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A Simple Light Beam Lift To Wider Dream


A Simple Light Beam Lift to Wider Dream

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-77-9


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On the front cover: “A single beam now stream” 2016.


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A bright beam of light in Autumn sight, the world to flame ignite (time to say goodnight).



A Simple Light Beam Lift To Wider Dream

I gave a gentle shove and

(liked to) call it love -


Heavens Above – it’s time

to flee from all

that once defined me


And a giant bee set off



All sorts of stormy weather

make a season very clever


to sever old ties,

and see what rested,



when you begin again

the earth the same

as before you had let

your season roar


and now in autumn time

you are ready to define

next season’s rhyme

in a clear bright line


next season’s now to

prime for now you dine


on each goodbye

without so much as a sigh


why would you mind

when you find that life is

blind to what was there



for now the seasons

(anew) roar:

‘give it juice

and then some more!!!’


and so I see this season’s

meant for me

to try my hand most



and spread my wings

so free

Autumn magnificently

applauds each proficient view

to sweep right through

to the Great Brand New


for when the former time has gone,

it is time to move along and envelop

a brand new song with energy that

throng from a beating start

to capture bright a brand new heart


enthusiasm brand and new:

Autumn just adores you

and lights a merry path

to help you find what you craft


a simple sense to go

well beyond erstwhile flow


and as the light cast a single beam,

it is all that it seem:


a season that I deem already gone

with dying notes of forgotten song

and in the confusion of what once

went on (I am already gone!!!)


I cleared my own stage

my heart was such a rage

of new invention, I really had

no intention of just muddling

through with ‘what I used to do!’


a simple act I made

to aid an unobstructed view


the remnants no longer blew

a shadow there or two,

my mind could not recall

why that had mattered once at all


and for this sake, the old flake

away as the light prey on my

mind to just take easy what I find


and to the wind I then bind

a swirly type affair:


the leaves that lift off to where

I can seem to see,


a perspective stretched out

like a tree -

always reaching further

than where I find I be

individually inclined


and the fresh air designed

to have me laughing where

new paths I explore

of what I previously

thought ignore:


A single light beam

A single moment

It now seem

That lift to wider dream


(for what has been

has been – nothing left

to redeem)


And life’s recompense is more

than repetition – it’s just a brand

new position in finding out

what Autumn’s vibrancy

is all about


The wind continually rear

The rains constantly appear

And I am left to see

A humming vibrancy


Like a giant bee

That looks to see

A wider energy


A simple light beam

To lift to wider dream


And in the easy flow

I know, I know


I’m almost there

The scattering of fresh air

repair a fresh stair of open


in play and I move so far

from yesterday


All out to play

All done today

No chance to delay

What thought to stay


Out out you go

into open flow


and the green, green

grass I see

is a vibrancy

that lets me know


A simple light beam

is all I seem to need

to deem as part

of a wider dream


And open now the

treasure hold

it is courage that



Colours grand

and colours bold

on this journey

open, cold.


A single light beam

is my wider dream.


Purple Eyes Publishing

The seasons all know the open window, and a light beam fresh air stream (and I forget what once has been).




A Simple Light Beam Lift To Wider Dream

In Autumn's flow, the light is special as it glow beyond a former place, and in the openness there race, a fresh new energy to let the new enfold now free from all former memory.

  • ISBN: 9781910774779
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-10-16 18:35:08
  • Words: 754
A Simple Light Beam Lift To Wider Dream A Simple Light Beam Lift To Wider Dream