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A Walk of Fear


A Walk of Fear

By Corey Sachs

A Walk of Fear

Copyright 2016 Corey Sachs

Published by Corey Sachs at Shakespir

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Table of Contents

Story One: Izanami

Story Two: The Last Outlaw

Story Three: Frostbite

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“So, is this what you’ve been raving about for the past five years, Doctor,” Adam asked, tapping on a beaker filled with a thick crimson liquid.

A woman in a clean lab coat walks toward the cold steel table Adam is sitting at and slaps his hand aside.

“Please, if you wouldn’t mind Mister Adam’s, refrain from touching anything in the research lab. You are here to compose an article about my research not to behave like a child who can’t restrain his hands to himself,” said Laken.

Adam rolls his eyes and looks over at a cage holding a few dead rats white as a ghost. “So, what happened to them?”

“When we found the Symbiote we wanted to find out how it would react to rats. The Symbiote ended up latching onto them and sucking out their red blood cells only leaving what you see in the beaker.”

“How does this help cure leukemia?”

“Well, if we can reverse engineer that process and make it possible to add and subtract different blood cells we could make a cure.”

“Where did you find it? What’s it look like?”

“Take a look for yourself,” Laken said, pulling a blanket off of a plastic box holding a mass of what appeared to be blood and a sleeping rat in the corner. “As for your first question, we found it on planet C seven one.

“By we she means my team and I. The doctor is a genius, but without us she wouldn’t have that thing to begin with,” said a woman wearing camouflage pants and a dirty gray tank top walking in from behind the Cryo tubes.

“Lt. Sailor this is Adam. Adam this is the charming Lt. Sailor,” Laken said.

“Aw, you’re too kind Doc.”

The Symbiote inches its way toward the sleeping rat only stopping when one of the human’s looked in its direction.

“I’ll be sure to include you in my article Lt. Sailor,” Adam said.

A gargling squeak echoes in the plastic cage and the Symbiote absorbs into the rat. The rat scurries to one of the plastic walls and licks it. Steam emerges from the saliva as the plastic melts, creating a hole in the cage.

“Thank you, Adam. Doc, I locked down the area like you asked. So no daylight for twenty-four hours.”

“Why the lockdown,” Adam asked.

The rat’s claws clicked on the marble floor as it ran to Adam’s feet.

“We’ve actually made my theory of a cure a reality. The only problem is that the creature is extremely hostile. The lockdown is to make sure we don’t have any accidents,” Laken said.

Adam jumps at the sound of a blood-curdling squeak near his charred boots.

“What the fuck? You have a loose rat,” Adam said, looking down at a white rat with piercing red eyes.

Doctor Laken turns to the plastic cage finding a smoking hole left on one of its walls. “It’s not a rat that escaped.”

Adam shivers as the Symbiote slinks up his leg and absorbs into his skin. “Something cold just went up my leg.”

“Sailor, we have to get to the medical room before it’s too late.”

Sailor grabs Adam and heads down the hallway toward the medical room. She slams a button next to the door to the main lab with her fist. Sirens go off and the hanging light fixtures flash yellow and white as they make their way to the medical room.

“Holy shit. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I’m dying,” said Adam.

“Here it is,” Laken said, turning into the medical room. “We don’t have much time.”

Laken walks up to a computer monitor attached to a bed with a glass lid and pushes a button on the side of the bed making its lid open. “Hurry Lt., place him on the bed, we don’t have any more time to waste.”

Sailor places Adam onto the bed. Doctor Laken presses a few buttons on the monitor and the lid closes. Adam’s body shakes and his body fluid oozes from every orifice of his body. Steam rises from his blood and melts through the bed. It forms into the Symbiote with even greater volume. It stands and takes the form of a four-year-old child.

“W-we did it for… science,” said Laken.

The Symbiote grabs Doctor Laken and places its new formed hands into her mouth prying it open. It pulls itself up into her mouth and down her throat. The Doctor coughs uncontrollably and throws up chunks of her lunch.

“Are you okay?”

“No, not in the slightest, but I might have figured out how to get rid of it,” said Laken, picking herself up and walking out the door. “I’m going to blow it up with this station’s self-destruct protocol.”

