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Aaron the Alien: Welcome to Bejjerwejjertejnej (Sample Chapters)

















Aaron the Alien: Welcome to Bejjerwejjertejnej


Published by Jon (Jon-Jon) Jones at Shakespir


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Aaron the Alien:

Welcome to Bejjerwejjertejnej


by Jon-Jon (Jon S Jones)


(Sample Chapters)


The Jungle of Jeepooerjev


Before they knew it the intrepid pair came upon the Jungle of Jeepooerjev. In front of them stood a green world, a thick green haze gave the ominous impression that a giant green living monster was confronting them. Not a Jungle where the sky was the same colour as the vegetation.

Hey Timmy, watch this.’ yelled Aaron as he dashed straight into the jungle, instantly disappearing.

‘Aaron, Aaron, where are you?’

‘I’m here,’ said the voice.



Aaron’s eyes suddenly appeared ahead of him in the greenness. Timmy made out that he still could not see him.


‘I think you need glasses.’

‘Oh it’s no use, I’ll never find you.’ said Timmy picking up a large stone like object and going to throw it with all his might.

Whoa, whoa, stop Timmy stop, I’m right here in front of you!’

‘Oh yeah, so you are.’ said Timmy laughing.

Ha Ha very funny.’ replied Aaron.

‘Come on Timmy, it’s an amazing place.’ said Aaron running back in, Timmy shrugged his shoulders then followed.

Wow!’ said Timmy overwhelmed by the greenness. The atmosphere was so thick that he could not see a thing, he found himself feeling claustrophobic.

‘Don’t worry it’ll clear in a little while, it’s a bit like when someone turns off the light, it takes a while for your eyes to adjust.’ said Aaron with impeccable timing.

‘It’s really weird Aaron I can’t even see where we came in, it’s like being inside a giant bogey.’

‘We are.’

‘Then somewhere there must be one giant tissue.’

‘Yeah, but it still wouldn’t cover your nose’

‘I don’t know what you’re on about you are a bogey, anyway how long before I can see my way about?’

‘Not long but I wouldn’t move if I was you.’

‘And why no …’

Timmy was cut off mid sentence as he tripped over something on the ground.

‘Because there are plants around.’ said Aaron in a smug tone.

Timmy put out his hand and felt something rather soft and slimy.

!’ exclaimed Timmy in a disgusted tone.

‘It’s just a plant.’

All of a sudden it came into view, he saw his hand lying on a green pulsating tentacle like root.

Ew!’ Timmy exclaimed snatching his hand away from it. He could see about two feet in front of him. He stood up again realising that he could see his arms again.

‘Aaron I can see again!’

‘How far?’

‘About two feet, I can just see my hands? When will I be able to see farther?’

‘You won’t.’

I won’t?’

‘No I’m afraid that’s it. Hey Timmy come over here, take about ten steps to your left … that’s it … there’s a clearing here. Now watch this.’

Suddenly Timmy felt someone kick him up the backside. Timmy listened carefully and could hear Aaron circling him suddenly he jerked forward pushed out his arms and heard Aaron fall over.

Right, war has been declared.’ shouted Aaron.

For the next ten or fifteen minutes they ran around playing and pushing each other over on the soft surface until finally they ran out of steam. The pair crashed down on some sponge like ground, they could still only see two feet in front of them, this was beginning to frustrate Timmy.

‘I’ve got a question; well in fact I’ve got two. First, how big is this place? Second, how are we ever going to get through it? Bearing in mind we can only see two feet ahead. It’s starting to do my head in already. And what is this green stuff we’re forever breathing in?’

‘I promise you, you don’t want to know.’

‘What do you mean by that? Of course I want to know.’

‘I mean exactly what I said, you don’t want to know, you think you want to know but trust me you don’t.’

‘Just tell me Aaron, I promise I’ll want to know.’ said Timmy.

‘Plant farts!’

‘Plant farts, what do you mean plant farts … wait a minute, are you saying that we are breathing in plant farts!’

‘That’s what I said, plant farts.’

‘You were right I don’t want to know.’

‘Like I said …’

Urrrrggghhhh’ exclaimed Timmy starting to reach. ‘That’s disgusting.’ He continued in a duck like voice with tears in his eyes. Timmy pulled his jumper over his mouth and nose.

Aaron was laughing hysterically at Timmy’s reaction to this news. Although Timmy could not see him clearly, he knew that Aaron was laughing.

I told you, you didn’t want to know,’ said Aaron laughing even more.

‘Alright, it’s not that funny.’ said Timmy trying not to laugh to himself under his jumper.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, listen.’ said Aaron out of the greenness.

Suddenly there was a loud

_ Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppppppppppppp_

Then another

_ Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppppppp_

Urrrrgggghhhh!’ exclaimed Timmy laughing and almost gagging at the same time.

‘Was that what I think it was?’

‘Yep, that was a plant farting.’

‘What do they eat Baked Beans.’

The atmosphere was so thick with the green mist that Aaron and Timmy had to stay close to ensure that they did not get separated.

‘Timmy, tell me if you feel a plant …’

‘Aaron, all I can feel is plants.’

‘If you let me finish I was about to describe a specific one.’

‘Oh, sorry, go on then.’

‘Its stalk will go straight up, it’ll be like walking into a lamppost but soft.’

‘About as thick as a lamppost?’

‘Thereabouts, maybe a little thinner.’

‘Rightio, why?’

‘Because its seeds maybe able to help us.’


‘I’ll show you when we find one.’

Timmy started exploring his surroundings in the greenness as he tried to walk through the thick jungle.

‘I tell you what.’

‘What?’ Timmy replied.

‘This would be a good place to open up a greengrocers, get it a green grocers.’

‘You should be on stage.’

‘Well I am already out of this world.’ Timmy heard Aaron laughing at his own joke in the greenness.

Timmy swung his arms about, playing as he walked, his hands hit something large, tall and soft.

‘Aaron I think I have found it.’

‘Where are you?’ Aaron’s voice responded quite faint.

Aaron don’t lose me follow my voice, la la laaaaaaaaaaaaa, la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.’

‘Got you, coming.’

Timmy heard his voice coming closer and closer until he was right nearby.

‘Where are you Timmy?’

‘Right here.’

