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A Taste Of My Thoughts, A day like no other

A taste of my thoughts

By Stephen Lake

Copyright 2016

Shakespir Edition 2016

Published by Stephen Lake

Copyright 2016 Stephen Lake



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A day like no other

Copyright 7-20-2016

Steve Lake


The day starts as typical

Sunrise is squinting my eyes

Four cups of coffee

Behind schedule no surprise


Leaving late I find my slot in traffic

The radio my only friend

I see an array of red lights blinking ahead

How pretty it’s not Christmas, oh shit I’m dead


My car not happy its temperature rises

An emergency detour my quest

Down a grassy hill at the speed of light

Two flat tires, that just isn’t right


Triple AAA now on my case

A police officer giving me a ticket which is just his way

Half past ten I arrive at work

My co-workers hinted hide and stay alert


Over the intercom my name was paged

Not a good sign to the boss’s office my feet made

Sitting in a chair too small and straight

He handed me my final check and said I must depart right a way


I asked for a reprieve upon his dead ears

He said I’ll tell you just listen here

All my wrongs he laid out to display

We are two different people is what he is trying to say


So with a little pride I stood and gave thanks

I turned slowly my brain was in a fog bank

My eyes open they would not blink

Like a zombie I traversed the halls

Finding my car before I ball


Starting my car I felt it rumble

Two new tires I was no longer humble

He thought he had the last word being in the clear

My final words spoke loudly for all to hear

From zero to sixty I moved not an inch

The noise I made screamed in a high pitch

All the faces looked at my car through a white fog

Three, two and one I’m moving out and that’s not all


I leave my marks so bold and black

Not one but two to accent the facts

For a week and a half they stood the test of time

A constant reminder of my punishment and my crime


I arrived at my house pissed off and blue

Into a liquor bottle my lips ensued

Half past two I was blubbering drunk

Running naked through the house screaming I won’t be punked


Somewhere about a quarter till five

I fell asleep with a cigarette and vomit by my side

I was awaken by a stranger in a mask

Up on his shoulder he threw me

I became his task


There I lay naked in the grass

Like lawn art bearing my ass

I turned to locate a smell so foul

To see my house burning, still drunk oh well


It was a day like no other

Laying there naked and as poor as the day I was born

Then a little slip of a girl handed me her phone number

As she smiled looking down to adorn


Though it felt like a curse

Every cloud has its silver lining

No car, no house, no job or no clothes

No responsibilities so off I go

A Taste Of My Thoughts, A day like no other

A poem of reality we all share in youth. More often than not life gets us down but looking into the wrong there is always a silver lining in the dark clouds. Refusing to yield I often find a smile with humor. So enjoy my attempt to show you the silver lining.

  • ISBN: 9781370974177
  • Author: Stephen Lake
  • Published: 2016-09-22 16:35:08
  • Words: 591
A Taste Of My Thoughts, A day like no other A Taste Of My Thoughts, A day like no other