A Course in Meyericles

A Course in Meyericles

A 13-Step Miracle Creation by
 The Funkmeyers

jenny & otis funkmeyer


The Red Pill


A Course in Meyericles is a 13-step program specifically designed to awaken your own natural magical abilities so that you may begin to actively create miracles in your life. The course is created by Jenny and Otis Funkmeyer. It is indeed a red pill. If you eat this pill, nothing will ever again be the same. An entirely new perception will open to you. Your world will be filled with miracles and love, more and more everyday, until you will have to just laugh and accept that this is in fact the new normal.

One Step Per Day

Each step of the program is to be completed in a single 24-hour period. For each 24-hour period, you are to keep your awareness focused on the step you are currently working with. Each step builds on the last, providing a solid framework . Once you have finished the course, start over! The goal is for all of the steps in this course to become habits that are a natural part of your life.

When you can say that these 13 steps are habitual, we 100% guarantee you will describe your life as magical!


Notice the Magical Coincidences

We encourage you to first and foremost notice each time your life begins to explode in magical ways as you go through this course. Magical events will transpire! There will be meetings with magical people! The life of your dreams will come to you, effortlessly! The entire universe will begin conspiring to make your life MAGICAL!

About the Funkmeyers

Otis and Jenny Funkmeyer are not just the presidents of the Course in Meyericles, we are also clients! We use this course ourselves and find more and more magic coming our way every single day.

Welcome to the New Reality! Magic 101! May your life be beyond your wildest dreams!


Day 1

Assume Everything Is Happening for a Positive Reason

So here we are on our very first day. Congratulations for taking this step! Don’t be surprised if things that could just maybe, just possibly be considered “magical” begin occurring right away. Chance encounters, unlikely events, strange occurrences. Make sure to notice these things and make sure to recognize them for what they are: MAGIC!

The first principle we will be working with is the idea that life is fundamentally neutral. You are unconditionally loved as a particle of the Infinite! Read this again: UNCONDITIONALLY! Meaning, there are no conditions!

You can believe whatever you want to believe and you will be supported in that belief! You can believe that you are worthless and you will be supported in that belief!

UNCONDITIONALLY! Likewise, you can believe that you are valuable and beautiful and important and you will be supported in that belief as well! Unconditionally!

What we are going to do today is not only believe, but indeed to DECIDE, that everything is happening for a positive reason. No matter what happens today, whether it’s as “great” as falling in love or as “awful” as the death of a loved one, you are going to decide that there is a positive reason behind it.

You will be unconditionally supported in this belief! Everything will happen for a positive reason!

No matter what happens in your day today, say THIS IS A GOOD THING!

Feel happy! Your happiness is a choice, moment-to-moment! Decide to be happy, for no reason whatsoever! The reasons to be happy will then flow into your life! You can have a cause for happiness and then have the effect of happiness, or you can go the other way! You can have the effect of happiness and then have the cause of happiness come from that! HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE!

FEEL excited. Just DECIDE to be excited. Everything is happening for a positive reason.

Action step

No matter what happens say to yourself, “This is very good. What is happening right now is good for me.”

Day 2

Rainbow Vision

Today’s lesson is about broadening your perceptions. We often tend to limit ourselves and focus very myopically, ignoring the many sensations on the edges of perception. In fact, we can take this process so far that we can claim that those things on the edges of perception are not even there. Today our goal is to see everything using our entire vision, including our peripheral vision, rather than focusing only on our central vision.

Your eyes are made of two types of photoreceptors, cones and rods. The cones are located in the center. They are great for pin-point focus. The rods are located around the periphery. They are great for shapes and abstract movements. Too often we look with only the central- focused vision using our cones and miss the larger picture, in effect ignoring the rods.

When we use our peripheral vision to see, we call this Rainbow Vision. When we use Rainbow Vision, we feel more relaxed. We look freely, rather than grabbing for things to look at. We allow the world to come to us. We allow a more open approach to life. We become receptive.

When we are receptive, we are in a place of allowance where magic can enter our lives, where our dreams and desires can be fulfilled without effort. Simply by noticing. Simply by relaxing. Simply by trusting. We give the world a chance to offer magic to us and a whole new reality opens before us.

Action Step

Walk around keeping your awareness on your peripheral vision. When you work on the computer keep the things outside the screen in your field of vision. When you talk to people keep the background in your vision. When you eat, not only keep your eyes on the food, but also keep your eyes on the table and the room at large. When you read, keep the edges of the book and the rest of the world alive.

