little questions. The main objective is for every species is to” get a little more life, and aspire to our greatest level of consciousness. In order to get big answers we must ask the right questions. Although wants answers, “we can’t handle the unvanquished truths,” therefore we want answers to fit our primitive eutectics esthetics progressive personal brand of learnt, mi perceptions, level of acceptance, compromised levels of consciousness, mi programming, mi educations, answers that fall within our superstitious corrupt minds, also known as our comfort zone.

By the time we reach the tender age of three, most our brain were a side show sabotaged to the point of no return. Our brain retains all of its learned, eventful and uneventful, our brain requires constructive exercise, it need to constant be acquiring and processing information, it can differential from good or bad, whatever information you present to our super computer brains, it will, “make do”, and “work diligently twenty four hours a day seven days a week 366 days a year nonstop, and behind our back to get us whatever our needs, and heart desire ” progressing day and night with whatever information we are privy to, or what we know. What parents are famous for doing, “they are generous with hints, and cheap on the specifics?” The worst mindset is a cheap mindset, cheapness is self-treachery they cheapen everything around them. Cheap people do omnipotent cheap things, cheap people are always progressing rapidly to super cheap, they are engulf with selfishness, practice greed, selfish and greedy always cutting cost no matter the consequences, always sinking to all-time lows, masters and wizards of dirty selfish and greedy tricks of the trades.

It’s a false start when we deprive the youths of all of the relevant information’s, filled their heads with fantasies and blatantly lie to them, it’s really bizarre revelation, this is the way most of us began our youth, which surprisingly to say was during our most impression ate ages.

They ply and double ply their precious joy deliberately, fantasy children book, taught to pretend, and setting them up to have and worship all kinds of imaginary friends with benefits, with, obstructive, confusing, causing them to be indecisive, and discombobulated, and become misfits’ beacons, baiting other misfits into failing miserably Nancy, stories, myths, nursery rhythms, old folktales, goo gaga, fantasy. Now for the record there are a few nursery rhythms and song line were very valuable and still are used by many of us. The month of the year nursery rhythm,, how to distinguish poisonous snakes, and of course the slave escaping to the north, from the south song line, in addition to that were perhaps a few others. We was all born with a blank brain, then our brain are captivated with all the serendipitous market information, we only know what our parents and communities, teachers, friends, and media influence, (media is ill-designed to prey on negative and positive opportunities.) and information we gather from books, etc., our levels of consciousness is bounded by information that’s prioritize in accordance to our “birth lottery”, and black market intelligence culminating into our alter ego, and ego’s.

In light of new viable information, w e should have to be subjected to invented imaginary holy writ beliefs, rather disbeliefs, that has long establish counter intuitive emasculating dominance. Since we are only able to utilized less than ten percentage of our brain processing powers, it never hampered al of the juvenile attempts to get order and stability, or interfered with critical important decision making that led us to our present day challenges, and endless mi adventures. We all need an internal purifications and an all-inclusive mental hygiene mind sparkling wash (the steps to increasing our brain processing power are scatter throughout these series of literature, from a scatterbrain) hampering our true potential, there isn’t a shortage of people desperate for escapes, willing to be gullible and run with ant and every invented fly-run-crawl-jump-creep- walk- by- night ideas, and any home spun well thought out super nonsense, that they can’t confirm or denied. Brains is the first super computer, we are primitively quick to criticize, and call people bird brains, to state the lease, even bird brains, always remember a bird brain can fly. A brain, our brains are equipped with evolving forms of recognition hardware’s, and activating software’s, on its own accord. Our brain can become hip, of looped in devolving snips, a blip, whip, perform lip service or can become a sailing ship on an ocean, and the celestials sea . Our brain as a super computer can be used as a super computer, depending on the processing information it is privy to, or we can spend our entire lifetime using our brain as a low end calculator or abacus class act. Operating a super computer without all of the relevant all-inclusive and collective information’s, and daily vitals, are currently in global misplay, with we all becoming co-illicit to for constant state of disturbing flux primitive imprinting, sporting intense overwhelming primitive zest, acrid resilient partial to going dark personal brands of multiple aggressive self-destructive progression. We are being mold into becoming primitive thrill seekers, primitive poetry in commotion’s, self-creators of unnecessary, stigma’s, lasting impressions enigmas, full blown predilections, propensities, and predispose for falling for all of the wrong primitive things.

Life is exactly like the movie, “Ground Hog Day”, everyone that ever came from the atomic universe into our anatomic universe into existence, depending on their life-span, has the ripe opportunities like the main character in the movie ground hog day, after sleep to edit their missteps, jettison all of the errors of our ways, and margin of terror.

The error of our ways, are all of our ancient mi understanding.

We are all born with a D.O.B and D.D, a date of birth and a preordain death date, preordain means there is no coincidence, one of our inevitable perdition, “the extinction of all reality, no resignation can encompass,” “our final destinations.” “Every end, has a brand new beginning.” Access to greater good freewill, forcing us to “live tiny lives.” Our existence, are personal brands of distorted hazy reality, we are mostly camping out In-between our very promising true super potentials. Most of us levels of consciousness is a ghost town, we are basically locking up, and capping, barring ourselves from our very promising higher levels of consciousness, and throwing away the keys, and combinations to evolve and remain in our longest evolution ongoing stasis, teeming with non-items and inability to comprehend the unvanquished truths. We are all mi nurtured and mi educated to ignore the truths in countless ways, most of us all strategically armed with dirty tricks of counterintuitive trades, weapon zed mi programming, ignorance’s, mi understanding, and counter intuitiveness, very put together, well composed to promoting and encouraging wholesale un necessaries, always ready to rub each other the wrong way.

Quick on the draw to be importunate following the money into the cryogenics crevices contributing to the delinquencies of our universe, with wholesale enthusiasm, is the “moral of old and new times”. From a very early stage and most impression ate age we start to brain wash our offspring to follow the money, money owns us, and is the most provocative tool use to capture one another, following the money means anything goes. Most of us are nurture, and mi educated to be a magnet and respect material gains, become impracticable groupies, and befriend the best dressed, best looking, fame and fortune, the hostess with the most are our leader. “The better you do, the better your choice of relationship.” Relationships is a volatile primitive combinations of objectifying, secret agenda’s, preordain, following the money, selfishness, greed, and objectifying.

(Laurel from clear waters Florida and 254 P.A.S.) the world populations has always been subjected to, no shortages of mi programming, “we don’t know which mi information’s, and ignorance we are going to get, only to type casted in redundant scenes, that turns into grim rerun predictable episodes, our existence without all of the relevant information, uniformed all-inclusive prime collective directives, our life are guaranteed to take a turn to the worse, falling prey or become a terrorizing protagonists, culminating starring role in in the worse be movies, being misled our entire lifetime.

To make matter worse, via slapstick educated faceless systems who has digitally mastered throwing caution into the wind, and most of us if not all are just following the money mindboggling drones that are suffering from Engelhard syndrome, (deep-seated desire to fine precious gems, Engelhard brick of gold, or women’s best friend, how cool is that) we are lump and imprison together in capture audience to exchange various personal brands of mi programming, ignorance, unrealistic nurturing, and endless compromising mi information’s, that’s our current existence in a nutshell, with offspring’s nut falling far from the trees. Every stream of actions, and inactions are preordain, is no coincidence, preordain is past occurrences forming, and preordain cosmic flow and our continuum.

“People who pulls us out of a jam, isn’t always trying to help us, people who throw dirt on us, isn’t always trying to hurt us.”

It’s not only part of our devolving principles, it’s juvenile, troglodytes in nature, extremely selfish to create winner circles, teaching everyone to aimlessly search our universe for values, valuing rare goods is ok, and the secret to making money is having something that’s rare and unavailable, any and all types of prestigious international awards, competing, contest, nobility, bouts, is primitive, best of the best tournaments, awards, using the title master, Olympics, Oscars, Pulitzer prize, etc. all of these are anti-collective, grossly separatist in nature, and it’s endless abbreviations are detrimental and contributing towards the delinquencies of every noun, and has been prime separatist undermining our collective hives ambitions. These along with countless other psychotic ill-conceived fly-by-night and day ideas, are anti-collective in the most extreme ways. Every single person that ever live plays a very important role in the scheme of existence, good or negative unspeakable acts. The unspeakable negative acts, are based on progressive inactions, black market intelligence, mi education, beliefs, goose misstep, plaster ignorance, Nancy stories, myths, fables, faire tales, everyone trying their own counter intuitive work of art, etch, forming a preordain paradox called: our continuum. “Every end has a new beginning.’

Existence a very simple equation, with our universe is constantly demonstrating all of the most important secret of life the big panoramic picture in 360 degrees. One of the secret of life we must develop pathological OCD awareness, and consideration at all times for the big picture, every waking and sleeping split-second of our life. Our universe from the very beginning specialized in the all-inclusive and extreme collective equation.

“Fear drove Hu persons to their greatest accomplishments”, and their worse unspeakable acts, and sequels.

No discrimination, separatist super-nonsense, there are a very rough estimate of seven and half billion people on earth, and there are a rough estimate of seven and half gazillion ways to separate us from any chance of achieve super greatness that can only we can achieve as a collective working in Unisom and corporation all-inclusiveness. Only together as a collective hive we can achieve our highest levels of awareness and consciousness. “You are the world you created, when it’s time for our inevitable perditions, “final destinations,” when we cease to exist, the world we creates our egos, cease to exist as well.” addressing message of doom promoters, breaking news flash, every one of us is a by ourselves, world, our individual worlds has been ending untimely all true the time line. It’s primitive to overlook our pressing issues and jump the gun, using some primitive magical oversight thinking, and lack, and awareness of our first, and pressing priorities.

Every species are accommodated and allocated free will, which we so richly deserve, wiggle room to “get a little bit more life”. We all need desperately to rediscover and respect freewill. The universe a naturally design, all of the big secrets of live is simple, 1. Cherish and replenish “Leave thing better than we found them” 2. Desire less. 3. Always prepare for the immediate and long term future. 3. Recognize and respect your limitations. 4. Most things should be left for the qualified professionals. .5. Never tell lies. 6. The perfect equation was infiltrated with overwhelmed full scale super nonsenses, and endless unnecessary, masking sickening disinfectant can’t get right smell, causing living and preordain paradox to go horribly wrong. was dead moments, powers of persuasion, circumvented, mi educations, counter intuitive “made up mumbo- jumbo’s, psycho babbles,” false steps, false enigmatic life lessons, false beliefs, too good to be true ruse, left us clutching air, mother-load of stupendous suspension ok disbeliefs, converging plastered dissociating disorienting plastered ignorance’s global missteps, and inaction, labyrinthine of hair-brain schemes. All of which are really separatist mishap, devoid us of our all –inclusive collective best level of awareness and consciousness, the highest level of evolution and consciousness, when every current future resident of the earth or new relocation, develop all-inclusive, and collective awareness,

Every stream of available market intelligent and black market intelligence, inactions, actions, that occurred in our history on earth, culminates into our continuity, forming the preordain paradox. “every end, has a brand new beginning,” “when one door closes, another one opens.”

Everything is very progressive, everything is always progressing and digressing into its future. Life as we are routinely are being mi programmed to experience it, are overflowing with 93 percent of UN necessaries, in addition to six percent of super nonsense. It’s mostly entertaining until the newness runs out.

Most of us are intensely mislead to be, engineers, and rocket scientist of our own mister and misfortunes. We are for the most part, spastically cavorting backwardly attempting to attain the echelon of existence, without all of the relevant information, we most likely drowning in dis-information. Our minds are full, with personal brands of our personal brands of polluted putrescence market intelligence, most of our operating systems has been conjured from the dark ages that has been progressing for centuries.

Our comfort zones are plethora of self-creating ground zeros, our entertainments, involves deep seated treacherous labyrinths of primitive nostalgias. We are all winging it, with internationals run of the mill conjured sets of ideas, beliefs.

Our mind reach is tether to a slew of counter intuitive, mi concepts, mi educated, mi understanding, etc., check list, whereas following the following the money is the deal breaker. Most people belief following the money, as if it can protect them and make them immune from the ravish of time.

From inception into existence we are mold into all form of setups, we are constricted and restricted to be disturbingly inflicting selfish master plan, that’s just elaborate decorated pachyderm droppings. We are force to choose in between back peddling regimes, join the ranks of the most successful pretenders, eventually we have to choose between slim pickings of subverting infrastructures. we all are misled to be wanting, and having personal twisted halo desire to belong to something successful, it really doesn’t matter how cruel it may be, without all of the elementary relevant software, our super computer are mostly used in a calculator capacity.

Without all of the elementary relevant software, our super computer are mostly used in a calculator capacity. Without all of the elementary relevant software, our super computer are mostly used in a calculator capacity. Bombing, to its darkest depths. We are send out into the world backwards, to seek fame and fortune, and follow the money I

Our minds are susceptible to mesmerizing comical breaches, culminating into predisposition to be train wrecks.

Life is and always will be a collective, and all-inclusive concept, otherwise we could have never enter existence.

The future is a preordain map, there is no coincidences.

Our cerebral capacity, our less than ten percent brain processing capability are making us partial to autonomous lackluster Most of us are well trained to play by legendary primitive rules of engagements, always projecting false image, false motivations, always pretending and acting harboring disguise resentments, seeking revenge, paybacks, busy bees with our priories highly focus on the always fleeting past, with some form of primitive unethical games, meanwhile every split second we are constantly moving in to the future. All our systems are design to experience and live our life from a past perception, misstate priorities, encourage us to be reckless promoters, twisted vessels, misinformed conduit, quick-set to constantly seeking the next buck, or billable hours. And in disturbing additions, and mostly use one-size-fits-all, disregarding the very important fact every person born is a unique individual, a combination of both parents, a brand new entity that we rudimentary predispose to offer new born hefty portions of one-size-fits-all ill-treatment. In most cases, there are no all-inclusive and collective accommodations. Every minute there are improvements, globally, yet we don’t have method in place to share every break through and new knowledge immediately, is based on profits, primitive scrutiny, luck, and media influence.

Every system has access to open budgets, and is design to fail miserably in countless humdinger howling ways, we are bound by mazes of subverting systems that master suspension of disbeliefs, upholding dabbling in seminal insecurity unfretted humdrum hullabaloo. Most systems uses aftermath contingencies, than preventions. Relies on primitive anoxic go to people’s.

We really have to take our primitive shows on the road, the future is lightning fast, our entire concept of reality is design as a past mi concept.

The future are streams of interconnected progressive events that had been unfolding throughout our entire history, whatever inactions, and actions, happens on earth stays is earth.

We are always going, and advancing into the future, every waking and sleeping second, we are advancing into the future. A very important part of life, is future placements, we are supposed to be obsessively positioning everyone and everything for the future.

What we are witnessing globally are centuries of condense primitive sophistication industrialism vigilant plastered indolent ignorance’s creative drive indulging dark progressions, outdated without transparencies and without greater good egalitarian oversight, in distinguished from change. Our continuity is the perfect blend insurmountable volatile vile mi programming design for us to always having to play the slim Pickens odds, confrontation overload favoritism blame games (“blaming cannot undo the unfavorable deeds)” it’s a disturbing waste of precious time, and the precise application of lethal ignorance’s, deception perception, on its tail ends. An entire world population trying their very own counter intuitive primitive, culminating into a monumental storm brewing. Everyone in one way or another is throwing each other can’t get right parties, lingering traditions, rituals, heritage, armed with a few cliché’s most of which was created by people with the big seven seeping issues, undignified identities, stereo types hypes, running twisted muck, hickory Dickery locks, dignified masqueraders, satirical pretenders, and bizarre mundane revelers, undermining and oppressing each other. In addition most of us are byproducts from quaking deficiencies of our critical daily vitals. We are suffering from, all of the slings and arrows of cooked dead foods. Most of us were force fed meats and other things with face, never give the opportunities to make most of our very important lifetime critical decisions. “My life is poisoned, there are over 250, and intensely rising chemicals in our foods. Deficiencies of daily vitals and the toxicity build up from eating cook dead foods, has been sending our entire biology out of whack and offline. Cooked dead foods never agreed with us. Our bodies requires live energies, yet on the whole it’ customary for most of us around the world we begging our days and night with false sets of daily vitals, basically dead foods, as a main sources of our daily required live energies. MI nurtured and mi educated to be current promoters of atrocious genial cooked foods attritions, cooked dead foods has our entire biology offline, and imbalanced our mind out of synch, eat eke cooked foods, elevenses, at your own health risk, which is dead foods, cooked foods are our soporific cause celebre’ attrition, “resident evil,” that are sending our immune systems on a hiatus, every morsel of cooked dead food we consume, is creating super volcanoes in our fragile biology.

Since the discovery of fire that are the main causes of secondhand smoke. Where there is fire there is smoke, even though there was a Hugh campaign against secondhand smoke the promoters, seems to overlook the fact everyone has a stove in their wigwam. Cooked foods is regicide, it ravages our body, cooked foods is undead foods, when eat cooked foods, our fragile biology are being invaded by “body snatchers.” Most people around the world, are vulnerable to be seduce to the fatal aromas of cooked foods, and its congestive billowing defects. Most of us are enslaved by cooked foods, which has at the very least trace amounts of our daily vitals. When we subtract those patients that has been exposed to, usually unnecessary unnatural environment hazardous chemicals, most of the remainder of patients in hospitals, pharmacies, etc., is basically suffering from post-cooked food progressive disorders, from the discoveries of cooking. One of the main reasons for our global absorbent amount of birth defects, is cooked dead food consumptions. We all has storage cells, prolong consumption of cooked dead food cause our biological system to deplete our storage cell as a failsafe. Unbeknownst we attempt to procreate with depleted storage cells which is primary there for our offspring. Very important to stock pile daily vitals before procreation. It’s quite possible some of us has the failsafe in place that prevent some from procreating with depleted storage cell, that can easily be research with couples who has problem with procreations.

Unexercised intake of energies, can also become a serious threat

Cooked undead foods, is also our ubiquitous self-creating incendiary, gastro-enteritis disfiguring malignancies enigma that has trace amount of daily vitals in a few cases. Our immune systems, eventually must crash and burn from compound years of cooked foods, we are eating for thought, train of primitive thoughts. Cooked foods are the creator of dead weight, and holds our entire body hostage, creating internal storms, and all sorts of terminal deceases. Cooked dead foods and its’ soporific attacks and extradite all of our biology necessities, its rapid degrading of our anatomy. Over the hills, really means we are suffering from compound years of cooked dead foods retributions. “Only when the mind is free, the body has a chance to be free”

Our priority when comes to daily vitals is aroma, rather than the pure raw true vitals that are mostly present in global mixture of raw foods, fruits and all global edible vegetation’s. Cooked foods is dead foods the main cause of all terminal deceases. Oxidations and fermentations of cooked dead food are producing excess toxic build ups, and chronic inflammations and unnecessary effusions. After compound years of cooked foods, it tends to build up an arsenals of unmanageable toxicity, our immune systems and brain can no longer handle and maintain a balance causing biology meltdown and biology ground zero, to go out of whack, and starts to fail, all across the board.

Toxicity overload warning signs

Without simple basic homeopathy, most head ache and back aches’ pimple, cist., etc. are our brain signaling us we need a serious purge, most purges on the market cause more long term harm than good. The most rewarding thing we can do to levitate the epoch cooked dead foods challenges is to, fall in love, head over heels with the health-giving Noni fruit and living bitters from Ghana combination, is very curative it’s the super best internal purification to create sparkling health and lift our spirits, maintain mental hygiene homeopathy remedy.

We are mi conceive to perceive, when we quest the mightiest and newest sky scraper, fashions, cars, material gains, we are misled to think and admiring them with primitive awe and going into anaphylactic shock, all of our trending material gains are very primitive. Organic garden is the fanciest pleasure for our eyes, body and mind. When our body is at rest, and even power nap positions, we activate our inborn body doctor or repair, regain competencies, cooling down, healing, future previewing, and other types of internal purifications, and mental hygiene’s, etc.

Everyone must eat at least eight ounces of super mix raw foods every day, and drink at the least a pint of Noni juicy fruit every week, living bitters from Ghana, every three months, for its wonderful medicinal purposes. Use hefty daily portions of reputable multivitamins (personally I found only the centrum performance multivitamins is reasonable source of multivitamins) is the best remedy for us to purge ourselves of toxic build up from consumptions of cooked dead foods and raw foods as well. From the discovery of fire we not only has been disregarding our vital needs for crucial daily vitals and opt for the aromatic subverting fragrance of cooked dead foods. Our sense are always exposed to unscrupulous suicidal senses invaders.

Where there is fire there is smoke. Secondhand smoke inhalation were another main self-destructive byproduct that were another faux pas that has been another major fatal force to be reckoning with, since the discovery of fire. T’ was customary most events and social gathering involved siting around fire side, unbeknownst we was getting double cross from the collateral damages of cooked foods and secondhand smoke inhalations. Since then secondhand smoke inhalations has been encoded in our genes. It’s “stranger than fiction,” although the world has recognize the seriousness of second smoke, we don’t realize most of us has stoves and BBQ gadgets in the sanctum of our homes that produce secondhand smoke. And Eat cooked dead foods at your own health risk if you are suffering from terminal deceases you have to refrain from cooked foods, and seek out all of global edible vegetation’s. their so much missing important basic information, for instance when we place our body in horizontal position at rest, laying down, it’s a semi-hibernation stage, triggering our sick call failsafe our brain activate our body internal doctor, and our immune systems to seek and find restore, and repair, and find all of the nature of our pressing emergencies. Power naps are very important. In most cases it’s best for us to be active when we are sick, otherwise we our brain extents the hibernation stage, going deeper and deeper into repair mode. Most of us having realize that there should be warning signs at all beech facilities, informing swimmers that those with hypertensions and high blood pressure are in grave risk. Our largest organ is our skin, the sea is almost pure salt, and going swimming we are subjecting ourselves to transdermal absorptions too a great deal of salt, sodium’s, in addition exposure to the sun which also elevate blood pressure. People with low blood pressure is encourage to bath in the sea.

Contrary to popular demand and belief, and all hose innocuous retrospectives, “the organizing principles” from the dawn of the dark night of ill-perceive concept of “all civilization” all of which is still in intense mutative effect, subjecting anyone who follow these principles to spent their life, can’t get right the true value of life, rather leaving all forms of wake in their eminent greedy selfish domain path, enslaving others, contributing to the delinquency of the planet “ with a super dark constantly progressing unscrupulous cryogenics principles, respecting and following the money, which is warfare, declaring war on anyone who has money. There is never enough money, the more selfish and greedy gumption we possess, the more wealth you are able to accumulate.

, and always be our entire concepts, perceptions, nurturing, education, jurisprudence laws are time wasting systems that are wizardly design to conspire against evolving, and has a fondness for chaos, it’s in their best profitable interest to keep us in the past. Systems are psycho aggressive same old ego trips from their inceptions overwhelming with mi’ adventure’s negating collective big picture concepts. These threat creating incapable of change botching everything around them systems has been producing a wind fall of multi centuries of eruptible conflicts progress collateral damages , profit and power geared, with countless shadow organizations, reward orientated, all systems “make it their job to provided just the thing we are missing, by allowing the worst case scenarios to become reality, and endless unnecessariness, so they can expand their reign, all systems relies on the give to get devious wheel greasing, and many other underhand fly-by-night tricks. Truly kind people, who don’t give to get, “don’t even want thanks in appreciations.” “Helping nouns is a wonderful privilege.”

Every time we take something from someone or group, we sell our freedom to them. Most people are taught to selfishly to find value in everything, seek out mutual friends that has obnoxious material gains, friends with benefits, don’t associate ourselves with anything that will fail, cow tow to fame and any form of fortune, and follow the money into its self-destructive depths. Most has disdain towards vagrants as myself, destitute, disheveled, forgotten people. The only problem with that trending nonsense we are all born a vagrant, and guaranteed to die a vagrant, with acquire mental acuity. Everyone plays a very important role in the grand big picture, the scheme of existence, culminating into our continuum. The world has a predilection to be associated with people that presented a delusion of prosperity, pretenders, well dress and composed.

Systems will always thrive during our worse period. And prescribe things that are in their best selfish interest. If you analyze our worse periods, you would undoubtedly find they were created by system trying a thing, capitalizing and marketing media influencing our fear. That caught a snag, and backfired, system that are design from an aftermath contingencies. Global population has been domesticated from the first hour glass, and other time pieces. We are thriving in system captivities, domesticated and tame to stay tuned to self-destructive systems.

In endless ways in our journey, we are desperate to belong to something, anything that fits the primitive descriptions. Cajoling and revving, missteps, inaction, and a dark maze of disturbing imposing factors on each other “fighting violently with our, can’t get right selves, using any and all forms of escapes, derange endangered of endless mi programming. In the twisted bitter ends we are all just mergers and acquisitions and mergers frustrations, marionette ponds in primitive games, always on primitive edge, always ready to fight, ““being drawn to “round about methods,” sensitively prone to the pleasure of primitive battles,” mostly war games “oblivious to a very important secret of life “when we have to fight, we had already lost the battle.” “Treachery and violence are spears point at both ends, they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.”

The art of attractions

For some relationship is really “a treacherous slope of deciding to care, “without all of the relevant information’s, playing it safe stricture, with expected incarceration in the bargain.

Our primitive concepts of relationships, are win, win, competition, leading each other to a slaughter, relationship is the best place to give Oscar wards. It’s an intense lumping of each other mi programming, twisted ideals, bizarre and tenuous preoccupations, piping hot Nancy stories, myths, and faire tale blended false start nurturing, priories, progression, matching loyalty, masquerading trust, any means necessary, bowing out gracefully with hidden revenge , crouching disfigurements is closure, digress, hidden desire, omissions, gamble, disguising change of heart, shadowing compromising nature and traits, hidden faults and truths, personal brands of facades, camouflaged traces of doubts, keeping up elaborate scheme, itemizing value, exposed emotion gamble, matching desperation and wits, tallying information to be used as ammunition, don’t let them see this, see what we can get, pressing needs, motives, pretend transparencies, and twisted offering. Most of the time “hot appearances, has a cold and calculating terrorist inside” that we overlook until we can’t cope any longer. A hot appearance are giving carte blanche in all inner sanctum of life, they usually award material, above others, since we allow beauty and tall people a VIP and a license to kill equality, contest, competition, nobility, awards, first choice in every important fabric of our global primitive society. Most not all beautiful and tall people are given diplomatic pass to become our worst nightmare. They easily dominated and repetitious document worldwide on all media implement, dividing our collective. Creating I want to be beautiful syndrome, I want to grand stand with beautiful thing equalizing syndromes setting the mi priorities bar at a “pulp fiction” self-destructive high, allowing over price poisonous chemicals, cosmetic surgery, and accessory, a trillion dollar industry. We are just regimes, in various processions of real work of clandestine arts, force fed all of the missteps to live our entire lifetime overflowing with deceit.

Most of us are being mi programming to set traps for each other and everything in the universe. A relationship is us saying, catch me if you can, we are really saying to each other “shall we play a game” with every progressing cloaked and composed dark hot sticky messy secondhand emotions erupting simultaneously, security blanket called fear, selfish desire, at the same time unloading unnecessary mounting compound frustration and stress(for stress and frustration fragrance and aroma therapy), psychopath originated cliché’s repeaters, and promoters, seeking attention, foggy sense of pride etched with complex deep-seated warped brow beaten tear-stained facial expression, compromising and dominating the grated good, always disfigured spying on each other, winging it, slim Pickens, change of plans, alone time, change of heart, change of direction, everyone selfishly craving empires, this can’t be a good thing, special needs conquerors, vilifying the truth, spreading smear campaigns, self-destructive seduction, poison lust, lachrymose eyes, pencil in “moment decision from dying,” jealousy Wi-Fi, knee-deep in envy, misled, knobby ear hustling for unusual sounds, time to make exit, and entrance, unwanted intrusions, flirting with unnecessary danger, poppsymic flinging insults, speaking “in our best-strained labial laconic voice, delusional that we are the arch nemesis, “desperately asking each other, if they are desperate,” secret Gaul’s, deliberate short sightedness evading joist happy sounds brawls, and entrance sounds, “did you hear that, eye hustling peripheral vision moving figure, did you see that, and sniffing for whiffs of familiar sense, and objectifying from extreme inferior personal brand levels of consciousness always being force to settle for the path with the least primitive resistance. We are always regrouping, going back to the drawing boards, with drooping levels of consciousness, sickening pause, sickening temerity sensation something isn’t right bliss, purpose of life hit and mist, puking de Javu, our oblivious that is just our M.I.E.K.E super power senses, our eyes split second glimpse on ordinary items, are extremely important premonition, previews of enfolding future events, which are a paradox.

We are always stock piling, physical and mental ammunitions to offer the world a series of literature, with a patch work of elucidation end product of enchanting efflorescence of all-inclusive collective uniform prime directive. Future all-inclusive placement, and obsessive collective position for all things to get a little more pleasant life. All of the relevant life lessons has an unrealistic chance to get, they are arbitrary, enigmatic, ineligible, extremely remote, and rare.

With this big picture kaleidoscope manual for Hu persons, is design for everyone, especially the misfortunate easy access to all of the very important life lessons. It’s in the best interest of the entire world for everyone to have easy access to all of the relevant life lessons free, and education. Any country who are charging their citizen for knowledge is sabotaging the entire world. The earth is our temporary home, collectively we possess the ability to evolve and reposition ourselves for when the time comes in the future, and we have to abandon our planet.

Spelunking to find extremely important enigmatic life lessons, are horror scene out of a fiction, a child shouldn’t have to spend his or her entire life time serendipitously hot messy pursuits to find life lessons. Although this literature has seemingly intriguing thought provoking ideas and concepts, because of your level of consciousness, at times it’s natural for mediocre levels of consciousness, “the truth has no temperature” the truth is regarded as offensive, and opt for a defensive position. This is not the latest trendsetting self-destructive new direction. Or a smear campaign our eyes are always searching with domesticate levels of intelligences for small unlikely victories, attention, for reasons, reasons to laugh, reason to smile, reason to love, reasons to say no, reasons to say yes, reason to feel, from various preprogrammed levels of consciousness.

Existence, along with all of the other most important things in life are full sophomoric circles. Circles are always moving, unmanaged it will circle back and cause us UN foretold harm. Existence underline motto is to keep it moving, we are always moving into the future, every waking and sleeping second, we are advancing into the future. Here is the thing all of the systems we have in place are design to keep us in the past. The earth is really a past concept. All activity on earth are is a split second past concept, therefore one of the main secret of life is to always be preparing for yours and future generation futures. We are always moving forward and onward into the future every split second. In space time is not align with our primitive concept of time. The universe concept of time is on a totally different than, that of earth.

Existence has always been a moving enigma onward and forward equation, consciousness requires an arithmetic perception, and solutions. Two main contributing perspective most people are using, minus or plus continuity, simply put some people are adding to the equation of life, trying to be “part of the problems,” or they are taking away from the equation of life, “becoming part of the problems”

We have to compliant for mandatory jealousy provoking mi programming, tribal ignorance’s, contention resonating series of traditions, customs, and invented beliefs proven to be folly, preset with distracting mi conceptions idioms foundation, our continuities are the perfect ticking time bomb wedding, where we are forced fed super nonsense, wizardly designed to create distracting effects, waste time debating non-items, all the while fine-tuning perfect the find art of giving each other and our environment endless nothing. We have mastered state-of the art retribution, and useless loquacity’s, separatist ideals, subverting competition, dividing our collective evolution with life time of contest, hierarchies, and nobilities, blah-blah, wasting valuable time always sizing each other up, chastising, brandishing frighten moods, pumping for information, lecturing, preaching, and reprimanding each other unshared idiosyncrasies. How we treat ourselves is usually reflect or determines the way we treat each other.

From the beginning of our timeline we had been allowing the people in our communities with the most pachyderms, or material gains, “host with the most’ s” set the pace of our continuity, severing our collective evolutions prospects, and set laws, do whatever their eccentric heart desired, it didn’t matter whether or not they had serious seeping mental issues. In most cases, people with the big seven, most dangerous seeping issues, sociopaths psychopaths, sadist, masochistic, narcissistic, etc., are very good at amassing the most wealth, the hallmark of the people with the big seven dangerous untreated seeping issues, is to laugh at empathy, make insensitive jokes, mock sympathy, etc., they has been setting the one size fits all pace of our continuities, laying down laws, rules regulations, education, etc., this can be good?

Value were and always been the brand ne w sexy, rapid-spit-fire- jolts, remorseless blistering well pronounce super greed, always promoting and marketing violent shock waves of bleak sinister selfishness, conveying converging cryptic morals, dazzling and mesmerizing super conditioned value seeker eyes, sequester our youths, dabbling in turbulent trends, impervious to time guarding primitive styles. No style is a style. Presently following respecting, and shedding tears for the money, deficiencies of our daily vitals, eating cooked foods, which are dead foods, are the main cause of our pressing challenges.

missteps-shattering foreknowledge standard of super awareness excellence encyclopedia, for any and every one willing to transcend to the ultimate level of consciousness, all of the relevant information’s and all of the prioritizing main secrets of life, work out the kinks of our mi perceptions, mi education, mi understanding, mi steps, mi interpretations, ill-conceive enthusiasm, curb self-destructiveness, refrain from surrendering and having to settle to the normal counter intuitiveness. This is a basic how to re-position themselves, and a grand list of all-inclusive collective’s prime directives for the entire world, the best ways to be, how to be, how to treat everyone around them in the right direction, and begin the process of attaining super greatness.

Primitive nostalgia, we all has various checklist that is relative to our cerebral capacity. We have social systems fortified in place, based on our cerebral capacity, which is less than ten percent, and those figures is reserved for geniuses, savants, etc. Therefore our entire life time we are duped into playing with primitive rules, and regulations that was invented and conjured by inferior cerebral capacities. We only able to utilized less than ten percent of our cerebral capacity, our primary concerns are, “with who we are, and what we want to be. “Most of us are always over analyzing constricted and restricted only able to use less than ten percent of our brain processing power. We have to always settle for a limited perception, everything is view with cerebral blindness. Seeing everything as obstacle, rather than awareness of their all-inclusive and collective nature, we have so many subverting missteps in place ass self-destructive drones in evolution stasis, barring tearing our psychic and keep us from enjoying the big picture and it’s medicinal purpose.

Projecting the wrong images, grouping all the wrong got to peoples, only recourse is to falling to self-creating chaos that is authorized official interconnected legendary global subverting systems. contemplating primitive action, in between various anoxic state, twistedly search for all the wrong things that only expediting the ravish of time, unaware that the norm means, we are duped into being avid fierce promoters of super nonsense, surrounded with grave unnecessary as a comfort zone and security blanket.

Mind reach, mind breach, mind leech

Most of us are being mi programmed to be brimming with all sorts of innate personal blinders, are being force fed twisted nurturing and self-destruction mi educations that are brainwashing us with a fortified maze of super unnecessary things control our directions, misguided to constantly search for counter intuitive values priorities, our continuum is just byproducts of merging frustrations. Eventually becoming enhanced with devoid, designed to be train wrecks, having to find various forms of escapes to fill self-inflicted quaking voids. It’s very easy to start the wrong thing, venture in the wrong directions. Before we start or decide to continue down the wrong part, we have to true to ourselves and use flash-forward thoughts, delve extensively into all of the collateral damages and all of the after feeling. The after-feeling is the truth, when we do self-destructive things, utilize various forms of escapes, at the same time having estrange propensity to hide, overlook and burry big problems.

There are many forms of escapes, legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, smoking, selfishness, greed, hoarding a form of greed, even disorganize is a form of escape, can’t get right air, I don’t care tear, a high, mastering recklessness, carelessness, a feeling that called the royal complexes, risk seekers, etc., be honest about the after feelings, and use the after-feeling struggle to help you help yourself from self-setting-up for failures. There are various forms of escapes in play to fill the voids, from drugs, violence, fame fortune, others any and everything that makes them feel like they belong, may it be imaginary belief, or the latest suicide bombers. We must prep ourselves, by voicing “it’s a beautiful day, night, moment, or second to die. “Life is a thing we aren’t going to be able to get out alive.” We have to prepare ourselves at all times” to be able to walk, run, crawl, fall, bawl, sprawl away from life in a split second.

Without uniform prime all inclusive and collective directives, the world population will always be trying a thing, questing globally thing goes, jamboree, fest, carnival, throwing each other cloak parties. Therefore we suffering from various forms of our personal brands of major and general malfunctions. Highly skilled to accept any and all primitive challenges, bitterly focusing on the finished products, careless of its collateral damages. We are force fed super unnecessariness conflations, causing us to spend our lifetime ill-advised, cringing in our ill-perceive happy places. We are nurtured and severely mi educated to respect any and all things that fits the primitive counter intuitive things that fit the part of the problems criteria’s, with un-computed consequences. Domesticated and professional lifestyles are a rush atmosphere blossoming embellished version, a tough complicated very progressive rackets, with everyone relaying to the finish line, trying their own heavy duty narrow focus thing.

Self-betterment involves following primitive role models, primitive dream teams, imaginary friends with benefits, delusions of twisted priorities. Demagogue imaginary beliefs twist the facts to suit their hidden agendas, selfish needs, festive ignorance’s, and their separatist goals. Unrealistic trendsetting future panic happy debacles, focusing on non-items, with intense overreacting trigger happy, with their own personal brands of A to Z thinnest of theories. It’s a dense patch of global trajectories with everyone involve in putting sugar coated kibosh on others and the universe, in one way or another filled with trophies, memorabilia’s keep-sakes, brain looping glory days, hearsays, good old inferior unedited ways days, enhanced with smashing personal brands of social awkwardness crime spree, and highly based on serendipitous life lessons and available market intelligences, while harboring resentments, complicity and maintain both can’t get right pace and some form of anger ready. Most of us are influenced by those who were successful always kowtowing, knee-deep, to following the money mastering the killer instincts,, mutating into “low down and dirty scoundrel’s”, derange knave twisted priorities and discombobulated captains of sinking kayaks, brandishing well composed cracking façade of sometimes transparent deep-seated acrid money rage eyes, following the money selfishly in into its creepy cryogenics dark, low down and dirty. Old money, are true villains of our universe, kleptomaniac representatives of centuries of refined killjoy skillsets, know-it-all, living with mote, un bothered that our associates are lackluster living in kraals, suffering from kwashiorkor, destroying people freedom, and enslaving them. “Kings and queens invades, it went from lords to land lords.” Royalty represent blue blood desire to divide, kindhearted conquer, separate, wealthy people are the grandstanders of their super greed, selfishness, deficiencies, and profit monsters, always being shadowed by “closing dark forces”.

whenever you are in the present of “success person, try to imagine the wake of people they had crush, with kinky super klaxons greed, blanked kiss of death, trapped, snagged, manipulate, trick, deceive, rope-a-dope, the rate of progressive collateral damages, and you will never look at success people as guide, but they are sign of misguided wrath, plaguing mounting circle of wicked desire to do their worse.

We are all the “usual suspects,” as the world turns, we are routinely being misled, mi programmed to experience expired ignorance’s, misconduct are the only conduct, frolic with lapse judgments very selfish manner and encourage to become super greedy. Currently existence is overflowing with 93 percent of unnecessariness, in addition to six percent of super nonsense, and trending distractions. Continuities is mostly entertaining until the newness runs out. Take the our primitive process of love, usually begins outward, mindset, personality are sights unseen, unless we hear sounds of other senses are involve, we are beginning relationships from objectifying stand points. Since most of the world are nurture and encourage to dress to impress, put our best foot forward, which simply means, dress to misrepresent, deceive, mi’ perceive, mi conceive, and receive, we are taught to use any and all means to create effect, subjecting everything and everyone of us to be train wrecks. “Dress codes are just hoops for us to jump through.” Not every girl, most girls has a lifelong peer pressure that induce and encourage “girls constantly competing with each other”. From a very early stage it’s normal to give girls countless bioluminescence mi directions, they are provided with all of the tools of the spy trade to, and endless opportunities to master the art of seduction, making those who indulge in the tools of the spy games, a whole lot better at games, sneakiness, secret agenda’s, pretending, and make belief, causing them to see the world only as a source of value.

Girls are blatantly lie t, from their most impression ate ages. They are encouraged to chase vanity, develop force ripe high maintenance and set unrealistic high value desires. Nearly told they are a princess, placing a high maintenance self-harming egotistical façade in their minds. The whole concept of royalty is the biggest anti collective evolution, and is extremely separatist in nature. Beauty obsessing constricts girls into developing innate obsession to acquire and respect beauty, and all sorts of primitive out doing one another complexes. These false steps are derailing them into utilizing anyone and anything necessary to win, the princess global longest running war. Most girls are stuck and lost and imprisoned in as a lifelong contestant. They are told to follow the money, get the best of the best, crave all accessories, me complexes. Almost every girl is told they are a princess, they are also imbedded with mi priorities, that instruct them that beauty, and always weaving and heaving accessories pet peeves, accessories is the most important thing, no matter what the cost is.

Dangerous chemically coated accessories are a multi-trillion dollar business. Faults hiding is a secret trait, it can only progressive dark, stay away from the truth and the light games, that mutates into all types of unrealistic high stakes traits, sneakiness and selfishness.an entire life composed with accessories, and make-up, derange searching for something real in a mate.

Inside the minds underneath the facades, in-between overly fortified and protected lies that stand the test of time, turning blind eyes to the truth, are prominent ways of life, lies travels at hyper speed, becoming a liar, we are setting all of the prime self-conditioning to constantly cheat ourselves, “accelerated velocity of terminological in exactitude” strip away the super nonsense, behind the pretending the unvanquished truth is buried, stringent obsession with utilizing and finding the truth is one of the main secret of life. liars are always inventing brand new lies to tell, they love to tell lies, “ when you tell others, you are feeling ok, when you really feeling sick, because they have pain too, and you really don’t want to add to it.”

Our conniving histories has documented gargantuan lies, setting up future generations to fail miserably, throughout our entire time line lies are allow to flourish with easy, culminating into present day terrorizing events that are stranger than fictions, fairytales, Nancy stories.

Most of us are intensely mislead with uncommon shallow gallantries, witty banter, cliché favoritism, license to shrill, continuity are masquerader with deep-seated secret pains, , best delusion of prosperities, aiding and abetting create the unnecessary rogue existence , the rocket scientist and master engineers, of our own mister and misfortunes. We are for the most part, spastically cavorting backwardly attempting to attain the echelon of existence, going backwards, over analyzing. Without all of the relevant information. our minds are traps, full with personal brands of our personal brands of polluting putrescence market intelligent, mi conceptions, mi information’s, mi direction, and subverting intelligence, most are intelligentsia in animated play was conjured from the dark ages, that has been progressing aggressively for centuries.

