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A Zombie Summer School Diary, Book 1: My Teacher is a Skeleton


A Zombie Summer School Diary, Book 1: My Teacher is a Skeleton




Copyright 2015 Mark Mulle

Published by Mark Mulle at Shakespir





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This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







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Day One: Introducing Myself

Dear Diary,

My name is Ugh, and I’m just about the coolest zombie that anyone could ever imagine meeting. I’m truly one of a kind. I’m about to start a new chapter of my life, and it’s one that I’m really not excited about. I’ve just finished the fifth grade…kinda. I kind of have to spend my whole summer in summer school if I want to be able to go into middle school with the rest of my class. I don’t have to go to summer school because I’m slow learner or anything like that. I can easily do all of the homework that the teachers hand out; it’s just that I don’t do the homework that they hand out. Homework just seems like a waste of time to me. There are so many other better things that I could be spending my time on, but the teachers don’t seem to agree with me on that issue. Teachers think that homework and tests are the coolest things out there, and if you don’t follow their rules then you get left behind.

I got left behind because I managed to fail three classes this year. It’s really lucky that I didn’t fail four classes or else I would have gotten held back for sure. The thing is, my school’s summer program is weird. Each subject is taught for a month, and then the school moves onto the next subject. Since there are only three months of summer, it’s a pretty good thing that I only failed three classes. Well, it’s bad that I failed any classes, but when it comes to failing, this still isn’t a worst-case scenario. The three classes that I need to redo this summer are history, science, and gym. And no, I didn’t fail gym just because zombies are slow. I failed gym because I never showed up. I just want to make that clear now.

Anyway, summer school starts tomorrow on Monday night. I would go to school during the day, but the whole being a zombie and burning in the sun prevents that. My mom is also making me write in this diary until summer school is over as a punishment for failing so many classes. I’m going to try to have some fun with it, though. I mean, if I have to write in it, then I might as well write something cool.

Day Two: The First Day of Summer School

Dear Diary,

Today is Monday, and it’s the first day of summer school. The class is only about an hour long, so it’s not really a whole day, more like a wholly disappointing activity. Anyway, the first class that I need to be a part of is the history class. I bet that it’ll be super boring. I’ll have to remember to take a nap before class so that I don’t fall asleep during it. I mean, that is why I failed this class last time.

When I walked into the classroom I noticed that it wasn’t the normal history teacher that was in the classroom. My normal teacher is Mr. Pork. He’s an insanely fat Pigman who drones on about only the most boring thing that he can think of for that day. The new teacher was super skinny. When he turned around I realized why: she was a skeleton. I had never had a skeleton teacher before. I mean, most of my teachers had been monsters since I was technically a monster, but most of them at least had eyes. This was a little spooky. Oh, by the way, her name is Ms. Skele.

Luckily, things didn’t stay spooky for long because it turned out that one of my friends was in this class too. My friend Grunt was also in my class, failed this class, and was a zombie just like me. To be fair, it was probably my fault that Grunt was in summer school at all. Most of the time when I was skipping class during the school year he was right there next to me.

The rest of the kids in the class weren’t there for skipping class, they just weren’t the brightest kids on the block. I don’t think that I’ll be talking to many of them, but it doesn’t really matter since I have Grunt to talk to.

Today the teacher just handed out a schedule for what we would be doing for the next couple of weeks. I guess that we would be learning a lot about the Skeleton War this month. I didn’t have to think very hard to guess why we would need to do that…

Anyway, I’ll be back to this old school tomorrow to learn something or to sleep during class. I guess I just need to wait and see how great this teacher is. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Day Three: No Way

Dear Diary,

School was pretty boring today. There wasn’t really much to talk about. The teacher kept talking about how cool skeletons are and how they invented some really neat stuff and blah, blah, blah. I really didn’t pay much attention to what the teacher was talking about. All my notes say is, “Skeletons are pretty cool, lol.” Next to my super descriptive notes is a doodle of some Skeletons shooting arrows at each other. There’s no way that I would ever fail an art class with these sweet skills.

One thing in the class did catch my attention, though. One of the kids in their class, I think her name is Izzie, asked our teacher how she knew so much about this stuff. Our teacher kind of shrugged it off and casually told her that she knew all about it because she was there. At first, I let it slide, but then I did some math. If my teacher was there when the Skeleton Wars were a big problem, then that would mean that she’s hundreds of years old. There’s no way it could be true! Or could it?

I talked to Grunt about my suspicions after class. I asked him if he thought the teacher was serious or not. All he replied was, “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her?” This answer really didn’t help me at all, mostly because I’m not going to talk to the teacher about it. I don’t really like teachers, so I’m not going to talk to them if I don’t have to.

I guess I’ll just keep waiting for my teacher to drop more hints about her age. It looks like this class is finally going to have something interesting in store for me.

Day Four: My Plan

Dear Diary,

There was no way that Ms. Skele could really be as old as she said she was. I mean, I know that Skeletons can live for a long time…or stay a part of the living dead… for a long time, but there’s no way that she could have survived this long. Monsters are pretty cool with Skeletons now, but humans still don’t like them very much. Whenever humans see a monster they start thrashing their swords around. A human would have definitely seen her by now with because of her hanging out in the Overworld like this. Any other monster would be dead by now. So how did she make it?

The easiest way for me to get my questions answered would be to ask her myself, but that’s too straightforward. Besides, there is always a chance that she’ll just lie to me and I’ll have no way to prove her wrong. What if I even just heard her wrong the other day? If I asked her about what she said, she might just think that I’m slow or something. I settled it in my own mind. I won’t ask her. I’ll think of a sneakier way around this.