‘Argh.’ cried Aaron as he tripped over a plant root, landing at Timmy’s feet.

‘Honestly Aaron, you don’t have to kneel every time you see me.’

‘Yeah right, you don’t have to worry about that.’

Aaron got up standing at the same height as Timmy.

‘I still can’t get used to your new look Aaron but I will say its better.’


‘Well you look more human.’

What? I am changing right back then.’

‘Oh ha ha, but I will ask Aaron, why are you wearing shoulder pads?’ said Timmy looking at the bumps either side of his head and you have no neck either.’

‘Look who’s talking no shoulders ostrich neck.’

‘What do you mean no shoulders?’

‘There’s nothing there but bone, you can carry plates on them, you should be a waiter.’

‘You should be a humpback bridge.’

‘Yeah well you should be … erm.’

‘Oooh good comeback Aaron, see you have been deleted, totally deleted.’

‘No but …’

‘No ifs and buts you have been deleted.’

‘Alright, alright don’t get Henny.’

Henny? What’s Henny?’

‘You know henny, showing off, arrogant.’

Timmy started laughing.

‘You mean cocky, don’t get cocky.’

‘That’s the one. I tell you Timmy your sayings on earth are beyond you, now give me hand with this stalk.’

‘What do you want me to do, pull it out?’

No, don’t do that, it hasn’t done anything to you has it?’

‘What do you want me to do with it then?’

‘Go round the other side of it and help me shake it. The best thing to do would probably be to sway it, if I push and you pull then I pull and you push, if we keep doing that we should get enough momentum to shake the top of it off.’

‘The top of it?’

‘Yes if you shake hard enough the seeds at the top will disperse like a dandelion on your planet.’

‘Oh okay, cool.’

Timmy walked around to the other side of the giant stalk and took hold.


‘Ready.’ Timmy replied.

The pair began their teamwork. The stalk was sturdy yet flexible, it would have shaken easily if they were giants. The momentum took a few swings to get going, finally it started to sway.

It’s working Aaron.’

‘I know keep looking up.’

Timmy put his effort into swinging the plant as hard as he could. As he looked up he saw that the air was beginning to clear. He saw the top of this giant flower and was shocked at just how tall it was, it was as tall as an oak tree, millions of silver sparkling objects were floating through the air.

‘It looks like the end of a lit sparkler.’

‘That’ll do Timmy we can stop shaking it now.’

They both stopped and Aaron went round to Timmy. Timmy stood transfixed as the jungle became visible. The green mist was dispersed by the seeds of the giant dandelion. Timmy could see a lot of the jungle ahead, there were weird, wonderful and colourful creatures bounding and flying around.

As different plants and trees slithered and writhed it appeared that the whole jungle was continuously moving. Aaron could see that across the clearing it was all green again, he also noticed another dandelion plant way up ahead.

‘How long does this last Aaron?’

‘Not long, we have to get that other plant and then find another one and so on.’

‘That’s cool, it’ll work though won’t it?’

‘Yeah there’s no reason why we can’t do it the whole way through.’

‘At least I can see where I am going now.’ said Timmy carefully picking his way through all the vines and roots.

‘Tell me about it.’ Aaron replied doing the same.

‘Timmy you have to try some of this I forgot all about it.’ said Aaron running over to a strange looking plant. It looked like a rubber plant that had been dyed bright yellow with strange looking fruit growing on it, they looked like giant orange segments except they were brown.

‘I am not trying anything on this planet I have already had a bath in snot today thank you.’

‘I forgot about that,’ said Aaron laughing, ‘well it isn’t poo or anything, it’s perfectly safe, in fact it is healthier than any vegetable on earth, but the reason I want you to taste it is because you’ll never guess what it tastes like.’







What Aaron I give up?’

‘Burnt toast.’

‘Burnt toast, no way.’

‘Straight up, but not just burnt toast, burnt toast with butter on it.’

No, it can’t do, you’re telling me that if I take a bite of it I will think that I am eating burnt toast with butter on it.’

‘Yep and not too burnt either.’

‘Give me one then.’

Aaron pulled off the segment which was about the same size as a large slice of melon. Timmy held it up and inspected it, there were tiny little hairs all over it.

‘Are you sure this is safe Aaron?’

‘I wouldn’t want to get through all that we have been through just to have you eat a poisonous bit of fruit would I?’

‘Suppose not, well here goes.’

Timmy closed his eyes and took a bite.

Mmmmmm.’ Timmy thought he was back at home when he sometimes burnt the toast just slightly and slavered it in butter, the rich with the bitter complimented each other perfectly in Timmy’s mind, he always really enjoyed it. Finishing his mouthful, he took another mouthful and then another, before he knew it the whole thing was gone so he picked another one from the plant.

‘These are delicious Aaron.’

Mmm I know,’ said Aaron tucking into one as well.

‘They are quite filling, I don’t think I’ll need another one after this. I can’t believe there is fruit out here that tastes like burnt toast.’

‘Come on Timmy we need to get to that other plant before we can’t see again.’

Timmy started trudging through the vegetation towards the next flower, they were still endlessly falling over even though they could see where they were going.

‘I’m glad we found that fruit Aaron I was starting to get hungry.’

‘We’ll eat properly later, I was thinking we could stop for the night in the mountains.’

‘Mountains? Hang on a minute … night? There’s night here?’

‘Sort of Timmy but you’ll need a night’s sleep in any case won’t you, it does get darker in certain places at times but not like earth.’

They reached the next plant and once again worked together to disperse the miasmic fog.

Timmy looked mischievously at Aaron.

‘I’ll race you to the next one.’

‘Alright then.’ said Aaron with a smile at the top his face.

‘On your marks, get …’

Timmy started running ahead.

‘You cheat, you cheat.’ shouted Aaron running after him.

Running was hard in the thick green vegetation, they both started leaping from one root to the other.

Timmy was still ahead as he looked behind.

‘Come on slow coach.’ He shouted to Aaron. The next plant was getting closer and closer, ‘I’m going to make it’, Timmy thought to himself.

Suddenly Aaron came somersaulting through the air and landed next to the plant.

‘Don’t you mean fast bus?’ said Aaron beaming a huge smile which still looked odd with his face being upside down.

‘I hate it when you do that.’ replied Timmy trying not to laugh.

