A Vixen Raises the Roof Part 2

A Vixen Raises the Roof

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Jera Hallowell

“Hey, Nightshade! Wait up!” Donna called out, quickly sprinting up to me and my dear Arctic Fox van, Meeka Woods as we slowly exited down the main steps of the church and onto the side street below where the final respects and burial were just now beginning to take shape. “Wanna come with Leslie and I to try out that new Indian place on Remeington? All that speaking up and having to resume my former political duties over again, has made me hella hungry.” There was a gurgle from her stomach in concrete agreement; to which Meeka more than willingly obliged. “Sure. Sounds bangin.” She concurred. “Turns out these sort of things work just as hard on a vixen’s appetite as well.” “Since when has something ever not, with you at least?” I retorted with a wry smile. That was always the one true thing I found rather unusual and quite a bit hard to believe about Meeka and simply only her in general. How in the roasting hot hell could one fox such as her guzzle down food nearly ten times her relatively small yet treetop tall size, and still manage to keep the exact same stocky yet thin physique without ever even hitting the treadmill or even a lifecycle for that matter, ever to my knowledge? Meeka rolled her eyes sardonically and let out an ugly comical horse like scoff in response before steadily leading the troop gingerly to our bil in the parking lot. My feet had only just barely even left the curve before a sudden agonizing scream of terror from the muzzle of Emma Vardaman caught us all off guard and all three of us whipped around to see her waving her arms frantically, and her massive stomach jiggling like a water balloon; in which Donna and quite a few other members around her in the Hystericals group had hilariously redubbed her the nickname “Jelly Belly”. I took off as fast as my fellow lupine legs would carry me, Donna as usual always beating both of us to the punch as we joined her and the rest of both the Hystericals, Golden Thunder Pack, and Skeenas crews to discover a more than horrendous sight. “Oh my Isis!” Donna exclaimed frantically as tears began instantaneously streaming from her eyes and the lips on her muzzle quivered at the stomach turning display in front of her. “George! George!! Somebody call an ambulance, quick!!”

A Vixen Raises the Roof Part 2

  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-20 01:35:06
  • Words: 465
A Vixen Raises the Roof Part 2 A Vixen Raises the Roof Part 2