A Handbook For New Starborns







A Handbook For New Starborns




Lhaarl WillIAM Aholana


A Handbook For New Starborns

By Lhaarl WillIAM Aholana

Copyright 2016 Lhaarl WillIAM Aholana

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New Starborn Traits



Heal Yourself

Service to All

Enjoying the Benefits



This is dedicated with reverence and gratitude to all starborn lightworkers. Many realize they have a noble purpose. Some have yet to ascertain their role. For those in the process of discovery, look forward to your awakening.

We are here to love, awaken humanity, and transform the world. To carry the light in service and hold the energy is the greatest blessing. The honor is to serve. I am grateful for this opportunity to be of assistance for all.



Who Is A Starborn Lightworker?


This on the surface seems like an odd question? A starborn is a soul with origins other than earth. Some call these people star children, star seeds, star souls, star workers and others denoting an extraterrestrial origin. Society now recognizes creative children with amazing gifts and spiritual connections. Society calls them indigos or crystal children. Of all the terms, starborn is the description I like the most. It resonates with my soul.

What is a lightworker? A lightworker is a starborn who loves and holds the light, works with the light, and walks in the light. One intuitively knows they are a lightworker. A lightworker has with determination walked their spiritual path lifetime after lifetime. Many have an open heart and this is very rare. They reply upon, and work with, their extrasensory gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, intuition, etc. A tremendous amount of work goes into becoming an awakened lightworker. I use the term lightworker to describe the new to the earth starborns. These are starborns with less than thirty lifetimes on earth.

This book is primarily for the new to the earth starborn lightworkers. It is appropriate to call any spiritually advanced soul a saint, a master, or one who is self realized. When speaking about the new to the earth souls, I use the term starborn, lightworker, or starborn lightworker. I am an early crystal child. Regardless of the words, we made commitments, as did all, to be on earth at this special time. We are in service to assist the other starborns and the earth. I and many others are here to raise the consciousness and awaken humanity to change the world.


What Am I?


Some call starborns extraterrestrials, aliens, walk-ins, crawl-ins, etc. The truth is nobody has an earthly origin. This makes everyone a starborn. This gets interesting because the conscious souls of animals are also from other dimensional realms. All the animals and humans on earth are from other realms. We are all visitors. At our core, we are all conscious divine souls.

If we are all starborns, why is there a distinction between the new to the earth and the rest? The primary difference is the new to the earth starborns are here to awaken the spiritually unconscious older starborns. Most of the older starborns like lost souls. They believe they are mortal. They created veils and barriers that disconnect them from their own conscious awareness. They disconnected from the Holy Spirit, the divine consciousness, Christ consciousness, or whatever you choose to call the conscious energy of unconditional love. They feel isolated and alone. Most are unaware, many are emotionally numb and shutdown, and some are delusional because of their insatiable greed. They are unfocused and out of balance. They are a menace to society and the earth. All have disconnected from their conscious core of unconditional love.

This handbook is an outline of how to cope, survive, blend in, and awaken. I personalize it using examples of my life struggle to cope, fit in, survive and awaken. To awaken is one of the greatest moments in life. It is amazing.


Walk Or Crawl?


There are two other categories of starborns. Starborns are typically crawl-ins. We are here via the womb. We made commitments with our parents before they were born. They agreed to be our parents and provide us with the motivation and environment perfect for our growth and awakening. We agreed to experience whatever was necessary for us to clear our energetic blocks and awaken. Energetic blocks in our bodies manifest as patterns of behavior. We imprinted this energy in our Soul DNA in previous lifetimes. Our parents and siblings get to work out our patterns and remove these blockages. Often our extrasensory gifts are partially open. We walk our spiritual path and awaken to our divine consciousness.

Starborns can also be walk-ins. These advanced souls are able to take over another person’s body. Walk-ins will often take over a body when the previous occupant is dying or passing to other dimensional realm. Some may take over a body while the occupant is present and conscious. The owner becomes an observer. The walk-in completely controls the body for the duration. The walk-in will depart with no serious effect to the original owner when the goal is accomplished. I suspect cohabitation is a rare event today. It was more common in the distant history of earth. I remember a few earthly lifetimes as a walk-in.

I am a crawl-in, now in my fifties as I write this. Surviving to the point of awakening was an amazing journey. The realization of who I am and what I am here to do, took most of my life. My journey to awaken was challenging and painful. I needed these experiences to understand. I gained wisdom and compassion as I the realized the simplicity of everything. My path was a blessing. My experiences to facilitate my awakening will be similar to yours. It is easier to know what to do, rather than experience situations of little value. I hardly recommend burning your hand to understand fire is hot. This work is primarily for the new to earth starborns, yet it applies to anyone wishing to awaken. When I use the word starborn, I am referring to the new to the earth starborns.


Fitting In


Fitting into and feeling comfortable in a family, relationship, society, or just being anywhere on earth is often challenging for starborns. Most have no idea who they are and why they are here. The traumas of birth and life are enough to make anyone remain unaware. Their focus is on surviving. Most starborns came in with no conscious remembrances. They are unable to remember being in the womb or the birth experience. They have no memories of being a baby. Many are born with a sort of forgetfulness like amnesia. Some have repressed years as a child.

Starborns often have deep feelings of rejection and alienation. They are unable to blend in. Many feel like people stare at them because they are different. This causes many to withdraw adding to the isolation they already feel. They are unaware of their greater purpose. They unconsciously work on awakening to their conscious divinity and purpose. The body always knows because of the soul DNA which contains our cellular memories and what I call scripts for survival. Starborns are unaware and they only require awakening. Many starborns know they come from other places. Fitting in is difficult for starborns who have recent origins from other dimensional realms. Most starborns feel disconnected. Fitting in is impossible when we are filled with a deep longing to reconnect to source, adding to the loneliness and isolation. We have nobody to talk to about the issues in our life. As children we are teased, abused, criticized, and often worse. We feel strange and different. We are fearful of those who need our help the most.

Being human is the hardest thing I have attempted to accomplish. I felt alone in all previous crawl-ins. I had a feeling best described as a deep sense of loss. I missed my true freedom. I felt separated and isolated from everything. The challenging part was fitting in, coping, and just being human. Today, these programmed patterns of behavior and accompanying emotions are thankfully gone. My separation from the network or grid of consciousness is a remembrance best forgotten. The veils and protective walls I built are gone. Even when I am by myself, I am in the company of many. It is impossible to be alone. Loved ones constantly interact with me. The concept of being a stranger is a program of control. Every person I meet is no longer a stranger, a threat, or an unknown.

I continue to work on many aspects of being human. Sometimes interacting with others is a challenge because they behave strangely. I am often unable to comprehend their humor. It is usually self-deprecating or at the expense of others. The subtle points of human behavior and mannerisms at times escapes me. There are many things that make little sense to me. I often feel as if I am in an asylum without walls. It is harder being human than it appears. It requires a lot of effort. I am here to play and have fun in this paradise of earth. Having to deal with emotions distracts one from creating.


New Starborns


Starborn are rarely fully in their body, most are ungrounded. Most have some open extrasensory gifts beyond the five senses. Many have awkward and yet elegant protection mechanisms. They feel disconnected, isolated, and often have cellular remembrances or knowledge of other dimensional realms. Starborns have high intelligence, a quick mind, and are very creative. They are often extremely shy and very sensitive. Most have a knowing of a destiny. Starborns bore easily because they expect instantaneous results. Most are still in shock of being in a physical body.




Starborns all made commitments and contracted for things to accomplish on earth. Some faced with the reality of their daily life become overwhelmed. They take exit points and leave the body. Some are unable to cope and they become paranoid or mentally unbalanced. Some exist through their day-to-day mundane life without any knowledge of what they are here to do. For many, life is a living hell. Many need to escape from their self-created reality to survive. Some escape by reading, traveling, working, or doing anything to divert their mind from their life. If the awakening is slow, death seems like a viable alternative. In short, they are extremely bored and uncertain about what to do. They feel trapped because they know they have a destiny and have no idea what to do. Escape takes many forms such as alcohol, drugs, or other diversions. They are unaware of, or in denial about their true purpose.




To be a starborn is a wonderful opportunity. The awakening process is the only real challenge. The rewards of awakening are limitless. Life becomes effortless once you awaken. You understand your purpose and how to survive. Your heart opens and your extrasensory gifts open. You can excel beyond your wildest dreams. Your life will be an amazing journey. You will have numerous rewarding experiences and amazing memories. Since everyone is a starborn, this information can help anyone wishing to awaken.


Back In School


Living on earth is like being in school. Some barely pass, some do little to get by, some excel, some try to avoid any change, and some drop out. Starborns with many lifetimes feel trapped in the cause and effect dramas they create. They feel lost and wander through life resigned to their fate. Many feel life is pointless and meaningless. Many lash out in frustration and anger. They share the pain they feel. Many are unwilling to ask for help, yet they shout for help through their actions and harsh words. They are in need of our love. My goal is to assist everyone who chooses to awaken. Life is too precious to waste.

New Starborn Traits


One More Time


The scope of creation is amazing. No person or animal is originally from earth. Every human and animal is from another dimensional realm, world, or layers of time throughout the unlimited omniverses. Mankind is one of the infinite number of conscious life forms. Many humans have had thousands and more lifetimes on earth. It makes sense if they feel like they are originally from earth.


Round And Round


We are here to love, experience, and enjoy the body in a paradise we call earth. Many are stuck in their self-created reality. I always wonder about the choices others make. I am unable to understand their choices. I have to honor and appreciate their chosen path of expression. I know everyone is working hard to change. Most spend lifetimes evolving through the lessons of destruction. Some lessons are challenging to watch or endure. Yet commitments only appear hard through a lack of understanding. It is your judgment and the resonation of the same pattern in you, that draws you into the experience. Our commitments and experience enable our growth.

When you clear your patterns, the attractors of experience, you become free. You will awaken before your patterns are gone. Your gifts open and your understanding and participation in the world shifts dramatically. At this moment, you are truly free. You can stay or move on to new dimensions and experiences. Some have previously completed the entire journey from initial incarnation to divine realization. When that cycle is complete, some move on and others go around again for the fun of it.




For starborns seemingly stuck, my book on clearing patterns (The Clarity Technique) is a good tool derived from the Master Alignment. It will assist you to improve your life and chances of survival. It teaches you to clear or uncreate the issues and patterns from your DNA. By clearing patterns from the DNA, you remove the attractors of experiences the body previously radiated. For those who enjoy being stuck in the trenches, fare well, and safe journeys. You will climb out of the trenches and be successful when you remove your energetic blocks. You will again move forward. Many starborns exist without the knowledge of who they are. If this applies to you, you need to begin to improve your life. You will soon awaken. For some the awakening process can be joyful, empowering, and an effortless experience. For others it can be challenging and difficult. My awakening was challenging and at times traumatic. Clearing my patterns of behavior facilitated my awakening. This is why I wrote The Clarity Technique.


Out Of My Body


Throughout my life, I was rarely fully in my body. What does it mean to be fully in the body? It means I was uncentered and unbalanced without feeling any aspect of my body. I was always in my head. The truth was I was in shock about being in a body. My body was physically and emotionally painful. I avoided opportunities to be grounded and in my body. My body was my prison. My consciousness rarely descended below my neck. I was always in my head and rarely felt the rest of my body. To be in my body and feel emotions was an awful, painful experience.

There were times I was fully in the body. The body made me aware through pain and at those moments I was fully in the body. I was fully in my body after an illness, a serious injury or surgery. The pain was invariably excruciating and unbearable. If it was a surgery, drugs had little effect to ameliorate the pain. I felt electrocuted by every nerve in my body. This was the worst aspect of being in my body.

To protect myself I became numb, physically and emotionally. I often cut, bruised, or damaged my body without feeling pain. Too many times, I was completely unaware I hurt my body. Someone would point out I was bleeding or point to a bruised area. Naturally they would ask me how I hurt myself. I was usually unaware of how it happened. Sometimes I would review the day to see what might have caused it. Often I had no answer. At times I could figure out what happened. Being in my body was the hardest aspect of being human. To be fully in my body was painful. The emotional pain was much worse than the physical pain. I was able to block the physical pain. I had no success blocking the ever present emotional pain. It was easier to be numb, stay in my head and out of rest of my body.


Jumping Back Into The Body


I worked in the corporate world. I climbed the corporate ladder through unasked for and often unsought promotions. I soon had my own office. When someone entered my office without my seeing or hearing them, I would literally jump when I became aware of their presence. I would jump back into as much of my body as I could tolerate. I would say to myself that my concentration kept me from noticing or hearing another now in my presence. The reality was I was out of my body and even though my senses were alerting my brain, there was nobody home so to speak.

I did my best to stay out of my body. It took almost years to be fully in my body. Many times from the neck down, another could have used my body and I would probably have been unaware of it. Sometimes I traveled astrally even at work. To be conscious of the pain in my body was to endure eternities of agony. Traveling astrally, daydreaming, or being in a conscious state of oneness with nature was my escape from the agony of being in my body. Escape was preferable to the reality of my life. I was a failure in every relationship. I was always running from the pain my reality. It was easy to avoid painful situations by running away. Running away was preferable to being in my body and working on my issues. I discovered running away solved nothing and I needed to address my issues that were always there. It delayed my awakening and subsequent play/work.