The pair of them stood there panting heavily, Timmy much more so than Aaron. The magical world disappeared behind the veil of a thick green curtain.

‘Let’s sit here for a minute, I’m knackered.’

‘Pleased to meet you I’m Aaron.’ said Aaron stretching out one of his hands.

Timmy shook his head, slid his back down the dandelion like plant and sat on the bouncy vegetation. Aaron joined him.

‘I tell you what Aaron as adventures go this takes some beating?’

A smile crossed Aaron’s face.

‘Yeah it’s good to feel alive isn’t it?’

Timmy rubbed his chin as a professor of philosophy might while contemplating the mysteries of the universe. ‘Yes it is, you know what I even think it beats a good theme park.’

‘Yeah just …’

‘Don’t tell me you have been to a theme park as well?’

‘Yeah kind of, I’ve seen it, didn’t manage to get on any of the rides though.’

‘Oh I know why, because you saw it from your ship didn’t you, when it was cloaked.’

‘No height restrictions, I wasn’t tall enough.’

‘What, oh come on you are having me on …’

‘Yeah I am actually I saw it from my ship. Come on let’s get going.’

They got up and shook the plant they had been leaning on. As the greenness cleared to reveal the luscious verdant world it disguised Timmy spotted what appeared to be a giant mushroom.

‘Wow look at that, got to check that out.’

‘What?’ shouted Aaron.

Timmy went bounding over the roots toward the giant mushroom which was coloured a weird kind of green brown making them stand out from the surrounding area. Aaron tripped and went flying through the air, bouncing along a load of rubber roots and foliage. Timmy meanwhile reached the Mushroom.

He stood beneath admiring this strange alien fungus as if it were a present just for him. It looked weird, there was an odd sheen to it as if it was covered in slime. Timmy gingerly leant forward with his hand to touch it. Just as his fingers touched it he was sucked in, he didn’t even have time to scream, it felt like he had been gunged.

All he could see was a green brown light, he started to panic he felt like he was hermetically sealed in; if he couldn’t get any air he would die.

Aaron meanwhile had seen him disappear and screamed his name, he leapt over the vegetation in one giant leap, landing near the mushroom.

Timmy was still trapped inside, he was beginning to panic when ‘BBBBRRRRPPPP’ he let rip a big smelly fart, suddenly he was shooting upwards, he flew out of the top of the mushroom high up into the air and came crashing back down upon its big round flat head and then bounced back up into the air and then back down and bounced back up again …

Timmy are you alright?’

‘Yeah this is great Aaron come up.’ he shouted still bouncing up and down on the mushroom.

Aaron did one of his somersaults and just managed to reach the height of the mushroom, the flat top was so big it was like an arena. Timmy and Aaron started wrestling, throwing each other on the spongy, stretchy surface, then they played who could bounce the highest followed by who could do the most somersaults which acrobatic Aaron won by a long way, eventually they bounced onto their backs and waited until they came to rest.

‘What do you suppose all that was about?’

‘What was what about Timmy?’

‘You know me disappearing into that mushroom and appearing at the top, if it was some sort of alien lift they could have played some music.’

‘Erm…,’ said Aaron looking away, ‘I don’t think it’s as pleasant as that.’

‘What do you mean? Aaron.’

‘What I mean is I think you’ll find it was going to eat you but then changed its mind and spat you out.’

Timmy burst into hysterics.

‘What’s the matter with you?’

‘I far … I far … I farted that’s why it spat me out.’

Aaron roared with laughter.

‘That’s so funny you must be the first person in history to have saved their own life by blowing off.’

The pair curled up in balls of laughter.

‘That was too funny.’ said Timmy wiping the tears away from his cheeks.

Timmy got up and looked over the edge of the mushroom; they were about thirty feet above the floor.

‘Er Aaron, how are we going to get down?’


Jump, it’s too high, I don’t know if the stuff on the floor is soft enough to break our fall.’

‘Of course it will, watch.’ said Aaron running and jumping off.

‘Okay, you’ve been right so far.’ said Timmy to himself before running and jumping off the edge. His arms flailed but his landing was well cushioned by the writhing floor.

‘I love this planet, Aaron.’

‘There’s the next flower, we need to get to it, the greenness is returning.’

Timmy started to run as the air started to slowly opaque. Aaron was just ahead when Timmy saw something that made his heart stop.


‘What is it?’ Aaron replied having stopped due to the tone of Timmy’s cry.

‘I just saw something, something that looked very unfriendly.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean I saw a pair of bright yellow saucer like eyes, they looked pure evil.’

‘It was probably a weird shaped flower.’

‘No Aaron it was as if something perfectly camouflaged and horrifying was watching my every move.’

Well come on Timmy, we won’t be able to see a thing in a minute, then we’ll have no chance.’ Aaron pleaded.

Aaron and Timmy started to run and just as they did they saw the same vicious pair of yellow eyes advancing on their position.

Timmy’s heart leapt, he ran toward the flower as fast he could, so fast he nearly overtook Aaron. As soon as he reached it he started shaking it as hard as he could.

Quick Aaron I am telling you there is something out there and it isn’t friendly.

Aaron started shaking the tree as hard as he could, once again the air started to clear, both of them stood there and stared at the spot where they had just been looking for their mystery guest.

Look Aaron.’ said Timmy pointing straight ahead of them.

A little ways off there were two yellow evil looking eyes that Timmy had said about. They seem to be advancing forward.

‘I see what you mean Timmy; it’s certainly not the local vicar.’

‘Well what then? Do you think we should run?’

‘I dunno let’s just wait and …’ the air cleared further exposing the enigma behind the yellow eyes, what was revealed was worse than they both imagined.

It appeared to be a wolf but made out of living vines, it’s mouth was twice as big as a normal wolf with two rows of razor sharp, thorn like teeth. It skulked toward them just like a predator on earth, the way it fluidly and silently moved made it all the more sinister.

‘… Run.’ screamed Aaron finally finishing his sentence.

They started running, as soon as they did the beast broke into flight, running as fast as it could, it seemed to glide over all the bumpy protruding vegetation, it was quickly catching up.

Timmy, the mushroom, it’s your only hope.’

