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A Runaway








A Runaway


By Sarah Willoughby


Copyright 2016 Sarah Willoughby


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It all started one sunny Wednesday afternoon. Sally and her mother Bella were out for their usual walk around the lake. Although, the day was just about to get sour. Bella has always been different from other mother. She expected Sally to know her place and in Bella’s mind, that was lower than dirt. Sally enjoyed a moment of peace from the constant pressure placed on her by her mother, made the mistake of showing her happiness. Bella was jealous of Sally’s happiness. Her own life had been less then ideal and the hardships she faced molded her into a deeply unhappy person, ready to lash out at anyone around her. Sally started to walk faster and faster making sure she

arrived home before her mother. Running into backyard, past the garden, she unlocked the back door and bolted to her room, closing the door behind her. Falling onto her bed, she curls up in her blankets and waits, knowing any minute she will be verbally attacked. A few minutes pass and she hears foot steps coming towards her room. She braces herself for what is about to happen next. Her mother, Bella, throws open her door and starts yelling at her. Sally closes her eyes, covers her ears and starts crying. She tells her to please go away and leave her alone, but her mother didn’t. She kept going on and on until she ran out of breath. Her voice hoarse from the screaming she unleashed at any sign of Sally’s happiness. Bella finally stopped and walked away, slamming Sally’s door

behind her.

Sally still shaken to the core, tried to call her longtime boyfriend, Hank, but there was no answer. Hank was currently residing in Sydney with his Uncle. She starts to break down even more, feeling trapped between her mother who strides outside her room and the prison that her life had become. Sally started to panic and became even more caged by her depression.

“I can’t take this anymore!”, Sally whispered to herself through her tears.

“She always gets like this and I can’t handle it anymore…If she wants to get angry at me all the time for absolutely nothing, then she can do it without me being around”.

Beginning to pack as much of her belongings as she could, she waited for her mother to have a shower. As soon as she heard the water running, she made her escape. Stumbling out of her room she started to walk down the street where a taxi awaits for her. Loading the boot of the taxi, Sally seats herself in the back of the dirty cab, serving as her chariot to freedom.

“Where to Ma’am?”, the taxi driver asks.

She fumbles for words and nothing comes out.


Sally gathers herself and replies, “To the airport please.”


Arriving at the airport, Sally stares at the next departing flight to Sydney. Her mobile phone

continuously ringing now that Bella realises her slave had escaped. Turning it off, she purchased a one way ticket to Sydney trying Hank again on his phone. Still, she was unable to get through. She arrives in Sydney that night and makes her way to collect her luggage, struggling to get through the crowd of people. She hails for a taxi and tells him to take her to Moon Road, Vaucluse. As she

arrived to the gated community, her first steps are filled with nerves. Sally had only met Hanks

uncle once and she certainly wasn’t the type of person to impose on people, to such a degree.

Paying the taxi driver, he helps her drag the luggage to the side of the road setting off on his way. She walks down the road impressed by the sheer scale of the properties surrounding her. Finally, she finds number 16. Ringing the door bell, Sally stands back. A deep, but yet subtle voice greets her over the telecom.

“Hello, how may I help you ?”

“Hello, my name is Sally and I am here to visit Hank…”

“Please hold on Miss”. She has a quick look around at the city lights while she waits. Although she is nervous to be arriving unannounced, the only emotion which washes over her is the relief

knowing that her mother can’t hurt her here.

“Are you still there Miss?”

“Yes I am.”

“Please step back while the gates open.” She steps back and walks through the gates. A man on the other sides introduces himself and shows her inside.

“Hank is currently out at the moment with his Uncle, but please make yourself comfortable. I have altered them of your arrival. They will be home shortly.”


Sally began exploring the house, if you could even call it that. The house is a massive two story mansion. It has six bedrooms, two kitchens, a pool, a tennis court, a home theatre room and even a wharf with a big boat. Hank’s uncle was a bank manager for some of the largest banking companies in the world and had been kind enough to take Hank under his wing. As she roamed across the mansion, she stumbled across the room that Hank was staying in. With a big smile on her face she jumps onto the bed, grabbing some of his loose clothes and sits among the familiar smell. Sally tries to call him again, unable to get through yet again. She patiently waited for their arrival. Without

realisation, her eyes drift into her head and the top half of her body slowly falls behind her.


A few hours later, Sally awakes to find herself with Hanks jumper still around her, along with blankets and a pillow resting under her head. She feels eyes staring at her. Jumping up and turning around quickly.

