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A Taste Of My Thoughts Happy Gas

A Taste Of My Thoughts

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2016




Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2016 Steve Lake




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Happy Gas

Copyright 6-29-2016

Steve Lake


Taught in my youth

The prim and proper always frowned

Sending me to another room to disperse

A rumble and a gurgling sound


It’s a natural resource

It should be harvested to better life

Within its sound lays the stinky

From one crack to another a smile to be found


Gas has no restrictions

No real form it cannot be contained

Invisible to the touch just out of reach

Blind to sight it just likes to creeps


Its life cycle is twenty four hours a day

Light or dark it will appear on its way

It knows no etiquette

It’s the ultimate rule breaker


It’s the biggest mystery I know

So universal throughout the world it is told

Belonging to all rich or poor

Like people it comes in many flavors for sure


It’s the one single thing in life

Bringing so much laughter and enjoyment

Replacing frowns with smiles

Even the angriest smirk around


A gurgle in the pit of the stomach

The conception of a fart being born

It incubates into its true form

Emerging on its on schedule to cause you the most harm


Silence within a crowd it looms

In the face of small children a clap of doom

You aid in its sound by pinching tight

You still ease it on out knowing it’s not right

Even in reflection you start to grin

All the memories from now to then

There was one to last you a lifetime

After ten years it has never mellowed

Happy gas is free to bellow

A Taste Of My Thoughts Happy Gas

  • ISBN: 9781370341290
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2016-10-02 17:50:07
  • Words: 341
A Taste Of My Thoughts Happy Gas A Taste Of My Thoughts Happy Gas