Timmy looked ahead and saw another giant mushroom like the one before. The creature had decided to pursue Timmy and wasn’t far behind him when he reached it. Timmy ran into the side of it, instantly he was swallowed whole. He was back where he started but then a terrifying thought occurred to him, he had farted last time and that’s why it spat him out. ‘Oh no, I don’t need to now, I need to try and squeeze one out, I can’t, I’m going to die!

Then he had an idea, the next thing he knew he was flying through the air and once again after several bounces he came to rest on top of the mushroom.

He looked across the way and saw Aaron on another mushroom too far to jump to but close enough to be able to hear each other.

‘Timmy are you alright, how did you get out, didn’t it try to eat you, did you fart again?’

No, I couldn’t, I didn’t need one.’ he replied cupping his hands around his mouth even though they could hear each other fine.

‘What did you do then?’ asked Aaron scratching his head.

‘Took off my trainers.’

Aaron burst out laughing. ‘I hope you haven’t killed the entire jungle.’

‘I’m surprised I haven’t.’ said Timmy picking up one of his trainers that had landed nearby and sniffing it. He sat down, put on his trainers, went to the edge of the mushroom and looked over. The Jungle Wolf (as Timmy had decided he would call it) was still there. It looked at him with menace then jumped up surprisingly high, snapping its jaws in his direction.

‘What are we going to do Aaron? We haven’t a chance against that thing.’

‘You haven’t got any weed killer have you Timmy?’

‘No I haven’t and it’s not funny Aaron, it’s not you he seems to be after.’

‘I know, I’m sorry, maybe if we sit in the middle of the mushrooms and keep quiet he will go away.’

‘Yeah he might do.’

‘The problem is we don’t know how long that could take.’

‘Who cares as long as I don’t get eaten.’

Timmy peered over the edge again and again the jungle wolf leaped. This time though Timmy was more brazen, he stayed there staring it out. It looked at him with deadly intent, but Timmy was determined not to let it scare him. It leapt up again and this time Timmy flinched backwards. He peered back over, the beast sat on its hind legs and started stretching up towards him. Timmy could not believe what he was seeing, the thing kept stretching towards him, if it carried on it would reach the top.

Aaron jump down now and distract him I have an idea.’ Timmy yelled.

Aaron jumped down and started shouting at the wolf. The wolf immediately started charging towards Aaron, as soon as it did Timmy leapt off the top of the mushroom and then stood right next to it, but not touching the stalk.

He then started shouting at the wolf, immediately it turned back and started charging full speed at Timmy.

Timmy stood there bracing himself, timing was absolutely vital, if he mistimed it even slightly it would probably mean death, a prospect that really frightened Timmy.

The beast came bounding, shining its yellow eyes like evil headlights, its teeth gnashing like an unstoppable death machine.

Timmy tensed up as the creature got closer and closer until it was just feet away. Just as it leapt to snap him shut in its jaws Timmy jumped out of the way, it was too late for the wolf, it could not stop and was immediately sucked into the mushroom.

‘Aaron jump back on your mushroom and tell me if it comes out of the top, I’m hoping this thing likes wolf for lunch.’

Aaron jumped back up on the Mushroom he had been on and waited … a couple of minutes passed and still nothing came out of the top.

‘I think that thing is being eaten.’

Yahoo.’ shouted Timmy jumping up and punching the air.

Timmy looked back at his mushroom and noticed that it was illuminated, he realised that was why he could see the colour of the plant inside instead of it being pitch black, it must illuminate when it eats something.

‘Timmy the air is going green again, we need to move.’

‘Where to? I can’t see another one.’

‘No, neither can I, we’ll just have to remember that we need to head in that direction regardless of consequence.’ said Aaron pointing straight ahead.

‘Hang on what’s that, right in the distance.’


There.’ said Timmy pointing urgently.

‘Oh yeah, it’s a bit of a way off but I have a fix on it, we’ll just have to walk blind.’ It disappeared from view as they looked at it. With visibility was near zero again, they started to walk, half falling over every other step towards the next plant that would illuminate their way.

‘I hope we don’t see another of them wolves right now Aaron.’

‘So do I, that would be interesting.’

‘Yeah, for the wolf. I am going to call them Jungle Wolves.’

‘The Jeepooerjev Jungle Wolf.’ replied Aaron

‘Yeah, that sounds better. How much further have we got to go?’

‘I don’t know, you can tell me, you saw how far it was.’

‘Not the plant you Jeepooerjev Jungle wolf dropping, I mean our destination.’

‘Alright Cliptitronicon faeces, we’ll be at least another day or two before we reach our goal. When we get out of this jungle we should be at the mountains.’

‘If we get out of this jungle, I was loving it until we met that stupid wolf, now I’m on edge, aren’t you?’

‘No, not really.’

‘What do you mean no, so basically being mauled alive by a psychopathic bush monster is fine with you?’

‘No, but I am not going to worry, if it comes, we’ll see it off again won’t we?’

‘Yeah you’re right Aaron, why should we be scared. Where’s this plant, we should be there by now.’

‘It should be round here somewhere.’

‘We’ll spread out a bit … Aaron.’

‘Here it is.’


‘I found it.’

Aaron, what are they?’


‘Is that a pair of eyes again?’

Just in front of them in the greenness two red eyes looked at them, they were circular and seemed to be staring.

‘They’re not moving, what is it? It’s not a Jungle Wolf.’

‘I don’t know Timmy it might be a good idea to shake this plant.’

As Aaron said it loads more red eyes came into view, they seemed to be everywhere.

Yeah right now.’ replied Timmy running to the plant and shaking it as violently as he could. The green air started to dissipate and Timmy and Aaron braced themselves for the worst, expecting to be surrounded by snarling beasts.



Aaron the Alien


Lair of the Jungle Wolf


Berries! I don’t believe it they’re berries.’ said Timmy

Aaron laughed. ‘Careful they might bite.’

‘They probably do.’

Timmy went over to inspect the berries which were growing on weird bush like structures but appeared more like a mangle of vines than branches from one source. Timmy touched one.

‘They feel quite firm, I wonder what they taste like?’

Timmy threw one up in the air and went to catch it with his mouth; Aaron leapt forward and caught it.

‘Timmy what are you doing, how do you know this won’t kill you, you nincompoop you don’t put strange berries in your mouth.’