Day 3

Trust Yourself Fully! Do Not Blame Yourself for ANYTHING

We often look at ourselves from a very narrow perspective. We often think that certain things we are doing are “part” of our journey, while other things are “diversions” from our journey, or worse, mistakes and problems.

We often believe that we must change, work harder, be more productive, try harder. Be better. Be more. Do more. Get more.

What if we looked at ourselves as perfect. Right here, right now.

Absolutely perfect. Absolutely where we are supposed to be. At the exact right point of our evolution. Doing exactly as much as we are supposed to be doing. Right in the flow of life, no matter how we feel. Right on time, no matter when we arrive.

The idea is that life is a journey, a never-ending, always evolving story. A journey that will never ever, for the rest of eternity, be complete.

You are in the exact right part of your journey. You made it. You did it. You have succeeded thus far. You are a success, right here, right now! Trust this. Try it on for size. Let go of your feelings of missed opportunities and wrong turns taken. Every turn has been the right turn. There is no place from which life can not evolve. There is no place from which lessons are not learned. There is always a perfect path, extending forward from where you are right this moment, no matter what you do, that will fulfill your dreams!

So we come to today, a new leg of your journey, a new opportunity to evolve in a new way.

Today, no matter what you do, you will not criticize yourself. If you make the worst mistake, you can’t blame yourself. You will simply say “OOPS!” Today you will trust your own unique style. Your own idiosyncrasy. Your personal energy. You will honor who you are. Mum is the word on anything negative about yourself. This is the ultimate form of self-love.

Anytime you hear yourself say anything even remotely critical of yourself, you will say, “OOPS!” and you will move on. You will trust that right here, right now is exactly where you are supposed to be to live your dreams.

Action Step

When you do something good, say, “Woohoo!” When you do something wrong say, “Oooops!” and move on. If you feel you are criticizing yourself in any way, even a little sigh, say, “OOPS!” and do a little dance!

The magic continues.

Day 4

Use the 24-Hour Clock

In our modern culture, we can often get fixed to the clock. We can get in a habit of thinking that there are appropriate times for things. There are “right” times to be awake and “right” times to sleep. “Right” times to eat and “right” times to work. We try to pack as much as we can into each hour, looking at each unit of time as a slot to be filled.

The problem is that by becoming so rigid in our use of time, we can miss out on life. We forget how fluid time can be. We cut off possibility. We can be “too busy” for magic. We “don’t have time” to relax and allow. We’ve “got to run” so we miss the magical opportunity that is just waiting for us to become still.

Time is actually very different from culture to culture. In the deserts of Egypt, people from age 3 to age 93 are regularly asleep from 1-4PM and eating dinner as late as 2 or 3AM. Because it is so hot during the day, this society has found its own way to experience time. Similarly, in Spain the “siesta” is a natural pastime and the idea of sleeping away the afternoon is as common as paella and Picasso.

In America, this would be considered lazy or in the case of young children eating dinner at 2AM, irresponsible and dangerous. But these are all just perceptions. Outside ways of looking

Action Step

Today you will trust your own internal clock. Sleep for as long as you like. Work for as long as you like. Remember, time is fluid. It is wide open. It is yours for the taking. Follow your excitement today and allow yourself to be at the right place at the right time, all the time. If you have a meeting, just trust you’ll be there on time. If you show up “late,” so will everyone else. If you arrive “early,” it will be perfect timing! Allow things to take as long as they take. Don’t rush, don’t hurry. Allow sudden and unexpected opportunities into your life. Say “yes!” Don’t be too busy and miss out!

Magic has now begun searching for you!

Day 5

Change Your Location

This universe is a vibrational universe. The way you interact with space-time is in actuality a vibrational interaction. We often have a tendency to get stuck in a specific vibration. We do the same things at the same time in the same place, day after day after day. To experience magic, we must begin experiencing NEW vibrations. Totally different ways of doing things! Totally different locations!

Also, by changing our location, we show through our actions that we are ready for change, ready for magic. We are willing to act on our new beliefs. We are willing to move out of our comfort zone and move into the unknown, the place where magic is most likely to find us. For magic resides on the edges of things, in the last place we might think to look. It waits there for us to arrive and then it delivers the goods!

Action Step

Today you will change your habitual locations and spaces. You will understand that space is a fluid, magical creation. You will move around in new ways. You will look for spaces that catch your eye, that send a shiver of excitement into your heart. You will work in other people’s offices or in a new coffeeshop for the day. You will stay in a friend’s house tonight or maybe even a nice hotel in your city or town! You will eat in a new restaurant or shop at a new grocery store. You will take a walk in a park you’ve never been to. You will explore a new area that you have always wanted to see. You will go in different routes than normal. You will begin to notice the energy that different spaces hold.

