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A Vampires Embrace



I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. The wolves were chasing me, deep inside the forest. It was evening, and the moon shone round and full in the sky above. I couldn’t see my way in the forest well, but I kept running straight. At last, I came toward it. It was a grey castle. A huge castle loomed up ahead of me, towering over the surrounding trees.


Belle: “What is this place?” I said as I came toward closer to it. I stopped stock still, unable to believe the sight that lay before me, but right at that moment- I heard the sudden howl of wolves coming from the forest behind me. It sounded as if they were heading straight for me, and my heart began to race.


My legs were shaking, but I forced them to run, dashing across the clearing to the large castle door. I pushed the door open and slid inside, and it fell shut behind me with a thud, leaving me in the darkness.


Belle: “Hello?” I said walking a little closer inside the castle, my voice echoing through the halls.


I then jumped when I heard a charming smooth male’s voice coming towards me.


Male: “Who are you?”





All I heard was his voice in the darkness, and at the same moment the candles in their holders on the wall lit, one by one. This castle looked fancy, yet old and ancient. The young man, whose voice I just heard, I saw his full appearance as he stood right in front of me. He had brown hair, and red eyes. His red eyes started down at me, eyes narrowed and supiscious.


I then took a step backward, suddenly I see another young male coming down the red carpet staris. This man had light purple hair, and he had a gentler look to him, his eyes also wide with suprise.


Another male came toward. He had blue hair, with a only pony tail, with a elegant outfit on. He then looked at me.


Male: “She’s come inside. I guess that means she’s the princess?”


I then looked at all three of them. What? Princess? Surely this must be some mistake.


Belle: “I’m sorry, I must get going back-” But after I said that, my ankle winced in pain. I must of sprained it. The male with the red eyes looked at me.


Man: “Hey-” he said coming towards me. I looked up to find the young man’s red eyes staring into mine, and then he touched my ankle.



(Owwww!) I winced in pain , almost falling over.


The man then turned around and faced the two other young gentlemen.


Man: “I’ll deal with her for now.” he said, a moment later, I found myself lifted into the air, supported in his warm embrace in his arms.


Belle: “Hey-I-” I said awarked being picked up by a attractive man ramdnonly. He then took me up the red carpet stairs.


The room he took me to was gorgeously decorated, and seemed way too extravagant for me, since the room like 18th century. The young man set me down gently on the red crisom bed as I started around me. The room was a dark red, with a sparkling crystal chandelier hanging on the ceiling. He then crouched down in front of me, and I turned to meet his gaze.


Man: “You’ve hurt your ankle, right?” He said with his smooth voice. “It doesn’t look like it’s broken.”


Belle: “I think it’s just sprained-” But the next thing I knew, he was rolling up the hem of my dress, and gently took hold of my ankle.


Belle: “Whaat, are you doing,” I said superised he would be so blunt in his actions.


Man: “This may hurt a bit, but hold still.” he said, and I looked at him confused.


(Wait, what are you doing?) The man then lowered his face towards my ankle… The next thing I know, I gasped as I saw his attractive face turned with two sharp sliver fangs.


Belle: “Your… Your..” I said in shock, a sudden piercing pan shivered through me and my pluse began to race as he sunk his fangs in my ankle. My whole body was racing, the younh man raised his head again, and our eyes met for just a moment, this time seeing my shocked face.


Then his gaze dropped away, his lashes fluttering agaisnt his cheeks, as he wiped his bloody mouth with the back of his hand. Without thinking, I turned to look at my ankle again. I could see a small wound, like a bite, with a drop of blood on it.


An uneasy feeling filled my mind, what these men could be, but before I could react, my vision began to waver. I then realized that the throbbing pain in my ankle had eased to almost nothing, but my mind was still in shock.


Belle: “Your a vampire!” I yelled in his face, then darkness surrounded me, I blacked out.


I woke up, which felt like hours later, I opened my eyes slowly, looking around me. For a moment, I didn’t know where I was. That’s right, the wolves were chasing me in the forest, and then-


Man’s voice: “You awake?”




