A Hyena on the Run 2

Chapter One

I arose bright and early that next sunny Saturday morning, and returned to full and thankfully clear duty along the New Africana Railroad Company’s Capitol Subdivision; around 8:15 AM. My good buddy, Jason, was now sadly long gone, but a new cheetah of seemingly the same kind now greeted me in the crew office of the yard, his kind and soft blue eyes soon making their way onto my normal hyaenidae brown, and his smile about as equally warm and gentle as a fall savannah sunrise in June.

“You Cheezi Dellbrecko?” He turned to me and asked kindly, in an almost shy and meek like tone.

I nodded. “Yep. The one and only.” I responded. He gracefully put out his left paw.

“Haraka Whooley.” He said, shaking my spotted hyena appendage more than jovially in reply. “I believe my brother, Jason used to also work this same division at one point. Guess that was a good while ago?”

Chapter Two

“So, I heard you used to be my brother’s local right hand man, back in your own conductor days, huh?” Haraka piped up, as I steadily eased on the throttle and coasted our mixed freight gently and carefully out of the limits of the sprawling Jessup yard. “Must’ve been real nice.”

“Yep. It definitely was a dream working with him, alright.” I replied. “Most certainly one of the finest damn engineers and railroad men I’ve ever known at this company. Always used to make the work a hell of a lot more fun if ever you’d be lucky enough to be assigned alongside him. Damn, do I miss him ever so dearly.”

Haraka nodded sadly. And a knife suddenly stabbed me in the gut. The thought of my long gone and lost friend now plagued my memory like an endless film reel. I sighed heavily, and was just signaling the horn for the Shawnstown road crossing up ahead when Haraka suddenly cried out,

“Whoa, whoa! Hold up! Is that a body on the line ahead?!”

Chapter Three

“Desoto Home and Life?”

“Misses Desoto?” A gruff fellow leo’s voice uttered firmly over the line.


“Tristan Durulo of New Africana Security. I believe you have a client of yours, Miss Gina Fitzgerald, you have registered somewhere within the names of your company…”

“Indeed. What of the sort?” I asked, steadily getting a bit on edge and a rather sinking feeling, bubbling up through my stomach acids.

“Well, I believe she’s dead, ma’am.” Derulo replied. “New Africana Railroad police just found her body near the tracks of the Capitol Sub mainline.”

Chapter Four

I drove my way quickly over to the scene. My good hyena friend, Cheezi was already there as part of his daily grind on the train crew, and immediately greeted me in his usual goofy and toothy way as I steadily approached him and his new cheetah conductor, placed firmly at his side. He smiled.

“Well, well. If it isn’t the great lioness, Sekhmet, full and in the flesh here all by her more than lovely self.” He teased, in mock accented royalty. “How you hangin in there, Miss playa?”

“Eh. Alright, at least. How bout yourself there, Nne?” I asked. “I heard you really got it goin for you down with the robotics business and all.”

“Shh. That’s supposed to be all on the down low there, champ.” Cheezi quickly responded.

“Whatever.” I laughed. “Anyway, you the one that called this in?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Cheezi said. “My conductor, Haraka, here just reported in earlier to dispatch and I immediately got on the horn with you afterwards.”

“Hmm. Glad you did whenever you could.” I replied. “Cause from all those lacerations and marks on this poor young tigress’s body here, I’d indeed be full and clear to say this was no doubt and one hundred percent, a grade A murder.”

Chapter Five

“Lucier?” I answered my cell within the dead of night and groggily sat up in the center of my tanning bed.

“Wendy,” The familiar and booming lioness voice of Sekhmet came over the other end of the line. “I believe I’m gonna need your help on this one. You know that big money murder case everyone’s talking about now on the news?”

“Yeah. The one with that tiger client of one of yours, right?”

“That’s the one.” She abruptly replied. “Now, here’s the deal. I believe from Cheezi’s story, I know exactly who did it, but I need you and some of your crew from the Secret Service to maybe back me up on this one and set up a local sting on a Herman Ginsberg. I’ll give you all the address details and all soon. Good luck, snakey.”

Chapter Six

Mwezi Sekhmet Desoto

“Oh, Herman! Where you at, rat boy?!”

I called out, gun drawn, and guard fully up on edge from within the clattered and musty apartment. “You hiding under the bed, yet again?”

Steadily creeping forward alongside my snake companion, Wendy, on bare lioness feet, I searched damn near every nook and cranny of the place but rather still came up empty pawed and more than down on each of our luck.

