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A Self Attunement –

Maha Moksha Healing





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8 8 8



May All Beings Know Peace.

May All Beings Know Healing.

May All Beings Know Ultimate Freedom.

Maha Moksha…







How wonderful it is to be revisiting this book with a new commentary about 7 years after the initial publishing. It is a very exciting time as a vision I have had for about as long is finally manifesting with the launch of Siddha Life Mastery School online: http://siddha-life-mastery.com

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As part of the great excitement and celebration of the opening of Siddha Life Mastery School I am offering this book as an E-Book. It previously has been available as paperback only, while the four other books I have written have already been available as kindle versions for a couple of years now.


This book “A Self Attunement” was my first book published. The text was written at the time of a culmination in years of deeply focused spiritual practice. I also had been studying and practicing diverse subtle energy internal cultivation, alchemy, and healing systems. This book then came as a manifestation of the intent to share the integration and essence from these years of study and practice of healing and meditation. The “fruit” of the book reads like an affirmational chant. This reading anchors into words a transmission of wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual power carried by energy. In this way this book is not just a reading of positive affirmation, also it is not limited to a chant channeling healing energy. This book is a complete empowerment and spiritual teaching to guide the reader on their way.


The instructions of this spiritual teaching may not at first appear obvious because this book was written as a transmission of energy through words. However as one continues reading this book, the essences of realization and empowerment begin to reveal themselves as pragmatic tools for strategically facing life. Repeating the text as a regular practice will increase the presence and strength of these energies in your life, and also your receptivity or awareness of them.


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When I used to read A Self Attunement as a daily practice I would read it through and sometimes repeat. Since the first publication I have received feedback from some readers that they prefer to pick a page at a time for the daily meditation, or to work with for a period of time. You may like to try both, reading through aloud in about ten minutes, or picking a page at a time to memorize and contemplate. See what works for you.

I hope you enjoy the reading, and feel free to shoot me an email ([email protected]) with any questions, comments, experiences, etc. It’s great to get these emails, and though sometimes I get a lot of email and can’t respond to everything, I do read them!


Now onto the original Introduction for – A Self Attunement: Maha Moksha Healing!



Pen Holder’s Commentary


The nature of this book is an Energetic Transmission and Attunement. After years of Yogic practice, I awakened an increased sensitivity to energy and the field of energies. With the intention of grounding my spiritual practice to integrate these gifts into daily life I entered school and multiple trainings in various forms of Holistic Health, and Energy Healing Arts. This included a modality which uses the method of opening a portal or inter-dimensional gateway to a dimension of reality at the level of a field of infinite possibilities. Having become aware of reality at this level of a field of potentials, new possibilities of experience can be drawn from that field to be manifested as reality. This is the method of this book and how it’s practice works.

The field of limitless possibilities exists everywhere, all around us, and within us at all times. The reality that we experience is selected from these infinite possibilities of realities


which can also be experienced. This book, the words, and images all serve as an anchor for the Intent of this Attunement. This Intent is an alignment and attunement with your true Self as well as the energy field of Possibilities which exists as a limitless resource to experiencing the Self. The Field of Energy is a fundamental aspect of our beings.

The possibilities of this healing re-alignment are left to the limits of each one’s own imagination. I can not legally claim this book or the energy it’s practice transmits will prevent, cure, treat, or heal a disease. However, the body has an amazing capacity to heal. Science is beginning to confirm what wise sages have known for thousands of years. Quantum scientific discoveries and theories push the limits of old beliefs about the boundaries of the possibilities of experience such as the miraculous self healing capacity of the mind and body. The Intent of this book is to Attune you to these limitless possibilities of experience. Live the life you truly want in harmony with all

of life. Holistic Health is health on all levels. The world we see is a reflection of ourselves; therefore we should see harmony everywhere we look. I personally believe the world we live in and we ourselves are Magic, of limitless nature. Be Inspired! Live the life of your, Truest, most Beautiful Path with Heart.






Some Instructions for Practice:



The Attunement, energy, and experiences that come with this practice are normally under the context of a healing session with a facilitator present. It is not uncommon for recipients to experience various strong sensations or feelings of energy, and often go into a deeply meditative, visionary, or trance state. Therefore some guidelines are presented as follows.