I could always go to the museum or read a history book, but part of the reason that I was in this summer school class was because I hated doing either of those things. I think I’ll just start paying extra close attention in class and write down any hints that the teacher gives about her age. Once I finally figure out how old she is…well, I’m not exactly sure what’d I’d do with that information, but I’m sure that I can do something with it!

Day Five: The First Assignment

Dear Diary,

I was going to start paying attention today, but Ms. Skele didn’t want to talk about her past. She wanted all of us to talk about our pasts. Well, not about our pasts exactly, she wanted us to make family trees. She wanted us to go back as far as we could. The rules were that we aren’t allowed to use a computer or books. We need to talk to our families to figure out as much as we could. The person who figured out the most would get a secret prize at the end of the day tomorrow. There was also a catch to all of this…not only did we have to make our own family tree, we had to give a whole presentation on it! Sure, it only had to be five minutes long, but any time limit is too long for a presentation.

I did get some clues about Ms. Skele today, though. She decided to give us some parts of her family tree so that we would know how to do this project. At first, I was ready to get excited, but then she mentioned that she didn’t know who her real family was because she was adopted when she was younger, so she just based it off of that family. I didn’t think that was fair, but kids don’t get anywhere by questioning teachers…they don’t get anywhere, except for summer school.

Ms. Skele gave out names that meant nothing to me, but she did give some death dates for her family members. The thing is, some died rather recently, and some died a long time ago, but there was no way to tell how old they were when they died, so there was no way to tell how old Ms. Skele was. I’ll keep these dates in mind, though. They might come in handy later.

Day Six: Presentation Day

Dear Diary,

I talked to my parents last night and even called my grandma to get as much information as possible about my family tree. While working on it, I found out that I had a great-great-grandpa who was also named Ugh, which I thought was pretty cool. I even wrote down all of the names that I got on a little drawing of a tree that I made. If anything got me some bonus points in this class, I’m sure that it be that drawing.

My mom was pretty excited to see how hard I was working on this project. I told her that I was only doing it for the bonus surprise so that I could win. She didn’t really care about my reasoning. She was just proud of me for actually doing my homework. She actually said it like, “It’s nice that you’re doing your homework for once.” It was a backhanded compliment, but I’ll take any sort of compliment at this point.

When I got to school I gave my presentation and managed to make it last for 5 minutes and 15 seconds, which meant that I got an A on the project. I got to sit back and listen to the histories of all of the other kid’s family stories too. Some of them were pretty interesting. One kid had a shock when he realized that a pigman and a zombie had gotten married and had kids a while back, which was why he was a zombie pigman now.

I didn’t end up winning the prize, though. There was a girl in my class who’s mom did this sort of thing for a living, so she had her family tree going back hundreds of years. Her prize was an actual sapling that she could grow into a tree. I thought it was kind of funny. Maybe Ms. Skele has a sense of humor after all.

Anyway, the weekend starts tomorrow, and I am SO ready for a break.

Day Seven: Life at Home

Dear Diary,

There’s no school today, but also nothing to do. I’m going to hang out with Grunt tomorrow, but I don’t have any homework to do, so I just sit and watched TV for most of the day. My mom said at the beginning of summer school that I had to write in this diary every day or else I’d be grounded even when school started back up, and I wasn’t about to risk that. Mom hasn’t been reading my diary entries because she’s been really cool about respecting my privacy when it comes to this diary. She just checks to see that there are words written down, but she takes off her glasses so that she can’t actually read what I write in here.

I guess since I don’t have anything else to write about, I can write about what my family is like. I guess I already talked about my mom a little bit, but I also have a dad and an older brother. There’s a lot to talk about with those two.

My dad is a little bit older than my mom, but he’s not a super old guy. I don’t even know if he’s a doctor or a scientist because he works at a hospital, but he does a lot of Frankenstein sort of stuff. Basically, sometimes zombies lose their limbs and my dad helps to find them new ones. It’s actually pretty cool stuff, but I don’t think that I could ever have a job like that. It sounds like it would be pretty gross. Sure, there have been some take your kid to work days, but so far I’ve been able to make up an excuse for all of them.

My brother is a few years older than me, and he’s a bit of a trouble-maker. His name is Roarbert because he used to roar a lot when he was a baby. Originally his name was Carl, but my parents changed it when he was really little because they just didn’t think that it fit him. Roarbert and I don’t get along very well. He’s one of those older brothers who tries to act like he’s too cool to spend time with his baby brother. Of course, when a holiday or birthday comes around he’ll soften up and spend some extra time with me, so I guess that’s cool.

My family isn’t all that exciting, so I guess that’s all I’ll write for today. I’m sure that I’ll have more to write about tomorrow after the great time that I’m going to have with Grunt tomorrow.

Day Eight: My Pal, Grunt

Dear Diary,

I promised that I would write all about my friend, Grunt, so now I’m going to. Grunt is a zombie like me, and he’s a few months older than me, but we’re still in the same grade. We even got held back together in first grade. I think that’s what really made our friendship so solid. We almost got help back together in third grade too, but our teacher just passed us so that she wouldn’t need to deal with us for another year. In case I haven’t made it clear enough already, Grunt’s not the sharpest tool in the box, but he’s not so slow that he’s annoying to be around. He’s a lot like me. He could do his work, but he doesn’t. A lot of the time we don’t do our homework together. It’s like having a study session together, only the exact opposite of that. More like a do-anything-but-study session. They’re always fun.