“Hey, wait a minute.” Wendy caught me abruptly, as I steadily turned back to the door to leave. “Do you smell that?”

“Yeah. Definitely death.” I replied. I immediately snatched out my cell. “Hey, Emma. It’s me again, girl. Listen, sorry to bother you on your little Sunday brunch and all, but I need you down here quick fast and in a heartbeat; all once again. I believe we got a double homicide.”

Chapter Seven

“So, what we got at the good old circus, this time around?”

Emma rather comically piped up in question.

I smiled at my rotund grey wolf compadre.

“Welcome back, old friend.” I replied. “Apparently, Wendy and I here were out on one of our daily bounty hunting raids and things apparently turned a little more awry then they seemed. Some asshole ended up puttin a slug in our number one guy.”

“Damn.” Emma said, slowly shaking her head in a “Tsk.”

“So, what’s the new game plan?”

“Follow the foot prints. Hyaenidae most likely.” I answered, slowly handing her the evidence bag. “Apparently, the fool who hit him left em all over; in a trail around the place. Shoe prints were most likely Masai sandals.”

Chapter Eight

“What?! I did no such thing!” Jenni damn near screamed at the top of her spotted hyena lungs, from the comfort of my office floor.

“Admit it, hyena!” I finally snapped, stepping at least a few inches closer to her around the room. “You killed Gina Fitzgerald and there’s no doubt about at all! We’re found your sandal prints all over the crime scene!”

“Yeah? And what else?” Jenni snorted, sniring her nose angrily up at me and Emma in direct response. “You’re gonna tell me you had me on survelance and all too?”

“Oh, no. Just this hunting knife of yours we found in the bed of the local Parendino Creek.” Emma steadily piped up, pulling the evidence bag from the right pocket of her vest. “You care to explain all of this, old friend?”

“No need for that, Jenni girl.” A familiar cheetah’s voice suddenly rang out in quick defense behind us. “Go ahead and feel free to let yourself out, now, sugar pie. I’ll handle both these here fools.”

Chapter Nine

Wendy “Apep” Lucier

I fought tooth, nail and claw through the nearly endless swarm of rats and rodents; downing at least a few for a late snack, as we pushed steadily forward down the main office corridor.

“Shit! Where are they all coming from?” Sekhmet wondered.

I licked my lips in delight. “Who cares?” I replied. “I could damn near have a whole weeks worth of a buffet off of all this shit.”

Emma laughed, and shook her wolf head slowly in mock indignation, as we hurried downstairs to the exit and through the main entrance doors onto the crowded street below.

“There’s that bastard!” Sekhmet cried, and angrily began to call out to him in remittance. “End of the line, Haraka! Stop right where you are!”

Chapter Ten

Mwezi Sekhmet Desoto

We both took turns restraining the heavily built cheetah, as we shoved him forcefully into his respective patty wagon before turning steadily to Captain Aniu, Emma’s fellow she-wolf cousin, arrived on the scene.

“Divine blessings for the quick timing there, old blue eye.” Emma began, slapping her shoulder firmly in greeting. “Damn good to have you serving with us on the team; all once again.”

“Thanks. The pleasure’s indeed all mine and only mine.” Aniu laughed, cockily raising an eyebrow ridge. “I coulda’ sworn this fool here had a mate his was with though. A hyena named Jenni, by the words I’m told. You ever see her around anywhere?”

“Oh, I believe she’ll get all what’s coming to her later.” I answered, steadily leading her away along with Wendy and I. “But, for now, let’s focus on grabbin us some of that good old caribou stew down at Chassidy’s. I’m hella starving.”

A Hyena on the Run 2

Brooke Delilah Gillespie, known mainly and formidably by her official monikers, Samantha Komodo and "Cheezi D"; formerly known by her past pen names of Jennifer Gisselbrecht, and Mwezi Desoto, is a female African wild dog (choosing to reincarnate into an Asiatic Lioness) and an American author/rapper/lyricist. She has been writing series of more than many fiction/action/thriller series book since the tender cub age of five; with his most famous hits apparently being "Lone Wolves" and her most recently self published, all anti-villain main cast crime drama saga, "Lobo Thunder/The Hystericals". So far, her current writing ambitions include writing to express not only her own physical emotions into his works, but also those maybe of other animal beings around her in the world as well. Twitter: @CCheetah

  • Author: Emma M Vardaman
  • Published: 2017-07-25 20:35:08
  • Words: 1520
A Hyena on the Run 2 A Hyena on the Run 2