Be In Your Body


A high priority for every starborn is to be in your body. This is a universal issue for starborns and it is essential to do the work to be in your body. Without being in the body, other work is less than productive. You will discover your body is the miracle of creation. It is the amazing and perfect vehicle. Your body is more than a companion and partner in life. You will be unable to ascend to higher states of consciousness and new dimensional realms without your body. You are unable to full commitments or change the world without a body. You will understand your body is perfect. Being in the body is vital to every aspect of your spiritual growth. You will love your body when you clear your energetic blocks, your patterns of behavior.

These blocks and patterns are part of your soul DNA. Clearing these is part of your commitment to grow. Energetic blocks in any form inhibit growth. These blocks are merely imprints of energy. The goal of your clearing and growth is to awaken. This will open your heart. Once your heart is open, you will shift your consciousness from your head into your heart. Once your consciousness is in your heart, there is a new game of life to play and enjoy.

Your body is your temple, mosque, church, sanctuary, as well as your home and vehicle. Your body and your DNA are your greatest assets. They will assist in your survival. The body is the most fascinating creation and a real miracle. It can survive the most torturous events and recover. It will always come back into balance and heal given the opportunity. The most amazing thing is if your consciousness is unaware of what to do, your body will understand and assist. You only need to recognize this and get out of your own way. It is vital to be fully in your body.


Everything You Need


Your DNA is your most important asset. It is a replication of your soul DNA and the physical characteristics from your parents. Your soul DNA contains the sum total of all experiences from your past lives. It is a dynamic living library. It contains the wisdom of the ages and it is available for you to use. It is useful because it has the power to heal. If you survived a disease in the past and are again afflicted with it, your DNA has the knowledge of how to heal the body. Your DNA can be used for healing, protection, knowledge, and much more. It contains the cellular memories of every life. It contains scripts necessary for awakening and the commitments your agreed to fulfill. Your extrasensory gifts work with your DNA. Your DNA is the only thing you really need. The DNA is your gateway to other dimensional realms and the light. Learn to use your DNA to your advantage. Your awakening, visiting sacred sites, being in the presence of saints and masters, as well as your spiritual growth will activate aspects of your DNA. Your body has everything you will ever need. Activate and use the living library of DNA. It is your most valuable resource.


Extrasensory Gifts


Every starborn has incredible gifts beyond the five physical senses. They often have one or more extrasensory gifts open before they awaken. These gifts are clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, intuition, sensitivity, and others. Extrasensory gifts open at propitious times and then close. Many starborns are unable to use these extrasensory gifts. Most forgot how to use these gifts even if they are ready for use in some degree.

Starborns with only one gift open can do amazing things. Many starborns shut themselves down to avoid dealing with the awesome power of their gifts. Some through guilt, fear of their own power, or previous misuse of their gifts, avoid using them. Some use their gifts when necessary even if the gifts are unavailable. Some who are highly psychic consider these gifts more of a burden than a blessing. These souls often shun civilization, as the bombardment of other’s psychic energy is too much to endure. Many highly gifted people are unable to control their extrasensory gifts or direct their psychic energy. For them the words, visions, intuition, or knowledge will come at the oddest times.

A few use their gifts contrary to their highest and best good. Uncontrolled psychic energy can be a nuisance to others, depending upon your thoughts and your intent. Some term uncontrolled psychic energy a psychic attack. I suspect it is probably just uncontrolled energy. Energy flows as directed or attracted. Some use psychic energy to harass another. The misuse of psychic energy or extrasensory gifts is to your own detriment. Use your gifts in a compassionate manner to serve others and to protect yourself. Your gifts are there for a reason, using them wisely has a great potential. You will pay a high price if you abuse your gifts.




A Plethora Of Opportunities


As I walked my spiritual path I had opportunities for growth. There was a constant barrage of situations many call fate or chance. Everything happens for a reason. I attracted these opportunities for growth.

Many times I lost my focus and became unbalanced. I only saw situations of pain, grief ,and suffering affecting me. I saw myself as a victim. I failed to see each encounter as a gift and a blessing in disguise. I was in the moment and forgot about my commitments to clear, learn, and grow.

When I shifted my consciousness, I came back into balance and focus. I used my emotions and felt deeply into each aspect. I followed the energy of the emotion I felt. I saw the cause and meaning of each situation. I always discovered the real meaning, or teaching, and this allowed me to grow. In each situation my extrasensory gifts facilitated my growth. I felt a release of the energy bound within my body. I call this energy a pattern and this is in your DNA. A pattern is a have to, a need to, or an unable to do behavior in response to a set of circumstance. Patterns affect our ability to choose a better response. Patterns attract the situation and the energy necessary to neutralize the pattern in our DNA.


Feelings And Gifts


Each pattern you experience in a situation has associated emotions. These emotions such as grief, fear, anger, rage, hate, and others permeate your body with their lower frequencies. You feel poorly during and after the experience. Each experience causes a response and we often judge our response. We usually always feel fear and guilt. You are programmed to feel these and to fail. This is where your extrasensory gifts at invaluable.

Your extrasensory gifts work best once your heart is open. They will open partially due to your work done in past lives. They will open at propitious times to assist you even if your heart is closed. An open heart is a result of walking your spiritual path. Your gifts function perfectly with an open heart. They assist you to awaken and fulfill your commitments. Your gifts protect, facilitate, guide, inform, and work with your soul DNA to awaken you.

Key to having your gifts work efficiently and effectively are the higher emotions. Feeling the higher emotions are vital to being in your heart, using your gifts, clearing your patterns, fulfilling commitments, service to others and everything of value. Being in your heart is critical for your gifts to open and function. Your higher emotions make them effective and impressive. Feeling higher emotions is an excellent exercise to help you understand. Emotions of love, empathy, joy, compassion, wonder, etc., raise the frequency of your body. These emotions help you in all aspects of life. When you feel a lower frequency emotion such as fear, guilt, anger, rage, etc., this is an indication you have a pattern to clear. The pattern and these emotions will attract the painful situation to neutralize the energy you feel. The emotions and patterns are an energetic block. Use the higher emotions to assist you. They will facilitate your extrasensory gifts working perfectly.


Be In Your Heart


For many, the prospect of being in their heart is daunting When your heart is closed, you can open your heart for a few moments. You can be in your heart, however the body will force you out. The patterns in the body and their associated lower frequency emotions provide painful moments and memories to force you out of your heart.

Many starborns avoid situations because they feel it will hurt them. Being in your open heart is a challenging to visualize. Your extrasensory gifts and your heart work in conjunction. When avoidance is the norm, starborns are unable to understand the benefits of being in their heart. Many with open extrasensory gifts are afraid to acknowledge their gifts or use them. This is especially true when it comes to letting others know you have these gifts. Extrasensory gifts are because of the heart and they are divinely valuable. There is no cause for caution in using these gifts. When you deny your gifts, you diminish your power, your self, and the gifts. Use your gifts wisely and enjoy the benefits they provide. They will protect you if you listen to them.

Many times my intuition protected me. I occasionally ignored my intuition and paid the physical and emotional price. Today I heed the counsel my gifts provide. When I follow my guidance or intuition, they protect me. Being in your heart will protect you. When you are in your heart, you can listen to your heart. You heart will show you the right path to take and choice to make. Your gifts will validate your decisions. Your heart is your greatest asset and protection, because love conquers all.


Awkward, Yet Elegant


Many starborns have awkward and yet elegant protection mechanisms. The classic protection mechanisms in my experience are Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Another multipurpose protection mechanism I observed is excess weight.

These are protection mechanisms apply to many starborns. Most believe these are serious physical hardships and great burdens. Until you shift your consciousness, they are very challenging conditions. These conditions have different applications and factors for each person affected. I will explain how these disorders affected me and how they ultimately protected me.

I see everything as a symptom. Symptoms are clues to the real issue that projects an often misleading symptom. Discovering the causal issue is the real challenge to any healing. It was necessary to work through my issues and conditions to understand. Any person with one or more of these symptoms has an opportunity to grow. As painful as these conditions were for me, I found real value in each.




I grew up with terrible dyslexia. I struggled for many years learning to read. It was unbelievably frustrating trying to read. In my formative years it was impossible to read and understand written materials. I could look at a word three times and see three different sets of jumbled letters. Getting through school was dreadful and extremely challenging. I went through my classes without opening a book. I opened books only to do assignments. I paid attention to what I heard in class. I rarely attempted to study. It was a waste of time trying to read and understand what was on a page. I would read a page and at the end of it, be unable to remember anything about what I read. I concentrated and focused to read the words. Often I was unable to understand what they were attempting to express. I wondered what was wrong with me. I stared at simple words such as the. Was it correct? I wasted a lot of time looking at words wondering about spelling. My parents thought I spent a lot of time studying. I spent my time trying to read. As I grew into a young man, I began to see patterns in the letters. Soon there was a familiarity in what I saw. It is the patterns we see that builds familiarity and creates confidence.

I got through school because my other senses compensated. My hearing and visual comprehension were amazing. I took everything in to process it later. I have excellent recall of what I experience. This got me through high school with a C plus average.

Experiencing dyslexia was awful beyond belief. Sometimes it was quite funny to others the words I would see and pronounce. Signs like No Parking became Po Narking when they were readable at all. Sometimes I would see the words No Parking and PO Narking would still come out when I spoke. Often I would just see jumbled letters, letters would be reversed or missing. Sometimes people would later tell me things I said and I would swear I said something else. These were sometimes very embarrassing moments and at other times I would apparently speak what others needed to hear.

Another starborn friend and I tried to make the best of this awful situation. We had a whole language of words we used with each other. At times others would laugh so hard they would wet their pants. These were a few of the lighter moments of being a starborn. The games we played helped us grow as we laughed at ourselves. As I grew, I began to walk my spiritual path. The dyslexia diminished to where it rarely surfaces.


Attention Deficit Disorder


Attention Deficit Disorder afflicts many starborns. It is a condition many are unable to understand. Attention Deficit Disorder is unlike what it appears to be for starborns. It is untrue starborns have little attention span or are unable to concentrate. The simple fact of the matter is that their minds are so quick the body has a hard time keeping up with their mind. They are looking at hundreds and probably thousands of things all at once. They go down the multitudinous paths a seemingly simple concept presents. They explore and analyze these things in great depth and detail. Keeping their attention on a seemingly simple concept is hardly a challenge. The simple concept becomes a puzzle and an infinite exploration for so many.

Most are unable to conceive of what the new starborns are experiencing through their mind and senses. The simplest things to others are sensory overload as the new starborns explore and try to understand what they observe, taste, touch, smell, hear, and experience. When you combine the five senses with the feelings thoughts generate, plus input from open extrasensory gifts, it is truly amazing what starborns experience.

I am amazed some starborns are functional because these are moments when the mind and body are completely preoccupied. These can be hazardous situations especially if they driving. Gratefully, coming to a conscious awareness I wonder where I was and how I got here.

For some Attention Deficit Disorder is a gift in disguise. It is a protection mechanism as well as a swirling energy of thoughts, emotions. and feedback from the senses and input from extrasensory gifts. These disorders are protection mechanisms since normal people are usually uncomfortable around people who are different. They leave the new starborns alone. They have time to develop and grow. Attention Deficit Disorder like Dyslexia will fade away as one walks their spiritual path. These conditions will end when the time is right. For the starborns fortunate enough to connect through their gifts to their Higher Self their world is easier. These are the indigo and crystal children. Enlightened souls embrace these children as extremely gifted and amazing. The rest of us struggle and develop into who we really are at the appropriate pace.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Many starborns develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. First, we are in a body we hardly want or understand. My body was a meat suit and a lonely prison. This creates frustration and stress. Second, we are programmed to disconnect from conscious source and in a mysterious environment. We are unable to identify or resonate with most things we see or experience. We try to cope and survive while little around us makes any sense. We are inmates in an asylum without walls. The stress of being completely alone is daunting for some. Third, we try to fit in and cope with a society that is intolerant about what it is unable to understand. The intolerance and abuse by others who feel threatened is very stressful. Lastly, many starborns feel overwhelmed with information, images, emotions, and other inputs they try to understand and comprehend. It is hardly a wonder many develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is amazing to me how so many survive childhood and grow to function in this world. The new starborns are amazing souls. They overcome fantastic odds just to cope and survive.

Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will diminish and fade away as starborns develop, gain a sense of comfort, and begin to awaken. For these starborns, these are protection mechanisms. They make the unconscious uncomfortable, and they keep people away who might harm them. In hindsight, I am grateful for the protection these gifts afforded me. It was difficult and challenging for me to be alone. The solitude allowed me to develop and understand as I awakened. For many years very little made sense. I had moments of clarity. Soon everything made perfect sense. I understand what I see. I see solutions to what were perplexing situations. Everything is exceedingly simple, and in divine order.


Excess Weight


This has no relevance for those who eat poorly and get no exercise. There are many powerful women who carry excess weight. It is a protection mechanism to keep others at a distance. This weight is vitally important where energy is involved. For those on the spiritual path, excess weight is necessary to safely contain the energy these starborn women carry. The excess weight applies only to women. For some reason men can carry great amounts of energy without excess weight. Perhaps it is the nature and intensity of the energy they carry.

These starborn women are extremely powerful souls. The excess weight safely contains the energy they carry. Some women may find the weight a real challenge. They need to shift their consciousness since diet has no relevance to them. The weight as a necessary protection the body requires. As they awaken, gifts will open. The body may shift and the weight may drop as the energy assimilates for them to use. Some women are always large because of the energy they carry and the role they play. Their energetic capacity continues to grow as the energy assimilates. Others will drop the weight and the body shift will occur without changing eating habits.