Don’t be surprised if you run into someone that you were hoping to see one day in an unexpected place! Don’t be surprised to meet a new friend or discover a new aspect of life that you have never considered.

The magic is now heating up!

Day 6

I Don’t Know is a Good Answer

Today is about diving into the unknown. The unknown is, for most of us, a place of great fear. We do everything in our power to avoid the unknown. We cover ourselves with signs of security like jobs and titles and houses to protect us from our fear of not knowing. Not knowing where money will come from, where shelter will come from, where food or love or acceptance will come from. We adopt the attitude that we must “do” things in order to be safe and protected.

In fact, some people so scared of the unknown that they take actions to land them maximum security—inside of a prison cell.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this, except that we cut ourselves off from our great source of power—the unknown. For behind all of our fears is our greatest power. Our knowing that we are the co-creators of this whole holographic universe, each and every one of us.


When we face the unknown, we begin unlocking this power more and more. We begin to EXPERIENCE this power. We no longer talk about it —we feel it coursing through our veins. And this is the beauty! We must experience it to know. We must willingly step forward with no security, with no guarantee that things will work out as planned.

The old saying is “seeing is believing.” The new saying is “believing is seeing.”

This step can be very scary as for many of us, our entire lives and identities are based on avoiding the void, the great black hole of the unknown. So we will start small. We will move out of the known verbally first.

Often, the first way we block ourselves from the unknown is simply with all of the things we know! All of the things we are certain about! All of the things we know to be true!

Today you will answer peoples’ questions with “I don’t know” as much as possible. An answer of uncertainty is indeed an answer. It is an answer of acceptance of the unknown. You will Trust that the unknown is actually something trust-worthy.

Allow yourself to wallow in uncertainty, in not knowing answers or outcomes. Many things only become clear in hindsight. In order to live magically, we must know that this is so. We must act as if this is so. We must know that we are magical, despite not knowing why or how!

Step through the void into the crazy fun-house of magic.

Action Step

Answer all questions directed to you with “I don’t know.” Look at everyone and everything around you with uncertainty. Do not seek answers from anyone. Have no particular opinion about any news you receive. Let “I don’t know why, how, when” be the guiding principle but keep taking action! Do not halt your actions. Go through the day acting acting acting. Face the day as it arises! Let it arise!

Day 7

Notice Coincidences

Today as we pass the halfway point of our Course in Meyericles, we will begin to unlock the deeper truths of the nature of reality.

Understand that everything in your reality is specifically placed/ created/made by you. There is no such thing as not synchronicity. Like a filmmaker making a film, what is not actively placed in the shot on purpose will not be there. Therefore everything you see in a film is actively designed to be there. Someone made sure to hang it right where it is—it only APPEARS natural. What we call “coincidence” really means something we notice more than other things. This incident or encounter has more importance to our conscious mind.

So if we notice more coincidences, we will actively make more


syn·chro·nic·i·ty noun \ˌsiŋ-krə-ˈni-sə-tē\

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. To count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance. The concept of synchronicity was first described by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the 1920s.

In fact, synchronicity is the fundamental property of the entire universe. It is the pole that our swirling galaxy swirls around. It is the axis that our Earth tilts around. It is what the electron spins around. Synchronicity is how one thing splits itself into many different pieces, each of which thinks it’s separate, and sets up just the perfect meeting of each of its pieces at just the perfect time.

As the fundamental property of the universe, synchronicity can be relied upon. It can be used as your dayplanner and as your personal assistant! And synchronicity has another amazing principle!

The more you notice it, the more it happens! Read that again: the more you notice it, the more it happens! The reason for this is that as you notice synchronicity and act upon it, you move forward on your journey, producing more synchronicity. This increase and acceleration of synchronicity never need end!

Your life will get more and more magical from the moment you read these words! Forever! As long as you continue noticing the magic!

Today you will place your awareness on the understanding that everything in your life, every action, every person, every encounter, every sound, every sight IS synchronicity. Look at the cars in front of you in traffic and know that that car is there specially for you. Someone calls you on the phone. Understand that this is not a coincidence. Actively LOOK for synchronicity. This conscious looking will amazingly begin to PRODUCE more synchronicity, whether you were conscious of it before or not!

