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About Bears


About Bears

Rose Marie Colucci

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[About Bears
**]By Rose Marie Colucci

Sockfrock Adventures © 2016
All Rights Reserved

Shakespir Edition

Kasimir Publishing
Montreal, Quebec


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About the Author

About Bears

Join Penelope and the Sockfrock characters in yet another adventure. When Penelope has a project to complete about bears, her friends want to help. Penelope is glad to show her friends her project and everyone gets involved in learning about different kinds of bears. See what happens when Penelope reveals her favorite bear.

Rose Marie Colucci is the author of Little Johnny goes to Mobster School, Little Johnny the Entrepreneur, Little Johnny in Risky business, and Lobster for Dinner. She is the creator of Sockfrock Adventures and Sockfrock Books.


One afternoon, Penelope was thinking of ways to make good use of her time.

“I know what I will do,” she said. “I will work on my special project. There is no one home and it will give me some quiet time to concentrate.”

Penelope took out her crayons from her crayon box and placed them in front of her.

Next she took out her notebook and placed it in front of her.

“I have my crayons and my notebook to begin my drawings,” said Penelope.

“I like working on special projects.”

“I can’t wait to show my drawings to my friends.”

And as Penelope was working on her drawings, she had an unexpected visitor.

“Hi Penelope,” said Margarita as she entered the room.

“Hi Margarita.”

“You look very busy. What are you doing?” asked Margarita as she saw Penelope drawing.

“I’m working on a special project,” said Penelope.

“A special project? What kind of special project?” asked Margarita.

“I have my crayons and my notebook and I’m drawing,” said Penelope.

And just as Penelope was about to explain her special project, Julius and Ramon arrive.

“Hi everybody,” said Julius.

“We were around the corner and came to see what you’re up to,” said Ramon.

“Don’t disturb Penelope,” said Margarita.

“Why not?” said Julius.

“Because she’s working on a special project,” said Margarita.

“I’m drawing,” said Penelope as she went back to work.

“What is the special project about?” asked Julius.

“I don’t know yet. Penelope didn’t get a chance to explain,” said Margarita.

“Maybe it’s a secret project,” said Ramon.

“A secret project?” said Julius

“Looks like it is,” said Margarita.

“I like secret projects,” said Ramon jumping up and down. “Can I work on the secret project too?”

“Calm down Ramon,” said Margarita. “Penelope hasn’t explained her project yet.”

“I’m almost finished,” said Penelope.

“I can’t wait to see Penelope’s drawings,” said Margarita.

“Me too,” said Ramon.

Everyone waited for Penelope to finish her drawings so she could explain her secret project.

And after a few minutes, Penelope raised her head.

“Finished,” she announced. “My project is finished.”

Penelope was happy her project was finished so she could tell her friends about it.

“I like working on projects,” said Penelope, giggling to herself. “Drawing is one of my favorite things to do.”

“Now that your project is finished, tell us what your drawings are about,” said Julius.

“I’d like to know too,” said Margarita.

“Me too,” said Ramon, jumping up and down.

“My special project is about bears,” said Penelope.

“Bears?” said Margarita.

“That’s right,” said Penelope. “All about bears.”

“That’s a great project, Penelope,” said Julius.

“Oh…oh, oh…I want to learn all about bears,” said Ramon. “All about bears!”

“We can learn together,” suggested Margarita.

“How about we play a game,” said Penelope.

“A game? I love playing games,” said Ramon.

“Great! I’ll ask you a question about bears and you give me the answer. Are you ready?” said Penelope.

“I’ll go first,” said Margarita.

“Alright Margarita, are you ready?” said Penelope.

“As ready as ready can be,” said Margarita.

“Can you name a kind of bear?” asked Penelope.

“Let me think,” said Margarita, thinking very hard. “A kind of bear…a kind of bear…I know,” said Margarita at last. “I’ll say a polar bear.”

“That’s a good answer,” said Penelope. “A polar bear is a kind of bear.”

“What color is a polar bear?” asked Ramon.

“A polar bear is white,” said Margarita.

“Very good again,” said Penelope.

“Do you know where polar bears live?” asked Julius.

“Polar bears live in the North Pole,” answered Margarita.

“I have a picture of a polar bear right here,” said Penelope.

Everyone looked at the picture of the polar bear.

“A polar bear lives in the artic where it is cold and icy,” said Margarita. “Its fur is white to hide in the snow.”

“Look at those giant paws!” said Ramon.