Excess weight is vital to ensure the survival of these highly gifted and powerful starborn women. Appearances are deceiving and again only a symptom. Symptoms confuse and distract the unconscious from the truth. The truth regarding excess weight on starborn women is they are extremely powerful souls. Their veils prevent many from seeing their hearts are open and they are expressions of unconditional love. They are a perfect person for those who want a powerful partner to assist and share the spiritual path. One should look for a powerful partner to share in fulfilling commitments while creating and manifesting the new reality, the 7th golden age.




Being able to write a legible cursive script is challenging for starborns. Many type using computers because their handwriting is illegible. The mind is going so fast the arm and hand are unable to keep up. It is frustrating to write legibly. I use a type of shorthand or print. Even so, many times I am unable to read what I wrote. I have to use a computer to do any writing. Fortunately, I learned to type very fast and the writing flows as the words come. I am in awe when I see someone with beautiful handwriting. Beautiful script is an expression of physical control and it is poetry in motion. It is impressive to see someone write quickly and clearly. Just be aware that many things we are judged by have no relevance or value to us.


Speak And Be Heard


Another challenge for starborns is language and communication. Many are unable to express their thoughts and experiences in a way others can understand. Often starborn experiences are deep, meaningful, and spiritual. There are no words to describe these profound states of being. The words we have and use are practically meaningless. Words often diminish and limit the experience. Being able to describe an experience is hard to understand because states of being and consciousness have to be experienced. You can talk about tasting honey and until you taste it, you only hear the words.

Some starborns stutter on occasion, especially when excited. They stutter because they are trying to put together a simple sentence when thousands of thoughts or words come into their consciousness while trying to speak. They are flooded with emotions and thoughts. I am amazed some starborns speak as well as they do.

For some starborns under extreme stress their throat chakra will close and they will also stutter. This is another protection mechanism. It keeps people away and it helps them from getting into trouble by saying things they should probably keep to themselves. Most unconscious souls are unable or unwilling to hear the truth.




Many starborns have incredible hearing as well as other enhanced senses. My hearing was amazing. If I were in a restaurant or at a party, I could hear every conversation and noise. It all entered my ears and my brain would process it as well as it could. Sometime it was just auditory overload and I was unable to cope with it. There were rare times when my hearing was like a party trick. I could follow a dozen conversations. Yet often I hear the noises people and buildings generate. Noise makes everything difficult to process. It is also amazing what people will say if they think others are unable to hear. There were moments when my hearing protected me when I heard words from those who meant me harm. Early warnings provided the opportunity to leave and avoid harm.




How do these apparent disorders protect us? In our past, extrasensory gifts were a blessing or a curse. In darker ages, starborns were demons, witches, sorcerers, or a menace to society. In our recent past they were insane, psychotic, mentally disturbed, or shunned as fools. In our distant past, one could be an oracle, a protector, a medicine man, a shaman, a high priest, or healer. Extrasensory gifts are a double edged sword for many. Some souls were highly prized and some paid a terrible price.

The gifts a starborn used made them valuable in some periods of history. When you were born with open extrasensory gifts was relevant to how you were treated. The seemingly negative disorders are for starborns protective mechanisms because society often shuns people who are different. Caring families work hard helping new starborns by loving them. If a family is unable to love, it still gives the starborn time to awaken. Being alone increases the opportunity to go within as well as learning to cope. They get time to develop and gain familiarity with routines. They get a comfort level through experience. They gain an understanding of the body and its senses. They learn to cope through exploration, mistakes, and lessons. Once you become comfortable with your body, continue your spiritual growth and your extrasensory gifts will begin to open. You will try to understand these gifts. Impatience, bewilderment, living in a society that makes no sense, diminish as you grow in familiarity with the body and these gifts. The protection mechanisms diminish and fall away in response to your spiritual growth.


I Should Be The Wisest Man


This is my thirtieth incarnation on earth. It feels as if I have made every mistake humanly possible. In past lifetimes many shunned, banished, abused, and persecuted me for good reasons. I was a walk-in and inhabited bodies while the person was still conscious in it. I used my extrasensory gifts for good before those unable to understand. I committed suicide, as well as being the cause for the destruction of thousands of people.

The few might say I have suffered terribly in this lifetime. Yet, all of these events were my own creation. My ignorance and judgment is responsible. Many of these events were mistaken attempts to be human. In fact, trying to fit in and appear human is a daunting task. It is possible to fit in with a little work. It takes a comfort level at being in a body, plus understanding how to react and behave. Mostly it takes a shift in consciousness.


Is Everyone Crazy?


Much of the time, my life was unbearable. What I observed and tried to reconcile made no sense. Trying to understand human emotions was also a puzzle. My only refuge was being alone in nature. Many starborns in times of bewilderment will use humor or crazy behavior in an attempt to disarm a situation. Sometimes humor worked to disarm a situation. When humor failed I managed to survive the best I could in painful circumstance. I still have trouble understanding the insanity of what I observe. There are times I get a sense of what is going on, yet mostly I feel clueless. Unless I see a metaphysical reason behind a behavior, I feel as if I am still in the asylum without walls. How can pure, divine souls, do such terrible things?


Be Careful


Western society is more tolerant of unique behavior than other societies. Many starborns live without incident. Some enter the metaphysical arts to sell their services, or work in professions allowing them to work alone. I suspect there are many highly gifted people working with seekers of knowledge. Others with minimal gifts enter the metaphysical market.

The body will inhibit displays of open gifts. Cellular memories in the DNA attempt to keep one from again courting disaster. Until one clears these outmoded protective patterns, it is difficult for many to use their gifts. Many starborns avoid displaying their gifts until they have a level of comfort or live in a safe area. Know the dark side will do what it can to subvert and control you through the shadows every one carries, implants, programs, and more.




Since most starborns are alone in many ways, they have time to grow through experience and mistakes. They have time to go within and discover their true nature and who they are. They gain an understanding about what they are here to do. They gain insights and knowledge from the information encoded in their DNA.

I had the feeling of being alone all of my life. I was alone in crowds, with my friends, and intimate partners. I was alone with my parents and siblings. I discovered I vibrate at a different phase and higher frequency. My gifts and DNA revealed everything during my meditations. Your body contains all the information you need to survive and be successful. You need to take the time to go within, be still, and discover it.


Meeting Those You Already Know


When I am in the presence of another with a similar vibration there is an instant knowing between us. We feel the connection immediately. We feel a shared resonation of our vibrational frequencies. Rarely do I meet someone who has the exact vibrational frequency. When we feel the resonation, it is an exciting moment. We know much before we ever speak. I have met one with an identical vibrational frequency. I knew we came from the same place. I know there are a few others from the distant light. They can, and will, read you like a book. I know I meet with them some day.




Many starborns have an innate knowledge or remembrance of events from other realms. Years ago, I received instructions on how to do a body scan. The purpose of a body scan is to remove historical remnants from the living library of human or animal DNA. In a body scan gifted clients and I together see the etheric historical remnants in their body. What we see is a visual record of remnants imprinted in their DNA. We see the cellular memory of their historical experiences. The remnants imprint by their judgment of the experience in this or past lives.

Today, these historical imprints are energetic blocks. They serve no beneficial purpose and it is essential to remove them. We open their extrasensory gifts so the client sees the etheric remnants. They see and feel the remnants as I remove them. Often localized aches and pains disappear after I remove the remnants. The body scan is one of the more amazing metaphysical tools I acquired. The starborns I scanned have few earthly remnants. They have a plethora of remnants from other dimensions.


Soul DNA Remnants


The historical DNA imprints in your body originate from what I call your soul DNA. They are your historic record containing experiences from past lives. In the DNA of starborns with many earthly lives are the etheric images of earth weaponry such as arrows, daggers, knives, swords, axes, bullets, etc. New starborns carry remnants of incredible technology. These are powerful and horrific devices from other realms. Their DNA contain remnants like mechanical and living implants, bubble shields surrounding the body, bionic arms and legs and a host of incredible weaponry. We found regenerating weaponry in clients equipped for extreme warfare. One client was a living weapon capable of destroying large planets. All of the souls I scanned in the last few years see what I see. We open their extrasensory gifts before we begin the body scan. Some of the clients have more information about what we collectively see through their cellular memories.

When I receive permission, I (the angels actually) remove the remnant from the DNA as visually represented by the etheric image. Implants were there to control or force them to fight and terminate their life if captured or they disobeyed an order. Bubble shields protect one from weapons, from drowning or suffocating in space. Some shields provide invisibility as they bend the light rays around the body. My DNA contained three protective shields. I worked on many clients who were warriors. One client had thirteen protective bubble shields around them. Watch the space age shows to get a fair idea of what souls in other dimensional realms could do. Some were members of the ancient Guardian race. I was a Guardian in one life. Our whole purpose was to guard the divine creation energy carried by a few souls. The divine creation energy is the source of all. All of creation consists of this divine conscious energy. It was highly prized by many races.

Many feel historical devices without consciously knowing it. They feel pain yet they have a sense about the device. One client was afraid of accidentally killing another by defending himself. Tempers, rage, revenge, and other lower frequency emotions became sources of energy to sometimes power this technology. Fighting and weaponry on earth is mere child’s play compared to more violent dimensional realms. This is our collective history. Life was often enslaving and the violence was horrific. The omniverses are still evolving. The issue is humanity and those with agendas of control and fear. The collective consciousness of humanity is holding the omniverses back from evolving to higher existences. The new starborns are here to assist mankind to evolve to higher states of consciousness and existences. This is the ascension mentioned in the bible.


Visiting To Awaken


New starborns have less than forty lifetimes on earth. Walk-ins experience their first or second life here. Walk-ins are usually here to perform service. All study human behavior and earth norms before coming in. We are all special and highly gifted souls. There are many on earth to help humanity evolve. We are here to raise consciousness and end the disease of insanity of a few who use agendas of fear and guilt to motivate and control.

I am developing like everyone else. My consciousness rises as I explore new modalities and situations. We are all a work in progress. We are here to love and serve all, to educate about a simpler way to live. To assist and awaken dysfunctional humanity. To facilitate humanity stepping into their conscious divinity. Everyone wants to have an earthly experience of joyful creation, fun, and loving life as a compassionate divine souls.

The smaller the number of lifetimes, the more challenging it can be to understand, cope, and adapt. It has taken me thirty lifetimes to feel comfortable in a body. I am a loving and compassionate soul, here to assist others. I enjoy the beautiful emotions of daily life. I live a holistic joyful life of creation. I live on the edge of society. I am a child of light and a citizen of earth. I am awake and I am unconcerned about what others think about me. To some I may appear odd or even a little crazy at times. It took thirty lifetimes to awaken. It only takes a moment to awaken. There are easy ways to shift your consciousness and perspective.


Quick Mind, Monkey Mind, Or Both


Starborns usually have high intelligence and a very quick mind. Many will excel academically and fail in other ways, such as in their personal life. Intelligence and dealing with emotions are critical factors necessary for success. Feelings and emotions are a challenge for many starborns. Yet they are crucial for your extrasensory gifts to work efficiently.

Intelligence is sometimes a burden if you analyze everything. For some their memory feels like a curse. They remember everything. Many have what Sai Baba and others call the monkey mind. Monkey mind is the incessant chatter of thoughts. These thoughts derive from the patterns you created that are stored in your DNA. Emotions evoke thoughts and thoughts evoke emotions, a vicious circle. A few starborns have hundreds and more of these thoughts in an instant. This can be highly distracting. Most are unable to stop this mental noise and it challenging to focus. When you combine the emotions of metaphysical experiences with the mind chatter it can be overwhelming. It is the patterns and their associated emotions that generate these random thoughts. These can be easily cleared.


Blissful Concentration


The mental creativity of some starborns is incredible. Expressing that creativity in a constructive form is at times challenging. Monkey mind gets in the way of concentration. Clearing your patterns from the DNA will end the mind chatter. There will be a point on your spiritual path when you realize the chatter expressed through your mind consciousness is gone.

Today my mind is quiet. The incessant chatter left during my first trip to India many years ago. I love the silence. It allows me to focus and observe with concentration. High intelligence, a quick mind, and a lack of random thoughts are a wonderful combination.




Many, and probably most of the new starborns are extremely shy. Many appear lacking in social graces and interpersonal skills. Many choose to be alone since they know they are different. They are uncomfortable in the presence of the unconscious. New starborns act, feel, look, and are different in subtle ways. Many potentially had a hard childhood. Many were probably teased, bullied, or intimidated by the unconscious and are afraid. With most people being unconscious, it is hard for most starborns to reach out. Most live on the edge of life of society.

Many in the world have little tolerance for diversity, or things they are unable to understand. The fearful expect, demand, and teach conformity. Much of humanity fears anything different than their belief systems. This fear and guilt is a terrible burden for them to carry. Being shy is a natural result of being different and living in challenging circumstances.


Missing Our Freedom


New starborns are uncomfortable being partially or fully in the body. To many the body is a prison, a meat suit. It is a slow and painful vehicle. It requires daily maintenance and feeling the painful physical and emotions of a body are new to all starborns. Starborns are used to absolute freedom. We are from higher vibrational realms and we find ourselves in the lowest vibrational realm. This is a new physical experience for us. It is no surprise starborns are barely in their body.