I looked up with a start at the unexpected voice. It was the same man who bit me. He then leaned closer, gently touching my ankle as if checking it.


Belle: “You… don’t tell me you healed it for me?” I said in shock.


Man’s voice: “I have a name, you know. It’s Alyn.”


Belle: “Alyn?” I said. I followed Alyn's gaze to my ankle, where I could see a faint red wound. “Um- thank you very much for helping me.” But I really need to get out this place as soon as I can!


I climbed out of bed, and headed towards the door, but Alyn caught my arm as I passed him.


Alyn: “wait.” he said. “You can’t leave here.”


I then turned to look at him. “But- I have to go home- my grandfather is looking for me, I need to go back-”


He then looked at me again with a serious look in his eyes. “Calm down and listen.” he said to me. Alyn stepped in front of me, blocking my way, and pulled me towards him. I caught my breath as he leaned towards me, speaking softly in my ear.


Alyn: “You can’t leave this castle ever again.”


Belle: “what?” Are you serious? I couldn’t believe the words I’d heard, and my eyes widened in more shock as I stared up at him.


Alyn: “You can’t go back to your home anymore.”


Belle: “But.. that’s crazy! What am I supposed to do?”


Alyn: “I’m about to explain, so calm down, okay?” Alyn must have seen how flustered I looked, and he patted me reassuringly on the back. “I promise I’ll explain everything properly.”


Alyn lead me out to a balcony that had a good view of the surrounding forest area. It was night, and the moon was out shining in the sky. I stood there, gazing out the vast gardens, and the dense forests as I listened to him explain about the castle.


Belle: “So… this really is a castle where actual vampire’s live?”


Alyn: “That about sums it up.” He said next to me.


According to Alyn, the vampires had a legend that a women would get lost and wander into the castle, and that women would be named their princess, and would choose one of the vampires as lord of the castle.


Alyn: “Once you chord a lord, you’ll become a vampire too, and spend the rest of your life with your partner. And When I say ‘the rest of your life’, well, we don’t die, so that’s basically forever.”


Belle: “forever…”




Alyn then grinned at me. “Were not gonna just bite you for no reason, so don’t worry. Well, expect when you hurt yourself, like you did earlier. That was different. Although, if you ask me to bite you, I’ll be happy to do so. Your pretty tasty.”


I laughed awkwardly, and he gave me a smile in return.


Alyn: “There ya go. Cheer up, I’ll be here for you.” He said as he ruffled my hair. His hand was cold, but his touch was gentle, and I smiled a little.


Days have passed, and I slowly got used to living in the castle, surrounded by vampires. The days were calm and quiet somehow, and it didn’t seem as weird as I’d expected it to. The Purple hair vampire is name Nico, and he was made my personal butler if I needed anything to make my stay more comfortable.


Nico: “Belle, I made tea for you.” he said cheerful placing a cup on the table.


Belle: “Thank you.”


He set my tea down on the table, and leaned closer to study me. Nico: “It’s been a while since you came to the castle, hasn’t it? Have you decided who’s going to be lord of the castle yet? If you can’t find anyone else good, you should pick me!” he said cheerful. “I bet it’d be super fun to be with you forever and ever!”


Alyn then came closer to Nico, and flicked his forehead. “Idiot. It’s not something to be decided so lightly.”


(Lord of the castle, huh? If I were to choose you, Alyn-) I tried to imagine what it might be like to live with Alyn forever.


Nico then saw I was in a gaze, and smiled a little. “Aww, Belle, you’re totally blushing!”


The blue hair man name Sid then came into the living room, with a serious look on his face. He then came toward me.


Sid: “Hey. This is you, right?” He then handed me a single piece of paper.


I looked down at what was written on it, and my eyes widened in suprise. It was a poster stating that I was missing, with my picture on it, and asked for any information about my whereabouts. Sadness took over me, and Nico seemed to notice it.


Nico: “Belle?” he said concerned.