What else can I say about Grunt? He’s a pretty cool guy. When we were younger we played with toys, but now that we’re a little older we play video games. Sometimes we take hikes or go down to the lake when it’s warm at night. We’re really great friends, but I guess that we have to be because neither of us really have any other friends because of all of the trouble we make in school. It’s our own faults, really, but it doesn’t matter so long as we can talk to each other.

Today while I was at his house we talked a lot about what summer school was like. Grunt was mainly complaining about Ms. Skele. I spent a lot of my time complaining about the other kids in the class, though. They were the really annoying ones. They were there because they didn’t know the difference between a map of a country between the map of the whole world. I hated to be surrounded by people like that. If anything encourages me to move up a grade it’ll just be so that I’m not surrounded by them anymore.

Anyway, I’ve got to go back to school tomorrow. I wonder what Ms. Skele and my classmates will have in store for me then.

Day Nine: A New Lesson

Dear Diary,

There I was, back to the old grind again…school. I’m starting to think that teachers make out summer school to be way worse than it actually is so that kids will be scared into not doing their homework. I mean, I’ve been at the summer school for a whole week, and I’ve only had one homework assignment to do. I can’t imagine that I’ll have a lot more homework in this class either. I mean, besides the annoying little fact that my only free days are weekends this summer; this whole summer school thing isn’t really that bad. I mean, I’ll do what I can to avoid it next year, but I’m not totally upset that I’m stuck here this year.

Today Ms. Skele started a lesson on the Skeleton Wars. From what she mentioned, the Skeletons Wars were a yearly tradition that started around Halloween every year and carried on until either the normal Skeletons or the Wither Skeletons gave up. The winner would get to live in the Overworld and the losers would have to stay in the Nether. I guess that the normal Skeletons won all of the time. They won so often that eventually the Wither Skeletons just gave up and there was never another Skeleton War again.

Whoa, did I really just write all of that? Did I actually take notes? I’m not sure that I’ve ever done that before. Maybe this summer school thing is really starting to get to me. Then again, this war stuff is a little interesting. I was a little bored, yeah, but how could a person be completely bored by war stories? Just the way that Ms. Skele told the story… it almost sounded like she had been there when it was happening.

Anyway, we’re going to learn about basically the same thing tomorrow, but Ms. Skele says that she has a surprise in store for us. I wonder what it could be! Hopefully, it’s not a pop quiz…

Day Ten: My History Teacher was a Soldier?

Dear Diary,

Class today was…something else. Usually, teachers seem to teach things because they think that the subject is cool or because they want summers off. Ms. Skele actually taught the subject that she had been involved with in years before. It might not make sense to say that my history teacher was actually a part of history, but with how old that Ms. Skele was, it wasn’t actually that hard to imagine.

Today Ms. Skele told us that she was a soldier in the last skeleton war. Apparently, in the early years of the war women weren’t allowed to fight because all of the generals in the army thought that girls wouldn’t be able to fight as well as boys. Later, a girl went into the army disguised as a boy and ended being the best soldier that the Overworld Skeletons had ever seen. Ever since that girl left the army, all girls were allowed to fight if they wanted to.

Our teacher was one of the women who joined the army. Apparently, the Overworld Skeleton kicked so much butt during that war that there was never another Skeleton War again. It was super cool to hear about history from someone who was actually there.

The only lame part about all of this is that we don’t get to hear more about it tomorrow. Tomorrow we need to look up stuff on our own in the library. I think I want to investigate Ms. Skele’s story some more. There might be something more than what she’s telling us…

Day Eleven: Research Day

Dear Diary,

Today is research day, which means that everyone in the class gets to look deeper into one thing that Ms. Skele has mentioned these last couple of days. I asked Grunt what he was going to do for his research project, and he said that he was looking up the great generals in the early years of the Skeleton War because he liked the idea of some big tough guys telling everyone what to do. I decided to research what Ms. Skele said that she did to find out if it was actually true or not. At least, that’s how I told it to Grunt. I didn’t want him to think that I was some sort of teacher’s pet or something. I told him that I thought Ms. Skele’s story was cool, not that I thought she was cool. I mean, she was a teacher, after all.

I got into the library and went straight to the historical biography section. I figured that if Ms. Skele’s story was true, then some other famous army person would have to have mentioned her. While I was looking for stuff on the war and people who were in it, I actually found a biography about Ms. Skele! The book was written over a hundred years ago and the pages were loose. I was a little afraid that they were going to fall out. I had to be super careful.

I looked inside of the book until I found the chapter about the Skeleton War. I guess that Ms. Skele’s life used to be so exciting that the war was only one chapter of all of the cool stuff that she did. From what I read, it turns out that Ms. Skele joined the army as soon as she was able to. Within four years (which added up to four wars) she had worked her way up to being second-in-command because she was an expert arrow sniper. She could shoot enemies that were a thousand feet away with just the flick of her bow. She was even nicknamed “the invisible arrow” because no one ever saw her coming. She really was one of the coolest soldiers that the army ever had. She would have been in charge the next year of the war, but that’s when the Skeleton Wars ended for good.

With all of my research done, I can be sure that Ms. Skele was telling the truth. Now all I need to do is figure out what to do with what I’ve learned.

