Achievers Handbook 1: (Over 100 Inspirational Keys to fulfill your Destiny) (Ach

Achievers Handbook 1

(Over 100 Inspirational Keys to fulfill your Destiny)

Achievers Best Guide Series Book One


Ikechukwu Joseph


Achievers Handbook 1

(Over 100 Inspirational Keys to fulfill your Destiny)

Achievers Best Guide Series Book One

Ikechukwu Joseph

Published by Ikechukwu Joseph at Shakespir.com Copyright 2016 Ikechukwu Joseph


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Self Identity – Develop Concept, Content and Contextual milieu (Nuggets 1 – 10)

Chapter 2: Write Down, Incubate and Develop your Potentials (Nuggets 11 – 20)

Chapter 3: Imitation is limitation (Nuggets 21 – 30)

Chapter 4: Secrets of Seven World’s most Successful Achievers (Nuggets 31 – 40)

Chapter 5: Who are you – the you in you that makes you, the you, you are? (Nuggets 41 – 50)

Chapter 6: Your life Transformers are your Destiny Converters (Nuggets 51 – 60)

Chapter 7: Team Four 4P’s Concepts (early Preparation, solid Positioning, strong Propulsion and mass Production) (Nuggets 61 – 70)

Chapter 8: Challenges and Safety Valves (Nuggets 71 – 80)

Chapter 9: Turning Your Adversity into Prosperity (Nuggets 81 – 90)

Chapter 10: Experiencing God and Open Doors

(Nuggets 91 – 103)


Appendix A: Are You Born Again?

Appendix B: Testimonies – what the people are saying.

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Chapter One

Self-Identity – Develop Concept, Content and Contextual milieu etc.

[_ Nugget No.1- Self Discovery is instantaneous, then progressive. _]

- First step develop Concept (inside you – God given): Here is the inside view. Something thought up, formed in the womb, the origin, the original raw deposit and seed. It deals with only you. God created, formed, or customized you to a default. The self-concept or self-identity you make of this determines how you fare. Find out what God deposited in you at birth, at conception – the raw potentials, undeveloped. Self-discovery is learning about self – the process of learning about your true personality and motives (Encarta Dictionaries).It is finding out who you are really as God ordained you to be. Self-details, potentials, abilities and inabilities! What you can give out and what you can take in to affect the world around you. Knowing and understanding YOURSELF is a function or key factor to your success in life. Dissect your inner man, your makeup, your weaknesses and strengths, your abilities and inabilities, emotions and psychological strengths. What is inside you that make you unique and to the impinging environmental surroundings, understanding the intricacies and complexities, intrinsic and extrinsic values of your being? Then apply wisdom to defeat and play down your weaknesses and consolidate controls and uphold your strengths for profitable productivity.

- Second Step develop content (inside and outside – acquired and experienced – your worth and what you want to offer): Content is defined as amount of something in a container, the subject matter (question, discussion, and topics), meaning or message, available information, materials, capacity of a container. Your identity or potentials need to develop relevance, get education, possess content, technical improvement to be relevant to time and the present context. The anointing of yesterday will not do for the work of today.

- [* Third step develop context (outside you -your surroundings): *] Your potentials need a contextual setting to operate in – a background, circumstance, situation, framework, milieu (formal) environment, a perspective. Your identity must be related to the environment to succeed. You need others or partnership to survive. Offer yourself to others to access your work and evaluate your identity (For details see my book “Discovering Yourself”)

Nugget No.2 – In every problem there is a lesson to learn, bitterness to sweeten, a price to pay and a prize to win

- Solve your problems or your problems will dissolve you. A problem will either make you or mar you. It all depends on you and the way you approach it. Confront problems as projects that need solution. For every why question there is a yes answer. Ask the necessary questions and solve the puzzle then the prize will be waiting for you. If you confront problems you will control their obstacles but if you avoid them or run away, they still will be waiting for you.

Nugget No.3 – Your Faith or their Fate?

- Faith is trust in God and his promises to see you through but fate is living everything to chance or accept everything the way they come and the way they see it. “What will be, will be,” fate will say “but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” faith will say. While fate accept everything as they happen as the will of God, faith look into and hold unto the promises of God. By faith you can confront mountains and obstacles but by fate you will be drown by problems you can solve.

- Fate believes in predetermined events or inevitable outcome that you can do nothing about while faith believes you have a choice in what happens to you and that you have free will to decide and you have freedom. Destiny to fate is often with a connotation of death, ruin, misfortune etc. they say you accept your fate while faith in God says that God has a great future, equal opportunity for all but your faith or lack of it determines how far you can go. Even in cases where the sovereignty of God intervenes you have nothing to do with it but must accept it for it to materialize. If you reject it, it will not happen.

Nugget No.4 – don’t let a good idea die inside you. One idea can bring you to the top, or spark off chains of success chain reactions.

- Ideas, business inputs come as little bits of hunch, checks, inner witnesses, impressions, voice that God drops inside you. Great inventions and scientific discoveries the world over today came by accidents, designs and even errors. Some people see bread or gold where others see stones. Even stones like Jesus said can develop mouth and praise God if men refuse to. The whites came to Africa and carried mineral which we called red sand and processed it into products and sold it back to us. They took the cocoa of our farmers and processed it into chocolate which most of our farmers have never eaten before. Open your eyes, explore and exploit your environment.

Nugget No.5 – Empower your voice, vocal or written.

-You have a voice even when you cannot sing or talk. It is in your heart and head burning inside you. It demands for expression. The world wants to see and hear you. “I have a dream,” was the voice of Martin Luther King Jr. Hear this:

- In the United States, holiday (third Monday in January) was observed honoring the achievements of Martin Luther King, Jr. A Baptist minister who advocated the use of nonviolent means to end racial segregation, he first came to national prominence during a bus boycott by African Americans in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955. He founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957 and led the 1963 March on Washington. The most influential of African American civil rights leader during the 1960s, he was instrumental in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlawed discrimination in public accommodations, facilities, and employment, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. King was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1964. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968 (Source – Encyclopedia Britannica).

- Though dead his words, part of his speech “I have a dream,” is still alive and ringing and has affected millions of lives today.

“If I perish I perish,” was the voice of Esther in the Bible that changed the destiny of a whole nation that faced extermination and saved them. You have a voice, written or vocal that has a message to the word. Who are you? A Deborah who presided over the Judiciary of Israel when men failed? A Mary Slessor who stopped the killing of twins? They all spoke out with their God given voice. Who are you? A singer, then sing a song or your songs? A motivational speaker, herald the news? Author, convert your voice into a book? A researcher, browses, investigate and prove yourself and worth? Books live almost forever. Interact with your environment. Words can be creative and your voice is active.

Nugget No.6 – when we go from our life’s self-made prisons to praising God we enter the palace of life like Joseph. Keep praising God no matter…

- Worry and anxiety has never solved any problem but rather created more. When overwhelmed by life situation just open your mouth and praise God. Laughter and praise is the medicine you need to move ahead. Say it is well even when you are inside the well. Confession they say brings possession. Positive thinkers live longer to fulfill their dreams than negative thinkers.

Nugget No.7 – Prevailing prayers avails much. Pray until something happens

- Don’t rest until you get what you want. Spend some time to communicate with your creator who has control of the universe and your work place. There are things only prayers can solve if you dear to pray. There are things that are beyond man that only heaven can handle. You surely need it workaholic. When you handle the physical, heaven handles the spiritual and you too. Prevailing prayers avails much. Pray in season and out of season.

Nugget No.8 – Closed doors are pregnant. You need to prayerfully do some waiting and spiritual scanning to know what is in stock for you.

- Closed doors mean that you need open doors or open heavens. You need divine access. Analyze the situation, locate the source of the problem and proffer solution. Closed doors are like pouring water into a perforated basket, investments that result in wastages. You put in much effort and get little results.

Nugget No.9 – When everything and everywhere look black and dark, LOOK UP for there is light. We can still see God through the blackness of darkness

- They say there is light at the end of the tunnel but you don’t need to wait till the end of the dark tunnel. When you put God first, he will always lead the way. He says that the ways of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. If you made him the alpha or beginning he will surely be there as the omega or ending. Those who forsake God forsake their mercies. When darkness falls is time to see with your spiritual eyes or your sixth sense which I called the Holy Ghost sense. For the bible says he shall lead you to all truths. You need the director Holy Spirit.