Our comfort zones are plethora of ground zeros, our entertainments, involves deep seated treacherous labyrinths of primitive nostalgias, breaking news, stringent attention to ratings, functional ignorance, be entertained by bad things happening to others. Basically we are all winging it, with internationals run of the mill conjured sets of ideas, twisted beliefs.

Our mind reach is tether to a slew of inconsequential denominations of counter intuitive reflexes, mi concepts, mi educated, mi understanding, etc., check list, whereas following the following the money is the deal breaker.

Our minds are susceptible to mesmerizing comical breaches, culminating into predisposition to be train wrecks.

Life is and always will be a collective, and all-inclusive concept, otherwise we could have never enter existence.

We are always going, and advancing into the future, every waking and sleeping second, we are advancing into the future. A very important part of life, is future placements, we are supposed to be obsessively positioning everyone and everything for the future.

My name is nobody: I am a vagrant, off course there are no shortage of people that would have problems with that. We are sticklers for distractions.

We are nurtured and educated to be befuddled in glass menageries of suspended eccentric animations.

What I am trying to emphasis, explain, are levels of consciousness, which level of consciousness are you brandishing, or lost in.

The perimeters of our levels of consciousness determines our ego’s, which is a glass menagerie of all information’s, experiences, perception, understanding, nurturing and education, learnt belies, traditions, customs, available market intelligent, all of which is a mutation of hand-me-downs , from the dark ages, a time when ignorance and fear was our most petrifying guide. we are all born with a blank mind, then we are susceptible to a global variation of people trying their personal brands of can’t get right things rackets, on top of that pencil in invented thought provoking beliefs and imaginary friends with imaginary benefits, then you are ready to be lump together in capture audience to compete, realize your ambition, while staying with in the lines of following the money, turning everyone into avid fierce promoters of super nonsenses, and a prime candidate to be in hot pursuits for every ill-conceivable earth-shattering super unnecessariness.

Every brain is a super computer, our brain could only remain a super computer, providing its privy to all of the relevant information’s, to attain the highest levels of consciousness. Without all of the elementary relevant software, our super computer are mostly used in a calculator capacity

There are many level of consciousness, from the norm lowest to the greatest levels of consciousness, which is animated fullness awareness of the big picture concept.

The universe has always been a big picture concept, questing in all direction, you will notice theirs accommodations for all manners of entities to strive and, “get a little more life”. This is where levels of consciousness comes in, most if not all levels of consciousness has big picture flaws.

Existences on the most part are rope-a-dope bouts of observing with multi-layers of blinders primitive play, force-feeding our roller coaster unnecessary collateral self-damaging twister play therapies.

Our customary levels of consciousness, are mostly fill with selfish, and super greed moody ingredients. We are taught in all juncture, and in all our inner sanctum to be counter intuitive separatist, anti-all-inclusive, and anti-collective, blatant disregard for the big picture concepts. We all are encouraging delicious pampering of missteps, and mi interpretation of life. The master plans all across the board is to be pretenders. Delusion of properties is the only game in town. We are all busy with scene, type casted to progress and go super dark, and celebrate self-created entropies, most are highly confident, with rules that was conjured during our dark age’s histories. We constantly settling for a super poor versions of consciousness, eventually self-harming ourselves, everything and everyone around us. We are dupe in every part of the world to construct a disturbing levels of consciousness, various versions of impaired guidance that hinders our true potentials, and put us on the autobahn, to fail miserably.

The origin of rules, laws, customs, traditions, ideas, heritages regulations, and most importantly following the money.

definition of following the money- all is fair game, in love, war, belief systems, and following the money to wits end, anything goes, you are allow to enslave everyone, capture others time, lie steal, use and disuse, trick, kill, destroy, manipulate, con, use life bait and switch,

From the creepy day break of civilization, we was mi program to only respect values, the people who were in charge , had the final say so, the most respected influence, were those with the most materialistic gains. People with the most farm animals were the authorities in most pretense of civilizations. It didn’t matter the nature of their psychosis, mental acuities, whether or not they had the big seven seeping untreated complexes, or blatant mental disfiguring issues, (the people with the big seven seeping leaking issues, are the most dangerous people in the world, and our most serious primitive mass destructive force to reckoned with), those were later coined eccentric, if you have value, and derogatory terms if you are poor. In the present these mi concept has progress towards fathomless depths. those with the most, cows, sheep’s, goats, successful fisher persons, land holder, etc., were able to conjure and create and preset our present chains of future unfolding events, whatever fly-by-night rules, regulations, whims, impromptu game, ill-conceive ideas, could of become etched into the continuum.

Your personal brand of fear is highly based on the geographic birth lottery, it determine your beliefs, your propensity, level of fear, limitations, personalities, priority etc. an example a person born on one region are taught to fear snakes, and a person born in another region are taught to charmed snakes. One of our world biggest and most famous celebration; is the celebration of a fictitious character dress in red, ironically red always been known to signify warning; danger, be on high alert, be aware, something is critically wrong. Most children are told to wait for the spry obese man, in a red suit to fit in, and come down the chimney, even thou most homes don’t have a chimney.

We have misdirected loyalty and twisted priorities, we are enslaving young mind into have a subliminal flair for fantasy, and a lifelong virtual intoxication, oppose to using those critical learning stage to fill us with more enlightening information’s, like the 30 days of September, April, June and November”, there are a pressing need for children to start of their journey with very important life lessons, much more invaluable nursery rhyme, and other lifesaving valuable information, or pertaining to poisonous coral snakes bites and whether or not to desperately seek medical attention; if black touch red you can be dead fella (person), when yellow touch red you are an ok fella (person).

During our most impressionable time in our infant lives”, we start to get conditioned, mi’ programed with super-nonsense, fantasy, Nancy stories, make-believe, etc., never-ending, right up until our inevitable perdition, death. In all actually it ends up, coming in handy as forms of escape, the current rapid escalating diminishing condition facing most of our world. In addition most children are rewarded with candies, and well groomed into having a “sweet tooth”, loving sugar and salt. Sugar and salt, process foods (that are loaded with salts, sugar and a-z preservatives), are our primary and the gateway addiction, therefore becoming open for the countless available addictions. Sugar and salt, are the leading cause of diabetes and high blood pressure that can leads to cardiac arrest. Our derange hand me down customs, are set in place to insure for everyone “things falls apart”, and it all ends twisted, bitter ends up with terminal deceases, most if not all originated from deficiencies of our

daily vitals, depending on stage, to reverse terminal decease, the patient would have to, do a natural detox of festering toxins, and use gradual increments and to safely using very large doses of quality multivitamins, and also use transdermal application. Haven’t anyone notice as we age everyone ends up in near meltdowns, and must have all of the nearest pharmacies on speed dial, or every location memorized (there is a simple reason for these systemic herding, see; weapon of mass destruction section: W.M.D).

Most people seem puzzled and quizzical by the torrid current condition of the world, wondering where we when wrong, from the very beginning, we start of compromising every child’s life; we started to teach the wrong things or leave out most of invaluable life lessons.

Worldwide most people are walking around with wonderful intention, and customary defection, this is a low balling estimate of at least an hour memory, of useless nursery rhythms, fairy tales, myths, and some of us are still waiting for the cow to jump over the moon.


Twice upon a time;

New brand origin made-up philosophy is in global effect;

In the fathomless super-cryogenic-deep, and slumbering time, way before the beginning of our inept conception of time.

In order for you to fully grasp the natural flow of our universe we have to “go back, way, way, way; back”, back yonder, where endless theories cries, to the hot sticky gooiest of primordial beginning, when time, didn’t know itself, and into the murky pleasurable depts., entangled all of the acquiesce possibilities.

Deep down under, under the surface of all realties, further, and further past that, into the emptiness of the invisible strands of twine-lines, culminating into the fabric of time. Where imagination was a child and creation was an all-inclusive free will dream.

When continuity, could only had been a dream, and everything had to rely on freewill in order to form, unify into the present. Evolution, was like a stubborn creative process, knee deep in trial and error slapstick seeps, trying all how to break free of the of a natural motionless dormant state, a bond that lay frozen at rest in the first captive audience. once upon and before time the fabric of the primary universe, awakened in spastic fits and ragging with prelude to life, the origin of “survival of the fittest uproar” evolutions and preordain was a very promising pile, heap up percolating with endless intense possibilities, yet tether cosmically to the a utopian vortex, down underneath in our pre-subatomic dimension, where seemingly in an instance, atoms materialized “from almost nothing to everything” and a vibrant continuum, to where you are, and others to be. ‘Every end has a new beginning.”

Way before the infinite amount Hu person invented myths, and made up twisted custom, traditional, heritage, counter-intuitive, superstition mi’ programing, conditioning, brainwashing, separatist ideals.

Naked proof of Ill-will influences are everywhere, inaction eye sore in a 360 rampage, everyone are being mi programed towards twisted and bitter end. We are all force fed, via media propaganda, perhaps this literature too is the culprit as well, (some of this information are made up, not to confuse others, to show how we are always to mi’ programmed to belief writing words) Our senses and mind is always vulnerable for imprinting, observing the, good, the bad, and ugly, information’s. Our entire biology can easily take a grim turn for the worse, against us and become a disarming disaster, susceptible to onomastic spell, and all forms of non-all-inclusive putrescence systems, that are well-known to create terrorizing ubiquitous missteps.

There was an existence time, when our ways of life could of all remain very simple, everyone began to try their own thing, and decided un-collectively to take things down quite few notch, into the twisted backward realm, the long ways around, darken labyrinths and maze’s, where middle managing regimes with mitigating macabre enthusiasm are willing participant to obliterate all things natural. Always trying to get their magical stinking thinking show on the road, a decadent self-destruction affair, whose dominant features, are cavernous greed, selfishness, stickler for chaos, mi ’educations, endless missteps, following with blind, and with misguided loyalty.

There are various appalling underhandedness, and under mindedness tools in deceptive wood works trying to drive crooked points home, secretively and subliminally herding us to adhering to personal serendipitous brand of unnecessary systemic limitations. Existence is truly a global birth geographic lottery subjecting us to the narrowest perception of, space, time, and egotistical reality, inevitably culminated into escalating current crisis and corrigible challenges.

Widespread mi ’information, misconception, misnomers, misinterpretation, misappropriations, misleading, misnomers, misdirection’s, misdirection, misguided, misstep, disinformation, propaganda, etc. are just a few of our well embedded, innate, infinite amount of, bizarre, invented hand-me down pre-ill-conceive counter-productive creation theories, to gain control, and pacifying the masses.

Unbeknownst to everyone, creation theories, and fear, are amount the oldest, and the most lucrative of the hand full of intangible commodity profession, and are often used hand in hand, rather underhand and underhand to accumulate, and surpass gazillions of dollars. Freeze frame, from the runway dialogue:

Back down under to eugenics fantasy action:

Creation begun bang-less, there was quite a few big bangs along the freewill way, in Ague Lang sync. The romantic upward notion with origin, are from finish product aggressive addiction, and mutative complex.

The origin positioned was deep down low, deep down in a cryogenic abyss location.

We are conditioned to overlook nouns (people, places, and things) that are low, the poor, vagrants, misfortunate, we mi’ programed to not “associate with failure.”

Most of us has it twisted to what failure is, failure is conforming to systems that aren’t all-inclusive. We are highly trained to hate and despise those with less, and to praise and give high marks for those with more, or most commonly well-known and called, greedy, inconsiderate, and insensitive types. We are all born a vagrant, and all has an inevitable perdition, to die a vagrant. In-between we pretend to have control, there is no such thing as control, or ownership, only when we have eventually evolved into immortals, able control how long we live or preordain, we can honestly use the word control, or fully use of the term ownership, we are therefore pretend leasing. We well-armed with misconstrue greedy concepts, selfishness, misleading, mi programing, self-destructive customs and traditions, in all factions of our continuities. With bizarre addiction to, awarding, gaping mi’ education, celebrating, gifts and presents, self-creating a self-destructive vanity rift through the fabric of our continuities.

Most of everyone I searching for enchanting “intense happiness in all of the wrong places, and with all the wrong programing’s. Below the glimmer of all the shiny finished product façade, are all the naked unpleasant truths. Only when we embrace the unvanquished truth, we can begging to distinguish the various waves of realities, and all the natural paths, we are being mi’ programed to alienate the truth, when we annihilate lying and learn to desire less, the all-inclusive collective path will be reveal, where as we aspire to the highest regions of existence, with all of the relevant information’s, to become spoiled with anything all-inclusive our heart desire, guidance to the happily ever after, and purpose of life beyond our wildest dream.

Simply put; even though the “shining simple,” doesn’t exist anymore, all of the unvanquished truth were available to make life simple. The truth are buried in complex missing equations are waiting to be unearthed by anyone who decided to stop telling lies. Underneath the surface of our mi’ programmed realities; the truth is taboo, and are always been buried with finesse, and replace with all ill-conceivable misperceptions.

Sharpen your adrenaline, and get ready to taste, smell, and hear, see, feel, bloom, evolve, and dance with cosmic quickening truth.

Our ideals are always above unnatural board, on the created unnatural surface, overlooking and cloaked with a knack to mutter with misplace loyalty and priorities, everyone wants to cut to the chase, with porcupine rationalizations, they are misled in believing they can take continuity from here, their personal brand of twisted mi’ programming, and all of the trimmings of finish self-destructive products.

Most of us are mi’ programmed with infinite amount of personal twisted and backwards inceptions invented creation theories, oblivious to recognizes without substantiated facts it’s just one of the infinite amount of theories.

We all are conditioned to stay tuned every day and night to wait for disturbing information that begins this just in; and breaking news complex, that we normally don’t make efforts to rectify the circumstances of unfolding events.

Of the billions of people that addicted to reading and watching news, and play by playoff unfolding actions, it’s a very low percentage of how many actually attempts to do anything to be part of the all-inclusive solutions? The media offers news of others misfortune as a bottlenecking drug, gross form of escape, and entertainment.

It’s natural to be branded and categorized a traitor, anyone who question global failure, and attempt to launch all-inclusive ness systems, any and all attempts to find the truth, will be greeted, and glared with suspicions and annoyances.

Try to tally the amount of floating and fly-by-night questionable concepts; that has stand the test of time, unquestioned or unchallenged, ironically they all had becomes the back bone of our security.

Most of us were falsely led to believe the highest region is above, when the “shinning simplistic” truth, and all-inclusive commonsense would depict, in order to have an above, there had to be an underneath platform. It’s the famous dichotomy paradox, and our propensity to bypass and cut to the chase, and socially climb to the top, even though it leads nowhere.

Freeze reality frame:

The highest region, ironically are a multi-sub-layered lowest depths, that contain intricate sub-regions.

The highest region has always been and will be under the surface, deep down beneath underneath in the microscopic universe.

Twenty six trillion years ago, in the quiet dark pre-subatomic region, the upstart of all continuum.

The various continuum began as pre-subatomic microscopic layer pre atom comprised of the strong force, cosmic charge twine, leptons, gluons, h-1, and quarks.

The cryogenic primordial night, reign supreme cold, it was always bitter jet black night, sight unseen the cosmic twine shined the pitch Mazarin dark, trysting the strong force, agitating and spreading the h-1 all are round, romancing the quarks, trebling gyration of leptons.

Setting all the prime conditions, for everything to “rise and shine like assorted gems in the sky” birth of all living thing are woven into the main fabric of all of the primary universes.

The MICROSCOPIC universe in all of the universes, is the real beginning of all things in every universe. In our universe, it would be gravity, matter, space, and other universes, their various unknown compositions, measurement of space and time.

The pre-subatomic universe, are the first and for most important interconnecting layer of the universes. In the pre-subatomic fabric of all life, where the first bonding, that had allow creative energy evolution, and the birth of freewill.

Every Universe is comprised of at least, three layers, inside the atom, pre-subatomic origin core, and is fortified and bind with cosmic-twine-charge-quickening-link, outside atom creation, the sub-atomic, (sub-space), and last but not least our anatomic universe. there is a open made-up theory of a supreme progressing looping creative universe, where all energy is channeled into merging oblivion, creating advance universe, energy cannot be destroy, it evolve into sometimes creative energy.

The hyper-quicken nucleus cosmic force, are the fuse and bond that designs all forms of creative energy.

Every stream of new life, phase, and transformation, are always inter-connected with the cosmic atomic force (all living thing has the C.A.F senses). Intermittently every all dimension of space and time, are conjoined with an underline hyper-cosmic-force that can be measured in “Planck time”.

When the #12 cosmic field reach its contagion peak, it expand outward, creating other universe, sometimes one or more universe are born at the same time, hence the twin-universe creation. Multi-universe’s are similar to the clusters of enclosed bubbles, all branches out from, the pre-sub.


One the main secret of life; is paying stringent attention and stupendous details, to everything, the most important thing is the tiniest details. Most of us are condition recklessly to all sorts of misconceiving faults. We are poison-wash, and sabotaged, to not to be able to recognize the highest level of enlightenment, knowledge, understanding, and intelligence, and overlooking important details. Having a knack for fine details, is a very important attribute and an enhancing all-inclusive mindset.

Every species, at one time or another, had to evolve from the microscopic universe, some cross over into the anatomic universe, some remain and continue to be the critical bridge, foundation, and the primary link of our continuity.

There are three contained sub-layer, with in every Universe. Universe’s can, and often crash into each other, remain conjoined, forming super-black holes.

There are many universes; every universe has their own, subspace containment field, each composed of its own unique elements combination. The pre-sub are always in constant inflation flux’s process.

As pre-sub time goes on by; leap frogging ahead in time to 2,625 billion years ago.

During the most watchful waiting times, high hopes for free will to multiply, there must of been, a very intriguing sense, and feel when something miraculous are about to happen.

It was the beginning of all relations, sublime and super-fabulous events were in intense creative play, back then; was the birth of another sub Universe (subspace), the sub universe’s set the stage for the anatomic universes, more specifically at the point in sub –time, the birth of our planet.










Every layer of the universe is contained, although contained, the cosmic force is the only energies that can travel back and forth all of the contain universes. The secondary layer is also known as subspace, subspace and all universes, is always inflating and stretch throughout any size, forming the Universe dimension.

Various types of chain reaction in the sub atomic regions, determine what type of universe or galaxy would form. Distinguished cataclysmic events can occur, chain reaction we are not programed, or able to comprehend, there are different combinations of elements that we can’t even fathom, or imagine. There rainbow spectrums of infinite amount of universe, there are the white universe, the red universe, the turquoise universe and the blue, etc., universe’s.

There are infinite amount of energy and particles, etc., with evolving capabilities that are intelligent life forms. A portion of atoms collective would branch off, from a chain reaction. Using a shining simple fundamental all-inclusive formula and equation for greatness to flourish call super symmetry; super symmetry allows all-inclusive opportunity and set the prime conditions for everything “to get a little more life”.

Allowing and creating an equal and exact opposite of everything, life can become very exhilarating, perplexing, exciting. Otherwise everything was the same, mechanical and very drab, tedious and super-boring, similar to our mi’ programming to abandon the most important unvanquished truth.

From endless chain reactions and evolutions, eventually mostly creating opposite, or, male and female version, etc., of all evolve intelligence, and opportunity for all intelligence to be able to reproduce and continue the continuum.

Atoms blending and mergers and acquisitions and sometimes hostile take overs, all forms of cold welding, also created an infinite numbers of other types of life forms. Hu persons are just one example of water base life form, formed from over run atom gazillions to the infinite power of atoms with freewill, and primordial feral instinct, crawled, clashing, crashing into each other, pow, thud, swooshing, chain reactions, cavorting, dancing singing, crumping, shaking, wiggling, twerking, self-eing, humming, forming every types of entities, eventually culminating into the freewill blue print for all creation.

There were various transformations of species even before RNA, DNA. There are another series of super-advance evolution that water base life form can aspire to when the prime condition are met, the highest region of existence.

However counter-intuitive and counterproductive and systematic inactions customary practice’s has derailed us into can’t get right detours, from our very promising evolutions. Water base life forms, must regulate their PH balance at all times, otherwise sufferer unbearable consequence.

Some atoms and inflate into our unique universe, sometimes parallel to an existing universe, twin universes, sharing the same exact, but opposite chain reaction, time rhythm, and space.

Back almost 14.5 billion years ago, from our present time, in the fathomless Sub-Atomic realm, just below the surface of our mi’ programed reality.

All of the atoms in the subatomic region, all the nuclei’s were in constant flux from ruthless implosions, and decays. All of the chemical elements needed to create our Universe, were nestled and tightly together, already has been inflating for over 72,000 billion years in the subatomic region.

The back story

All the main molecules of the sub core are the, Protons, neutrons, and electrons, are regulating chain reactions. They are similar, and alike the way in which our subatomic cosmic life force regulating our existence.

All subatomic creation, are the origin form of energy, they regulates the intricate ‘use and disuse” in all evolution that occurs.

This is “Species Origin theory # 26’, in every universe the microscopic primordial existence, gave rise to, two other Universe’s.

All life forms starts out, in a subatomic vibrating overstuff subspace collective, and then they sprout and branch out into, various species of being, depending on the universe.

Think twice before your next carnivore urge, most of the time energy is recycles across all organisms and universe, when you “eat anything with a face”, you might be gnawing on energy of your very first and primary relative.

Our Sub atomic microscopic region and the “subspace” layer are the driving force of our anatomic Universe. Our anatomic journey consists of us going through various transformations, and in and out various training universe and worlds. These transformations are preparation for our energy to take on advance creating visionary shifting.

A continuum are a collaboration of surprising generosities journeys, fine tuning art of creating new life, an organic canvas with revolving gallery. Evolving advance energy strokes a magical display with exceptional perspective effects. Energy never dies it’s, it’s simply redesign and evolve, and reassign.

Down below and all around, are our primary microscopic dimensions, invisible to our naked eyes, yet the most important life force cores.

Every life form has two life-force core, the subatomic life force and the anatomic life force core. Our subatomic core requires different raw daily vitals than our anatomic life force core. When both of our life force of our body are able to acquire both sets of daily vitals that supply our subatomic and anatomic cosmic life force, all pistons will be firing, and awaken, and allow us all access to our true potential and capabilities, we can hone the abilities to become invincible, and a positive force to be reckon with.

The supreme microscopic dimension is the highest region. All life forms begin in the “Subatomic chill is our very first home, and then on to the microscopic prime Oceans”, and conscience awareness, and it’s where we begin our very first stage of evolution.

The microscopic region is the first place where all signature of existence began, outlining the rhythm of all species journey. Most people have it backwards, when we want to show respect to our origins they look up.

We have to look, down, deep down below, whereas it’s invisible to the naked eyes in our microscopic dimension; it’s in superb play all around us, the sub regions an extraordinary melting pot of kindness and the source of all organic creation.

Deep down in the carbon twelve microscopic region almost 15 billion years ago, neuron activity began, one neuron was the first sign of life, two conjoin neuron meant motion capacities, then evolution when viral.

From there cell began to group together and communicate, forming all types of isotope party, the VIPs were atoms with 82 protons, who started radioactive decays, alpha beta and then gamma decays, inevitably led to into a chain reaction, uncontrollable relentless trillion kiloton implosive in the microscopic primary region.

Bang, Bang

All of the known, and unknown elements in our periodic table, and then some were joisting and fun dangling in the microscopic region, electric impulses, “every cell knows one another, they communicate with every other cell, forming a network of interactive priorities, exchanging well over 1000 bits of information every split second”, the very first super computer, is the cell. “Cells conjoin and group together and form various types of matter. is the cell began to go “stir crazy”, from laying semi dormer in there “primordial soup” to oozing, twitches, wobbling, jingling, shaking, popping, crack, pow-wow, thumps, zip, bang zoom, booms, thunderous and lightening, spastic rage, spastic fit, overstuffed into expansions and eventually into rapid inflations.

It had first started off as a gentle, stir, vibration, and then atoms and gas molecule inevitable began fierce competing for space. Radioactive decay, from unstable nucleus, created, artistic chain reactions.

Gas atoms move freely about, while the solids huddled wobbling, in the sub-atomic realm, forming complex radiant molecules.

This is was always the first greatest living gallery, an isotopes art show, begun to take on the greatest artistic form. Our Initial origin was from an abstract fission reactions of great perspective, the creative process take’s time, the creative evolution is still in play as you read this is part of that enchanting process.

Deep yonder, in the cryogenic pitch dark was the first primordial arena. Radioactive glow of decaying atoms was everywhere, an explosive feasting of creation. Floating gases, lingering and engulfing, and dissipating always in constant flux, alteration of space.

Some atoms began to form a cosmic bond, creating and recycling interactive collective complex energy molecules. Setting the stage, creating an intertwined universe umbilical cord cosmic link, that is connected to all life forms.

Widespread radioactive decay erupted everywhere in the sub atomic fabric of the universe, displaying the very first fireworks.

After death of anatomic life forms, their microscopic life force core energy returns, to the sub atomic cosmic collective core, as advanced intelligent energy, the subatomic core is immortal, it never Dies, it’s recycle and evolve into complex trans, cross species universal energy.

It was the night before, the microscopic Universe was about to begin its creation phase and all through the night, it was always night, there was plenty of unstable atom movement about, excess radiation was being secreted by atoms with 82 protons, in the subspace region.

The combination of different types of decay, created a prime mortal fission reaction, radioactive decay spark and implosion was everywhere, in subspace.

Radiation from all the radioactive decay generated an enormous amount of heat, causing nuclei fusion. Unleashing primordial electric fireworks, unstable nuclei were the underlying driving force in creating excessive implosions.

Freeze frame

A bit different from when a person threw the first switch, lights on 1878. Those persons with great unnatural intentions didn’t realize the unforeseen consequence. We all are mi’ programed into mostly using aftermath contingencies, it’s our counterintuitive ways of life and are in all our preoccupations and continuities.

Even light bulbs manufactures, was ignorance to the fact that, artificial lights can cause, according to the brand new consensus cause of breast cancers, and a series of other fatal illness. My very ungrateful personal disturbing puzzling automatic reaction was, pertaining to bizarre duration, and over extended research approach.

In some cases, we should take some type of un-reckless initiative, and preemptive whistle blowing strike when the greater good is at stake. Our counterproductive system enforces mediocre response from those with brilliant in sight, from those wonderful eager to please people around the world.

The very insightful caring researcher took, over twenty five years to compile a detail research to present a result, he inevitable suspect from his onset of his extremely valuable research. Yikes; twenty five years of causalities, I hope I don’t appeared as ungrateful, on the contrary I am highly ultra-sensitive, applauded the scientist and all who are attempting to be an all-inclusive “part of the solutions” with wonderful and super caring Insight and relentless determination. My opinion, although hindsight, this story shed light on our priorities as a whole. It also demonstrates a prime example how we are, mi programed into chastising unfavorable result, from those who are attempting to help others with good intention. Whereas; the long term insurmountable collateral damage from restless hornet nest of critics, that seems to in their lair ready to come out and buzz “as part of the problem”, discouraging all-inclusive progress.

Instead taking twenty five years, to study women who are use artificial lights. The world should be well aware, anything artificial, aren’t good for us, however: most of us are busy trying to mimic and follow the high-profile, celebrities, and the rich and famous, which most of them are highly driven with open budget to replace au natural, satisfying uncanny addiction for brand spanking new shinny hazardous chemically smell finish (I don’t mean product form Finland) products. Why the researcher didn’t first study women in countries, or areas that didn’t use artificial lights.

Instead of having an ingrained twisted fear of failure, the scientist could of make public his suspicion and perhaps, other inputs would have been available. Example, extrapolating instant results primary set of medical information from people around the world, who are living without artificial lights, then issuing a pre-warning while, pursuing extensive research, that would have taken less than a year. Instead of pursuing relentless systematically falling prey to mi ‘programing twenty five years research, while others are suffering unnecessary cruel and unusual punishment, there should be a greater good suspicion publication. The main disturbing question is how much of these extended researches are in progress that will eventually confirm researcher critical suspicions?

The irony is, it didn’t seem matter, to all the insensitive wrong hands, pretend impaired ears and eyes that are in charge aren’t spreading critical news to our global girls and women. These invaluable information like million more are still not wide spread, every school should always be ready to ad add on critical info, that inevitable pass on to most of the rest of societies. Although the facts are in, the news aren’t widespread, we all know that unscrupulous manufactures don’t have the empathy to put a warning label on lighting equipment’s and all light bulbs consumers know of one of the hazardous of using artificial lighting. Similar to the salt and sugar, process foods, and food facts industry, should respectfully put warning labels on salt, mentioning it cause high blood pressure, hypertension that can lead heart attacks (un managed ph. Balance, apple cider vinegar cures high blood pressure, (when you have high blood pressure, the heat of the sun is very dangerous, and you should refrain from bathing it’s extremely dangerous as well, the sea salt, enter your body through your skin and other portholes, the sea salt will escalate your blood pressure to sky rocket, patients with low blood pressure can use the sea bathing to their advantage), it’s customary to bask in the sun, and then, be subjected to transdermal intake of intense salt, from the sea water, for those suffering from high blood pressure, it can be a night mare.

Facilities to check blood pressure should be easily available, at beeches and salt pool owners.

White vinegar is very dangerous, refrain from using them, then can gives you gallstones, apple cider vinegar a day keeps the high blood pressure away). Put a warning label on all food items containing sugar, carbohydrates items, etc., cause’s diabetes. Or coffee chains offering dental services, corrective measures from business and services, and so on.

Throughout our bizarre history, there are constant ironies. There were even ironic cliché’. Can you belief architects and engineers, most are spending seven years in schools are preparing to sabotage us. “Engineers, perhaps excluding the world famous architect Mr. Wright, limited few others, and large amount Asian architects (Japanese, Feng-shui savvy Asians), the misinformed and the ones with a knack and love replacing natural with artificial products, oblivious to natural positioning, are the major grim overseer in architecting our global misfortune”.

Masons play a very destructive hand; they were free Masons* to plaster and cover more that 67% of most cities natural environment with concrete, creating many ironies. The counter-productive creation of concrete jungles is just one of their many faux pas, replacing natural jungle with enchanting benefits, our primary source of all of our raw daily vitals for sustaining both of our life force core’s, with self-destructive concrete jungle’s.

On top of those self-destructive practice, we have quite a few other slapstick customary counter practice, for instance cooking out most or all of our natural daily vitals from foods, necessary for sustaining both of our life forces, when add in eradication of our natural sources of raw daily vitals and beginning our day drink milk, cook foods endangering circle, buy compromised foods- cook out all of the nutrition, eat the dead foods with no or trace amount of nutrients. On any given moment most people are highly driven fully absurd and engage in internationally in all types of preoccupations with blatant deficiencies of our critical daily vitals, this can't be good. (Insert people entrapped in a circle of madness graph). Eating cook foods for thought is our super-grand, faux pas, misnomer, a farce, global suicide, misconceive, misinterpretation, missteps, misguided, misinformation, mi' education, mi' nurturing, misconception, etc. of our daily vitals science and requirements.

Cook foods are the tip of the iceberg missteps, most of our preoccupations are fueled by cooked foods. All of our societies and sub-cultured are being run down by well-fed people with cooked foods.

Cooked foods are making us incompetent, sabotaging us into being can’t get right creatures, of counter intuitive habits, ballooning weight, hampering our prescience capabilities, and is also a primary causes of us only being able to use less than ten percent’s of our brain processing power prowess. Cooked foods are dead, and super dead foods, that are only over loading our body with unnecessary toxic, overriding over biological systems, and making us susceptible to all terminal decease, main source of adipose, imbalances and energy imbalances, over weight issues, there are various types of weight issues, for instance, genetic dispositions and juvenile onset or adult onset weight issues determine your type of obesity, upper body obesities and lower body obesities, vestigial encoding evolution stasis, metabolic syndrome, and fatal food allergies, in which the leading cause are the prolong deficiencies of our daily vitals. Cook foods, are lock in to our psychic and has psychological hold on our biology and mind, from prolong usages.

In addition another customary long running ignorance irony, our body wasn’t design to process most of the other species milk and soy milk, yet most of our world are conditioned to start their mornings and day with cow milk. a great deal of the times, when we are feeling sick, is due to build ups, gases and free radicals, all sort of byproducts from, cooking foods, which is dead foods, process foods and drinks, chemical exposures, that are causing all manifested forms of discomforts, all forms of mental declines and terminal illnesses. “We are the only being that drink other species milk, other species don’t normally consume each other milk,” unless they are caring for an orphan. Goat milk is ok to drink, goat milk and centrum performance multivitamins in most cases can be use in male sexual dysfunction. Fertility issues, there is a high probability that the storage cells of both party is depleted from prolong disuse of cook dead foods, take a great deal of time to restock the storage cells with super multi mixture of all edible raw vegetation’s, vegetable s and fruits from around the world, or excess reputable multivitamins, and fragrance and aroma therapy.

Concrete also are on the top ten list of major cause of population control in existence. Most of the trapped greenhouse gases, are being trapped by concrete, roads, roofing’s, and many other forms of persons-made products that are blanketing the earth, and causing some type of harm.

Gazillions upon a natural time, anyone could of walk in any of our world lush verdure 360 degrees direction, and ate their belly full of countless, absolutely free, “the best things in life are free”, or more appropriately use to be free, and fresh on the tree ripe, or pick up and wipe off, or wash off assorted raw fruits, edible vegetation, and vegetable, the correct assortments contain all of our daily required vitals and multivitamins.

The sustain ability factor, was for everyone, like john chapman, (the famous Johnny Appleseed) had incredibly and thoughtfully done, was and still can take immediate effect, is to throw the seeds, from all fruits and vegetation’s/vegetable, where they had a chance to grow, these days you have to throw them in shaded areas. The people who live through that time, would be the healthiest, living proof, and are a very rare find, due to uncanny systematic hype to replace natural lifesaving jungle with a concrete jungle global super rapid expansion.

Most of the adults who was privilege to multiple organic (chemical free) raw fresh fruits, edible vegetation’s, vegetable, etc., unless compromise by other shinny finish unnatural products, would be in wonderful health, even though they are surrounded by billions of Hu person made harmful products and practice that are fatal to our environmental.

The irony here, the fountain of youth always been right in from our face, the full spectrum of every edible raw vegetation and fresh organic fruits from around the world, has all of our daily vitals, and is a cure for each, and every, fatal decease on the planet. Most deceases could have been cured a long time ago, multi-centuries ago. Natural cure was discouraged by the medical industries for centuries, whereas, “the brain informs the body, and the body informs our brain. Some of the plants are already in extinction phase, or are being cover up with concrete jungles, as you read.

Each raw edible vegetation, vegetable and fruits, from around the world, a very large assortment is needed twice or three times daily in order to receive the complete spectrum of raw daily vitals science, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc., the optimum sustenance for our entire biological needs, in order to sustaining both of our busy bee life force cores.

The other irony here is that all the affluent people are in controlled of all the few remaining critically endangered fruit trees, plantation. From the dawn of time, reckless affluent people has single handedly contributed to the delinquencies of our planet. some affluent people are extremely wonderful, however; there is a heighten level of DE sensitivity and distance to the inner working of masses, and code of affluences, such as; “don’t talk to the hired help,” and other ruthless separatist acquisitions, and grandstanding mergers, only respecting and would engage in association with fellow who has face corporate challenges (attempting to add chided insults to misfortunate injury, a passenger on the sea streak to NJ, had ask me and my companion, Chantal. G, “had I face any corporate challenges today. In my disheveled elegance and vagrant couture fashion).

Off course an astonishing regimes of misfortunate ignorant individual play a huge role in helping the world to its present extremely diminishing state, mainly due to them trying to copycat the affluent worlds, disturbing and uncanny predispositions to replace the natural beauty and sustainability, and opt for shinny brand chemically state-of-the-art finish products.

Next time you pass an affluent area try and count how assorted fruits are wasting behind sprawling gated communities. And where there are now harmful concrete, trillions upon a time there was sustainable fruit trees, deforested causing the world to spiral into our current state of can’t get right unrest. Worldwide the remaining billions of fruit trees that have well needed raw daily vitals are rotting in artificial luxury, and are card off by, gardeners, landscapers, etc., to garbage insensitively.

Nature dense plethora’s of super-offerings, fruit trees, berries, vegetation, and sea and land vegetable, etc., was designed to sustain well over any population free, including future population estimation of well over 20,000 trillion plus any size population to come, protection, ban on chemical aggressively continued and sustain by everyone. have we all play our role in global propagation, no one would of starve; or force into crime, just to acquire sustenance, and force fed cook dead foods, resulting in a fatal deficiencies of our daily vitals.

With just a few additions all-inclusive solutions, and collective efforts located in the throw seeds/cloning all fruit trees project series, the can be a better place overnight.

Had the natural recycling seeds/cloning process, remained in play. Instead, we disturbed the process, “first we stop nature in its sublime course, we then drop concrete everywhere, and then shut them (nature)” down”.

“What if”, everyone who have fruit trees, which is definitely soon to be on the endangered species list, would root some seeds or, even better, rooted (cuttings) “clones”, and share them with neighbors, and strangers, we can begin to reverse these Armageddon’s faux pas. The simplest and best way to clone plants or trees, is to multi-wrap a three inch or wider plastic around, a desire branch and secure it properly, it would sweat underneath the plastic, and sprung new roots, a few weeks depending on the climate and types of plant, after they are fully rooted remove from the tree or plant without exposing the roots to sunlight and replant and water, now you would have the next generation, a clone which would produce fruits or, vegetation’s twice as sweet, as the parent vegetation, plant of tree.

Juices of all fruits, edible vegetation’s, and vegetables, and raw foods, can also reverse some the most fatal or terminal deceases, usually occur from lack of daily vitals or exposure to “brand new second hand” chemically finish products, depending on the stage of the decease, you might have to use vigorous all worldwide, rarest edible plants, noni mix with acidy fruit juice is usually the first step, try and acquire all of fruits and edible vegetation’s, and living bitters from Ghana every three months, and raw foods, that are not indigenous to your geographic location, also safely wear all of the non-harmful elements in the periodic table, from land and sea.

When we continue to allow super-ignorance to our daily vitals for both of our life forces, to continue to get the best of us, it proves our priorities are twisted. Ironically daily vitals, and many extremely important life lessons and key skills, aren’t taught in global schools (for more info see f.r.a.u.d.u.l.e.n.t g.a.p.s and v.o.i.d.s; the throw seeds and cloning project). Leaving a quaking rift, in all areas of our continuities.

The lack of daily vitals, cooked foods, milk, etc., are the main causes of all fatal illness, fatal food allergies, mental health, and crime escalations. Lack of raw daily vitals has a direct link to all our failings.

When our biological system can’t receive specific required daily vitals over a long period of time, the receptor for that specific daily vitals can become over grown, the body renders that receptor obsolete, our brain reconfigure our biological system, with collateral damages, from creating a fatal bypass.

Most people on the planet are suffering from a lack of daily vitals, the verdure fountain of youth was and always been in front of our talking eyes all the while.

If everyone on the planet had play there part in maintaining the throw seeds and cloning project, our natural raw daily vitals provision, would of sustain the most rapid population growth, forever ever.

The escalation of crime has the direct link to also to deforestation of fruit and all trees, our cavalier approach towards our daily vitals, and from deforestation, cutting down specific fruit trees, edible vegetation, and vegetables, are the main reasons for all our very corrigible crisis.

Do the chaotic math, most of our natural sources of healthy raw daily vitals, are replace with concrete, by masons. In the West Indies, anyone use to be able to get free fruits offerings. Those delectable offerings has dwindled, and in the not too distant future, soon to be null and void.

The fruits you do get are so heavily treated with chemical; vegetable has a few days shelf life.

Try this test in any part of the world, see how far you can walk before you can find raw natural edible vegetation, fruit tree, etc., or be able walk on natural soil, that offers natural healing properties.

Why are there so many parks without fruit trees, it’s systematic, ignorance’s and mediocre offerings, the world’s population following blindly after the reckless rich, infamous limitless ignorance, celebrities blights, royal rampages, (self-inflicting population control?), these aren’t new information’s).

All those tree line blocks, and none of them have fruit trees. There is a systematic nightmare prose, destruction, reduction, devious trends pandemic to do our worst. Systematically mission getting rid of all the natural things that are very good for us.

When concrete are used to cover the veins of volcanos, and fault lines, there are no way for the gases to escape, escalating, and speeding up the opportunity earthquakes.

Revisit some of our major earthquake and volcanic eruptions, and you would find concrete, or some substance use to prevent the soil from breathing, play a major role, even as early as Pompeii eruption.

Cities that have faultiness, can use a buried carbon fiber mesh to cover the faultiness, and remove the concrete covering fault lines, or create breathing hole, levitating pressure build up.

These gas has been, always finding alternated routes like subways, unexplained, mysterious steams, mysterious building strange collapse’s, mysterious fires etc. Some building footing of bridges, etc. are concrete sitting on fault lines, everyone are doing their own thing are the recipe for spoofing escalation of current challenges.

Freeze reality frame:

Back to; the down under, in the microscopic origin theory story, an alternate creation theory.

T, was the night before creation, and all throughout decaying unstable atoms, there were endless isotope and chain reaction was been ignite.

Numerous aimless atom bomb ubiquitous implosions plague the sub-microscopic region

All subatomic life started from an unstable chained reaction. Unstable atoms kept imploding feverishly, causing the first ever, and super-chain-reaction.

The implosions of numerous, unstable atoms, created atoms bombs were everywhere, in the microscopic seas. Every subatomic particle, had gone “stir crazy”, the jolts began sending shock waves ripples, throughout the subatomic microscopic region, setting the various stages for creating life.

For every super-chain action that occurred, there was an equal and opposite super-chain- reaction. Every affect began to take on creative form, and positioning itself for greatness.
Primordial primary series of random events, began the very first Domino effects, Butterfly effects, rooster tail effect, chaotic effect, primitive activities were present everywhere.

Particles projectile, and trajectory, and swirling pyroclastic clouds, was moving in an awkward infantile beat.

After, lengthily, pandemic rise in awkwardness, redundant implosion bouts, were everywhere, then slight and subtle changes began to occur. These seemingly slapstick, follies, presented the very first abstract creative living art. “The creative process takes time”, strange displays began to take on intelligent form.

Life; always begin with chaotic autistic rhythmic activities, then all of a sudden it start oozing evolutionary potential.[
**]The subatomic world started to wobble and inflate, displaying legendary evolutionary passionate perspective.