New Freedoms


Many have yet to discover the joys, gifts, and freedoms, the body will offer. Until a starborn shifts their consciousness from their head to their heart, one will rarely be fully in the body. Until you are fully in your heart and body, there is always uneasiness in occupying in a body. When the heart opens and your consciousness shifts from the mind into the heart, the body becomes a protected temple. At this point, the real fun begins.

The extrasensory gifts open wide and you can do all sorts of things with your gifts. The saints and masters discovered there are no rules and anything is possible because creation is through the heart consciousness. Starborns are used to creating instantly with their love and thoughts. The ultimate state of awakening through shifting the consciousness is the ability to create and manifest. Until then, one has to learn to open and control your extrasensory gifts. Creation through manifestation is effortless. You need a pure heart and a driving desire to serve. Often the price of this state is seclusion to some degree. Everyone has the potential and ability to manifest and create. This is your divine birthright.


Doing Our Work


Every starborn comes to earth to fulfill commitments. We are here to change the world by raising the consciousness of humanity. Some openly work for change. Others work behind the scenes and sometimes with groups of like-minded starborns on a similar path. We need to awaken before we can be successful. To venture publicly into the world starborns have to clear their patterns to awaken. We all carry the learned conditioned response of fear of being different. There is the potential for harm by those with little tolerance for change. Societies will realize starborns are here to help humanity change and evolve.


There Is No Failure


The downside of a starborn with problems coping and surviving is some drop out of society, become psychotic, addicted, or worse. Many will work to fulfill commitments even if they have no clue about who they are or why they are here. The living library in the body’s DNA keeps the starborn striving for success. The body knows the purpose of the starborn. Attempts to fulfill commitments without an inkling of why, are a reality for some. Life in a clueless state is little more than survival. The body and the starborn will keep trying until they are successful or die.

In my experience, starborns prefer to go it alone until they partner with others on a joint path of self-discovery and awakening. Many are unable to make it. They give up, escape to drugs or alcohol, some die. Death like many things is an opportunity to try again. Starborns will be back as soon as possible to try again. Others will have the same commitments.

We are here to change the world and bring about peace, compassion, freedom, and understanding. There is only one human race and only one earth. Both are in a downward spiral through neglect, indifference, and destruction. We are here to change this. Our collective freedom is the goal.


Our Greatest Heroes


Some starborns incarnate into crippled bodies, affected by conditions like Down’s Syndrome, or other apparent handicaps. These starborns become great teachers for everyone around them. I would feel into the energy and consciousness of these amazing souls while I was awakening. I sensed with every seemingly negative physical condition, there is also an equally positive aspect hidden from view. These starborns are the truly gifted ones. They are brave and courageous and they will do anything to assist others in need. I lived with a handicapped soul for years. He taught me handicaps are really only in the mind.

I am grateful to and honor all the starborns who are our greatest teachers. Many see them as physically handicapped. I feel the energy, heart, drive, and they are sterling examples of unconditional love. They love others so much they will do anything to assist them.

Let us shift our consciousness. Think of it this way, there are no victims, there are only volunteers. The starborn volunteers are some of our greatest teachers through their courageous sacrifice by incarnating in dysfunctional or crippled bodies. Through their example of being physically or apparently mentally handicapped, they teach everyone around them many tangible and intangible lessons. They teach us the ones who judge them are the ones with serious handicaps.


The Point?


What is the real point of the new starborns being here? Why do they have many of the discussed traits? The goal, besides expressing our divinity in a human body, while enjoying this paradise, is service to all. To change the insane mess on earth requires special help. This is why these starborns are here. Humanity and earth are in serious trouble. The insanity, obscurations, and delusions of those with agendas of fear, guilt, and control are a menace to our survival. They are a threat to earth, and potentially other realms. Although nuclear weapons are infantile compared to the technology from other realms, they are dirty weapons.

Programmed humans appear to have a tendency for self-destruction. This is a pattern that can be cleared. We are here to transform this way of thinking and hopefully prevent the destruction of humanity and earth. Humanity is too precious a life form to allow it to self-destruct through the ignorance of a few delusional, fearful souls. For those lost souls, I often wonder if there is life after birth?




This book is to assist anyone ready to awaken. I spent too many lifetimes working to awaken. It is a waste of time to let you wander blindly. My goal is to help as many as possible awaken as quickly as possible. We are all on earth, the jewel of the omniverses. Humanity is the grand experiment and one of the most amazing life forms. We are capable of anything we desire. Many would have you stay in a state of control and fear. You can deal with the truth, it is the half truths and lies that are an issue. It is time for the starborns to awaken, take back their power, and assist humanity to awaken.

We want all humanity to be successful in living a life of creation, peace, and harmony. We want our earth to continue to be a wonderfully beautiful place to live. We want all souls to be able to incarnate on earth as humans or animals. The benefits and rewards of our success are extremely high. The reality of our collective success is far beyond your imagination. Resist letting others enslave you through their fearful agendas of hate and control. Work to free yourself and all of humanity from the bondage of ignorance. The cost of failure is immense and the rewards of success are limitless. Work for our collective benefit, as well as the welfare of your children, and their children…Be the light to dispel the darkness of ignorance and control. A little light carried by a few will dispel much darkness. You and the jewel of the omniverses are worth the struggle.



Survival Can Be Easy


Why is there a section on surviving? The number of new starborns light workers was approximately one hundred forty-four thousand. I asked sources to check and this is the number they received. In the grand scheme of things, I would feel more comfortable with a much higher number. There are billions of the unconscious in need of assistance. Many countries and regimes are repressive and highly dangerous to live in. Real freedom is an illusion for practically everyone on earth. Life and survival is challenging for many souls. The odds are against success to awaken and facilitate change.

Many starborn lightworkers survive and are in the process of awakening. Some appear dysfunctional and some live on the edge of society. Some are emotionally or mentally unfocused. There are the psychotic and unbalanced. Some are out of the body and living in multiple dimensions at the same time. Some are threats to others when they lash out in frustration. Some are homeless and many have been homeless at one time or another. Some are a threat to themselves. Many are lost and have walked away from their spiritual path.

What can we do to ensure our survival and success? How do we facilitate change and awaken to our purpose? How can we help humanity and the earth if we are unable to help ourselves? How we survive is the question we all face. I have suggestions that helped me and they will help anyone.


Maintain A Low Profile


For many starborns this is hardly an issue. Most are too shy and it is easy to maintain a low profile until they awaken. Until you help yourself and awaken you are unable to help anyone. You are only able to help yourself. When you awaken, then you are ready to fulfill your commitments. It becomes a life of play because work is a four letter word of the past. You do what you love and your life and spiritual path truly become effortless.

For a few starborns maintaining a low profile is challenging. Starborns are easy for others to find. Creativity, slightly open extrasensory gifts, high intelligence, shyness, and reticent interactions. Naturally, these starborns display their qualities to anyone who is observant.

Starborns need to work on basic survival while walking their spiritual path to awaken. Everything you need is in your DNA. Go within, meditate or be very still to obtain the information you need.


Clear Your Issues


There are many modalities and techniques to clear your issues, blocks, and patterns. I see everything as energy. Behavior and emotional issues imprint as patterns of energy in the DNA of your cells. Use anything that works for you. There is always an emotional release in every healing. My path to awakening was like many others, trying everything to see what really works…Ironically, only the Master Alignment tools worked for me. I wrote the book The Clarity Technique (free on Shakespir) to help others clear. It contains an easy way for anyone to clear their issues and blocks. It is an effective technique I and others used to clear discordant energy, the shadows, nightmares or dreams, to open your gifts, and more. It shows you how to uncreate the limiting aspects of your life. It clears all aspects of your body and energy fields. It details how I opened my heart and shifted my consciousness from my head into my heart. It speaks of some of my spiritual experiences in my quest to awaken.


Many Tools


There are ways to improve yourself if you feel you need the direction others provide. Use any resource or modality that resonates within you. Try meditation, energy work in any form, metaphysical tools or any helpful activity. Seek out techniques and resources to help you center and focus.

Many teach the premise thoughts create. I validated the truth of this. If you create poorly, you can uncreate anything if you understand your power. Use your thoughts, words, and actions to facilitate your path rather than limit it. Create an intention and visualization for anything you will do. Believe it and know it will happen with a little work. Feel it with all aspects of your being. We create limitations when we give others our energy and power. There are no rules and anything is possible. Know it to be true and you will make it happen. Your feelings, persistence, and attitude can remove any obstacle. Your thoughts, words, and actions provide the framework to manifest your potential. Settle only for the best because you deserve it.

You will gradually understand as you awaken. Work hard and awaken. You fail only when you give up. As you progress on your chosen path, you raise your consciousness as you reclaim your power. Your efforts and the tools you acquire, facilitate your journey. When you awaken you find everything you do will be effortless. At this point you no longer need to keep a low profile. You demonstrate your presence as a light worker through your service and actions.


Starborn Families


I was fortunate to be born into a family of starborns. My parents and siblings are all new starborns. It was a fun family. The families of my friends were all dysfunctional through abuse, violence, fear, molestation, neglect, and anger. We had no abuse or any fearful issues in our family. My parents were always cordial without harsh words. We had an ideal childhood through our creative ways, living in the country.

The downside of being in a family of starborns is we were in our individual little worlds. We rarely hugged or touched. None of us were in our bodies. Hugging or touching is a painful reminder of emotions. We were all alone in our own way and yet we had a lot of fun in our family outings to explore and be in nature. We ate very well from nature and our garden. As a family we camped on vacations and explored remote wilderness areas. We hunted and fished for our food. It was a wonderful childhood growing up in the country. I am always at home in nature and the wilderness. We were fortunate to leave the fun in dysfunctional.


Family Issues


Today I am the only one in my family who is awake. In every family or situation there are advantages and perceived disadvantages. In my family I am the odd one, the black sheep. Like all starborns I was a stranger in my own family. I sometimes feel as I made every mistake possible. My life was challenging. I made good choices except in human relationships. Practically everyone misunderstood my other choices in life. Many believed I consistently made poor decisions. Although there may be some truth in this, I made the best choice for me. In contrast to prevailing opinion, I made the right decision by doing the right things, regardless of the consequences. By doing the right thing, I alienated those who are unable to understand. My father disowned me when an authority figure lied to him about me. This was actually the best thing that happened to me. I was away from those who would try and keep me in their world. It was time to create my own world.

I was somewhat tolerated because the family line is strong. My family also tolerated me because the body knows what is going on. There are cellular memories in the family line DNA than maintain these bonds. At times they break because they need to at that moment and they will mend. Our shared DNA holds the key to family traits, mannerisms, bonds, as well as behaviors. I am grateful to be born into a family of new starborns.


Survival Tools


I am grateful for the lessons and wisdom my family taught me. I learned tools of survival through my parent’s example of independence. We are presented with opportunities for growth when we are ready. We lived in the country until I was in High School. Then we moved to a city. The city was a shock to my senses. I was overwhelmed by the noise, bustle, and crowds… I learned to cope and survive. Being in the city was a commitment for growth. We are presented with many opportunities and experiences. These are necessary to learn and develop. They come only when we are ready.


They All Want To Know


Today my family survives the day to day. They try to enjoy life while randomly searching for their path. One of my brothers knows he is an angel in human form and he is close to awakening. I look forward to the day when they all awaken. I am an example when I am in their presence. I answer their questions honestly, especially those about the metaphysical and spiritual path. My life and choices still makes no sense to them. They ask questions to try and understand my life and my path. They will awaken when they are ready. Then they will understand my choices and it will all make sense to them. Everyone wants to know the secret and answers to make their life easier. If it were only that easy. You have to walk your talk and then you will have an amazingly joyful, rewarding life.


Do What You Love


In keeping with a low profile, do what you love to do the most. It is unimportant what you do in this world. Do the best you can in everything. If you strive to be the best you will succeed. It makes no sense to conform to other’s wishes. I could hardly figure out what I wanted to do as far as a career in the real world. The day to day was hard enough.

I was fortunate to get into the computer field. I worked thirty plus years doing something I loved and found easy to do. The challenging aspects were interacting with customers and co-workers. I received a good salary as I traveled and worked around the world. My travel created the opportunity for me to explore spiritual modalities as well as visit sacred sites. I was fortunate to work around the world. I learned so much by observing other peoples and cultures. Doing what I loved was no effort, I only put in time.

All of these opportunities facilitated my reaching a critical mass. I slowly awakened to who I am and why I am here. My awakening was discovering the unconditional love energy in and all around me. I was sometimes assisted by strangers who told me what they saw or knew about my past lives and present condition. It was like the voice of God, speaking to me.

Follow your heart and listen to the living library in your DNA. It will show you the path and what need to do. Your DNA will facilitate your survival and our collective success. I was fortunate in my career. I did what I loved to do and what came easy.




It is vitally important to have good friends and allies. Seek out friends and accomplices who can help you and themselves through your interactions. A word of advice is to only trust yourself and your guidance. Avoid finding yourself in a compromising situation through the advice of others, no matter how well meaning it may be. By going into your heart, you can determine your best path of action. Get out of your head and into your heart if only to validate options. Instead of listening to your ego or mind, listen to your heart, guidance, and intuition. The mind will do it’s best and the ego may have other well-meaning suggestions. Listen only to your heart and follow your guidance and intuition in all things.

