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A Taste Of My Thoughts Gender Identity

A Taste Of My Thoughts

Gender Identity

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2016

Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2016 Steve Lake

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Gender identity

Copyright 10-9-2016

Steve Lake


The mystery of gender

Confusion runs amuck

Some parents are wearing blinders

It just doesn’t seem that tough


The doctor in their wisdom

Eyesight plain to see

One has an innie

One has an outie

No mystery to me


Boys run and play

Scraped knees to toughen their ways

Boys stand to pee

No squatting on bended knee


Girls run and play

Avoiding injury in their ways

Girls sit and pee

They don’t bow but curtsey


Long hair or short hair

Gentle or mean

Why does it matter to you?

It doesn’t matter to me


Some parents scream for acceptance

The world must change for them

My kid is special they yell

Not as special as you think is what I tell


A child of six or seven

Too young to know and understand

But yet they avow the wrong gender born

Influenced by a dumb parent at hand


There are those among us

Born with a question at hand

It will take years of self learning

Deciding if they are woman or man

Let a child be a child

Just staying innocent for a while

Don’t force what nature calls

Be patient time will reveal all


You try to force your Childs nature

You try to force our acceptance

You try to force our schools to change

All you do is rob your child and mine of their innocence


I accept your child as is

Never a lifted hand to harm

But now for your stupid ass

From us you get no pass


You do your child an injustice

You spew for equality

Your child once happy and innocent

Now thrown into the spot light of difference


No longer is your child equal

Hate knows no age

Just like you influenced your Childs difference

Others do the same


Your child will grow as intended

Normal in their way

Its people like you that scream indifference

That slows equality each day


So before you ruin the innocence of other children

Maybe you should seek help for yourself

Gender identity starts with you

Not of a child six or seven

Let your child be a child

Before you harm them with what you spew


A Taste Of My Thoughts Gender Identity

  • ISBN: 9781370032945
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2016-10-09 16:20:08
  • Words: 450
A Taste Of My Thoughts Gender Identity A Taste Of My Thoughts Gender Identity