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A taste Of My Thoughts We Don't Talk Much Anynore

A Taste Of My Thoughts

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2016




Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2016 Steve Lake




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We don’t talk much anymore

Copyright 10-15-2015

Steve Lake


Somewhere along our journey

You started to walk and talk

Advanced for your age

I knew at that moment

I would not be able to slow you down


I watched in silence

You made great strides towards independence

Your personality growing to be your own

A lot like mine but different


One day you stared at me in silence

I’ve seen that look before

A reflection of where and when haunts me

You echo your mom’s expressions


Memories made forces your growth

Young adulthood within your grasp

You’re always right and never wrong

I knew then your childhood would never last


Reaching the age of consent

Dreading the future I look back

Once so small and needy

Now you stand needing not


You entered life running

Careless and care free

Once before I walked your path

I set you free and you fly away


I now sit in a house half empty

The roar of silence is deafening

I talk out load with no reply

Reality of my situation does not lie


At first we talked by phone daily

Then once a week if blessed

Now bi-monthly

No time for me but the rest


I sit alone with drink in hand

Within a smoked filled room I reflect

I let out a drunken laugh out of memory

Another drink and I relive the past in tears


It’s okay that you are busy

Your time no longer yours I understand

Now you know kids are very demanding

One day we shall talk again


Years pass becoming habit now

We don’t talk much anymore

When your house becomes half empty

Drink in hand in a smoke filled room you will join me

We shall talk

A taste Of My Thoughts We Don't Talk Much Anynore

  • ISBN: 9781370840311
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2016-10-01 17:35:07
  • Words: 371
A taste Of My Thoughts We Don't Talk Much Anynore A taste Of My Thoughts We Don't Talk Much Anynore