Action Step

Actively look for coincidences. Take special notice of the smallest turn of events.

So get to looking! Today’s word is SYNCHRONICITY!

Day 8

Easy Does It

Today may prove to be the most difficult day you’ve encountered so far! The reason for this is that we’ve been taught to believe that good things in life don’t come easily. They require a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication and that if we relax too much, we will become lazy and never make anything of ourselves.

In fact, this is not true whatsoever. If you want the proof, look around you! The plant sure isn’t striving to grow! Neither is the cat! Neither is the sky or the grass or the wind or the rain! They are all just happening! Allowing life to co-create with them! They are going along for the ride.

Believe it or not, and we know just how hard this is to believe, you can do this too. You are just as much a part of nature as the grass and the cat. Because you are so UNCONDITIONALLY loved—without conditions—you have been allowed to think that you are separate, disconnected, unsupported. But this is not the actual reality. The truth is that you can relax, let your hair down. You won’t fall apart, and if you do, it will only be momentary, as you switch tracks and get off the tread mill and on to the magical path.

Desire is action.

Let us repeat! Desire is action. Your desire IS work. Your desire alone can make things happen! And when you add inspired action to your desire, you are truly an unstoppable force.

Today, take it easy. Just practice desiring things. Just practice visualizing your ideal life. Today’s exercise is to imagine what the absolute best day of your life would look like. See it fully. How would you wake up? What kind of bed? In what kind of room? Next to who? What would you eat for breakfast? What would you do with your day? What would the weather be like? See it all! Take it easy. Kick your feet up and dream the day away!

If you must work, work on something that pleases you. Something that brings you great joy in the doing. Today you will let go of the assembly line mentality. You will not do anything just because “it must be done.” You will not do things out of duty nor out of obligation.

The telltale sign that magic is in your life is effortlessness. You might one day find yourself laughing, cracking up at how easily things are coming to you! Understand that if you are working hard on something but are not engaged, this thing is not currently existing in the realm of magic. Let it go. If it’s really yours, it will come back in a much more magical form.

Magic is soft like the breeze and flows naturally. Trust that it will always be there, that your timing is always perfect. Relax. Allow.

Action Step

Take the easy way out! Anything that feels like “work” – let it go! Easy, easy, easy does it. Cancel meetings, drop projects, throw away heavy loads…

Day 9


Welcome to the esoteric realms of magic. Welcome to 11:11. If 11:11 is new to you, buckle your seat belts, because reality just got mighty strange mighty quick!

For those ready to believe that such things are possible, 11:11 is a marker that you have truly eaten the red pill and are on the right track. 11:11 becomes a comfort to know that on this confusing journey, you are still on the right path. 11:11 becomes something fun to laugh at, to enjoy, as you wonder about how it is possible that this can keep happening, that reality as you thought you knew it seems to be disappearing.

11:11 signals your entry into the reality that YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR REALITY.

It is as if reality begins to wink at you to let you know that no matter what situations look like, all is well, all is under control, and you are definitely and firmly in the new reality! It doesn’t always appear as 11:11 either. Sometimes it’s 3:33 or 2:22, 12:34 or 1:23. Sometimes even 4:44 or 1:11. It can appear in many forms… on grocery bills, license plates, unread inbox numbers. It’s hard to know.

But mostly, yes, in case you,re windering, we are speaking about the time on the clock! 11:11!

Action Step

Today you will notice the time on the clock. Try to catch 11:11am and 11:11pm. And 12:34am or 10:01am, etc. For those who have been noticing 11:11 for a while you can begin to pay attention to what are you thinking when you notice 11:11. If you see 11:11 this means that you are on target. If it’s 11:10 this means you are early on the idea and 11:12 means hurry up, you better do it soon.

We didn’t say this magic stuff was “normal” or “reasonable!”

Day 10

Make a Big Wish!!!

As 11:11 opened us up to the portal of reality creation, we now begin to expand our idea of what is possible. We often tend to have desires and wishes that are well inside of our comfort zones. If we have a lousy job, we just want a decent job. If we have a dirty house, we just want some nicer furniture.

Today is about a total overhaul of this mentality. It’s about wishing way way beyond what you thought was possible! It’s about mansions and glamour and saving the world and being a bestseller and having your choice of lovers and living the life that you were always totally jealous of.

The point is not that living in a mansion is better than living in an apartment. This exercise is about blowing up your idea of what you think you are capable of. If you live in a mansion and then a small apartment and decide, I actually like the small apartment better— more privacy, less to clean up, and it feels more like “me,” that’s great! In fact, that’s what we’ve decided! We tried both and it turns out that we like a very small place!