The creative process takes time; “you had to wait for it”, various evolutionary stages. Super-chain reaction was everywhere, conforming into familiar a universe rhythmic drum beat, take your time, and take your time.

Grand master strokes began the freewill process, and opportunities for all life form a chance of electrifying preoccupation and continuity.

The primitive evolving paste, can be describe as various dance trend, break dancing, sometime change into a spastic tango here, crude limbo over there, evanescence grand Jetta’, rough waltz, disco, Macarena carnival, rave, crumping, rolling atoms bounce.

All moving at their own evolutionary pace, take your time, take your time, this was the primordial beginning, and the dawn of our universe.

The first current, sparked all-inclusive free will; and all the promises of greatness. Individuality action began sprouting up everywhere, in order to have freewill, independence, indifference; there must be a certain level of all-inclusive freedom. Infinite number of forces was starting to spawn everywhere.

Super-symmetry particle trajectory was forming various molecules; polar indifference became noticeable, atoms opposites, and atoms magnetic attraction.

Ironies are everywhere in our life. Treasure troves of subatomic dust particles, connected by antimatter, float around aimlessly. Everything in the Universe began with dust and energy and end with dust, transforming, and recycling into advanced intelligent energy.

The birth of free will must have been a chaotic magical sight to observe. The thriving activation process of all the elements, that creates all forms of life. Deep down in the subatomic microscopic region, in the very first Universe in all existence.

Although the sub-microscopic universe was, constantly and rapidly been inflated. When we leapfrog to well over 13,000 billion years ago, where relentless atoms implosions, and reactions. A surplus of sub-atomic particles was created. The first Universe was teeming with volatile activities. Atoms were becoming increasingly over crowed.

From countless implosion of unstable atoms splitting, over crowdedness was ubiquitous in the submicroscopic universe region. Simultaneous Implosions was of Hydrogen atom being split, releasing the “weak force”, and antimatter.

A built up of antimatter, the byproduct subatomic implosions, the submicroscopic universe was overcrowded and overstuff, full to the brim, ready to burst. Located just underneath the surface of space, as we now know it, is the microscopic universe layer of space, filed with, the weak force and antimatter, byproduct from all the implosions.

When antimatter leaves the sub-microscopic region, it the transform into another universe called subspace universe. From there it can transform into matter.

Matter is the byproduct derivative of antimatter transformation into subspace. The subspace region Universe inflation was form from endless accumulation of atoms decaying and splitting implosion in the microscopic universe, space less arena, where the molecules had nowhere to, run or hide. The “weak force”, transform into gravity when it leaves the sub-micro.

After a time where the pressure built up was faster than the microscopic universe inflation. The hydrogen implosions tear the surface of contained microscopic subatomic universe.

From the torn microscopic layer of the subatomic universe implosions turned into the first ever series of explosion out into subspace realm. Forming black holes everywhere, estimated at around three quarter of a Trillion black holes, and still counting. Black holes flow in two directions.

Whence; the first explosion tore the ceiling of the contained sub-microscopic primary universe, they flow out wards, forming countless nebular clouds.

After the all of the gas and matter pressure is released, they collapse inwards, drawing in everything in its path.

Super black holes are gateways into other Universe. When two anatomic Universes bump into each other, the clash, cause a super black hole.

The first thing to ooze out of sub-microscopic region was an invisible cosmic linking film-phlegm membrane. Forming the sub-layer-Universe, that is comprised of microscopic gases, also known as the second dimension Universe.

In the “subspace” all the gases re-atomized into solids, over the next 13,000 billion years. And like clockwork red, unstable atoms, strontium, cesium, etc., began to cause inflation implosions. All of invisible to the naked eye pressurized build up from implosions, set of a series of first ever explosive out of the subspace region. Tearing the subspace ceiling, outwards, and at the same time creating our universe.

After the gases, the heavier molecule, matter started pour in out from black hole. Matter is byproduct of antimatter, discharge out of the subspace Universe, into our universe.

Black hole was the first thing to form, throughout all the various layers of our Universe. Black holes are a subspace venting system, subsequence and inadvertently, the creation of second layer of our universe, and the third layer of our Universe, our Universe.

Our Universe is resulted from byproduct of the first layer and second layer. All the molecule, chemical reaction, all the elements in the periodic table, and over 217 unknown others are spew out of the subspace, into our anatomic Universe. Culminating into the brilliant inevitable formation of what we called existence.

Every black hole has an inter-galactic connection. Every galaxy, solar system is connected to each other.

Intergalactic travel, into all the various solar systems, you would be exposing a ship to various unstable activities. Traveling through subspace, you will encounter numerous ongoing unstable chain reactions, you would need, a long range unstable nuclei conditioned to detector, gauging, tracking and probing various stages of unstable atoms, able to scan and precisely, pin point, the various volatile stages of unstable nuclei.

The anatomic Universe was created when numerous cosmic link chain reaction in the subatomic microscopic universe, spew and flow into subspace universe, then into our anatomic universe that are naked to our eye’s, yet invisible but endless ground zero mi’ programming, endless conspiratorial blinders.

Opening chapter

Time as we are systematically programed to perceive it; started when a new star forming power intercede, and began to orchestrate a astronomical flurry of activities, as a distinguish collector, super artist, a caretaker, etc. our most important linking intricate force of our universe is the ongoing nebular transformation process.

Just under fifteen billions years ago, in the Stella intergalactic primordial time, high up, way up and yonder across areas where many galaxy sparkle unattainable distant.

Way before, the birth of our own planet was hospitable, before it was too be the source of millions of prose.

Space yesteryears time, as always are cryogenic cold, pitch dark, varies from, subtle nuance to super-extreme, from limited light, to too unbearable heat and light. Now beaming with endless glitter of distant activities, creation and destruction from a distance, ironically is, the ultimate natural romantic settings.

Back then, in those brand new, first mark of time in space, there was only occasional starry nebulous cloud creative sparks.

Our universe is one gigantic intrinsic connecting all-inclusive cosmic collective.

Imagine if you can, on the far other side of the universe, multi- billions miles away from earth, on the furthest oblique beveled edge of our universe, in a galaxy with similar neb formation as our own.

All the names and location of these planets, and their illegal aliens, with hideous eleven portholes senses, were changed, to protect them from, mediocre intrigue and our customary counter-productive pursuit of poisonous excellence

In this now wonderful and sublime galaxy nestling in refined all-inclusive and Feng-shui fashioned.

This primary galaxy is perfectly align on that unfathomable edge, with illegal aliens existing free of ignorance. The galaxy is also known as the comfy-cozy-prism solar system, an iridescent couture of super imagination.

This believes it or not; story, is about one particular planet in the comfy-cozy-prism galaxy, the twenty six planets.

Originally in its Aug Lange sync time, of the prism galaxy, there was twenty seven planets and stars, most with a gravitational force of, -8.88 m/s^2on. This story is about the 26 th planet, called Planet 26, pronounce by its illegal alien inhabitants with hideous eleven porthole senses ;(@^).

This planet is a celestial gem, nebular clouds best creation, vision of nirvana utopian ecstasy. On planet live the scariest hideous illegal aliens with eleven senses, but with very fragile biological make-up.

Incredibly enough they were able to re-designed, and relocate their endangered planet into the most all-inclusive fashion, now it’s an intriguing and mesmerizing transformations of fabulous splendor.

Planet 26 is now nestling deep, transcendental in the prism galaxy.

This planet was the amount the first set of planets formed in the entire universe. Its oblique beveled edge was an advantageous location, the tide of space flow like tornado and whirlwind depositing all the material to form nebulous clouds, planet 26 was able to be fully formed well over nine and a half billion years ago, during the most torrid dawn of cataclysmic nebular cloud time.

The prism galaxy, originally consist of 27 Planets, many moons, numerous suns, a chaotic cluster, deep in turmoil far away from our milky way.

Although in the prism galaxy there are 26 planets, originally there was a 27th planet that was fully formed.

In the early stages of the formation of the prism solar system, its oblique beveled location was two-fold; the location was at a disadvantage, and of an advantageous position.

Their location would be constantly be bombarded from a lot of universe surplus circulations, space junk, a space junk yard with floating clumps of nebular dust particles that were destine to become various planets types, moons, Suns, etc.

Whatever raw material when around the universe, some of them somehow end up constantly in that oblique believed corner of the prism galaxy.

Location: location: location, cause that corner of our universe, to be truly be one of an original creative kind.

Questing this sizzling enchanting galaxy, at first glance a perfectly align harmonically with neighboring celestials vision of ideal awe.

It’s a far cry, from its earlier super-chaotic-neurotic-frantic-hair-raising-state. The oblique beveled prism are a celestial net source of space ebb, flux and flows, always getting constant bombardment with left over debris or space garbage.

Now planet 26 is tastefully custom redesign and relocated for greatness. The eleven porthole senses illegal aliens skillfully harnesses and always replenished all its natural resources. Their eleven porthole sensors are very important, without them they wouldn’t be able to create the most amazing super insightful inventions.

These Mazarin glazed aliens use their eleven portholes sensors, with total efficiencies. These hideous alien had unusual advanced capabilities, autobiographic, touch healing, in-vicinity reach healing capabilities, and eidetic memory enhancement, to say the lease.

First and foremost all of their preoccupations are carryout, or involve using only natural resources. Only the use of natural resources are recommended in all aspect of their ways of the scary hideous illegal aliens lives, this was a very strict collective freewill, with all-inclusive common organic sense code.

From the onset of their civilization, natural resources are applied in all their preoccupations and continuities. These ingenious initial prime directives vade mecum enable them to collectively culminating in setting the all-inclusive standards, and the sublime considerations was not only wonderful for the planet, it’s was beneficial for the universe greater good as well.

Freeze frame:

These far-out aliens’ life-forms that are currently residing on planet 26 are very strange by our, innate counter-productive and counterintuitive programming of calamitous separatist concepts, and love for meritocracy standards.

These very scary Mazarin illegal aliens’ life forms, according to our earthly separatist systems, and indoctrination for propensity for super-disturbing separatist mindset, would be labeled as inferior and most likely be always profiled, and enslaved at some point in separatist time.

Separatist mindset is quite possible the most influential self-destructive force on earth, only second to lack of daily vitals for sustaining both of our life force cores, as the main course of our present day dilemmas.

Any system that isn’t all-inclusive automatically creating haters. A separatist mindsets, guarantees selfish success, and undermining authority to create endless, joy and pain slapstick systems such as democratic systems that worship and encourage super greed, and separatist complexes. Greed and selfishness, are two very distinguish feral prehistoric and primitive in the most extreme of ways, that are prevalent in animals, that are predators and territorial.

We are nurtured into personal brands of self-inflicting, and selfish programing. Preprogramed to see the least, and not he most. Primitive self-created inhibiting blinders, compromising, our collective, abilities, and capabilities, it’s always an uphill battle, for most people to, rise to the level of intuitive greatness.” Our ability to be a brilliant reasons’, is being influence, by misgivings, greed, selfishness, other delusions of shape-shifting prospering mi’ continuities (the grass always, seems greener from a distance), and gross misinterpretation.

Some of us spend our entire life, defending herding blinders, all the while, trying desperately to find perfect happiness. Once we compromise any part of our self, we also compromise our continuities.

A disturbing amount of people, with ease manages to live their entire life with separatist mindset, racial, heritage super rites, has propensity to be blindsided, and influenced by primitive reaction. When you recognize preordain no coincidence super science, “every end has a brand new beginning.”

With the optimum levels of consciousness, anyone can recognized the clear cut all-inclusive clarity, and the undeniable, and underline unvanquished truth about conflicts. “When we have to fight, we had already lost the battle.” “Treachery and violence are spears point at both ends, they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.” Using negativity reaction as a form of solution is always counterintuitive. It’s prehistoric and primitive to be arm to the teeth, and grandstanding extra-large war chest. Separatist echolocation mindset encompass and encourage, endless fear, fear is super-progressive, fear is one of the most grossing intangible business of all time, fear encourages aggression, abuse, provide open budgets for, “people in the service of violence”, licenses hunting, it enlist everyone to remain vigilant overlooking their serious priorities, and remain on high red alert searching for targets, when the perpetrator, in most cases, more than like us, trawling with unnecessary stricken with instilled fear.

The main purpose of intangible business, since there are so many, and so easy to conjure up, it’s polite to keep all of them to yourself, instead of imposing them, imposing is an extreme primitive trait) is to manipulate, our potential to acquire unvanquished truths, and develop extraordinary powers of observations.

Unnecessary fear breaths, super hate, super-greed, selfishness, secrecies, covertness, war, drama magnet, clandestine behaviors, grooming and pampering our inner fear monster, heighten need for panic rooms, no holds barred, shiftiness, cloaked public appearance, endless secrets and lies, separatist mindset is an ongoing Greek fire passions to find reason to cause conflict, overpower complex .

Ironically back on earth; they are remaining in a heighten state of diligent and vigilance, extreme defensive with intense invasion fear, preparing to guard us against space invasions. Using all our, unbridle ignorance that had work so well to solve our present and rapidly escalating challenges and crisis on earth.

Off course most if not all of our solutions and design to use aftermath contingencies. Not only we are self-creators of most of our challenges, we are pretending to solve them with customary aftermath contingencies that usually cause more harm than good. These systems in place are amazing, it’s just starting to get humorously good, all of our transparencies are behind closed secret door transparencies, is the newest slapstick smoke screen.

It’s normal for our systems in charge of decision making to have secrets sessions, while claiming to have the world’s best interest at heart, oblivious to the, all-inclusive collective insights.

Arm with primitive counter-productivities, inaction riddle technologies to prepare for space-war. Oblivious to the honest truth, “if and when you have to fight, you already lost the battle”.

Previous leaders we had in charge, where ever our ancestors from the dark ages conjure, intact the selfish and super-greedy theory that one person or group should be in charge of decision making for the entire world or family. Single and group counterintuitive leadership is propellant in all family and the world, it’s is the main longest destroyer of the fabric of family and the world.

Our pass leaders, have already launched, “pre-emptive hair-brain message in a space bottle” recording, golden counter-productive example sample, greeting capsule, with international samples of different handpicked silver spoon greetings, off course their wouldn’t be any layperson representation greetings, etc., the norm is to hide what we are systematically foiled into believe are our weakness, when in all probability, they are the strongest link. A person becomes its wealth, and the wealth always wants wealth.

The wealthy naturally and normally become distant and separate from nature, nature is representation of poor, for the wealthy, and has to be replaced with brand new secondhand shiny chemical finish products.

Lay person are usually are very close to nature, and generally are duped into believing, they are poor, from their meritocratic counterintuitive mi’ programing, ell groomed into following blindly the rich, who has naturally become a willing guinea pig for testing all brand new finish products, two fatal examples of the thousands that are out there, lead paint and asbestos.

The lay persons in fact may had offer, an alternate greeting capsule solutions, a nature-tied solutions, nature is the ultimate representative of all-inclusive concepts. misfortunate people, overall challenges is trying desperately to mimic delusions of prosperities, causing them to be twisted, and have their social ladder climbing enthusiasm, progress into impulse buying monsters, and are subjected to all of the trappings, and trimmings of avaricious enthusiasms.

Most of our planet inhabitant is exhibiting bizarre and very disturbing misbehaviors, from a very simple, long running ignorance from our lack of daily vitals. The main reason we are only able to use less than ten percent of our brain processing power. Yet we are very much in charge of important decision making. We are all mi’ programmed to overlook our raw daily vitals for sustaining both of our life force, when in all probability should be our primary vital concern, and the absolute number one priority for the entire planet.

We are oblivious to the lack of raw daily vital common denominator hampering all progress since the dawn of civilization. Our daily vitals not being prioritized are link to labyrinth of historic fatal health risk and self-creating all of our present up-close and ubiquitous terrorizing crisis.

The main objection is to level the mental playing field, make absolute certain; everyone has their full amount of daily vitals, raw daily vitals necessary for sustaining both of their life force.

Without total amount of daily vitals, which are fatally necessary, every day and night, we allowing our mind to go postal? It’s amazing and strange; we all belong to a world that has been overlooking a very simple step, and are dumbfounded by all of the missteps from lack of prioritizing or mandate our most important basic needs, the main ingredients for everyone’s biological system.

With everyone are suffering from a lack of their full amount of raw daily vitals. You can stand still in public anywhere in the world, quest 360 degrees you can see, and feel the full brunt of imposing terrorizing behavior from people suffering from a simple lack of daily vitals.

We are facing escalating Inconceivable vile display of Hu person behavior, from a lack of daily vitals. We have two, life force, a subatomic core and their anatomic life force core. Both cores require the total amount raw daily vital to replenishment all our biological support systems. (You have to be redundant with valuable information, the world hasn’t got it yet, in the year 2016, just maybe repetition might have a chance.)

Without our total amount of our raw daily vitals, we are causing serious harm to everything in the Universe and ourselves. What happens to an engine, when the engines didn’t receive all its predetermine components and liquids, it work poorly or shut down or cease up.

Our ways of life are being systematically under siege, from numerous basic missteps, and twisted priorities. There are also many counterintuitive diatribe automatic pilot reactionary, catch 22 fortifying time wasting customs in place, when whistle blowers are trying to, “impart the urgencies of the situation.”

Lack of raw daily vitals is the primary cause of all problematic day to day decision and crisis we are facing. Every major decease stems from an original lack of raw daily vitals that has been pass down from one generation to others.

Only when we chose to mandate, and prioritize monitoring everyone has a total intake of raw daily vitals we would immediately see an improvement in all our preoccupation and continuities.

We are operating both of our life force core, with only trace amount of our daily vitals, most of the time zero from cooking out all our raw daily vital needs, these counterintuitive bio maintenance practice is a very serious, and highly dangerous intense misstep that always end badly.

Most of us are operating our mind (brain) with insufficient amount of daily vitals to supply both of our life force cores. Our pandemic lack of daily raw vitals is the primary common denominator, the source for all our bizarre high flying red flags signs, and bizarre heinous acts and behavior are all around us.

If we continue to disregard the importance of raw daily vitals, that we can get from various fresh raw squeeze assorted edible fruits, and raw foods, (“fresh squeeze juices enter the blood stream in ten minutes”) vegetation’s, and vegetable juice from all edible vegetation from around the world.

If we don’t use our natural sources of raw daily vitals, we will always be, in a fatal can’t get right state. Imagine if everyone was mandated to receive all their recommended daily vitals. Just imagine what our preoccupations and continuities would be like with everyone receiving their total amount of raw daily vitals.

Our daily needs of vitals has two levels, consisting of subatomic and atomic level for sustaining our busy bee dual life force.

We have so many screaming example of primitive can’t get right state. I would imagine that it won’t be in the best interest of an advance affluent species able to travel out of their galaxy without having the drink their own urine as a source of water, to answer any communication from the poster child of primitive preoccupations and pandemic counter-productivity, all stemming from inadequate daily vitals.

This is the first step, order for us to create the best and all-inclusive preoccupations and continuities.

Our main priority is removing anything that is contributing to the systematic delinquency of our planet and its inhabitants, anything else is gravely adding to current crooked state of our world.

Take a moment to reflect, on our crooked time line, as long as we are allowing crooked systems to control us, systems with standard operating procedure, is to keep secret files on all of us, as if we are the enemy, files no one without clearance has direct access to, how strange are those process.

People with these b7 seeping tendencies, psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissistic, homicidal, anarchist, sadist masochist, etc., untreated clinical issue from the lack of daily vitals, has always been in charge of all the important systems during our entire troubling timeline, or easily able to attain position of power. In any business, government, community, society, position of power, you will find them, in over stuff sofas, well fed and wanting more. Untreated tendencies were always able to strive and push the counterintuitive envelope. Currently they are still very much in charge, since we don’t have any preventative measures in place to weed them out.

They have a knack, and love using “immoral deconstructive” measure’s, and secret “extreme agenda’s”, and preventing, dividing, saying no, all ideas that don’t have some level of separatist concepts.

With their flashlight smiles, secret agenda’s wrong hands and wrong eyes, lack of empathy and extremely insensitive to others health care needs, they can easily flourish. They are highly trained in using any and all low down and dirty means necessary” be obnoxiously successful with ease in can’t get right environment, chaos, wartime disorder, tsunami of negativity; there dark approval ratings are always rising through the roof.

We have unlimited counterproductive mi’ programing. One of our mi’ programing have us fearing aliens who can travel successfully through space, without haven’t drinking their own urine, as a source of water.

While these illegal space aliens are using cloud seeding, and cloud production to create water onboard. Or using a magnetic core dissolution technique to create gravity, and duplicate any desire atmosphere on board.

Our programed level of primitive counterproductive ness, are being advertise high above us in space. Already deployed space are greetings capsules, flying in space are an up-close and slapstick personal demonstrations of our uncanny levels of self-creating limitations, and well groomed super-ignorance.

It is a, reminder for us as well, a time capsule of our, heighten previous state of ignorance, flying around in cuckoo-space-time-capsule.

Any passing illegal aliens can now analyze us from afar, some are able to view all of the disturbing content from the convenience of their home world, watching our TV station and listening to radio stations, getting an encounter of our ignorance of a third kind.

Any illegal alien passer-by would be able to scan the space capsule deployed from earth, offering a full blast of various personal brands of counter-productiveness, waste of resources, ignorance, and inactions.

The time capsule would send a counter-intuitive message that only proves something is afoot, and is a confirmation of our twisted priorities. All our non-all-inclusive preoccupations and continuities are signaling high flying red flags, S.O.S “we the C.E.O of our own

Any intelligent space travelers would focus on the missing equations, the important things they don’t see would be their major focus. In all our preoccupations and continuities, like clockwork the missing equations are the all-inclusive equations.

When anyone laves out all-inclusiveness, they are programing with counter-intuitive, counter-productive, and inactions. Our history books are documented blood stained proof of what happens when we use separatist customs.

Leaving out part of any relevant equations, keep us can’t get right, and deprive our chance of getting the complete solution; all our answers would partial, leaving us twisted and only would be able to operate with a part of the total solution. Would similar to using a portion of our brain and unable to receive the benefit of masterful frame of mind.

We have refined countered intuitive programing and using it as a form of magical stinking thinking, blinding us from all our true priorities.

Non all-inclusive preoccupations are the main reasons we are making all form of bizarre decision. Most of us were mi programed to avoid the truth.

From nurturing stage’s, double standard and mix signals was normal, we were told not to lie, then in the not too distant future, our parents would tell us to answer the antique land line phone/ cell phones back Aug Lang sync, or the door bell, to lie telling the person they know at the door, they aren’t here.

The truth is the most important thing, for the ultimate form of success we must embrace the unvanquished truth at all times, when we stray from honesty, we began neglecting our innocents and set ourselves to fail miserably.

There is all sort of ingrained extraterrestrial xenophobia fear of the unknown “illegal aliens”, getting probe, abducted, etc.

Here is the honest thing, if these so called advance alien who are capable of flying, galloping, or cruising out of their galaxy, without drinking their own urine, or have to wear some type of diapers as a source of drinking water, and has the cutting edge solution for the bone density enigma challenge all astronauts face.

When an advance space travelers had any interest in Hu persons as abductees.

They would simply swoop from the comfort of their cloak vessels collect trillions of Hu person eggs, sperm cells, stem cells, etc., and farm their own Hu person population like they are already doing in, reltih galaxy (bit of questionable humor).

One of the world’s other main challenge and limitation, is a fact that everyone is programmed to follow blindly fashionable ignorance’s, vile ritual, sinister disdain customs, disinformation’s, amusing superstitions, and separatist traditions.

Freeze reality frame:

Back on planet 26, these illegals with eleven porthole life forms. Were so successful with their preoccupations and continuities, they decided collectively to become the, caretaker of the universe.

The inhabitants of p26 are teeming and advancing with all sorts of all-inclusive considerations, with an all-inclusive mindset, is the prime conditioning for impeccable wisdom. Collectively and gracefully they float in all their preoccupations and continuities.

In between and all around the prism galaxy, there are surplus of the raw materials, numerous belts of left over fragments of raw materials, everywhere throughout the galaxy.

Left over raw elements and gases, and dust particles fuse together and form, nebula type fireworks. Glittering with the suns light, creating a prism with its obnoxious some of raw surplus are precious gems, emitting all the primary colors in a rainbow iridescent spectrum glow, from both their suns and moonlights rays.

Chapter two

You can find traces all particle, from every, known and unknown gas or solids in existence, casually floating around only in the prism galaxy. The galaxy was one of the first galaxies to form approximately 13. 2 billion years ago.

The prism galaxy with its nirvana properties is now nestled harmonically in the oblique beveled corner of the universe.

The prism galaxy is now a sparkling vivacious cluster of “bell us summations” a vibrant cluster of planet s and moons, and suns. The new positions of the planets, Is a far cry from their gloomy and horrendous history. Noticeable left over scares from numerous super-radical encounters are everywhere.

During the prism galaxy earlier stage, and its primitive time the galaxy was a wild and very unpredictable area of space. All sorts of entities were always orbiting aimlessly bumping into each other, or spewing rapid cross-fire of mesmerizing fragments, petrifying energies, super-magna plumes everywhere.

In space, gamma rays can be considered a child’s play, compare to countless, other sinister forces you can reckon with in space.

Runaway planets sometimes get caught in each other’s gravitational force in an interlock struggle. Time differs throughout the universe.

Wormhole back draft ripples from its feeding on a super planet. Then there are unpredictable stellar-shift, when gravitational lock of a Pulsars, Magnetrons, Polar-Quake, cross path.

Just to name a few, from the many celestial’s challenges, these illegal aliens were able to travel through successfully to other galaxies. Bipolar gravitation bubble, (two orbiting Planet of opposite polarization super symmetry, are caught in a gravitational high speed lock).

In outer space there are, trillions of entities that are always competing for the same area of space, or getting caught in gravity locks. Sometimes each entity has their, own unstable orbit, on a collision course with numerous objects in its path.

Strangely enough, planet 26 now have, a wonderful orbiting gravitational vortex, in the oblique fossilize prism vicinity. Planet (@^) are an Acadia nestle intuitively in the heart of the prism galaxy, it’s now a symbol of creative collective preoccupations and strict organic continuities.

In their neighboring galaxies, there are numerous newly forming planets, in its super-radical stages.

Planet (@^) are teeming with super-intelligent illegal aliens life. The habitants of planet 26 are semi-immortals; a real living immortal, would had to have indestructible biology system. Semi immortal means that when the right conditions are met; a life form can go on living almost endlessly.

The illegal aliens have eleven portholes, senses system, one of their elven portholes, located in the center of their biological system; it serves as their cosmic link to the universe, every living thing in the universe has a cosmic link.

All their senses are always constantly in tune with both Universe, the anatomic and microscopic. The porthole located in the middle of their biological system is always in constant interactive mode with cosmic vibrations that’s always in play all around every species.

Although they are a super-advanced species, like any other species they are born with an empty a slate, empty brain, what a species brain is fill with, determine the standard of preoccupations and continuity.

Around the Eocene, epoch some 50 million years ago, their first set of leaders was always amazon women, logical choice of leaders, since women was the primary support in bringing life, from the microscopic universe, into the anatomic universe. The inhabitant of p26, never-ever deviated from their true natural organic holistic sources of daily vitals for sustaining both of their life forces. Therefore; was never had to face growth disorder, are one of the primary genetic traits that is compromise from prolong lack of total daily vitals for sustaining both of their life forces. Naturally they were able to use most of their brain processing powers, and their genetic growth traits remain intact, causing all of the inhabitant of p26 to be very tall. Every one of the inhabitants from p (@^), are all very tall, since they always received their total amount of daily vitals, their growth were never inhibited. Growth is the first of all our biological process to be override, in last ditch failsafe attempt, our brain prioritize, which function to keep or is critical, when it it’s face with lack of daily vital, bypassing certain receptors, trying to preserve us or save us from ourselves.

From the very beginning the leaders created a prime directives uniform code of awareness (tcejorp/ginolcsdeesworht), it’s an all-inclusive set of ideas fill with 100 % unvanquished truths, and they all follow gracefully.

An all-inclusive vade mecums “Handbook”, the vade mecums was created from the very beginning, along with “(Tcejorp/gninolcsdeesworhT)”, all done the during their, earliest and primitive stage.

The vade mecums was created by their ancestors, under the guidance of their last single leadership; Nozama llat. Single-leadership was considered very primitive, they change immediately to groups of amazon women, briefly, their names were: (Llat aisak, Ynasile, Srewot eimmat, Neevrap aqiddis, Aisak llat,: Enasile, sajor allebasi, Eemsa, Aredasna, drofnub enaj, nailnij gnej, Nefed oay, Aella ydnas, Ajnatllat). Then naturally to collective leadership, the ultimate of all types of leadership, anything else is primitive, and will be part of the problem.

The fabulous illegal aliens with hideous eleven portholes, had recognize the onset, the selfishness, super greedy, omnipotent, counter-productiveness, absurdity of the separatist counter-productiveness, one person leadership or, a group of leadership to govern millions, interfered with freewill and is the ongoing recipe for chaos.

Planet (@^), last sets of leadership, recommended that collective leadership, are the only all-inclusive leadership, anything less, are only give the rest of their inhabitant sinister chance of “endless nothing”.

The last sets of amazon women leaders, made the utmost uniform all-inclusive decision, that everyone will be active part of all leadership.

Thorough the single-leadership and join-leadership, they had ingeniously establishing, an all-inclusive prime uniform code that promotes freewill and collective’s leadership.

“United they stand for everything, divided they fall for any, and everything destructive and counterintuitive”. Together they can achieve super greatness, divided they are guaranteed to fall for, “endless nothings.” Things naturally falls apart, separatist mindset, preventing, meritocracy, hate, greed, selfishness, etc., all expedites failures.

Their minds were able to easily evolve into super-powerful transcendental state of being, capable of using over ninety seven percentage of their oversize brain processing abilities, with some illegal aliens able to use 103% of their brain.

Their diets consist of the juices of all of the raw substance growing everywhere.

They never-ever when through a, can’t get right era, an evolution stasis era of cooking out all of most of our daily required essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from their foods, as a source of dead sustenance.

They foraged on natural green and multi-colored substance that is growing all over their terrestrial alien world.

Each of these substances, targets a specific receptors that collects specific nutrients to aid in their very intricate and complex honey comb biological systems.

When they able to get all the required total daily vitals, to support their eleven porthole system, and (both life force core), they are rewarded with unimaginable powers.

Subsequently; those greenish and multicolored substance, turn out to be their fountain of youth, that has always been in plain sight.

From their primitive stage their entire biological system or environment was never compromised. Their biological physiology had received everything necessary daily vitals for sustaining their busy biological system.

Naturally, and eloquently they would become endowed with enhancing capabilities, enabling them to evolve with ease into a being with heighten super-advanced awareness, exuding sublime all-inclusive prosperity, awareness, consideration, immediate replenishment of all things, “(leaving things, better than we found them)”, and all-inclusive understanding.

Their brain are so super-advance, it enable them to preview their entire life span from a very early age. Their brain knows everything that is going to happen, ahead of time, from the earliest stage of their existence, preordain no coincidence clarity.

At any time during their rest stasis in (Mermaerd porthole) they are able to see the future, since their ways of life was never compromise, with gross unnecessary, their dreams are all crystal clarity, all the mumbo jumbo in dreams, are the unnecessariness.

Freeze frame:

Their brain has super advance capabilities, and had already lived out their entire future, from an early age. Anyone that come’ in contact with these super-advance being, would experiment proximity reactions. five miles mind reading, one mile detox and entire healing, you would be in need of a bathroom, “intelligent toilet”, from a half a mile brain lock, ‘mind-melt. “

All of the illegal aliens on p26, are on the same super advance levels of intelligence, their intelligence far super cede what we on Earth called, a savant, genius, telepath, those are considered child’s play.

“Perhaps that’s why; there are people we recognized intuitively as our enemies”, our brain see things we cannot see, of more specific, things we are programed not to see. We are all mi’ programed to be extra nonobservant, and remain the C.E.O’s, of our own confusions.

We on earth are so clever at doing the wrong things, we are always finding, inventing ways to take our counter intuitiveness up endless notches. Compromise our entire biological system, by not receiving raw daily vitals, is the least of our global bizarre customs. We have are routinely being programed with labyrinth of twilight bizarreness. Our reality, “are stale nonfiction.” counter-productive self-destructive ambitions, are everywhere, we just have to stand still, and in seconds, we are guaranteed to be bombarded with bizarreness.”

One our self-evident multigenerational missteps, in our gross long list of missteps that are diminishing our capacity, we are also making certain, in many overlooked ways get good and plenty secondhand smoke inhalation and fumes, while cooking out most, and sometimes all our required raw daily vitals from food before we eat them.

And that’s just the tip of the, self-created thawing artic ice bergs, imagine second hand smoke is recognize globally as a dangerous hazard, yet stove manufactures continue to sneak pass ethics, and morality, turn a blind eye on reality of the situation, and remain an enormous part of the problem.

Most of everyone has routinely overlooked other sources of secondhand smoke, is in all of their sanctity of their continuities. We are so loyal to our mi’ programed, we can’t correlate the other sources of secondhand smoke.

Not only we are supplying our fragile biological make-up with cooked foods is (food suicide), process foods and drinks, which are dead foods, we are unilaterally making dam sure we have daily sources of fumes and secondhand smoke, in all sanctums of our continuities, from their stove in their home, work place, in restaurants we frequent, fire places (sorry Santa), B.B.Q pits, etc.

There are well over two billion of people working in restaurant and fast food places exposing their biological system and their offspring genetically to fatal illness, cause from second hand smoke, just for a meager fist full of dollars. And the rest of the populations may have some sort of cooking devices, up-close and fatally personal.

Somehow aren’t able to correlate the reasons, people who don’t smoke, are getting lung cancers, or able to only use less than ten percent of our brain processing powers.

There are many culminating forces, that limiting us, compromising us, hampering our evolution, and preventing us from being able to use more “brain processing power”, the higher echelon of the less than percent, are normally reserve for, genius, savants, etc. as a laymen, I am barely able to try and use a lot less than1.8 %estimate percent brain processing power of my below average intelligent, a never was, a want to author, ironically to help everyone who are mostly smarter than me, what was i thinking?, with an overall no budget, dense fog scatter brain, high profiled vagrant, trying to play catch-up from endless "intense hermit writing." I am pretty sure, some of you with customary smirks, and separatist, upbringing, had already surmised this prognosis from the onset, we are all crying for help, in some ways or another.

Freeze reality frame:

Imagine; the entire population on planet 26, are super-intelligent illegal aliens, that able to use more than ninety seven percent or their processing power of their brain, out there in the cryogenics darkest, travelling around our universe.

Chapter three

Their entire planet are always working collectively, gracefully, and in all-inclusive fashion, night and day, towards their planet and our Universe greater good, “there is something we don’t see every day”. One of their days has 48 hours, using Earth time measuring system.

Planet 26(^) are alluring in every unique way, the scary hideous illegal aliens inhabitants with eleven senses of P (^) are very resourceful. By tweaking their planet magnetic core field and neighboring moons, and other objects with gravitational force, they were able to relocate the whole planet to favor.

All modifications are design with greater good principles. Flight was simple principle for them to figure out due to their formidable ubiquitous prime super directives.

They only use, and utilizing their planets and the universe natural resources. From their customary constant collective all-inclusive input, and awareness, they naturally were able figured out, numerous ways to defy their gravity, well over and, close to a billion years ago.

Their first flight principles now considered antiquate, involve using acute air separators, and air collector, which would be considered advance in another world. They had chambers that collected all stream of gases, and separate each gas and compartmentalized them, so they are able to reuse them at will. Their super primitive methods, also house all types of atoms, radiation and photons, and house it in separate, chambers.

By constantly collecting the entire multiple gases and use them for different purposes. (Earth first flying car is preordained to use the same air separators principles, collecting acute helium and liquid helium).

Later on helium and liquid helium was either compressed, or frozen, or stored on atomic levels, using irritation of various stable mild atoms to induce implosion, initiating a steady stream of compress helium gas allow them to soar, later on helium splitting.

Those were very primitive system was abandon millions of years ago, for a few different methods advanced methods. From their collective imagination, they were able to create more comprehensive ideas from their sublime collective continuum.

One of their greatest sources of innovations is there ubiquitous invention schools. Invention schools available, practically after birth to everyone, most importantly and specially to their youngest illegal baby alien’s minds, fresh eyes and a new biological evolutional composition would have distinguish insight using their eleven portholes.

From a very early age (preschool), every dreamy and scary illegal alien with eleven portholes, their baby illegal aliens are allowed to participate in invention ideas, which are always environmentally friendly.

Freeze fantasy frame: return to our primitive scene;

Far cry; from our remedial earthly meritocracy dirty conniving relay systems on earth that has so many stop gap systems. Inheriting counter productivities, counter intuitively, ignorance, and inactions, from birth to death are our inescapable norm. Most college students are beaming with degrees and elite limbo-in mindset, oblivious to a well-known fact they had just been poisoned with additional fathomless separatist can’t get right jubilees, educational systems are the greatest source of separatist ideas, our blood stain history are proof.

If we re-analyses, and study, all of the most ruthless brutal leaders, dictators, you would find they had meritocracy education, that most often teach us how to, concentrate on greed, have a heighten level of selfishness, that are guaranteed to progress into doing their worst unspeakable acts.

College, education systems are accredited maintain the ubiquitous counter-intuitive force at work globally, it encourage a false sense of confident and delusional self-worth, super-greed, creators complexes, selfishness pattern, preventing advancement, and quite possibly setting condition for all form of untreated tendencies

If you are not spending your lifetime gathering proper intelligence, and editing out our mi programing, you must obviously spending your lifetime, imposing an abundance of ignorance, and other recklessness on the rest of the world, and undeniably, hurting everyone around you.

There are many forms of structuring; any structuring that aren’t all inclusive, will always cause long term nestling collateral damages. Our structuring are really determine, our comfort zone designs, and types of delusions of security and counterintuitive familiarities.


All-inclusiveness intelligence is the key for every conceivable forms of success. All of our preoccupations and continuities has been severely manipulated, shape counter intuitively by unnecessary fear, causing heighten state of flux unrest, and panic rooms complexes. the best and all-inclusive way to immediately deal with and reduce, poverty, terrorist, wars, mind-imprisonments, and other pressing disparaging seeping very important issues, and close all of our tethering fraudulent gaps and voids, is the a unique secret formula that can rectify the unfair advantages, all or our misfortunate and poor should be on the receiving end of the society approved overly fortified primitive definition of success. “String less program” called: the reading for profit “string less program”. How to create endless autodidacts, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, “a mind is a dangerous thing to waste, especially when every single mind plays an intricate part in the entire scheme of existence, and determines the level of our preordain. Downtime is just a slower pace of time, with us waiting for preordain. “Downtime “is always a perfect time to catch up on our reading”, and other things important.

Our entire world has to try and come together on this crucial issue, as well as the many other pressing issues, and aggressively initiate an emergency global mandating of the reading for profit all-inclusive “string less programs”.

Effective immediately, systematically encouraging and global aggressive promotions every single living youth and persons (no age limits), prioritizing the “string less program” to all third old countries, war torn countries, and countries that are producing terrorist, slumps, jails, prisons, ghetto’s, drugs-torn neighborhoods and countries, are able to go to any bank around the world, filled out a few rotating questionnaire brief, proof of reading and comprehending.

The program can also specify the thousand books we should read before our inevitable perdition, etc., specific books that are very educational for the greater good. Any reader can receive a decent amount of cash in hand, as a reward for reading, around the world instantly. With a special award package for those who can read and memories, dictionaries, encyclopedia’s, etc.


Lack of invention schools for minors, for the world to be ready for greatness all schools should have invention departments, you would be amazed at the innovative ways young mind apply intelligence. Imaging if there was cruise ships, with international students, exchanging invention diaspora around the world, unify collective aim at solving global challenges, who would donate the first cruise ship?

Only then we can have the whole planet participating, in finding collective all-inclusive solution for all our current challenges and ensuing corrigible crisis.

There are always been a devious systematic separatist, sabotaging treachery existence game, the separatist game is the only game in town, “divide and conquer’‘. They are the “systems lords”, that has their favorite standard operating separatist procedure, actively promoting counter-productive mi’ programing, inactions and unbearable ignorance.

Every systems has the same objective in common, making sure the entire world have overwhelming supplies of unnecessary disappointments, and our existence always be in-between chaos and unbridle fear, constantly via tamed media’s, mi’ programing us into belief that terrorizing dangers is waiting for us around every corner, detouring us from the whole preordain truth, that implies naturally, “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself”.

It’s in their best interest of all the systems lords in place, to say and do anything that can afford them open budgets.

They are only able to help us, when they are allocated open budgets, with challenges, and crisis their counterintuitive systems are creating in the first place. Beside natural disasters, revisit every stream of challenges, crisis, and problem, around our world, use the unvanquished truth to analyzed them, and you will undoubtedly find the root causes of our global challenges are self-created from everyone trying their own counter intuitive, insensitive, selfish, and greedy preoccupations.

levels on greed is interconnected with all of our emotions, example as our level of greed rise, our level of DE sensitivity rises, etc. one of our main purpose of life is the freewill to extend creative energy to our desire forms. When we are trap by primitive emotions, and twisted priorities, we are no longer endowed with freewill.

When continue globally over look all our imposing factors, we are saying to each other, anything goes. There are always a few viable course of actions, that entail solving all of the root causes of all our challenges and crisis, with only all-inclusive solutions, anything else is futile.

Since we don’t have a screening system to weed out, insensitivity, greedy, selfishness, psychopaths, liars, sadist, sociopaths, and the pretenders, will always be able to succeed with super-ease, during the can’t get right era of our world. Try to make a stabbing guess who has been ruling and in total control of our entire world.

The level of bizarreness, they specialized empty promises, destroying happiness, destroying everyone around them, offering endless nothing.

We are mi’ programed to sabotaging each other, any chance we get, etc., with unimaginable ignorance, oversight and inventive desensitized intensities.

We all are experiencing lifetime, with firsthand range of self-creating disorder, from those with the seven deadly untreated seeping issues and tendencies.

We are always getting blindsided into, creating endless, ruthless procession of leaders, government, friends, family, associates, employers, etc. money chasers.

It all started from Aug Lange sync, rumor has it people with the most material possession would seek out anyone or group with similar amount, weapons, farm animals or money to join forces and therefore automatically becoming in charge of community, society, and eventually our world.

Separatist practice and greed is the most powerful force, armed with selfish motives they are in full swing, and in charge of progress, free to roam grandstanding high profile self-destructive material. They are set to remain firmly in place, by easily compromising young minds that aren’t taught all of very important life lesson listed in the (F.R.A.U.D.U.L.E.N.T G.A.P.S AND V.O.I.D.S., in the throw seeds/ cloning project series*) continuing the counter-intuitive circle.