‘I guess I wasn’t thinking Dad.’

‘Alright then throw it at the floor and see what happens.’


‘Just do it, if they are what I think they are, you’ll be in for a surprise.’

Timmy went to throw one at the floor.

Not at your feet, throw it over there.’

Alright.’ said Timmy getting annoyed.

He threw it, as soon as it hit the floor there was an almighty explosion.

‘Whoa. Good thing I didn’t eat one of them.’

Aaron looked at him with a smug grin on his face.

‘Look at that.’ said Timmy walking closer towards the place of the explosion, there was a twelve foot blast radius, Timmy could see the weird looking soil that looked like loads of stones made out of mud and coloured bright green, as he stood there looking at it the jungle took back over and it was as if nothing had ever happened.

‘Things sure do grow quick here; it was the same back in the meadow. Hang on a minute, there is no fire.’

‘And?’ replied Aaron looking puzzled.

And – there is usually fire after an explosion?’

‘On earth maybe, not everywhere Timmy.’

‘Let’s just double check.’ said Timmy picking up another one and throwing it at the ground.


‘This is too cool, come on Aaron.’

The pair started picking and throwing them, explosions erupted everywhere, they looked like explosions on earth. Timmy started pretending they were grenades and he was in a war. The only difference was there was no fire, a rainbow of colours exploded out as it cleared the vegetation, Timmy knew it would not be wise to be too near one.

‘We just need some guns and then we could play wars Aaron, that would be wicked.’

‘Yeah until one of us actually gets blown up.’

‘I have an idea Aaron, could we take some of these with us, they would be brilliant for defence.’

‘Could be a good idea, but if you fell over they might go off.’

‘We’ll just have to be careful, and it’s better than being eaten.’

‘Just don’t slap your thigh in jubilation or for any other reason, or you might regret it.’

‘Good point.’ Timmy replied and stood there silent for a minute.

‘I really could blow myself up couldn’t I Aaron?’

‘Yes. The thing is Timmy we are forever falling over in here as well.’

‘Can’t you carry them Aaron.’

‘Thanks I’ll get blown up shall I?’

‘No but you’re the elastic man you could probably leap out of danger or something.’

‘I haven’t got any pockets, but I will take some in my hand and we’ll have to hope that that will do.’

‘Yeah but if we run out we could be killed anyway.’

‘Well you take a handful as well and then if you fall you can throw them as hard as you can.’

‘I’m just going to put some in one pocket and then if I fall I can twist to make sure that side doesn’t get the impact.’

‘It’s your funeral.’

‘It’s any nasty creature’s that tries to attack me funeral, I’ll tell you that for free.’

‘Why do you normally charge?’

‘No, of course not.’

‘Then why did you say you will say it is for free, if you never charge.’

‘It’s a … never mind let’s just get some of these berries together.’

‘Weird.’ Aaron said to himself but loud enough for Timmy to hear.

They started frantically picking the strange luminous red berries.

Ssshhhh.’ shouted Aaron.

‘Do you hear that?’

‘Hear what?’

‘That noise.’

‘What noise?’

A dull thud penetrated the silence. The blood drained from Timmy’s face.

‘What was that Aaron?’ he said in almost a whisper.

‘I don’t know …’

Another thud sounded, then another, the thuds were deep.

‘… but it sounds big’ continued Aaron.

Timmy was frozen to the point, the thuds were getting closer and closer.

‘Shall we run?’

‘We don’t know what it is yet do we?’


‘Anyway, too late.’

The thuds got closer until a giant shadow appeared out of the greenness. It came into view, the Jungle Dandelion seeds were still in effect so it was still a way off when it came into view.

‘What is that?’ exclaimed Timmy.

‘I don’t know but it’s weird.’

‘Is this some sort of joke?’

The creature came bounding toward them, it was massive, as tall as a house and as wide as Timmy’s bedroom.

‘It reminds me of some sort of Yeti.’

It was shiny silver and mostly covered in fur apart from its face, feet and hands. It had two legs and for the most part walked like a human only a lot more cumbersome. The creature also had three arms, two as you would expect, but the third protruded right out of what looked like a big beer belly. The hands and fingers were huge, its finger started as a single digit and then became two, Timmy guessed it was about where the first joint on his finger was.

Its face was bizarre, adorned with a huge mouth and large set of teeth. The teeth did not look scary, it almost looked liked it was wearing a giant set of comic false teeth. There was no nose just a huge gaping black hole in the middle of its face, above which sat four rectangular eyes, two either side effectively creating a square formation. On top of all that were four giant cat like ears on either side of if its head.

‘Oh come on, I must be dreaming.’

‘No Timmy you’re not.’

The creature thudded forward, when it saw Aaron and Timmy it stopped and looked at them.

‘Come on, go away, go away.’ said Timmy quietly through his teeth.

‘Why are you whispering Timmy I really doubt it’s taken an English language course, I mean how would it get a bus pass for starters?’

Timmy couldn’t help but snigger.

‘What do you think it’s going to do Aaron?’

‘I don’t know.’

Shoo, shoo.’ said Timmy flicking his hands.

The creature turned its head as if it was curious.

‘Well I tell you what, I am not being eaten by something that looks like some bloke has sat at his desk and made up. Are you ready Aaron?’

‘Ready for what?’

Timmy opened his hand and showed him the bright red berry which was sitting in it.

‘I don’t know Timmy, I’m not sure about …’

Too late, Timmy threw the berry at the things feet, most of the beast disappeared behind the explosion but they could still see the face, its expression did not change. The colours and debris cleared, the thing just stood there looking at them.

‘What now?’ said Timmy looking at Aaron.

The creature suddenly ran straight toward them.

Run.’ shouted Timmy, the pair of them ran as fast they could but they were no match for its giant strides, one of its colossal hands swept the ground and picked Timmy up like he was an ant.

Timmy started to punch the giant fingers that had him gripped tight.

Aaron, Help! Help!’

The creature lifted him up high in the air and looked at him. Timmy looked in its eyes.

‘Let me go I’m warning you, you’ll be sorry.’

The creature looked at him almost bemused. Then Timmy realised he had another berry in the other hand. The creature pulled Timmy closer as if to inspect him, he could see the four orange eyes examining him, the creature opened its mouth. Timmy threw the berry deep down the beast’s gullet, and struggled desperately to get free in case the explosion killed him as well but he couldn’t, he was trapped.