“Hank!”, she yelled with excitement. She throws the blankets off and rests her head upon his chest. “I’m sorry to have surprised you like this and intruding. I just couldn’t take mothers incessant yelling and arguing any more.”

“Don’t apologise. It is fine, honestly. I should have realised something was wrong when you didn’t answer your phone for hours and your mother trying to call me non stop”, Hank replied.


It was 10:30pm and Hank decided to make Sally a nice meal with some wine. After her meal, he got a nice bubble bath ready for her. She jumped into the bath and relaxed. Hank put the television on for her and lifted a chair for him to sit on right next to the bath. Not long after, she began to drift of to sleep again while in the bath. Hank drained the bath which woke Sally who was still in a daze. “I-I’m sorry”, Sally said, while her eyes drifted back again. He grabbed her out of the bath, helped dried her off and wrapped a gown over her, placing her into bed.


The next morning, Hank had breakfast all prepared and ready for Sally.

“I’m really sorry about last night…”, she embarrassingly said.

“It is fine. You had a really long, stressful day. No one here is angry at you, but we do eventually have to talk about all this. Only when you are ready though”, he replied with a smile and leans in for a kiss. Once breakfast was done, Hank wanted to introduce Sally to his Uncle.

“Uncle Peter, this is my partner Sally. Sally this is my uncle Peter”, Hank said as they greeted one another with a hug.

“It is a great pleasure to see you again Peter. I don’t know if you recall, but we meet once before Hank left to come here”, she said nervously.

“The pleasure is mine Sally. I, of course remember you. I couldn’t forget the one and only person that keeps my Nephew happy and in line”, Peter replies as he laughs.

“I want you to know Sally, that I have no worries with you living here, however I am not okay with hiding someone from there parents no matter how bad they may be. I think you should at the very least inform your mother of the fact you are here. After that, I have no concerns if you choose to stay.” Peters kindness was something that Sally was not used to. She was lost for words but

simply nodded composing herself before talking.

“Thank you Peter, I will call my mum and tell her where I am. After that, I would love to stay, I promise you I won’t be in the way and will get a job as soon as I can.”

“There is no rush, just get settled first”, Peter again extending enough kindness to make Sally

realise not everyone was the same as her mother. The rest of the day Sally stressed about what she would say to her mother. After all, she didn’t hate her mum, she just wished that the world hadn’t made her into what she was now.


The next Morning Hank and Peter left for work. She knew that she couldn’t put off the call to her mother any longer. Nervously, she rang the number. She was sure that her mother would be able to hear her heart pounding down the end of the line. For a moment, she thought the call would ring out. However, as soon as she heard the phone call start she expected to be accosted by a barrage of insults and harsh words. This however, was not the case. There was only silence on the other end, followed by something which Sally had never expected to hear.

“I’m so sorry.” These words echoed through Sally’s mind, as she remember every time her mother had screamed at her or put her down making her feel like nothing.

“I never meant to be so cruel. Every time I look at you, all I see is potential. I am so envious of you Sally. You have the whole world at your fingertips and every time I think of that I lose my mind.” Bella’s confession was genuine, but it hadn’t changed the things she had done.

“I can’t go back there with you mum. It was hell living there not knowing when you would

explode next or the things you would say to me.” Sally’s voice began to waver as she finally

confessed to her mother how she felt.

“I think you should stay there. I know that I have been a horrible person and an even worse

mother, but if I can at least do this for you, maybe in some way it will help you forget about who I can be.”

“I don’t want to forget about you mum, I just want you to get better. Maybe if I am not there you can focus on that instead. Peter said I can stay here with them and I am going to get a job and start earning some money. If things change, maybe Hank and I could visit. But I won’t come back, not now.”

Sally’s words fell on silence. Her mother obviously taking to heart the words which she had said.

“Goodbye Mum”.

With that, Sally hung up the phone. Although she felt guilty for leaving, a feeling of excitement for a new start stirred inside her. She could be herself here without fear.


About the Author

Born in Mildura, Victoria in 1994. Sarah Willoughby moved to the Gold Coast with her

family in 2005. She has loved reading and writing since a young age. This has helped her to choose a Bachelor to studying at Edith Cowan University, at the age of 20. She currently

studies a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Creative Writing. She loves to write different genres, from Fantasy to Horror. This is her first short story to be published. Sarah still resides on the Gold Coast with her partner and their dog, Snow.


A Runaway

  • Author: Sarah Willoughby
  • Published: 2016-10-29 09:35:08
  • Words: 2080
A Runaway A Runaway