Day Twelve: Another Assignment

Dear Diary,

Today Ms. Skele was out sick. How does a Skeleton get sick, anyway? That doesn’t make any sense. Maybe she broke a bone or something. I don’t know. The point is that we had a substitute teacher today. I thought it was a little funny that there were even subs for summer classes, but I guess even subs need to work in the summer sometimes. The substitute’s name was Mr. Cemetery, and he was a Zombie like me.

Mr. Cemetery tried to teach us more about the war, but his voice sounded so boring that I could hardly stay awake. The only way I managed not to fall asleep was to pass notes to Grunt the whole time. There wasn’t much on those notes that I could write in here, just in case my mom did get around to actually reading the entries. I did draw some funny pictures of Mr. Cemetery being stuck in the mud at a graveyard, asking kids to help him out while they were all too busy napping to help him out. When I write it down it doesn’t sound as funny as it actually looked, but when Grunt saw it he laughed so loud that it woke up a couple of the kids who were sitting next to him.

At the end of class, Mr. Cemetery handed out an assignment that was due tomorrow. We had to write an essay about what we would have done if we had to fight in the Skeleton Wars. Man, do I have an idea for this! Wait, do I? Looks like my night will be busy…busy with homework.

Day Thirteen: What Would I Do?

Dear Diary,

I was a little busy writing my paper today, so I just decided to glue my paper in my diary. I hope my mom doesn’t notice that I didn’t actually write anything new. This paper is actually pretty good, if I must say so myself, so I might as well throw it in here. Here it goes…

Ugh Zombieton

History Class

What would I do in the Skeleton War?

If I were in the Skeleton War, assuming that I was a Skeleton, I would do the best that I could to fight. I would want to be sneaky about the way that I fought the Wither Skeletons. Like the stories about the girl soldier who disguised herself as a boy to win the war. Since I’m already a boy, I think I would like to disguise myself as a Wither Skeleton so that I could act as a spy.

When I was a spy, I would sneak into the Wither Skeleton camp and pretend that I was joining their side of the army. While I was on the other side of the army, I would do my best to pretend that I was totally into the other side’s ideas, but then I would actually write down everything that I learned and send it back to my real camp. Then, once my real camp knew what the other camp was planning, they could attack before the bad guys could get to them.

I wouldn’t do much actual fighting if I was in the Skeleton War, but I would still do my best to help my team. I know that the Overworld Skeletons deserved to win the war because they had the best plans to help the Overworld instead of hurt it, and that’s why I would be a spy in the Skeleton War.

Day Fourteen: Nerd?

Dear Diary,

Today in school I turned in my paper and started to talk to Grunt about what I wrote about. Personally, I thought that being a spy in the army would be really cool, but Grunt didn’t exactly agree with what I had to say.

“You actually took this homework seriously? You could have just said that you would have been a soldier that just sat around shooting arrows all day. That’s what I wrote, anyway.” Grunt said.

“You didn’t take this seriously?” I was a little shocked to hear that he didn’t put much effort into his homework. Actually…coming from Grunt, it wasn’t surprising at all. “The substitute teacher gave us a kind of cool assignment. It’s not like we were doing math or anything. It’s just like writing a small story or something.”

“Wait…are you trying to tell me that you actually had fun doing your homework?”Grunt asked me this like he was personally offended by something I did that didn’t even affect him.

“What’s wrong with actually doing my homework?” I was starting to get upset with Grunt. I mean, why did he even care if I did my homework or not. Kids were supposed to do their homework. “What’s your deal today, anyway?” I was getting mad at him when he said that. I couldn’t believe that my own friend was talking to me like this. He had no right! What did I do to him?

“What’s wrong is that you never used to do your homework, and now ever since Ms. Skele started teaching here you’ve been acting like—”

“What have I been acting like?” I yelled at him. “Tell me!”

“You’ve been acting like a huge NERD!” I was shocked to hear Grunt say this. I used to call other people nerds. Now did the other kids think that I was a nerd? I couldn’t bear to talk to Grunt anymore. Instead, I just went home. I need to talk to someone about this, but who?

Day Fifteen: A Second Opinion

Dear Diary,

There’s no way that I’m a nerd, it just can’t be true. Me, a nerd? That’s like saying that Endermen would make the perfect house pet. It just doesn’t make sense in either scenario. I’m cool, and Endermen belong in the wild; these are just facts that everyone should know by now. Grunt was wrong. There was no other explanation for what happened yesterday. I needed to talk to someone who knew me better than Grunt. I had to talk to my brother.

I knocked on Roarbert’s door and asked him if I could talk to him for a minute. He let me in, but he didn’t seem happy about it. He was in the middle of his favorite video game. It was basically illegal for anyone to talk to Roarbert while he was in the zone. He must have known that what I had to say was important if he was willing to let me in. “Roarbert, the other day Grunt called me a nerd just because I was starting to do my homework and because I think the class is kind of cool. Do you think he’s right? Am I turning into a nerd?”

Roarbert didn’t say anything for a long time. I almost thought that he hadn’t even heard me over his loud game. “Liking something in school doesn’t make you a nerd. What does being a nerd even mean? If it just means that you’re smart, then you’re a nerd. If it means that you do school stuff for fun all of the time, then you’re not a nerd. If you like your class, but also like skateboarding and stuff, then you’re probably not a nerd. Does that answer your question?”

What Roarbert said made sense. If anything, I was just a little bit of a nerd. Maybe I could live with that. I thanked Roarbert and I left him alone to finish his game.