As long as the world, don’t mandate screening out disturbing traits, in all our preoccupations and continuities, we are setting ourselves for customary failures.

We are lacing our future with ticking time bombs of can’t get right customs, to make matters even worst we are using lawyers to insert fine print, securing self-destructive mines throughout our preoccupations and continuities.

Our mi’ programmed standard counter-intuitive operating procedures, consist of an arsenal of rollercoaster insensitivity, greediness, separatist selfishness, and favoritism, constantly derailing our world into can never-ever get right’ delusion stasis.

We are mi’ programed to following blindly, and to be groupies, embracing counterproductive insensitive portrait by high profile, the lifestyles of the rich and famous, wealth people, powerful people, people with more, who are usually the major part of the problem. Reckless wealthy and powerful greedy people, and selfish people only has a common desire to protect counter-productivity, and maintaining a heighten level of ignorance, and inactions, maintain instability, so chaos and mayhem to flourish, when we pay serious attentions to greedy, stingy and selfish people, and “look in their eyes, you will notice a very disturbing international impatient red flag pattern, dollar signs ($?$) in their eyes.”

We are constantly getting blindsided there, “obnoxious counter-productive wealth”, we put them on pedestal, along with well sought out features, abandoning the rest of the race, encourages competitive-madness, silent consent to power hungry, fame, fashionable separatism, etc.

We are always getting desensitized by mad hatters promoters of inactions, we love rewarding and awarding and elevating a few for beauty, features, power, etc., and abandoning the rest, a sort of survival of the few, sabotaging any hope for collective progress, the ultimate insight. What type of message we are routinely sending, to the rest of us with ugly feature, we must give up, or must run and hide.

We must acquire a brand new set of meike prime directives, a new all-inclusive order. The normal customs is to ram a despicable wedge into the fabric of commonsense, then with a quizzical look, can’t figure out what when wrong, how we keep ending up in twisted bitter ends.

Detestable movers, and destructive shakers, anyone not using all-inclusive mindset, are under the selfish insensitive ignorance, snared by the treacherous clandestine self-destructive delusion of grandeur called, “free enterprise practice”, free market practice, is really free to destroy all things natural and all aspects of our environment, and continuities.

All nonorganic or natural markets is free to destroy each other happiness, free enterprise really means; you have sold your freedom and exchange your glowing innocents for the promise of self-destructive wealth, and artificial materialistic finish products “that’s delusional in making us feel alive”, when it is really destroying everyone and everything around us.

Really and truly there are countless prove in the medical industry how all artificial finish products are killing us at a certain rate, some gradually, and others, in a rapid manner. We can assign a number from 1 to 2000 representing each and every artificial product and the rate its killing us, these are some of basic on daily routine consumptions, or exposures, etc., the amount and other conditions can expedite the damages.

Example artificial lighting would be 17. Every day we are expose to artificial lighting its taking away 17 minutes away from our lives. Cigarettes would be around 478 minutes, alcohol 393, concrete 63 minutes, pollution 347 per week, illegal substance 513- 879, radiation-to all most hazardous chemical, 887- 2000, cooked foods, every five pound, 78 minutes, etc., and so on.

The twisted irony is the wealthy health would always be in most jeopardy, from their relentless greed to amass shiny finish products with deadly chemicals, and are subjected to exposure to abnormal amount of rare terminal decease.

Most of us are mi’ programmed to follow blindly counter-productive status, double standards (example of double standard legally you not allow to speed, but yet there is so many racing awards, fortunes, trophies a speed junky can amass), there tremendous counter-intuitive symbols of success, and grandstanding inactions “all fancy contributors to the delinquencies of the universe”.

The only way to create true global sustainability is with all-inclusive practice, vigilant replenishing awareness, considerations, anything else if offering less and empty promises.

We must all learn to desire less, this honest and the only truth. Desiring less can never set right with those who are mi’ programed to be greedy, selfish, and insensitive mindset.

It’s all usually overlooked from our youth, as an infant, these traits has to be resolve, in their infancy, in babies, which tends to get abnormal and prominent with only child.

Only child; are well known to have a hissy fit and throw tantrum rampage when someone removes an object from them.

There are two distinguished types of people around the world, the greedy and the generous. Greedy people are unreliable, and have hair-trigger abandon tendencies and issues, they are very selfish, subtle loyalty, and are always hiding around generous people and eventually undermining them.

Everyone brain is currently operating within the perimeters of it’s mi’ programing. From the earliest age our brain can start to be set with its programing. “Our mind works diligently behind our backs to acquire whatever perimeters or objectives, we has set. In most cases, when we set your mind on a task, they are usually progressive in the extreme ways, such as greed, selfishness, and by any means necessary, and your mind will never stop trying, to acquire everything in sight for us. Set your mind on never lying, generosity without motives, and all-inclusive awareness, collectiveness, only then you can begin to start the process in becoming a super-wonderful person.

There can only be one set of true life lessons, the all-inclusive life lessons. If you aren’t making sure, all children’s, especially the misfortunate, and adults, are privy to all-inclusive life lessons, then we are setting them up to fail miserably.

In addition, can you imagine in these very challenging times, our most important life lessons are not taught in any, homes, school, communities, on the entire planet?

Hundreds of extremely important and critical missing life lessons that aren’t taught in our schools, homes, nurturing, communities, etc., leaving billions of people to waste time fending for themselves to find life lessons that can make everyone’s life much easier. Hundreds of our missing basic life lessons seem to be an acceptable lost globally. Our very important life lessons shouldn’t be left to serendipity, or given a cavalier approach, when everyone are given a great opportunity to learn a comprehensive amount of life lessons, and important insights about our Hu persons, the world can be a better place. Instead our current grave trials and unnecessary errors approach, that young people has to thin slice through and find the needles in a hay stack life lessons.

All of the very important life lessons, every child needs to know from the earliest age are listed in a part of the throw seed and cloning project series: called the (F.R.A.U.D.U.L.E.N.T.G.A.P.V.O.I.D.S (acronym) section). It’ a comprehensive patch work of extremely important life lessons, that also include opinions on clairvoyant, preordain re-coursing, and prescient ideas that will enhance and mend the wrought jagged tear in the fabric of our existence. When taking seriously it’s guaranteed to level the playing field. It also contains all-inclusive ideas on how rewrite all our mundane unnecessary stifling wrongs, crisis, and challenges, our world are constantly being bombarded with.

This is the ultimate comprehensive life lesson tool, that can able every child to be all-inclusive superstar. Always remember, “The greatest resources can be the positive well informed collective artistry of Hu person’s resources”. Throughout history the more savage a group were, guaranteed them the spoils and victory, our customary overlooking of these traits, violence, aggression, abuse, all has a deep disturbing grim associated with greed, grandstanding and selfishness, has been backlashing and mutating to current extreme events.

These progressive traits, has to be, identify at its earliest stage, close observation of all infant and the young child (especially amongst the misfortunate, amongst the misfortunate population, there is higher tolerance for abnormal behavior), left untreated, we are setting us up for the repercussions of the adult version.

Freeze reality frame:

There was a few prehistoric methods planet (@^) inhabitants had invented to begin of planet 26 aviation programs. From harnessing photons, from the sun and induce fission reaction method. Using negative charges and countering it with positive friction charge accelerator.

Nuclear fusion aggravated force, electron gluons fusion generator, molecule constructor (constant artificial construction of needed molecule, using an air separator). Some of these methods are only used in space, due to their astronomical potential to cause harm.

Another method required harnessing neutrino’s, and convert them into a diffusion compression reactor. Neutrinos were also used to send message across galaxy and throughout our universe.

All of their outerwear apparel are able to collects and harness the energy in neutrinos or any type of energies. Their clothing also has built in bidet-vac-leg extending- type disposal system.

Neutrinos are used to cure fatal decease, use as receptor regeneration, and can be used for time travel, sky is the limit. Neutrinos light particle super symmetry is used in magnetic field, the nuclei of a neutrino is where their amazing technology comes from.

They were able to send long range biodegradable probe into black holes, harnessing radiation unstable atoms, and convert it to safe clean energy. Neutrinos are a by-product of antimatter transformation, from the microscopic region into subspace. Matter altering diffusion, magnetic force altering, etc. principles are use in countless inventions.

Subatomic induce diffusion chain reaction, sending a long-range probe in a black hole with a collection cable, to harness and conform antimatter into a supersonic energy reactor. These are all primitive methods are no longer being use. In the countless invention schools they are researching, stretch and folding matter and shifting conversion, bending the fabric of time, microscopic super time lapse evolutions.

Their disk-like space ships are made of diamonds fibers. All spaceships are use intergraded living organism, every other aspect of their space ships are biodegradable. All water tubing’s on the planet and space vehicles are made out of aggravated lava charcoals, drink water are constantly being filtered. All drinking utensil are made out of aggravated charcoals and amber. Lava and charcoals is dump in all body of waters for filtering purposes.

Strands of diamond fibers used in ship building, are electro-spin sub-thermal matter shield, and a super-max heat resisting sulfur coating are infused, they are used as adjusting exposure implants forming a super-light sealed haul, that are connected to a series of air separators, on the antiquate version.

They never use metal alloys to make spaceships, it’s not an all-inclusive idea, to use metal in space, especially when, space ships ha to face an extreme ranges of conditions, solar flares, pulsar magnetic force, etc.

The advance version are genetically altered diamond fibers with coated sulfur fibers, fussed with subatomic worm hole specimen (similar to red rain, green rain, yellow rain, blue rain, never mix the colors ).

These various color rains, are just some of the intriguing specimens, probe’s brought back from various black hole. Black holes sometimes reverse, and spits out instead of sucking in, every worm hole contain unique fusion of microscopic organism, and specific color rain type organism, they have complex abilities, when they are mix together, they are extremely volatile.

Their spaceships has multi automatic adjusting shields, living organic analytic capabilities, they are comprise of organism that can pick up sub-atomic variations, micro sensors, for the fabric of space, detect and pinpoint long distance cosmic ripple, etc.

The entire array of various possible stages of gasses, and solids transformation signatures are registered on a microscopic level. These pre saved data is used to have advance warning, identifying possible unfolding threats, or predict unfavorable or favorable space traveling long range conditions.

Their space ship shield uses a sulfur producing organism to regulate temperature changes. Sulfur is use to deflect extreme light, and regulate extreme temperature flux.

A rare bacteria found in volcanoes can also be used to regulate temperature. Photons collectors were used as an antiquate form of energy. Their space disk like crafts is able to dive in to the lowest level of extreme active volcanoes, and come out without a scratch.

There are countless bacteria’s, microbes, molds, in the sub atomic world that can be used in temperature conversions.

Example gas conversion is one of their invention schools discovered in their primitive stage, there is the organism that can create synthetic helium. Using the photosynthesis process to easily convert altered or produces helium, or some other gases.

The scary illegal space aliens, with eleven porthole senses all live in specular panoramic floating cities. By living in “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” floating above the terrain, is an exact science, they are reducing their exposure to the overwhelming amount of natural disasters, and all chances of fatalities, from natural disasters, and disturbance to ground species and animal, etc. Some of the natural disasters we face on earth, some are more severe.

Freeze frame:

With only about four percent of the earth is populated, and well over two billion people are living in pre-well-known, documented natural disaster zone, before hurricane Katrina, P.B.S did a documentary informing and warning us of the same exact threats and peril the victims of hurricane face could have been avoided. Although there is a trickiness when dealing with paradox of preordain, preordain is based of global awareness, “when we know better, we are supposed to do better.” preordain has both ying and yang force’s, all highly based on global intelligence, they can be conspiring series of events, that guides us to exactly where we have to be at every moment in time, preordain can be force dujure, disturbing string of unfavorable events, crisis, and shocking and traumatizing unspeakable acts, and trigger words, image, sounds, incorporating all of our senses, and streaming us to where we have to be at the exact moment.

The reason we remain petrified, frozen in shock and denial, our mind was already aware of the future occurrence, there is a spilt second when our mind and our prescient capability, is playing catch up. Our psyche is always being unraveled from the abundance of lies, mix signaling, conflicting information.

Our levels of paranoia’s are synchronized and offset by our habitual greed, selfishness, and most importantly lies. All of these traits are the prime conditioning to have our entire life compromise with, disturbing, mix message, inconsistencies’, mix loyalty, we end up all over the place, with scattered sense of being, lies takes a carnivorous told on our mind, body and cosmic link, when we let lies in. What is the reason we hang around with people, after we found out they are liars? To get more lies. lies cause us to twist our priorities, gamble with countless life’s, procrastinate and become deep seated and compartmentalized in denial pursuing and grandstanding distorted faire tale image.

A prime example is weddings, celebrations, holidays, etc. it’s no big secrets most wedding faire tale begins takes a drastic turn to bitter ends, abuse, violence, “murder death, kill” and divorce’s. Yet so many young people continue to overlook the bizarre statistic associated with weddings, and grandstand wedding, a one day celebration, trying to outdo, others, costing their parents and themselves, obnoxious fortune. It stems from hierarchy complexes, and secret inadequate desires.

A refreshing all-inclusive, new rule of engagement,” wedding suggestions; “wedding insurance,” a decent potion of the money normally spend in the celebration, is use as a fall back insurance love end plan, to secure separate dwelling, save the misfortunate, and financial security for a decent period of time. After love runs out, or either party outlived their usefulness preparation against falling prey to statistic. The bride and the groom having the emergency separate home, in case affection turn moldy and sour lovers spat, quarrel, or ruthless change of heart. A reasonable back up plan, these property can be on the real-estate market, owning dividends. And available as an escape options, in case, either honeymooners, has to “to leave everything, and walk way in forty five seconds.”

Freeze reality frame:

Scary illegal aliens ingenious floating cities enable them avoid, earthquake’s, tsunami, typhoon, forest fire, mudslide, volcanoes, etc., in their various floating cities they are easily averted any all most possible threats.

Only strong winds post a serious threats to their floating cities, however all floating cities are design to channel strong winds, to be converted in to reusable energy. When are face with serious gale force winds, they are able to control their floating city ascend and descend. They can either relocate the city to safe locations out of harm’s way, or descend their cities to a lower altitude, or to the ground level. Their floating city are always engage in world travel, over the oceans and over the sea, they hover over, wild the ground species roam wild and free.

The inhabitant has many ways they are able to harness and reused all natural energies from all natural disaster.

Most of the time they are positioning their floats cities in the direction of the strong winds, their floating cities are able to withstand extreme strong winds, collects the winds, to travel or soars to any heights. The inhabitants of p (@^) rarely live on the land. All of their floating cities are compose from raw all living organic organism.

Some of their floating cities are over their oceans, since they “don’t eat anything with a face’’, they have extra nutrient dense rich liquid water.

Some of their floating cities use to use natural power of the seas wind and waves to create some of their floating cities, off course; this was back in their super-primitive stages.

Some uses to even use ground effect technology to create floating cities, and use a parabolic loop to stabilize them.

During some of their very primitive times, they use multiple submersible pump attach to huge hose-like garget that constantly pump water vertically, keeping cities soaring over their oceans, maintain a constant streams of water, and the natural wind energy, to create lift. All their over ocean floating cities, has glass bottom sublime views. Their windows use to have birds flying it to and broke their neck; with solar tinting dots that form shapes can pre-warn the birds the problem was solved.

Over the ocean floating cities, the water was pre-filtered to prevent their ocean sea life from harm. All their preoccupations and continuities are all-inclusive.

Life in a suspended floating cities, are of panoramic sublime- delight. Leaving the other born free creatures, animals to roam the land free without the slightest chance of extinction, no animal, creatures were ever extinct on p(@^), quite the opposite, a surplus problem of all species that were relocated, to other planets.

Their clothing had series of super-smart inventions, with proximate detectors, that alert them of anything in range, their detectors was calibrated to detect every conceivable form of life, all the various species, this comes in handy, and dandy, when they spend time on the ground level, picnicking and collecting specimens.

Before their all-inclusive aspirations to started living floating cities, they use to live in numerous lava tubes that are located all over there planets, from their countless super volcano eruptions.

The history of their planet was grossly unstable, with a constant radical series of natural disasters. Their planet was plagued with by constant streams of super erupting volcanic activities.

In the past they use to always locate their floating cities, in a very safe distance, close proximity to volcanoes. Using a special ecofriendly tubing was use to connect into the volcano, either to a vein of the volcano, or a fault line, for numerous reasons.

One reason to connect into volcanoes during their primitive stages, was for utilize its natural source of energy, another reason were to be able to use volcanos as an organic waste disposal unit. Again that was during their super-primitive time, before pre-composing concepts.

Some cities use to float, from tapping into volcano veins. Some use opposite Polaris field in huge opposite pole of magnets; this method couldn’t be used in certain areas. The base of the floating city would be made of magnet, opposite Polaris to a huge magnet on the ground, etc.

Their floating cities and spaceship, now are using new super organic technologies, replacing, the old antiquate method of acute super-compress air separators, magnets, basic chemistry.

With those antiquate air separators, ship operator would be required to always monitor their payload (weight). Now new technologies are used, like magnetic field reducers, sub-microscopic field generator, etc., to create gravity onboard their ships.

With ubiquitous invention schools widely available from the earliest preschool young illegal alien minds, super advancement inventive ideas are occurring, in every instant. New natural floating idea’s, is always being propose and improve on, for floatable cities, and spacecraft and, inevitably all other areas of their preoccupations. Their level of advancement, are almost billion years old, they are in an unbelievable super cutting edge era.

P (@^) are exposed to three time share suns, (some of their suns are just decorations) and their seven Moons.

During their forty eight of creative darkness, due to a giant planet trajectory that can cause a daily eclipse, you can receive seven moons light during the darkness. Four of their moons are very far away, however you are still able to see and feel its aura.

During their 24 hour Days, they receive sun drench light, from three sun exposures as their illegal alien world turns and as sublime times goes on by.

From their simple but spectacle, alteration each of their three sun are perfectly time-shared. Three sun exposures glaze their inhabitants with a sun protective shield, what we on Earth would call scary-strange-Mazarin suspect form.

We on earth are routinely mi’ programed in our primitive minds, to be remaining constantly in mind conflict, triggering unbridles fear, at any indifference.

However there are a few earthlings, who end up on the planet 26, sorry; “you have to wait for it”; no they weren’t abducted.

A special organism that can absorb radiation and convert it into safe energy was added and fused into their ozone layer, and on all windows. All sun rays were being radiation screened, and their photons are also being harness. Radiation screened sunlight are an important part of our daily vitals, it will enhance our biological systems and promote super-intelligent. Radiation free sun light is the body outside doctor, sun light bridge the microscopic gap to the anatomic species; it repairs and rejuvenates our sense of being. Countries that aren’t able to receive regular amount of sunlight, must making a serious priority to bask in the sunlight when it’s are available, this will reduce their high rate of grey-sky-suicides, which is are also link to daily vital deficiencies, the remedy is a wide range of assorted freshly squeeze, fruit juices and all edible vegetation’s, three times a day, and raw foods.

Using their super advance brain, the greater good collectives, they were able to tweak, the magnetic core of their moons, suns, to relocate them, and reposition them, for all-inclusive favor.

Invention schools prolificacy were so successful it allow them to have advance capabilities to adjust their stellar hand dealt to accommodate everyone needs.

By using intelligent evasive measures, from series ensuing stellar perils and chaotic inertia’s consequences had their planet remain in its horrific course of enviable doom.

The first planet in the prism galaxy that was destroyed after a series of bitter natural space disasters was planet 27. It was pummeled with numerous celestial’s entities, from occasional passing comets, routinely pummel by asteroids, and other small planets, and was eaten up by black hole, some of the other unfortunate planets, loss of magnetic fielded.

All the Inhabitants of P26 are all geared to constant improvements of their environment. They all live by a set of all-inclusive prime directives that are used in every preoccupation they collectively engaged in. They are the universe whisperer, oracles, and caretakers.

They had realized a very longtime ago, you cannot have an entire planet of inhabitant lost in personal brand of chaos, and discombobulated from everybody doing, and trying their own counter-productive thing.

Non all-inclusive preoccupations, is the ongoing proven daily recipe for ruthless chaos on display in a planet in another galaxy. Can’t get right extreme is the comfort zone. Constant streams of self-creating, challenges, crisis, and unnecessary disappointments, most of us are programed to depend on counter-intuitiveness.

When we do the counterproductive math, we can sum up our lifetime as being constantly bombarded by unnecessary and life wrecking disappointments. Eventually all the insensitive leaders and people in position of power, embrace counter-intuitiveness, swoop up, run with it and develop “one size fits all programed mentality”

Collective productivities, enable the illegal aliens with their heighten precognition capabilities to create, the most sublime conditions a person can ever imagine, for each other, and the Universe.

All their preoccupations and continuities are always; fill with very intuitive ultra-sensitive caring all-inclusive ideas.

In the whole Universe, I doubt there can ever exist such a rare exhibition, kindness, of all-inclusive preoccupations and all-inclusive continuity practice’s.

Cradle of unnecessary primitiveness.

Paradise mindset, seldom bloom.

Until all of the right all-inclusive and collective evolution conditions are preset.

Without all-inclusive awareness, we are only repeating our historical mass wakes of dooms,

Our life without prime directives is a counterintuitively motivated to revel in sprawling unnecessary primitiveness global entombing fêtes.

Our Aliens with weird eleven porthole features are the winner of the “All-inclusive award”. Their minds have evolved into the superior ideal mindset. Whenever anyone or group of individual, include all-inclusiveness and the unvanquished truth in all their preoccupation, and continuities, they are destine for, purity, and super-greatness.

On Planet (@^), are the largest gathering of united super-minds, super-eager to please, heaving hypnotic with sublime perfections.

Recapping the route to super-greatness; these are the three reasons, for their global success.

Freeze frame:

One: They all are highly aware of the fatal importance of natural raw daily vitals, and has mandated to receive the full amount of total daily vitals, for sustaining, their subatomic core and their atomic core, both of their life force are replenish daily.

Two: They did everything with all-inclusive considerations, and part of the all-inclusive solutions. They all have the most rewarding respect and attention for the subatomic Universe.

Three: Their early implement of a manual, (a super-prime directive vade mecums) that taught everyone, answers to the oldest question; “to be or not to be”. These are the; answers are how to be.

Their prime directive hand book is filled with all-inclusive consideration, greater good of the entire universe protocols. (tcejorpgninolc/sdeesworht).

Unlike this simple idea on how we all can provide free education to each other, occupy eugenics never got off the ground, and has no chance of success. When occupy eugenics was introduce on a wonderful funding site. {Occupy Eugenics: Free College campaign from the beginning was unsuccessful campaign. We are program to disassociate with new ideas, good or bad, unless any wealth of famous person, high profile endorses them.

Occupy eugenics was a nonviolent call to action for all Global college student, teachers, professors, and staff working in all levels of education systems. Students were politely ask pretty please place all the courses they paid for, which are legal their binding property, on a free access website for future generation, and people who can’t afford college, there wasn’t one student that had offered to help.

In addition education systems are deliberately offering the masses, an inferior higher education and charging astronomical sums for lower recycle education, even in the heights of our golden age of technology.

The occupy eugenics concept was supposed to be an interactive imminent domain concept, combine with an enhancing treat proposal involving the use flash-mob-royale at a feng shui safe location, a safe and legal permitted display of fireworks, fruit trees planting, feeding the homeless and other important charity events. It was meant to be a convention of people interested in supporting free education to the world, would be enthusiastic could gather with everyone bringing something to the table, gathering with creative insights to creating an all-inclusive diaspora.

Only collectively and with an all-inclusive mindset our planet can easily unite for the greater good, and edit out all of our Dark Age custom of paying for recycled education. With ease end higher education unnecessary lifelong college debts, student loans, etc. Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the entire world to have most if not all student the opportunity to receive higher education free of charge, and quite possibly available to help with future challenge’s debt free. Cuba is a very good example of allowing everyone free education, where as it has contribute world-wide offering medical assistance to numerous countries in need, free education is really the biggest no brainer. The new howler matter proposal for elevating and reducing 95 %of the expense from the global justice system can allocate the savings to afore mention crisis.

The original real all-inclusive (tcejorpgninolc/sdeesworht) hand book, inspires, endless all-inclusive preoccupation, in every juncture of their preoccupation and continuities.

Including super symmetry, consideration, the use horoscope matching ensuring conflict options, the inhabitant was very enthusiastic to display their birth signs, time of birth, etc., so they could avoid unnecessary challenges. From the start all challenges, solutions and option was thoroughly examine with all-inclusivity, considering all ill conceivable unfavorable outcome, with fine tuning precision ultra-details, via throughout their education system.

Everyone on planet 26, all of its scary inhabitants with eleven senses are proudly displaying their birth sign in an artful fashion. This is the secret to having an exciting, environment, party, events, world, etc., is when the presentation has je-ne-se-quoi contrast, when everything is the same, our life experience would be very boring, monotonous, dreary, a mechanical existence; every species had to have a super symmetry. Learning to create freewill atmosphere that are conflict free, is a delicate process, it’s only possible with fine tuning detail oriented ultra-all-inclusive considerations. Finding the exact interactive science is the VIP secret to collective happiness.

From the get-go, inhabitant of planet 26 realize that people and all energies and every life forms, has to have super symmetry particle, life forms are highly based on their birth sign, time of birth, etc.

It didn’t matter whether they were, friends, love interest, or family. Certain birth signs clash, don’t get along in the long run. In some case two persons, sharing the same birth sign, get along; in other case don’t get along.

All energy and species has an opposites, everybody has opposite and relative connections. There are many other contributing factors for why we all can’t get along. However most of horoscope matching can be very beneficial. Using horoscope cosmic science, you really don’t have anything to loose but grand advantage to gain. A very simple test you can use to test the horoscope hypothesis, is make a list of everyone you had challenges in the past present and future, include family, love interests, acquaintances and friends. Now make a list of people that you had an easier connection with, and those that you has disturbing connections, uphill battle personalities, cryogenic nightmare personality, walking crisis spree, etc., (take into account, or consider there are always people around us still plotting and setting a trap for us, or serve us a hefty portion of artic revenge, and hadn’t spring their trap yet) and then cross reference the list with horoscope matching suggestion for interaction and avoidance, you should be able to see how much time you lost, interacting without easily available information. A portion of the horoscope information could save us from surmountable challenges and aggravation. A lot of horoscope information are over the top nonsense, like everything else there are unscrupulous people with the seven special untreated issues, wreaking havoc in all aspects of our preoccupations and continuities.

We are constantly entering into other’s lives blindly hitching our ignorance, seeping baggage’s and counterintuitive wagons to others wagon with so much ignorance, counter-productivity and inaction to give, our norm is impose can’t get right ideals on each other.

Just imagine what it would be like to have a whole planet, recognized all of their imposing counterintuitive factors, and missteps, we could begin the process to attaining a planet, full with super-minds considerations that would be eugenics miracle.

Freeze reality frame:

Chapter four

The inhabitant of P26, mistake catalog of mistakes is at a bare minimum, comparing them, to our earthly repetitive mind stuck knack and creative masterful art of causing an ingrained love of “doing the same counter intuitive things, all the while expecting different results”.

Earth mistake catalog is growing expeditiously as you read, and would out-number them by a super-multi-gazillions. The scary Mazarin illegal aliens with eleven porthole senses only made a few serious major mistakes, these very mistakes includes the entire span of the universe.

Beside all of the mistakes made by the scary hideous illegal aliens from planet 26 mistakes were all from good intentions, with unforeseeable accident, even with their complex fine-tuned prescient ability. Their unfortunate accidents was proven to be utmost beneficial to the future of a planet 93,000, 000 miles from their sun, pre-destine and preordain, couldn’t be changed, into the precise moment of ocular four wall offerings.

There are a series of ironies in this eugenics fantasy, those earthlings and those aliens from the limestone galaxy illegal aliens, were awestruck when they saw planet P26 for the first time triggers your super happiness childlike impulses.

You would have to be very careful, or you could easily be frozen in joy, somewhat like a delicious natural ice cream brain freeze, or eating your favorite natural frozen treats.

Imagine superbly a world so advance, so spectacular, so all-inclusive natural, and overwhelmingly all considerate interface will extra freewill, you would only be able to move in, super-slow-enjoyable-motion.

You are guaranteed to go, stir good-crazy, muttering; I want to see this and that, drooling carelessly in happiness, and with endless love, oh wow, look that wonderful floating cities, enriching display of super- all-inclusive perfections. With super-brilliant idea’s everywhere, admiration greed set in immediately. Even our most subdued terse and patient mind sets are guaranteed to go cuckoo for super-greatness, the most matured mindset will let loose, go berserk for all the wrapped around eye sore of obnoxious surplus of all the rarest gem beauty.

You are guaranteed to go questing mad to peek or observe 360 degree’s incredible panoramic views. These comprehensive surreal and specular wonders, can drive you crazy with unbridles happiness; you will want to frolic and skip to Mary Lou, in every direction.

Every rare gem we have on earth and countless others and then sum is, sitting in Mountain piles of platinum, diamonds, amber, silver, rubies, gold, etc., everywhere. Every single inch of planet 26 is covered in extra observation treasures; there is perfection everywhere, pleasant seduction of Nirvana-Utopian joy.

Escalating perfection everywhere, visitors are constantly being exposing to sources of great happiness.

Everywhere the eyes can see. Are sublime intrigue Above and below, the radiation filtered suns daylight, all of their three sun, are perfectly distant millions of miles away, some are so far they are hardly obtrusive suns, but are fine-tuned from tweaking their planet magnetic core to reposition their planet, the warming ambient sun drenched spotlighting and glaring all their abundance of super treasures.

Their planet has a well intact ozone layer, their ozone layer are infused with a living opaque organism. Their ozone layer are constantly regulated by special organic organism that feeds of all the harmful UV rays, and reconvert into harmless organic compound. Some of the harmful UV Rays reproduce as harmless sulfuric gas byproduct that regulates the heat index.

Each of its three marvelous suns are now perfectly align and the harmless distance from the earth, taking its turns, delivering regulated sunlight’s, eight hour intervals. When one sun is blocked by a planet or a star, another sun is set to reveal its unique blend of sunlight.

Some of the suns were so far away there are huge temperature flux, are regulated by the special ozone sulfuric producing molds.

Star gazing on planet 26, is the ultimate star gazing lovers celestial display, their night sky are a conversion of organic celestial fireworks. And you are guaranteed to be entranced, “oh what a night”, P26 De’ Notte la dolce Bella Vista, there are seven different color moons, on P26 moonlight are greater than fireworks. Super-iridescent move glow from seven moons, lit up the entire planet for forty-eight hours, each exhibiting a ring with aura of individual rare gems.

Once you experience, a multi-colorful night, similar to northern lights, just a thousand times more royal. On P26, super-dreamy planet twenty-six darkness can be call darkness, or just night. The nights are 48 hours, with all the stars and the surplus of floating multicolor gems forming fireworks, that seeming hands low.

(@^) 26 has seven delicious moons, the moons are all exhibiting a series beautiful luminous enchanted glow.

Each moon emits its own unique colors, from the super-surplus of raw gems. These endless surplus of rare gems, are remains from the super-magna, super-radical past, they are now a very important part of an amazing stellar light display

Moons light are a necessary aspect of their biological systems, it’s vital and aid in releasing a chemical that promoting their intelligent and pimentation. With the vitamins from their suns and enriching chemicals from their moons, naturally all of the environments are making the scary illegal aliens smarter night and day.

Each moon has a unique color spectrum glow, from the excess surplus of rare gems. Around each Moons are floating precious neb-dust rings that glows, some of the other elements are mixed in.

Some of the mountains of rare precious gems are Black opal, Jeremejev, red beryl, Musgravity, Grandidieite, Painite, blue garnet, Seredibite, red diamond, jadeite, Ruby, Gold, Turquoise, glows from its precious gem dust ring. The colors of their seven are, Opal Moon, Diamond Moon, one moon is a mix abstract of perceptions precious gems stones moon, Sapphire Moon, turquoise Diamond Moon, Pink Diamond Moon, Phosphorous Moon, mixes. 26

On the surface of P26 visitors, and its habitant can enjoy endless multi-color lava lakes each fully loaded and encrusted with its own type or unique blend of precious gems, for as far as the eye can see, there are deposits of multicolor precious gems, mineral, red, blue, lime green lava as far as the eyes can see.

The first thing most visitors who accidentally end up on p26 would notice is endless floating cities, and the thousands of different pure gem glistering mountains.

Somehow In the formation of the very first galaxy, the prism galaxy was pummeled by extra amount of various nebulas clumping. It’s similar to as in a parcel of land how the wind most of time blow the leaves in the same area, in space there are endless super high speed under current and space tides loop that draws and bring anything in its path as it travel they fused together with other scraps from various galaxies along the way, bonding together as it flew around and throughout the entire universe, and dump in the prism galaxy. Since p26 is located in a strategic beveled edge of the universe, it’s also nick name the space dump, some of the scraps that made the chaotic journey deposits all sorts of gems in the oblique corner edge of the universe.

There are just endless piles of all raw elements, semi-precious gems and endless gems some of which not found on other planets or earth.

The surplus of some of the precious gems is from the previous supernovas, and nebular activities from formation of planets, and other creation and destruction activities. Super high speed roaring, clashing, pulverizing, orbiting clumps, careening, spewing super-magna plumes, kinetic energy transformation, sub-atomic quake explosion, melting, smelting fusing, the larger clumps having a greater gravitational pull control the direction, imploding, bonding, creeping recycling, static charge, gravity dancing energy, raw-super-energy-tugged wars, raw energies struggling to be the greatest they can be. Culminating into; the ultimate extra-prime conditions for the sublime building blocks, to enable super-life free will to flourish throughout the universe.

Some minerals and nutrients in our oceans are not found on our lands. Elements that are very important part of our nutrients and minerals that play key role in our biological function essential raw daily vitals, sea vegetation is has to be included in our sustenance on a daily basis. There are over 62 elements in our oceans that are not found on land. Sea vegetation contains very important vitamins that are required in our daily vitals.

Rare super-gems are from the super-extra-cataclysmic radical birth of the, prism galaxy, and the other neighboring galaxy. All of the precious super gems culminated into a unique the greatest show in the universe, picturesque display of rare gem wonder of the universe.

There are thousands of pure gems mountains formed, throughout the entire Planet 26. On planet Twenty Six, gems are not rare, everything is made from gems. Using gems such as amber, gold, copper, silver etc., and other precious metals, has wonderful holistic and healing properties for our biological systems.

Everywhere; all over the planet there is precious eyesore’s, nasty obnoxious surplus of rare gems mountains on the planet (@^). Tools and furnishing are made from gold and silver. Floating cities made out of some light fibers extracted from emeralds, carbon, etc. organic foam was use during their primitive times. The new advance floating cities are a space ship flex, they are able to defy gravity and travel extreme long distance in space. On their space cities’ all their action and energy expel is recycled, every step or action is converts back into reusable energy, applied pressure are harness; all preoccupation activities are converted into reusable energy. All of their piping and drinking utensils is made with aggravated charcoals.

Some of the vista mountains are, Ruby mountains, black opal mountain, Silver mountain, platinum mountains, gold mountains, emerald mountain and then there are diamond mountains, red beryl mountains, musgravites mountains, grandidiete mountains, blue garnets mountain, seredibite mountains, red diamonds mountains, jadeite mountains, etc.

In addition there are some of the purest pristine crystal clearest winding rivers and colored oceans you could ever see or imagine. Their liquid water in rivers, are emerald green from its purity. Traveling floating cities, that are circumnavigating planet twenty six, prefer to travel over picturesque body of waters, exchanging invention ideas, as a hobby.

All the sands are a heavy mixture of 39 rare gems, unbelievable view, when you look into liquid oceans and rivers, lakes; you will see a sight that twinkle happy eyes, the glitter of endless rare gems emitting from underneath the water are royal eye candy.

Diamonds and other rare gems is always glittering and sparkling up towards the surface, from beneath various body of water. You could can see a gold lake near the Gold Mountain, etc. Visibility is always extraordinary, when the original natural environment was never compromised. On p26, the environment is always being improved upon. The all-inclusive imagination of p26 has gone super-perfection gone creatively wild.

Chapter 5

Their favorite past time is fruits and agriculture clones exchange project, and throwing elaborate masquerade invention parties, a greater good meeting with all-inclusive minds, offering interactive demonstration of new cutting edge inventions. Most of the time they would have similar invention ideas (according to Valona Prince Morgan M, ideas travels in the wind, and on a second very intelligent observation pest don’t stay on papaya trees, therefore my deductive solution was papaya tree’s should be used as a natural pesticide).

“With great power comes, great responsibilities”. Our level of ignorance determines our priorities. Mastering zero gravity effects on their biology systems, bone density challenges, etc.

They are able to duplicate and replicate any planet’s environment with precise science. Using advance micro alteration, with a form of cloud seething method, they able to replicate, climates, weather, time lapse hydroponics, and other natural occurring events, they are able to gain access to numerous natural resources.

They also able to use suspended light speed enhancement, when you travel in space, the people you left behind age’s more rapidly than space travel, the inhabitant are able to tweak their planet to correct the space-planet time anomaly and synchronized time to move as it occur in space in their cities enabling them special biological preservation.

The Aliens decided to start terra-form, other planets, at first within the nearer vicinity, with interstellar terra-forming.

Using their planet as a mold for greatness, they became enhancers of the universe. Intergalactic Stella terraforming enhancers, spreading the throw seeds/cloning project. They seek out, planets that have the prime conditions, for supporting life, in the vast volume of uncharted space, and terra formed them.

They spend over a billion and a half years, exploring and collecting, samples from, some of the more than, half of a trillion galaxies, that are locate sporadically, a lifetime of trekking in and around our, very volatile, beauty and the beast universe.

Freeze frame:

The normal idea of love “is a thin line between love and hate”. A truer and purer love concept is an all-inclusive freewill feeling. You can really use the word or idea of love with bias ambition. True love can only be the all-inclusive love; this is the universe intervention definition. What you think would have happen if the universe only offers us bias love. Primitive love has so many boomerang effects, it’s a volatile fusion of revenge, punishments, “that those people who we love, are the ones who can truly hurt us.”

True love is a natural pure innocent feeling to love everything, no exclusions, with no rules and regulations, and no bias just the innocent freedom to love and understand all and everything in our universe. Before children are compromise by preset nasty counter programing’s, you can notice the unbridle innocent differences of all-inclusive love, a natural wholesome love for everything, until they are normally desensitized in counter intuitive programing, that is an invitation for hate, super-greed and selfishness to run it self-destructive courses. We are routinely being conditioning, and brainwash to divvy up the word love and only use pieces to satisfy our needs and desires, until it start to take a turn for the worst, then the remaining semblance of our idea of love must mutate into hate in the end.

The true idea of real and pure love is the brand new all-inclusive concept of love we should be incorporating; can be called love royale; a greater good re-programing our mindset to the universe prime example of love: “wanting the very best, with pure respect, for their love interest and also for, everyone and everything in our universe”. From the instance a love interest with love royale mindset we will start to grow for the greater good.

A complete opposite to love on earth, where the natural consensus is; “all is fare in love and war”, therefore it must encompass intricate layers of lies, abuse, violence, empty promise’s, punishments, murder, greed, retributions abuse, self-interest, objectifying, trophy.

Love and marriage, is nothing short of endless empty promises vows, vows is taken as if they are able to predict the future.

The idea of normal love was started in the by-gone-era, with a primitive fear, maintenance of financial umbrella, mergers and acquisition. All involve a preset revenge and punishment foundation.

Prime grim example, a New York cabby once shared a sick and horrific tale, that in a countries that use the dowry systems. When the dowry is not paid by the women’s parent, it’s customary to throw hot burning oil on the bride in the kitchen ignite a fatal kitchen fire, then the groom claim it was a kitchen accident, and then move on to another bride with a dowry.

The normal concept of love is the romantic notions series of counterproductive demands, and rules and regulations that set us up to fail miserably. The normal concept of love is really a demand of the long term empty promises of future events, out of our control, a gambling with events we have no control over. Starting its routine to start new united journey with empty promises, guarantees to create deadbeat chemistry. “if it’s not growing, then its’ most definitely dying”.

We set out with program selfishness and super greed, embark on the porcupine journey’s to find love interest and shanghai them with love, clueless to what love is. The absolute truth is you should never searching for love providing you can aspire to the best you can be, love is creatively and ingeniously searching for us, it’s the natural current and flow, you would never have to work when love is in the area, only thing we would have to be able to thin slice from the pretenders with ulterior motives, and the hot messy traps.

One truth about love search is to look for someone who likes you, oppose to searching aimlessly for love interest you like, you will find, search all the faces for love; the love interest of the world. the wonderful Eloise (St mark’s place), Sha (far rockaway), the Jodi’s, , laurel (clear waters, 254 p.a.s, NY, NY), Carla, C (geese) Johanna (east nine street), Debra Middlesex, Amanda (storm)… you would be working to find love going against the flow of natural passions, and we all experience when we go looking for something we would always get pretenders and a brutal facsimiles (there was a diamond shinny regret minder, real love finds us, like the tall girl from sticky mike’s, party that with spend time preparing a superb Brianne, thank you kindly sorry for the candor) or when preordain the rays presented Kristina. V, nestling with her frau-gem inviting glowing long side (C.B) on a bench in Thomson park, NY, NY, with honey smiling eyes, only for me, intelligent beauty, faze out by my novice darken spark), and the southhamton J. Lemmon (sorry for commenting your art was dark, that out the spark).

When you search and find love interest you like, you would always be pretending and going through change’s to please, it would always be a Sisyphus uphill battle (“when you have to fight you had already lost the battle”) trying to do things to get the person to like you. But when you find someone who like’s you for who you are, that’s destiny-love; you just put yourself ahead of the game, with a wonderful chance to grow, and bloom, and flourish, be able to decipher between come and get trouble when you ready, and come and grow when you ready.

All-inclusive pure love is the ability, not only to “love others failures”, its’ also, the very rare heighten all-inclusive ability to love everything in the universe. When you are going around our world picking and choosing, what to love, you had never shared the real concept of love, you are using brutal convenient love.

The normal consensus on what is love is really just a slice of love. Real love is a complete concentric circle. Love could never be joy and pain, up and down, good days and bad days, or a fleeting gamble, love is always the same.

love is a complete collective awareness to understand that you must be to love everything in the universe; anything else is a facsimile of love and the abuse of hate force. Love is 100 percent. Whatever portion you are using of the 100 percent, the remainder is allowed hate. If you are operating with 25 percent ability to love, then you are operating with 75 percent ability to hate, the more love you have the less hate you have. The current perception of love is really searing aimlessly for hate.