“What about the crew?”

“Did you see it, Sailor? The more it kills the bigger and more intelligent it gets. They would understand.”

Doctor Laken presses a few buttons on the computer bringing up the self-destruction sequence then clicks yes. She puts in her access code and pulls a lever on the wall adjacent to the computer.

“We have five minutes till it explodes. We named it Izanami after the Japanese god that brought death to humans. I hope you can forgive—-“

Doctor Laken’s blood oozes out slowly, then as she screams in horror her skeletal system claws its way out of her own body. The blood forms around the bones as its skull turns to face Sailor.

“Two minutes till detonation,” said the main computer.

The Last Outlaw

The hover cycle’s engine roared above the frozen earth. The light turns green and the engine screams forward jerking the rider.

Two blocks later the rider stops in front of a worn out building. It’s floating dirty neon sign reads “Drunken Whale” as it travels from side to side above the shack. The Outlaw cuts off the engine, resting, sitting with crossed legs on the handlebars.

Roaring hogs and echoes of breaking glass fill the bars lot. Two of the riders throw down in the street while the spectators spew maniacal laughter. One of the riders composed himself, but the others would look to him to decide whether it was okay to laugh or not.

“That’s the objective? He doesn’t look like The Butcher of Beast Bay,” The Outlaw muttered.

The riders disappear into the bar after the fight was broken up by the Butcher. The Outlaw waits a few minutes, then shoves open the two entrance doors.

The riders sat at the tables and the rest drank at the bar. The Outlaw took up a chair next to the Butcher. A man walks over and wipes the area in front of The Outlaw with a dirty rag. His name tag read “Jim”.

“Haven’t seen you here before. You come from them Outlands or the city,” asked Jim.

The Outlaw grins, pulling out a revolver and placing it on the bar. “Just a traveler passing through.”

“Well, stranger, we have whiskey and some of them new stuff them Zeno’s are fond of.”

“Just give me a shot of the Zeno stuff.”

“You sure it’s some strong stuff for someone like you, stranger?”

“Yeah, never tried alien booze. Today seems like a good day to try new things.”

Jim walks to the tower of booze along the back wall and grabs a glass. He reaches up and grabs a glowing blue bottle and pours it into the glass.

The Outlaw clicks the latch on the revolver letting the cartridge fall to the side.

“Is that one of them Zeno guns they only allow law enforcement,” asked Jim, as he set the glowing blue shot down in front of The Outlaw.

Gulping down the icy fire, the stranger pulls out a few bullets from a jacket pocket, setting them onto the bar.

“Yes, yes it is. These rounds are of my own making. They are metal casings that generate an intense beam of coherent monochromatic light when fired.”

Jim delivers a blank stare and lifts an eye brawl.

“Well, th-that’s good for you, stranger.”

The stranger pulls down a mask with alien bones painted on it covering the mouth and takes a sip from the shot glass. Taking the rounds on the bar, placing them into the cartage and snapping it shut. Then places it into the side holster covering it with the frosted trench coat on The Outlaw’s shoulders.

The quiet rider leans toward The Outlaw.

“My names Nathan, Stranger. We really don’t get a lotta you around these parts,” said the Butcher.

“I imagine.”

“You try’in to be funny, stranger?”

“Nope, I’m just here for your bounty.”

Nathan breaks into laughter and wipes a fake tear from his eye.

“That’s funny, stranger. Someone like you kill’in me,” said Nathan.

“I’ve killed hundreds of men like you. So tell me what makes you any different?”

“Hah, you really need to ask that? I’m the Butcher of Beast Bay. I slaughtered thousands of alien men and women,” said Nathan.

The Outlaw draws the revolver again, aiming it at Nathan’s head. All of the background noise fades into silence. Several of the riders sitting at the hovering tables had drawn their weapons aiming them toward the stranger.

“Let’s find out shall we,” said The Outlaw.


Hail falls onto a hover car, gliding over the crackling icy plain, whisking by at two hundred miles an hour.

“Latitude 29.8969697 and -81.31298620000001 longitude, right? If you are, then in two more miles stop,” said Sailor, looking at a tablet with numbers being projected from it.

