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A Taste Of My Thoughts Movie Deja Vu

A Taste Of My Thoughts

Movie Déjà Vu

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2016




Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2016 Steve Lake




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Movie Déjà vu

Copyright 10-15-2016

Steve Lake


The weekend finally rolls around

The toils of the week complete

I don’t have much money

So up to the super store for a new video

One that I have never seen is what I seek


Up at our local super store

I wade through all the fat people

Like a silver ball in a pin ball machine

I bounce off of them like the bumpers

Till I tilt and scream


Upon my discouragement

I let out a few choice words for the masses

Being chased by old people in red carts

Screaming their victims were asses


I fetch binoculars from the sporting department

My vision now magnified

From a safe distance hidden away

I scope out the new videos that I will dine


A target viewed that I must reach

But dangers lurk all around

It’s the damn old people

Running quietly with no feet on the ground


I leap from shelf to shelf

Staying high like they were trees

Only coming down to grab a movie

Someone yelled they spotted me


So I ducked into a clothes rack

Shivering for my life

Felt the breeze of passing carts

Knowing they are not there to give me a ride


So I grab some pants and a shirt

Stuffing them till big and wide

Threw it out on isle 14

A screamed let’s get him he must die


Time being of the essence

I ran the 440 in a dime

Shit I was almost in tears

Like usual there was a line


The store plays back the video

All to see my crime

I scream hurry up

Yes I start to whine


I hear a rumble from the back of the store

The old people in carts herding the rest

A stampede coming my way

I was screaming too late I checked out yaw can kiss my ass


I reached my car my freedom bell

Looking at all the new dents thinking what the hell

I look in my rear view mirror seeing nothing but flags

Over the curb I drive in my truck fleeing the old and the bad


I finally got home only an hour was spent

Explaining to my wife about the deadly threat

I settle down in my chair so comfy

The new movie starting

My heart beat at rest


My shoes on the floor

A fresh coke in my glass

I start screaming my last 15 dollars

They can kiss my ass!


It wasn’t but two minutes into

When a movie Déjà vu ensued

It’s a damn remake from thirty years past

What did they think my memory wouldn’t last?


A Taste Of My Thoughts Movie Deja Vu

  • ISBN: 9781370354559
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2016-10-15 20:50:07
  • Words: 524
A Taste Of My Thoughts Movie Deja Vu A Taste Of My Thoughts Movie Deja Vu