For the rest of the day, I felt a lot better. It was nice to talk to Roarbert. Maybe I just need to embrace this new part of my personality. Who knows? It might even be good for me,

Day Sixteen: Inspired by a Dream

Dear Diary,

I was really all about embracing my nerdy side, but last night I had a dream that changed everything. In my dream, I was the nerdiest nerd that I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I was wearing super thick glasses and I was wearing…a sweater vest. Even though I was a fashion disaster, that wasn’t even the worst part. Grunt walked into the classroom, and he looked super cool. He was even wearing sunglasses indoors. Ignoring the outfits, Grunt was being a huge jerk in my dream. He was just making a lot of jokes about me being a nerd. Eventually, the whole class chimed in and started making jokes and laughing at me. Even Ms. Skele joined in! I woke up feeling all sweaty. It was gross.

There’s no way that I was going to let my dream come true, so before school, I dressed in my coolest clothes and left my pencil at home…on purpose. When school finally started I swaggered into the classroom like I was the coolest kid there, which I was.

During class, I didn’t pay attention to a single thing that Ms. Skele said. I’m not sure that she noticed, but I know that Grunt noticed. I was passing notes to Grunt throughout the whole class period and even launched some spitballs at the back of Ms. Skele’s skull. Luckily, no one called me out for it, so I didn’t get in trouble.

By the end of the school day, I had shown everyone that I was still cool and that I was anything but a nerd. Who knew that I could save my reputation in one day? Wait, that’s right, I did.

Day Seventeen: You’re Only in Trouble if you get Caught

Dear Diary,

My reign as the King of Cool continued today. Who needs to pay attention in school when you’ve got swag like me? That’s what I’ve always thought.

Running a kingdom as awesome as mine takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail. There are a few rules that I live by to try to stay as cool as possible. I’ve decided to write them down for historical purposes. It’s something for people to remember me by when I’m a real king instead of just a king of the classroom.

Walk the walk, and talk the talk. Dress cool, say cool things, and act cool.

Don’t talk to the nerds. This will only ruin a cool person’s reputation and make the nerd think that they could one day be as cool as the cool person talking to them.

Pull pranks as often as possible. What’s just as good as good looks and charm? Humor. If someone doesn’t have the first two things, then they can always rely on a good joke to make them seem cool.

Don’t get caught! This is the most important of all of the rules. Being cool is a hard job to do, and a lot of the job requires the cool person to get in trouble every once in a while. However, getting caught doing something is the opposite of cool. It’s lame.

I wrote these rules as part of what will make me famous one day, but also because I broke one of these rules today. I got caught by Ms. Skele. I was sitting in class and drawing in my textbook (which now has every president wearing sunglasses doodled in) and Ms. Skele called on me to answer the question. I knew that I wasn’t paying attention, and neither did she, so I wasn’t about to pretend that I was. Instead, I answered, “I don’t know. You’re the teacher, answer it yourself.” This highly offended Ms. Skele, which caused her to make me stay inside during break time.

Luckily, since I am the coolest kid around, my getting kept inside actually made kids think that I was cooler than ever before because of my rebellious answer. My coolness is now the highest it’s ever been.

If I could send one message to my class it would be, “Watch out subjects, the King of Cool is here to stay, rule, and rock your minds!”

Day Eighteen: An Uprising in the Kingdom of Cool

Dear Diary,

An amazing king should be able to inspire his subjects to be just as great as he is. He should be well respected and honored. He should NOT have competition from a bunch of nerds who are trying to steal his thunder! To explain my little rant, the whole class is trying to act like me now, even the nerdy kids. I mean, that’s just not okay. For one, it makes me look average instead of cool. Secondly, everyone is being really mean to Ms. Skele now. It was funny when I was the only one doing it, but now everyone is grouping up on her and it’s really not cool.

I can’t even count the number of spitballs that were launched at Ms. Skele today. The whole classroom got really gross and covered in the stuff. Since Ms. Skele couldn’t tell who was making the spitballs, everyone had to stay inside during the break time and write an apology letter to her. Sadly, more than one person just made their letter into more spitballs…which just doubled the amount of spitballs that got launched at her.

When it was time to go home I could almost swear that I could see her crying, which made me feel really bad for what I had done. After all, I had encouraged all of this. I’m starting to think that being cool isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be…

Day Nineteen: Role Reversal

Dear Diary,

A lot of the kids in my class were still being mean to Ms. Skele today, and I couldn’t help but think that it was all my fault for trying to be cool again. I was starting to get really sick of all of the kids picking on her. I mean, she literally did nothing to deserve it. I couldn’t help what I did today. I just snapped.

So, there I was, it was the middle of class and Ms. Skele was lecturing on something that I was only half paying attention to. Other kids were busy passing notes, throwing paper airplanes, and talking over her lecture. I mean, if they were just napping during class that would be one thing, but they were actively trying to make Ms. Skele’s job harder than it had to be, and that just wasn’t right.

I decided to do the only thing that I could think of doing. I had to stand up for my teacher. “EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP!” I yelled. My voice echoed around the classroom. I thought that Ms. Skele was going to yell at me for yelling, but the whole classroom was entirely quiet. Usually, I would have just stayed seated and remained silent, but I figured that this was my time to shine.

“Everyone needs to stop this! Ms. Skele is trying to do her job! If you don’t want to be here and pay attention, then leave!” I yelled again, and I expected everyone to get up and leave, but instead they just sat there. Ms. Skele got back to teaching.

