A Vixen Raises the Roof Part 1

A Vixen Raises the Roof

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Jera Hallowell

“Is this thing on?” Leslie Thompson inquired, lightly clearing her throat and tapping the mic with the tip of her claw a time or two before finally getting underway. “We are all gathered here today to celebrate, and overall cherish the lives of the honorable deeds of two wonderful living beings. One was here for a good while, another was gone yesterday. One was a father and just as equally loving husband, the other was a brother, visionary, humanitarian, and most of all, a more than hell of a good friend and hero to all of us around here in this god and goddess forsaken city. But, even more similar and all the same, they both suffered the infernal and ungodly fate at the filthy, stomach twisting hands of justice and inequality that has been even more of a growing epidemic here since AIDS, Cancer, and the plague and it needs to stop right here at this very moment in time.” She paused briefly as a few applause began to strike up from us and the rest of the crowd before steadily continuing. “Now, I have a few special guests here in the crowd I would like to briefly take the time later to acknowledge, but for now, let me invite them to first give them their part in saying a few kind words on this more than endearing and pressing matter. First up, my good quickster friend and running mate; in whom I’ve served with for over three years, Miss Donna Linton.” There was another wide round of applause as she snatched off her reading glasses, folding them neatly inside the left breast of her “Isa” rune studded bra top as she lightly padded off the stage and took a seat back in the same pew alongside Karmen, Rhonda, and I. “It’s a lot more crowded here than I thought.” Donna light-heartedly joked, her soprano voice quivering slightly with the mild tinge of butterflies in her stomach. “How ya’ll doing today?” “Good.” The crowd responded kindly in reply. “Good, good. You know, being here in the ever so florescent and undying light and company of you all here, it’s really the first time a young cheetah like me has ever been able to crack a smile for a full on three weeks. I’ve seen it all, been through the fire and flames, felt the warm grasses and sands of the valley of peace under the pads of my feet and of course, the many paining thorns of thicket bushes and sharp rocks that all come with it. But, for the one full time in my life, I can truly say… this has been a downright sickening sucker punch to my very gut that I don’t think this feline is ever gonna bounce back from all that easily. This city and the many, many more provinces surrounding it is a national melting pot of all different species; from all different walks of life. There are the few and proud wolves, Happy go lucky hyenas, the cunning and shy, but overall kind foxes and oh, so much more. But, with all these species differences and all off to one side, let’s not at all forget the blatant and single fact that we are all living beings that possess more than immortal souls all the same, and nothing and I really do mean nothing or nobody can ever take that away from us. That is really all I have to say on this matter presently in time. Thank you all and have a blessed Mandela Day.” The crowd roared once again in gratuitous applause as she gave a quick salute and padded swiftly back to her pew in the middle to front row along with Jenni and the others before one of my own, Meeka Woods began to take the center stage.

A Vixen Raises the Roof Part 1

  • ISBN: 9781370791392
  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-19 16:40:09
  • Words: 697
A Vixen Raises the Roof Part 1 A Vixen Raises the Roof Part 1