Our inept traditions demand you must be punished for breaking counterproductive rules. We are condition into following rule’s that are full of quirky limitations, selfishness, and detestable non all-inclusive regulation. Even with love interest, we are preprogramed to put senseless limitations, and maintain a serious air of revenge and punishments, when they break the rules.

Freewill burn notice, the intangible deep seated ownership complexes, takes over and we start warring with ourselves from our customary overload of naked contradictions. Slice love sanction barring them from getting more of the particulars, the very thing you were searching for. Which is contradictory to the truth about love that clearly states; “real love is unselfishly wanting the very best for your love interest and everything in the universe.” When we fall for slice love, it’s an invitation for acquisition and mergers of darkness, the primitive selfish rules of assurances, and self-worth, turn into a lasso and boomerangs. The new protocol become stricter, we calculate both parties’ short comings. In some relationship, when their love interest is in close proximity, they have to pretend not to notice other beautiful counterparts a few feet away.

Those are just a few of our legendary expansive counter-programing; our minds have to cope with, along with endless programed distractions. Unbeknownst for your mind to become wonderful it has to be set with an all-inclusive mindset.

Side note; For instance if your love interest, care about you and want the best for you, really and truly, shouldn’t they have an eagerness to please, and when they are out and about or globe trekking. With a “wanting the best for their love interest”, an all-inclusiveness offerings, would it in tale, seeking out the best of their counter parts around the world, and convince them of what a wonderful person their love interest is, and inviting them to be your friend, “vice”, versa, it would of work in the sixties.

Now with escalating CDC challenges, it remains a theory, until the not too distant further, advancement in the ID specialist industry to be cuntinue…

Chapter five

This origin story is about the, (srotsecnalanigirouo) fleet, which Is just one of the many fleet of space disk like ship with universe caretakers that is galloping around our universe, thousands of other fleets that are involved in the throw seeds/cloning project.

The scary hideous Mazarin illegal aliens with eleven porthole senses began travelling around their galaxy, at first terraforming barren a promising planets. They were so successful they started their terraforming project around the rest of our universe.

The fleet named, (Srotsecnalanigiroruo) was consisted of a fleet of thirteen Ships, and seven cargo ships. On board they had live samples of every organism, from their home planet, and other live samples they gather on other strange

Back then they were still using a super lite and super strong natural memory foam like living organism. They also were using them as a platform in their floating city. Memory foam floating city are now considered extreme primitive. During those prehistoric era’s they use to sway over the ocean, on planet 26.

You could almost hear mind chirping with super-greed initiating a new mad rush to buy over the ocean air rights, I can almost imagine super-greedy lawyers making a mad dash to secure ocean air rites, as was done over some building in New York on First Avenue on nine street.

Where would be the first floating city, Dubai, Israel could easily solve their long running battle, or on the water ways, in Venice or Amsterdam?

All activity on board this space disk, slightest applied pressure on their ships is converted back into reusable energy. Our biological systems in space secrete a chemical that reduce aging, or when they are traveling faster than the speed of light. They are able to synthetize and manufacture this chemical, to use when they are not travelling faster than the speed of light.

Backwards leapfrogging to, 860 million years ago on a routine exploration mission to gather and enhance other planets in the universe, the fleet was faced with the disaster and creation.

Honing their prescient ability is one of their many advanced capabilities. Everyone is able to use (mermaerd) porthole an ability to see into the future. When their eleven senses porthole received their full raw daily vitals for sustaining both life forces, they are able to see their future with almost pinpoint accuracy.

Another advance capability molecular genetics, heal-touch-cure, when their storage cell is fill to the brim, there is the evolutionary storage treasure trove, when the e-s-t-t is fill, they able to heal from a hundred feet distance, or use transcendental and heal someone telepathically located thousands of miles away. Every on the planet has the same level of daily vitals pampering, there are no sick to treat, then brand new set of organs begin to develop, preparing for them for the next evolution stage.

“When you see the future, the future cannot be changed”. “The very action you take to change the future could be (slight margin for error) the catalyst that will cause the unfavorable outcome of an event you are trying desperately to avoid”.

The entire inhabitant new about the ensuing crash the fleet were about to face. Although they saw the future, they were not clear of the specific planet; everything in space can sometime be drab and redundant. What they saw was space, a planet and a few abstract details. However; they had deployed a long range emergency bacon probe ship that had reached another fleets engaged in the throw seed project successfully.

They also use neutrinos to send instant messaging throughout the universe, they are able to use reverse particle acceleration technique to fold time, which is rarely use, due to the paradox tear from, folding time.

Most planets and areas of space had basic similarities that were very confusing. Preparation was made to make sure all of the ship had their full supply of necessities. Other was very instrumental and intuitive during preparation for the worst. Some of the illegal aliens started rooting/cloning millions seeds, preparing microbes and planktons, in there, time-lapsing micro-hydroponic/aero-ponic gardens.

A highly advanced technique, for speed growth and time release water and nutrients, added at a microscopic level, that would able the plants, trees survive for years in acrid no water hostile environments.

In every escape pods, they included various rooted plants, a lot in the blooming stage. Most of them end up being deploy empty and scattered all over various locations.

The ensuing crash, and the inevitable birth of a planet civilization, couldn’t be prevented, (the milky throw seeds/cloning project).

Out of the numerous and various fleets engaged in the universe, with throw seeds/cloning projects.

Up till this present day, the remnants from milky throw seeds/cloning project mishap, and overwhelming opportunity for a continuum, in some ways it’s still wreaking unnecessary sensational havoc.

It’s of top priority overwhelming concern for the scary bronze Mazarin illegal aliens with eleven sensors on planet (@^).

Without their initial all-inclusive prime directives, the unnecessary had freewill. The inhabitant of p26, has a strict code of respecting and not interfering in others freewill and preordain, they are aware preordain can’t be change, and the very action we take, to change preordain, could be the catalyst that cause, unfavorable outcome.

Even with all of their foresight, and prescient of the ensuing chain of events, that had culminating into, the scrawling of Grapevine vade mecums, flash back memory, of stenciling Grapevine intergalactic premonition, with Latin phrase (graffiti) across New York, New York city, (mystery solved).

Seeing the future, most of the times can’t do anything about it, the very action you may try to take to prevent the unfavorable outcome, would most likely be the catalyst to cause that an unfavorable outcome, it’s called the prescient paradox.

The whole fleet was positioned around a planet. Some of names of the fleet, Aloolookra, Raameey, Aruruk, Awarray, Ahsrag, Arahtarak, A meeting was being held on the main ship. They were discussing the different approach and solutions for ensuing challenges, pertaining, analyzing the scout probe information about the planet with that is tilted on a 23 and a half axle, while keeping a watchful eye about their collective ensuing dream.

A multi-series of events unfolded at the same time, a solar eclipse, Haile comet was passing for the first time of the many journey, and will continue to loop back from the oblique edge. They were aware of the specular light display emitting from Haile comet, everyone was monitoring the fragmentation showering and hurling towards the planet, on their space left, and staying at a safe distance from its, gravitation lock of the planet.

Another incident was in the play, it had begun to take fatal shape a few weeks ago. A small runaway planet was in a chaotic orbit. The runaway planet was dislodged and hurled towards the moon.

Within minutes, they were sandwich of the returned trip on the runaway planet, and the space ripple from Haile comet.

The only best course of natural instinctive reaction, was to accidently try and move out of the way, and enter the atmosphere of the Planet ahead of them. What they were fatally unaware of being the, preceding “Kessler effect” that was already fatally in play, the K effect started about a few weeks back, involving the small runaway planet.

About a week prior, the gravitational force of the runaway planet initiates a domino effect “Kessler loop effect”. In the immediate area was a lurking gigantic asteroid, lock in a gravitational tug with the small planet. As the orbiting ripple from the asteroid, and front sound wave ripple of Haile comet that are millions of mile ahead of the comet nudge the chaotically orbiting small planet, its slingshot around the moon, and was careening to a planet, at a speed of, two hundred and eight miles an hour.

The whole fleet was huddled at the time, and blindside by reflecting from the simultaneous solar eclipse, and the nearing glare of the Haile comet. The crew was focused on preparation for off ship evacuation.

When the stellar cross-fire occurs, the sensors pick up the cosmic-stellar ripple, created a dour sinking feeling of all points disaster aim at the fleet and the blue somber integument illegal aliens.

Preparation being of the main secret of life, they had used their super advance knowledge by using time lapse hydroponic speed growth, to grow full grown trees ready for harvest in days.

Anticipating steps of the ensuing crash, every space ship was outfitted with an overwhelming supply of fully grown fruit trees, vegetation’s, vegetable etc. prepared in advance.

Everyone was starting to scramble without panicking, into escape pods by then it’s been bone chillingly clear was too late.

The day of this new planet was a primitive 24 hour day, all the clouds seemed hand low. The night on the new planet was nature new, during the day, not a single cricket, or a bird in sight, not a leave for morning glittering dew to spew, not even a microbe in was a sight.

They only live on the planet was in the microscopic universe stage going through the evolution course on this natural gem of a planet marked for self-destruction via super greed and self-fishiness, 93 million miles from a sun, welcome to Primitivia (earth)

Had there been eyes on the planet, they could had seen, “shooting stars”, “visions of ecstasy”, “Diamonds spaceships disk in the sky”.

A careening beautiful diamond dislike fleets, into Pangaea, of primitivia, the 13 and the seven cargo ship beautiful glittering diamonds, coming out of the clouds with tremendous high speed.

Diamonds disk-like design, dislike design enables them to stabilize and create on board gravity with their own board magnetic core.

Diamonds saucers-ships, was dashing out of the primitive clouds, careening into the planet, where a combination of high beauty and gruesomeness and peril.

The whole fleet and the cargo ship made of diamond fiber mesh. The whole fleet of thirteen and the seven cargo ships, crashed in separate location on Pangaea.

The origin crash took place, 860 million years ago. There were quite a few casualties. The survivors began to build S.O.S, emergency signals that can be visible in space or the sky, those without high tech capabilities, designed and erected signals that can only be seen from the sky. Some of them rescued successfully, and were able to salvage most of their gear. Others were stranded, and had to make the best of their new home world. The only animals were from planet 27. It was the first planet to form, it had all the oversize animals, mastodons, whales, dinosaurs, and gigantic trees, kauri pine(sap healing properties), silk cotton trees, etc. the few remaining illegal aliens, had to live among these creatures.

Things seem to happen in threes, the second crash, a mishap occurred during a follow up on the terra forma, about 2.6 million years ago. This time the impact of that fatal crash, left an impact and collateral damages that are still causing terrorizing effects as you read. Those ships had contained various species, including birds, etc.

One of their ships was mainly used for the toddlers and young illegal aliens. The crash site of the toddler vessel was especially disturbing, mangled.

The handful of attendees for the toddlers, some were damaged beyond recognition, some were dismembered. The few that were still alive were in dire need of attention for their own survival. A few of the toddler were D.O.I (dead on impact).

All 1,789 remaining toddles were abandoned, and left to fend for themselves, most of them manage to crawl out of the total space disk ships, and crawl into the lifestyle of the troglodytes.

In the first crash 860 million years ago, the whole fleet crash landed, on a newly formed planet. Pangaea at that time was one single land mass. Not a single above ground living organism. In the second crash, the air was still a little inhospitable except for a surplus of, Astros mites/moss everywhere, most of them survive a very long time from full to the brim storage cells, daily vitals their ancestors pass down to them, the storage cells, slow became depleted, toddler forage of these Astros mites and moss, causing some of them to suffer from, the first scurvy cases, a lack of daily vitals.

This is how the throw seed/cloning project, became our life savers.

On each ship, there is an extensive collection of every species of plants, animals, birds, every seed, every bean, etc.

You must had already surmise by now these ships had contain every living species that are around us. Some of the cargo was, disbanded over stretched a very wide range of crash into different areas.

The animals and various species, spilled from the previous crash had already begun evolving; all types of predators and dinosaur roamed the earth.

In the second crash, occurred in Africa, around 2.6 million years ago, they had a fleet of 27 fleets and 17 cargo ships. Before that they were able to return successfully and relocate the accidental spillage of dinosaurs 860 million years ago. With a salvage and rescue operation relocated the remaining dinosaurs to another planet. A short while after the asteroid crash in on the Yucatan peninsula, almost extinct all of the dinosaurs, they were able to successfully relocate over 197 mix species of dinosaurs.

In the second crash, they had new live samples on the cargo section of the ships, was growing every day, litters of various species, some were unfortunately predators, many were able to fled their organic confine space, eggs from 178,000 species hatch, all various fruit trees, vegetation’s, and vegetable grew wild. The soil was rich and very fertile from countless volcanic activities.

At the site of the great rift, crash landing and the countless escape pods full of vegetation’s, landing and grew in every direction was beginning to be over growth with lush green verdures, after a time from everywhere on earth.

In any direction anyone could of walk at just a few feet, and eat your belly full of a fresh raw assortment of fresh fruits, sea and land vegetation and vegetables, each plant, vegetation’s, seasoning, from the sea contain all the raw daily vitals required to sustain both of our busy bee life force cores, when our body receive the complete daily vitals and not compromise from person made chemicals, every Hu person can live for thousand years.

All of our raw daily vitals are located in a global assortment of fresh fruits, both sea and land vegetation, and vegetable.

On planet 26 the super advance botanist, had grafted group of fruits/vegetation, and vegetables and combine all their necessary daily vitals values into a few or one item (fruit or veggie), therefore an illegal alien could get their total daily vital, by just drinking the juice of six fruits grafted super fruits, or sometimes one fruit.

The ship that had crashed into the sea around where Canada is located, had contained some super super-grafts, fish, eggs, and samples from the super species’ planet 27 in the prism galaxy that was devoured by a black hole, under the some ice berg there are parts of the original ships that crash landed 860 million years ago.

The samples from planet 27, was all super-size creatures, birds, sea mammals, and plants from excess oxygen’s and super dense nutrients, they were to be relocated on a specific planet that would pose unnecessary risk to others.

They had to be handle with extreme care and zeal, it contains dinosaur eggs, whales, and very large trees, etc. those super fruits, ends up growing all over the oceans as sea weeds, living bitters from Ghana, kelps, and the noni plant. The inhabitant of planet 26, was very serious about their consumption of the noni juice, and living bitters every so often, they are very important combination, and a main staple in their diet. At least twice a week, everyone, would consume at least one quart of the noni juice, some drink noni every day, and night, very important to release gas, free radicals, toxin, and revitalize their biology.

It’s no longer a mystery, that kelp has a super nutrient base; it’s the fastest growing vegetation on the planet. Kelp can grow anyway from eleven to fourteen inches a day or night.

The ship that had crashed into the sea contains the few samples of those super fruits, and genetic samples of fish. All the space ship contains fish, eggs, bees, etc., that’s why there are fresh water fishes, and other mammals.

Some of the adult survivals immediately started cloud seeding, to create rain, back then the earth was acrid. Without the throw seeds/cloning manual, the younger descendant of the castaways from planet 26, started to take the extra-long way around, virtually backward preoccupations and continuities, from their already super evolve ancestors.

The fresh fruits and sea/land vegetation, vegetable, were able to feed and sustain the whole of planet earth, no matter how much our world population grew. No one would of starving, anyone could of walk off in any direction and ate their belly full of fresh and healthily raw fruits and vegetable, some of the elders on earth would remember those glorious healthy nights and days, the aromatic smell of ripen fresh fruits, of the wonderful sound of off the vine dropping fruits.

For as long as the whole population, maintain the Throw Seed / cloning Project, there would have been a free natural source of our total daily vitals. Where they are concrete or roads, there were trillions of trees. People are cutting down fruit trees as you read. And counter intuitively replacing natural for shiny chemically smell of finish products, that a killing us from every ill conceivable direction, 360 degrees of self-creating, and counting direction death is attacking us from.

When concrete and roads, cover over fault lines (shifting tectonic plates) unnatural substance that are blanketing the earth, is preventing the soil (earth) from breathing naturally, (escaping gas from tectonic shift) will induce and speed up and chance of natural disaster. Concrete and roads induce earthquakes, most artificial rooftop covering is other contributing factors in global warming, trapping heat causing the heat index to spike.

The other irony is that, the architect and engineers are in collusion engineering our world’s misfortune. From the inception of engineers, architects played an inaction or counterproductive role in this sabotaging, deforestation, etc. and let’s not forget the not so free masons, free to mason up the planet with deathly chemically cement.

Masons are covering multi-trillions of ecosystems and, preventing oxygen producing trees to grow and helps with cleaning the overwhelming amount of self-made poisonous chemicals. Take another look at the construction site, maybe you can see the ubiquitous “can’t get right” energy, the construction industries isn’t only covering trees that are helping us live and are also reducing fatal carbon dioxide emission.

The chemical in cement and anything artificial are posing serious health risks. Our feet, our body need to touch the pure earth, (prantic healing) shoes and concrete are also major contributing factors for creating serious additional medical problems.

Mason, architect, engineers, etc., reckless wealthy, has the power to replace most of the fruit trees, denying others natural source of happiness, with concrete and roads. Another irony is the verdure fountain of youth (vegetation) has been in from of our eyes the whole entire time.

We are preprogrammed to follow blindly behind the wealthy. When the wealthy, started the poisonous trend for the finished product, and the gross obsession for the artificial poisonous, shiny finish products with new chemical smell, we have been playing catch-up, with our impulse buying syndromes and other counter-intuitive afflictions.

Every artificial product has a fatalist number that represents the rate and pace, it is killing us at and the celebrities, high profilers, wealthy has a rich amount of these poisonous shinny finish products, and the customary byproducts of unexplained onslaught of mystery illness and sensitivities.

Our world stage is set for us to become natural born separators, Preventers, blockers, haters, pedestal complex, competitive counterproductive edge, degrading contest, spelunking enthusiasm to get in counterintuitive winner circles, and a whole onslaught of porcupine distractions.

With no direction, or elders to guide the descendants, the elders were in their own separated locations, engulf in their own crisis and challenges. “If you don’t know where you are going, any direction will do”. With few elders, most evolve into not using spoken language, they communicated through mental telepathy.

The abandon toddlers only knew how to crawl, they had to redo re-evolve, and take the long way around, everyone began trying their own thing, in full play up till this day.

Lack of daily vitals, and ignorant to the total daily vitals, a person or planet are going backwards. Everyone is supposed to drink the juice of raw produce every day and eat a full global assortment of all edible vegetation’s two or three times a week for the roughage.

Although the toddlers were outfitted with time releasing daily vitals, after a while all of that gear had gotten ruined from numerous accidents. Most of the toddlers who survive seek refuge in caves.

During those times all animals that survive the previous crash, were multiplying with ease.

Herding complex, copycat, follow fashion, copying others, mimicking are our earliest survival tendencies, for all our ignorant ancestors.

Survival of the fittest in its prime, they began counter-productively emulating the predator’s carnivore feral instinct. All of the super-standards and all-inclusive mindset of their ancestors from p26, had gotten lost in translation, and transitions.

Inbreeding was everywhere, their ignorance, cause of their strange pre Hu person’s erectus poster children.

All living organisms were on the ships and the cargo ship, were released on earth from the crash. The entire fleet of flying dish like a ship, the dish is compartmentalize of different section that can move, in a hyperbolic fashion, sustained by a magnetic core, that enabling them to create gravity on the ships.

They able to duplicate and recreate any environment clouds on-board, use cloud seeding to produce water on board.

Every ship had its own precious cargo of, microbes, seeds, coffee beans, eggs and embryos of every animal and life forms from Planet 26. A lot of the seeds and other life samples were dislodged in the crash, in one hundred and twenty two different wide span locations, via escape pods.

Vegetation began growing all over the ships or escape pods, after a few years vegetation took over the planet.

On board the second fleets of ship to crash on Pangaea, and cargo ships, had were extended families. Extended years of space travels, are best when everyone has their Love interest and family with them.

One ship was used as a nursery, with all kinds of intelligent schooling for their young. Others had various age groups; they can easily go back and forth from another ship. The main ship had all of the adults, each ship had their own extensive supply of various seeds, for the throw seeds/ cloning project. Eggs from various species, bulbs, plant cuttings of every species of plants and animals from planet 26, and samples of life forms, they had collected from planets previously explore by fleet.

Chapter 6

From the accidental spillage of dinosaur eggs from the second crash landing, on the returned, for salvage and rescue operation on Pangaea was overpopulated and out of hand with dinosaurs.

The various dinosaurs Eggs were in the process of being relocated, to a planet where they wouldn’t pose threat to anyone but each other. As a last minute ditch preservation strategic effort, they divided all the super-size sample amount the other ships, the samples from the first planet into existence, planet 27, where the dinosaur, alligators, and all the over-super-size specie’s was found on planet 27, whales, rare trees now called aspens in Colorado, and other oversize living organism, was saved before planet 27, could be swallowed up by a black hole. Another portions of the oversized animals, was spilled in the Gobi desert, the Mongolians, are direct descendants of the inhabitant of planet 26.

Whales samples, Dinosaurs, Elephants, Mastodon the largest trees were from (¥β€ planet #27). Planet #27 was the only other Planet that was more beautiful, than Planet 26, was the first planet ever into existence.

It was overflowing with, thick oxygen was everywhere, from all the first life forms that ever came into existence and the planet was 1.8 billion years old. Because of the extra oxygen everything was super-size, extra-large.

The wreckage of the second crash landing, were spread into twenty six locations. The main ship crash landed in landed between south of Africa, and near what’s now called Ethiopia, the other crash sites was spread out in different location on Pangaea.

After the separation into various island and continents, their new names are, the Australia, British isle, Mexico, Easter island, isles of Espanola, Cuba Bosnia, equator, in between two seas in Georgia, china Peru, Egypt, Iraq between two rivers, and in California, Palestine, and Colorado, those ships contain all of the gigantic tree sample, and some of the teen populations.

The main cargo ship with most of the plants and some sea life, (the reason for pink dolphin in the amazon), the mian horticulture ship had crash into the amazon. By stroke of luck of literary eugenics fantasy direction, the cargo containing most of the oceans live, crash near the Madagascar close to the Sea.

Some of the fish eggs from other crash sites were dehydrated and suck up by the sun, during hurricane season, and hatched in the clouds, then rained back down, those few castaways, who saw those times, when it rained fishes.

From the hurricane gales, and flash floods, some of the fishes was flood away very far and landed in various newly formed rivers, lakes, ponds and other water ways.

This unfortunate accidents, could have been the beginning of our very promising evolution.

Chapter seven

At the other crash sites, the surviving caretakers illegal aliens from the Prism solar system, in the salvage and rescue phases. Most of the castaways had miraculously end up on a very promising Planet, literally with the super-advance clothing on their back.

Their clothing had every preparation considerate “go-go gargets” in them; they could possibly use and need.

Their clothing had the quantum organic technology, always collecting and storing all elements, gasses, on a subatomic level, compartmentalizing them and storing each item in its own chamber.

Easy access to anything the heart and mind desired, and can be used in various ways or applications. They were able to use their suit for flight, in super advance and way before the Wrights in Kitty Hawk.

The fabric of their garments is made of living silk thread, that has isolated genes from a special blend grafted using sulfur organism, Astros-mites, and a subatomic organism that only lives in dark matter, Turritopsis jelly fish, extreme weather bacteria, chameleon, Geoduck, tuataras, Lamellibranchiate tube worm, red sea urchin, bowhead whales, Koi, tortoise, ocean quahog, Antarctica sponge. Then they use an animal that was genetically altered to produce an all-weather silk thread.

The Astros mite gene is always collects sunlight and store it in the billions of constantly produce solar energy cells. The Cells are designed to store everything on a microscopic level. Water, every gas in the universe, oxygen, energy, neutrinos ( are the byproduct of anti-matter), all daily vitals necessary to sustain the busiest life force are time released and administered from the suit into their Hu person biology with eleven porthole senses. The suit is also designed to allow air to flow and regulate and maintain preset temperature.

Photons are collected from the sun and re-molecule as clean energy. A radiation shield collects and can re-molecule, it for safe use. The suit is able to detect and alert in advance to every harmful gas or threat in exist, natural disasters. Their clothing has pre programmable detachable G.P.S flying mini scouts that travel ahead of them and can send back live image of any proposed journey.

The memory and scents of distinguishing air consistency, and odors or poisonous animals, were collected, and was programed in its computing system, every known D.N.A, and can scan them miles away, from the scout probe or the suit.

Their suit sensors can detect subtle changes in the air that occur before natural disasters. The suit is always on analytic mode, first alert. They are pre warned at any air inconsistencies and use the various air separators that house every gas is chambered in different compartments to analyze future threats.

Their shoe has a retractable extending lever that can anchor them to any surface, and raise the wearer to towering heights, or achieve flight hover like a butterfly using acute separators, or particle acceleration, the shoulders are the stabilizing rudders. Shoes are made from cushion organic materials, it has multiple holes that can close or open to match terrain or temperature, or let your feet breathe.

Their shoes have powerful footlights, and ankle 360 radar type detectors, alerting them to anything approaching or ground effects. The detectors were mainly use back on planet 26, to allow the animals free reign. Shoes also have emergency gear storage compartments, or leave an invisible trail, so others can follow.

In both pairs of shoes there are chambers that housed the microscopic fission reactor, repeated induce fission of helium nuclei, and repeats the process as necessary. The implosion combustion is harnessed and use as a lift, by mini releases throughout the suit. Stabilizers and alignment boosters are located in balancing areas, front and back pleats on each leg arm, and neck and shoulders.

The first Hu person’s illegal aliens with eleven port holes, one porthole in the center of their biological make up (the navel), this is our cosmic link to and from the microscopic Universe interconnected directly with the Brain it can travel through that port hole into the future.

When the right conditions are met, multi-generation of raw daily vitals to sustain both of their busy bee life force, they are able to control it with an exact science.

One of their portholes are spidery fibers, that grow all over their biological features (hair pothole), the fibers act as a filter and pre warning of possible danger in harmful range, and as a time capsule storage cells of all contaminants we come into contact throughout our life.

There are the portals that cover their entire biological makeup, most their senses are physical sensing warning system, filtration skin porthole), Respiratory, intake for solar, waste management’s, etc. Two sound monitoring organs porthole, two waste deposal portholes, one also acts and flexes as reproductive organs, two visual senses portholes. And two order analytic and detection portholes of our first Hu persons ancestors, was the first illegal alien castaways of Earth, marooned spaced ship wreck.

Chapter eight

Recovery of the all the wreckage missions, involved combing through all of the far flung crash sites, salvaging was a very painstaking ubiquitous operation, of three various mangle space disk, and make sure and not leave remnants of an advance culture, that will baffle and confused the evolving primitive civilization, signs are always been unearth by archaeologist batteries, etc..

Some of the illegal castaways, from both of the crash times constructed batteries from recovered wreckage. As time goes on most of their initial sophisticate gear fall prey to various crisis and tragedies, or was buried in the artic regions. All or their gear are of organic composition, therefore was biodegradable.

Some of their super-advanced technology that are used in making the cities float back on planet 26 were recovered, in some of the well mangled wreckage by castaways.

After the dealing with crisis from being a crash survivor, and facing survivor syndrome, the marooned survivors with Mazarin integuments (sun drench exposure from harsh sunlight back on planet twenty six) illegal aliens with eleven porthole sense they create some type of stabilities.

The elders started constructing and building distress signals, building pyramids, Daisen kofun, in various locations around Pangaea. Megalith stone hedges were built by teenagers, where they didn’t have the advance knowledge of elder’s to guide them, using some advance technology to raise the stones.

All of the castaways had to ‘make do”, constructing various type of homing beacon, to signal to their fellow space travelers, some was cleverly design Nazca lines as secret homing beacon that can be observed from the sky, in now called Peru.

At some point the adult from all over communicated via dreamscape, and united trying to reinstate the original prime directive’s, they salvage some of the original prime directive’s and created a partial vade mecums, in a broken language, a few elders pool tier resources together and created the Rosetta Stones.

Chapter nine

The homing beacon worked brilliantly, they were aligned perfectly to reflect light into a celestial space hedge. The first scout ship that saw the beacon arrive on, a few years after the first crash, a recovery operation arrive, they saw the light from the summer solace in space. The second crash remained a salvage operation mode, even as you read.

Although the rescuers and the crew before the crash saw with their prescient capability the future, and are face with the prescient paradox enigma, they was still very surprise at the Hu person “can’t get right” conditions that are existing globally, seeming with dark ingenuities always taking a dramatic turn to the worst .

Nostradamus, and Native Americans, aborigines, and a few others, were able to fine tune, and use these prescient capabilities. Every Hu person are endow with this capability, anyone can use dreamscape to see their future, deciphering which is future and lack of daily vitals jumble scramble bramble, will be very difficult.

First you would have to preset your mind to be conscious in a dream, awake within the dream. Set goals and check your abilities, leave marker’s, this is best when started at a very early age, when your mind has less confusion, mumble jumble, entombed with counterintuitive distractions etc., and unnecessary programming, mi ’education, disinformation, etc.; however it still can be done with compromise minds, in Rem, catnaps is best sometimes to access your prescient ability.

For those who claim they don’t dream, certain foods before bed can induce dreams (chocolate , honey, noni, living bitters from Ghana, antitoxins, garlic and onions, turmeric, sweets, spicy foods, all seasonings, extra daily vitals before bed, etc.) when you have all your daily vitals every day for both life-force, it’s a natural evolution to have dreamscape prescient honing awareness.

A simple way to induce prescient, to make sure you have a hefty helping of your total daily multivitamins from raw multi, verge, fruit juice’s to satisfy both of your life force core. You would only be able to see bits and pieces, until you receive all necessary daily vitals for a prolonged period. Seeing the future is a paradox. The future cannot be changed; the future is highly based on global productivities, awareness, intelligence, unity collective aspiration.

Every bit, streams of action and inactions culminates and are assimilated into the outcome of a long stretch of our future. If you see an unfavorable event that takes place in the future, that is preordained and usually cannot be changed instantly, the very action you may take to alter the future, in most case will be the catalyst to cause those unfavorable events, however there is a wide margin for error, even knowing that I cannot stand still and do nothing or give up, it’s not an exact science at this time. I suggest everyone should always be eager to please and try and save others from harm, remember it will always be a Queue sera paradox, we can’t stop the pre-ordained that was set in motion from our crooked pass, and however we can begin to assist in protecting our future.

Preordained can be changed with global intelligence, it’s highly based on past intelligences, and type or quality of our preoccupations and events that had taken place, that’s setting the stage for unfolding chains of events that are occurring presently and in our future.

Sometime you can mistake a prescient viewing by our programmed neurotic construct manifestation of the mind, outside influences convoluting us into thinking it’s a prescient viewing. Remember to keep on trying to master the first step to perfecting your prescient ability, would be to fourth wall in dream awareness, you have to be aware that you are in a dream….

When the salvage crews arrive, they saw a primitive hot mess. Since it took over ten thousand years for the second salvage operation, they were faced with a massive population explosion; there was no room to carry everyone back to planet 26.

A few of the original adults were transported back to planet 26; the recovery teams began making regular visit to Earth, a skeleton team remained to monitor the illegal aliens. Skeleton security crews were left in secret locations, they didn’t want to interfere with freewill and their primitive stage of the ironic earth links.

The skeleton security crew that were left to on round the clock assessing, monitoring and managing all celestial risk facing planet earth. Our longest wonderful watchful eye in space, a kind of orbiting neighborhood watch security crew from planet 26, would have to relocate, in accordance to expediential advances in sensor technologies.

Some of their covert protective locations were in deep sea, near Puerto Rico, North Pole, in volcano’s, and other acrid locations, at one comical point they were under area 51, and under the white house and the pentagon, it was one of the longest secret location, with all their secret detection device, the skeleton crew could hide almost in plain sight.

When sonar was first invented in 1906, it was so much of a threat until the French started using it in submarines, sonar’s, had the skeleton crew on constant relocation mode.

They had to keep moving from various undersea locations, including the Marianna trench. Some of their covert locations they were used to protect the earth from being constantly marred, scarred, and destroy, by a series of celestial dangers, asteroids, comets, sun flairs, etc., earth Landers are clueless to the amount of time the skeleton crew had save earth from disasters, well over 78 times.

Another irony is groups like, S.E.T.I and other celestial detectors enthuses are making their protection of the earth difficult. The security team are tap into S.E.T.I. Technology, now they are able to rely on S.E.T.I, and most of their detection device. Of course, with their advance capabilities, there are more than a billion plus space object they can hide from, or travel distance, stealth mode, they are really invincible, but the chance is coming great and greater, they would be able to reach back in time to save earth from serious threat, like the a couple of times they weren’t around for a few asteroid and meteoroids, that hit in Arizona, grand cannon and the partial save of the asteroid that hit the Yucatan peninsula, the skeleton crew had when on away missions to other galaxies.

The security crew had been protecting the earth from, celestial threats, asteroids, comets, runaway planets, black holes, etc… Over 800 million years, They are there now as you read, staying ahead of our rapid advance in technology, example, electromagnetic waves, short waves, sonar, radar. The earth celestial protection team has averted over 667 potential high causality dangers and 78 extreme serious threats, like re-coursing worm hole that pose a Armageddon threat for earth that were heading to on a direct course to earth.

The asteroid that was partially averted over 65 million years ago was only a small fragment of the actual enormous asteroid. The security detail that had remained from the first crash, had attempted to deflect the asteroid from destroying earth, by safely exploding the asteroid 700 million miles away from earth, even with the most super advance technology there is always room for error. Only a small runway piece of the asteroid escaped their range, and was still able to wipe out most of the dinosaur’s and because overwhelming damages, if they hadn’t intervene the earth would have been destroyed.

The security team was very concerned during the Pleistocene epoch, about the havoc the dinosaurs, mega fauna, marsupial lions, stirtons thunderbirds, giant wombat was causing, from their accidental release on earth, after the ironic asteroid crash in Mexican region, there was only a few assorted species of dinosaurs that survive the horrific cataclysmic celestial impact. The remaining dinosaurs were tranquilized, along with the collection of dinosaurs eggs were collected and successfully relocated to another galaxy.

In 1808 another complicate incident occurred. In 1947 the recovery mission hadn’t revisited earth and, the Kurura space saucer was caught off guard by aviation program, shell by very low tech flight was in progress, causing and embarrassing air exposure of the skeleton monitoring crew.

They search and found the toddler ship and were in awe, and sadden by the prehistoric condition of, at the spastic gait of a whole ship of their unattended descendant turned into troglodytes.

Some of the teenagers from the second crash become the American Indians in the Americans, and Mexico a lot of them; still maintain a d honing the abilities to see the futures.

Like the Lenape Indians prescient ability, that sold an island that was (26) miles long that had beavers, otters, minks, muskrat and other animals, what happen to those animals? Their prescient saw the ensuing mass dangers, schools located on a fault line, pre-warning email of super storms, no precautionary steps has been taken, to this date, an email was sent pre warning and safety measures to no avail, and other ensuing water crises and three other forms deadly water crisis.

Our long running counterproductive and ignorant traditions of programing fear into every children and sending them out into the world to be successful, use cupidity “by any means necessary.” From all these brainwashing fears we tend to try and design all our preoccupations and continuity to be side by side with, above and under others.

The main counterintuitive theme and idea for the most paths is to build road ways right down in the middle of village’s depicts our embedded fear, and need to be up-close and personal, inflicting and exchanging our own personal brands of dramatic counter-intuitiveness.

Instead of the out skirts, leave so many children and pedestrians susceptible to runaway’s horse and carriages and automobile. It’s not in the best interest of lumping people in cities that are built on fault line’s, in tornado path, hurricane alley’s, mudslide zone, forest fire, near volcano’s, flood zone, tsunami areas and other natural disaster areas.

From the second crash, the Earth had took on, and was prepared for, it’s preordain instant change, from a planet in the rough, without natural sound of life, into a flurry of salvaging and rescue activities, simultaneously occurring, in about twenty global locations.

In Mexico the teenagers and the three adult and many teens were survivors, from the crash ship who built the Aztec. Most of the adults survive the crash in-between, South Africa, and Ethiopia, the ship itself somehow, the cargo ship end up in the sea near Madagascar.

After they had established some sort of stability to would travel back and forth to Egypt crash site. The ship that crash in Egypt had many adults as well quite a lot of mix teenagers. A couple of the escape pods was accidently deploy fill with rare plants and rare species, end up scattered over Asia, china, India, Philippine’s islands, Australia, Brazil, Japan.

In the Amazon mostly women and girls, survived the crash, they were able to salvage a few items from the cargo ship, with mostly women, 478 women and a few men that eventually end up being the woman of the Amazon.

In that isolated location, only females, girls and women had survive the crash, from the cargo crash into, what is now known as the Amazon. The women was the equivalent of super-high-tech-rocket scientist working with the terra-forming throw seeds/cloning project., was conducting a meeting, as they always do before any of ship excursions.

Most of the marooned inexperience youths resident from planet twenty six, had the common jovial link, after a period of adjustments, started doing their own far afield counter-productive things. Most of the castaways were able to gather together in Africa, except for the aborigines who were isolated (original descendants of planet 26) and stranded in Australian.

The young and restless teenager’s en-route to Africa, started procreating on route to African conversion and your basic heroism by the time most of them converge in Africa.

Without the collective and all-inclusive hand book, and a few of teen turn adults they began breaking up into various factions.

They started fleeing from their African roots, from self-created escalating confusions from everyone trying their own personal brand of inventive counterintuitive thing. Some of them started mimicking the wild animals. Some of the teenagers branch out from Africa, towards Asia, china, north and South and north Korea, Japan, and form different factions, spilt up and creates their own systems, everyone trying their own counterproductive thing.

Easter Island was another crash site, with a few adults with some teenagers. An Important remnants and significant of the crash, that occurred on Pangaea, when the earth was one land mass, happened in the area that would later emerge as the islands of T.N.T.

Some of the direct decedents of the illegal aliens from planet 26 are Eskimos, and the aboriginals in Australia.

Another group of teenagers, branch out from Africa, and form various factions, England, Scotland, Ireland, Vikings, Spaniards, Latin, Scandinavia, Sweden’s, Finland, Denmark, polish, Germans, Russians, Hebrews, romans, French, Greeks, Finland, Denmark Turkey, Arabia, Iceland, Georgia between two seas was a family ship that had every age group.

One of the cargo ship had crashed on the in Australian, on board was 176 passengers, very few adults and mix teenagers, the bulk of the seed, was on board, by the time the illegal aliens, now called aborigine’s, the only remaining direct descendant, return to, salvage some things from the wreck, hide tide had pulled the ship out to sea where it marooned on New Zealand.

The ship that had crashed into the British isle comprised of all teenagers.

In a couple of the cargo ship are different age groups, invention schools, not like on earth where it escapes the masses, the important need for invention schools, throughout every country, starting at a very early age. Some of the teenagers were studying cutting edge, super advance hydroponics. With clone micro tapping, they can speed up growing and harvesting time for a week, using water submerging and induce micro fissions; they had built some hanging gardens.

The cargo ship crash into Iraq, had an expansive amount of seeds, the location was in-between two rivers between two rivers.

All throughout history, the original castaways, or their direct descendants play a hand throughout our history in inspiring incidents. Where ever there has been phenomenal occurrence, or people exhibiting unusually wisdoms, most of the time the rare few of castaway descendant were spreading intelligence, in many occasions they were confronted with Dark Age punishment for heighten intelligence, some were calling gods, goddess, messengers, etc.

Chapter ten

Well over a billion years the Hu persons with Mazarin integuments on planet 26 elders had already evolved to nonverbal communication, way before they attempt space travel. When societies streamline to perfection, communication is unnecessary. Similar to a couple, that are in tune with their priorities and has the freedom to indulge in the things they are passionate about.

When everyone is given their total daily require vitals for sustaining both of their life force, evolution is a constant stream of joyous wonder and fill with treasure troves of enhancing adventure.

The elders were able to take it up a notch and communicate with each other through dreams, using long distance telepath-rem.

Since the elders had already evolved to nonverbal communication. That became a huge problem for the castaways, lots of their all-inclusive ideas; information’s was lost in translation and, transitions. The inhabitants of Planet 26, had stopped speaking. They had evolved to, autobiographical abilities telepathic communications, etc.

During the time when the hideous illegal aliens with eleven porthole senses, from planet 26, became castaways on planet Earth.

They have evolved so much and so advance and so long ago, they had already stopped using a spoken language which cause the problems that are in play 360 degrees today. Well over a billion years ago, they was using a written language, but with only the custom of telepath communications, and the illegal aliens marooned, from planet 26, their children were started to be born with telepathic abilities.

Without a written language and their associates are scattered throughout 26 locations, experiencing every form of crash landing injuries possible. Most of their all-inclusive value was lost in their transitioning, and translations, they are left to fend for themselves in their new home planet.

The teenagers began going their own separate ways, and started trying their own thing. Later on as they became accustomed to their new mediocre surroundings, “they began inventing and creating myths, beliefs, and then turn around and not only belief in them”.

There was no shortage of followers, who were able and willing to commit mass murders defending any and all their ill-conceived, created and invented ideas, customs and beliefs.

They had to try and recreate a handbook, during those dark-age time of unbridle fear, it was too late. As a last ditch effort, a few of the elders, used a black stone, to try and written a new all-inclusive uniformed code, and other’s to create the Rosetta stone, the exact dates are on the Rosetta stone.

Fast forward rescue ships and salvage teams routinely travelled the long distance from p26. Due to the nature of the crisis all other throw seed/cloning project, on every occasion eager to offers their assistance.

The second major mistake the illegal aliens made on earth, was their good intention to create an intergalactic jump from earth to a close proximity to the prism galaxy. They try to shorten the trip from planet p26 to Earth, these extra-long space trip was time consuming.

They had just recently discovered, a way to construct a porthole true various, black holes that has an inter-solar system connection. Every black hole is connected to a galaxy, it’s the interconnection, from the microscopic universe into subspace and the atomic universe.

They create an inter-Galactic portal jump, via wormhole holes, and every wormhole can be used to travel to another solar system in four months opposed to years, but in time measuring, in space time are about one tenth ratios, of the time on Planet.

The porthole causes a magnetic rift, that fouled up the Earth magnetic force field, and creating the green anomaly. They had reconfigured the earth magnetic field, inadvertently it was a luck on our part, they reposition the earth to where it is right now using prescient, the earth was supposed to be hit with over 660 serious collisions, in the last 800 million years, some of them would have caused severe damages and others would have destroyed the planet.