*Do this practice (reading) sitting or lying down in a relaxing environment where you will


not be disturbed.

*Give yourself at least twenty minutes up to an hour to complete this self healing without interruption.

*You may read silently or aloud depending on which feels most beneficial to you.

*During the practice, allow time to be still and silent in between reading. Breathe deeply in a slow and relaxed rhythm, allowing yourself to be receptive to the energy you are receiving.

*There are three 8’s :



8 8 8

placed for times of suggested pausing in receptivity to the energies that are coming specific to you, your location and your personal process of Self Attunement.

*You may also simply feel compelled to stop at certain points, spontaneously reflecting on the experiences arising from your own Self Attunement. Or you may “pass out” into a meditative, dreamlike, visionary, or trance state.

*Therefore be prepared while practicing to be


able to lay back to a resting position safely.

*After you have completed the reading you may want to repeat reading in a session if you feel compelled to. Once can be enough for each Self Attunement session.

*Follow Your Intuition.



*Afterwards take extra care of yourself allowing time for integration and feeling your brand new Self.

+Please Eat Healthy

+Drink lots of water

+Get plenty of sleep

+Find your own natural expressions of playing and working here on Earth.

+Find your own way to be creative.

+Sing, dance, hike, whatever it is that brings you naturally to a calm place of being.

+It may be very helpful to spend time in meditation, silence, and stillness, to fully receive and discover the gifts that come with being Attuned to your Self, many of which are beyond words.









*It is very beneficial to repeat this practice as multiple self healing sessions. This can be done on a regular basis, spread out to meet your schedule, whenever you feel compelled to, or especially in times of energetic need of support or guidance. The repetition of this practice will increase the strength and duration of your attunement and awareness of possibilities until which time the alignment with Self and Infinite Resources becomes the default norm of your bioenergetic system. Also this Book and it’s practice being an anchor for the opening of a portal to the level of reality as pure possibilities, the repetition of it’s practice is by no means the same every time. Each session is open to infinite possibilities of new levels of Attunement, Alignment, and Healing.











As we begin….



Take a deep slow breath in through the nose, hold it briefly, and release it slowly as you allow yourself to let go, release, and relax…



Set your Intention for this practice, not with thought, but with pure feeling. Allow yourself to imagine what it feels like to be

Master of your Self Right Now…



8 8 8



When you are ready turn the page and begin the

Self Attunement.















All obstacles Now Removed!

Opening the Gateways In full presence, Masters.

Support, Guidance, Empowerment Pouring forth Now the Energy of this One’s Self Attunement.

Clearing, Releasing Transformation, Transmutation There is no past.
















Mastery Is here Now.

I remember my Eternal Name.

It’s vibrations reverberate Through all my Being. Invoking the Supreme Self.

Everything necessary to Complete my Purpose on Earth Manifests Without Struggle.

All doubt is canceled All worry dissolves.
















Anything needed to Fulfill my Play this Life

comes Easily, in Harmonious Flow and Perfect Timing. A feeling of Deep Peace

Now arises in waves. I know who I Am.

I know what I want.









8 8 8






Everything I want is Here within

The Totality of The Self. Every bit of Knowledge and

Attainment throughout Eternity is Here Now Within

Mind and Body.

Magic, Yoga, Healing, Mystical Knowledge

Whatever I desire Everything and Nothing Rests Within.




I AM Infinity…





No Mask can cover the Infinite Light of my Being.

No dis-ease can interrupt

the Eternal Flow of my Harmony.

All that is and is not an Endless Field of Magic.

No limit to Possibilities of experience

In this Miracle of Life. There is no Bottom to the Mystery


I Am That.



















Always paying close Attention to the Breath.

Breathing Life, Love, Light Energetic Capacity increases Constantly.

The mind continuously aligned With Unbending Intent.



















at start, during, and finished.

No Bondage contains The Immortal One.

All paths lead to the same Destination

Infinity Origination.














Techniques, Practices, and Wisdom which Reveal Truth

Heal, Empower, and Enlighten Quickly and Spontaneously Enter my Life.

