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A Mother Tawret's Touch

A Mother Tawret’s Touch

Copyright © 2016 by Penny Kanga

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Penelope Tawret

I sat glumly in one of the waiting room chairs of the ER at Howard General Hospital, munching heavily and anxiously on a bag a few of Emma’s last two bags of cheese cracker combos as each and every one of us waited more than impatiently on at least a small bit of information and update from doctor Burnstein on the conditions of both Jera and Jessica who had both unfortunately been on the receiving end of a bullet each from Hati’s weapon back at the mall before he, of course, turned his tail and rain like the cowardly little puppy he had always been since the very start of day one. Sekhmet sat quietly in the chair next to me, slumped serenely against the right side of my stomach; her eyes dreary and halfway closed in an uneasy slumber as Bridgette, Lena, and all the others tapped their feet, listened lazily to MP3s on their phones, or chewed mightily on coffee grounds and/or a host of other stimulates in an effort to stay at least half alert as the numbers on my right wristwatch steadily changed over to 9:57 PM. “Miss Lorenzen?” Alas the voice of a familiar lion rang out from somewhere down the main hall before he graciously swaggered up into view. “Which?” Bridgette inquired simply, as doctor Burnstein began to slowly motion with a hand and eyed them in his usual benign and friendly way as he steadily snatched off his glasses and folded them neatly in the pocket of his tailored brown suit. “Both is most certainly fine.” The young lion answered kindly with a slight warm smile as he jovially took an empty seat next to them and Vixy in one of the few remaining empty chairs down the row. “Your sister is most certainly gonna be just fine.” He said, placing hands on each of the kangaroos’ shoulders. “Thank Sekhmet here, the bullet only slightly pierced her shoulder and went straight through. There was a bit of nerve damage here and there, but thankfully we managed to patch that up rather quickly as well, and all she needs now is about a few weeks rest and of course, a change of bandages and sling every now and again.” “What about Jera Hallowell?” Gevo piped up, suddenly snatching the pair of matching snow white earbuds out of his listeners as they perked up and his tail began to wag steadily with the most intense sets of emotions and anticipation I’ve ever seen from an entirely meek and somewhat shrinking violet type wolf such as himself other than the obvious approach of when it came to nearly any and all that had to do with his all-time favorite activity; in which of course was to eat.” At that moment, young Peter Burnstein’s expression suddenly changed to a look of pure defeat and uncertainty, and both Sekhmet and I knew right then and there what was coming next was not at all going to anywhere even near good. “Friend,” The lion began uneasily, his deep blue eyes glistening and moist; obviously trying to hold back the many streams of tears that would most likely come with his response. “I’m really am deeply sickened and sorry to have to tell you this, but… Miss Jera unfortunately didn’t make it through the surgery as well as Jessica did beforehand in an attempt to remove the bullet that had even more tragically been driven into the solar plexus of her midsection. She was already way long gone from blood loss before we could even get a chance to operate. I’m very sorry. I know good and well that she was considerably more than just your friend.” All hearts in the room, including my own and Gevo’s seemed to stop dead in their tracks at that very moment as he abruptly rose to his feet and without another word, began almost sprinting down the main exit hall of the hospital; his sobs heart shatteringly echoing off the walls before he made a straight rush through the sliding doors and disappeared on the other side straight to the parking lot.

A Mother Tawret's Touch

  • ISBN: 9781370638239
  • Author: Penelope Kanga
  • Published: 2016-08-20 09:20:08
  • Words: 745
A Mother Tawret's Touch A Mother Tawret's Touch