The porthole, caused ships, plane and people to end up in the prism galaxy near to planet 26. That’s how some of their people on earth disappear and ended up of p26. The anomaly and rift cause the magnetic haywire in the Bermuda triangle.

The permanent security monitoring crew was able to repair most of the damages. Till this they are remaining resilient protecting the castaways, with the strictest desire to please all the while not interfering with our free will.

The permanent overseer crews has long abandoned their retreats, remote cities in our hostile environment, that can’t be detected by others unbridled ignorance. As the technology of the castaways ignorant descendants, become more advanced, their primitive propensity for war, all war hungry countries had magically open budget to do their worst.

Ironically the war mongers spend open budgets on detection devices, inadvertently, displacing our protectors. Remote areas are no longer possible, while ducking and weaving through our space garbage, they are up and away, serving and protecting us from our self mostly, and celestial threats, they can be found in the most remote location, or even on other planets.

There are a very few impressive countries, Switzerland, and Netherland both exhibited unusual royal leadership. Switzerland early establishment of neutrality, and freedom ideas of the Netherland, and very high praise some of the contributions and Cuba had made to the descendant of the origin crash site, and some other countries, Poland, japan, Korea, Germany, Canada, Russia, early brazil, Australia, Scandinavia, France, Italy, and a few others as well.

The women of the amazon

The women were treated as royalty on planet 26. Not like on Earth, somehow along the way, a lot of things got lost in translation. Somehow, in a bizarre twist of fate, Dark Age ignorance’s, fear, or the lack of an all-inclusive handbook. Unlike on p26, on Earth counterproductive preprograming, and breeding, took on a fathomless dark essence.

Women were treated as second class citizens, in the not too distant pass thousand was branded as witches, burned at stake, beheaded just by show natural sense and sign of intelligence. Women were forced into collusion and secrecy, they had to hide, be secretive about their advance state of being, and superior intuitions, that all women possess.

They were globally barred from any leadership, and presently to this day driving and other preoccupations. Another very important Irony, if this doesn’t display our well documented twisted systematic programming for most of the world to fail miserably. First step is to accept we are all really lost to the point of no return, in order to get cured of all of our counterproductive programming.





The ocean was in a very sensitive stage, during the first crash, there was thousands petri dish that contains Hu person samples (stem cell), these stem cells merge into a few species of fish, that had spilled into the ocean, surrounding Pangaea.

Those petri dish samples had evolved into sea sponges, later called Niridians. Noni and seaweeds (kelp) were a couple of the super-fruits, and living bitters from Ghana, had spilled into the sea. Noni is originally a tree grow around the ocean, “noni has a high sodium content from growing around the sea”, (Teston horsford, Pine hill Palatuvier) you must always mix noni with fresh squeeze orange juice, grapefruits, any available acidy fruit drinks, or even apple cider vinegar, that contains some of the mineral only found in the sea and not on land. (“Cramps is usually a sign, that we have too much acid in our biological systems, “Larry/ Destiny/Dia at the Abattoir in Roxborrough, Tobago and belle garden, alkaline fruits is suggested). people with high blood, hypertension, should be careful of bathing in the sea, the sea salt will enter our body transdermal and sky rocket your blood pressure, and also be care full of sun exposure, the heat of direct sun will sky rocket your blood pressure, use apple cider vinegar to cure high blood pressure.

The cargo ship that crashed into the Galapagos area of the ocean, the ship drifted and became the great coral reef.

For a short while the, castaways monitors from p26, try to remain under the radar, with cities under the oceans, using the energy from hydro-thermal vents, to their advantage. Because of A.U.V’S AND SONAR FISH, as you read they are relocating to UNDER A CITY………

Back in the sixties, the collective on Planet 26, focus on the alarm escalation inactions, impact on the environment, and the harm of the relatives on Earth, every ritzy inaction was in the castaway report. From the prolong slaver trade, than was created from following imaginary worship and following money, fame, and fortune, Nazi, deforestation, hazard chemical production, primitive dark age, draconian, Wars, futile battles, concrete invasion (replacing fruit trees with concrete), chopping down of the super-food trees, the use of money, desiring to more put unnecessary expectation strains, that cause them to “stalk worthless objectives”, instead of learning to desire less.

Why people are paying for recycled education across the globe, create a hand me down system, and constant needs for austerity measures. Pretty please pass on your educational material absolutely free to others, who can afford college. We are programmed to systematically to separate and bar others from, opportunities and education, decided to occupy eugenics.

At days our ancestors on planet 26 wonder, why decedents of the castaway’s enigmas were offering each other their endless worst, billions of counterproductive preoccupations can’t get right walls, and draconian continuities they ponder.

At night the ancestors sunder. Why the castaways hasn’t prioritizing all their daily vitals. All-inclusive collective thought and crisis interventions from force dejure, a sleeper enhancer’s redemption conjure, reverse these counter-productivity and inactions biological thirst, culminating bitter ends, and restore the planet to all-inclusive favor.

Hu persons as they called; in this planet linear age is 1.4 billion years old. There are Hu persons located on 226 planets around the universe.

Most of these reports they are already seen in their future dream. They use their prescient capabilities, to read every stream of information publishes or media information’s regarding the earth’s condition and future. Routinely the crew that is monitoring the safety of the Earth, using a long range probe, they have deflected, and has deflect countless, and a large object that was on a collision trajectory with the moon or the Earth. With our constant advancement in technology, they have to remain further away, recently a transition was picked up moving the crew even further, posing a cataclysmic risk.

The collective back on planet 26, were only using all-inclusive idea’s, that didn’t hindered free will. After all precision consideration of all-inclusive options, they unanimously decide on a sleeper enhancer. Collective prescient adjustment group, select a nobody, a sleeper enhancer with bohemian habits, that stenciled grapevine on Manhattan sidewalk, with Latin quotes, coming soon, introduction for the throw seeds/cloning Handbook.

Grapevine was scrawled on Manhattan sidewalk with Latin phrases, up-teen years ago, as a coming soon symbol of preventive intelligence.

[* The sleeper enhancer was discovered and was on a person or interest list of the F.B.I, Precognition prescient project. The F.B.I* prescient programed, was using some of the best precognition around the world, in the eighties. *]

The only problem with that waste of open budget on prescient project, the future cannot be changed, “prescient paradox”.

The F.B.I had made inquiry about the enhancer during the eighties, using their precognitive prescient project. They had made an attempt to interfere and block the handbook. Second guessing the enhancer led them to be cleverly discouraged by the scatterbrain persona, and improvised condition of the younger enhancer.

Two the pre cog from the F.B.I secret prescient project, made a personal approach, made contact with enhancer, and saw worthless enhancers, in the pre-rough stage, which they conceded to and chalked up as Hu person error.

These are some examples of preordain trigger words: and what’s my line, who’s preordain trigger word line is it.

Trigger words, sounds, taste, smell, a scene, an event, an act, etc. triggers and guides towards our preordain positioning.

Wink fest;

Everyone has trigger words are our adjustment guidance; pushing, actors, actresses, sunset, mountain climbing, evolution, flying, pulling ,kicking, and sometimes screaming us towards the exact place, era, position where we belong, in the full scheme of existence, endless sources, spelunking, forces, some comes out of the woodworks, everything that happens to us is part of our preordain, including those who play disturbing hands-on subjecting us to our worst nightmare, and fate, super-crisis, atrocity, skiing, spoken words, massacre, Jushi-Yakity-yak,153 w 21 street

“ murder-death-kill”, every stream of our continuity is culminated into the worlds future, the good the bad and the super-ugly, all games, comfy cozy, prides, international flowers in bloom, Korean Jim fifth precinct, south Hampton Lemmon, music, disturbing mood swings, stunning success, laws, infidelity, summertime, annoyances, accidents, weddings, the door, Mary Lou’s after hours on 9th street, cross paths, mi’ programing, sways, stubbles, admirations, groupies, misinterpretations, brownies on avenue a, branding, middle sex England- ex-a-harsh-mickey-slipper-Sheda-D-tie –the -general-slip-away, Nugent’s family Bronx categorizing, cataloging, Camelo Liuzzo –Helmsley’s fatal incident, Mr. g east 71 St, Donna and dante 159 street Brooklyn, little sis; rosemary and family, Beaumont Texas , Corinthia, William, Anthony, Clyde, Bianca, Janil: Bronx, big Steve, crystal, Steve junior, Cassandra L, Cheryl, Ed cooper book entrepreneur, east six st/relocated to seattle, Leon underground night club 17 street Broadway, Chester; east ten street, Nicky white street baby doll bar/ Brooklyn, tom street mark’s place, milk bar, ny best ever night club area, Studio 54 Goldie, and the lower eastside, west Indian crew, panic rooms, Leon the scoundrel/ buster and family, Naomi and family 150 east 96 street, four seasons, save the robots on avenue b, comfort zones, love interest, public meltdowns, greediness, self-eeing, winter time, breaking news, psychopaths, glance, falls, well-dress Mr. D/ ray/ brownie, save the robots/ body heat/ Mary Lou/ legato/ , after hour magnate, procreation, sociopaths, tryst, narcissist, disgrace, warm and fuzzy place, serendipity, wrong hands, guns and ammunitions, drugs, messages of doom, spring, wickedness, pretenders, drivers and of the people who are in sensitive part of our continuum, that aren’t screened for the big seven seeping untreated illness, wrong love interest, new neighbors, old neighbors, feverish expectancy, failures, intelligence, deceases, acquaintances, writers, mistakes, a joke, the park inn on ninth street,

The club called Area, on the Hudson street, Marie channel and friend Montreal, snow fall, coup du solei, medical industry, clubs and apt, meatpacking district, the media, beach street-D, the weather, all the friends we made along the uncharted ways, cherry blossoms, intuitions, enchanting Tia from Finland sticky mikes/Carl, natural disasters, lust, wind, sun and moon, vacations, haters, premonitions, whistle blowers, a women scorned awards, journalist sacrifice/ braveries, parts of our dreams, ambulances, violence, funerals, abuse, prison, intrusions, good times, good Samaritans, bad times, illusions, a phone call, dream teams, interruption, birds and the bees, concrete, yelling, racism, wars, closed doors, flicker, hesitation, gut feeling, misadventures, devious plot, spring break, standing in the rain, a beautiful German girl with wonderful ”smiling eyes” sitting with an artist name Cathy B(Liz smith smearing artist), sing chinal town, on a Thompson park bench, open doors, conclusions, circumnavigating, travelling, unsung heroes, English earl, andy welch, Kevin Williams (tai chi door)Purvis-Monroe- measurements, Paramus shite’s, (Alex and wonderful wife) Methahana bar second floor 276 canal/ Ludlow, finish products, eyesore, smell, sight, researches, ruthless bore, spring time, those the Oscars goes to, touch, grin, black-rain, George 643 east ninth, super-beauty, books, girls just want to have fun, artist, entertainment, women’s intuitions, down time , keeled/His ham/ infamous-jay lead/distractions, rick-333-w16 street, dancing, cook foods, enchanting fulmination, night and day after hours 8 Riving ton, in what I coined as SEHO (south and east of Houston) Jenny (Gouden-NYU) west 9- Ludlow, Serpent eyes-and all other after hour/drug dealer bicycle, Linda model from Africa, Joanne Poland, singing in the rain, Goldie east village, Mr. starker, inactions, color of our integument, selfishness, practicing to deceive, stealth forces, Joanne and Paulina from Finland, Polish girls staff, 44 bowery after party bartenders, discovery, being late, body heat sixth st between avenue c and d, unearthing artifacts, father pat east ninth street, Frances, Jim and the lovely Mrs. Breckenridge move to Seattle, from new York, little japan-new York, ideas, tall lovely warm very nice girl – from sticky mikes-time café, and her exquisite homemade soul plate biryani, sorry for my insensitive candor, disturbance, spectating, athletes, hurdles, feelings, vengeance, deep pockets-super-greedy-Zoe-(thank –Joe) bartender 276 canal, Limón and folded Ducati, desperations, delusions, Sajjad-Hussein-Pakistan, day and nights, Fernando and Pell street NY/Boston basement dragons, junior print shop east Flatbush-excessive police force, Glenn miller east 45 ,Debra owner S.O.B, secret pains, confusions, Alice king-Fook jewelry, Chester east ten, Mr. Kidd, sensei Cato, education, mystery stains, those our soul hates, entire club scene from 82-07, Palatuvier village, most wonderful Eloise piano super-diva, mark’s place between first avenue and avenue a, Canaan, Dante and Curlon aka chino / family east 51 Brooklyn, Bonn accord, gold room 276 canal, people we had to edit out of our lives, exclusions, preventers, wrong friend, meritocracy, quickening, cosmic vibration, a wall, laurel- north sixth Williamsburg, carl and ray and Elmhurst posse, jonnie/ twin NJ, mystery sounds, Mr. Richie and Louis 327 bowery, a stall, break through, trendsetters, Sameer, ignorance’s, super model strutting and striking a pose, Mr. carpenter, ear hustle, twerking, Amanda-stormy-jones, Jack and Amy east sixth street, teasing, hate, poets license, hate crime, missing link, gems, rain drops, sensei Mr. A-Lowe/ Mr. K- Keller, annihilation, refugee, crimes that are heinous, orphans, “this just in, unnecessary deaths, cow jumping over the moon, the gold room 276 canal street. all the black outs in NY, September 11 (911), know when to walk away, call of the wild ”abandonment, Mr. Barbosa east 51, greater good, mystery girl S.O.B’s Hannah from Boston, 723 union street, 35 dean street (bizarre place to live under unsound proof, unstructured tennis court, the blonde lady from winnepeg at a bar called the village idiot, and the double heist of the village idiot. from 7 street financial district, and john street Ridgewood( those racist posters) 110 east 10, 333 west 51 street, 339 west 28, street, 327 bowery (Nicky and Luis), 943 east ninth street, #7 john street financial district, 254 park avenue south, 220 west 22 street, north sixth street above the bike club, J Castro and Stanley east 12 street NY Curtis S /wife-guardian angels/a bump in the Roadless travelled, the ones that got away, rivers we cross, music, c. Clifford (doc), flight 800, sensei Cato, bottle necking, a kiss, near misses, talking eyes, lies, mystery girl from nells-723 union street- Brooklyn before Chicago travel, François and joy-Tunisia, truths, inventions, cursing eyes, water, life styles of the rich and famous, enthusiasm, art, those who, “gets involve in our personal brand of confusions and build up our confidence and then turn us into victims”, Mr. Victor Sempre at Houston street NY, NY.

Mistreatment of nature and the environment is everywhere, fighting eyes, a grand part of the throw seeds/ cloning project, involve rescuing plants and all species, when we are lost, etc., designing our preordain journey. They markers that guide us exactly where we are supposed to be, arriving in and at this precise moment, example reading new ways to design a better version of ourselves. Global intelligently determine, the limitation of your journey, and scope of our productivity.

“When I was (sleeper enhancer #26) growing up, i had nothing and still till this day, I still have most of it left” a sleeper enhancer had to be unexceptional, more off than on destitute, QUINTESSENTIAL TRAMP, ARISTOCRAT PAUPER, FOGOTTEN VAGRANT, “ONE MINUTE HE IS SHOWING INTEREST IN A CASTLE, NEXT MINUTE IS SEARCHING DESPERATELY FOR THE NEAREST HOMELESS SHELTER,” FTHER PAT, EAST NINTH ST. NY, NY. A never-were, a want-to-be, has-been, constantly losing arguments with my selves.

With refreshing colorful ignorance, was never sheltered from feeling the full brunt of systematic propaganda’s, challenges. And a easily stickler to be secretly pitted against every ill conceivable dirty stream of, counterintuitive ness, counterproductive, inactions, and fallen prey to meritocracies, and treacherous mi’ educations.

“I just had to stand still and we were guaranteed to get bombarded with every ill conceivable nightmare personalities, fixated on me, offering to be “the CEO’s of ruining my life” friendemie’s, moles, greedy, selfish, saboteurs, al-Qaida, was everywhere, etc., hitching their break-way glass menagerie wagon too others, and me, with lost minds that were always tweaking, some with flashlight smile’s, cursing eyes, secretly administering their worst.

Opposite attracts, at time’s I was a high power magnet to endless streams of negativities”. Guzzling free market byproducts, while coat-tailing others personal brand of delusions. We are all mi’ programmed to hide all of the very important truth and put up everything , as pretenders, displaying a dirty smoke screen and with deep seated unraveled psychic, in constant search to hide in a panic room, and compartmentalized reverse cocoon.

Off course there was professional mi’ programing exchanges. I was offering my own personal brand of unnecessary disappointment to others, with relentless jackass speed with a calypso drawl. Twisted with unbearable ignorance, and cursing xo deviated eyes, dishing out and receiving hefty servings of unnecessary disappointments from ubiquitous market counterintuitive intelligence, courtesy of public MI ‘education, meritocracies, disinformation, unbridle ignorance, with very sparse nurturing, a wealth of mi’ programing, and most of the worse conditioning, etc.

The enhancer had to be systematically exposed to almost every underworld, and live a major part of my life with unbridle ignorance, a virtual hot seeping mess. All the while maintaining “je ne se quoi” eager to please sustainability, shadowing influences values, underline, super-desire to make a difference. `

The sleeper enhancer was swayed and choreographed, pitted towards every sweeping challenge. Chimed in, with an all-inclusive mindset and using dreamscape, trigger words and a series of intervention. Influential cognitive adjustments, was warranted, with ultra-sensitive accretion, and detail oriented awareness to fill the gap, and build an interactive, all-inclusive bridge, that can be applied to walks of life.

The main objective was to keenly observe the Hu person counterproductive conditioning and all of the cause and effects of mi.’s programmed, and unnecessary failings. Find the root cause and create an all-inclusive platform, culminating in The Throw seeds/cloning project (create a handbook for Hu persons that contain more than 2,000,000 all- inclusive solutions for all Hu persons to be set free from counter productivities).

Another irony is most of the original crash sites, are in crisis.

We have been counterproductive programmed to abandon natural beauty, and natural raw source of raw daily vitals (organic agriculture) and follow the reckless rich people, famous people, royal families, leaders, celebrities, high profile, etc. who for the longest time has been systematically predesigning our future to fail miserably. Following the reckless wealthy is the quickest path to self-destructiveness.

Shedding a helpful light on these countries, Uganda. Myanmar. Eritrea. Syria. Liberia. Belarus. Cameroon. Nepal. East Timor. Bangladesh. Sri Lanka. Egypt. Iran. Libya. Rwanda. Some of the Caribbean countries. Malawi. Ukraine. Cambodia. Mauritania. Togo. Burkina Faso. Kyrgyzstan. Equatorial Guinea. Zambia. Lebanon. Tajikistan. Solomon Islands. Angola. Papua New Guinea. Georgia. Columbia. Djibouti. Swaziland. Philippines. Comoros. Madagascar. Bhutan. Mozambique. Afghanistan. Haiti. Yemen. Iraq. Ivory Coast. Guinea. Pakistan. Nigeria. Honduras. Venezuela. Guinea Bissau. Kenya. Ethiopia. Burundi. Niger. Laos. Sierra Leone. The Central African Republic. Myanmar. Chad. Democratic republic of Congo. Sudan. Zimbabwe. North Korea. Brazil. And other countries

The objective of this literature offering as an extreme-nonviolent all-inclusive solution, most of us have a very disturbing programing to fight. Fighting is a very disturbing part of our conditioning, we are brainwashed into being numb and insensitive to the greater good, and more susceptible to use violence and abusiveness, eventually gradually and systematically turning into the tyrant you are fighting. (“When you have to fight you would already lost the battle”)

The real path to success is to recognize we are all filled with so much counterproductive programing that must be remove, our preprogramed ways of thinking are our self-destruct sequence; in countless ways we are conditioned to self-destruct from all sort of directions, some of it is our own self-destructive self-programing are careening us into all the challenges and crisis we are engulfed in. For the most part why we sort out psychiatrist, they are just filling the self-created gap as deprogrammer, and re-programmer.

We have to re-preprogram our mind (brain) to all-inclusive mode; all separatist thinking is a self-destructive trap.

The other objective of this quirky literature is preparing for the world for our intergalactic ancestors come out of hiding, for the ultimate enlightenment, a sense of purpose, and first face to face first contact. Preparing their descendant for the enormous shock of dealing with technological advancement that is over a billion years older than ours.

The castaway that was maroon on earth, lost their way and their prime directives their ancestors use to follow in becoming the super-advance race of being. Opposed to our self destructively taking the super dangerous atrocity ridden long way around towards our enlightenment beginning our ancestors surpass.

We are herded into routinely doing our own counterproductive things, constantly creating, can’t get right disturbing trends and patterns, detouring them from our very promising evolutions. This literature offering; is designed to save the world from our self, at the same time put us back on track to our very promising evolution, at the same time reduce the super-mass unnecessary international causalities.

The enhancer primary goal is to restore all the castaways from planet (@^) to highly favorable continuity. Offer the descendant from planet 26, the all-inclusive solutions that will end super-messy inactions, and counterproductive mi’ programming.

omne ignotum pro

“The strangest and the most unique things are often connected.”

And the reunions of planet 26, first contact preparation for a face to hinted evolution of our distant relative, who had evolve into the ultimate stages of creative energies. Demonstrating the furthest distant and disparities, members of the same species can experience, a shell shock of possibilities and the contrast exhibitions of our unnecessary conspiring self-inducing limitations.



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|<>. p<>{color:#000;}. Parts of this message have been blocked for your safety.

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To: [email protected]
Subject: FW: City of New York Auto Acknowledgment Correspondence # 1-1-737933512 Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 10:09:13 -0400

To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: City of New York Auto Acknowledgment Correspondence # 1-1-737933512 Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 13:38:22 -0400

Pleasant appropriate greetings; in case of a natural disaster. Most cities can implement, these are a few (off the wall) suggested. Most cities, New York, power supply are buried. In case of floods, high floors fallout shelters were mandated, on every block ,containing generators long term emergency ration, fresh water supply, inflating flotation devices, etc., cold weather /hot weather ,what if all supermarkets were prefabricated with aqualung deep water air sealing emergency, with extraction accessibility, A Atlantis ground floor fall out, shelters. Mass emergency breathing apparatus, or mini breathing apparatus. Use carbon super- fiber netting over all fault lines, and bridges, remove concrete over fault lines. 

Please don’t kill the messenger 

> Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 13:10:55 -0400
> from: [email protected]
> Subject: City of New York Auto Acknowledgment Correspondence # 1-1-737933512


> Thank you for contacting the City of New York. Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate agency for review and handling.

> For future reference, your service request number is 1-1-737933512.

> Sincerely,

> The City of New York

> this is an auto-generated system message. Please do not reply to this message. Messages received through this address are not processed. 

> Thank you.

> The information you have provided is as follows:
> Form: Customer Comment
> Topic: Environment
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> Message: 
> Pleasant appropriate greeting: Aftermath culture; It is a well-known fact that their numerous fault lines in NY .Down fourteen streets and along the Hudson. Prevention ideas, special carbon netting bury into 14 street, Mandate all high floors should have generators

This was the proposed extended alternate slapstick, but seriously transferring of reliance version. Since most of the population counterproductive mi programing is prevailing, would take time to offer prime directives that can restore nouns to favor. The main idea was to find a way to have enhancers, for instance enhancer #26 billion (26m) to get everyone in the world up to speed and on the same page. The other suggestion would involve mass production of sleeper caretaker enhancer 26b, with the international offspring of enhancer 26b, with super-eagerness to please, “the weight of the matter, resting on all of the global enhancers.”

Using a selective procreation hand pick, twenty six hundred of the most intelligent women, from every country around the world. 2600 of the mindset women, 2600 with the best personality, all of the available super models, 2600 with the royal family, etc., to be friends, you get the mad drift, creating an all-inclusive focus group, contributing assorted skills, living and think tanking on a cruise ship, small island, secluded with super expansive ground.

Here is the thing, convincing, International league of tall Women; (I.L.O.T.W*) from around the world, to lower their standards to less than zero, would of taking considerable more painstaking time. “Women beyond my means, and my social skills”. Even with the super advance capabilities of the inhabitants of planet 26, they just couldn’t do impossible, offering a below average pathetic hair-scatter-brain, aristocrat pauper vagrant strange irony, our original form of entry into this world is scorned upon, “judgment proof”, unobservant, type casted for the entire life-time, now a middle age and un-date-able, with renewing ugliness, all form of diminishing capacity, always disheveled, down to the sockless gait, sleeper enhancer, disheveled, midriff,” severe cracked feet, with “forehead the size of mount Rushmore”, no-neck, super-Obese, super-scatterbrain, speak with a lisp, reverting XO deviation, worthless, failure, was going to be the biggest challenge even for the super-advance Hu persons on planet 26.

THIS LITERATURE HAS NO ASSOCIATION WITH ANY KNOWN AND UNKNOWNED RELIGEOUS ENHUISIASM, CHURCH, CULTS, AND ANY OTHER SYSTEMS THAT USE OR BELIEF IN SEPERATIST SYSTEMS, ETC. OR MONEY (one exception this literature, since it’ a super -minuscule budget, can even afford editing, a price, or donation was added, to be able to afford content editing, and hopefully free distribution, to more than one person interesting, of the rest of the series.



Who is on first?

First rate first innate first clown first sinking sensation

First lady, last lady first taming first maiming first accident

First hate first weight first game fist stool first earning

First bait first plate first temptation first arousal first last

First class first fiasco first day first trait

First pass first mask first gate first late

What’s on second?

Second rate fate second

I don’t know is on third

table=. =. |=.


p={color:#00B050;}. Sylvester Marshall and the collective hive

The HU persons handbook/manual

The M.E.I.K.E throw seeds/cloning project series* |

Top grapevine secret:

Affidavit for your caring eyes only

Primitive affray rules of engagements, primitive ebb and flow.

Everyone is basking in their own personal brands of delusion grandeur. Relishing some twisted form of fool’s paradise afield, our continuities, comes a long primitive way, it’s unfortunate, in most case, our feeling are opposite, greatly influenced by our less than ten percent cerebral processing powers, comprehension, and abilities.

Contrary to primitive popular beliefs, we are always reading our emotion, from a past stand point. Perhaps our universe position, since we are always on a 23 and half degree axles, and overwhelming free reign primitive ness has; always in formidable subverting play.

In most cases when we think we are big, we are usually small, and those who feel small are usually, the primitive force to be reckoned with.

Hence the reason all the wrong systems, concepts, overnight schemes, intangible businesses, are predispose to go viral. Everyone is busy speeding in their own levels of twisted confusion, and refreshing distractions, and the super unnecessariness, leaving a wide berth for, anything’s abnormal, and unnatural to go super viral.

Our mind and biology is super-fragile, always handle with the utmost of care.

These are all across the board patch work of all-inclusive and collective solutions, natural cures, also offering extended evasive greater good thwarting course of actions. And most importantly an introduction to all-inclusive prime directives.

This grapevine literature also contains all of the defeating, redundant reasons for all of us recycling of endless entropy.

With a refined and fine-tuned list, spot lighting the real high profiled shoat and sow odd and perverse usual suspects, the high profile persons of interest, the who, the what, when, the why, and how they has being conspiring, manipulating and sabotaging, and coaxing most of the world’s population into being in a heighten unrest grim reaper primitive state. Many of the overnight fly by night system in play, was attempts to find one size fits all resolves, inadvertently becoming part the unstable tethering all across the board problems, destabilizing everything, and everyone around us, redesigning our global environment with overwhelming unnecessariness, encrusted with ubiquitous ground zero’s.

Most people are busy jet setting fueling their own selfish agenda’s, getting primitive ego’s stroke to selfish favor, highly dementedly focus, on selfish enthusiasms.

“The most likely suspect is never the guilty parties”.

These literatures are elementary guiding principles that can show everyone how to retain their wholesomeness, purity, and innocence, instead of falling prey to the primitive norm, where as we are set up to sell our freedom for a fist full of dollars, or in exchange for favors.

The ubiquitous thing that is plaguing us is “the unnecessary.” When we remove all of the disfiguring cut rate unnecessariness, across the board, we all can crawl out, or spelunk from our longest running evolution stasis. The meike throw seeds/cloning project series, is offering most if not all of the relevant life lessons, and all of the prime conditions, for anyone to begin the process of creating the best all-inclusive collective enhance version of ourselves. Can’t get right time after can’t get right time, all of the relevant life lessons, and far flung, extremely conflicting, teeming with mix messages, and brimming with mix signals, contain underhand self-destructive boomerangs defects effect, life lessons for the most part, are serendipitously left to chance, thrown into the wind, selective suppositions participations only, life lessons are often left for the individual to fend for themselves.

The main collective object, everyone should have easy access to all of the most important secrets of life, and life lessons, from the very beginning. Everyone around the world are presented with all of the key skills, core skills, all-inclusive skills, collective skills, affording them equal opportunities to conclusive structure insights, perceptions, levels of consciousness, whereas we are can develop with global corporations ease, the best version of themselves.

These all-inclusive instructions for all walks of life’s to attain existence perfections, a virtual how to step-by-step brand new refreshing all-inclusive concepts to identify and remove all of our royal primitive behaviors, our can’t get right master mind gallantries and splendors.

Everyone willing can be bought up to all-inclusive greater good speeds.

By now most has deducted the lack of impeccable grammar, the uneven written.

Due to intense universe intervention pressing imminent domain, these offerings is time sensitive, and can’t be caught in the primitive super dark follies of following the money, simply put, at no time, whatsoever, there were any budget available for the entirety of the five plus literature, high aim at, changing our primitive preordain spiraling, and most importantly, restoring evolution to favor. Due to extreme time sensitive nature, the needs of the few, vastly supersede, and outweighs the needs of the learnt demanding few. In many cases, not to primitive be judgmental, and leaving room for extenuating circumstances, demanding minds often enough, rarely assist others.

When we have to fight primitively, we has already lost the primitive battle“Treachery and violence are spears point at both ends, they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.”.

Everyone is a very important member of the collective, every single persons, plays a very important role in the scheme of existence, somewhere, and specific time, along their journey, culminating into the continuum.

Collective soft sell word spread

Special message to anyone who relish these, new refreshing concepts, insights, and aspiring and achieving these heighten enhancing regions of awareness, and all inclusive, collective eugenics perceptions, and astute gem encrusted levels of conscious ness.

These are soft-sell all –inclusive collective evolving enhancing perceptions, there for it can ‘t has any iota, morsel of primitive diathermic aggressions, hate, anger, violence, riots, bitterness, venting, frustration, protest, involve in promoting these prime directives. Wiggle our minds and evolve all inclusively, and collectively.

Anyone wish to assist, their best all-inclusive approach, and contribution, is the soft-sell, freewill viral spreading of sound, practical, relevant all-inclusive, and collective information, to everyone around the world, especially prioritizing our poor, under privileges, misfortunates, forgotten, and abandon people, all has VIP status and very important members of our collective, and preordain will take it from there.

Every Tuesday, and Tuesnight, at 1026, am, and 1026pm, is the collective freewill synchronizing of the, global collective minds

PREFACE: and after face


Our future morrows; are laden with our ancestor left over mistakes, and derange customs, traditions, heritage’s, the most pandemic one’s are being, instilled as you read, in every new born, dark series of counter intuitive ness, demented ways of following the money, and it’s aberrations, following the intoxicating smells of money, and new material gains, self-destructive habits, all forms of separatist ideal, that are anti-collective in nature, culminating into, in-action packed, engrossed with counterintuitive backlash, waltzing and grand getter’ missteps, and are been threaten into oblivion by most of the current occupant who has been following blindly, and inventing, fortifying, and trendsetting, boomerang cutting double edge misguided loyal progressive sabotaging, self-destructive preoccupations.

Imbalanced are herding us to seek out endless intense forms of escapes. One of the best ways to refrain from seeking primitive escapes, whether it may be legal, or legal drugs, liquid confidence, smoking, etc., by changing our levels of conscious ness. Changing your level of consciousness to the ultimate prime region. The prime and highest level of consciousness, is the all-inclusive, and collective ness, in all areas of our journey.

Whereas we are constantly dealing with the big picture reality, every step of the way, instead of remaining lost, and confused, and always counter intuitive type casted in primitive scenes.

Without knowledge of the best ways to be, the purpose of life, we are doomed to always trying a thing, hitting each other, with primitive ulterior motive geared shots in the dark. Always progressing dark, with run of the micro sarcastic expressions, always on the primitive go, running, flying high, and hiding, in our personal brands of escapes, as some sort of shell semblances of existence.

Some learn to manipulate emotions; emotional outburst has a natural long running form of escape. Those with the big seven (b7) seeping issues, (sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissistic, sadist, masochistic, etc.) are able to hide and progressively apply, their untreated illness, in a number of legal professions and customs. They are kindness manipulators, they have a serious lack appreciations, they are everywhere around us, in our family, some are neighbors, most certainly they are our close friends, etc., undetected. Everyone who is true kind has people with the big seven seeping issues hiding out among them, pretending to be someone else, best actors, acting their whole life.

B7 must always hide in the shadows of kind people, love to hear the trill sounds of their voice,constantly sucking their good energy, they are the people that takes away our energy, and always taking advantage of others, mistaking kindness for weakness. They were wired wrong, they are self-preservationist, truly really don’t know how to be nice, kind understanding, caring, compassionate, sensitive, they honestly lack normal emotions sympathy, caring gene, consideration, helping others, they has been hiding throughout our entire time line pretending to be normal, it’s all an elaborate act for b7er’s, their entire lifetime are grand charades, quick witted with entertaining cynicism, desperate risk takers, take pride in putting others life at risk, always “seducing to reduce.” B7 are always unreliable, and up to no good, always offering things and idea’s that’s too good to be true conniving traps, there lifetime secret mission is to hide among the truly kindhearted undetected. Truly kindhearted people don’t give to get, don’t get it twisted. Truly kind people, who don’t give to get, “don’t even want thanks in appreciations.” “Helping nouns is a wonderful privilege.”

People whom give to get, in most cases has the big seven seeping messy issues. The basic identifying underline traits and blatant discrepancies of b7 are always super-cheap, super greedy, super-liars, wizards at empty promising, they say anything.

Intriguingly and for the most they always seem to have favorable and warning signs of photogenic beauty, attractive features, inviting beauty on the outside, and hideous creature on the inside. Off course we are trap by society approve lapse in judgments complexes, and mi nurturing, and progressive objectifying, conscribing us into giving height, well dress, appearances of prosperities, and beauty open arms and card blanch, how primitive is that.

B7er’s life missions is to be desperately seeking the innocents and inexperience, love taking risk, competing, they relish intense drama, greedy, selfish, they love to drive, driving operating vehicles, military, law enforcements, government, politics, lawyers, TV, media, dentist, doctors, nurses, Hollywood, entertainment, business owners, illegal drugs, and all of our of underworlds, etc., we are creating every single time we pass a new law, is the best place for people with the b7 seeping issues to flourish, license to kill, to be extra mean, road rage is their dream opportunity. They always for the most part, life of the parties, B7 are attention monsters, desperate for drama, in most case well dress, glittering grandstanding to “seduce and reduce.” Most of the time they’re the VIP’s in all the activities that offers separatist opportunity, they devout separatist, and anti-collective in natures. As kids, they stand out for a short while, until they learn how to pretend to appear normal. Neighbors, families, and early childhood friends, of B7er’s, can identify them globally, and prevent future mayhem. A truly kind person, and not it’s facsimile in most cases, have extra umbrella of kindness, they would overlook others bizarre ways, trying to help. Real kind person offers people with the big seven seeping issues, kindness protection and a perfect chance to blend in and hide. People with the big seven, is always plotting, have the creating unnecessary insolvencies complexes, insouciant, always creeping around, often requires alone creepy time, routinely has unaccountable absence to go berserk. Historically they has been, causing mass insolvencies and destructions.

As kids they are intense get over artist, they are bullies, some are violent prone, aggressive, some are mild manner, they begin as insects, killers, and it progress into animals, they most certainly are pets killers, love fishing and hunting society strange and bizarre approval to kill. They are most certainly in all sports, society weird separating approval.

B7er’s would give to charity, rarely hands on, their given to get act of kindness are always media documented, to curry favors, they always making disgusting nasty intense jokes, they hide their disturbing ways by telling unspeakable jokes, they love to draw out gore, they relish gory details, b7 are stickler for all nasty gross unnecessariness topics, and take them to disturbing mental levels. B7 love keepsakes of gore, secretly keeping trophies from bad situation and relive dark experiences.

We are being grossly tame to accept all types of vexing unnecessariness, always seeking praise, and to be pacified with super nonsense. Our twistedly dizzying blend with fiction ways of life approves and fosters twisted victories, winners and best dress, those with the most, beauty, all forms of mystery forte, causing us to fail miserably. Resounding redeeming qualities never could out way our imposing factors; therefore most of the world’s population are always trying to find ingenious methods to escape the norm, creating a collective venerable position and the recipe for our current state of the world.

Others use legal drugs, illegal drugs, greed, selfishness, grand standing, shopping, hate, any type fanatical opportunities, violence, violence by any cause, and other forms of morbid reaction towards our underline very sketchy and sabotaging continuity.

Most of us are mi’ programmed to be highly driven, trying to find each other weakness, and vulnerabilities, and capitalize on it selfishly, and use them as, conversation pieces, memobilias, keep it as keep-sake, heirloom and trophies.

Our world’s existence, is constantly being trampled with primitive enthusiasm, and very soon, in the not too distant future, our universe as well future is constantly being shorten, from our fortified long-running unsettling, tangoing, limbo-ing misstep, and sinister commitment, to fortify and cultivating fatal mi’ programming, that tends towards the unusual and progress towards unspeakable acts.

The irony distinctive part of the population who was barred and mistreated, through the entire past and, even in this present time, are remaining vigilant protectors of customs, intangible businesses. The creators, and comedy inventors of fantasy scripts, and their descendants, has long since logically abandon them, some cases other, advance cutting edge tomfoolery. Their victims ironically has taken up the wacky slack.

With gross imposing twisted fanatical enthusiasm, allowing ulterior motive be their guide.

Following the money, greed, selfishness, lies, has a free reign, to run, skip to Mary Lou, frolic ferociously wild. Following the money is the most de-sensitivity aiding and abetting wholesale dissolute and wasteful disposition of all things natural.”

Writhing counterintuitive are being polish as you read, throughout our very troubling timeline, the usually suspects, are always inventing new ways to fine tune primitive ignorance’s, to unbearable levels.


Easterly winds precedes rainbow shrill, primitive rain, falls mainly in the distorted plain

Oblivious to prescient, M.E.I.K.E busy bee enhancing spell, hard knock sell, twinkling jingling preordain bell

Time will sell, subverting material list gains, primitive brain

All of the detrimental sarcastic giggling systems, allocated open budgets, to stand the grim test of time, pray tell

It’s raining snakes, serpent eyes greedy slick offerings, that’s the best we can do, lack of daily vitals madness, signifying half baked

Blooming presence, eventually will smell

Cuckoo nest comfort zone, primitive wiles unrestrained[
**]death defying, sharp hair pin, cutting edge wakes

Quivering pile, private primitive thoughts whizzing by

Rustling odd behavior, concealing, bustling fear, tracking down, sound and dance

Best laid all-inclusive collective evolution plans, in motion, denied

Puzzle drizzle glance, offending intangible business, wild tales, on a subverting pedestal trance

Many words to spread, before we sleep

Quicker the kite is seen, less likely awoke in our primitive clandestine dream

The better the chance of, soft sell obsoleting primitive systems gleams, and inevitable preens

Another global call into greater good all-inclusive collective evolution action. Pretty please stop chasing primitive scenes, and become an active part of the all-inclusive, collective evolution, BIG PICTURE.


Everyone will have an enormous difficulty, trying to aspire to an advance level of consciousness. A heighten level of consciousness, requires us to remove multi thousands of everyday corrupt operating files, that we are engulfed in, “an insurmountable amount of things we don’t know for sure,” or may have over looked, that has been, inhibiting, hampering, us from evolving to the best versions of ourselves. The first step don’t tell a single lie.

Some of the basics, tricks of the primitive trades, of following the money, is, becoming a possession monster, roping unsuspecting people, into doing our nasty selfish bidding, and hitting them upside their head, with fly by-night rope- a dope, shanghaiing in, and enslaving.

“There is nothing more deceptive, than the obvious facts.”

We are all mi’ educated, and encouraged, to take the can’t get right scenic route, all the while developing deep-seated desire’s, always ready to, compete to fall into non-descript primitive chaos, and punish anyone who gets in our ways.

A un disturbing amount of people, like everything sugar sprinkled coated.

Hot messy worshiping, and grandstanding hazmat inactions, are everywhere. Most of us are routinely groomed and ingrain with sinister influences and self-destructive traits, one very pronounce renowned disturbing traits, are the ubiquitous way we are taught to respect appearance of prosperity, and shone and mistreat those who are misfortunate.

Most of the world’s populations is being nurtured, and scholar into being a drone, groupie, willing participant, desperately seeking erratic un-mitigating and treacherous pursuit of, “fairytale imaging excellence,” that are guaranteed to give us desensitize blinders, and all the tools to fail miserably. “We are insensitively mi’ programed to twist the facts, to suit theories, instead of using theories to suit the facts.”

Worldwide personal proof are up close and fatal. Without all-inclusive guidance, our future are going to be unnecessarily bombarded with intolerable challenges and sinister crisis. The order of priorities determine our progress levels, or self-creating mingled horror. Its extreme important, to organize priorities, without proper order, we are setting ourselves and others for disorder, and encouraging twisted levels of selfish priorities. Our priorities is the naked distance between failure and success.

Otherwise we will become enslave in a pitiable state, desperately seeking out various method of escaping being,” the decrepit ruffian C.E.O of our own self-creating confusions”. With exceedingly defying mastery air of counterintuitively.

From the infant stage; access to all of the most important key skills are is a serendipitous feat. “We only know what our, parents, family, friends, teacher, and other sources of knowledge we are, or was expose to know”. Recently “this just in”; “what do they know for sure.” From the first attempt of civilizing, commuting, forming societies’, all of the challenges our ancestors and current occupants of continuities, are basically, dealing with challenges, from overlook youth, that has progress with ease into our worst nightmare. They were at a time primitive children, without all-inclusive intelligence, all of the relevant information, life lessons, prime directives, without them, they hide a wide berth, and maximum freedom to allow progressive trait, mutate into a fatal lost and confused versions of themself.