By finding like-minded lightworkers, you will realize you have many friends just like you. Being alone is the overwhelming feeling most starborns have in common. We are alone because we vibrate at a higher frequency. Your friends will be a sounding board for ideas. Allies and friends will help in many ways. Some will tell you things about yourself you need to hear and understand. It is difficult to see ourselves as others see us. They will see things through their gifts and insight. It will help you to understand yourself. Their insight will allow you to clear the patterns and issues you were unable to see. Take it all in and some day you will be able to confirm, or disprove, the things you are told.

You will find solace in friendship. Finding other starborn lightworkers can be difficult based on where you live. I wait for a sign before speaking of metaphysical topics. A sign can be anything they say that resonates within you regardless of how outrageous it may sound. You might explore areas of interest. Walking the spiritual path with a friend, to be able to share and discuss experiences, is a real blessing. You will discover amazing things, often rarely noticed, by discussing your collective experiences. Find and enjoy the friendship of other lightworkers. It is worth the effort.

Friendships are two-way streets. You will get as much out of a friendship as you put in. Trust yourself and beware to taking advice without validating it. Advice, like channeling, is only as good as the clarity of the source. You may have friends and yet your actions are yours alone. Be careful in what you say and do with others. Some paths may sometimes cross for only a few days and the friendship soon becomes a memory. Treasure each friendship as a valuable memory and learning experience.




Work on your powers of observation. Observe everything around you. Observe the smallest details, these are often the most crucial. Take it in with your senses and extrasensory gifts. Every aspect of the world around you is important. I found it is often the smallest detail that helps you to understand a situation. My powers of observation are now excellent. I take everything in I see, feel, hear, taste, smell, touch, and intuit. I feel deeply, and listen to my extrasensory gifts and guidance. Often I reprocess events and information later. I often discover something key to understanding what I experienced. Then I use my this knowledge in coping or surviving. There is no trivia, coincidence, or accidents. Everything has a purpose and things happen for a reason. Each event and item is part of your greater whole.

Sharpen your powers of observation until it is second nature and viewing becomes effortless. The reward and validation of your path is when everything is effortless. It is vitally important to be observant and it may save your life. Improving your powers of observation is like anything, it just requires a little work and practice. Be diligent in your efforts to see and you will be amazed as powers of observation improves. You will be able to see in other dimensional realms as you walk your path. For me the greatest joy is seeing the fairies, angels, and other things most overlook.


Open Your Gifts


Work on opening and using all of your extrasensory gifts. Everyone has the same extrasensory gifts in varying degrees of awareness. Some are stronger intuitives than others who might be more clairsentient. For many new starborns, the gifts remain dormant. Extrasensory gifts often remain closed until you are ready. Some made vows to prevent using their gifts. Since we are all pure, divine souls, our extrasensory gifts will open.

There are a few things you can do to help open your gifts. Walk your spiritual path. Always do the right thing. Perform service without any expectation of reward. Clear the patterns of thought and behavior that limit. These are simple ways to open your heart, which facilitates opening your gifts. It may take a little work to clear your limiting thoughts and patterns of behavior. Removing these blocks facilitates everything else.

This is as hard or as easy as you make it. When your heart is open, your consciousness will soon shift into your heart. This is as vital as well as feeling and using your higher emotions. You clear lower frequency emotions when you clear your patterns. Feeling and using your emotions gets you out of your head. This helps you to be in your body and be grounded.


Be Grounded And Surrender


Work in a garden, walk barefoot, lie on the earth. etc. This will ground you and bring you back into your body. There is a new world when you connect to our mother earth. You may see or feel the earth spirits, and the plant devas. Be still, and learn to listen and connect with them to learn and understand. Meditation or going within to become one with the divine is beyond words. While in a quiet state, ask your guides, angels, and other helpers to speak with you. You will hear them when you are willing and quiet. It is essential to be open to the possibility that anything is possible. There are no limitations, only those you impose or believe.

Become grounded and ask to drop all veils and obscurations. Your guides, angels and others are always ready to help. Quiet your mind and listen. They will speak to you and you will be able to communicate with them. You need to open to receive, be willing to receive, and believe you are worthy to receive. This applies to any aspect of your life. Ask for help and surrender to the guidance from your saints, masters, guides, and angels. Surrender to your Higher Self. Grounding and surrender are very important.


Surrender To Yourself


Surrendering applies to the totality of you. It encompasses you as a pure divine soul, your core self, your Higher Self, your inner child, your ego consciousness, and all other aspects of your being in all dimensional realms. Surrendering is your willingness and agreement to move forward on your path, whether it is a spiritual path, or one of self-discovery. Surrender is about opening to, accepting, and forgiving yourself. It is about asking for help, from all aspects of your being, as well as the divine ones who assist on a soul and other levels. This is all part of the surrendering process. There is no shame or failure in asking for assistance. Everyone can use a little help at some time in their life.


Ego Consciousness


Some suggest you eliminate or nullify the ego consciousness. This is a poor suggestion. Your ego is is an asset. The ego is the interface between your consciousness and your Higher Self. Merging and integrating the ego consciousness is crucial to moving forward. If your ego is in charge, then you gave it power, surrendered control, and your life is probably challenging. Your ego will do anything to maintain control. If you gave your ego your power then you need reclaim your power. You need to be aligned with your ego. An inner partnership also applies to your inner child and your body. There is no physical ascension without the ego, inner child, or your body.


Inner Child


Your ego and your inner child are the two things you will align with and integrate with your body. To integrate and be in equal partnership with your inner child is amazing. Your inner child will tell you many things. This is the child spoken of in the bible. The bible speaks of the impossibility to enter (ascend) into the kingdom of heaven unless you are as a little child.

Many believe your ego and body are adversaries. This is the farthest from the truth. Your ego, as your interface between your Higher Self and your body is vital. They work with your inner child and extrasensory gifts to assist you every way possible. Your ego, inner child, and body are crucial to any success. You will integrate your inner child and the ego as you awaken in equal partnership with your body. Integration will happen when you awaken from the slumbers of delusional and limiting thoughts. Your inner child, body and ego are your greatest allies in life.


What Really Helped?


My path of self-discovery became my spiritual path. I read much about saints and masters. They inspired me. I worked with the crystal kingdom, energy tools, and effective metaphysical tools. I visited sacred sites and power spots around the earth. I sought out the company of saints and masters. I have been in the presence of over 100 saints and masters. I surrendered to my Higher Self and aligned with the divine consciousness. I asked for assistance from all divine souls to help me. I connected to the grid of consciousness. In the light state, I am love, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, a sensitive, psychic, an intuitive, as well as tap into and direct light energy for the benefit of others. Many things come to me when I am in the light energy of unconditional love. With this energy, all things are possible. I see and hear those I work with, angels, saints, masters, and guides. I am thankful and grateful for all these things.

Everything you explore is important to help you on your path and facilitate your awakening. All saints and masters will help you to succeed. To defer seeking is to rarely find. Ask for, and follow the guidance of your heart, angels and guides, when in situations requiring a decision. They are great assets and they will assist you. Everyone has angels and guides. They are always with you. Learn to listen. They speak through your intuition and guidance. Trust yourself and the guidance from your heart. These are all important things to do.




I do energy work in conjunction with the crystal kingdom. I and many others have a normal relationship with crystals. We see and hear many things when working with conscious crystal energy. The crystal kingdom teaches many things. It will facilitate healing on all levels.

Clients often see and hear what they call the goddess in the crystal. They see her and she often sings to them. She sings a song of words they need to hear. The song helps one understand the issues in your life. The song will facilitate change if you heed the words.

When I work with crystals, I hold the energy as a facilitator. The crystals do the real work. Many may believe doctors and others can heal. The truth is we heal ourselves through our thoughts, belief systems, and nourishing the body. The body will always heal itself. Clients heal themselves with the assistance of the crystals. As a facilitator, I have the privilege of watching people heal and empower themselves. Crystals, essential oils and electronic energy technology offer hope for the healing and awakening of mankind.


Open Your Heart


Opening your heart is the most important goal you can have in your life. It is a great accomplishment to open your heart and awaken. Until a heart is open, a man or a women are emotionally a boy or girl. I have worked with only two men and four women. The others with will soon open their heart and awaken. Women have a much better chance of opening their heart because many are more in touch with their emotions.

Your heart is an organ of perception. Go within and listen to your heart in all matters. When you are able to consciously be in your heart, you taste, touch, smell, hear, and see, through your heart. Your extrasensory gifts work through your heart. Your heart will secrete the hormones it used to secrete before it closed. Living and working in any fear based and adrenalin society contributes to keeping your heart closed. The agendas of fear and control keep you in the power of others. Reclaim your power and open your heart. When you awaken and do this your body becomes your heart.




As you walk your spiritual path, your DNA will change as it reflect your changes. It will resequences or recombine and you will soon create more physical strands of unique DNA. Your single double helix will eventually become twelve and maybe more unique strands. Your body changes as it heals on your spiritual path of awakening. Your body and consciousness will shift as you align with the divine and you will become aware of being in multiple dimensional realms. Your heart will open when you reach a critical mass of clearing your patterns of behavior and energetic blockages. When you no longer resonate to, or respond to situations you are free of attracting those patterns. You create protection when you no longer attract situations necessary to neutralize pattern energy. You will observe with detachment situations that used to pull you into your or another’s drama. You will learn to observe and honor every path you see another walking. You will learn to keep your energy intact while being an example for those who seek to love.

You will be able to tap into the unconditional love energy, expressed as light, in form, all around us. You will see the world as anything except what it appears. You will see fairies, angels, as well as other special creations. You will at times become one with and become the bright white light. You will open and align your ego consciousness with your Higher Self, your inner child. and your body. You will experience the divine, as well as experiencing heaven on earth while in the physical body. You will be completely free and you will awaken. You will become conscious unconditional love. You will step into your divinity. This is the goal of life on earth. Get on with your life of growing and opening your heart. Walk in the light, awaken, and enjoy your life. Life can be a self-created heaven or it may be a self-created hell. Uncreate the aspects that limit you and create your heaven on earth. This is much more fun and rewarding. My world is one of joy and perfection. I see the conscious unconditional love expressed in all things. All life is precious. I get to live in the physical and the spiritual world, what an honor.




If you have given the body control, physical cravings are challenging. Until you again gain control over the body, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol, are difficult to overcome. Addictions are the cravings holding you to the painful aspects of your reality. These are all incongruous with your spiritual path.

I was addicted to tobacco because my parent and relatives smoked. I smoked from age of sixteen to twenty. Quitting the use of tobacco was the hardest thing I have done. I quit smoking the day I went into the military. The numerous attempts to quit smoking before I was ready to succeed failed miserably. I intuitively knew I had to quit using tobacco. Fortunately, the military experience was more miserable than the withdrawal process.

After four years of freedom from tobacco, I was back in civilian life. I worked in a meat factory and it seemed everyone smoked. In break rooms I passively smoked. I backslid with a few cigarettes that were offered or I stole. I struggled terribly to stop smoking. After a deep meditation I took a vow to quit smoking cigarettes. That vow gave me the resolve to refrain from using any form of tobacco. I sometimes had a dream about smoking. I would wake up in a sweat while being relieved it was only a dream. Smoking was an awful experience. Tobacco is the only addiction I had to work hard to end. For me, nothing was as difficult to give up as tobacco.




Drugs were another challenge presented to me. Fortunately, the use of drugs was easier to overcome than quitting tobacco. Drugs were pervasive in the sixties and rife in the military. While serving in Vietnam, drugs were a part of daily life for many. The drugs were pure and powerful. Almost all of my peers used drugs. I smoked my first marijuana cigarette after a year in the military. In my four years, I experimented with most everything offered.

When I returned to civilian life, I saw the drugs in America were impure and potentially fatal. I attended a big ten university and got my 4 year degree. To pay for school I worked full-time at night in a meat factory. I had no free time for drugs and after a year, the craving for the escape offered by drugs left me. The fear of discovery and stigma of prosecution helped my body release any craving for drugs. I had no extra money and buying drugs was out of the question.

My experience and observation is drugs are destructive. I saw the effects of drug addiction on people I knew or met. I saw drugs ruin their lives.




Alcohol in my experience is the worst addiction. I am part Metis. Metis is a French-Canadian indigenous nation, from the Ottawa, Hull area. I saw the effects of alcohol on my family and relatives. Most of my relatives died of alcohol related damage. Some were in and out of treatment programs without success. Alcoholism is terrible to observe and experience. I rarely drank and a little was too much for me. I was fortunate to have my craving for alcohol leave me. Ending my use of alcohol was merely another commitment I successfully completed. You can walk your spiritual path or you can use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. Your spiritual path and the use of those intoxicating substances is incompatible.


Freedom from Addictions


Addictions come in every form. It can be food, biting fingernails, cracking knuckles, sex, work, television or the remote, abuse, or anything. When the body and cravings are in control, you must pull back your power and regain control. Take up reading rather than becoming a couch potato absorbed in television. Some are addicted to control. This is a mechanism they believe will protect them. Physical diversions and associated sensations ensnare the body and mind. I know anyone can heal any disease and overcome any addiction. I overcome my addictions by walking my spiritual path. Cravings diminished and then vanished.

You can clear your addictions and related patterns of behavior only when you are ready to change. I see all patterns of behavior as a need to, a have to, an unable to do, etc. These patterns are imprinted energy in your DNA. You can clear these patterns of behavior with your words. When you clear the pattern, the cravings will leave. With a little resolve, your intent to change ensures your success. You first have to regain your power. Then you will gain control of your body and your life…It takes determination and a little work. There is no free lunch and until you are truly free, you have to work for what you want. You can create what you want through your intent, words, thoughts, and actions.