I Am living the Life of my Highest Intent Purpose


Peace, Joy, and Harmony.

















I Am All that I Am Throughout All Time Now Integrated

To Radiant Perfection. Mastery is Here Now!

The Sacred Teachings are Now Blossoming within the Fertile Ground of my Awareness.

Harmony emanates from the Center.















I Remember.

I Awaken.


Fully Present

Within The Eternal Ocean of Infinity.

I Am That.

Therefore no boundary exists to the Experience

of Self.









8 8 8









Attachment and Aversion are Not obstacles.

Internal and External are not exclusive.

Duality and Non-Duality are of the Same Non-different Medium of Awareness.


Which Flows ever Free of Boundaries

Unlimited by words, concepts Mind.
















Magic Quickly follows command of Unbending Intent.

A spectacular show

The Self unmoving moves All.

Uncolored by words Silent Wisdom of Self

Sings from the Center of my heart.

Every story is brought to Permanent Peace.


















Out of Serenity

the nectar of Bliss flows. Every cell is bathed in this immortal nectar of Self Knowledge.

Each organ rejuvenated

by the never ending source of life the One Life.












8 8 8




I Am the Immortal giving Nectar of Self Knowledge.

This is the only Attainment worth the temporary nature life force, and time of

a mortal

seeing which attainments and wealth are crumbled to dust

by Time, taken away by death.







Like a Flash of Lightning, in a Single Instant, I AM Illuminated!















Remembering always the Eternal Wealth

Arising within

I Drink this immortal giving Nectar,

Knowledge of Self in Everything. Accepting nothing, rejecting nothing.














All other aspects, skills, and attainments

of my work this life revolve around this center Self Knowledge

The center of Infinity.

Not identifying with the actions nor attributes

they do not become my master.

I move them effortlessly from the center of Self Knowledge.






















Turning the Wheel of Energies I bring all the plays of my Life into Perfect Harmony.


As I have always been, just as I will forever be.




















I complete my work on Earth without effort, or laziness,

or even lack of effort. Knowing my nature is freedom I AM unhindered by thought

of success or failure. My Life unfolds naturally.

















No force can stop me from Knowing my Self. I relax into the energies

Supporting, Nurturing, and Guiding Knowledge of Self.

Drinking this nectar of Bliss Peace, Life, Energy

I Am the Immortal Giving Self Knowledge.









8 8 8













The body soaks up Life Energy like a sponge

Gushing forth from the Source of All

Life, and Healing.

This empowerment is continuous Automatic and Constant. Permanently raising my level of Awareness

with no limits.

















I AM Harmony connected to an Infinite Field

of Possibility.

I draw on never ending resources I accomplish Miracles.

How could I ever feel ungrateful for a moment of Life

This very moment holds the Gateway to Infinite Possibilities of reality.








8 8 8









Mastery is Here Now.

I AM Here Now.

Fully Present

the Oceans of All Eternities All Infinities

are directly before me.

I beckon with my Intent drawing forth Fulfilment of my Purpose

Here Now.

I bring forth total Clarity confusion evaporates dispelled by the Brilliance

of my Intent of Self Knowledge.



















I See energy directly guided in every moment by Clear Sight

my decisions are carried out with Impeccability.

left behind without concern My energy withdraws, returns there is no past

only Now.



















My Attainment of Self

is not projected to the future. All energies gather Here Now for the Ultimate Strategy

of my Life in this Moment.


Just as I have always been will forever be.
















Feelings of Deep Gratitude Arise Spontaneously.

I AM Grateful for this Limitless Gift of Life.

I devote myself to unwrapping Knowing that I will never unravel it’s Mystery

I never take Life for granted Choosing instead a Mystical Awareness

living a Life full of Magic.

















I AM Grateful I am Now Blessed.

I have forever left behind my old ways.

Entering a New Life where every moment is Sacred

a Life that is Ceremony or like ritual

never bound by structure I Live Impeccably because I AM FREE.












The Ultimate Freedom is Unshakable Peace never taken away.

I automatically relax into this Self Knowledge

Limitless Peace, True Freedom.