After class, I expected that Ms. Skele would ask me to stay after class, but she didn’t. I guess my unplanned freak out really helped the class. Now I just need to wait to find out if it’s going to last.

Day Twenty: Look, but Don’t Touch

Dear Diary,

Today’s class was a little more interesting than usual, and it wasn’t because some kids were fooling around and carving gross pictures into their desks. Ms. Skele had everyone’s attention, and she didn’t need to yell at the class to get it. Everyone thought the lesson was really cool today because it was just so real. I’ll just write it: Ms. Skele brought in totally real artifacts from all of her adventures in her hundreds of years of being part of the living dead.

The artifact that I thought was the coolest was a bow and arrow that she used when she was in the army. The bow was so old that we weren’t allowed to touch it, but the arrows that she had were much newer, probably because once a Skeleton shoots an arrow they aren’t likely to get it back.

Another cool thing she had was a shield. Until now, I didn’t even know that Skeletons used to have shields. Ms. Skele actually planned her whole lesson for the day around it. She told us that Skeletons in the front of the army would use shields so that they, and the Skeletons behind them, would be safe. If a Skeleton in the front of the army made it to the next battle, they would get to go farther back in the line. Basically, the more experienced that the soldier was, the farther away from danger they were. At first, I thought it was silly that they did this because the best soldiers basically got to chill until the best soldiers from the other side got to them. Later I realized that it made total sense to keep the best guys safe.

The one person who didn’t seem to learn anything or even care about what was going on was Grunt. He hasn’t talked to me since I yelled at the class, and I’m not going to be the one to talk to him first. Maybe it’s about time that I start to make new friends…friends that actually care about whether or not they can get into middle school.

Day Twenty-One: My New Friend, Snow

Dear Diary,

As it turns out, making new friends isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Yesterday I made a mental note of a few of the kids in my class that I thought would make good friends. I’m still ignoring Grunt, and I plan to keep ignoring him until he’s done ignoring me. I know that might now make a lot of sense, but that’s just what I’m going to do.

Anyway, my new friend’s name is Snow. She’s a Skeleton. She’s not really a slow learner and she’s not a slacker. It turns out that she just moved into the school year at a weird time, fell behind, and was never really able to catch up. I thought it was weird that I hadn’t noticed her during the school year, but my class was pretty big and most Skeletons looked pretty much the same, so there was that…

Anyway, I talked to Snow in the first place because I remembered that she gave a really cool presentation when we had to learn about our family trees. It turned out that one of her old relatives was in the Skeleton Wars too, and I wanted her to tell me more about it. It also turned out that she didn’t know any more than what she wrote in her report, but she said that I could come to her house sometime and hang out to learn more from her parents. I said, “That would be great!” I meant it too.

I might start hanging out with Snow more and with Grunt less if he doesn’t change his attitude. I need positive friends in my life, not ones who won’t even talk to me. Grunt? Grunt who? If he doesn’t talk to me soon I’m sure that I’ll forget about him because I’ll be too busy hanging out with my cooler friends, my better friends… This thing is going to make Grunt so jealous; I just know it.

Day Twenty-Two: More about Skeletons

Dear Diary,

Today I decided that I wanted to learn a little more about Skeletons. I took Snow up on her offer and visited her house to learn more about where she and her family came from. Things went pretty good the whole time that I was at her house. Snow’s mom was very open to answering all of the questions that I had about Skeletons and where they came from.

I asked Snow’s mom where Skeletons come from. She told me that a Skeleton could spawn pretty much anywhere in the Overworld, it just had to be dark enough. If they spawned in the Nether then there would be a pretty good chance that they would just be Wither Skeletons. “That’s how you can tell the difference of where someone is from, normal Skeletons are pretty much always from Overworld,” Snow’s mom told me.

Her mom also told me that not all normal Skeletons are the same, either. Apparently, there is a kind of Skeleton called a Stray Skeleton that comes from really cold places. From what I understand, they come from pretty much only icy places, like the ice plains, ice plains spikes, and ice mountains. These skeletons are basically the same as normal Skeletons, except for the fact that they fight differently. They make these wicked arrows that slow down whatever they hit, making it easier for the Stray Skeletons to get to them. Now I know to do my best not to tick off one of them.

I guess that if Skeletons are really careful they can live to be as old and older as Ms. Skele. They can do this because they’re dead before they’re spawned, so they can’t die of illnesses or anything. They only die in wars and other battles, which is a pretty hardcore way to go out anyway.

Tomorrow I’m going to ask Ms. Skele about Zombies. It was cool to learn about Skeletons, but now I’m curious as to where Zombies come from. With a topic his interesting, I’m sure Ms. Skele won’t be able to disappoint!

Day Twenty-Three: Zombie Lesson

Dear Diary,

I wanted to ask Ms. Skele about Zombies because I figured that she was old enough to know everything about them. Besides, I didn’t really want to talk to my parents about this because I figured they would just be awkward about it.

Anyway, Ms. Skele was a little annoyed that I got her off topic, but I think that I learned more from asking her about Zombies than I would have if she just taught whatever it was that she had planned to teach today.

Today I learned that Zombies, like most other mobs, spawn to make more of themselves. Most Zombies look like me, like a person, but a living-dead person. Sometimes Zombie Villagers spawn, which is just exactly what they sound like. Not all Zombie Villagers come from being spawned, though. Some Zombie Villagers were once normal Villagers that were turned into Zombies after being attacked by a Zombie! This mostly happened years ago. Now Zombie attacks are rare because Zombies are pretty chill mobs. Anyway, the ones that do get turned can be turned back by eating a golden apple. I can’t turn into a human though because I’m not part Villager and I just spawned this way.

