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A Taste Of My Thoughts A Pill For That

A Taste Of My Thoughts

A Pill For That

By Steve Lake

Copyright 2016




Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Steve Lake

Copyright 2016 Steve Lake




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A pill for that

Copyright 10-29-2016

Steve Lake


With technology comes advancements

To lay suffering into the past

Affliction of pain physical or psychological

Take a pill for that


Homemade remedies were our solutions

Liquids and powders abound

The traveling medicine man had some science

Within our evolution more were found


A way to convey to the masses

Pressed out in little doses

Growing in popularity

Set the needle aside is my diagnosis


Grandma’s medicine cabinet was poor

Iodine, band aids and aspirins

All upon one shelf the ailments it would cure

Heading into the kitchen if required

Adding Castrol oil to ensure


Mom’s medicine cabinet very similar

One shelf in the kitchen for ease

Again Iodine, band aids and aspirins

But something new to add to parental please


There were two extra bottles

One as dark as night the other was pink

Castro oil to heal all

And Pepto-Bismol with a powerful stink


But those days of suffering now over

Pills by the millions on display

A medicine cabinet no longer worthy

Arriving to the medicine closet of the day


Like fast food needing it five minutes ago

Too busy to be sick for a while

We pop one pill to feel better for now

Sometimes we pop an extra pill for a wow

We take a pill to stop the poops

We take a pill to stop the spews

We take a pill for a headache to be through

What was that last pill for? Who knew?


We take a pill for too much gas

We take a pill for body cramps

We take a pill for illusive aches

We take a pill to lose some weight


Most pills we take orally

Yum yum in the tum

But when the ache is low and mean

Bend over this pill goes up the bum it seems


Technology brought us addiction

No time to feel ill it’s a waste

Two or three pills mixed together

Standing strong now buzzed I can’t wait


I stand now in the pharmacy to witness

From where the traveling medicine man grew

A small box with four wheels were plenty

Now ten thousand square feet who knew?


So stop and smell the roses

You can take a pill for your allergies

If you get stung by a bee

Back to the pharmacy with a plea


Pills now converting to patches

Absorbing through the skin

Also melting upon your tongue

It will never end


We are all becoming addicted

A quick fix versus some thought

Its okay there is a remedy on the way

Take a pill for addiction or any other dismay


So I swallow a gulp of water

Washing the pill down my drain

I took one for the pain

The second one is for more game


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A Taste Of My Thoughts A Pill For That

  • ISBN: 9781370282715
  • Author: Steve Lake
  • Published: 2016-11-10 15:35:07
  • Words: 571
A Taste Of My Thoughts A Pill For That A Taste Of My Thoughts A Pill For That