Freedom Is The Goal


My experience with cravings and addictions is anyone can become free. To be free from addictions requires a little work. Determination, resolve, your intent to be free, creates the construct for your success. It takes time for the body to adjust. You can soon be living a clean and wholesome life. I have been drug, tobacco, and alcohol-free for decades. You can be in control of your body, or the addictions of the mind and body will control you. The choice is yours.

Paramahansa Yogananda used to say and I paraphrase, ever fed, never satisfied, never fed, ever satisfied. This wisdom applies to addictions and cravings of the body. If you are captive to your addictions, be resolved to be successful, and clear these addictive patterns of behavior. Walk your spiritual path or journey of self-discovery. You can and need to be in control of your body and your life. If you relinquished your personal power, others will control your life. Pull back your power to be in control of your life and destiny. The pain of addictions and cravings will make life a challenge. You will meet resistance attempting to gain your freedom. Persevere and you will be free. Life is all about keeping your power. If I can do it, anyone can.



Fitting In


Why is it vital for starborns to integrate into society in a non-violent, non-invasive, and non-threatening manner. One must successfully integrate into society to change it. When you successfully interact with society, you can practically become invisible. I feel like I have been the invisible man much of my life. You will be present without drawing attention to yourself. You will be free to do whatever you choose as long as it has a beneficial impact on those around you. The boundary of your interaction ends when you impact and limit the freedom of others.

Fitting in facilitates your change. You will have time and learn and clear your patterns of behavior, personal issues, heal yourself, so you can awaken. You will be ready for anything. Some believe self-realization or becoming a master is the goal. This is only another step on your path. You will become whole in all aspects whether your path is one of self-discovery or spiritual. You will connect to the grid of consciousness, have an open heart and see the unity of all. Then you are in a position to effectively help others when asked. Until you are complete, observe everything without attachment and judgment. If you react, you need to clear that pattern or it will draw you into the drama. You will learn to honor their drama. You will know when you are ready for your real work and you will have confirmation from the grid of consciousness. Here are a few guidelines to facilitate interacting. They may sound trite, yet I used these guidelines with success.


Complete Honesty


You need to be totally honest with yourself before you can be honest with others. This is a form of self-analysis by observing your speech, actions, thoughts, and how you interact with others. Being honest is the foundation for the remaining guidelines.

There is no value in being brutally honest with others. Speaking with loving kindness to avoid harming another through your speech is the goal. Speak with sincerity and compassion. Follow your heart when you want to say something Say it in a way that is clear and candid, so there is no confusion or misunderstanding. To be brutally honest is to only be brutal. You only hurt yourself when you say things in an unkind manner. I know people who can easily describe terrible things. They say it in a positive manner. Many rarely realize the full impact of their words. They can tell someone to go to hell in such a way they look forward to the journey. Being honest in all situations, with sincere loving kindness and compassion, is the best way to speak. Honesty will teach you many things about yourself.




It is vital to act in an impeccable manner in every situation. This means being honorable in dealing with yourself and others. This may be difficult at first. To act without error, cause for reproach, is sometimes challenging. To be honorable, honest and trustworthy, is essential for your survival. To give others an excuse to behave poorly is without value. The ramifications of behaving poorly will have grave consequences.

Acting impeccably and honestly is impossible until you are honest with yourself and others. One step at a time is the best way to change thoughts, behavior, and all aspects of your being. Take baby steps if necessary. It may take some time to make these shifts in consciousness and behavior. The results are worth the effort. As a shift in your consciousness, actions and energy occurs, you will observe the benefits. As you shift your words, consciousness, and behavior. the world you has to shift to accommodate the new you. Small, sure steps are best, in the seemingly uncertain path of life.


Love Unconditionally


There will be no real change unless you love. You need to love like a lightening bolt, intense, directed to all, and with compassion. This reality is created from the energy of unconditional love. Unconditional love energy manifests as light. Love is the building blocks of everything. You have the ability to see everything as a manifestation of conscious love. When you see, conscious light in form will be radiating unconditional love to all. This is the way to see and understand all around you. Unconditional love as conscious light is the true form of everything in creation.

Everything as an expression of unconditional love is motivated from, through, for, and by love. Unconditional love will shift the way you think, observe, and interact. This is the only way to live. Love unconditionally because there are no limitations. The energy of love has the consciousness to raise your frequency so you vibrate as unconditional love. You will know when you vibrate at the same frequency as another object or soul. You will feel the unity and be one with it.

Unconditional love is our natural state as you awaken in the light. To raise your frequency to match another, allows you to become one with the love of the divine holy white light. I look forward to the day we are all conscious of the love around us and we vibrate as one in the loving light. This is the natural state of humanity.




Cherish and embrace all life. Honor the divinity in everything. Everything is a manifestation of conscious unconditional love. Everything is alive, has a consciousness, and all forms are life. Limitations are taught by those who have yet awake and see. This is the reality of our world. I cherish and give the energy of love to all I see, feel, and experience. Especially those who have yet to awaken and are in need. They are still pure divine souls.

You will discover the truth of this as you change and awaken. Everything is alive. Embrace and see the love it all, everything has a place and purpose. We are here to learn and understand. There is unity through the divinity in all. Cherish and experience the unity through the diversity. Cherish the unity as diversity. Cherish everything as an equal aspect in the unity of all. When you cherish everything as conscious unconditional love and divine, then each aspect has equal importance. Life expressed as less than unconditional love is limiting. It is behavior with an agenda. There are no gradations or limitations in cherishing or loving.




There are no tests in life. There are opportunities based on where we are in our clearing to awaken. If you feel uncomfortable in any situation, this is the pattern you need to clear. It is what you need to clear, learn and experience at that moment. Many use the word test. This is inappropriate because the word implies a pass or fail. There is no failure because the attraction of the energy in your DNA will require you to eventually clear it. You only discover unsuitable situations and uncomfortable situations. I like the word commitment and see each pattern opportunity as a commitment to grow. We make commitments before we come to earth and to fulfill them is what we do. Being able to fulfill commitments goes back to being honest with yourself, doing the right things, and acting in an impeccable manner. This means you need to recognize the opportunities presented to you. You will know when to act or to wait. Each opportunity has a solution. Anything is possible and commitment is an opportunity for growth.


Do The Right Thing


Always do the right thing. At times it may seem difficult to do the right thing. There is the illusion of consequences in doing the right thing. Always know the consequences have a much lesser impact than postponing doing the right thing. What is the right thing? You will always know when you come to that moment and if you go into your heart to ask for guidance. Your heart will always let you know. We all instinctively know the right thing to do.


Have No Expectations


Refrain from judging anything, especially your commitments, and especially if you walk away from the opportunity or believe you fail. There is no failure and there are no time constraints. An opportunity will come again when you are stronger. You will fulfill them when you are ready. There is no question of failure, it is about timing. When you fulfill a commitment the timing is right. Opportunities are like doors and when you fulfill a commitment, you open the door and reach a new level of consciousness. You receive the benefit of your actions and you proceed to the next opportunity on your path.




Life is a series of opportunities based upon the issues you need to resolve. Your patterns in your DNA are like little magnets. They attract situations to neutralize the energy of the pattern. The dramas and situations strengthen you in every way and they assist you to awaken. Commitments fulfill the contracts you made before you incarnated. I know through my experience every commitment I made raised my frequency and consciousness. You reclaim your personal power as you clear patterns and fulfill commitments.

It is like being in school, one grade at a time, each commitment building upon the last. You will eventually complete your mission. You may have feelings of being stuck or making no progress. This is untrue. I felt this way many times and I realized I was preparing for my next major shift. It is impossible to be stationary. Even the day to day tasks assist in your growth. You may be fulfilling commitments by holding the love, light, and energy in situations. You will move through feelings of stagnation and the illusionary aspects of current circumstances. We are always in a state of change as we live and grow through fulfilling opportunities.


Love and Forgive Yourself


Unconditionally love everything, especially yourself. It is ironic how many will love others without loving themselves. The body and all aspects of your being suffer when you deny yourself the love you need and require.

In conjunction with loving yourself you must forgive yourself and all others unconditionally. You will be unable to unconditionally love another until you forgive and unconditionally love yourself. Forgiveness is key to your success in life. An excellent mantra is I am love, I love, and I forgive. When you can unconditionally love and forgive yourself, there is a shift in your consciousness, energy, and life. You will feel the energy when you do this.

This will be as easy or as challenging as you make it. This was a difficult task for me. I realized my poor choices were a natural result of conditioning and my limited understanding. I realized my true nature is divine and I naturally forgave myself. I saw my self and others as only pure divine souls. I saw how easy it is to forgive and I made it hard through my judgments and ignorance. When I unconditionally loved and forgive myself my life changed. These are extremely easy things to do. Choose to make it a simple task. There is no right or wrong, only our judgments. Things only are and they are here to teach. There is no judgment except by you when you judge yourself by judging others. There is nothing to forgive except the lack of understanding the truth. There is only love and it is unconditional.




When you become and radiate the energy of unconditional love there is no time. Like many things, this is an attempt to rationalize our existence. These concepts limit you. You and everyone are pure souls taught limiting behaviors so we judge, and end up with patterns, guilt, remorse, etc. These behaviors have no value. You give your power away and limit yourself. You attract painful situations because of the patterns in the DNA of your body. We have the power to create through our thoughts, words, and actions. We have to power to uncreate all of our limiting situations.

You have the power to create and uncreate anything you desire. Situations are experiences to neutralize the patterns in our DNA. When we judge them, we limit ourselves. Through the learned conditioned responses of guilt and fear these situations become issues. It is much simpler to unconditionally love and forgive yourself. Remember the lessons you learn through each experience. Refrain from any judgment, guilt, fear or remorse about any experience. The body you were born with contains the attractors of your past experiences. Past attractors are in the present, brought forth in your Soul DNA. These become the patterns in your body. These patterns have lower frequency emotions associated through our judgments. These limiting energetic blocks and associated lower emotions limit and hold you to painful experiences. Learn to release and remove these patterns and emotions. It is impossible to move forward when you hold onto the past.


Past, Present, Future


Think about how you relate and interact with the past, present, and future. The past is only an experience and a memory. Refrain from judging it or giving it energy. Always be in the present moment. The future is always in the distance. To seek the future is a waste of time and energy. There is only the present, now, this moment. The present is where your focus needs to be. Forget the past, refrain from projecting into the future, and enjoy the present moment you are experiencing. There is this present moment.

Enjoy the moment for what it represents. It is a state of conscious awareness as an expression of unconditional love. This is the truth for those who choose to see beyond the physical reality. There is only unconditional love expressed as light in conscious forms in creation. If you are unable to experience this, keep clearing your patterns and walking your spiritual path. As you clear, your consciousness will shift. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and cease judging your words, thoughts, or actions. If you are unsatisfied with your behavior, change it. These guidelines will help. You need to love who you are and the experience. Love yourself and all unconditionally, with complete forgiveness and great intensity. Love with the intensity of a lightening bolt.


Create New Pathways


Follow your own unique path. You limit yourself when you follow others. Everyone is different and they often follow others through the ignorance of their own divinity. Each person has their own path destined by the patterns (experiences they attract) in their body, their will, and extrasensory gifts. We are all divine pure souls and to follow others except the saints and masters has no real benefit. You will probably make the same mistakes.

New starborns usually have no karmic cause and effect relationships. You become bound to karmic effects when you give it your energy to validate it. Their soul DNA creates their body and the experiences they attract.

Walk-ins come with special gifts and purposes. They take over the bodies of those who pass on. Most hold the light, are observers, and some are teachers. For the walk-ins, no karmic cause and effect bindings apply. These are advanced souls here for specific tasks. Karma only exists for those who create a karmic consciousness. We create the cause and effect relationships through judgments and subsequent emotions such as fear or guilt. When you give events your energy, the events are validated through your energy. We create and we will uncreate through our thoughts, words, and actions.

It is easy to know your true path. You need to do what your heart tells you. Your heart is much more powerful than your brain. It is the center of consciousness and real power. Your heart will tell you what the right thing is to do. You will soon do what comes naturally. Follow your heart and the path will open wide as you walk your truth. A true path is always effortless.

Some new starborns will work with people, some will work with technology, and some will work on developing. As you uncreate the undesirable self-created items in your life, and create what you want, you will walk your path. Regardless of your path, stay on it ,and see where it leads you.


Fulfill Your Commitments


Work to complete your commitments. This is important since all starborns made commitments to ensure the awakening of humanity and the survival of our mother earth. I am working hard to fulfill my commitments. There is no judgment if you forgo this. It is a waste of energy to worry if you are still awakening. Your extrasensory gifts will open as you walk your path. There are no time constraints on you or commitments. There is no such thing as linear time. This is another human concept. There is only the present moment and the circumstances you are in. There is layered time since dimensional realms often occupy the same space.

Commitments come in the form of opportunities. Look for them and fulfill them regardless of what they appear to be. They usually come with the opportunity to do the right thing. You can fulfill yours and perhaps other’s commitments. Some will be service. Some will be for you to experience and grow. Only you will know the right thing to do. They will feel right when you go into your heart and ask. There is no failure except your judgment of yourself. If you resist an opportunity, someone else will take it. Determined lightworkers will fulfill all commitments.