Aaron, Aaron I’m going to die, Aaron.’

‘BOOM!’ The berry went off.

Aaron looked down and saw its belly expand out and shake violently, then the arm on its stomach started rubbing its belly, Aaron looked back at the creature and saw its mouth changing.

Aaron I think its smiling, it doesn’t want me it wants the berries.’

Timmy realised the other berries in his pocket had not exploded, he put his hand on the giants fingers realising there was a gap in its grip. Timmy managed to get the top of his hand into his pocket, using his own fingers he clawed at the material inside bringing the berries within his reach. He carefully scooped them all into his hand, then brought them up and started to throw them one at a time into the creature’s mouth, the strange animal beamed with glee, the fear finally dropped out of Timmy’s face.

He doesn’t want to hurt us Aaron he just thought we had food.’

It looks like you do.’ replied Aaron.

Timmy soon ran out of berries. He looked at the creature and motioned with his hands that they were all gone, the beast tilted his head as if sussing him out. Timmy repeated the gesture, the creature smiled, put him down on the ground and gently patted his head.

‘Aaron that was awesome did you see me. Did you see me throw that exploding berry into his mouth I thought it was going to blow us both up, I can’t believe he eats them.’

‘He certainly likes them.’ said Aaron.

The creature was now pulling out big clumps of the vines they grew on, putting them in his mouth and stripping them of berries with its teeth, several seconds later there was an almighty explosion. His stomach looked like it would blow out, they didn’t realise it could expand so much. Suddenly it opened its mouth and let out the loudest burp Timmy had ever heard, it sounded like thunder, Timmy could feel the reverberations in his own chest.

Timmy and Aaron couldn’t help but laugh.

Suddenly the creature’s face turned ominous.

‘What’s wrong with it?’ enquired Aaron rhetorically.

‘I don’t know.’

Then there was a really loud noise louder than the last one.


It did a really, really, really, really loud fart, it was so loud Timmy covered his ears. Then flames leapt out of the creatures bum and scorched the entire area.

Timmy was beside himself with laughter as was Aaron. The creature paid no attention and looking much relieved carried on eating its lunch.

It took them about ten minutes to stop laughing but when they did the creature had moved away a little and the greenness was starting to return.

‘Shall we go and see him, we might be able to communicate and take him with us.’

‘No Timmy we haven’t got time and I think you’ll find that all he is interested in is those berries.’

‘That’s a point Aaron we must stock up.’

‘Okay then let’s do it.’

They picked some more berries, Timmy put some more back into the same pocket and then collected a handful as well. Aaron just took a large handful.

‘Now the problem is I didn’t see another jungle dandelion.’

‘It’s okay I did, it’s way over there but luckily that’s the direction we’re headed in.’

‘Great, you could have told me.’

The pair started to walk toward the next jungle dandelion that had since disappeared in the green fog. They started to walk fast but were quickly slowed down by all the roots, Timmy fell over.

‘Are you alright Timmy?’

‘Yeah, I can’t see you.’

‘I’m right here next to you.’

Timmy got to his feet.

‘These roots and that are doing my head in.’


What?’ said Timmy really annoyed.

‘I said Ssssshhhhh.’

Timmy tutted but remained silent.

‘Do you hear that Timmy?’


‘Some kind of swishing noise?’

‘Aaron are you sure you’re okay.’

‘No, listen.’

Timmy listened.

‘Oh yeah what is that?’ The greenness by now had once again completely overwhelmed them. They heard the noise again.

‘I dunno it’s getting closer I think … Timmy get down.’ said Aaron throwing both himself and Timmy to the floor.

A large object swung through the air just where they had been standing, the wind of its swinging cleared some of the green away.

‘What was that Aaron?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘I think we need to get to the dandelion.’

‘So do I and fast.

They jumped to their feet and started to run as fast they could, they found it best to run in giant stride jumps to avoid tripping over, of course it didn’t always work.

Down.’ shouted Timmy and they both dived for cover. Timmy managed to get a glimpse of it this time; it looked like a potato with hands. He got back up as did Aaron.

Down.’ shouted Aaron and they dived again to the spongy surface as another of the creatures swung just above their head.

‘Come on Aaron, we have to keep going.’

‘It’s usually me that says that.’ said Aaron laughing.

They did rugby dives to avoid the bizarre swinging perpetrators but eventually, completely exhausted, they reached the flower. Instead of shaking it they just collapsed at its stalk and rested.

‘We should be safe here.’

‘No I think we’ll still be us, I think even for this planet it would be a bit too weird if we randomly turned into a large secure storage container.’

‘No we will be safe not A safe, you pleb.’

‘Pleb is short for plebeian, which means a commoner, and if you class me as commoner what are you, the commonest common commoner to ever come from a common?’

‘The reason why we are so common is cos humans are so brilliant.’

‘You know what Timmy you’re as boring as a train station announcement sometimes.’

You what, Mr I know every bloomin thing in the universe.’

Aaron burst out laughing.

‘At least those things have stopped swinging about.’

‘I suspect Timmy it’s because we’re not moving about.’

‘Do you reckon they can see us through the mist?’

‘Possibly or maybe they can hear us, they certainly appeared to be homing in on us.’

‘Shall we take a look?’

‘Yes, why not.’

They got to their feet and started to shake the plant as violently as they could, a large area came into view.

‘The plants are different, some clear a larger area than others.’

‘Obviously.’ retorted Aaron.

‘Oh forgive me I should have known that king Aaron, who knows all except of course how annoying he can be.’

‘Alright don’t get sausagey.’


‘Yeah don’t get sausagey!’

‘Aaron what are you going on about … hang on a minute, eggy, you mean don’t get eggy.’ said Timmy laughing.

‘Whatever, just stop turning into a fried breakfast.’

Timmy continued to laugh.

‘Well stop being cocky Aaron and I might not get so sausagey or fried breakfasty and I can’t see any of those things.’ said Timmy changing the subject to avoid an argument.

‘They must be in the treetops.’ replied Aaron pointing upwards.