Nugget No.10 – Life is a variety of decisions, choices made. Keep discovering yourself

- The decisions or choices you made yesterday or yester years are what kept you where you are now whether good or bad. Did they make you a star or stamped you with scars? But you can convert those scars to stars. Where there is a will there is a way they say. Those failures have only revealed some of your weaknesses not to kill you but for you to make corrections and start all again. Great American president Abraham Lincoln contested all vacancies there available in American politics and failed for many years before contesting the presidency and won, unified the Unions and abolished slave trade. Patience is a virtue.

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Chapter Two

Write Down, Incubate and Develop your Potentials

Nugget No.11 – Life is a manifestation of dreams. You choose your dreams

- Dreams are not reality but can be converted. Dreams are also free. You choose your dreams. Write down your dreams, incubate them and develop ways to hatch them into realities. What is your dream? To be this or that or do this or that! You must from then protect your dreams from destiny killers and inaction.

Proactive actions and actors manifest their fruits earlier while reactive actors are late frustrated comers

Nugget No.12 – Big shots are little shots that keep shooting. I can see your sun rise out of obscurity. Keep shooting.

- Start somewhere and start small, with the much you can chew. Every great Man started small and grew through hurdles and ups and downs to the top over the years. Consistency, persistency and frequency of occurrence play big roles in progress in life. The big shots started with little shots observing the rules and conquering the obstacles to the top. Start today.

Nugget No. 13 – You have only 3 days in perspective – yesterday is gone, won or lost. Today you have with you. Tomorrow you don’t. Act now.

- Procrastination they say is a lazy man’s apology. A lazy man is always putting off the evil day. I will do, I will do but he never does anything. What you are suffering today is as a result of what you did not do yesterday. Start that project. Embark on that journey. Make that call. Knock on that door. Your life is only sure of today or just part of the twenty four hours. Your life is spread only over today. Even if you have a Nostradamus who sees tomorrow but he cannot guarantee you tomorrow. But we trust and have faith in God for tomorrow because our tomorrow is linked to our today. Our concept of purpose today is linked to an organized pattern of our pursuit tomorrow in the plan of God for our lives.

Nugget No.14 – Do not wait for open doors to happen indefinitely, create one.

- Create open doors today or you may die of old age waiting for an opportunity that you can’t have or that is nonexistent. Stop waiting for a stereotype, typecast husband or wife or car or machine or finance that is yet to be created or manufactured. Deal with your closed doors to force them open if they naturally cannot open. Open doors are open because something activated or stimulated or instigated their opening. Doors have the propensity to open or close. They were created that way. Therefore produce and provide effects that can keep them open. Don’t wait if it is not waiting for Gods time. There are self-induced, Satan induced and God induced waiting or delays.

[_ Nugget No.15 -Fight the good fight of faith _]

- God want us to fight because he called us soldiers of the cross. Victory only comes by fighting and winning comes by trying out successfully. Good fighters always have hope and faith while the frightful most times fail before the battle begins. You can win. God programed you to be a winner if not he would not have created you in the first place. God never created anyone a loser or failure. He gave you all the tools you need. They are all right inside you. Discover yourself and you will find them. Stop waiting for an unwilling uncle’s and aunt’s promises that might never come your way. By faith launch into the deep and make a catch. Those who go for the big fish go in the night when they come out and they look for dark waters where they thrive. Stop looking for Jesus in the grave. He is no longer there. He has risen. He is inside of you and with you.

Nugget No.16 – God is not looking for capable hands but for available vessels

- Capable hands are good and work with multinationals but available vessels are productive, creative and useful in the hands of the maker because they are willing and obedient and amenable to changes. They are pliable, responsive and expectant. While capable hands are like fixed mold. What use is an unwilling capable hand? For if you be willing and obedient you will eat the fruit of the Land.

2 Tim. 2:20

But in a great house there are not only vessel of gold and silver but…some (vessels) of honor and some ignoble vessels

Nugget No.17 – The narrow way is still narrow and God has no intention of expanding it to accommodate your new found ungodly appendages.

- Every good product has a manual or reference book on how to make maximal use of the equipment or product and its operations. Without consulting this reference you will under use it, overuse or misuse it. You might have some machine with you that have multiple functions or say ten and you are using only two or three functions out of ignorance. Consult your handbook. The bible is our manual for the things of God and life manual. Don’t add or remove no matter your technological development but you can cue in your development and draw inspiration, ideas that can move you forward. The bible is an encyclopedia of information for you to tap in. It is a gift from your maker, the omniscience God. A servant cannot be above his master. Search and you will find. Cut cost but avoid shortcuts they never cost well in the end

Nugget No.18 – For every strength there is a delimiter or a limiting force called weakness and for every weakness is a remedial mechanism called strength

- You can manage your weaknesses, strength or shortfalls. Your weaknesses can be converted to strength as you surrender your will to the Holy Spirit whether you are an extrovert or introvert, have predominantly sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic or melancholy temperaments. Holy Spirit controlled temperaments! Your output in life depends on how you channel and direct these qualities and quantities. What are your strengths and weaknesses in life? (For more see my book, Discovering Yourself)

Nugget No.19 – War in the spirit is not for those who are children in understanding, novice in skill or shallow in knowledge.

-Strategic spiritual warfare is a divinely inspired, planned war in our spirit and with the Spirit of God in the spiritual realm against the spiritual forces of darkness headed by Satan and his agents. Most battles are won and lost in the spiritual realm before they manifest in the physical. In prayers (in spiritual) we settle our spiritual and physical battles.


…It is not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord of host

Nugget No.20 – What do you have – opportunities?

- God given opportunities – they are all around us – grab them. Some people see stones where others see bread. Opportunities abound around you, in problems you face daily, in your environment and circumstances. Solving that problem open another opportunity. Opportunities are in the sand or soil when people discovered crude oil or black gold or gold or diamond. Opportunity was in the air when someone believed we could fly back them and we did. Opportunity was in a future when Noah was building his ship called Noah’s Ark on absolute dry ground and told people that it was going to rain. Opportunity was there when the ancient primitive man as we called them struck two stones together to get fire that gave us the idea of fire and light today.

You can create viable ventures out of turbulent adventures. You can create mercies out of miseries. You can create prosperity out of adversity.

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Chapter Three

Imitation is limitation

Nugget No.21 – Discover your Potentials, Recover your Differentials, Activate your Essentials, Manifest your Credentials

- Potentials are the abilities, capabilities and possibilities locked in somewhere in your life by your maker that you have to search out and convert to usefulness. They might be unique to you like a cap that fit only you. If you don’t discover it and act you might live a wasted life unfulfilled. Potentials are raw and non-utilizable and need polishing. So recover the differentials – the discrepancies, minuses, subtractions, adjustments you have to make to bring it up. Activate your essentials – tools that are essential, additive to further brush up your discoveries. And what credentials do you possess? That is your worth and qualities you earned over the time. They must be brought to bear on your potentials to bring them to fruition. Your potentials need education to embellish it, doctors if it needs treatment or you need to shape or reshape to make it visible.

Nugget No.22 – Only imitators, compete for relevance

- Imitation they say is limitation. Imitators only copy others hence they are not working with the original type or work, prototype, model or pattern. That is to say they end up producing fake products which they cannot defend. Of course fake is that is not original no matter how good it looks. They become competitors with others like them for relevance and acceptance to the public. Some people learn by imitation of others so acknowledge it that way and stop behaving as if you are the real original owner. Plagiarism is not only a crime but sin too before God because you have not acknowledged the source of your knowledge or product. Give credit to whom credit is due.

[_ Nugget No.23 -Your today's problem can be a spring board to your tomorrow’s success _]

- Do not run away from problems. Look for solutions for your problem before they overwhelm you. Most of the inventions we enjoy today were problems that reared their ugly heads and were resolved. History has records of countless scientists who in quest to resolve a problem came out with something new. This is all that research is all about, searches and discoveries. Secrets, puzzles and mysteries are meant to be unearthed and resolved.

Prov. 25:2

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the glory of kings to search out a thing.