Engaging in Life’s activities from the Center of Self Impeccable Strategy

In every activity. Knowing every Moment counts

I act without acting doing while Not-doing.
















The Self’s nature is Serenity non-different from any activity.

Without judgment there is no grudge

Wisdom, Compassion, Forgiveness All hurt dissolves.









8 8 8













Energy returns to natural Balance.


All scattered energies Return Immediately.

I AM Fully Aware Of the Totality of my Energy.

The Totality of Self Gathers Now

in Full alignment with my Purpose.





















All obstacles are Overcome! My INTENT shines Razor sharp!

I AM Crystal Clear

in All aspects of my Awareness.















I Open to greater and Greater Energetic Capacity

Feeling All areas of my Life washed in Light

with Limitless Possibilities.

I select from the Ocean of Intent experiences of Total Harmony My Ideal Life as held

True in the Heart.














I Open my eyes and Awaken to the Life I have Chosen.

I remember who I AM throughout All Time Beginningless and Endless This Self Knowledge Heals Everything.












8 8 8









The Nature of Self is Life giving Nectar.

Every cell Opens to Drink the Nectar of Self Realization. Energy of Transmutation and

Empowerment Radiates from the Core of Self

in the Cosmos Core of Self in the Earth

and Core of Self in my Heart Aligning effortlessly the Central Channel of Intent.










I Know who I AM.

I act out the Divine drama of my Life

in Perfect enjoyment. Having left behind real and unreal

truth and untruth

I realize Nature of Self as Truth.

All that is, and is not. Inner resources meet Every apparent need

to fulfill the Highest unfoldment of my Life.














Integration on All Levels. The supporting Forces ensure completion

of this Self Attunement

in Perfect Balance, Harmony and Alignment with Each One’s Pathway.








May All Beings Know Peace!


I hope you enjoyed the reading, and again do feel free to send me an email ([email protected]) with any questions, comments, experiences, etc. It’s great to get these emails, and though sometimes I get a lot of email and can’t respond to everything, I do read them!


Go to http://siddha-life-mastery.com now to sign up for a free online course: Introduction and Experience of Subtle Energy, includes Ancient Secret of the Masters – a Simple Breathing Technique for Increased Awareness, Intelligence, Energy, Health, & Personal Power.


Free MP3 Audio Affirmation Meditation & Subliminal Version of this book A Self Attunement to be released soon. You can send an email to: [email protected] with subject FREE ASA MP3 and I will let you know when it is available for download!


A Self Attunement - Maha Moksha Healing

This book is more than just a book! A Self Attunement works to directly transmit energy to the reader. Energy carries information, or more accurately energy is information. Anyone who is drawn to this book does not pick it up by coincidence, this is an Energetic link of Synchronicity. This book is not just a reading, It anchors and holds the place for a Spiritual Initiation and transference of what is called shaktipat in yogic traditions. This "shaktipat" is a Spiritual Empowerment which will bring the receiver of this energy to high levels of spiritual wisdom and attainment merely through the working of this transmitted energy alone. This empowerment that the reader will receive is especially in regards to the Immortal Essence, Nectar of Self Knowledge, and the Energy Field of Infinite Possibility which acts as a Limitless Resource to the experience of Self. The benefits and gifts of this little book are quite difficult to limit by description. The way that each individual will receive and use the Self Attunement will be based upon each one's own deep purpose for Incarnating this lifetime. As the reader gains greater levels of insight into Self and a deep sense of purpose, they also spontaneously feel more Free, and at Peace with all the personal "stories" of life... Readers also open to feeling magically empowered to draw on Unlimited resources in Life. This Attunement can be instrumental in activating psychic gifts, healing abilities, and other siddhis but can not be limited to these because - as has been mentioned - this Initiation involves restoring awareness of Infinite Possibilities. Reality is more accurately described as Potentiality, this is an Attunement to the Universe of Limitless Possibilities. May All Beings Know Peace! Healing! Ultimate Freedom!

  • Author: Darshan Baba
  • Published: 2016-08-10 01:05:54
  • Words: 3045
A Self Attunement - Maha Moksha Healing A Self Attunement - Maha Moksha Healing