‘Where have they gone?’ Timmy said walking from underneath the protection of the flower. As he walked into the open what seemed like a thousand eyes appeared in the thick green canopy, it was so dense and tangled you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the sky looking down at the ground.

‘There’s something not right here Aaron.’

‘Timmy I think you might want to come back under the plant.’

The eyes, they’re not in pairs, it looks like a load of single eyes.’

‘We’re surrounded by Cyclops’.’ Aaron offered.

‘Don’t say that Aaron.’ said Timmy turning and looking at him. ‘It makes me shudder.’

Contrary to the advice from Aaron, Timmy started to walk further away from the jungle dandelion.

Timmy.’ shouted Aaron.

Timmy looked up and saw several of the weird things swing down from the treetops. They were a light purple, almost lavender in appearance, thinner at the top and bulbous at the bottom. They looked just like potatoes and Timmy could not help but wish that they were brown. The weird beings had one large eye at the top of the narrow part of their body, a rather large mouth in the bulbous part and what seemed to be four arms.

There were two arms hanging out of the bottom of the body, each had two sets of hands attached to them. Another two arms came out of the top of its body but these only had one set of hands. The weird thing was the upper limbs were not gripping the vine, it looked as if they were actually attached to it.

For a second, Timmy stood there gawping. They didn’t look frightening, they had hands, not claws, their teeth were not fierce looking either, though some concern was raised as they were red. The large eye was soft in appearance, a sharp contradiction from the evil stare of a Jungle Wolf.

Timmy had no guarantee of course that things were as they seemed and his fear was quickly returned as he saw the things getting ever closer.

He started to run back to the Dandelion as fast as he could but they somehow changed direction in mid flight.

Down.’ shouted Aaron

Timmy cranked his neck and saw this giant potato thing heading straight at him. He dived to the ground just in time as several whizzed past his head. He immediately sprang back to his feet and raced to Aaron who was still under the dandelion.

‘Did you have fun?’ asked Aaron with a mischievous grin on his face.

‘Yeah, I fancied a run.’ replied Timmy chuckling.

‘Good I am pleased about that cos I think we might need to go for another one.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well we don’t know how long we’ll have visibility for so we can’t hang about, but as soon as we do those tree swingers are going to try and get us.’

‘So in other words leg it.’

‘Well use your legs, yes certainly.’

‘It means run.’

‘Ah, in that case then – yes.

‘Can I catch my breath first?’

‘Why would you want you to catch your breath, what can you possibly do with it? I certainly wouldn’t suggest smelling it, breathe it back in maybe, does that do anything?’

‘You don’t understand any saying I come out with, it’s as if you only know the Queens English.’

‘Well that is English isn’t it?’

‘Yes, but you have yet to get a single one right.’

‘Or left.’

‘I’m gonna punch you in a minute.’

‘Only teasing poo bag, are you ready yet?’

‘Yeah come on let’s go, ready 3 … 2 … 1 … go.’


The pair of them let out a war cry as they charged across the battlefield, as soon as they started running the potatoes began swinging down looking to capture their prey. Timmy and Aaron had to dive for cover several times, they had already spotted the next flower but it was a long way off.

Stop Aaron, stop.’ shouted Timmy diving to the ground.

‘What’s the matter?’ asked Aaron turning and diving back toward his fallen comrade just as a potato monster swooshed by where he had been standing.’

‘I have a stitch, which is a pain in the stomach from running before you ask.’

‘What can we do?’

‘Nothing, just give me a minute and I’ll be with you.’

They both lay on the floor as flat as they could waiting for Timmy to recuperate.

‘So is that what the things are called then, tree swingers?’

‘No, I dunno what they are called, they are weird looking things.’

‘Tell me about it, Potato Tree Swingers will do I think.’

‘Are you ready yet Timmy?’

‘Yeah I reckon so, let’s do it.’

They got up to their feet and carried on bounding toward the plant as fast as they could. The Potato Tree Swingers were flying in from every direction. Aaron and Timmy made it unscathed and with time to spare. The greenness was only just starting to return.

‘This plant isn’t as big as the other one Aaron, I don’t think it’ll give us as much time.’

‘No, we’ll have to be quick. Let’s just get going. As soon as we shake this one, we’ll spy the next one and make a run for it.’

‘Good idea.’

They shook the plant as hard as they could. Just as the verdant mist started to return it was once again swept away by the flower’s sparkling debris.

‘Aaron I can’t see another Dandelion?’

‘Neither can I.’

‘There must be one.’ said Timmy running his hand through his hair.

‘We’ll just have to run and try and get as far as we can.’

‘Looks like our only option.’

‘Are you ready Timmy?’

‘Yeah, 3 … 2 …1 … Go.’

Once again they began traversing as fast they could over the weird and writhing jungle floor. Suddenly Aaron put his hand up, they both stopped.

‘What’s the matter?’

Nothing, that is the problem.’

Timmy stood with a perplexed look on his face then as if a light bulb had gone on above his head, his expression changed.

‘We’re not been attacked, where are those potato things?’

‘I am not sure, maybe they are only in sections of the jungle.’

‘That’s a bit off key though isn’t it, I mean we haven’t come that far.’

‘Mmmm … I’m not sure about this.’
‘Well we might as well make the most of it.’ said Timmy walking forward.

‘Yeah … ok.’ replied Aaron somewhat hesitant. They walked forward, still not seeing another dandelion to head to. Aaron remained unusually quiet.

‘I wonder how much longer this jungle goes on for?’

‘I don’t … know … not too much … longer … I … reckon.’

As the minutes passed, the verdant blindfold once again began creeping back into their world.

‘Well Aaron looks like we’ll be walking blind again soon.’

‘Mmmm …’

‘Aaron are you alright, you’re acting really weird.’

‘Something’s not right Timmy I can feel it.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I don’t know, I get the feeling we’re being watched.’

‘No, Aaron …’ Timmy froze on the spot, the blood drained from his face turning him a ghostly white.

‘Timmy what’s wrong?’

‘Yyyyou … were … rrright.’


Jungle Wolf.

Timmy pointed with his trembling hand, they instantly saw the evil yellow saucer like eyes of a Jeepooerjev Jungle Wolf. The mist was closing in bringing their visibility right back down, but somehow the nefarious eyes shone through the mist, even when you could see nothing else you could still see these terrifying creatures.