Nugget No.24 – So I can see, walk, run and even fly and explore my new world. Great discovery exclaimed the hatched out chicks. You too can

- This baby bird escaped the egg shell with the beak. All those shell holding you down can give way only if you can develop your faith beak and stop all restraining forces. If you can see it you can be it. Someone said if you cannot fly, run. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl. By all means keep moving. You have the whole world at your disposal to explore and exploit. Discover your world

Nugget No.25 – Who are you? Come out of your covering blinding shell. The blind can see, deaf can hear and even the dead are raised back to life.

- Make yourself available for service or position yourself where you can be reached. Man is a gregarious being so interact with others so as to lean what you do not know. You need those who know what you don’t know. You need those who have what you don’t have. You need associates, companionship, partners, and assistants to make it in life

Nugget No.26 – Solve your problem today or it will dissolve you tomorrow.

- Yes your problems can either make you or mar you. The determinant factor is the decision you make. Identify your problem. Dissect it and analyze it sorting out the nitty-gritty or components of the problem so that you can proffer solutions. With God all things are possible.

Nugget No.27 – Look up, heaven trust, then look inward, your potentials and look outward and conquer your world with God

- With the God of providence above you to help and your potentials inside you deposited at conception and the environment around you to explore, you can rule your world. All the tools you need are in these three sources.

Nugget No.28 – Time cannot be paused or stopped for you so move forward to remain relevant. Discover yourself

-Time waits for no man they say. This is your time and opportunity. The world is a stage. You play your time and go for others to take their turn. Don’t let another take your turn. Times, seasons and space are functions of age and strength. Move with the cloud. Move with the times or you will be left behind stranded and frustrated

[_ Nugget No.29- Pains may be unavoidable but the accompanying sufferings can be avoided _]

- Repairs, in time response can save imminent disasters. It is better to model children that to repair adults. Take the right kind of medicine to offset a would be resultant effect of the pains. Every pain has a remedy.

Nugget No.30 – Children need your love most especially when they don’t deserve it

- That is why God gave a Father, a mother, a guardian, a teacher, a senior brother or sister to raise them the way they should. They need direction and help to know their new world. If you raise your children like a never satisfying wandering chicken you do not expect them to fly like the high flying champion eagles. Train up the child the way he should go and when he is grown up he will not depart from it.

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Chapter Four

Secrets of Seven World’s most Successful Achievers

Nugget No.31 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phi 4:13

- The joy of the Lord should be your strength. He said without m you can do nothing. Your faith in your God will see you through. He that comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Nugget No.32 – (on a lighter mood) When he asked how his son fared in history exams as he was bad in history lesson during his time, they told him that history repeats itself

- Where are your Children now? One of my professors while in university was so popular and was so absolved in his research that he had little time for the family. One day he was called up by the school principal of the son’s school because he was doing so badly. Who will inherit all these success and wealth if you don’t balance your quest with your life and family? Will history repeat itself in your case?

Nugget No.33 – Learn the secret of seven world’s most successful achievers and trail blazers

- The cemetery is the “richest or wealthiest prison of undiscovered, untapped, undeveloped and unfulfilled dreams of presidents that never presided, great orators that never made a speech, astronauts that never went to the moon, and doctors that never touched the sick or great preachers that never preached a Sermon”

- Elvis Aaron Presley – The best musicians of the century (Guinness Book of Records) – a former Truck Driver – Highest moneymaking celebrity even in death, twenty seven years after his death (2004), and his records sold $45 million dollars.

-William Shakespeare – He is regarded as the world greatest of all dramatists – most famous writer in the history of English literature – English poet, actor and dramatist. Shakespeare was an apprentice to a butcher because of his father’s financial difficulties i.e. He was learning how to sell meat and privately studying. The disparity between the greatness of his great achievement and his humble origin of inadequate education and obscurity of life created doubts as to his authorship of most of his literary work. Your writing potentials (still ideas inside you)? Your writing abilities (have written unpublished work)? Your writing prowess (enjoy rich writing culture)? Continue writing and look unto the God of providence. Your dreams can write your name in gold and become reality when actualized.

- John Stith Pemberton – Invented formulae of Coca-Cola drink at age 50, productive even in old age. Age was no barrier. Like most inventors who rarely profited from their discoveries, John, because of lack of business sense lost ownership right, leaving his wife to die a pauper, though with a drink that came to represent the essence of American Culture. Will old age or ill health or even lack of good education be a barrier to your developing your potentials?

-Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento) – Best footballer of the Century (Guinness book of records). In this time he is still the most famous and best-paid athlete in the world. He was born in an impoverished village of Tre Coracoes (Brazil) in 1940. His father was an undistinguished footballer who earned little. His mother was a cook who never wanted Pele to play football because of his father’s low income as a footballer. Pele at 15 watched hours as his father played. So Pele was so improvised as to use coconut as ball and tin cans as goal post. He suffered rejection from many league teams after playing for Sao Paulo state but now…

- Booker T. Washington (a slaved turned American foremost Black educator of early 20th century) Booker was a slave, denied early education. He was born in a very small sized farm which he always called a plantation. A slave overcame servitude and slavery but you are free born or are you in self-imposed slavery? You can excel better where a born slave did. His mother was a cook. He went to school not as a student, but to carry books for another man’s daughter. It was illegal to educate slaves. After the emancipation proclamation in 1865 …

- Yamaha Torakusu – a cabinet maker, founded the now world largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments Yamaha was and is a leading producer of audio/visual products, home, sports, industrial and computer related products. He went from cabinet making to a world image-maker. Torakusu was the Man behind the success story of Yamaha Musical Instruments, Yamaha Motors, Yamaha Motor Cycles, and Kawasaki.

-Philip Emegwali – Father of the internet. Emegwali P. was born August 23, 1954 in Onitsha, Nigeria. Though very intelligent, he dropped out of school because of poor background of parents who couldn’t afford enough money to train all their children. Philip however studied on his own and was nicknamed “Calculus” as he mastered the subject at 14 and even out calculated his tutors. Lack of money did not stop his dreams. He used what he had – his brains, to get what he wanted. You can create advantage out of disadvantage. What do you have, nothing? No, you have life. You have a think tank or bank called brain. You have God.

(For how they did it see “Discovering Yourself by Ikechukwu Joseph”)

Nugget No.34 – Know the A to Z of your potentials

- Activate your Potentials – God deposited his will, plan, decision for your life, your destiny, your calling in life, in you at creation and birth. It is your mandate to discover and activate it.

- Believe in your potentials. The greatest evil one will do to oneself is to despise, downgrade or play down on your abilities or limitations. Believing fosters being. Believing begets conception. Believing is seeing. Believe in what you can do

- Catalyze or charge your Potentials – The water cannot boil without heat. The gold cannot shine without being purified by fire. The battery cannot charge without a battery charger.

- Discover your potentials. What is it? Where does it stay? What do you do best in class or life? What do you have more interest in and likening for? What aptitude do you have, innate or exposed?

Nugget No.35 – Remember who you are by God’s divine plan and strive to fit into his divine pattern Actualize your dreams

- Find out what God has in stock for you and follow it. The will of God, the perfect or his permissive will. Israel went into the permissive will of God when they demanded for a human king in the person of Saul who failed them. God wanted to be their king. What were you born to accomplish? What triggers you? What do you have aptitude for in life? What do you enjoy doing? That could be a clue to or towards your call or destiny. A little search and inquiry will help you discover. Look up to God in prayers for insight and direction.

Nugget No.36 – You may work hard but in this digital age we also work smart. Use the available tools to unlock your closed doors

- Tools, relevant tools are all over the place to help you out. The internet, libraries, resource people and centers are where you can get relevant information to access what you are looking for. Work hard but also work smart. Let me illustrate – in the past forest guards or farmers who work on woods use ordinary axe or cutlass to cut giant Iroko trees which takes weeks or month with the attendant risks involved. Then came the sawing machine that takes only hours to bring down a tree. Today there are things computer can do so easily for you in your field. You reduce cost, risk, fear and maximize profit in the shortest possible time. Unlock not only your potentials but your closed door too

Nugget No.37 – You have something. I was crying that I have no shoes till I saw someone without legs

- Do you think that you have nothing? No, you have life to start with. You have time, people, friends, well-wishers, resources, the government, non-governmental organizations and the internet and especially your head. Use your head they say and even the brain inside. God never created you a robot. Even today robots are programed to be productive. Don’t live a wasted life. Yours is that you don’t have food but what of those in the hospital who have food but no appetite. It is only a problem that is to be solved and not destroy you. Arise and shine. There is hope since there will always be a tomorrow. They say where there is a will there will be a way.