Our brain is a super computer, a super computer that whenever you set it to a task, “our brain highly geared, and eager to please, will work diligently, 247 and behind our backs to obtain anything our heart desire.” all around us we are witnessing open levels of desire quickening, the world’s population super computer brain, are working to preform and accomplish set task, based on our market intelligent. Most of the entire worlds open brain trejectory, culminating air of determination from the bowels of our minds, self-enslaving ambition and reckless determination, trying to get anything their confused state desire, this can’t be any good.

“Here is the thing”, most behaviors, and acts, are extremely progressive and mutative.

Without setting realistic all-inclusive cap levels of, or a serious attempt to abandon them or curb our feral and prehistoric traits, greed’s, selfishness, hate, abuse ness, vulgarities, obscene languages, self-centered, violence, war, aggressions, imposing factors, lies, ignorance’s, counterintuitive ness, counter-productiveness, separatist, reckless behaviors, etc., they are free to grow, escalate, disguise, cloak, remain a midday shadow, and culminate into, all of our the present challenges, and then some.

Global we are all facing endless forms mutative unnecessary predicaments. Our proper methods of continuities, are sporadically available, and has limited idealistic facts, on how to be an all-inclusive minded person, “all that we can be”.

All over the world there are unsung heroes, supply of wonderful people around our world.

All of major aspect of our continuity are being self-threatened. All of us in some ways of another, has overlooked replenishing ideals, “leaving things better than we found it,” all-inclusive consideration, in every step we take, instead almost every step, are missteps, we has been leaving challenges for future generations, to face all forms of extinctions and in the utmost and critical nature.

In countless ways, we are being mi ‘programmed to spend our entire life, dishing out punishment, an extremely progressive prehistoric traits, and futile to seek counterintuitive revenge, after the incident, as some sort of semblance of trying to contribute value. When unfavorable incident occur, it’s already are in the pass, there aren’t any stringent logical method of exacting solutions, other than all-inclusive method.

Most of the world continuity are operating and relying on aftermath contingencies, oppose to all-inclusive preventions, in every aspect of our continuities, which in every case will be cost effective and has extreme higher productive benefits.

Most of us are desensitized by, the omnipotent, “Greek wild fire media’s”, secondhand information, “theorizing’s without all of the relevant facts, etc.” Although whistleblowers have saved and prevent countless lives in the past present and will in our very troubling future, they are always being treated with disdain.

Others with great intensions, seem to have "cry wolf", warning us with many messages’ of dooms. and our global desensitized response, are scaring others from offer their views and opinions, since from, a very early stage of our lives, we were counterintuitive encourage to ridicule, give people nick-names, and a world series of defective traits, that are extremely primitive and very progressive. (All are listed in the all-inclusive prime directives -,fraudulent gaps and voids book* of the throw seeds/ cloning project, identifies most, if not all of our recklessly overlook progressive behaviors, and traits and offers all-inclusive modifications. In considerate additions, it's also filled with foresight and precautionary measures to guard against, unnecessary ensuing sinister acts, challenges, and crisis).

All of the all-inclusive and relevant life lessons are fragmented and far-flung. We all progress in disturbing ways to, “hide our true selves inside of ourselves,” me are overwhelmingly morphing and progressive gradually into a horrific versions of our true potentials. With well pronounce deep-seated gradual initiatives to go dark, in all the available and newly invented global forms of fanatical primitive ways, facilitate in following the wealth, while exhibiting petrifying tell-tale sign, of our innate and learnt, disregard our basic sinking feelings instinct. Culminating into current malaise, and refreshing entropies.

We are all prisoners of our personal brand of mi ‘programming. We all has nurturing rote discipline to expunge anything that aren’t associate following the wealth, the back bone fabric of civilizations. Wealth has always been in control of all governments, wars, police, etc., this can’t be any good, and inevitably has to be a primary source and contribution to most degrading, and delinquencies our universe. Those governing has to be collective governing, anything else has to be in some twisted and unnatural ways another, have a secret subverting link wealth.

We are constantly being dupe by the media who are owned by the wealthy, to fuel aggressions where ever they point to, be distracted into wasting time with heated primitive affluence confused and always conflicting propaganda’s, breaking news, this just in, etc., and other ulterior morose means, to keep us the masses enslave and disfigured into doing our worse to each other and stay tune, repressing clear cut well-pronounced secret societies subverting inactions, behind closed doors, with indomitable will. Most secret societies, are generally made up of hand pick people with the big seven untreated illness, brandishing super greed and insensitive prosperity, frail with severely unravel psychic , disfigured with life of the party, keeping up with the jones demeanors. The secret society big wigs and big fish, are a bunch of ticking, atomic time bomb, and super volcano’s aim at the masses. secret handshakes, and secret word codes in ordinary conversations, weren’t the only secret memberships, they had gadgets and accessories, buttons, ties, watches, hats, coats, rings, bags, and a lot more distinguishing devices.

Secret depressing societies has dived up the world, and always traveling in the same in-crowd, that’s always ready to go wild, with self-destructive insane circles of inventive ways to promote greed. and are always Inco hoots internationally competing, and exchanging inaction packed trade secrets, doing their worst witty integrity, flying under the radar, with immoral devotions to keep us under take-no-prisoner-microscope, are global ‘resident evil “systems, that were are born into, and has been procreating their Hench persons and self-destructive regimes, making all of us the unsuspecting byproduct of a premeditated perfect crime, and even “our name in brand letters, signifying we collateral from birth.

Our world was constantly being divvy up by people with extremely progressing seeping big seven untreated psychological delusions of counter intuitive grandeur, creating fly-by-overnight self-destructive scheming systems, that always announcing all aboard, shanghaies, enslaved, and tamed into becoming pirate captains of a sinking ship, that encourages multifaceted converging inactions, ignorance, obnoxious super greed, and by any perverse means and selfish causes, with covert back door secret passage, for other subverting associates, with pronounce big seven creepy issue complexes, along had devise and spreading and promoting rotten strings of creepy cliché’, proverbs, maxims, adages, etc., that will get us clothes line, twisted into “using the struggle” counter intuitively and irredeemably hopelessly to get profits, always seeking instant outlandish gratification, highly driven with sardonic song-and-dance nostalgia,” a devoted has been, and a exaggerating never was” throwing caution to the wind, arrogant with lapse in judgments, trying to keep above water in-between a string of unnecessary unfortunate circumstances, letting our market intelligent learnt primitive parasitic behaviors, get the better of us, disfigured with endless nothing. Clueless to right from wrong, doom to live a twisted corrupted existence, name dropping, social mountain climbing while multitasking and networking, plethora of hair pin turns, and cliff hanger escape’s from reality.

In exposing search lights of recent ironic global warming developments, that has uncovered and reveal devious sacred labyrinth of “secret lairs”, is just a serendipitous peep, and minuscule reminder of unspeakable sneaky subverting of our universe, population control under handiness, in play culminating into social experiences of epic proportions, gone epidemically and pandemic ally wrong.

We have willing become part of fatally selfishly progressive counter intuitive super mob deep rainbow cloud tar and feather crab-in- a- basket always rising to the occasions, with cruel and unusual punishing pandemic things, smooth underhanded operating, misfits, can't never get right, one size fits all sophisticating taming primitive systems. In order for any group or systems to enslave us, we have to willing join them, volunteering to become captured audience, with converging high stake, state-of-the-art, misgivings to get, with progressive greed and selfishness, every bit of greed we unleash, we are also sending out adverse collateral mutating preordain inactions.

“The definition of insanity, is aiding and abetting, doing the same ominous thing, while expecting different results,” we simply must cut all ties, run and hide, walk away, however not into another system. Otherwise we will be forever be imprisoned, trap, ensnared, twisted into noticeable public display of ubiquitous melt downs, breaking points of no return, presenting to the world worst version of our true potential, and poison by them, duded into becoming, indenture disgruntled, unrest resentment, servant, funding them, and lifelong terrorizing procreating servitudes, to super-nonsense, forever discombobulated promoting conflicting disturbing after-math contingencies watchful waiting, fly-by-night-ideas, “over-night schemes”, idiot-ology’s, and half-bake notions, and blatant disregard for the big all-inclusive picture.

The ubiquitous missing equations, the winning formula of existence, all-inclusive prime directives, the greater good equations, and all-inclusive sense of purpose transparencies, enhancing and replenishing principles. When our mind isn’t preset to gather all of the eugenics intelligence, information’s that can help shape the greater good principles, and fine tune our preoccupations and continuities, to develop better versions of ourselves. We are therefore a refined guarantor of mi’ information’s, and ignorance’s, developing a loyal unwavering self-destructive bond, we are then doom to seduce chaos, and become twisted keepers of entropy flames, letting our impure high profile primitive medieval and dark age hand-me-downs, missteps by missteps, famous dramatic barbaric ignorance practice fluidity, get the better of us. At the moment of realizations, it’s normally always to late the main damages is already done. Usually with conflicting innate and deeply embedded twisted routines, and meddling ignorance, we attempt to make last resort, and last ditch at retreating, with all forms of converging missteps, and mi’ information’s, but we already surrender our purity, innocence, freewill, and freedom, in love with things we can’t see, and a twisted propensity to harm the things we can see, while fading away disfigured with “dollar signs permanently etched in our eyes,” “ always trying to get more out of a situations than is allowed” and replaced by new mutated breeds, into ambiguity.

''Always leave things on a higher note, better than we found it", otherwise we are all doing our worst, "being part of the pandemic problems." if you aren't an all -inclusive forward thinker, then it's an alarming pandemic probability, you're selfish and disturbingly greedy, oblivious to a happily ever secret of life, you must desire less.

When we think we are smart, we are using our life of the party ego, the first person, we usually out smart is our selves. We are channeling suspicion of disbelief to fuel primitive song and dance, sabotaging ourselves, and everything around us, since our entire continuum is in evolution stasis, and it’s a well-known fact, we are only able to use less than ten percent our true brain prowess, we are over stating the meaning of intelligence, sure some e people may be knowledgeable, with available market intelligence, using those perspectives, everyone in some way or another possess information’s they were exposed to, therefore, we are limited to conclusive logical easy access source of pertinent information’s.

One of the main secret of life’s is always using all-inclusive collective big picture steps and continuities, in every giving situations, depth perceptions, foundations, nurturing, educations, productivities, customs, beliefs, systems, admiration,, love, dreams, respect, thwarting, interventions, redemptions, conceptions, modifications, every action using collective intelligent, every method, mindset, thinking, preoccupations, preparation, contributions, understanding, science, interest, educations, creations, architect, engineering, living, ideas, cures, promotions, examples, participations, endeavors, etc. imagine what our world would be like, if every adopt, and reset our continuum with the highest level of consciousness, all-inclusive grand picture collective consciousness, only then we are capable to evolve towards our full range of transcendence.

The future is ahead, although it’s constantly being self-destructive, and sabotage my all of us in some personal brand of ignorance. Most of us are routinely being nurtured and educated to live the past. A mind is can be become terrorizing, when it’s is only able to operate on a little information.

“Trying to survive the back lash of years of inactions and counter intuitive practices with, everyone from their birth has to take painstaking time, to gather “serendipitous fragmented life lessons, in the rivers, seas of misinformation’s, and all of the relevant key skills. Trying use our brain a super computer, using a super computer, with just a little intelligence, can be a dangerous thing,” especially when they are fortified with rattlesnake ignorance, endless mi’ education, (constantly being bomb with others predictable retorts, overly protected ignorance, stating bitter obvious, and imposing outburst), counter intuitive one size fits all mentality, oblivious to leaving things better than we found it. We are all in one way or another careening in a downward spiral, to various twisted bitter ends, justifying using limited brain processing power. It’s common knowledge, most us are only capable of only utilizing less than ten percent of brain processing abilities. Then it is relatively safe to hypostasize more than ninety percent of our brain is fill with information gathered by less than ten percent capabilities, unnecessary rigmaroles, example fear, pretending, interdictions, living beyond all-inclusive means, deflecting, highly developed art of concealment, insurmountable can’t get right prowess.

It’s not in the best interest for us to keep lumping denizens together. Our limitation customs encourage congregate to constantly always searching each other’s for weakness or disturbing ways to capitalize of each other’s by any vile means necessary. When we are constantly always putting world’s populations together with disturbing limitations, we are always borrowing trouble, it’s the long running recipe for all ensuing and current events.

Lumping people that are only able to use less than ten percent of their brain processing ability, in class rooms, neighborhoods’, communities, and the other capture environments, is forcing the issues, pushing the envelope, trying to get more from a situation, than is allowed, limitation means the prime condition for underhandedness to progress, naturally we will always turn on each other. Even governments are a dark house production; big or small are designed to turn against the public. Limited brain processing abilities are the prime conditioning for creepy brainwashing, mind controls, etc., all of our senses are always expose, and is generally susceptible to any unscrupulous parties.

With limited brain prowess, most of the time our priorities are in nonchalant disorder, disarray a pandemic. When we don’t have our priorities in order or straight, then our priorities are in the opposite order, ruinous disorder.

It’s customary to always entangle, jet setting, and being a go-getter, with tremendous missteps, O.C.D with mi’ programmed with air of revolting hostility towards indifference, heterogeneous, and antic dispositions, usually highly trained in the fine art of dishing out and receiving endless empty promises, and “giving to get, ”a promise is a comfort to, a fool.” When we accepts favors, we are selling our freedoms.” The ways our societies and ways of life are structured, in almost every instance, we are always trying to get more out of situations than is all-inclusively plausible.

Without all of the relevant information’s, we are going through life, and all of our preoccupations spastically, with antic tics, and all of our senses impaired and susceptible to over schemes, multitasking high maintenance unnecessary rigmarole’s, ignorance’s, counter intelligences, mi ’educations, misinformation’s, mi perception, missteps, misery (“misery has a way of clarifying one’s conviction”), endless disgrace, misguided by delusion lights at the end of the roads, etc., progressing toward bitter and twisted ends.

Although most limited educational systems contain mostly recycle information, there are endless countries around the world that are charging able and willing students from higher education, in the height of technology advancements.

most of us are always engulfed with twisted mi’ programmed, with complicated selfish process, on how to offer assistance to others, from the begging we are usually taught to always give to get with a conniving manipulating fault, highly driven with all of our self-interest on a self-destructive pedestal, that progress into everyone being a natural born hustlers. Truly kind people, who don’t give to get, “don’t even want thanks in appreciations”. “Helping nouns is a wonderful privilege.”

We must give credit to all of the countries that offer completely free higher educational systems. The most counter intuitive thing a country can do, is charge for any higher education or their materials, books, etc.

When we use all-inclusive common sense, we will in doubly recognized as a highly intelligent fact, and would be in the best interest and greater good of countries to have more of their citizens of all ages, with high educations, the more people with higher education’s, the merrier our continuity would be. Instead we are spellbound when we encounter regimes of people, armed and dangerous with market mi’ educations, one style fits all, one size fits all mentalities, invigorating ignorance, mi’ information, etc., overcompensating for being solicitously barred from something that should be a basic necessity, higher education.

We must occupy eugenics, and offer free higher education for the entire worlds populations. All student, teachers, staff, etc., can easily help by placing all of their education material they had paid for on free websites for the under privilege.



ALL MINDS ON DECK; Most of this information, in play presently, was invented and made up during; get this “the dark ages”, when our ignorance and fear was at epic and dramatizing proportion.

By minds that set the stage to consent and allow women to victimize. These same disturbing narrow-minded leaders had created other toxic systems that are still in play to this present and resulting in our troubling nights and days.

During the dark ages and current still in play, expert analysis was left to the people who are the most successful, anyone with the most material, or with the most wealth. Here is the disturbing fact about that Ludacris equation. We must ask our self what types of people are able to be successful in a world that has being constant plague with, suffering, misfortunate, poor, etc.

We are still being conditioned with a wrought mind-set in believing those who have more, must know what they are doing.

Our educational systems in play are using meritocracy vernacular to conjure up other sinister force to guarantee us extra failure.

Free market values are the counterproductive roller coaster to “conspicuous consumptions”.

With these deeply committed common misperceptions, we are armed to the teeth with, and ingrained well embedded appeasing obnoxious fictitious underhanded mind-set, careening towards unmediated counterintuitive circumstances.

Our only course of action, are usually inactions, crawling, walking and running and hiding from self-inflicted traps, we are constantly stretching fringe and inventing fashionable ways to tweak, trying to escape the monotonous abyss, in the twisted bittersweet end, we end up with our psyche in dismay.

By then we had inadvertently cross so many gateway threshold gauntlet in the creepy dark wild side of our Hu personality, pretending it’s a new talking, and cursing eye trend with a predatory cavorting spastic gait, with Teflon insensitivity.

We set out on an epic journey, to ambush, exploit and capture the pursuit of counterintuitive success and selfish excellence. With hazardous preoccupation that only guarantees us too routinely, repeat corrigible berserk mistakes.

In almost every seeming original, but pandemic scenario, we already know how it’s going to end. Most of everyone is simultaneously and synchronized mi’ programed to try and be super-rich, get wealthy by any means necessary, it’s obvious this counter-intuitive nasty mind-set has to end badly, ubiquitous multi-century of repeating story line, especially with limited resources. In 360 degrees questing, will always be signs of ‘unhealthy relationship with greed”.

We try to let it play out, posturing with V.I.P ignorance’s, we are also programmed to give a wide berth to self-destructiveness, counterproductive, and counter-intuitiveness, and to spend every waking minute to search for, inventive and customary escape options.

Sometimes we wish we can escape instantly from other people or situations, we day dream of dematerializing and materializing in our comfort zone.

We choose associate and friends who are over qualified with no strings attached marionettes, to counterproductive interest, ignorance and inactions.

We start off playing compartmentalized twenty questions to see if there any sign of alignments, with our counterproductive mi ‘programing, but we are all highly skilled in the covert art of pretending and faking our state of being, we end up setting each other in long term personal brands of confusions.

When we are routinely duped into thinking all cylinders firing, only to be constantly stumped, over and over, by our propensity and counter programming to be professional pretenders, foils and snags again and again by D.C (disappointments creators).

“In the not too distant future” one sparky thunderous stormy day, when we counter intuitively try and customized our comfort zones, after all the newness runs out, we begin to realize we are just getting stuck with more of the multi-trillions of desensitized by-products. Bitterly suffering from the insurmountable collateral damage, from all our 360 degrees of overwhelming escalating counterproductive preoccupations, foiled again by personal brand of part of the escalating problem, systematic creating character x, besiege over a few good laughs, joy and endless pain and suffering, from loyal band of miserable friend-enemies supporters.

When the bitter-sweet-newness wears off, friendship for the most part are a too good to be true, usually multiclass of cultures, and has to have some level of, boundary issue’s, entitlement issues. We are often lump together and are constantly bombarded with each other hot and messy seeping personal brand of confusions, intermittingly and eventually sends us in a slapstick graveyard tailspin, once their hidden ego, real persona non grata surfaces.

In most cases ulterior motive entourage is fixated on each other’s weaknesses, as a form of escaping their own overwhelming “enclave of ignorance’s” conditioning, it’s always to late when we are caught up and are desperate, to run and hide from their own systematic confusions.

Friendship most of the time is mainly a secret long running conspiracy, a hotbed of pretenders, disappointing weak link monkey on our shoulder merger and sometimes vile acquisition with the usual friend-emies suspect lurking in our midst, with predictable obedience to chaos and mayhem, pretending to be the opposite of your true nature, often cloaked in systematic Brutus-mole-role-playing, with seeping inept passion for stating the obvious reckless critics, and twisted ulterior motivating vote of confidence.

Overlapping hell bent in circles that seemingly has an app for counter productiveness, swaying in crowds, with refined destructive instinct, and real serpentine motivation app to applying and testing the newly inventive limits of cutting edge counter-productivities, ignorance apps and inactions apps.

Most inner circles, has an indecent exposure hidden edge, buried with hidden agendas and ulterior motives, drench with a sneaky passion for being a professional with behind-back juicy gossips, trophy relations, and using confidential information against the one being set-up, usually an unsuspecting new comer, who disclose kindness and care.

These infamous time tested zombie systems were ubiquitously created as a sinister force that prospers of the fear and ignorance of others. Fear is the most expensive commodity in the world. Fear can be sold with multiple forms of open budgets, fear is under various other names, guise in all trading markets around the world.

Most of these duplicitous systems are designed to, use collusion elevate a small portion of societies, and in the same instance, rejecting and discombobulate most of the world’s population and leaving them well scarred and confused behind.

The leaders and loyal band of supporters of these morbid infrastructures, was mostly if not all was conjured up by nesting psychopaths, sadist, masochistic, sociopaths, narcissistic, etc. mind. People with these big seven untreated clinical issues are very easy to spot, identify, they are beyond drama prone, they have to remain super-glue to any and all instruments that promote high volumes of drama, conglomerates, example cell phone, online, texting, breaking news, inciting, automobile, aircraft, happy hours, after hours night clubs, gambling facilities, sport spectators, etc., eager to bring us breaking news most of the population, are unable to do anting about. It’s scare tactics, the truth is most people are mi’ programed to stay tuned to all form of news, which are the most sophisticated form of mi ‘ programing and condition us to fail. There are billions of people conditioned to seek out the news every day, which are incapable or to desensitize to, eager to help others. Calming and soothing activities can be used to weed out, a whole slew of clinical issues, drama proned, neurotic behaviors, etc.

Do the counterproductive math, which type of personality can flourish in chaos and mayhem. Media influence, is constantly wreaking have, and “eroding consumers trust”, with their secret naked advertisings.

Reminder these pandemic causing systems was legitimized from the atrocious usage of violent hostility, abuse, torture, etc. from doing their ruthless worst. Any system that had this bizarre false start can never amount to much good, or be the all-inclusive cure.

Our journey starts out most of the time pure, refreshing innocence’s, and with us having an ultra-sensitivity mind-set.

The brain via our senses is constantly exposed to an infinite number of numbing market intelligence, counterintuitive brainwashing, vile naked advertising, counterproductive conditioning, and very disturbing preprograming, all of which are relative to everything and everyone we are privileged, or not privilege to come in contact with.

From compound years of our brain exposure to, disturbing mind-set, misinformation, mi ‘education, misconception, etc., and everybody trying their own counterintuitive things. Our brain becomes an altered state, a couture glass menagerie polluted collector, and are destined for gross and wicked desensitizing twisted bitter ending.

We are mi’ programmed to desire more, to always be selfishly over reaching, get rich quick, contribute in causing the artic thaw. When we desire more, we are setting ourselves up for a tsunami of disappointments. Basically, we are always planting the seed of selfishness, and greed, systematically in everyone from billions of sources simultaneously. You are preprograming your mind to be super-greedy, and to have a dopamine fondness for newness. You are ordering our brain the super-computer, to help you acquire any and everything our heart desires. With these decease mind-set, everything will never be enough, we will always be, in a never satisfy state.

Newness most of the time is a fusion of chemical odor, tainted offerings, outsource manipulation of the misfortune, masking facts without extensive research in the propose harm it may cause, etc. opposing to when we desire less, our mine isn’t on overdrive in scheme mode, oblivious to our imposing factors. Slave ownership mentality never dissipated, it was easily transformed into the free market enterprise, and it took on new form and was allocated VIP status, all over the employers and employers sector the mediocre treatment from employer’s insensitive treatments towards the hire help resembles the plantation half of boss/ slave masters still exist. Most business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, etc. is operating on slave master mentality, new laws are playing catch-up centuries later, but could never catch-up to cunning side winders we have to depend on. Unless you are employ by the Japanese who employ for your entire life, or fortunate to be able to get certain z corporations, as boss that gives out 50k Christmas bonus and a few others unsung companies, people that are out there doing a wonderful job. Otherwise we are at the mercy of the ruthless, merciless, half-a-boss, with slave master mentality. Dirty low down and rotten scoundrel employers, inconsiderate, super-greedy, needy, and super-insensitive. Most people will jump at an opportunity to wheel counterproductive power.

Misconstrued power wheeling are subjecting us to be in a, can’t get right loops, and slews of others to their juvenile cunning ignorance’s. They are clueless to collective inner-networking respect. With ruthless pre-mind-set at management others business and property as if they are the owners. They has a deep ruthless desire to control nothingness, with a half-boss confused air, always ripe with disappointments.

Since the prime example of supreme all-inclusive (gem-ployers) offerings was introduce to the rest of the world. A utopia environment, fill with unlimited consideration, super-sensitivities, was set by the G.G.G. Corporation that offer endless star-studded-umbrella protection, for all their employees.

They had set the grand standard, on how to treat the co-workers, sense noble identity. Any business world-wide that hasn’t follow suit, make an effort, try to, are offering insensitive and diminish capacities to their employees, Google it and find out.

Instead of setting our minds, to the all-inclusive wonderful mind set level, to desire less, we are constantly being preprogramed to be super-greedy. What kind of world we are creating by preprograming everyone to desire more? Whatever perimeters we predetermines our mind to, “our mind will work diligent behind our back, if it’s need to get whatever our heart desire or need”. We can set our mind (brain) to anything and our brain will work nonstop to get it.

Our brain will use its last bit of energy to diligently accomplish those goals. When you tell your brain, it’s ok to lie, your brain, will start immediately “suspending disbeliefs”, Your brain will use its supercomputer power to start telling all shades of lies, and in an instance willing and able to provide cover lies, it will even conveniently invent an alternate reality for you. We gradually are becoming the lies we are telling, we start to belief some of the lies we tell, culminating into the sums of all of our lies.

When you tell your brain to stop lying, your brain will micro scrutinize and analyze every word and action, to make sure you don’t lie.

Most of us are programed with a very deep seated mistrust for the truth.

After just a short consistent time, the brain will then start to decipher all the lies in everything, all your preoccupations and continuities, and show you the absolute truth.

Using cover-up for anything other than accidents, are temporary relief. Make-up allows you have lifetime foundation of lies. Make up and play by your own personal set of disarming rules; it’s another form of separatist self-destructive game a setup for a grand fashionable downfall. All shades and tones of lies, plastic surgery, extensions, suggestive and seductive fashion, enhancing products, prerogative is another form of suspicion of disbelief, jewelry, grandstanding imagery, for vanity, except for the rules is medical and accident purpose otherwise is for super-liars, these are tricks of the trades, routinely use by lie professional, C.I, A operatives, spy’s, and deceptive intent, soul ambition is to attract wealth and curry favors.

By the time we realize our associates personal brands of can’t get right air, don’t align with ours royal can’t get right flair, it’s can be too late, we end up spending a long time trying to get them out our care and lairs. We are witnessing globally, the biggest class of mi’ programming.

Stay far and wide from mi’ programing, for they are the reason you want to run and hide. For a long time I use to toy with the notion that there are people who can drain or take away your energy. We all know that opposite attracts, kind and wonderful people, always would be wheeled in by their devious opposite. When you allow insensitive, greed, selfishness, psychopath, behavior, sociopaths, etc. into your psyche, you start to live on compromise energy, your persona, and all your energy starts to gradually go dark. Those people with dark energy just have to pass within a 20 foot radius to someone with clean and pure energy and they can compromise, or take away, drain most of your energy.

All public places are really conflicted zones, merging and herding minds with their own personal brands of counterintuitive, customs, tradition, and heritage is a recipe for present day challenges. High performance grand standing, our innate preprograming to eat dead foods, foods that have all their nutrient value cooked out. For employments, educations, entertainment, preoccupation, commuting, support systems, forming communities and societies.

In numerous cases our homes, work place, schools, neighborhoods, are filled with colliding and converging counter-productivity, counterintuitive conditioning, and ripe personal brand of confusions. Everyone is preoccupied and embattling counter productivity, constantly adding their own brand of disappointments into our continuity mix

As we age, fleeting experience and opportunities, we end up starting most conversation, with there was a time, rehashing glory days and the past challenges, realizing “it’s the worst of times” our capacity are recklessly diminished from disturbing conditioning, slow, suffocating forgotten and in the way of new trendier ignorance, careening with savvy high tech chaotic routines to trendier bitter ends. Entirely unprepared with the romantic ignorance notion, and advance the state of the art spin with renewed inactions in multigenerational shelve life.

Occupy the future, with all-inclusiveness, continuing normally as a virtual hotbed in bloom with everyone is enchanted trying their own counterintuitive thing. Head to head collision of circulating market self-destructive intelligence, we all know how it’s has to end. We would be conditioned ourselves into making the world flat. We are preprogramed to waste time tearing apart wonderful things and new and better concepts.

We only know serendipitous information, we only know what our parents let us know, our teachers, friends and associates know. Now adding the well-known fact, we are only able to only use less than ten percent of “our brain processing abilities, power”, these brain limitation are mainly due to, lack (insufficient raw nutrients) of daily vitals for sustaining both of our life force core. With all the others systematic depravities we are, preprogramed to fail. Our only natural course of actions is to find artificial counterintuitive a to z escapes, including suicide, people who are contemplating suicide are usually very ultra-sensitive individual who gets caught up in the counterproductive preprograming mix.

Anyone who wants to cure themselves, instead of seeking relief escape’s, would have to make a serious decision to remove all and every lies from our ways of life. These new refreshing steps will takes some measure of time. First and foremost, you must maintain a regiment of taking a serious amount of multivitamin supplement. Next step, you would have to start removing all lies. Once you began the cease and desist all lies, you would start to regain your sense of balance. Then you can begin the salvage and rescue process of your psyche. You also must present and reprogrammed your mind to desire less. Find wholesome routines and be part of the all-inclusive solution at all times.

Remember as time goes on haphazardly on by,

Counterproductive preprograming keeps us on a slippery slope everywhere,

It encompasses 360 degrees land, sea and sky,

Never to forget there was a time, you wore a counter-preprogramed smile, but now you’re truly free to see the truth where ever it appear.

“The creative process takes time” removing compound layers of lies we had received from nurturing, friends, associates, love interest, media, advertising, customs, tradition, heritage, etc. will be very difficult, but you will be truly rewarded with a treasure trove of heighten state e of being. Our systematic conditioning that is guaranteeing us to be set up for redundant endless disturbing disappointments.

The more compound our exposure to slapstick ignorance’s, counter-productive, and backlashing inaction. The harder it is to find escape from our high pace escalating colliding seeping discrepancies, and inconsistencies; we become silent consent, self-creating, of the ubiquitous “all-consuming void”. When you consider hospitals, and the medical industry, that started with a little bloodletting multi-century journey, that left a wake of endless casualty mishap, swept under their license. Another twisted irony, the Gatling gun was invented by none other than by a doctor, DR. Gatling. Most hospitals in most cases has every one coming in the same entrance, no matter healthy or sick. This isn’t another separatist concept but a contagion and a chance to reduce unnecessary exposure, not an exact science but an attempt for all-inclusive consideration. A hospital should have the most entrance it can create, separating us from exposing others with whatever our challenges are. For a very long time when people enter hospitals for simple procedures and if able to come out alive with serious illness, they routinely are using dangerous chemicals to clean. It’s also a place for staff with psychopaths, sociopaths, and tendencies etc., to flourish with ease. Airports have a great potential for spreading dangerous decease internationally. They couldn’t have a C.D.C located in every airport, pre-screen or passenger and all airport staff, every day before they work, that would be a serious weak link, and a recipe for disaster. Everyone must be pre-screen by a physician before going to the airport, as a passenger or a staff.

An ‘all-consuming void” created by mi’-preoccupations, mi’ perception, I’ interpretations, mi’ educations, twisted priorities, systems that are tapped into our insecurity and take full advantage, and counterproductive continuities. We then have, conditioning reflex, to choose wisely from, the “usual suspect systematic escapes”, the only escape venues available, has a lifelong repress connection with counterproductive, ignorance’s and gross inactions, escaping are relief farces. These are our inevitable rites of passage, for placating our ‘can’t get right heighten diminished state”. The types of escape we choose are relative to our level, and types of compound damages to our psyche.


Overall we are either suffering from, the missing equations, or the wrong ingredients. We are all mi’-programed into believing we are able to have control, when there are no such thing as control. It’s very easy to realize, when you come to the sensible realization, we can control our deaths and births, makes it obvious, we don’t have control. We can manage our existence, but our future is highly based on the collective intelligence of our planet, that set the pace of the, preordains.

By the time we start getting “ah ha moments”, we are in delirious and “stir crazy” in astute foetal position stupor, with trigger happy emotions clutching all nearest pharmacy information on speed dial. With a quizzical look on our face how did we get to these conditions? Wishing we can reconstruct where we went wrong, and a detour from the happily after or we could somehow time travel back to where it all started to go haywire. “All the kings’ people couldn’t put humpy dumpy back together again”.

We are all borne with a blank mind, a clean slate, and then we become collectors of market intelligence. Set out in an interactive world, with our brain recording and storing every stream of information and distractions, from the very first moment we enter the world courtesy of GLOBAL WOMEN; that are still being mistreated.

Everybody is trying, and doing are attempting their own personal brand of counterproductive thing. Our brain can easily programed to believe in anything, superstition, only reading one-book, any of the thousand creation theories, unsupported facts, endless nonsense, “our belly full but you are hungry” (super-greedy), ok to punish everyone for things that can be reverse no matter how severe the punishment, lies, violence, abusing others, hate crimes, to need rule and regulation, to be drama prone, to live happily in a gated community next to improvise neighborhoods. An in-depth study of gated communities, well to do residential neighborhood, etc.,., of the type of complains will give an insight to the self-disfiguring we are doing to ourselves, and each other’s, from following primitive ideas of success. With open invitations for all the brand new harmful finished products unscrupulous people are creating as you read. Everyone has their own personal brand of twisted priorities, most of them they has been nursemaid, since their childhood. “The lowest vilest alleys, do not present a more dreadful record of sin, than those in prominent dwelling.”

For many centuries it has be ok to waste brain storage cell filling your child’s head with Nancy stories, and a few cliché’, maxims, and expect that to be their guide, form during their most impression age.

It’s a global customs to teach your child useless nursery rhythms, instead of more of the useful information’s. Or create more of the handful of important nursery rhythms, for instance; the months of the year’s nursery rhythms.

Our fragile senses are always exposed, and colliding endless streams of counter-productivities, gross inactions, fashionable ignorance’s with others, and personal brand of acute “Neurotic-construct psychosis of our primitive mind set”.

Our brain in many cases one of the most important fragile part of our biological make-up, and is a limited time offer.

Our senses naked at all times, 247, anyone can highjack our fragile senses, and input virus, of upload Trojan horse, trigger words, sights and sounds triggering jingles, advertisers has being doing it for years. Our mind can easily get seduce, and lock to songs, catch phrases, bad habits, and market intelligence. Some of our brain is mi’ programmed to make us say anything to survive, as though we can control the, preordain.

However in a strange bizarre twist, we are routinely subjecting our most delicate organ our brain, to ground zero conditioning, plethora’s with extreme disturbing contaminants. We routinely expose our brain to knowingly damaging situations, disturbing mind-set, poor environmental condition, friendly-sinking-ship, lies, people who decided to go dark and eventually sinister.

Some people who willingly decided to stop learning, the minute you decide to stop learning, that’s the minute you had decide to remain part of the problem, Fait accompli.

Our brain is a super computer, and should be handled with extreme care at all times. Every second our brain is collecting, storing and analyzing information’s. Our mind is the ultimate super computer that works twenty four of the night, and day. That has a super-great eagerness to please, and get us whatever our heart’s desire.

Our super-computer brain (mind) is always working diligently to acquire any and all our predispose needs, our brain has predilection to our every whim, and it use any means necessary to acquire our propensities, no matter how dangerous they are for us.

You name it, and our brain will get it for us. Whatever marginal levels you allow your brain to use; our brain can conform to it, any and all brain settings. Most of our minds are bent on issuing punishments and getting retribution after the irreversible facts.

Our brain can be highly trained to use covert measures, devious tricks, conniving, or respectable, etc., or our brain can be set on the wonderful highest brain setting; which are the all-inclusive collective mind-set. Our brain can be pre-set to be “the good the bad or the ugly” brain setting, which setting is your brain set on?

How do we get caught in a brain shift into unknowingly becoming a hot sticky mess?

The brain perimeters are monitored and regulated by gateway thresholds advancement. We can gradually cross over into too many gateway thresholds. Our innocent remain intact as long we don’t cross the primary set of gateway threshold. Which are lies, vile joke, selfishness, greed, and entitlement issues? When we decide to change our destructive pattern of exposing our brain to counterintuitive environments, we have to quarantine our brain from exposure to harmful environments or persons not of conducive interest.

We are programmed from the beginning to become well tamed into an adhesive to “can’t get right intense stupor”. We are duped systematically into pretending to search for the elusive truth, amassing covert self-preservation shield all the while telling all shades, and volumes of lies. Most of us are suffering from an overload of unnecessary disappointments. Instead of preventive intelligence, we are programmed to rely on aftermath cohesive contingency solutions, basically we are all ingrained with a one size fits all limitations.

We are programmed to react with our garden variety of ignorance, aggressively and sometimes barbaric to others who cause us any of the infinite amounts of accidents, we can cause each other’s. And condition to take out our disappointments and bad days on others. As if we don’t make mistake, we take a high counter-intuitive road, an ignorant opportunity to do our worst to others, most of the time is due to a serious lack of daily vitals. We are programmed to lie to ourselves, and rationalize with ourselves and exaggerate to others we are good people, lairs lie about everything. How many acts of kindness do you do in a day, that doesn’t ha an ulterior motive behind it?

Lies are a fatal disease, a virus, a plague that spread on contact, it’s also airborne, gradually morphing and mutating us towards the “can’t get right” preposterous air, tainting everything, and everyone around us. We are constantly getting preprogramed with fathomless twisted facts, and hefty portions of unnecessary fear, clouding all our judgments. Fear is the most profitable game in town, there is big profit in crying wolf.

Culminating into a lifetime, faded youth and sensitivity, passive neglects, and fill with the highly regretful devious journey. Depraved mudslinging “inner child chemical perception”, “self-promoting quack”, unstable amateur, swapping crazy talk, weird attachment for breaking news, this just in; cuckoo for lies, and we also have an innate propensity for overly distracted drama.

We develop standard issue counterproductive dastardly sarcastic edgy personalities, and naturally become gluten for punishment. Roasting with anger and morbid hostility, a delirious burnout ticking time bomb, that trying in vain to recapture the glory days.[
**]We become counterproductive over-achievers, with relentless pursuit of counterintuitive excellence. We start of in the beginning of life ultra-sensitive, we gradually neglect our innocence to a disturbing point where, we lost it wholesome and purity magic, we mutate into ultra-insensitive.

Eventually we end up being self-terrorizing, self-destructive, with seeping glamorous ignorance. We are systematically preprogramed become engulfed in designers chaos, soliciting second-hand unsubstantiated advice. Counterproductive preprograming gauntlet and lack of daily vitals to support both of our life forces are the biggest threat to our very promising evolution.

Lie’s compromise and engulf everything all around us. Only the complete truth can set your mind free. Lies and a series of our counter preprograming are, constantly limiting the scope of our ability. Each stream of these unnecessary inhibitors is keeping us from unlocking our true biological potential and capabilities.

All of us are juggling, and are constantly getting snared with endless contributing factors that are limiting our “brain processing powers. Some causes us to trapped in paradoxical nightmare, always asking why me, self-imprisoned. Our primitive custom is to filled every child with disinformation’s during their most impression ate years, with personal brands of old wise tales, useless song lines, sequels of trending fantasies, and b7 originated cliché’s. invent new forms of fictitious trends, our limitation are held target for brinkmanship’s, and recriminations, that are unravelling our psychic causing us to desperately seeking out the latest trending forms of escapes, Nancy stories, moral issues, all shades of lies and cover lies, all taking up valuable space in our brain. We are stalking things that are not good for us, trying fit into counterproductive systems and preoccupations, these all serious waste of energy, hampering and are distracting us from using more of our “brain processing power”. Calculate in for many generations we have been cooking out most and sometimes all of our daily vitals from our foods, in the twisted, bitter end, we are eating dead food (foods with no nutritional values).

The most of the missing life lessons, and the list of things that are inhibiting our super capabilities can be found in the F.R.A.U.D.U.L.E.N.T.G.A.P.S.V.O.I.D.S.

Classic borderline gateways personality.

Neglecting your innocents, Lies, laughing at others short comings, selfishness, eating cooked (dead) foods, greediness, sorry professional, professional begging gossiping, love free things, untreated clinical issues, lack of daily vitals, stealing, objectifying the opposite sex, hunting, fishing, insect killers, abuse animals, hostility, impulse buying, news lovers, love to put on a public image, love dressing up, living outside means, freeloaders, borrows things and don’t return them, use ulterior motives, love to use angles, not straight forward, conquest issues, aggressively training pets, chaining up pets and other cruelties, egotistical, believe in punishing people, believe in revenge, reckless, don’t leave things better than they found it, not accommodating to others, minimalist, not accountable for their wrong doings, hurt everything and everyone around them, materialistic, desire more, possessive, obsessive, disrupt others confusions, loud, prone to drama, money hungry, ridicule and mistreatment of others, disturbing jokes, promoting fear tactics, hard luck story professional, using make-up (except for accident victims) decided to stop learning, send mix signals, needy, pretenders, professional use of eyes, lips, hair and other parts of their anatomy, suggestive fashion, image monster, make believers, pretenders, lower back tattoo ( and FTW, MOE, and other tattoo’s, etc. )prolong hunger for gossip, manipulative tactics, judging people on appearance, vindictive, competiveness, restless nature, insensitive, cheaters, cheap, critic, conspirer, get others to do their bidding, aggressive, part of the problem, twisted priority, not eager to please, herding mentality, crab in a basket mentality, sees the world as a battle field, don’t think there is anything wrong with the world, control freak, power hungry, half a boss, untreated obsessive compulsiveness, love to do their worst to everything and everyone around them, self-absorbed, insecure, love making empty promises, ungrateful, love giving people meager offerings, believe in stupid-stitch ions, believing in myths, believing in unproven facts, haven’t separated truth from fictions, dirty jokes, hazing, stalking, untreated border line personality, twisted values, inflammatory comments, desperate mind set, ruthless ambitions, counterproductive preprograming.

When we aren’t using all-inclusive thinking, and all-inclusive thought process, we are creating a detached-self-limitations and disturbing global impact, blocking our own self, and keeping those around us from most of our entire realities. Without all-inclusive thought process, we putting on self-destructive blinders, extending the naked distance to enlightenment.

Operating on the thresholds of gateways.

