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A New Discovery

New Discovery


By Christopher Newsom



Published by Christopher Newsom

Copywright 2016 Christopher Newsom

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A New Discovery

“The storm is here Tim. We need to call this off,” Charles

Timothy finished sliding into his wetsuit and pulled his goggles over his head. “Hell no Charles. This is the perfect time. I finally found one of the six lost HMS ships and now I’m going to claim it!”

Charles resigned himself to his fate, as his partner with an iron will, refused to listen to reason. He could feel the waves rock the boat harder as the seconds ticked on. He could feel the rage of the storm building in the air.

Timothy pulled up the last of his high-pressure diving gear and sat on the edge of the railing. He glances up at the darkening sky that is occasionally lit up by bright white flashes of lightning and dives into the ocean.

Charles ran over to the equipment and put on the headphones. He glanced over onto his screen that monitored the depths that Timothy was at.

Freezing temperatures, the sounds of the breathing apparatus in the suit, and a black abyss as far as the eye could see even with the searchlight on the top of his helmet. Feeling the weight of the ocean above him, Timothy descended farther into the unknown darkness of the sea.

“How’s the bottom look so far Charles?” Timothy’s voice chirped over the intercom.

The clicking of the keys echoing loudly in the cabin of the boat on the surface as Charles pulled up the charts for the ocean floor. The sonar’s rhythmic beeps brought lit up the monitors that showcased the floor.

“Seems clear so far nothing coming up on the radar. The storm up here is getting worse though.”

Timothy sighed and touched the screen on the right arm of his suit and checked his depth. Two hundred meters down. He only had twenty-five to go before he got to the bottom and would see the shipwreck that he’d been searching for.

The seconds painfully ticked by as he waited in the dark to finally touch down. He finally touched down on the floor and dust kicked up as his feet touched the ground.

“Touched down. How far away am I?”

Charles clicked twice on his mouse and zoomed in on the screen.

“You should be able to see it. You aren’t that far maybe twenty feet.”

“You do realize it’s dark as hell down here. I’d be lucky if I could properly see ten feet in front of me. I think the currents are calmer down here,” Timothy said.

“Well as I said earlier, the weather is getting worse up here. Confirm the damn wreck and get back up here. I’m sick of these waves.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Timothy felt the resistance of the water against him as he moved as fast as he could towards the shipwreck. The ground was sturdy beneath his feet and Timothy wondered if this was how it felt to be on the moon.

Within a minute Timothy had hobbled his way to the wreck and stood before it in its majesty and glory. The excitement boiled up from the lowest part of his stomach and welled up in his throat.

There before him laid a beautiful wooden ship that hailed all the way back to the 1860s. It was one of the HMS ships that had sunk. The hull looked mostly intact from the angle that he could see and the mast still stood though it looked old. He reached out his hand and touched the hull feeling it’s rugged exterior through his gloves.

“Charles… it’s beautiful. You’ve got to see this.” Timothy breathed.

“Given my current situation, I’d rather not see the wreck right now. Now get back up here before I actually see it and not get a chance to enjoy it because I’m dead!” Charles yelled back.

Timothy sighed and pressed on his keypad and he slowly lifted off the ground. This feeling of weightlessness as he raised, unnerved him but given the situation was important.

As he got closer to the surface he felt the turbulence coming from the surface, rocking him back and forth.

“Almost to the surface Charles, get ready to receive.”

“On my way to get you. The waters have gotten much rougher and I’m not sure if we’ll stay afloat.”

“Just get here and then let’s get out.”

Timothy broke the surface of the water and took off his mask breathing in the fresh air and feeling the rain pour onto his already wet face. The waves crashed into his body sending cold chills throughout his body.

“Charles where are you?”

Silence and static echoed back from the intercom speakers. Timothy continued yelling into the intercom as the waves crashed into his face hindering his ability to speak. The seconds ticked by and Timothy waited in the cold water feeling and hearing the crash of the waves.

“Thank god he’s here,” Timothy said as he saw the ship come over the waves.

He saw the ship but was horrified at his sight. The ship was mangled and battered. Timothy swam as hard as he could till his muscles strained against the insurmountable force coming from the waves. He reached the boat and pulled himself into the boat.

Water had flooded the bottom compartments and was quickly rising to the top.

“Charles!” Timothy called out as he searched the ship quickly. Scrambled as if possessed he searched through the ship but was still unable to find Timothy. Lightning struck the rear of the ship and ignited the engine causing an explosion and knocking Timothy off the boat and into the water.

Timothy resurfaced and watched the ship sink slowly into the ocean. He never found Charles and could only assume that he had gone to see the ship down below, in the deep waters of the ocean. Timothy was left floating along the surface of the ocean alone with no way of contacting anyone and no supplies.

“Dammit, this was supposed to be my big break!”


About The Author

Christopher Newsom is a game and novel writer, who specializes in Supernatural, Science Fiction, and Fantasy stories. He’s currently earning his Bachelors in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. He’s also a martial artist, having practice Ving Tsun for four years. He’s easily reachable at www.linkedin.com/in/chris-newsom-b12a1ab7.

A New Discovery

As a Tim and his partner Charles come across the wreckage of a legendary HMS ship, Tim is ecstatic that they found it. Tim is determined to get to the wreckage just as a massive storm is approaching, even at the cost of his and Charles’ lives. He dives into the water and finally makes it to the seafloor just as the storm picks up. Timothy must hurry if he wants to get home.

  • Author: gospel010
  • Published: 2016-09-26 00:50:09
  • Words: 1176
A New Discovery A New Discovery