Nugget No.38 – Hold on to your dreams and visions for our heroes past did and history has written their names in gold.

- Dreams are free and everyone has the impetus to dream dreams but hold strong to your good dreams and visions. Then incubate them and nurse them till you become pregnant with them. What you will deliver is what you have made it to be. Are you a singer, teacher, writer, politician, doctor, engineer and what else? Every beginning has an end so what will the end be for you? You say no one knows tomorrow. But have a direction, focus and target for your dreams and visions. They are the way for your destiny. Dreams and visions help you to create a prototype, framework and solid foundation for a future

Nugget No.39 – Remember that one failure is not that you have failed but that you have learned something you didn’t do well at your last effort or time

- Failure should teach you what you did not do well at the last attempt. Failure only fails if you make up your mind to succeed and you succeed. Courage is all you need to defeat failure as you learn from your mistakes. Learn from history of other great inventors, scientists, heroes and heroines of our faith who passed through hurdles and overcame their obstacles. One failure is that you have learned something. Another failure is that you have learned another thing. It took Abraham Lincoln failures upon failures over the years and frustration before he became the president of America and history has stamped his name as one of those that mattered in the creation of the most powerful nation of the world. Don’t give up.

Nugget No.40 – What do you have? People

- You have people as asset or liability, symbionts or parasites, talents or waste pipes, friends or enemies. What you do with these determine your faith. What do you have – effective prayers? They are constructions with structures, communications with communions. What do you do with your workers, members, students, assistants or associates?

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Chapter Five

Who are you – the you in you that makes you, the you, you are?

Nugget No.41 – Remember that victory only come by fighting and winning wars. Therefore fight and faint not.

- Fight the good fight of faith. Generals were not made generals in a day. They passed through the ranks, exposing themselves to all the rigors, trainings, pains, wears and tears to climb up the ladder. Even at the top they have to work to remain at the top. Good and prestigious things don’t come easy. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

Nugget No.42 – Enlightenment: Information creates Knowledge. Knowledge stir up Understanding and Understanding raises wisdom and wisdom enlightens

– The entrance of the word (what you know) gives light. You will not have to wait till the end of the tunnel to invest and progress. Knowledge – what you know informs, Understanding analyses Knowledge and reform while wisdom is applied knowledge which transforms. When you wise up you are enlightened so you can move forward in fulfilling your destiny (for more see my book “Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom – the Tripartite Force in the Pursuit of Divine Access”).

Nugget No.43 – Polish, refine you potentials so as to shine your prudentials and products.

- The quality of your product is what will sell you. Low quality will give low assessment, high quality high assessment. Your potentials are just like raw materials that need to be processed into finished product so you have to first know what it is, polish it by applying the necessary tools – education, exposure, readjustment, realignment etc. Treat it to be productive.

Nugget No.44 – Old age or retirement is not a limitation or that you are tired or that you or your time has expired.

- The grey hair means experience acquired over years and long years of use. You can now operate from behind the scene or bench and not the bars as adviser, consultant, counselor, custodian, guardian, director or overseer. You can still serve by providing service to the younger generations, amateurs, new comers, learners in your field of expertise.

Prov. 20:29

The glory of the young men is their strength and the beauty of the old men is their gray head (suggesting wisdom and experience)

Nugget No.45 – Do something worthwhile and you will get something worth the while. Do nothing and get nothing

- Start today my friend. Those who never start, never arrive and those who never arrive never receive welcome or win. Start somewhere if you are afraid or confused of where to start. You will face initial problems but you have the joy that you are in. Those who look at the weather will never begin anything. Money, space, idea, information cannot be a problem because if you ask you will receive. If you seek you will find and if you knock, doors will be opened unto you. You are the one holding yourself. Today we have the internet. If they all deny you at least I will not neither will my achievers handbook because you have it and other series. At least you are reading this now.

Nugget No.46 – Stir up the gift (talents, potentials, abilities) of God in you…2 Tim 1:6

- Why stir up yourself? So you can discover who you are. The champion eagle stirs her nest and shakes and throws the eaglets from frightening high mountain top unto the hazardous winds and the unknown world to teach them how to fly. When you are pushed to the walls and you are faced with death, you fight back or the walls will push you out to your opponent. When you overcome the initial fright you will stand

Nugget No.47 – Who are you? Not the label or names you bear but the you in you that makes you the you, you are

- Your content in your life’s container is what places you where you belong in the scheme of things. It decides your destiny and how far you can go. Work and improve your content – your abilities and capacity. Your content is what you have acquired in you since conception or birth. Match it with the world and see where you fit in. You are nowhere? No, you are somewhere because you are somebody.as you must have added at least one percent. It is only the dead that do not move. Even the dead are still waiting for Gods judgment on how they used their potentials. Be warned.

Nugget No.48 – Every Joshua need a Moses. Every Elisha needs an Elijah and every Timothy need a Paul. Connect your potentials to their proof-producers or mentors.

- You need those who know what you don’t know. You need those who have what you don’t have. You need sponsors, mentors, associates or tutors. Please retweet this as a manner of speaking. I mean herald this message to others. God has placed some people on standby to help you. Find your proof producers who will panel beat out the good out of you and separate your bitter from the sweet.

Nugget No.49 – There is healing for every haunt or hurt

- Shadows may be daunting and visible, real as a scar but are behind you. They will only haunt if you allow them to. Your guardian angels are there, visible or invisible. Angels on assignment! Prime your angels and they will work for you. Stop living in the past and move ahead. Learn to forgive yourself your past mistakes. You can take back what you missed if possible but if not go forward and learn from those mistakes

Nugget No.50 – Approval come by deep expository studies and not just mere reading – a verse by verse analytical, between the lines mental study

- Deep studies or researches, investigative probing studies by asking searching analytical questions unearth deep rooted truths. Dig beyond the surface if you want to find gold or diamond. That is to say those good things don’t come easy so we must work hard to achieve our goals. We find fossil records or written historical records because some hard-working people left us a trace and these are the secrets of our great technological success today. The Bible says to study to show yourself approved, i.e. certified, qualified, recommended, and satisfied

2 Tim. 2:15

Study to shew yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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Chapter Six

Your life Transformers are your Destiny Converters

Nugget No.51Transformers are like converters inside you. They convert from raw to finished products, innate to visible, input to output.

- Unlock your God’s transformers. These are gifts, abilities and capabilities, talents that God at creation deposited into you to process life so you can come out purer than gold. You must unlock your potentials because these transformers are locked in there. They are like clues to solve a puzzle. They will convert your dreams into reality, your hypothesis into theories, your ideas into truths. They reform and transform information to successes. Find knowledge inside you, understanding by you and wisdom by applying your heart to know. They are modifiers, modernizers, chargers, innovators, pacesetters and converters. Transform yourself into a huge success to be fulfilled

- The release effect: the transformer cannot work on its own as it receives what it transforms. How? (See my book “Unlocking Closed Doors”)

Nugget No.52 – Come out to be visible, then come up to measure or level up, and come clear to manifest. Rule your world

- You cannot shine under the bushel. Lamps or lights are positioned where they can shine and illuminate their environment. Positioning yourself gives you the vantage point and advantage to see others and compete in the race. See and discover what others are doing and know how to fit in or create your own path. It looks like I speak or write in parables –yes so that differently all can get their own clues according to their diverse abilities. These interactions and reactions with the people, environment and resources will create for you your own niche, space, vision or direction in life. Then you can begin to rule your world

Nugget No.53 – Deal with Poverty efficiency syndrome

- Poverty efficiency syndrome is an acquired and multilinked patterns, disorders or conditions that create negative poverty effect to keep you perpetually a pauper: They may develop acquired effect, inherited effect, self-induced effects, or and curse effects. Come out and be free. Begin to deal and overcome these negative effects so you will not live in poverty forever.

Nugget No. 54 – Divine focus – find out what you were destined to fulfill and remain with it. Have a focus

- You cannot be jack of all trades. Having a focus help you to concentrate and carry only the much you can chew and achieve greater details. Details matter in success. When you know the nitty-gritty of a problem then you will locate the solution. What were you created to fulfill? Pray and seek the face of God for direction in life. Without direction you will just wander and wonder in life without aim and purpose.