Another pair of wolf eyes appeared, then another and another, they started popping up all around them – they were surrounded.

‘That’s why there were no Potato Swingers; this place is crawling with Jungle Wolves.’ stated Aaron sounding almost pleased for getting the explanation right.

The eyes started to advance on them from every direction.

‘Aaron … how are we going to get out of this?’

‘I don’t know.’ responded Aaron as they both stepped back towards each other. The eyes skulked ever closer toward them. Timmy’s heart was racing, he felt his hands shaking.

‘I can’t die after coming all this way.’

‘You can but I hope you don’t.’

Cheers Aaron I feel a lot better now.’

‘Well I am just saying, we’ll just have to try and fend them off.’

‘If I can, my hands are trembling Aaron, I am so scared.’

‘Timmy it’s really hard I know, but try not to be scared, we are friends aren’t we and we will see this thing through together no matter what.’

‘Yeah I know Aaron but it is easier said than done look, at my hands.’ said Timmy offering one of them up for inspection. Then he realised one of his hands was holding something. He held it up and opened it; it was full of explosive berries.

‘Aaron look; of course we have the berries.’

Aaron held up his closed his hand and opened it to also reveal a handful of explosive berries.

‘I knew that I was just testing.’

‘Yeah, yeah.’ Timmy said grinning inanely.

The staring eyes were starting to get perilously close.

Timmy smiled and threw one of the berries at a pair of the eyes, there was an almighty explosion, the green mist was dispersed instantly, green root shrapnel showered through the air.

Aaron threw one at another pair of eyes.


‘Come on Aaron, they want a war we’ll give em’ one.’ shouted Timmy throwing another berry, then another. Aaron joined in throwing berry after berry, the jungle danced with explosions, the area was entirely cleared of the greenness as bits of wolf, jungle and tree filled the area.

They ran forward with their arsenal and continued throwing them at anything that moved yet the wolves still kept coming, many managed to avoid getting hit as they were as quick as they were sly.

Timmy had a massive smile on his face as he imagined that he was in a great war, this was the best game of wars he had ever played.

As if it were a purposefully orchestrated frontal charge assault, a line of wolves with their pointy teeth snarling charged straight toward them, there was too many.

Throw a load 3 … 2

No wait, look.’

No Timmy

But Timmy had already thrown the berry at the bush full of explosive berries.

Aaron and Timmy turned and ran as hard they could. Suddenly they were lifted off their feet and sent flying through the air. The force pushing them faster and further, they both went crashing to the floor, they rolled over and over, came to a rest and looked back.

Bits of Jungle Wolf were falling everywhere, there was a huge clearing where the jungle had been; explosions were still going off as unexploded berries finally yielded to temptation.

‘Whoa that was awesome, are you alright Aaron?’

‘I think so,’ said Aaron sitting up.

‘I have always wanted to do that.’

‘Do what?’

‘Fly through the air as there is an explosion. Why wasn’t that caught on film?’

‘I can’t see any wolves, well not intact anyway. I’m not sure blowing up that bush was the best idea though.’

‘Why not?’ asked Timmy getting to his feet.

‘Because we night need some more.’

‘It’s okay I’ve got a load in my pocket.’ said Timmy looking down at the pocket, it looked empty, he felt it, it was empty.

‘But … but … it was full, they must have fallen out.’

‘Great, so now we have no ammo left, I dropped mine when you decided to try and destroy the entire planet. I suggest we get moving as fast we can.’

‘I think the coast is clear, that explosion must have scared the rest off surely.’ said Timmy.

‘Let’s hope so.’

The pair walked back to the clearing, the ground quickly became overgrown again.

They started to walk.

Wolf.’ Timmy screamed.

A wolf appeared and was quickly followed by several more, they looked behind them even more had appeared.

‘We’re surrounded Aaron, what are we going to do, there are no more bushes.’

‘I know Timmy, this is not good.’

The green snarling beasts of viciousness once again started to close in.

‘Is it me or do they look even angrier than usual.’

‘Timmy, they look insanely angry.’

‘Well they shouldn’t try to eat us, can’t we scare them off?’

‘Timmy, I think they see us more as a buffet than a formidable opponent.’

The beasts got closer and closer, their green wiry bodies and pointed teeth seemed to define all that is sinister and terrible.

‘Could this be the end of Timmy and Aaron …’

‘Alright Aaron, this isn’t the time for jokes.’

‘Just trying to keep your mind off your impending death Timmy.’

‘Again, you’re so much help.’

‘We’re just going have to fight as hard as we can, just kick and punch as hard and as much as possible, it’s our only hope, if we’re lucky they might get the message and leave us alone.’

‘Aaron what chance have we got against these monsters.’

‘It’s irrelevant we have no choice, we just have to do it.’

Onward the creatures approached until they were within striking distance, Timmy saw the front one crouch down slightly as if it was getting ready to strike, his heart raced, he wondered whether this really could be the moment he actually died, he started to shake but clenched his fists to try and stop it.

The creature leapt. Out of nowhere a giant hand swept it up and ripped the beast in half, strands of plant flew everywhere and what looked like sap poured out.

It’s the three armed silver yeti,’ squealed Timmy in delight.

The giant creature ran straight into a swathe of them, his three mighty arms and fists knocked them into oblivion, Jungle wolves flew through the air in all directions.

Go yeti!’ shouted Timmy.

Yeah, go Dad!’ screamed Aaron.

What?’ Timmy exclaimed with shock.

‘Only joking.’ replied Aaron laughing.

The Yeti turned around and went after another batch of wolves but they turned and fled with all the speed they could.

Their giant friend came over and patted Timmy on the head, then he pointed a direction with one of his side hands.

‘He wants us to go that way Aaron.’

‘That’s the way we were going anyway. It might be an idea to get going quickly though.’

‘Fancy a run?’ Timmy responded.

‘Yes, go.’

They ran as fast as they could, as usual that meant more leaping than actual running but they got quite far, the greenness came back in but they didn’t care they just kept running blind. A really bright light brought their run to a sudden halt …

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Aaron the Alien: Welcome to Bejjerwejjertejnej (Sample Chapters) Aaron the Alien: Welcome to Bejjerwejjertejnej (Sample Chapters)