Teach As You Grow


Be an example for all. People teach in many ways. We learn by observing others deeds, behaviors, words, compassion, judgment, love, etc. As an example, your actions and speech teach all who are around you. You will find you have a subtle to profound effect on the world around you.

As I changed, my reality and those around me changed. My appearance, health, friends and family, changed as I grew. They have to change as I change. They have to shift to accommodate my new consciousness and frequency. Each of us is the center of our universe. We participate in this shared reality. Quantumly we are one. We are all conscious light and completely interconnected. Each change we make in ourselves changes the shared reality. As you change, the world shifts to accommodate you. Your changes can have a slight to major effect on the world and beyond. The more we change, the more we teach, and the greater effect we have on all. Through the living example of your daily life of sharing, you may find you change the world one moment and one person at a time.


Go Within


Work on yourself, walk your path, open your heart, connect to the grid of consciousness, then see the divinity and unity in all. Integrate your inner child, ego consciousness, Higher Self, and all aspects of your being in all dimensional realms. You will be one and know all about you. Some call this state self-realized. What does this mean? It means to discover and understand you are a divine soul. Then you will know and live this truth.

The more you know about yourself, the more you grow. As you grow and discover more about who you really are, you will reach a critical mass. At this point, many contradictory or confusing things begin to make sense. Your extrasensory gifts will continue to open. The extrasensory gifts will assist in your understanding of many things. Learning to love becomes a meditation and a way of life. This is anything except an escape. It becomes your key and a door to freedom. When you go within to love you will begin tapping into the living library in your DNA. It has all you need regarding answers, scripts for survival, and knowledge of your commitments. We are all pure divine souls and discover our divinity as we go within.




Most people have no idea how to meditate. In my experience, meditation is going within to connect with and become one with your divinity. It is an intense seeking, dedication, and surrendering of all you are to your own divine self. It is loving to become one with the conscious unconditional love. It is an intense desire and raising your vibration to become one with the divine unconditional love in you and everything throughout creation and beyond.

Some express their desire for union with the divine by repeating the name of their master deity. Repeating the name of Jesus, Mother Mary, Amma, Sai Baba, Mother Meera, Jehovah, Allah, Babaji, Mataji, or whoever, will raise your vibration. Name and mantra repetition will work to a point. It will distract you from the body consciousness. The above divine souls are different cultural aspects of the same consciousness. They are one and the same in the light. They are consciously here to assist you to embrace your divinity through your self realization that you are a God Spark.

The key is surrender, stillness, silence, and an unquenchable desire for union with the divine. It will happen when you least expect it. The love will grow within and it will be effortless. If you push, there will be resistance. Go within, love yourself and all with the intensity of a lightening bolt, be still, observe and it will happen. If you have visions, thoughts, merely let them go. They are distractions and they will pass. This requires repetition and dedication on your part. It only takes your love to embrace divinity. As your commitment to the spiritual path grows, the path will become easier. It will become effortless and you will become one with the unconditional love that is all. Practice will shift your consciousness and you will be successful.


Meditation Is Easy


For many trying to meditate, their thoughts are going a mile a moment. Their body rebels at being still. The world is tugging at your senses. You have sincere doubts about the effectiveness of meditation. There may be issues of regret, guilt, and self worth distracting you. Meditation appears to be a daunting task. It is easy to meditate if you let go and focus.

To initially help my meditations work, I got up and went within early in the morning. In the early morning, the world is quiet and less distracting. Sit comfortably on a cushion or on a chair keeping your back straight. Sitting on a chair is easier for me. Wear clothing that is loose and without constraints. You may be sitting for an extended time so be as comfortable as possible. I found sitting on a wool blanket with my feet on the wool, insulating me from the chair and floor was beneficial. Many recommend silk as an insulator, yet I found wool was best for me.

Begin sitting with your eyes closed, relax, feel, and observe on the inner. Watch your breath if that is helpful. Open to receive by telling yourself, I open to receive all love and the bright white light light. I command to receive the love and assistance which is my birthright as a divine soul. I command to release all thoughts, veils, and all obstacles I have created…When thoughts arise, honor and thank them for releasing you. Allow them to pass with no significance. When you relax, shift your consciousness into your heart. Fill your body with unconditional love and forgiveness. Feel the love within and all around you. Surround yourself with the bright white light…Feel into the love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude you radiate into all of creation. Love everything as much as yourself. Activate the left and right side of your brain so there is a balance.

You may see lights, other souls and more with your eyes closed, merely observe. Refrain from judging or classifying what you see, hear, think, taste, touch, feel, or smell. You may travel. See where this takes you and again only observe. Vibrate with the energy of unconditional love. Love with the deep intensity of a lightening bolt. Raise your vibrational frequency as you radiate unconditional love. When you vibrate as unconditional love, you connect with others who vibrate at that frequency. You will know when you connect with other divine souls. You will feel a deep sense of redemption, joy, peace, and other amazing states.

The keys is being in your heart, radiating unconditional love to all, activating both sides of your brain and raising your vibrational frequency as high as possible. You will become unconditionally love.


Deeper and Deeper


It may take practice for you to gain familiarity with love. Persevere, it will happen. As you continue, you will see the five-pointed star on a blue background encased in a gold circle. Some call this the mouth of God. It is a reflection of your medulla oblongata. Go through the star, tunnel of light and see where you go. You will feel the sides of your brain connect. When the sides of your brain balance you will feel bliss. This will open even more doors of creativity and opportunity. We often meditate with crystals in our hands as an aid.

The deeper you go the more amazing you will feel. You will connect with and become the light. You have the opportunity to connect to conscious source. There are no limitations on what you can experience or become. You have the opportunity to expand your awareness to the ends of creation, and beyond, in all dimensional realms. You have the ability to experience your self realization and divinity.


As You Awaken


When your meditation is complete, thank your body, the divine, and all aspects of your being and the world for your experience. Sit and enjoy the feelings of what happened. It is important to recognize it is impossible to be alone. You have many souls assisting and guiding you at all times. They provide insights, intuition, hunches when we pay attention. They may be the souls you see when you meditate. Express your love and gratitude to everything and revel in the wonderful aspects of your experiences. Your brain will be active long after you get up and are in the world.




There are so many benefits to meditation. Physical changes include a sense of freedom unlike any words can describe, stress reduction, calm, and a balance between the inner you and the outer world. You will integrate the ego and inner child with your heart. There will be a complete balance and harmony with all. The inner path of the spirit becomes the outer path of life.

Intellectual benefits include an understanding without book knowledge or worldly experience. You gain a knowing from your cellular memories and DNA. It provides the answers you seek. Knowledge resides within your body and can you obtain it through meditation. Knowledge allows you to understand. You become a better example and teacher.

Metaphysically, your heart will open. Through your heart you connect to the grid of consciousness when you are the energy of unconditional love. You will connect to the grid then you can send or receive information, energy, unconditional love, and more. You will know when you connect to the grid of consciousness. It is one of the exceptional moments in our awakening. A sense of deep peace and joy will manifest and grow. Your love and compassion will grow with the intensity of a lightening bolt. You will feel deep states of awareness and compassion as you radiate your love.


Love All, Serve All


The greatest joyful reward is love and service to all. You help yourself to many intangibles when you serve others. You love them by honoring their choices. Behind service is a driving force. I find the spiritual path the most subtle yet the strongest of all attractors. Many focus on food, shelter, sex, money, etc. Yet the real motivator is the magnetism of the spiritual path.

We tire through familiarity with the diversions we take. It is impossible to tire of the ever changing bliss of service. We are all trying to reconnect with our divinity, Higher Self ,and the source of all creation. Most take diversions, yet all return to walking their spiritual path. The diversions of choice and experiences provide an understanding of what we really seek. We seek love. Until we give love, seeking is futile. When you love all, you see everything as unconditional love. Everything is an aspect of the divine unity of unconditional love. We are all seeking to regain our divinity through love.

To love and and serve all is one of the keys and a shortcut to your spiritual growth. India’s great Avatar Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba said, and I agree, hands that serve are better than lips that pray. To serve all and unconditionally love all is a shortcut to your growth, self-realization, and conscious divinity on earth. When you love all, this in no way condones other’s poor behavior and choices. You love them as lost souls on a painful path. We welcome them back when they again walk in the light.

Service is easy to do. If this seems a challenging thing to do, begin to volunteer part time at any agency of interest. Start with a half-day a week and you change with each visit. Volunteering taught me many useful things. The honor is to serve others without thought of reward or recognition.


Leave or Stay


We choose the moment we leave our body. It is our choice when we end our life and begin again. I suggest you persevere rather than give up and leave. We often feel we have impossible challenges. However, we commit to our growth before incarnating and we have the ability to overcome any challenges we face.

To give up means you face the same opportunities for growth in your next life. You have the same commitments to fulfill upon your return. The dilemma with leaving is again going through life to reach the same opportunity. For most, this is often a painful endeavor. Fulfill your commitments now rather than wait. It may seem harder later because of your perceived failure.

Fulfilling commitments are easier than we believe. We imagine it to be more difficult because we fear. We create our own barriers and reasons for failure. The darkness vanishes when a light shines. Bullies often back down when confronted. Friends told me many times I am ruining my life if I continued with the commitment I was to fulfill. I always did the right thing. People try to hold you to their reality. When I did what was right it was always easier than I expected. I enhanced my life and grew by doing the right things. Listen only to your heart. It is always easier to muck through our opportunities rather than giving up. Live to your fullest potential rather than leave without living at all. You get to leave when your work is done.




To choose death and leave is your choice. There is no failure in dying and returning. Think of it as a time to rest, recover, and return with greater resolve. There is no judgment regarding suicide or anything else. We only judge ourselves when we judge another.

I believe suicide is a waste of life and opportunities, yet for some, it is their choice. I am unable to condemn or condone any waste of life. I speak with experience since I committed suicide in my last life. For me it was the most appropriate action. However, it is running away from your opportunities rather than facing them. I had to fulfill my commitments in this life and it was as traumatic as I made it. We make things hard or easy. People believe they are inadequate or worse. It is inappropriate to compare. You are a divine pure soul, here on earth to experience life and grow. We are all divine souls having an earthly experience. Always believe you are a success in every endeavor. Be true to yourself and have no fear of failure. If you choose to continue the struggle, you will succeed. Choose life and success.


Embrace Your Divinity


Realize and embrace your divinity. This is the goal and the final aspect. Then the game of life becomes interesting and extremely fun. Our divinity is our true nature and birthright. To listen to those who bind and blind you with untruths gives them your power. This is hardly in your highest and best good. They say what they believe, because they believe their limiting choices. Resist and yet honor their path. It is their choice. Send them compassion and lovingly dismiss them from your world. It is inappropriate to condone limiting behavior and choices. We can only watch their dramas and struggles. Pull back your power and embrace your divinity.




These are remarkable times to be alive. The energy coming in from other dimensional realms into each of us intensifies day after day. Assimilate the energy. Allow the energy to grow, integrate, assist, shape, teach, and open you. Those who resist or are unable to assimilate this energy become agitated, frenetic, and otherwise disturbed. The incoming energy will wear you down if you resist it. Be in your heart and allow the energy to come into your body and do its magic. Resistance to the incoming energy is futile. It is like holding back the ocean. Forget about judging what happens to you or anyone else with the energy. It will have different effects on others depending on their needs. Look at this energy as your ally and friend. It will help you make the next transition. Your path will lead you to higher states of consciousness. This is all about ascending to a new reality.


A New World


At the point of awakening to your divinity, you will be in a state of living in paradise on earth. You will align physically with the saints and masters, Christ consciousness, or whatever you call the energy of unconditional love and light. You will connect with, become one with, and be a divine soul of light and radiate unconditional love. It is all about ascending to higher states of consciousness, awakening, realizing and living your divinity.

I love the things Sai Baba said. I paraphrase, We are all God, the difference is I know I am God while you have yet to realize you are God. You will become an expression of love in a physical body. You will help all you see and interact with on some level. At this point of self-realization, you are in a position to assist others in need. Worlds change as one awakens to their divinity, and all who know, rejoice. One person at a time is how we change the world. We are here to uplift humanity to their divine awakening and true freedom. We are here to enjoy this beautiful creation we call earth.

There much work to do. To successfully begin you need to work on yourself. Some people have such great discipline and I sometimes see them as spiritual warriors. They are always fighting to see and become one with the love and light within. They work hard and they will be successful for the benefit of all. We will all align with divine unconditional love expressed as the light in all things. The natural state of humanity is to radiate this conscious unconditional love.

Heal Yourself


The ancients spoke of these end times as the age of insanity. Look around and know that statement is more of a compliment than an understatement. The word insanity barely describes what man is doing to the planet, his fellow human beings and himself. Know that as a divine creator, the light always prevails. Help comes in many forms and when we least expect it.

Living well encompasses a multitude of life changing choices and practices. Behavioral aspects are as vital as clean drinking water, eating properly, and exercise. All are critical to ensure your success. Years of experimentation helped me to change and improve my life.

To be successful in anything a healthy body is an asset. Eating well facilitates your body healing and coming back into balance. When you eat poorly, the body takes longer to heal as you clear your energetic blockages. The body will do the best it can with the nourishment it gets. When food is processed, contains synthetics, and other unnatural ingredients, the body works harder to cope compared to when the food is natural and organic.