Belle: “I'm sorry- I think I'm gonna go back to my room for a bit.” It was all I could manage just to say that without my voice cracking, and I hurried out of the room. I could feel Alyn's gaze on my back, but I couldn't look at any of them.


The tears threatened to spill over as I climbed the staris to my room, and I stopped at last.


Alyn: “Hey.” I heard Alyn’s voice behind me. “Do you want to leave the castle?”


I turned in surpise, and I realized he must of followed me. I then thought: I could say yes, but that would just cause problems, wouldn't it? I knew it wasn't Alyn's fault I couldn't leave- it was an old ancient rule, set in place a long time ago. I didn't want to put him in a difficult position, so I schooled my feautres into a smile.


Belle: “No. I was just feeling a bit nostalgic.”


Alyn then frowned at me. “Idiot. You don’t have to force yourself to smile for me. You don’t have to be strong all the time.” He then suddenly wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into his arms, in a embrace. I then buried my face in his chest, intoxied by his sweet scent, unable to hide my feelings any longer.


Belle: “I’m sorry, Alyn. The truth is, I really want to see them.”


Alyn: “I know.” he said understanding.


I wanted to return to my old life more than anything, and yet I didn’t want to leave Alyn. I then closed my eyes as I leaned into Alyn’s embrace, confused by my complicated feelings.


Alyn saw Belle back to her room, and then made his way through the castle.







Nico: “Alyn,” he said serious to him. “I don’t mind if you act all kind toward the princess. But you weren’t trying to do anything fishy, are you? If you were to do something like, help the princess escape the castle?” he said to him. “You know you’ll be banished from this castle forever. And it’s hell for a vampire to try and live alone out there.” Nico’s gaze was serious as he studied Alyn.


Alyn gave a short sigh, and flicked Nico’s forehead again.


Nico: “Ow!”


Alyn: “You don’t need to tell me that. I already know. Instead of worrying about me, why don’t you take proper care of her?” Alyn’s words were soft, and then he turned and walked away.


The next day-I was feeling better, so I paid a visit to Alyn’s room. (It’s because of you that I feel better, so I want to thank you) I knocked on his door, and after a long pause it opened.


Alyn stood in the doorway, leaning heavily against the door frame. He didn’t look well at all, and I hesitated for a moment, before I said,


Belle: “Um- I came to thank you for yesterday, but- Are you okay? Don't tell me you have a cold?”


Alyn: “Yeah.” Alyn’s answer sounded vague, almost as if hadn’t heard me, and he reached up to press a hand to his head. He swayed slowly on his feet, and then leaned forwards, falling against me.


Belle: “Alyn?!” I said in a panic. I somehow managed to catch Alyn’s shoulders, stopping him from falling over. It wasn’t easy to carry him back to the bed but we got there in the end.


(What should I do? I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe I should get someone.) I felt flustered and uneasy as I wiped the sweat away from Alyn’s brow. His eyes were squeezed tightly shut and he seemed to be in pain, but then he opened his eyes again, just a crack.


Alyn: “Belle?” Alyn said weakly. “What are you doing here?”


I then huffed at his stupid question. “What am I doing here? You passed out on me,”


But Alyn just gave me a serious glare. “Hurry up and get out of here.”


I then flinched at his sudden statement. “What? Why?”


Alyn ignored my frown, his voice hoarse as he went on. “When the moon is full… I have no control over myself. I don’t know what I might end up doing to you.”


I realized then that he was staring at my neck, an aching need in his eyes. I realized that Alyn was right, and it would be better for me to leave the room.


Belle: “It’s okay, Alyn.” I said to him.


His eyes widened in superise as he stared at me.


Alyn: “You-” He said speechless. “Do you understand what you’re saying?”


Belle: “I do. If that’s what you want, then I-”


Alyn caught me by the arm before I could finish.


Alyn: “You said it, not me.” Alyn’s voice was a whisper as he pulled me down onto his bed, and leaned over me. His hands were rough as they brushed my hair back from my neck, and then he leaned close. I then felt his fangs pierce my skin, and my pulse began to race in response. It all felt so strange, and I squirmed a little, gasping softly. Alyn reached out, pushing my arms back against the bed.