“Polar bears use their paws to swim under the ice,” added Penelope. “They hunt fish and seal as food.”

“I sure wouldn’t like to be near a polar bear,” said Ramon.

“My turn,” said Julius. “Ask me a question about bears, Penelope.”

“Alright Julius, can you name a kind of bear?” asked Penelope.

“I sure can,” answered Julius. “My bear is a grizzly bear.”

“A grizzly bear is a good answer!” said Penelope.

“See, I told you I could name a kind of bear,” said Julius.

“Do you know what color is a grizzly bear?” asked Penelope.

“Yes I do,” said Julius. “A grizzle bear is brown.”

“That’s right,” said Penelope. “A polar bear is white and a grizzly bear is brown. I have a picture of a grizzly bear right here.”

“Let me see the picture, let me see the picture of a grizzly bear!” said Ramon.

“Unlike a polar bear that lives in the North Pole, a grizzly bear lives in the forest,” said Julius. “That’s why its fur is brown so we can’t see him.”

“Do you know what else grizzly bears do?” asked Penelope.

“Tell us Penelope,” said Julius. Everyone wanted to know.

“A grizzly bear sleeps all winter and wakes up in spring,” said Penelope.

“Really?” said Ramon. “That’s what a grizzly bear does?”

“It’s hungry when it wakes up, and quickly looks for food.” said Penelope.

“I sure don’t want to be near a grizzly bear when it wakes up in the spring,” said Ramon. “I’ll be eaten in one piece!”

Everyone laughed.

“My turn, my turn,” said Ramon. “My turn to name a kind of bear.”

“Alright Ramon,” said Penelope. “Go ahead, name a kind of bear.”

“I know, I know. A panda! A panda is a kind of bear,” said Ramon.

“Very well done, Ramon,” said Penelope. “Do you know what color is a panda bear?”

“I got it, I got it!” said Ramon as he jumped up and down. “A panda bear is black and white.”

“That’s a good answer,” said Penelope.

“I have a picture of a panda bear right here,” said Penelope as she showed her friends her drawing.

“It has black spots around its eyes and black spots on its paws too,” said Ramon.

“Do you know where panda bears live?” asked Penelope.

Ramon scratched his head to think better.

“I know where panda bears live,” said Ramon at last.

“Tell us,” said Julius.

“Panda bears live in regions of China,” answered Ramon.

“That’s another right answer Ramon,” said Penelope.

“I like panda bears,” said Margarita. “They are soft and gentle compared to polar bears and grizzly bears.”

“Ramon, do you know what panda bears eat?” asked Penelope.

“Well, panda bears live in bamboos forests so they eat bamboo,” said Ramon.

“Very well done,” said Penelope congratulating everyone.

“There’s a polar bear,” said Margarita.

“A grizzly bear,” said Julius.

“And a panda bear,” said Ramon, jumping up and down.

As everyone looked at the pictures again, Penelope had another bear in mind.

“I have one more drawing that I haven’t shown yet,” said Penelope.

“Show us,” said Julius. “What kind of bear is your bear, Penelope?”

“It’s a very special bear,” said Penelope.

“Go ahead Penelope. Name a kind of bear,” said Margarita.

“My bear is…is…a…,” said Penelope.

“Yes Penelope?” they said.

“My bear is a… teddy bear!” said Penelope.

“Can we see the drawing of your teddy bear?” they asked.

Penelope showed her friends her teddy bear. “It looks like this.”

“Does it have a name?” asked Ramon.

“I call him Tou-Tou,” said Penelope.

“Tou-Tou? I like that name,” said Julius.

“Where does Tou-Tou live? asked Margarita.

“Tou-Tou doesn’t live in the forest, nor in the North Pole, nor in China,” said Penelope.

“So where does Tou-Tou live?” asked Ramon.

“Tou-Tou lives in my room,” said Penelope.

“In your room?” they said.

“My teddy bear is not a real bear, but it’s my bear!” said Penelope. “And I love him!”

Everyone laughed.

“Can we see your teddy bear?” they asked.

“Of course you can see Tou-Tou,” said Penelope. “I’m sure he wants to meet my friends.”

And all afternoon, Penelope, Margarita, Julius and Ramon had a good time playing with Penelope’s teddy bear.

Rose Marie Colucci

Kasimir Publishing

About Bears

  • ISBN: 9781370392797
  • Author: Rose Marie Colucci
  • Published: 2016-10-01 18:35:10
  • Words: 1497
About Bears About Bears