Pollution Is Everywhere


It is hard to live in any civilized society because of the insanity. Insane leaders have allowed the greedy and unethical to pollute our soil, water, and air. Synthetics and genetically modified plants are in everything we eat and apply to our bodies. Our foods are a major concern because of the synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, growth hormones, etc. These do major damage to our ecosystems. Diseases due to improper nutrition and the toxins in our environment, foods, and everything around us are a concern. The use of fossil and nuclear fuels are the height of insanity. We pollute ourself with poor food and improper thoughts.


Tools for Healing


There are many ways assist your healing. I tried fasting, cranial sacral, massage, energy work, visiting sacred sites, prayer, being in the presence of saints and masters, eating organic, positive attitudes, constructive thoughts and speech, clearing patterns, homeopathy, chiropractic, color and chakra therapy, essential oils, sound therapy, meditation, pranic work, psychic surgery, yoga, Tibetan Buddhist practices, crystal energies, acupuncture, biofeedback, deep massage, rife frequencies, SCIO, Indigo, Asyra, and other technologies. I tried many healing modalities, spiritual philosophies and practices. Traditional allopathic and synthetic drugs were detrimental. I survived traditional western medicine. All of these modalities had a place in my life. I learned how modality is harmful in the hands of the incompetent.


Partial Healing


What worked for me? I spent decades clearing my patterns of behavior, belief systems and limiting creations which healed many aspects of my life. This also healed my family line from the same issues Acupuncture was effective in moving blocked energy. Cranial sacral helped the body align itself. Good cranial sacral practitioners use little pressure and allow the energy to do the work. Energy work is always effective to loosen or remove energy blockages. I have eaten as a vegetarian and grown organic food for decades. My healing went as far as possible using these tools.

Being exposed to toxins in our daily lives reduces the effectiveness of any healing modality. My body still had toxins accumulated from a lifetime in the asylum without walls. I did parasite and heavy metal cleanses. These were highly effective when combined with the power of awesome essential oils. Then removal of toxins and heavy metals began in earnest. I had heavy metal clearing through my skin over much of my body. I could at times taste metal in my mouth. My chest and navel had large rashes as the metals came out of my skin. My lower left leg also had a rash. It took over half a year to get the toxins out of my body. I used essential oils and Epsom salt baths to reduce the itching. In my first few baths the water was gray from the metals and toxins. The oils were the most effective in helping me cope with my physical cleansing. We found that Wisdom Of The Earth @, had the best essential oils…The rest were a waste of time and money.




I drink two to three ounces of home grown organic wheat grass juice daily. Wheat grass has amazing benefits. It energizes, unlike many foods we eat. It contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes the body needs. It is a complete meal. It contains numerous enzymes, well over 20 and the highest number I heard was 30. It is almost seventy percent chlorophyll and it is very sweet. It has a fresh taste like sun-ripened fruit from a tree. It is an excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, cobalt, beta-carotene and zinc. It is purported to extract from the soil 92 of the 102 elements in nature. It cleanses the body as it helps the lymph system to move the toxins. I know it was instrumental in removing the heavy metals and other toxins from my body. Drinking wheat grass juice allowed my body to again be in balance. It is an amazing live food. We also juice garden vegetables.




Essential oils are antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and more. They allow the body to return to balance and heal itself. They are as powerful as wheat grass juice. Scars and old scar tissue will heal so there is no trace of past trauma. The real value in these essential oils is bacteria and viruses have no immunity so they cannot adapt. Fungus, bacteria, viruses, microbes and other pathogens completely perish in the best oils. The deadly anthrax, ebolla, bird flu and other engineered viruses are rendered inert in the presence of these oils. Once you use high quality essential oils, you will..recognize good oils merely by smelling them.

Know you are able to heal anything and everything. Stay away from the fear based souls who will tell you they are your only option. Only you can heal yourself and if you believe they can heal you, you have given them the energy and possibly created the basis for your own healing. They only want your money. Save your money and energy and heal yourself. Nature has provided all you need to live with health and in abundance, use her and she will heal you.


True Healing


True healing is done through the heart. It can happen in many ways. When your heart opens your life changes as the heart again secretes hormones missing in your fear based years. It can happen when you meet your co-atomic. This is your true partner and a reflection of you in every way. Your co-atomic can heal you through intangible ways. I came as far as I could by myself. I met my co-atomic partner over a year ago. When I met my co-atom, my life changed in ways words are unable to describe. The details of my deepest healing with my co-atomic partner are too much for this book. I have been keeping a journal of the co-atomic process and our collective healings. It is an amazing journey with your co-atomic partner. Your life will change in ways you are unable to predict. It all comes down to you and what your are willing to do for yourself and your brothers and sisters.

Service to All




There is no such thing as a free lunch or in fact a free anything. Everything has a energetic cost and you will pay at some time. Everything has to be worked for. There are no shortcuts to the spiritual path. When one receives grace in any form, you have worked in the past or present to finally receive or manifest event others call grace. These are critical mass points where you attract and receive what you have worked hard to obtain.

One can pray and plead, yet until you get off your rear or knees, and work to make it happen, it will take time and energy to manifest. When you pray, get away from the begging people do. My experience is the divine, in any form, responds to love, forgiveness, and gratitude. It is more effective to align with the divine and change your life. Your world shifts when you align with the divine. This is a profound alignment. You will be able to manifest and create for yourself, as well as for others, when they ask for assistance.

The other side of prayer, is to be careful what you ask for, you will get it when the circumstances are right. This is because thoughts create. When and how you get it is up for discussion. The answer you receive may be anything except what you really wanted or expected. When I pray, I thank everyone for the blessings I have received. I refrain from praying for things, outcomes, or situations. My request may block or interfere with the most appropriate outcome. We are unable to know what is in our or another’s highest and best good. I give thanks and ask for guidance in my daily interaction with others. I ask to be able to observe with detachment and loving kindness. I ask my greatest teachers to teach me to love as they love me. I ask that my brothers and sisters be free from those who control, hate, deceive, and destroy. I ask for the blessings we all deserve such as peace, harmony, self-realization, health, abundance, and a world that honors all with love and service. I ask to love all and serve all. I am unconcerned what form the service is in. I expect it will be in the form best suited to my and their highest and best good. The bulk of my prayers are to gratefully thank my known masters, guides, protectors, angels, saints, etc. To love, honor and acknowledge those who us is the real point of my prayers. I am very grateful for everything each of my partners on my spiritual path has done to help others and myself.




Since you have to work for everything you receive in life, keep up the struggle and work hard to awaken. Nothing happens instantly in most lives, so take one step at a time. Be certain of your footing and walk with determination on your spiritual or path of self-discovery. Continue your struggle to awaken as a divine self-realized being. The path will smooth and it will become an effortless walk. Work on understanding and knowing who you are and your purpose. Heal every aspect of your being, live a healthy and holistic life. When self-realization comes, this is only the beginning of an even deeper union with the divine. Remember self-realization is a state of consciousness and being. It is a way of life. Your self-realization is only a heartbeat away. The Buddhists say you are already a Buddha. You only have to realize it. Sai Baba it slightly differently. When awakening to your divinity, you may wake up laughing at how simple the task really was. We and those who control, make it difficult..I suspect it is because of all the lies and half-truths we are taught. We are programmed and beaten down. It is time to step into our freedom.


Starborn Service


Why is this section called service to all? It is because this is why we are here. That is one of the great reasons we are to learn and do in this life. Every starborn is to awaken, walk their path, heal, open their extrasensory gifts and then assist others in to accomplish the same task. Everyone will awaken through their service and walk their path of unconditional love and service. We are to assist and heal mankind as well as our mother earth. Healing extends into the land, animals, and all things seen and unseen.

It is no surprise many starborn lightworkers are born in the West. The West, with all its advantages, is in the greatest need. So called civilizations are a menace to the world with their poisons, wars, weapons, and greed. Global corporations control and enslave much of the world to their values. Destruction of nature is at a rampant pace. Open space is a thing of the past in many areas. Alternative energy sources are rarely explored or used. Pollution affects all aspects of our life. We are committing suicide on a global scale in this age of insanity. Western regimes, for all their faults, are a little more tolerant and forgiving as long as they feel unthreatened. Many people in the West, are ready to awaken. Once they awaken, they reclaim their power, and they can begin to hold the governments and businesses accountable. They create change through their unity of consciousness when they speak their truth.

There are problems everywhere, and solving one problem at a time is the way things are resolved. It takes time, will power, and a conscious effort by all. When we assist others, we really help ourselves. As you change and open to whom you are, the world has to shift to accommodate your change. We change the world by first changing ourselves. You will realize your conscious divinity when you persevere. We will all reach a critical mass and create a paradise on earth. Remember to unconditionally love all and serve all. This is a key to our collective success.

Enjoying the Benefits


There are a tremendous number of benefits to enjoy. You will enjoy even more benefits as you grow, uncreate your limitations, open your heart, awaken, and become a self-realized divine being. Some might wonder what some tangible benefits of being in your heart are. There are benefits beyond the feelings of peace, joy, bliss, connected to all, etc. The benefit I love is everything becomes effortless. Life always shows you the right path through resistance. You become fully protected as you walk your path. This means you cleared the attractors of experiences in your body as you clear your patterns and issues. The day-to-day painful experiences of past creations are gone. You will observe the show about you without being drawn into the drama. One of my favorite benefits is what I call non-time. When I drive on long trips, I often go into non-time. A five hour trip will take less than half of the normal time and this includes rest stops, traffic delays, and refueling. I normally chant the entire trip and sing sacred songs. I have a great time and arrive early and in a rested state. I have driven five plus hour trips in less than two hours. How is this possible and how is it done? I have no answers. It is merely one of the benefits or blessings of being in your heart. Linear time is a human concept designed to explain this dimensional reality. There is only the present moment. Refrain from giving energy and thoughts to the past or the future. Observe without attachment, be connected to the grid of consciousness, and enjoy your journey.


Collective Benefits


What are the benefits of our collective future? We will experience a world without fear, want, greed, hunger, anger, war, disease, and all the unhealthy aspects that are now so pervasive. The earth will be healed and we will manifest and create what we need through and in the divine holy white light. We will peacefully coexist and create loving societies to explore and express our collective divinity. We will be conscious divine beings in a physical body, having an earthly experience. We will honor, serve, and unconditionally love all. We will be one, and the world will be what it was originally intended to be. There will be no separation or the sense of being alone. The earth will be a place to express your divinity. We will live in a true paradise while still on the earth and in a physical body.


Love And Light


Starborns come from various dimensional realms throughout the limitless omniverses. I told you I would tell you where I come from. I mentioned you could connect to, become one with the light, and become the light. I am from your ancient, distant future. This is an existence in a measure of years well beyond comprehension. We will all eventually evolve to and become the light. We share a collective state of consciousness, to express in any form or manner. We are in a state beyond words. The light is a form of unconditional love, fulfillment, joy, and bliss unlike anything you can imagine or my words can describe.

Each unique consciousness of every soul expresses as a distinct conscious being and yet part of the collective consciousness. It is worth coming back to this paradise to serve the earth in these insane times. I have had to overcome many things I created in my few lifetimes on earth. I overcome hatred, arrogance, pride, a know-it-all attitude, and many other barriers to awaken. It is well worth it and I look forward to our collective success in again being one in the light.

To be one means that who you are still exists as a soul imprint. You are who you are forever. You will always be the unique and the beautiful soul you express. We are unique pure souls at all times. It is only your physical body that contains the attractors of your experiences. You will always be a vital part of the whole consciousness of creation. You give up little to enjoy the benefits that are truly indescribable with words. You merge your ego consciousness with your divine inner child and your soul consciousness in a healed human body of perfection. We all chose to be here. Uncreate what you no longer wish to endure and create your paradise on earth.

Work for yourself and for the benefit of all beings. We are here to collectively enjoy this amazing creation we call earth. It is in our best interest to awaken our brothers and sisters. The human mind is unable to comprehend the benefits of our success. Some call it paradise, that word is too limiting. It is as limiting as the human language. We are unable to describe what we will experience. There are no words to describe the reality of our success. We will be successful and we will enjoy the rewards of our efforts. Work hard for yourself, awaken and make it happen. Our collective success depends a consciousness of unconditional love. Unconditionally love with the force of a lightening bolt. The benefits are unlimited and we will enjoy this dimensional realm as we manifest and create in harmony with all.

The earth is a marvelous creation. It is a jewel of the omniverses. Humanity is an amazing expression of life. Let us together ensure the earth and humanity survive to enjoy each other. I know our collective effort in a spirit of loving-kindness, compassion, unconditional love, peace, gratitude, and joy will be for the benefit of all. Prepare to live and enjoy your aspirations, your dreams, your divinity, and the journey to the light. It will be an amazing experience. How does it get any better than this. When you ask this question, in any situation, creation will soon show you how it does get better! Blessings to all!

A Handbook For New Starborns

A Handbook For New Starborns is a guide for those who feel trapped and powerless in the asylum without walls. They feel helpless as they watch a world destroyed by those who value paper more than life. Discover how you can regain your divine power of creation and unconditional love and awaken our sleeping brothers and sisters. You may begin to see the unseen, hear members of your unseen army, feel the love in everything, speak with all of nature and more. You will discover there are no rules and anything is possible. The age of insanity is ending and you are here to observe and potentially assist. You are the one we are waiting for.

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  • Published: 2017-09-09 17:35:11
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A Handbook For New Starborns A Handbook For New Starborns