Nugget No. 55 – In every process there is a waiting time, gestation period, and developmental stage. Don’t abort your success ‘because of impatience.

A waiting time is a time to prepare, plan, gather resources and tools you will need to successfully execute your project. Preparations well thought out preparations and groundwork is needed. Gestation period is a time like the farmer you prune, water you crops trusting God for bumper harvest or a time when the pregnant nurses her pregnancy to maturation.

Nugget No. 56 – Your identity or potentials need to develop relevance

- Relevance to the society, to the consumer, customers and those who will need or benefit from it. You will need all the Education you need to make you services worthy and relevant. So build a platform to showcase yourself, your products and services. Get a website, blog, adverts for a wider reach. Create such importance around you and your services for client to want to try you out or your worth. Are you relevant to the bustle and hustle that we call life going on around you?

Nugget No. 57 – Utterance is from God. A word of utterrance (rhema) from the word (logos) creates insight for your mixed audience.

- To be profitable to God, your calling, ministry and relevant in your messages, the doors of utterance, ministry and faith must remain open.

- Utterance works like lubricant, activator and prophetic keys to unlock your closed doors. Utterance comes from God and you get it in the presence of God. Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength (receive insight in your words, messages, lectures, seminars, workshops giving your listeners, Rhema variously)

Nugget No. 58 – What do you have – Talents, ideas, contacts etc.?

- Yes like they say you can use what you have to get what you don’t have. Start from what you have to what you don’t have, from small to big, from bitter to sweet and from soft to hard. God deposited in you a transformer, potential or a treasure which you must find out and manifest. Are you a singer? Then work on yourself to sing to a profitable end. Do you have an idea? Don’t let it die inside your head. One idea explored and exploited can create jobs and discoveries. Do you have contacts? Then knock on those doors. Make those trips. Make those calls. Make yourself accessible and available. The people or society need what God gave or deposited in you.

Nugget No. 59 – God deals mainly with groups than individuals – Like the disciples – the three, the twelve, the hundred and twenty.

- Team work moves us faster in our workforce. Two better heads are better than one. So learn to work with others or organizations that are related to yours. There are expertise your organization might not have but need help from those who have. Work in and with groups for better result because you will be dealing with multifarious experiences and expertise

Nugget No. 60 – There is a link between Gods approved soil and good result in man’s hand.

- God your creator knows your build and structure so is good to consult Him and seek his direction and guidance in your endeavors. Insight, revelations come from him so sow on God’s approved soil. Invest in viable ventures or you will experience turbulent adventures.

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Chapter Seven

Team four 4P’s Concepts (early Preparation, solid Positioning, strong Propulsion and mass Production)

[_ Nugget No. 61- In life journey it is better to be a supporting pillar than a destroying caterpillar _]

-Are you a supporting pillar or a destroying caterpillar in your company, community or association? Your contributions will help someone who needs it. Don’t scatter what you suppose to gather because of selfishness or self-interest. Support those that will need your expertise, your finance, encouragement, or pat on the back. Give helping hands for someone to hold on. Someone needs your legs to stand and your strength to rise.

Nugget No. 62 – You need a seed-key to open doors of your fruitful results

– “God will do great things in your life but only with a seed.”

Gen. 8:22

While the earth remaineth seedtime and harvest… shall not cease.

If you don’t invest why would you expect yield. Sow a seed if you want a harvest. There is a spiritual principle for harvest. You must sow if you want to reap. God expects us to sow a seed in faith. Your seed can be a talent invested for a man’s gift will make a way for him. A seed can be an idea, an investment, a gift, money, and sacrifice, something from you especially when it pains you.

Nugget No. 63 – Receiving (profiting) comes by giving (investing in others).

- God gave His only son. Jesus gave his only life. The Bible says, give and it shall be given to you greater measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall men give unto you. Be productive if you want to be profitable. This is a spiritual principle too. The measure you give is the measure you receive.

[_ Nugget No. 64 -A quality seed (content) in a quality soil (contextual environment) brings quality result (concept, product). _]

- Your content in this container called you is what you have developed yourself to be over the years. It is your worth, your value, what you amount too. So the quality of the content you invest in your environment or organization will determine how you will be acceptable or the worth of your product.

Nugget No. 65 – the destruction of the poor is their poverty (Prov. 10:15).

- You were not born that way so make up your mind to overturn the table. You were born to win and reign. So rise and shine or poverty will ruin you and your future. What is your own angle to it – poverty of ideas, poverty of money or poverty of motivation? The way out is to look for the things that impoverished you and delete them from your life and make up for the things you don’t have that will upgrade you. God has given you all that you need – life, good health, ideas, friends, opportunity of education, and access to financial institutions, government and non-governmental organizations. Position and reposition yourself until you are seen. Go for gold.

Nugget No. 66 – The song of Deborah, the song of Hannah, the song of Moses – may God put a sweet song in your life.

- They were able to sing their songs of victory because they paid the prize. You fight to win, you read to realize, you study for scholarship, you pray to prevail, you speak to be heard and you reason to understand.

- Sing a song of freedom, hope and victory. Tell your story for someone is listening to hear and tell your story as an allegory. Songs, joyful noise are like conditioners. Conditioners put things into a good healthy or working condition or preparatory to further use. Work hard and also smart so you can sing a song of triumph.

[_ Nugget No. 67- Let go so that you can let out. Let out so that you can reap in. Reap in so that you can reach out. Reach out so that you can harvest forever _]

- Release what God deposited inside you – ideas, thoughts, information, knowledge, understanding, proposals or wisdom. Share with investors, associates, panels. By so doing your projects get exposure and sponsorship. Someone out there has an idea and another person has the finances to invest in a project. There are people who have money but don’t know what or where to invest in. They are waiting for you. Do you know that the founder of Coca Cola John Pemberton died a pauper as he sold his patent right to some other who popularized Coca Cola and expanded the business adding other drinks. Let out and let go to be a blessing to the world.

Nugget No. 68 – In spite of the prison obstacle, Joseph was still dreaming and interpreting dreams and serving others.

- Don’t let obstacle or conflict stop you. Obstacles are hurdles to jump and win the race. You can become spectacular if you circumvent or overcome your obstacles. Joseph overcame family or superiority rivalry and jealousy, overcame temptations of the kings palace, prison experience, slavery experience before becoming a prime minister. In all he still served and his gift made way for him.

Nugget No. 69 – Those who never start, never arrive and those who never arrive never get fulfillment in life

- Wake up from your slumber and learn from the team four in Proverbs 30:24 -28

- Verse 25 – The ant’s success is in their early preparation. The ants are not fast but SLOW so they prepare their food in time in summer before the rains when they can’t gather because of the hazards. Prepare for the rainy day.

(Early Preparations).

- Verse 26 – The success of the Conies or rock badgers are in their positioning or location of their shelter for protection. They are very WEAK, feeble so they built their house in the rock to protect them (Solid Positioning)

- Verse 27 – Locust success is in their speed. Momentum is in their movement, mass fast movement as they have no king. Work in teams. Team work propels (Strong Propulsion)

- Verse 28 -The success of the spiders is in Mass production. They are money spinners in their own sense. They are EXPOSED and their cob webs are prone to destruction by intruders so they are always mass producing for the rainy day. They are skillful producers and trappers (Mass Production)

- So preparation (Ants), positioning (Conies), Propulsion (Locusts) and production (Spiders) are success keys these team of four are offering the human race who think they are owners of the world

Nugget No. 70 – Closed doors are like pregnancy. Just do some waiting and spiritual scanning to know how to cause open doors.

- There are times to act but there are times to withdraw and reassess, readjust, reengineer and strategize. The gestation period in pregnancy is time to wait, observe, nurse, allow development of the fetus. It is the incubation period. You must scan your closed door, diagnose the visible effect, find the cause, the consequences and proffer solutions. This is your working paradigm. Paradigm shift could be the answer for the doors to open to you

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Chapter Eight

Challenges and Safety Valves

Nugget No. 71- Your products – innovations, books, faith, contributions, ideas, business, and output - will be tried and tested so prepare your safety valves

- Challenges and Safety Valves: Do you so easily throw up that inspiration or idea that came to you because someone, famous or celebrated said that it will not work. Do you give up your dreams of becoming a writer because your first write-up was rejected by a reputable or not so reputable publishing company. Hear this, the first Author to ever hit two billion dollars profit, J. K. Rowlings, author of Harry Potter series was rejected about twenty six or twenty seven times by publishing companies and many successful people today. So don’t give up on your struggles. If you fall, stand up and start again. You must have learnt from your mistakes. Don’t dump that project. Trials, testing, persecutions, rejections should bring out the best in you and refine your products and not drown you. Your product is also that idea, intuition, hunch, instinct, insight that God planted inside you. Make sure it sees the light of the day.

