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A Taste Of My Thoughts Vote For The Dope

A Taste Of My Thoughts

Vote for the dope

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2016




Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2016 Steve Lake




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Vote for the dope

Copyright 11-8-2016

Steve Lake


Vote for the dope

From two we choose

One part of the system

And the other who knew


For the past year we have witnessed

Not one but two

Standing upon a stage

Playing us like a fool


They talk about each other

Some good mostly bad

Today the vote is upon us

Why am I so sad?


Today I vote not for President

But to erase one from my life

To return television to normal

To watch my show of delight


Today could be the first

A woman to take the oath

All the exciting possibilities

But a dope is a dope


This woman could be President

Like Obama was the first

Eight years of possibilities

His thoughts never brought to birth


Then there is Donald

I scream his name will loud

If not he will correct me

No polish in front of the crowd


Today is a rainy day

It accents my thought

Voting for a dope

Just doesn’t give me much hope

So today I write in my own name

Though my chances are sort of thin

I could do no worse

Than the two candidates of sin


So reality brings me back to now

It’s time to make my mark

My stomach is a little upset

So I let out a fart


Within the vapors of stink

I begin to see the light

Hillary or Donald

Neither can get it right


So now I march around outside

With my home made sign

I find myself running for President

Wow, no boo’s from the others eyes


At the end of the day

When all the votes are counted

I only got two votes

What can I say?

When you vote for a dope



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A Taste Of My Thoughts Vote For The Dope

  • ISBN: 9781370045464
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2016-11-08 17:35:35
  • Words: 415
A Taste Of My Thoughts Vote For The Dope A Taste Of My Thoughts Vote For The Dope