Phoenix leans his chair backwards and puts his hands behind his head, shutting his eyes.

“How accurate is that thing?” asked Phoenix.

Sailor sighs, looking out the window, watching the hail fall. “Hopefully enough to find it.”

The holographic mile counter reaches zero as the car comes to a stop.

“Guess where here,” said Sailor.

“Damnit, just a couple more minutes, babe,” said Phoenix, trying to keep his eyes closed.

“I told you I’m not your babe… anymore. Just… never mind ill start the damn drill.”

Phoenix sits back up and flips the autopilot switch under the hollo-wheel, taking a swig from a glass test-tube. Sailor glares at him, then reaches past him, flipping a switch on the door. The hatch under their car slides open, a drill descends from the hatch and howls to life. The spinning metal grinds into the ice and howls louder the further down it goes.

“You see this. This is the shit I was talking about. We haven’t found anything in six months, you drink this shit till you can’t see and those agent assholes took our baby away,” said Sailor, holding Phoenix’s glass test tube up near his face.

“We don’t find anything because you say I don’t look hard enough. You hate me because I don’t look hard enough. I drank because you hate me. The drinking made the agents take away our son. So in a way it really all your fault I drink.”

The loud screeching of the drill stops and whines trying to turn further.

“Holy shit we got something,” said Sailor, opening the door from excitement and falling from the car.

A loud sound like the snapping of a stick echoes off the ice as Sailors body slams onto the ice, cracking like glass creating a spider web.

Phoenix jumps down from the car and his ankle crunches, sending him forward on his face. He pulls himself toward Sailor, he pulls out a napkin and folds it into a paper football. He sticks it into her ear without moving her body and then pulls it out. The tip that went into her ear is now a red circle.

“Thank the Gods,” said Phoenix, gently placing, removing his hands from her head.

He walks over to the drill and pulls out a remote and taps a button on it. The drill moves up and back into the hatch it came from. Phoenix peers into the hole, a ship and golden pieces of metal cover the ground. He runs over to Sailor and hits another button on the remote from his pocket, a rope descends attached to a platform and stops hovering above the hole. He picks up Sailor, placing her onto the platform and then pulling himself up next to her.

Phoenix stands up and pulls open a metal door in the corner, then he grabs a long metal piece that looks like a spinal cord with long curved brackets in the front. Sailor jerks awake as he places the device onto her back, it conforms to her body as her bones crack and grind.

“What happened?”

“You got excited and fell from the car. So I made sure you wouldn’t die. A thank you is a normal custom on our planet.”

“I-I’m sorry. Thank You. Are we under the ice?”

The platform stops on top of the long sail boat. Sailor stands and jumps over the safety bar on the platform.

“You shouldn’t strain yourself,” said Phoenix.

Sailor runs her hand over the ships railing feeling the smooth wood and taking in the smell of the mix of wood and metal.

“It’s magical.”

“Hey, come look at this,” said Phoenix, crouched down next to a skeleton of some sort of tiny person over by the front of the ship. Sailor runs over to his side, the skeleton is holding a thin paper book with dozens of images on its pages with a few bubbles of words. The cover reads “Justice League” and the both Sailor and Phoenix stare in amazement. Phoenix glares at Sailor then picks up the book.

“Do you know what this means?”

“The elders have been worshiping false gods,” said Sailor, as she hugs Phoenix with joy. “And we discovered something new.”

About the Author

Corey Keifer Sachs is earning his BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. Corey mainly writes science fiction comic scripts and fantasy novels. Even though he is in his twenties, Corey still builds Legos to help spark creativity for writing comics.

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A Walk of Fear

The first tale follows an Outlaw looking for a biker gang butcher in a post apocalyptic steampunk world where law enforcement has been disbanded allowing crime to rein free. The second tale follows a journalist reporting on a new serum that Doctor Laken has claimed can cure cancer. He quickly discovers that the alien that created the serum isn't giving it up without a fight. The last tale is about a distant couple who are after fame and fortune by digging in Alaska thousands of years in the future.

  • Author: Corey Sachs
  • Published: 2016-08-29 01:50:24
  • Words: 2492
A Walk of Fear A Walk of Fear