Just like there are Stray Skeletons, there are also Husk Zombies. The big difference is that the Stray Skeletons come from icy places, while Husk Zombies come from desert biomes. These Zombies are usually gray instead of green, but they look and act pretty much the same as normal Zombies.

That’s pretty much all I learned today. It was some pretty interesting stuff, and I hope that I can keep learning more stuff like this when I make it to middle school. Ms. Skele said that she’ll give her lesson that she was going to give today tomorrow instead. She said that it’s going to be really cool. I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out.

Day Twenty-Four: The Many Adventures of Ms. Skele

Dear Diary,

It turns out that I actually interrupted a lesson that would have been just as cool as learning about Zombies yesterday. Ms. Skele didn’t really have a lesson plan, though, more or less like a question and answer session with the class. She said that she wanted to do this because the class was almost over, so she wanted to make sure that she taught us everything she could. She handed every kid a piece of paper and said that we could each write down one question. She said that she would answer everyone’s question, as long as it was school appropriate.

A lot of the kids questions were stuff like, “Did the Wither Skeletons ever win a battle?” They did, but they never won a war. “How many grandchildren do you have?” None, she was never married. “When was the last Skeleton War?” It was over a hundred years ago. Most of the questions were stuff like that. Most were about what we learned in the last few weeks, and a few were personal.

Eventually, she got to my question, which was the best of all of them as far as I cared. “What other adventures did you go on?” This question made Ms. Skele very talkative, but I think the rest of the class enjoyed her answer.

“I’ve been around for a while, so I’ve done a little bit of everything. I fought in that last Skeleton War. When the war was over, I decided to work at a hospital to help soldiers who got hurt in the old wars and who couldn’t heal. I did a lot of other things once there was no one else to heal, like teaching, like I’m doing now. I traveled all over Overworld and even in the Nether for a while just to see where I liked to live the most. One of my favorite places was the desert biome, and I met a lot of interesting people there. I liked this place the best, though. I liked teaching the most out of all of my jobs, and now I’m doing that.”

I hope that when I’m older I’ll get to travel and do a bunch of different jobs. It’s cool that Ms. Skele can do whatever she wants to. I hope that I can do that when I grow up too. I never thought that I would want to be as cool as a teacher. It’s a little funny when I think about it. Before summer school started I disliked all of my teachers, and now I want to be like one. Things couldn’t possibly be more backward. It’s actually kind of nice.

Day Twenty-Five: The Last Assignment

Dear Diary,

Today’s class went pretty well. I think that everyone is tired out from the long few weeks that we’ve had in this history class. The whole class really learned a lot so far. I’ve even been getting all A’s and B’s on all of the assignments so far, so unless I don’t even do the next project, I’m going to pass this class. I’ll be one step closer to passing the fifth grade and getting into middle school.

I’m actually starting to worry about whether or not Grunt is going to be able to pass this class. He’s been doing all of his homework, but he’s also been being really lazy about it. If he doesn’t get at least a C on this next assignment, then he might not be able to pass the class. Even though we’re in the middle of not talking to each other right now, I still hope that we can get into middle school together.

I’ve been talking about this assignment for so long, but I guess I never actually mentioned what the homework assignment was. Ms. Skele wants everyone to pick some historical period, any one of them that we know a lot about and write about what we would be like if we lived back then. It’s kind of like the Skeleton War assignment, but this time, we can pick whatever time period we want. Ms. Skele is letting us pick what we want because she thinks that it will be more fun this way. I don’t know what I want to write about, but I better pick something soon because the paper is due tomorrow. Anyway, I’ve got to get writing!

Day Twenty-Six: The Dark Ages

Dear Diary,

For my paper, I decided to write about the dark ages. During that time, a lot of humans and Villagers didn’t even think that Zombies were real. When they did see a Zombie, they thought it was just a sick person. They would take in the Zombie, but then the Zombie would infect others. That’s really how some of the world’s biggest plagues happened. Anyway, I wanted to write about this time period basically because I thought it would be cool. I copied the paper here in my diary just for fun.

If I lived as a dark ages Zombie I would live in a creepy coffin underground. If I lived there, I would be protected from the sunlight during the day, At night, I would break out of my coffin and walk around Overworld. I wouldn’t actually want to infect anyone, though. I would do my best to avoid humans and just hang out with other mobs instead.

Since a lot of the other mobs were fought all of the time back in the day, I would want to be there to help them out. I would be there to help them protect themselves against whatever might come at them. Since it was in the dark ages, I would be able to use an old rusty sword to fight my enemies.

Basically, if I lived in the dark ages, I would do whatever I could to keep things pretty light. I would do my best to help my kind and avoid trouble with every other mob. If I could do all of these things, I think that the dark ages wouldn’t be as dark as they were in real life.

I think this paper was pretty good, but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow when I get my grade back. If I pass this paper I’ll pass this history class and then I’ll be one step closer to getting into middle school!

Day Twenty-Seven: The Last Day of History Class

Dear Diary,

Today is the last day of this class. I don’t really know how I feel about it. I thought that this class was going to be totally lame, but it turned out to be a lot better than I ever would have expected it to be. It was…cool. Ms. Skele said that she had a surprise for all of us. For a second, I worried that it was a last minute pop quiz, but she really just pulled out a cake that she had made herself just for our class.