Alyn: “I can’t stop.” he said holding back.


Belle: “Then don’t,” I said staring back into his deep red eyes.


Alyn: “Belle-” he said staring back at me. His lips brushed against my skin again, and my heart roared in my ears at the feel of his sharp fangs. His body pressed down against mine, I could feel his pulse pounding against me in time with mine.


I felt satiated somehow, and I smiled as I closed my eyes.


(I feel as I’ve always know it, since the first time you saved me. You’re always there for me, and you’re so kind, always protecting me. )




Belle: “I love you, Alyn.” The words spilled from my lips in a soft whisper before I’d really thought them through. Alyn pulled back from at once, studying my expression.


Belle: “I want to choose you as the lord of the castle.”


Alyn: “If you do that, you can never go back to the way things were.” he said staring down over me. “You’ll have to throw away everything that matters to you, and become a vampire.”


Belle: “I… I don’t want to leave you.” I said to him. “I want to stay with you forever.” His beautiful red eyes seemed to waver for a moment as he stared at me. He then touched my cheek with his hands.


Alyn: “It’ll hurt, so… relax, okay?” he said to me.


Wait, were doing the transformation now? I wasn’t ready for it. Alyn reached out, his fingers brushing gently against my neck. My heart was racing in nerves.


Alyn hesitated for a moment, then bent down and sunk his fangs deep into my skin, deeper then he ever had before.


I stiffened as a burning pain seared through my whole body.


Belle: “Make it stop!” I screamed in pain. My whole body was shaking.





Alyn: “I’ll make it go away,” He said smoothly and clam. He then grabbed my wrist, and sunk his fangs in it, and started to suck. The pain seemed to lesson, every time Alyn sucked. It seemed like he was sucking out the vemon in my body threw my blood. The burning pain was now gone, and my body felt normal again.


I felt a light headed cause he took too much blood out of me, but I can see Alyn’s eyes were filled with such pain and sorrow as I stared up at him.


Belle: “Alyn?” I said starting at him in a dim vision. Concerned, I started to sit up, but my body felt too weak, and my vision wavered.


Alyn: “I love you. That’s why I can’t make you a vampire. I took the venom out of you.” But before I could finish my sentence, I felt myself slipping away into darkness, and I collapsed in Alyn’s arms.


Alyn walked towards the castle gates outside, carrying Belle in his arms.


Nico: “Are you sure, Alyn? If you leave here, you’ll never be able to go back to how things were.”


Alyn’s met Nico’s gaze for a moment, his eyes narrowed. He looked down at Belle as she lay unconscious in his arms, needing medical attention. She needed blood, and she wasn’t going to get it here stuck in the castle. Worse she could die of her lack of blood taken out of her.




A gentle smile touched Alyn’s lip’s as he said, “I can’t help it. I love her. If I turn her into a vampire, she’ll have to throw away everything that matters to her, and live with that forever. Do you really think I can do that to her?” Alyn spoke softly, and then turned and walked away, Belle still clutched tightly in his arms. Alyn stepped through the castle gates with Belle, walking on ahead, never looking back. Nico stared at him as he watched him leave and never return back to the castle.


It was morning, and I opened my eyes to a faint, gentle light. The curtains were open, and the room fluttered into a breeze. I turned my head, and next to me, was a IV filled with blood, and it seemed I was connected to it. I then looked around the room, and gasped. I couldn’t believe it: It was my own room, my home, a place I thought I’d never return to ever see again. Pain Throbbed my neck, as I turned my head to look around, and memory came flooding back to my mind.


Alyn: “I love you. That’s why I can’t make you a vampire. I took the venom out of you.”


Alyn brought me home. He really did.


Belle: “Father!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Father then rushed into the room with tears of joy in his eyes.


Maurice: “Belle, my dear Belle. Your awake and alright.”


Father then suddenly hugged me tightly. “I thought I was never going to see you again, last night was a miracle.”



Belle: “I don’t understand.” I said.