Always have a hidden agenda, abusive, confrontational, propensity towards violence, love to fight, insensitive, self-absorb, self-destructive, full of hate, racist, life of the party types, attention monster, bride-Zilla, use people, part of the problem, no accountability for their actions, belief they are better than others, jealousy nature, grand standing, bullying, always expressing of dominance, aggressive social climbing, using preferable features to gain success, disregard for their true passion, love money, aggression junky, risk taker, adrenaline junky, speed junkie, insensitive drivers, those who throw fruit seeds in the garbage instead of some place where it has a decent chance to grow, those who discard water bottle with water in it in the garbage bin instead of throw the remaining water on the nearest vegetation or tree, no longer ultra-sensitive, love cursing, unaware of their imposing factors, freeloaders, control freak, trying to get more out of situation than the situation is allowing, prefer people to move out of their way than walk around, love operating with a just a little knowledge, love punishing people, love seeking revenge, love retaliation, saboteur, secretive, sadist, repeat mistakes, engaging personality, identity crisis, prefer artificial instead of natural environments, objectifying women, pretentiousness, rude treatment to others, love disappointing others, hypocrite, can easily turn on pretend impaired senses, flashlight smile’s professionals, have blinders on, loyal to the standard operating counter-productive procedures, nicknaming others, groupie, fortune groupie, vile joke tellers, alcoholic, gambler, mean-spirited, boasters, gossiping, recklessly opinionated, substance abuse, cigarette smoking, anger issues, power hungry, counter-productive preprograming.

In the gateway/underworld green room.

Stealing, cheating, pickpocketing, fraud, grifters, entitlement issues, likes to take advantage, preys on people weakness, willing to do almost anything for money, live outside their financial means, can be trusted, politician, weapon carrier and enthusiasts, love giving people bad news, detached personality, not prepare for the worst, profit making monster, their belly full but they are hungry, self-centered, admiring others possession, disregard for carbon footprint, wants to be rich while the rest of the world is struggling, drug addict, drink and drive, “use violence to solve their problems”, offering a poor version of ourselves to others and the universe, dirty tricks users, over indulges in the wrong things, mistake kindness for weakness, often replaces one delusion with another, play a major role in contribution to the delinquency of the universe, desensitize, ultra insensitive, hate issues, psychopathic tendencies, smoking, drinking, materialistic,

VIP reservation and members of underworld,

Walking crime spree, money hungry, anything goes, money by any and all means necessary, invest in calamity, toxic personality, psychopath, sadist, narcissistic, sociopath, etc.

Pondering how did we reach the panicle, fill with cynical retributions that gradually cause us to crack with complete fractured psychosis, and eventually go dark. We all are force fed counter protectiveness and counter-intuitivism. We are all mi’ programed to depend on counter-productiveness. Misinformation’s, the unnecessary, misinterpretation, misconceptions, disinformation, etc., has always been molding us into a distorted aberration of our true potential.

We are constantly sinking lower than we ever sunk before, offering relief and never solving the underline problems, challenges, and crisis. Most of the world nations don’t teach signing for the impaired in schools, or any special treatment for the world’s impair population, it has been a long running tradition to leave impair, poor, weak, indifference behind.

We are programmed to abandon others in their moments of special needs. Successful people who experience financial down turn, experience all their love interest and close friends that comes with status, has a sort of six sense, enabling them to abandon them short time before, the misfortune strike.

At any giving second, most of the worlds recognize, and unrecognized countries, all are broken and crooked iron fist systems. In the name of protection, most of the world’s countries’ are paying to teach minds to learn their worst, from the dawn of civilizations and before, too many people are routinely being highly trained to kill, maim, and humiliate other people, from billions of agencies, that are in, “the service of violence.”

Add in all the multibillions of people with military, law enforcements and secret elite agencies, most with open budgets, culminating into up close and present challenges, crisis and dangers.

On the other slapstick note, they are wasting enormous resources, on farce research on why the world is facing escalating aggression, violence and abusiveness. Our best course of all-inclusive actions is to desperately teach the seven and almost a half of billion people how to be all-inclusive and with a collective mind set. Instead of have most of them following blindly well documented miserably fail very disturbing systems.



“Laws are straws, in the hand of the omnipotent, and resources, and influences.”

Crime and punishments in-depth analysis, and unusual disturbing findings:

Criminal investigation of all the centuries.

The justice systems life’s missions is to be scampering fuzzy defected libelous and defamatory forms, and has been steering the masses and our world to do their worst.

Crime and punishments, and revenge, is a grand farce, and placating the world’s populations, by treating the symptoms and not addressing the main causes. Crime and punishment, are mistreating us.

Justice systems has us relying on insurmountable empty aftermath contingencies, and empty promises. Crime and punishment has been crude from its Dark Age inceptions. It’s the epiphany of troglodyte’s primitive inaction. In no circumstances, we can use negative response, to solve negative acts. Revenge is juvenile, it require us summoning hate, mustering aggressions, and playing with violence, these are all primitive traits we are using to solve challenges, allowing free reign to progress.

Hate, aggression, violence, punishment, revenge, is a never ending primitive game that activate our mind to stay active plotting, hating, distracted, and deceptive, with subplots, preparing a cold dish. Its futile trying to exact accountability for past events, when unfavorable events occurs, their nothing we can do to reverse, unfavorable actions, take it from there, implementing all inclusive, and collective forethought.

Current crime and punishments offers too much room anonymities, therefore we are self-creators of our own downfalls, self-creating prime morbid conditions for revenges, backlashes, and terrorist enthusiasms.

Lumping various, alleged questionable levels of consciousness, and it’s whales, and placing them in close tight quarters pollution fest to sail, in captive audiences spinning conniving yarns and tall tales, night and day snails, is like spitting into hurricane gale wind, it certainly wouldn’t be in the best interest of evolution.

A terrorist is anyone, who don’t use all-inclusive ness, awareness, considerations and solutions, in every step of their existence, anything short of this, are goose missteps.


The perfect demonstration of non-collective, all-inclusive forethought, and the royal one size fits all primitive demonstration, on how to create entropy, recidivism.

Crime and punishments, and it’s promoters, was obviously conjured by all that fly over and under the cuckoo nest, and are still being maintain, by those, promoting our collective divide.




[[institutions, jails, prisons, etc., offers it’s unrest residents, fast track, face pace, 24 hours a day, AND night, a grand arena’s of, derange perceptions, imposing disturbing minds, those risk life, limb, and confinement, twisted following the money, intangible business brainwashing, hate, meltdowns, aggression, and most IMPORTANTLY DURESS from the deeply disturb minds of all the staffs, “ dark age systems of tar and feather,”
willing and able to mistreat people following the money. mostly dark information, from those putting up a front, grandstanding,]]

crouching greedy, hidden agenda’s




a bizarre catch 22, enigma, justice systems, are able to produce endless people, willing to be police, agents, spy’s, correction officers, staffs, and able to be more dangerous that offenders, that commit the most heinous, and unspeakable acts, for money, a paycheck.

furthermore; stringent arbitrary overlooking of horoscope science of matching and unmatched personality, pose a definite amount of challenges, and unnecessary conflicts, should be a basic elementary, offering to any capture audience, a simple all-inclusive offer of respect, otherwise it’s deemed cruel brutal and unusual punishments.

this is why a global call of volunteering action, for an upfront horoscope transparency, is warranted. a new global movement, every wearing couture birth signs, avoiding primitive personalities clashes. ALL JUSTICE SYSTEMS ENCORAGE UNBRIDLED FEAR THAT CAN MAKE AN OFFENDER IN DOUBLE JEOPARDY. THE ENTIRE JUSTICE OPERATION HAS ALWAYS BEEN BACKWARDS.THE ENTIRER JUSTICE SYSTEMS, HAS ALWAYS BEEN SETTING, ALL OF THE PRIME CONDITIONS FOR NEGATIVE PROGRESSION, OF ALL TYPES OF EXTREME MI’S BEHAVIORS.


Punishments, and revenge, is a grand farce, and placating empty aftermath contingencies. Crude and primitive inaction use as relief, instead of root causes. In no circumstances, we can use negative response to solve negative acts.

Hate, aggression, violence, punishment, revenge, is a never ending primitive game, that activate our mind to stay active plotting, hating, distracted, deceptive, with subplots, preparing a cold dish. Its futile trying to exact accountability for past events, when unfavorable events occurs, their nothing we can do to reverse, unfavorable actions, take it from there, implementing all inclusive, and collective forethought





Please tell me again, why WE WOULD want to put any allege, offenders, criminals, or our most heinous alleged convicted criminals, congregating in close QUARTERS. Out of sight, and out of mind, HIDDEN from any international communities, together in the same confined space? THIS IS definite one, for the primitive books, it seems throughout the history of three stooge crime and abbot, and Costello, and keystone cop punishment, any slapstick overnight schemes, please the law abiding courts.

dream scheming team

institution, jails, detainee centers, etc., is the ultimate places to conjure up every ill-conceivable schemes.

With old dark age crime and counterproductive punishment in justice systems, people who commit the most heinous crime can do their time hardening their trade, or diverse amount of trades a virtual convention, workshop, hotbeds’, of criminal experiences, inter-promotions of criminal life experience.

At the end of their convention, they shed their prison clothing and blend back into our societies, as though nothing had happen, blend in to our world population, with all type of mental hygiene scars, broken, and disfigured for life, from unnecessary cruel and unusual punishments, duress, and expansion.

Unbeknownst they had join the ranks of intangible threat, or vindictive, harboring, resentment, and retaliation, being subjected to the primitive cruel and unusual punishing justice systems. Justice systems has been setting up communities, to be blindsided, and unnecessarily susceptible to unfathomable blow backs.

The new all-inclusive collective evolution new rehabilitating transparency system.

Heinous acts would require a public display of special signifying insignia.

“justice should always be public.“ Offenders would be required to wear new refreshing screaming nights/day Glow fashion, and remain in public.

Everyone can would have a sudden burst of transparency opportunity. The length of time, and type of offence, would be display publically at all time. The offenders insignia is required at all times, warning, the public of their offense, and a chance for the public to document their faces would be extended, everyone will be aware of a person’s offences.

These new all-inclusive concept, are design to, afford the innocent decent chance and opportunity to face their challenges. An all-inclusive system protect the public and those who ends up, “in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and you can catch a crime”. With a reasonable design and manner to handle the innocent offenders.

With these new crime watch wear-gear, once you are charge with a crime, an insignia is associate with your identification, contact, phone, etc., notifying the public of the types of defendants that are at large.






The decaying putrescence carrion plague bacillus ineffable justice systems, they are the ultimate “tarring of our continuities and feathering crime’s”. we has been mi ‘programed, and regularly duped into believing, our global justice systems are a cure, when all evidence points to it, setting the prime conditions for crime flourish with ease, under the cover of wasted open budgets.

I am going to let the endless recorded facts show, and prove all of our global justice systems, is really longest running crime scene, and the main ones who are aiding and abetting, recklessly using open budgets to create and protect crime’s. when in fact they are reunite and joining people to cause more harm to the world, the justice systems provide the avenues for alleged offenders to get pick of the litter crime-mate’s, partners in crime. These injustice global justice systems are systemic scene of the crimes against all Hu personalities.

They has been running and aiding and abetting, are the sole inventors of endless trump-upcharges, and indubitably orchestrating a multi-century world-wide terror campaign.






The world population and all GLOBAL justice systems have to be seriously rethink, our dark age fossilize customs of locking up offenders and throwing the keys for offenders who commits the garden varieties of crimes and even the most unspeakable and heinous acts. Letting the incumbent to control the new system, would similar to the system of tar and feather. Global correction systems should at the very least, had a decent cash rewarding systems for every book an inmate read, and bonus for any invaluable academic books.

It may not be in the best interest of the victim’s families, world’s population to use out of sight out of mind correction and rehabilitation concepts, or not in my back yard mentality. It’s similar to shoot first and ask question later, the target of the arsenals of ammunition would undoubtedly be the world’s population.

A new vibrant consensus is to keep the offenders in plain sight, without the ability, and space to congregate with other prisoners. Reduce crime a trillion fold. The ultimate compassionate grounds would be, out in the open with screaming day-glow clothing and demarcating devices, the offenders would be in constantly subjected to the scrutinizes, and sighting range of the victims’ families, and the rest of the world, everyone in the community would have firsthand knowledge of the type of offence the offender was convicted of, from the insignia markings. Instead of the Dark Age customs of doing time in secrets, only a limited access to type of crime offenders had committed against the world. Innocent people wouldn’t be subjected to the gruesome trauma of being lock up with the ruthless guilty offenders.







BY CREATING AN ALL-INCLUSIVE, CRIME AND FUTURISTIC ADJUSTMENT (PUNISHMENT IS REALLY REVENGE BY ANOTHER NAME) COLLECTIVE PLATFORM, THAT WILL SIMPLIFY EVERYONE’S LIFE’S. All justice systems, “keep offenders lock-up, an away from the world progressions, and then release them later on in the a world that had long since left them behind, they now has to play catch up to advancements, trends and other very important occurrences and developments.”

Current cryogenic maliciously calculating ruthlessly scheming reasons and accountabilities. The justice systems are a misanthrope convention catatonic subservient to the rich, full of covert operative highly skilled in shadow ops armed to the teeth, grandmaster at concealing unlimited evidence of injustice, professional at discrediting, and burying evidence, legist rations, executive, judicial, and multiple staff misconduct (how many laws was pass from justice misconduct) crime and punishment should be renamed, to its proper name crime and counterproductive punishment. Hosting the Dark Age eye for eye barbaric negligence using hate, violence, punishment complexes’, aggression, and negative force to try and make an attempt at doing good. There could never be one drop of negativity in the genuine article of the goodness process.

All the evidence and statistic is showing that our injustice system never worked, it worked in the opposite way as freewill escalate plague, and an open budget funded promoter to let hate flourish and aid and abetting in create extra crime, unnecessary adversities. There are “growing evidence of abuse in justice systems and public mistrust.”

Lawyers and prosecutors creed, discredit all witness by any means necessary, bury the evidence, make sure we get promotion or payment, all client are innocent until proven guilty of being broke.

Our current crime and counter intuitive punishment has a symbiotic elite relationship with crime, and is the primary cause and effect, the VIP, lifestyle of the rich and infamous promoter for additional and unnecessary chaos and mayhem. The injustice systems is the ultimate and prime example of centuries of, ”doing the same disturbing thing, all the while expecting different results”. The irony here the justice system, prime source of employees comes from the ultimate separatist system, the bar association, the name says it all. Another real irony about the bar association, you don’t need a license to practice law; certain law school give you separatist status.

The main theory behind the current injustice system, it is a project that has been failing miserably, and was obviously ultimately design by insensitive, counter-productive hungry rich. The justice systems and government is the people with these tendencies, and untreated severe illness, anarchist, sociopathic, narcissistic, sadist psychopaths, etc., to hide and flourish with ease, and conjure up” the estrange fruit” a seriously unbalance and disproportionate system that can, pretend to “exact some measure of, aftermath purposeless revenge, with ulterior open budgets motives, and design a ridiculous counterintuitive punishment systems”, or oppose to preventative all-inclusive measures. They called it; justice; which primary meaning is a behavior or treatment, leaving room for an onslaught of acquire disturbing prefix.


Willfully orchestrating the overwhelming breathing mutative by-products of prison matters, from constant subjecting to poor environments to be contaminated, only to be released back into all communities around the world, suffering from P.P.T.S.D, from exploring the cryogenics dark side of Hu personality.

The irony here is most of our schedule threats, the world is facing, and would be facing in the not too distant future, has some sort of justice system connection and origins. The justice systems is a parasite that keeps us in constant missteps, every time we take two steps forward, the justice systems brings us two steps backwards. What some of the prison escape was use as a ploy to induce fear, and gain political advancement?.

Current crime and counterproductive punishments, are subjecting the whole worlds of nations and all their people to environment breathing hostile behaviors that always have been spilling into every aspect of our continuities.

The justice systems encourages disturbing conditions, special treatment, punishment and endless hate the poor and misfortune. The entire justice system is the bad guys and dolls, they are the usual suspect license to be arm and menacing, invent profiling. The justice system kept a firm handle protecting slave masters treatments and malicious slave treatment towards the entire African American population and the American Indians for more than half a century after abolishing and eminent domain war on Indians.

The world has been systematically separating themselves from, “judgment proof”, the poor, misfortune, etc. Ironically, use them as sub-servants; the elite is taught from a very early age, they must not talk to the hired help.

When the counterintuitive disturbing elite have a problem they are systematically taught to bypass the hired help, and go straight to their co-conspirators, conspiring and aspirating managements that are systematically condition to “contribute to the delinquency of the universe”.

Our so called justice systems; has no consideration to the trillions of collateral damages it caused, and oblivious to all of its own incompetent setting the prime conditions ubiquitously to create unnecessary chaos. Injustice systems are just well-known ma and pa commercial business that was insensitively overlook high speed disasters, available to be manipulate to favor, buy those who can afford it, for centuries no one had seen, anything wrong with that. Our world is constantly moving in space, inside continuity has to be moving at a constant 24 hours a day and night, 7 days a week, all the while all of the global justice systems are stuck in a defective 730, backward crawl.

Therefore, we can honestly say that prisons, jails and all institutions are a conniving population control for the poor and misfortune people. Correction is nothing but, observer play, and mastering convenience for illicit trades, and networking therapy.

Our global current crime and punishment botched systems are solely responsible for creating, and spawning the ultimate “super-villains”. With the injustice systems grandstanding, mocking, and sardonic “who is guarding the guards reject smirks”, counter-productive paradox, gloating ruthless aggressions, grooming unshakeable ruthless disposition in the false premise of protect and serve, with above the law putrescence untouchable and exculpatory air.

All justice systems, boast about standing behind the truth, operating solely on a small part of the whole truth. Truth can only be utilized; use in an all-inclusive fashion, anything else compromises the integrity of truth. The real truth all justice systems failed miserably. They are a tragic display of {“doing the same counterproductive thing, while expecting different results”. Justice systems are a viper nest of fallacy, super-mega waste of countless open budgets. All justice systems are teeming unnecessary collateral damages, backlashing master-plan, part of the problem lies, these “legal justice systems” are motivated by wealth, promoting calamities. Justice systems are living primitive proof, of how detrimental it can be, when we follow blindly ruthless systems that was hatch, or spawned in the dark ages, there aren’t a lot of conducive trends, beliefs, customs, etc. that came to light from the dark ages that haven’t create their share of unnecessary causalities, and terrorist affliction. During the dark ages, any kind of indifference could cost you your life. And since then they have had globally waste multi-trillions of trees that was turned into paper, for our global various justice systems to use to set us up to fail.

Justice systems were hatched when our ancestral fear and ignorance was heightened. Justice systems are ruthlessly insensitive, and guilty from its inception of creating, unbearable cultural insanities, prison trauma’s, and over 90 trillion unnecessary crimes.

The justice systems “Should run credit, it is a wrap”. The present justice system is designed to create extreme recidivisms, support endless, broken minded law freaks, injustice lunatics, and promote lawlessness. Relentless exculpatory evidence’s, are everywhere, proving they are over-achievers in causing ruthless harm, and injustice’s, turning blind eyes, opportunist, wrong hands, turning impaired ears, and all the while subjecting the entire planet to deceptive conditions. ” When solutions are creating more problem than it’s solving”, we must find the all-inclusive solutions. Our current justice system, rather injustice systems, isn’t “is contributing endless nothing to the richness of our continuities”. This is what happens, when you have ubiquitous omnipotent systems; run and rule by trigger happy iron clenched fist by, detached, desensitized, getting numb and number, recent acknowledgement pressing need of step by step psychological over sight only proof the severity of the self-creator of unnecessary problem, and the insurmountable collateral pass damages and the other countries around the world still playing catch-up, that hasn’t implement psychological seeping issues preventative protocol that are plaguing, “people in the service of violence” volunteers for. Every waking and sometimes dreaming minute and even seconds on the job that can mutate a normal person into perverse addiction to violating others and inflicting unadulterated wickedness. “People that are in the service of violence”, easily become accustom to violating and using gruff intrusions, into strangers life, are a rare part of the problem breeds. Violating others in all, and any form, is extreme progressive psychosis, and is the key gateway threshold; to having a fondness and affection to develop and manicure abusive behavior’s, and a drama prone syndrome.



To; ABDICATE, and use the new, pre-crime intelligence, and the All-inclusive Futuristic crime, and punishment solution.

Lustitia fundamentum hostis humani generis”

A legal motion to cease, and desist all global current method of crime and counterproductive punishment that has proven time after time, it is the V.I.P fruit of the poisonous trees, justice is really synonymous with injustice, responsible for creating a major amount of crimes and the creation of super-villains, justice systems are libel for most of the countless global atrocities. Failure to cease and desist will result in a global class action suit. (“lex hostis humani generis, fumus boni iuris”)

Writ habeas, corpus ad subjicien (dum)”

Faber est quisque fortunae suae

The most corrupt state has the most laws”,

And the most entrapments

When the injustice system don’t have crime to fight, they routinely go to poor neighborhood, seek out people “who are suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” and entrap seduce our compromise senses, with top brands most people know all the top brands, top artist, most famous, the best of the best making them numb and suffering from a separatist complex. Justice systems use open budgets, deceptive arsenals, clandestine might, Ludacris insensitivity and treasure trove of lies to manufacture crime, to smite, disuse use of the misfortune into committing more crime, never a wealthy suburb, or gated community. Greed is a very serious decease and a handicap (see fraud gap of the throw seeds/cloning project).we are all preprogramed to be entrap by Cromitie syndrome.

At the same time poor, misfortune, etc. are being condition to think they have less when in a lot cases they have more, meaning you ever seen a poor person jumping from wall street windows from lack of funds. One of the main secret of life is to desire less. When your mind is set on super-greed mode, you could never get enough. Most wealth is accumulated at the expense of others

We are condition to know the fortune 500 hundred corporations instead of the fortune 500 fortuneless companies. Respect wealth, be Oscar awarding actors, dress to impress, most of us are highly trained in the fine art of concealments, those who are always well composed, is usually our worst nightmare, professional deceivers, the suit and high fashion, fanciness are used to, hide the truth and as a covert distraction ploy, how could clothing immediately give respectably? Fancy clothing can give us instant gratification and respectability, only if we has been condition poorly to judge a person by their appearance. Love is a whole circle, when we love part of the circle, the rest, naturally is replaced with hate. In the same disturbing mindset, you would have had been condition to hate us dishevels, the poor, misfortunate, etc. there are many building and government, that bar people who aren’t dress up, they are encouraging false presentations. Most crimes are committed by well dress, the world’s population are highly trained to bar and keep a scrutinizing eye on, the disheveled, the poor and the misfortunates.

Then we have to start judging a book by its cover”, if that case, you probably wouldn’t be reading this literature four wall. High fashion is a clandestine gear commits fathomless treachery and displaying illusion of prosperities, and grandeur, teeming with ulterior motives and secret agendas public shows. Presentation complexes, are a major part of our self-destruction circles, along with beauty contest, pageantry, and endless bizarre mi’ programing in the name of counterproductive prosperity and the pursuit dark excellence. When we have contest, pageants, model selections, preferably treatments for the tall people, we are generally, separating, showering one part of the population, and spreading endless dividing line’s, setting condition for self-hate and encouraging preferred treatment’s, a global hate spreading campaign. Most our world are deranged and driven by contest and awards, plagues, medal’s, etc., when you have an award complex, or self-worth anxiety, just go to the same store and purchase them.

For countless centuries we has being, conditioning, brainwashed, into always respecting the hostess with the most-ess, from the royal families, leaders, etc. we have many disturbing and unsettling mi’ programing and counterintuitive conditioning, it’s normal for us to, “put things on a pedestals and then turn around and try and reach them”. We are routinely getting hardwiring for the quick fix, finish damaging products, instead of the cure. We are conditioned to do our worst instead of our best, an all-inclusive mindset. Poor usages of our mindset, will always cause us to go cryogenics dark.

Crime escalation theory”, the justice systems are one giant interconnecting poisonous Petrified Forest, with putrescence fruits, for the misfortune.

Defense is only based on a defendant’s reasonable doubt of financial position. This is prejudicial, and a violation of equal rights.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes”

Who are guarding our guards and law enforcements?”

Pede poena claudo”

si peccasse negamus fallimar et nulla est in nobis veritas”


If the justice system “is not growing, we know what happens to things that stop growing. WHEN SOMETHING IS NOT GROWING, it’s most likely and probably dying”.

The justices system tap into our darkest and deepest fears and are constantly manipulating us by don’t their utmost worst.

From our historic timelines our world was, and always be run by three groups, the churches, the military, and the justice systems.

Justice system is not added to the fabric of society, is constantly taking away from it.

Institutions, jails, and prisons are deliberately bragging, boasting and grandstanding, they are subjecting offenders to the worst conditioning, they are a breeding ground of every ill concealable deceases and P, P.T.S.D. (Prison post-traumatic stress disorder) that are ending back in all global communities, offenders has enough time in close quarters to be infected. Most prisons are using a great deal of secret population control arsenal. We can surely bet a lot of secret societies cloak aura, are in cahoots, doing their worst under the cover of darkness. Anyone with underhand intentions can supply the global prison. Spiking the inmate’s beverage is customary, to make sure that their prison population remains sterile, is common knowledge. They are encouraging any unscreened disturbing individual with insensitive, psychopath intention are allowed to work in the kitchen. How can any of this be any good for societies around the world? Most of our global justice systems are designed to get you lost, and change into becoming and developing your worst mindset. Most of the world’s population knows practically all of our various systems is crooked, but we are preprogrammed into silent consent, and doing anything about it. We turn blind eyes and procreate, inadvertently exposing our pride and joy to systematic mediocrity.

Mens Sana in corpore sano “

The justice systems are constantly careening us into “can’t get right paradox abyss”; that are being improved upon, by renewable ignorance, ubiquitously perpetrated by our global off the reservation justice systems. Justice system is a placating reprehensive double standard farce that is saying business in front, atrocity party in the back.

These systems that form under the cover of secrecies and behind closed doors that are defending with individuals armed to the teeth. This system was formed by our war hungry sexist ancestor who believed in slavery and Women are second class citizen, and a long list of other bizarreness.

We spend a lot time editing their primitive inaction. But after all is said and done, the most lethal corruption, creating system, is firmly in place, controlled by people wearing robes. The judge’s robes are a Dark Age symbol, of the elite, secrecy and cover up, “business in the front party in the back”.

Justice systems have countless high strung regimes that ready to adjudicate, and ready, able and willing to fight to the death to defend the rotten system.

[* Anything that creates, or started in secrecies, can’t be all- inclusive. Without a doubt be any good for the public. *]

No offender in the whole history of the justice system was tested to see whether not they had their full optimum daily vital for sustaining both of their busy bee life force. Sound mind and body, mental proficiency must be the prerequisite, before undertaking any form of help. Anything else we are aiding and abetting, perpetrating a fraud, and contributing to the delinquency of the Hu person race. In in order to maintain purity, one must have their total daily vitals, for sustaining both life force in order to proceed in the preservation of all-inclusive justice, and during all phases of implementing the letter of said: law.

New line of defense; If we are Lack of the full scope of our essential daily vital for sustaining both life force, then we are not of sound mind and body we must be deemed a handicap, and not criminally responsible.

Without your full spectrum of our daily vital, our mind and body are not functioning in a normal capacity.

Any that lack the full subatomic and atomic daily vitals, are out of order. All laws and courts, that disregard, this perquisite, are in gross aggravated contempt. And are defunct, and are not proceeding with greater good justice.

mos maiorum”

You cannot Imprisoned the mind (Brain)” insert a picture of a brain imprison with bars), (re, nullius) (Quote: by Lady Vanessa Morris upstairs by the wonderful lady landlord Keisha Horsford hostel block 22 Tobago.)


Some eyes are already churning counter-productively, submerge in the lowest form of stinking thinking master plan, devising and plotting slapstick ways on how to imprison the mind.

Those are our normal approach, just treating the symptoms, relying on aftermath contingencies, instead of treating the root causes. Falls under super-insanity, “doing the same things, while expecting different results”.

Mens rea”

Non compos mentis”

Nemo malus Felix”

Nil morta libus ardui est”

Non facias malum ut inde fiat bonum”




[[Therefore, prisons, jail, institutions, etc. are REALLY a SUPER-crime creating facilities. They are systematically using “judgment proof” as the usual individual to escalate crimes and preprogrammed, and railroad them using novice lawyers in to become walking crime spree. Crime and counterintuitive punishment is really design to punish the people who are “judgment proof”, present whistle blower not excluded.

Lex talionis” error of laws

The entire registrations, justice systems, correction system are aftermath contingencies systems that offers gentle reliefs and terrible middle age ordeal in the heights of our advancements, and designed for everything to end badly. It operates with an underline “Lex talionis”, and ambush laws. The justice system, is a crap shoot of double standards, routinely break their own laws, blackmailing one offender to get a plea deal. The justice system is design to respect first respondent, the first one to file charges. There is a method to the madness of these faux pas systems that are ubiquitous. The first one to trick or manipulate each other, is regarded with high esteem, the crown winner, upgraded to infamous status, the best, attaining high profile status.

The correction systems are a after the incident is done and can’t be undone revenge, and aftermath contingency systems. When you validate the use of revenge, it’s a form of lynch justice mentality, you are sanctioning and promoting a vicious never ending circle of misfortune. “Whatever limitations come around goes destructively around”. “What is good for the goose, are good for the ganders”. The longest running feuds, like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s, should already imprint in logical minds the idiocies of revenge, even when its use to defend and family honor.

Revenge is a dish best serve cold”. Revenge incites entitlement, and retributions. Revenge is not a cure; revenge is just as good as sweeping garbage under the carpet. Or “out of mind, out of sight”. Hide the problem and let’s hope it goes away. Revenge makes any situation worse, unfortunately when an unfavorable action happens, is already in the past.

The all-inclusive truth can seem hurtful, but the truth, can always set you entirely free. You cannot fight negativity with negativity. Fix the root of all problems, instead our, standard operating procedure, to hide, and confine offenders in places, and deprive them. When you put all walks of life in a confined place, what are we really creating? More crimes are done in prison unnoticed, than by the outside, anyone who can be so clever to get away with a crime under our most stringently secure environment, can easily wreak havoc and mayhem in our open communities. The offender has all the time in the world to invent revenge, fine tune their trade, their ingenuity is always in practice, and they always have to devise creative ways to get the basic, “worthless objectives”.

The problems, crisis, and challenges we are facing with criminal activities can easily be a thing of the pass. The strange irony is most crimes are created from laws pass by our justice systems. When a law is passed, almost in that same moment, an underworld is erected, offering what the counterintuitive law is preventing.

Most organize crime organization; gang related crimes are originated in prisons, jails institutions or has very strong ties. Most petty crimes and idea of crime are a resulting, from the counterproductive punishments that are being inflicted on prisoners. We are what we are exposed to, our exposures, are constantly evolving. We are at a crucial point when prison fashion trends, are overflowing back into our communities ubiquitously

Life on the outside of prison, are imitating life on the inside of counterproductive prison, if that wasn’t a high flying red flag, nothing we suffice.

The law of retaliation, aftermath contingency matrix, are only dealing with the disease, and not the cure, guarantees recidivism. A systematic plea deal, and requires the justice system cavalier use of criminal blackmails is over looked, inducing more unrest.

If there isn’t any crime, the justice system is always facing conflicting ideology, with the end of crime justice system automatically become obsolete. Perhaps it would be in the justice system best of interest to prevent crime, but to maintain a steady flow of crime, instill fear, and the right preconditions to allow the justice business to flourish.

The justice system are operating in a whole other treachery game, using revenge as motivation could never be good. When we seek revenge we are programing ourselves to become monsters and creepy crawlers.

A revenge seeker must be willing to do harm, be sneaky, use ulterior motives, disguise themselves, tell all sort of l lies, go dark, dwell in the pass, waste time, etc. the justice system is gunfighters for higher, with the fastest gun is the winner, a Wild West gang, mindless zombies, under the guise of a hypocrite commercial business oath, with their exparte for the “judgment proof” and seal indictment and many other Ponzi schemes and emphatic nonsense.

They are the main crime-creators of anarchy and are creating the prime conditions for trillions of streams of crime to flourish. They are in collusion to maliciously create concentrated criminality. It’s very hard for People to realize, courts, and law is a commercial business. Reserve and conservative in the front, counterproductive party promoters in the back. What we really are witnessing, in our so called justice systems are counterproductive punishments for just the failed criminals. Successful criminals are rejoicing and diminishing our capacity with sadistic blending flair.

cui prodest scelus is fecit”

It’s not in their profitable scope of reason, and wouldn’t be in the justice system best interest to end crime, but to preset the prime conditions for career criminals for flourish with ease. Any increase or surge in crime, means increased their already seemingly open budget, they need more crime, to get more budgets. The military operates on the same aftermath contingency fallacy and continuous propaganda.

cuiasvis hominis est errare nullius nisi insipientis in irrore perseverare”

Law and order are a, Tar and feather solutions, Spirit and the letter of the law, duplicitously substantiating reasonable doubt. With interlocking collusions of systematically using covert intimidations, blue wall of silence, bullies and power hungry. Did you know, at one time most of the school bullies with their deceptive vertical stare, evolutions is to be recruited as law enforcers, private eyes, justice and governments, etc. and watching most combats sports is really, bully watching.

ALL-INCLUSIVE COMMON SENSE: are “contra legem “

Throw seeds/cloning all fruit tree projects are filled with modern milestone of fully informed revelations.

Is there any budget for the prevention of escalating crime rate? (Beside: the throw seeds/cloning project)?

A question to all military budget chairpersons, do you have an independent agency for war prevention?

(Of course the answer would be way below your pay-grade)

What is the current and pass budget for preventing war? Instead of preparing for war, prepare for all-inclusive and collective continuities.

Any Hu persons can be very resourceful, whether they are using positive or negative energy. Therefore, we must always find the “all-inclusive cure”, and not our customary reaction, a fly-by-night-remedy that offer reliefs with undisclosed unnecessary sufferings, and possibly fatal side effects. Prolonged exposure to a, can’t get right environment, at creating the perfect conditions for mass crime.

Revising a defendant processing, when charged with an allege offence. That said individual, first must face off with gun ho arresting officers, who all has license to kill. Then if they survive the psychopaths and other six big untreated issues, intimidations, lies, threats, coercing tactics and the blue and white walls of silence, they are then send through bull pens. No pun intended, I’m not making this up, the justice systems is. In the first thing they would have to decide to pledge an allegiance to the endless gangs, thanks to the justice systems perfect methods of escalating crimes, there are always gang members going through the systems, they are usually fear by the correction guards, police officers, and in some cases the wardens, and have free run of the prison. Most gang leaders, using unbridle fear usually finds out the location of all correction ,police officers, wardens and are threatening their families, this been going on for centuries. Unless gangs are race, creed, or religion sensitive, most are welcome to, contribute to the delinquencies of the universe.

ubi jus ibi remedium”

Using straw-man identity, “su nominee” All over the world, Most societies, Crime and counter-productivity punishment methods are a design and house defendants, convicts ,etc., Together as a form of punishment, take another look-see. Who are they punishing?

They are the creators of a fool’s paradise. The justice systems and devious governments is the ideal environments for psychopaths, narcissistic, sadist, sociopaths, anarchist, etc., to flourish unnoticed. Since justice system and government always capitalizing by using fear, “to get production value their motto is keep fear alive” to justify any type of atrocities, massacre, terrorizing behaviors, etc. Everyone who has these untreated clinical issue’s love to belong to gangs, we all know which is the oldest gangs in the world the top ones are government, justice systems, etc. “In most jails, institution, prisons, etc., you have a choice to join a gang or become a Muslim, or become kosher to get better food than the masses and in most case for safety”.

The justice system is in a slapstick fashion fueling the fire, forcing people into joining gangs, again keeping us on a leash, tether to counter-intuitive. They when they are fed up with the market unbridle madness; people are forced into becoming radicalized as a form of escape. In most prison they use a few people as workers or various jobs, suicide watch, maintenance, serving food, etc., their tittle is the house gang, inevitably consenting to gangs.

The correction system and legal journeys main object, which historical results can classify as a tsunami of farce supposed to be a reforming, repayment to society, “damnum absque” for the inconvenience and harm an offender alleged to had cause, Unlawful acts punishment solutions, an insurmountable miscarriages of justice must not, be the cause of more harm, than good.

They are often overstepping, blurring all the lines of the truth boundary. Confirming their counterproductive superiority, and dysfunction are their only function. They are always allocating wide margin, to manipulating the outcome of any proceedings, in their favors, when they get caught, new laws are erect, to protect us from them, do he counterintuitive math, how many laws on the books protecting us from the lawmakers, most likely more laws than the internal laws.

Ratio legis”

Lustitia omnibus”

Parsimony Lex scripta”

Leges sine moribus vanae”

Malum prohibitum”


fundamenta inconcussa”

Time is of the essence”, in what conditions and how a person spends their punishment time can affect the fabric of their community. From having to make shank just to survive.

D.N.A is belief of a full proof system, emerging evidence from scientist in Israel, that DNA can be fabricated to fool the justice system.

Laws protect the integrity, preserve freedoms, and the wealth capabilities of all underworlds.

Law enforcements, court employees, district attorney, and all that work with in the justice farce, especially judges, always has to turn impaired eyes, impaired ears, wrong hands, they always have to use lies and angles to manipulate the outcome of any and all proceeding.

You can always spot a undercover cop they always using an angle, deceptions and endless lies, that eventually takes dark toll, setting themselves up to fail miserably with friends family and love interest.

Our contemporary Justice system is design to make the numb and a mutation of their original selves, they can leave their altered state personality at the office, they are routinely tailoring themselves to dark dispositions, and susceptible various gateway, since lying is a VIP pass to numerous gateways. Practice transparencies and full disclosure, at all times, is a lie, withholding information’s, evasion, and omission are factions of lies.

Most systems are really one-size fits all labyrinthine of deep-seated traps.

Law and order, are really, dumb laws and dumber order, are currently operating with an antiquated system, that systematically creating the revolving prison doors. “Out of sight, out of mind” unbeknownst to backlash butterfly effect. Rehabilitation, and correction, in tales, “putting offenders back in communities that don’t want you.” Creating ill-feelings, and disturb emotions, and induce flashes of anger that may lead to career criminal mindsets, and influx of unwanted citizens.

Everywhere out there, are new counterproductive amusing laws being conjured up, as Truman style justice.

We are relying on a system that was created in times of the overflowing real estate, their main objective was, then; there, and now, with no further preparation.

Those medieval disillusion solutions are, responsible for all our terrorizing challenges, and mayhem, we are facing now. It worked briefly, along with witch branding, bloodletting was the very (first medical procedure, how the medical industry got started). Up to now this date, the medical bloodletting industry haven’t apologized,(by planting fruit trees for everyone who die following lies) for discouraging billions of people from using natural cures, who most certainly lost their lives, following doctors lies.

Privatizing crime and punishment, would be pedicuring the invisible hand of capitalism, would be the reopening of Pandora’s putrescence container, subjecting all societies to “stand and deliver” maniac, and warming up to “highway criticism”, what type of minds would be willing to subject their family and friends to blow back from unhealthy appetite for greed. Then again the entire justice system is cloaked in a hornet nest, packs of wolf in sheep clothing, hungry hyenas, dingo’s, alligators, Parana’s, sharks, anacondas, cobras, green mambas, lions, cheetahs, Tasmanian devils, panthers, crabs in a basket, foxes, willing to do anything to support unhealthy obsession for greed.

Other bizarre practice, was allowing sewage to flow into the rivers, stoning to death, “liking nonsense because it wakes up the brain cell” etc.

These fly-by-night customs was counter-productively conjured up and hash-up by wealth and power full insensitive, psychopaths, narcissistic sadist, sociopaths tendencies to flourish, how many of the wealthiest people in the world are exhibiting these traits and are allow to mask it, under the guise of eccentricity, when you are successfully, we are preprogramed to overlook all host of clinical issues.

They were created for the here and now, with no long term perspectives, can even consider as a relief, these are just a few of the thousands of counterproductive solutions that was used to placate the ignorant masses low population rate during those times.

Our ancestors were overrun by their fear of unknown, and learnt fear, it may have been a natural course of inaction.

Facing alarming escalating population growth, limited real estate, land holding by the rich and powerful, (the largest land holders are the paper companies) paper becoming obsolete more and more every day.

With limited real estate, and repercussion from allowing a plethora of counterproductive system to remain firmly in place, are culminating into all our current social crisis and challenges.

nitimur invetitum”

Lapsus calami Lex”

Fumus Boni iuris”

Lawmakers are busy coming up with new laws. As you read each word twenty 26 laws ideas are being debated, and 47 underworlds, are about to open their doors, created new underworlds around the world. All laws are created to treat the symptoms, inflating their results. Instead of all-inclusive futuristic solutions, that can offer all-inclusive cures. (Lawmakers are busy creating, building more misfortune, (with an endless budget to play the can’t ever get right game) The very minutes they put a law into effect, that same minute they just created, society worse-case scenario, they inadvertently create a new underworld market, soon to be striving strobe-ing, green neon lights underworld offering anti-law alternatives, let’s use these same neon colors, Day-Glo colors, to create an all-inclusive punishment system.

Omnia praesumuntur legitime facta donec probetur in contrarium”

It’s not in any country best interest, the quod herding of offenders, Convicts, etc., Housing, Or a congregation of any manner in a confined, captured state of being, Is like “spitting into the wind” out-sourcing hyper-reality.

Herding is multi-jeopardy, Societies create for themselves, Prisons, Jails, and all forms of punishing institutions are. Virtual hot beds, where marginal opportunities are endless, Endless time to learn more unlawful activities of perfect their modis opparandi, A roaring convention of new international tricks of their trade, Dens of thieves, Gang reunions and new gang creation. (The most deadly gang was created in the comforting cozy environment of prisons). Resulting in Confined mind post traumatic syndrome. Merging dysfunctions and extended exploits. “Persona non grata”.

Networking chances to present convicts, offenders with the prime condition to have career criminal conventions, introductions of new skillsets, techniques, tricks of the illicit trade’s, endless opportunity to harden their trades, that every Underworld has to offer. Our family, friends, and neighbors are forcefully subjected to can’t never get right environment that is ruled by, Regimes of broken spirits, Seeking revenge on societies for their, Antiquated counterproductive antiquity faux pas. In the not too distant future, the invention of flying cars, open borders, law enforcement would be facing a leaky hot mess.

How to get rid of our underworlds instant?, simple legalize everything.

.There is only one cure, the truth.

In all the history of underworlds, none of them ever went under, belly up, unless like prohibition act, it was repealed, then the underworld, disappear into legitimacy, that till this moment is responsible for mass deaths