Ms. Skele said that today was going to be a party day to celebrate the end of class. She said that everyone who took a class had passed! I was thrilled to hear that I had been able to pass the class. She passed back my report card, and I got a B+ in the class. That’s the best that I’ve ever done in a class. When I saw the report I couldn’t help but yell out, “I’m slightly above average!” Everyone laughed. I wonder if that means that Ms. Skele is a great teacher if I’ becoming a better student or both.

Since she said that everyone passed I knew that Grunt was going to go to the next class. I didn’t talk to him today, but I’m glad that we’re moving on together. I’d be pretty bummed if my best friend couldn’t move on with me. I flashed him a thumb’s up before I left. He smiled. I wonder if that means he’s done being mad at me. I guess I just need to wait to find out.

Day Twenty-Eight: Grunt’s Grunting

Dear Diary,

I woke up early in the night because someone was knocking loudly on my bedroom door. I let out a loud “ggrr!” as I got up. Why was someone waking me up so early in the night? School didn’t start back up for a few more days. I slowly got out of bed, and not just because Zombies do most things slowly, and opened my door. I was surprised to see Grunt on the other side of it.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him. I wasn’t mad that he woke me up anymore. I was just surprised to see him here this early in the night.

“Your mom let me in. I just wanted to talk to you.” He looked like he was waiting for an answer from me, but I didn’t know what to say. We hadn’t talked in a while, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to open up with. Since I didn’t know what to say, Grunt just starting ranting. “I feel really badly about how we haven’t been talking. It wasn’t cool of me to call you a nerd. You just know how I feel about school. Sometimes I feel silly and lose my cool. I’m sorry.”

I had never heard Grunt apologize and mean it before. Whenever he said sorry before it was because his mom told him to, but I could tell that he really meant it this time. “Thanks,” was all that I could think to say back to him.

“Can we go back to talking and being friends?”

“Yeah!” I yelled. This was the next best news that I got after hearing that I passed the history class. “Let’s make up for lost time,” I suggested and Grunt grunted in agreement.

We spend the rest of the night at the park. We had a great time. I’m glad that I have my best friend back.

Day Twenty-Nine: Next on the Schedule…

Dear Diary,

The science part of my summer school is going to start on Monday next week, which means that I’m in the middle of my only week off. I think that the school only gives us time off just to give the new teachers time to set up their lessons or whatever. I don’t really care what it’s for. All I care about is that I have a little more time to hang out with my friends.

Today I introduced Snow to Grunt. Of course, they had actually met first in our summer school class, but they had never hung out before. We went to the local graveyard and pretended that we were back in the old days when Zombies turned humans. We took turns being the humans and the Zombies. It was actually a pretty fun game. It also reminded me a lot of some of Ms. Skele’s old lessons. I wasn’t really expecting it, but they got along really well. I think this means that the three of us will start hanging out a lot more often. It would be really cool to add one more person to our group of friends.

I hope that we can all stay friends during the next section of the summer school program. It would be great to have the two of them by my side the whole time. If they were all near me, then I know that every moment would have something cool about it. Thinking about all of this stuff actually makes me a little excited about summer school. It’s weird. At the beginning of the month I never would have thought that I would be thinking that summer school could be fun, but now here I am, writing that exact thing down. The whole world seems backward, but it also feels pretty good. I think this could be the start of something great.

Day Thirty: The Letter

Dear Diary,

Today I got a letter in the mail, or well, my parents got a letter in the mail about me. It said that I had made it to the next class, which I already knew. It said that I would be taking a science class, which I also already knew. What I didn’t know before was that Ms. Potionbrewer was going to be the one teaching our class.

Ms. Potionbrewer was a witch mix that lived outside of my village. Usually, my school didn’t let witches in, but they were letting in her because of how great of a teacher she was. I heard that she grew up as a witch, but went to an all- monster's college to learn how to teach. At least, that’s what my mom said when she saw her name on the paper.

I wonder what it will be like to be taught by a witch… I wonder if she’ll be as cool as Ms. Skele, but I doubt that she’ll be able to be that cool. Even if the class is lame, I’m sure that I’ll have a great time with Grunt by my side again. I even heard that the Skeleton girl that I made friends with is going to be in the class too. With my old and new friends there, I’m sure that class will be a little fun, even if the teacher is boring. I guess all that I can do now is wait to see what happens. All I know is that it’ll have to be magical to have a witch as a science teacher!



About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Book 1: My History Teacher Is a Skeleton My name is Ugh, and I’m a zombie. The silliest thing just happened to me! Just because I never did any of my homework and hardly showed up to some classes I’ve been forced into summer school if I want to be able to pass the fifth grade and get into middle school next year. It’s not as bad as it seems though, my best friend Grunt is in summer school too, so at least I’ll have someone to talk to. My entire summer is going to be filled with summer classes because I failed three classes last year. I bet I’ll be bored out of my mind, but it’s not like zombies have anything better to do in the summer, avoiding the sun and all. Anyway, I heard that my first month-long session is in history and it’s being taught by a skeleton! I wonder what sort of crazy stuff I’ll learn...or what kind of crazy dreams I’ll have when I end up sleeping through class. I guess I’ll just need to wait to find out. Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2016-08-01 11:50:13
  • Words: 11199
A Zombie Summer School Diary, Book 1: My Teacher is a Skeleton A Zombie Summer School Diary, Book 1: My Teacher is a Skeleton