Nugget No. 72 – A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver (Prov.25:11)

- Prov. 25:11 (AMP)

A word fitly spoken and in due season is like apples of gold in settings of silver

- Words fitly (suitably) spoken are creative words that create because they are suitable, appropriate and timely. Suitability and appropriateness not only of words brings good results. We talk of putting a round peg in a round hole and square peg in a square hole. Doing otherwise brings disorder and unwarranted delays. A man has joy in making an apt answer… (Prov. 15:23).You must know in your setting, organization, family or church when to speak or not and if you must do or speak let it be appropriate and commensurate or matching.

Nugget No. 73 – What do you have – A David and a sling?

- Stop using or waiting for what you don’t have or cannot have but use what you have righteously to reach your goal. Yes look inside you and you have what it takes. When God created you he hid this key as a default value or tool for you to discover. David used what he had, a sling or catapult to kill giant Goliath, to solve this puzzle that kept the Israelites sleepless and their leaders clueless. You can conquer and excel so arise and do something. What do you have – a sling or a David?

Nugget No. 74 – God is accessible and available

- Matt 11:28

Come unto me… and I will give you rest

- Why put your trust and faith in those who will fail you. Is there knots that need to be cracked, God is accessible for he says that the secret things – mysteries, puzzles, hidden truths – belong to him. He gives insight to puzzles, clues to the clueless and discoveries to the adventurist. God is available for consultation and is available for your provisions.

[_ Nugget No. 75- Doing is the beginning of being. Being is the beginning of achieving. Achieving is the essence of living and living is the spices of life _]

- If you want to enjoy life, abundant life also, not found in the bottles of beer and sin but meaningful life that is of use to God and man, then start doing the right things today. This will bring out the being, the creation God made of you, the essence of life which is the drive to succeed in life. Do (something right) so that you will be (somebody right), then you are ready to achieve and live successfully.

[_ Nugget No. 76- Men ought always to pray, be responsive, and responsible and not to faint or complain - Luke 18:1 _]

- Are you a complaining machine or complainant? You complain from Monday to Sunday and about everything. Worry and anxiety are the foundation of most complaints which saps you emotionally, psychologically, physically and even spiritually. Talk to the Lord in prayers and when you take that load to the Lord, leave it there. Why worry when you can pray? An old woman carrying a heavy load was helped out by a good Samaritan who picked her up but while inside the car she was still carrying her load on her head inside the car. When you have prayed, by faith go to work believing God

[_ Nugget No. 77- Stay with your dreams, for these trail blazers and our heroes past did and history is telling their stories in golden foils. _]

- Explore, exploit and rediscover your dreams, passion, vision and potentials to actualize them. That is what will remain when all is said and done. Write them down and hang it where you will see it every day. Hang them in your heart, over your neck, where ever and in whatever. Confess and proclaim them to yourself and anyone who care to listen. They are your life. Make them your goals and then work towards achieving them. Look for the tools – education, partners, mentors, counselors, help in whatever way to actualize your dreams. It will not be easy but it is possible. Convert your dreams to reality. Don’t let those ideas and dreams die inside you or with you. Start today.

[_ Nugget No. 78 - Praying always, with all (kinds of) prayers- Eph. 6:18 _]

- The Holy Bible says we pray and receive not because we pray wrongly. When we don’t get result we analyze the process. There are defensive and offensive prayers – prevailing prayers, travailing prayers, intercessory prayers, aggressive, supplications, petition, confrontational, decrees, warfare prayers and so on (for details see my book, “Strategic Spiritual Warfare”). How can you receive results when you continue to beg? You don’t beg the devil to leave you but you rebuke or confront or decree. You don’t even beg God if you are a Son. When the Bible says ask you shall receive, the word ask means demand because it is your covenant right. Sons demand and don’t beg what is theirs by inheritance. How will they not perish if you refuse to intercede for them? How will they not remain demonized or possessed if you refuse to cast out the demons or do warfare in prayers to deliver them? If you want results then pray the right kind of prayers in the right attitude of an overcomer and covenant child that you are.

Nugget No. 79 – Don’t waste a good idea. One idea can bring you to the top, make your day or spark off chains of success chain reactions.

- Viable ideas, inner witness, insights, revelations are like a seed sown and it germinates, grows, bear fruits and glows. Do not kill the fetus or embryo that carries the destiny of generations yet unborn. God will hold you responsible if you abort his plan because of your foolishness, fear or ignorance. Do not kill the unborn baby that God has deposited into you. Do not destroy the eggs that will hatch for the benefit of humanity.

Nugget No. 80 – We call it the Acts (fruitful evidential works) of the Apostles because they left proof, evidence , vestiges, traces, footsteps, land marks in the sounds of times. What are you leaving to show for your efforts: ashes or beauty?

- Beauty for ashes or ashes goes to ashes and clay to clay! What will you leave behind or are leaving behind. That was the fruitful evidential acts or works of the Apostles but will there be memorable records of the Acts of the Believers when we are done? Your work they say will speak for you – good or bad. Evidence, substantial evidence beyond every reasonable doubt! Mordecai, Hannah, Abraham and a host of others in the records of God were remembered by God. “Remember,” is a covenant word between God and the believers.

When the records are opened may your book of memorable deeds open up your book of remembrance in the presence of God!

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Chapter Nine

Turning Your Adversity into Prosperity

[_ Nugget No. 81- You can turn adversity into prosperity. _]

- She was raped. Will she live with that forever? Turn the victim in you into a victor. Use your shortcomings as a stepping stone to climb higher. It has happened and it has happened even though is bad and evil but it cannot kill you if you decides so. You may not walk or work as though it did not happen but you will not allow your bad past to consume your good future. Your past should be left behind and should not control and determine your future.

Tough times never last but tough people do was the greatest advice given to downcast farmers who lost all their farm produce to natural disaster in the years of depression that gave them hope to move forward.”

You were born to win and prosper.

Nugget No. 82 – Every great move of God can be traced to a kneeling figure – D.L.Moody

-You think you know it all? No, you need help to carry on. You need God and his strength and provisions. Ask God for wisdom, strength, provision for those who ask receive, those who seek will find and those who knock have the doors opened unto them. Someone is praying for you so learn to intercede for others too. Pray for one another the Bible says.

- Let us kneel our way through life said an old saint for

Our knees are heaven knockers.

- Operation PUSH – pray until something happens.

Nugget No. 83 – Spiritual prayer warfare – God want us to fight because He called us soldiers of the cross but we fight from Victory, not for victory.

- Wars are won by fighting good fights of faith. Those who enter a fight do so to win. Soldiers are fighters by virtue of their training and calling in life. Train yourself; discipline your emotions so that you can be fit for the master’s use, a vessel unto honor. Losers are always frightened weaklings like the frightened Friday. They lose before the fight

Nugget No. 84 – Delay is not denial.

- There is always a time of delay for every deserved reward or result. Impatience has ruined a lot of viable ventures. You do not eat the cake before it is baked. This time of delay is time to re-examine your strategies and prospects, a time of anticipation. Joseph experienced delays even when his potential or call was well known to him at age seventeen. Moses, Jacob and many more experienced delays but eventually achieved their goals. But we must differentiate between ungodly delays and godly delays

Nugget No. 85 – God’s plans in your life will attract adversaries from your environment.

- Learn to deal with oppositions and don’t avoid them or run away from them. You have competitors who will want to outwit you, outrun you. So they will employ a lot of tactics to derail your focus. Deal with them by paying less attention to their tricks. Because it is God’s plan expect the enemy to try to thwart it. If the stronger birds can contend with the whirl winds and the fish with the raging stormy waves then you must contend with your environment no matter how adverse. God created you to conquer your environment in other to succeed. You are a problem solver so stop looking elsewhere that is not available to you.

