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A Taste Of My Thoughts Pause

A Taste Of My Thoughts


By Steve Lake

Copyright 2017




Shakespir Edition 2017

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2017 Steve Lake




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Copyright 2-8-2017

Steve Lake


I will write four lines or eight

Then ask you to pause and wait

Let it absorb into your brain

Then laugh like a spring rain


Humpty Dumpty sat on a great wall

Humpty Dumpty took a great fall

All the kings’ men couldn’t or shouldn’t

Put Humpty Dumpty back together again


It’s the year 2017

Someone left a damn egg on the wall

The name is not important at all

He fell and busted his balls



There once was a lady that lived in a shoe

She had so many children not knowing what to do

She gave them some broth sorry out of bread

Then whipped them all and sent them off to bed


It’s the year 2017

A lady built a house that resembled a shoe

She multiplied with children

On welfare she ensued


She watered down the soup

Feeding the children two day old bread

She beat them all

Piling them up six per bed



I had a little nut tree

But nothing it would bear

Just one silver nutmeg

And a golden sweet pear


It’s the year 2017

In my pants I had a little nut tree

And a few silver hairs

It might be old and wrinkly

But touch it if your dare


A visit from the king’s daughter

Begging for my nut and pear

I showed her my little nut tree

Sorry about the hair



Jack and Jill ran up the hill

To fetch some cool water

Jack fell rolling down

And soon Jill came after


It’s the year 2017

Jack went up the hill to fetch some cool water

Jill stayed down bitching because Jack fell spilling all the water

Jack got up to beat her ass

And Jill beat him with an empty pail of water



Little Bo-Peep lost some sheep

With no ideas of where to find them

She left them alone and headed home

Here they come behind her


It’s the year 2017

And little Bo-peeps got stuck watching the sheep

She took them far to abandon them

She scurried home wanting to be alone

And damn if they all didn’t find her



Little boy blue

Always blowing his horn

Scaring the sheep and chased the cow into the corn

But where is the boy that watched the sheep

And why the hell did he fall asleep


It’s the year 2017

There was a little boy so blue

Always running around giving others a toot on their horn

He abused the sheep and molested the cow

Sorry for what he did to the boy sleeping on the ground


One two buckle my shoe

Three and four let’s do some more

Five six where the hell are my pixie sticks

Seven eight damn ten can’t wait

Nine ten repeat like a parrot again


It’s the year 2017

One two nobody I knew

Three four I slammed the door

Five six I’m feeling sick

Seven eight the puke won’t wait

Nine ten I spew all over again



Rub a dub dub

Three men farting in the tub

It was the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker

And why did they sail out to the sea


It’s the year 2017

Rub a dub dub

Three men getting friendly in a tub

It was the butcher with his meat

The baker with his rack

And the candle stick maker aiming to please



Baa Baa black sheep what about your wool

Yes sir it stinks but I have three bags full

One for master and one for the dame

One left for the little boy that lives down the lane


It’s the year 2017

Baa Baa black sheep

You are the minority in our gang

Get out and steal some wool

This way there is no shame


One bag is crack for the master

One bag is traded for favors from the dame

One bag is for the gay kid down the block

It’s your own business the way you play


Cock a doodle do

Some dame lost her shoe

The master lost his fiddlestick

Both are crazy to boot


It’s the year 2017

Cock a doodle do

Some dame hit me with her shoe

The master is in the corner playing with his fiddlestick

They both are acting crazy not knowing what to do


I threw the shoe back at the bitch

The pervert in the corner I slewed

Damn crazy people

Laying them to rest is what I knew



Jack being somewhat nimble

Jack was always being quick

Jack jumped over the candlestick


It’s the year 2017

Jack was called nimble

Jack liked showing his stick

Jack became a porn star

He was never too quick


Jack got into kink

Hot wax from a candlestick

Jack never jumped over it

But in with the candlestick

Where Jack always sits

One final Pause and to the top again for all!


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A Taste Of My Thoughts Pause

  • ISBN: 9781370059591
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2017-04-28 18:35:08
  • Words: 956
A Taste Of My Thoughts Pause A Taste Of My Thoughts Pause