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A Taste Of My Thoughts The Mighty Ant Attack

A Taste Of My Thoughts

The Great Ant Attack

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2016




Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2016 Steve Lake




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The great ant attack

Copyright 10-4-2016

Steve Lake


It started like every other summer day

Donning clothes for work not play

Within ten steps from my front door

My foot sunk into the dirt

I screamed no more


To the garage then shed I fled

Hunting for relief until they are dead

Where is the damn ant killer I bellowed?

There is always some left for a rainy day

I have not mellowed


Then at that moment one by one they bite

Knowing now they are not here to play but fight

One by one I slapped them into submission

During all this I am learning my lesson


One bites me in the throat

Like a rabid dog out for the kill

One light in the loafers biting me on my balls

Then one biting me on the dingy not right at all


Right then and there I drop my drawers

Bending over to look and explore

Finding each ending with the pinch of death

I thought I was done but hind sight is best


One little brave soldier all alone

Trying to traverse the valley of death into the unknown

Deep inside his little feet quest

Like David versus Goliath trying his best


My alarm set off by a tickle

He is about to find himself in a pickle

My perimeter gun sets off a blast

Deep from within the canyon the wind blew fast


One, two then three more blast he would be defeated

Feet planted and head down he just marched in deeper and deeper

With a mighty squeeze of my butt cheeks I pinched

Still surviving I named him Hercules

Then when I thought all was over

The damn little ant sat down for dinner

Biting all around in a pattern so strange

My ass began to swell in the most unusual way


His plan all along was just so simple

Killing me softly with embarrassment from his nibbles

Now I lay across the doctor’s table

Cheeks spread wide as he lances the pimples


For weeks I lay to recover

The mighty power of the ant is what I have discovered

Upon my healing I went outside

Ten feet from my door

Into an ant pile my foot subsides


There I stood for all to see

A grown man then falling to his knees

Not another war I’m not fully recovered

I just sat there while they bite

And out loud I blubbered


A Taste Of My Thoughts The Mighty Ant Attack

  • ISBN: 9781370579860
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2016-10-04 18:05:09
  • Words: 490
A Taste Of My Thoughts The Mighty Ant Attack A Taste Of My Thoughts The Mighty Ant Attack