He then looked at me. “Last night, a young man found you after he saw your missing photo in the town. He told me you were attacked by wolves in the forest, and he found you in there, barely alive. He carried you into town, rushing for help, looking for a doctor. When the doctor recognized it was you, he contacted me right away, telling me you were found, and I brought you here.”


I then jumped out of bed. “Where’s the young man? I need to see him!”


Father then calmed me down. “I asked him who he was, he said he’s name was Alyn. I asked where he came from, he said he was just a town vister. It was fate he found you, he said he didn’t have any family, and he doesn’t have any place to stay. As a reward to saving your life, I offered him to stay here with us, till he finds a place to live.”


Belle: “Where is he?” I said dramatic.


Maurice: “He’s sleeping in the living room. He’s tried from the long Journey-”


I took the IV off me, and ran in the house heading straight to the living room. When I finally reached there, I stopped. I saw Alyn sleeping in a chair with a blanket over him.


I couldn’t believe it. He was here. He risked his life, to save mine, now he’s banished from the castle. Tears ran down my face.



Belle: “Alyn,” I said in tears. Alyn opened his eyes and turned his head to see me standing there.


“Belle,” He then got off the chair. “Your alright, Im so-”


But he was cut off, by my lips on his as I embraced him in a deep kiss. Alyn kissed me back passionally, while father came in the living room, seeing us.


Maurice: “Oh my,” he said while watching us. “No wonder you ran away from home. You have a lover, and your ‘lover’ seemed to bring you home.”


Me and Alyn stopped our kissing, and I turned to father.


Belle: “Father, this is Alyn. The one I love,” I said to him, and father and Alyn’s eyes widened. “He saved me, and he has nowhere to go. Please let him stay with us.”


Father then gave me a smile. “Of course, I can’t leave your hero and lover homeless.”


Alyn then approached father. “I love Belle, please let me have her.”


Maurice then patted Alyn on the back. “Welcome to the family son,” he said to him. “I might hear wedding bells soon.”


I then ran back to Alyn and jumped in his arms, landing into a other embrace kiss.




Maurice: “I’ll get the guest room ready,” he said leaving the room.


Belle: “Are you sure you can be alright here? It’s for a vamp, to survive alone.” Alyn then put his fingers to my lips.


Alyn: “Keep it a secret, and all will be fine.” he told me. “Your father will never let me have you if he knew.”


Belle: “But your food-”


Alyn: “I’m a vegetation, and let’s keep it that way.” he said grinning at me. “I don’t mind eating salad and tofu.” he then held me tighter. “as long as I have you, I will be fine.”


Belle: “Nico, Sid-”


Alyn: “If all turned out well, which it did, they would be happy that I found happiness, and my mate. There’s something I haven’t told you: Back at the castle, there’s a rose in glass, in a room. They say when the princess chooses her mate, and there together in love, human or vampire, the rose will glow. If Nico or Sid see the rose, they know were fine and happy, and in love.”


Belle: “How do you know it’s glowing?” I said to him.


Alyn: “Because before I left, I went into the room where the glass rose was. It was glowing.” He then touched my hair. “We can finally be together, free outside the castle.”


I then grabbed him and kissed him again.


Nico and Sid went in the room were the glass rose was in the castle. They both stood there in amazement as he saw the rose was glowing.


Nico: “I knew it would have been a success.” Nico said happy.


Sid: “I’m going to miss Alyn,” he said.


Nico: “He’s with Belle now, and there together. He will be fine, Alyn’s no longer alone, he found his true love.”








A Vampires Embrace

A young maiden girl name Belle gets lost in the forest, being ended up chased by wolves. She then comes across a large ancient castle hidden in the forest, and goes in it. She then meets three attractive men, and to her shock... there vampires. They also tell her she also can't leave the castle due to an old legend. Will she ever return back to her old life again?! Or will she fall for the vampires embrace?

  • Author: Danielle Joy
  • Published: 2016-10-30 02:05:16
  • Words: 4141
A Vampires Embrace A Vampires Embrace