Nugget No. 86 – You can see if you can look. You can look if you can decide

- Be fruitful and multiply by applying multiplication principles. There is a multiplier effect for great discoveries. Just look inside you, outside you, around you and you can see gold where others see stones. Your determination is the determinant factor. The choices or decisions we make today determine what happens to us in the future. Champions are made and not inherited or transferred. The bible says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us .Look, get insight, impactful vision; see beyond your sight, yourself, today for something greater awaiting you.

Nugget No. 87 – When we start praying we stop playing and when we start playing these games we stop praying

- This is an allegory. The quality of your investment is likely to be what you get. If you do the right things and you will get it right. Fix yourself and you fix your output.

Nugget No. 88 – Borrowed axe is like borrowed anointing.

- You must be your God given self. Imitation has limitations. Copies or photo copies do not show originality. Discover yourself and begin to flourish. God never created anyone lesser or a second hand citizen but the system did. But you can change your own system

Nugget No. 89 – Standing with the right people in the right place and doing the right things cause open doors

- Association with Influencers or influential people determines what happens to you positively or negatively. Move with like minds, people who can complement your vision and not destiny killers. The right people are those who can lift you, encourage you, advice you, call you back when you go astray and fuel your good efforts, those who want you to succeed. Not those who merely tolerate you but those who celebrate your success. Don’t stand with those who see nothing good in you. Evil association or communications corrupt good manners.

Nugget No. 90 – Do not live a wasted or wasteful life

- What type of life are you living today – a wasted life or a wasteful life? The misuse of yesterday is what you are suffering today and any wastage today will code your failure tomorrow. Make reserves for your tomorrow because your future will need it. What have you achieved at this stage of your life? It is not too late. There is hope so arise and keep moving.

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Chapter Ten

Experiencing God and Open Doors

[_ Nugget No. 91- Experience God - No one can experience God and remain the same _].

- Moses in book of Exodus experienced the similitude or presence of God – the burning bush. God used it to draw this shepherd’s attention. God needs our attention in other to communicate with us. For the development of your potentials and to achieve your destiny, God want to reveal some truths, tips, innovations for you to discover. In your experience with God you must listen and be ready to obey. Experiencing God exposes you to the secrets of the master, the secrets to success and fulfillment in life. Ezekiel, Jacob, Jesus and a host of others experienced God, open doors and open heavens. Transformation comes by experiencing God, his power and awesomeness.

Nugget No. 92 – Unlock your potentials, unlock your closed doors

- Some of the keys are what you are studying and more are coming. You must have access to those closed doors if you must unlock your potentials. Closed doors are like locked up pregnancies. For some unknown and obvious reasons they stay beyond the gestation period of normal nine months. Closed doors are like sowing on dry ground or pouring water into a perforated basket. They are wastepipes. What is the point of earning money that is put in a pocket with holes? Deal with your closed doors and then embark on viable ventures.

Nugget No. 93 – Open heavens facilitate open doors and closed heavens closed doors

- May your sky be blue and not dark. May your field be green and not fallow. May your rivers be still and not stormy. May your hands be richer and not poorer. May your life be healthier and may you experience open heavens. Repentance brings open heavens, if my people… turn from their sins.

Nugget No. 94 – Doing something good the wrong way will always keep the doors closed.

- Sow a viable seed on a good ground. That is to say invest quality seeds, labor, and resources in a rich, valuable and viable project. There are due processes, best guides, achievers handbooks, methodical and procedural ways of doing things. Do not give up until you get it right. Perseverance, persistence, consistency and skillfulness will sharpen your acumen

Nugget No. 95 – Discerning God’s time and seasons for your life.

-I believe in spiritual timing. In all your endeavors cue in at the right time.

- You may have everything going for you but what you don’t have is Every Time. Good time management can turn you into a manager of wealth. Time lost cannot be regained. You have lost yesterday, tomorrow is not with you. Work as if you only have today.

- It is the Spirit that quickens, endues with life so stir up the gift, quicken the leader, the innovator, the expertise and technical know-how in you.

Nugget No. 96 – Make a vow. A vow is a promise to God for some service in return for a favor.

-Don’t expect God’s best if you have not given Him your best – Integrity and trust is paramount in business and ministry if you want to survive in the future

- Are you barren, unfruitful, unproductive with unfulfilled dreams, strike a deal with God. Make a vow

Nugget No. 97 – What do you have – nothing?

– You can create something out of nothing.

What do you have – money? What do you have – ideas? Share it with the right people, proof producers, investors and friends. Even when you have nothing – share it. But God never created you a zombie. You have life, brain, relations, friends and even enemies can drive out the best in you if only to show them that God is on your side.

Nugget No. 98-What do you have – dreams and visions?

- They are prototypes and super structures of multinationals. Like in pregnancies great visions beget and give birth to great achievements. Dream big dreams and see great visions .Incubate them till time of delivery. What do you have?

Nugget No. 99 – Who are you?

- Not the labels or names you bear but the you in you that makes you the you, you are and the me in me that makes me, the me I am. Your identity or potentials need to develop relevance. You are not an accountant but you work as an accountant. You are not a maid but you work as a maid. Explore all that God has for you, multiple streams of incomes and resources.

Nugget No. 100 – What do you have, God?

- God of providence – a well of inspiration, a reference point for all achievers, an encyclopedia of knowledge for all researchers and thirsty seachers, a turning point for all critical points and the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords.

Nugget No. 101 – What do you have – life?

- The dead cannot achieve neither can they praise God. Make something out of your life. If you are sick you are still alive. If you are short then increase you height, climb up like Zachaeus of the bible. If you don’t have education, get education. If you think you are too fat then resize

Nugget No. 102 – What do you have? Friends and family

- Use your friends and family members. Access then and find out their strengths and weaknesses. Even a weakness can be converted into asset. Even the frog can sing and that in unison. If you doubt me visit the ponds in the quiet of the evening and you will be amazed at the harmony in their rendition.

Nugget No. 103 – My prayers and wish for you. May it go well with you and your work!

- You shall not be a victim of selective denials, collective deprivations or evil summon. You shall be the head and not the tail. You shall lend unto nations and not borrow. You shall enjoy the fruit and sweet of your labor. You shall not wash your hands and crack the nuts for the birds. May your turbulent adventures turn to viable ventures. May the heavens over you be open and the land beneath you be fertile and fruitful in Jesus name. Amen and Amen! See you at the other enviable and blissful side.

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Thanks for finding time to read this. I hope you have been blessed. I will appreciate if you share this with your friends and write a customer review and rating down the book page online as it will help others share from this blessing too. Thanks so much and God bless you real good. Would you like Amazon to notify you by email when I release a new book or the next book in any of the series? Then follow me directly at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B005UWE5G8 Look for the large yellow Follow button on the left. Amazon won’t give out your email address. God bless you and thanks for visiting. Expect more and bigger blessings.

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Appendix A: Are You Born Again?

You must be born twice i.e. – the natural or biological birth and the spiritual birth before you can see the kingdom of God. You must be born again. Are you saved? If the Lord comes now will you be taken to heaven? Is your name written in the book of life? Where will you go when you die – heaven or hell? Tell yourself the truth, and do something about your situation. Heaven is a prepared place and for prepared people. Hell is a prepared place and for unprepared people. Do you want to be born again? Then

1. Recognize yourself as a sinner

- For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God – Rom. 3:23.

- You are a sinner by birth for in sin did your mother conceive you- Psalm51:5

- You are a sinner by choice for all we like sheep have gone astray. Isaiah53:6; Rom.6:23.

2. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ

-Repent you therefore, and be converted that you sins may be blotted out, Act 3:19.

3. Confess your sins

-With godly sorrow confess your sins and tell God you are sorry. Ask him to forgive you all. 1 John.1:9.

4. Accept Jesus Christ into your heart.

Say this Sinner’s Prayer – Lord Jesus, I thank you for forgiving me according to your word. Come into my heart. Be my savior and Lord. Remove my name from the book of death and write it in the book of life. By faith I believe I am saved, Amen.

Congratulations for your bold sincere decision and confession. Write me today so that I pray along with you. Join a living church near you where they preach the truth.

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Appendix B: Testimonies from Pastor Ikechukwu Joseph’s Ministry – What the people are saying.

-Ordinary Men with Extraordinary Power

-Common Men with Uncommon Results

-Usual Men with Unusual Anointing

-Weak Men with Mighty Deeds

-Unschooled Mortal Men with Immortal Visions and PhD-Producing Life Histories

- Faiths miracle on wattpad about my book, Discovering Yourself – OMG! This is amazing. You should update more. This is just I don’t know extraordinary. May the good Lord bless you. I’m in love already with this book.

