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A Sentimental Journey

A Sentimental Journey


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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Having a heart transplant was traumatic enough. What happened next was even more so.

I was home recuperating and being careful to take all the medicines I needed to get over the recent ordeal when I suddenly felt my new heart talking to me. I use the word felt because there was no audible voice. Despite this, I knew what my heart was saying as if it were shouting.


“Adam,” it was saying, “Helen Bishop and I were extremely close. I loved her. We had gone through a lot together. She was a remarkable woman. Her death was sudden and you now possess her heart. You possess me! I certainly don’t oppose this. In giving you her heart, she was exercising an act of unselfish graciousness which was in accordance with her character. However, we do need to know each other well for we may be together for a long time.”

I felt a strong communion at once with the entity that had spoken. I knew it was my heart that had spoken and that it should be addressed as she. I responded in the only way that I felt possible and that was with my mind.


“Revered heart,” I said, “I will cherish you to the best of my ability.” You, and the woman who treasured you have given me additional life. I feel I cannot fully understand how you must feel and I will attempt to be worthy of the great gift the two of you have given me.”


“Then let us be in constant communication,” she said.

My heart and I became constant companions. She and I communicated unceasingly regardless of whatever other actions I was taking. I found that her guidance during difficult times were invaluable. She seemed to have the wisdom of an elderly person, yet Helen Bishop had been only fifty-three when she had died. I was sixty-four.


One day, she told me that she needed to visit Helen in the spirit world. She wanted to reunite, even if only for a few moments, with the person she had loved so long. I asked how this could be possible since the existence of a heart in a human being is an essential to life. How could I continue to live? She told me that she had conversed with my brain and had received its assurance that he would take over the function of pumping blood for the duration of her absence. I believed my heart’s statement without reservations. The visit was to begin on the next day and I awaited the experience with a great deal of interest and with the same amount of trepidation.


The next day, after a brief, yet solemn, farewell, my heart left my body. I felt nothing different but knew that she was gone. I did not dare check this out with my doctor since doing this could lead to many events which I knew would be difficult to endure. In a sense I was on a form of life support unknown to the medical profession.


I felt a profound loneliness. I greatly missed the companionship. Knowing full well there would be no beating heart, I attempted to take a pulse reading with my portable blood pressure machine. My blood pressure was normal, as expected, but there was only an error message for the pulse. I did not dare advise my doctor of this fact since I knew that doing so could lead to a series of events which would have been difficult to endure.

In my dreams, I saw my heart and Helen Bishop reunited in spirit, memory, and entity. I knew they discussed me and I was glad. I had given a gift in the same spirit that I had received one.


My heart was gone for several days. Upon her return, her mood was far more lighthearted than I had known. She told me the visit had gone wonderfully well and that she expected to be taking a trip like this numerous times in the future. I had no objections, of course, since the experience for me had been uncanny but, otherwise, uneventful. I felt I needed to record what you are reading. I feel this story may give the word heartless a brand new and more worthy meaning.

A Sentimental Journey

  • ISBN: 9781310818837
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-05-17 23:35:06
  • Words: 787
A Sentimental Journey A Sentimental Journey