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A taste of my toughts

A taste of my thoughts

By Stephen Lake

Copyright 2016

Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Stephen Lake

Copyright 2016 Stephen Lake



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Black lives matter

Copyright 9-12-2016

Steve Lake


All through my head

Asleep or awake

I hear the cry of the people

Black lives matter


Maybe I was born to a different mother

My brothers are the literal definition of the word

But when the sun darkens my skin

We are closer inside and out my brothers


Of course black lives matter

The only difference is our hue

I was born a poor white man

There is no advantage for me for a life I ensue


I share your disgust

And equal disappointment

I thought the first black president

Would make it more than just a dream


Our government facilitates bias

Thriving on difference

For a country that is so great

We can’t see beyond our own propaganda


I call upon the people

Regardless of their hue

To show the power of the people

To March upon Washington

Just a million black people won’t do!


Eight years and counting

The first black president term is closing fast

There is still time to speak in action

Wail people wail!


I understand his fears

But yet he wheels a mighty pen

Call on Obama, A.K.A. Moses

And set your people free


You only had one goal in office

The others are all trivial things

Set your people free

In history your name they will sing


The future Presidents to elect

In their nature I do not see

Making this change is impossible

Watch them and you will see


Act now for your last chance is fading fast

No more excuses show your might

Show the world your power

Demand in Washington your blood right


Hand in hand we are tied with an invisible band

We are all Americans

No more color, race, sex or religious differences

We are one people of this land


Tomorrow can be a better day

Leaving bias in yesterday

But it will take the will of one man

To wheel his pen to paper

Welcoming us all finally to the promise land

A taste of my toughts

Black lives matter! a poem inspired by today's event. our days are becoming more volatile with each passing day and biases of yesteryear that should be buried are live and well in 2016. the opportunity to forever change our country is about to slip away and that in itself is a crime. it is time once and for all for all people of this country to be and American not their color. Stand and demand your blood right and do not accept excuses of a Government that has failed us all on so many levels.

  • ISBN: 9781370224326
  • Author: stephen lake
  • Published: 2016-09-12 18:40:08
  • Words: 412
A taste of my toughts A taste of my toughts