- Misstmaria on wattpad about my book – Discovering Yourself – Wow!!!! This is incredible and how right you are. What a wonderful lesson here!! Thank you!

- ByronWalker – I really enjoyed the book (Strategic Spiritual Warfare). ByronWalker6 voted on wattpad for Strategic Spiritual Warfare

- I Love reading although I took my time to read this book it is full of the anointing. Stayed up reading until i could not anymore, already daylight in morning – got some rest and woke up in the presence of God to worship that is how it impacted me.

The prayers in this book also stirred up a desire within me to see the answers to those prayers. I will read more books from this Author

He knows the scripture and speaks clearly and the anointing backs him up all glory to God.

Go ahead read it you’ll be glad and you will be touch by the beautiful presence of the Holy Spirit awesome read and will re-read again. Everyone should read this book highly recommended (referring to Holy Spirit Anointing: Bible Faith Nuggets Series Book 5 )

-Rebecca Belardo (Georgia) -

- Thank you so much for this book .It just showed up on my Kindle when I was seeking a Word from The Lord . This truth is truly from The Lord THANK YOU SO MUCH. JUANITA. USA

- Rated 5 stars, It was so refreshing – By jamar w jackson

- Loved it. I learned a lot of things in this book. Wow it was Slender. Loved this book PRAISE God

- Five Stars By Gary blakely, Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Great Book on the anointing, if you want to learn more

- Five Stars by Betty H

Great book, full of wisdom, awesome author/writer!

- By Smackeyon – Power packed and informative.

- Five Stars by Will Pearceon – Very good and enlightening.

- By Amazon Customer “rosa lee watson” rated Five Stars

Love it.

- Greetings am so blessed while searching books on amazon came across your book the Holy Spirit Anointing Bible Faith nuggets book 5. I started reading and truly did not want to stop. Am at page 690 it has really lifted me up and am anticipating to finish reading it and looking to read other books. It has just brought an awakening and ministered to me deeply. Thank you for sharing the knowledge God has grace you with, God bless you Joseph. Attentive and embracing God’s presence Prophetess Rebecca

- Merry Christmas Pastor Joseph, you have been a big blessing to me by your messages that I have been receiving. I have used them on my pulpit. God bless you and may he shower his blessings upon you.

Your brother Pastor E. A. [Kenya]

- Dear Pastor Joseph,

You have been of a great blessing to me so much. Your teachings are so encouraging and very powerful. I am praying for you so much. I have been getting your teaching materials and I have been asking myself where you are coming from? Which country? May God bless you so much.

Pastor N. O. O (Kenya).

- Dear pastor IK,

Thanks so much for the inspirational messages you have been sending to me. They have been of a very great help. God will richly bless you…. Pastor Benjam

- My name is Matthew. I received an e-mail that was not intended for me. But i see God’s divine hand diverting it to me. It was not even addressed to me at all. it was sent to Veronica Argentina. I have been seeking Gods anointing on the ministry he has called me into. And i have realized before I even received your e-mail that i did not want to do this without Gods hand of anointing upon it. There are just too many people out there that are in ministry that have not been anointed and called with anointing. If I speak or lay hands on someone for healing and do not have Gods hand in it I would rather not even bother. As of late I have been just seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus and only ministering to those that the lord sets right in front of me. The Lord has given me a great burden for the broken heart and the captive to sin; my own heart is broken before the lord in this. When I was in Peru I tasted of this anointing and as i came back to the U.S. there remain a remnant of that anointing for a while. But last night i was asked to speak and it was just words without the power of the life of Christ in them, i have grieved throw the night and woke to find this e-mail that was not even intended for me. (N.B: Bible Faith Nuggets Serous Edition he received was on Davidic Anointing. Same time he was asking for anointing from God). I love the lord so much and want to serve him. He has done so much for me. I will never be able to repay him for his goodness. SEEKING GOD DIRECTION IN MY LIFE AND WHAT HE WANT ME TO DO AND GO.

- G. M (U.S.A)

- AWESOME Book. I’m glad you allow God to speak thru you to tell me where I was off track and how I should now proceed and proceed through this journey. Thank You and may God continue to Bless You.

- D. Woodrow

Hi, Pastor Joe,

I am actually blessed with your newsletter, even though we have not been able to have time together whether physically or on net. Please keep the line hot, for the Lord is your strength.

Shalom.- O.J

Dear Pastor Joseph,

Thanks a lot for your words of inspiration and insight. May God richly bless you and the ministry to continue with the good work you are doing?

P. H

Thanks for your message. I wonder where you got this from. Keep the candle burning.

-E.V (yahoo mails)

Pastor Joseph,

Thanks for all the sweet messages you have been sending. This is to wish you the best of this glorious year. I want to let you know that the Good Lord will continue

to bless and uphold you

J. M (Nigerian)

Thank you my brother. You are sent by God. I have started my fasting today and I am very encouraged by these messages. Are you in Africa or abroad?

N.O (South Africa)

I am very much happy to have received this wonderful Book from you. I thank you and I wish to say that there is nothing you could have done better for me then this Book you have sent to me. Oh Pastor just the very few pages I have had the chance to read, I was tempted to say it was just me in the picture. I really am happy to have this Book. I wish you all the best and I say stay blessed but like the little Oliver, I ask for more. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

-D. J. N (GHANA)

Pastor Joseph,

You never, never cease to bless me. I loved the writing on the borrowed axe head! AMEN.AMEN.AMEN!!!!!! (full title of the Edition she referred to was Borrowed Axe-Borrowed Anointing)

-Pastor D. S(U.S.A)

This is truly an eye opening message that came straight from the throne room of God. I passed it on so others may be blessed.

-Evangelist Valrie (U.S.A)


Thanks a million for this and others you’ve been sending. They’ve all blessed my heart.

Shalom. U.I (Nigeria)

I am not sure how I managed to get on your mailing list but thanks this was something God wanted me to hear (Referring to Bible Faith Nuggets).


Hi Pastor,

I was edified after reading this nugget, the almighty God give you more inspiration and knowledge of His word.


Dearly beloved,

Thanks for your beautiful and inspirational messages, they are so timely , may the lord continue to make space for you in this ministry, do please include your contact phone number, I like to speak with you .God bless you real good. Amen .I.E

Greetings Ikechukwu,

Blessings and greetings in Jesus’ precious name! Thank you for your letter and words of encouragement! May God use you for the establishment of His Kingdom in the earth, and establish truth and justice. The LORD reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice. Remain blessed in HIM!

-Pastor S.A (Ukraine)

Dear Joe

Thanks for your love, and also thanks for sending me a good message that bless my soul, i enjoyed it. May the lord richly bless you, thank you so much.

REV. V. U .J (Nigeria)

Dear Pastor, good day in Jesus Name. I read your book but I see it that God want to give me Victory because what I have read so far describes my 11 year old problem.

Kate (Nigeria)

I Praise the Lord for all you that have sent me, emails of encouragement. If I would express how it had made me feel, we would all be in tears.

-Evangelist Neal (U.S.A)

Editor’s note: Bible faith nuggets are priceless edifying pearls, messages from the teaching ministry of Pastor Joseph, inspired by the Holy Ghost and have wiped away tears, healed the broken hearted and lifted the downcast. God has something to say to you. You can subscribe at my website: http://ikechukwujoseph.com

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About The Author

Pastor Ikechukwu Joseph, the author of “Discovering Yourself” is a notable song writer, poet, author and the publisher of bestselling “Unlocking Closed Doors,” Strategic Spiritual Warfare, Haunting Shadows, The Study of the Book of Colossians (a verse by verse analytical study commentary), A Study of the Book of Philippians ((a verse by verse analytical study commentary) and Angels Go to War. He trained as a Science Educator, Biologist, System Engineer and Website Developer. He is a graduate of University of Ibadan (M. Ed), University of Port Harcourt (B. SC) and a duly accredited ordained Minister with Evangelistic Messengers Association International, Tennessee, U.S.A. Pastor Joseph served God under different organizations like The Scripture Union, Four Square Gospel Church, NIFES, Fellowship of Christian Students, Grace of God Mission, and Believers Gospel Mission before God led him into the Harvest field.

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