But that’s after we had a mansion! Prior to that, we were living in small places because it’s all we felt capable of. Release these ideas! You are just as talented and worthy as Brad Pitt or Barack Obama! YOU are the one you have been dreaming of!

Dream big! And notice your resistance to your big dreams! How they are unacceptable, or greedy, or unreasonable, or unlikely, or selfish, or whatever you come up with!

These are your blocks and they are where you are preventing magic from entering your life! Making these big wishes clears out this energy and allows those things that are truly in congruence with what you really are capable of to begin flowing into your life!

Today you will begin the day by making a very big wish. Let yourself go a little crazy—wish to be a star, wish to be famous, wish to be adored, wish to save the world, wish something impossible. Something really big. Then let it go. Give up control! Don’t think about it again. Understand that your desire is an action. Lots of work is done without the intellect involved. Sometimes desire is all it takes to achieve something.

Just wanting something is work done! Sounds like MAGIC huh!?


Action Step

Imagine your “perfect day.” See it clearly in your mind. Where are you? What is happening? Who is there?

Day 11

Fear Busting

Fear is actually excitement channeled through a belief system that does not serve you. Fear is loud, frightening, noisy, explosive and big. But fear has one big weakness—it’s not three-dimensional. Fear is two-dimensional; it can be frozen like a still photo. You can then move around it and examine it carefully from the back, side or from above.

It's really interesting to see the color your fear takes, or the shape, or the face, or the voice it makes. Know that fear is an emotion. Fear has no truth. You can always deal with truth but fear has no way to be dealt with. Fear can only be busted. After fear is busted, the reason you are afraid becomes clear. *That* is the truth. And 100% of the time you will see that the truth behind the fear is actually very easy to deal with. It is always within your power to deal with the true situation.

Fear is a created image of disaster from the past or the future. A fearful memory is a past image haunting you now, while an in-your- face-right-now fear is a future image haunting you now. But it's only an image. There is indeed nothing to fear but fear itself.

Fear will not go away except by active forceful action. That’s why we call it Fear Busting! One must look fear in the eye and bust it away! Unmask the Wizard of Oz and discover the little man behind the curtain. To get to a place where you can actually deal with the big demons, we recommend “DIY Soul Retrieval.” But for now, one begins with baby steps. Today do something that makes you feel really afraid and really excited. Find something you feel you can handle but have been putting it off and go do it. Jump!

Action Step

Today do one thing: Go on a rollercoaster. Talk to strangers. Flirt. Have a difficult conversation. Tell someone you like them or love them. Tell someone you hate them! Make eye contact for longer than is comfortable. Dance in the streets!

Day 12

Use Telepathy and Clairvoyance

So often we approach things only with our intellect. We forget that we are not only the mind, we are also our senses. Our mind and our senses are our tools.

When a solution is required, we can think it through but we can also use our senses to find the answer.

What does using our other senses to find an answer mean? We keep thinking and finally mess up the whole situation because we will not use our other senses. Quit thinking and take a shower! Listen to music, see a movie, eat some ice-cream, touch something smooth…. Know that doing those things is working on the solution just as much as thinking or talking things out.

There are not only five senses there is a sixth sense. We so often forget or totally ignore our sixth sense. Intuition, feelings, dreams and impulses are cutting edge tools that this Course in Meyericles recommends.

Action Step

Today, when you have a question, quit thinking, sit still, close your eyes. That’s it. Let go of the need to have the answer immediately.

You don’t have to see any image, hear anything, have a hunch or any such thing. The simple intention that you will give your six senses a chance to find the answer for you will be enough. Using telepathy and clairvoyance in The Course of Meyericles doesn’t mean remote viewing a location or talking with the dead! It simply means the willingness to use the six senses.

Buckle your seat belt! On a future day, when you are not paying attention, you will see that the answer has arrived effortlessly, magically, perfectly, and much much better than anything your mind could have come up with. Trust yourself! Trust us, we have enough evidence of this step working that we no longer even use our brains that much! Haha!

This is it! The final step! The big enchilada!!! This is when your reality turns completely magical. Miracles after miracles abound! No joke! Go for it. After this step you are a graduate of Magic 101.

Day 13

Do as Your Little Voice Says!

There is a “little voice” in your head. For some people this means a gut feeling; some people call it God, other people say it’s a demon. Whatever name it comes with, it’s the same thing—your higher self communicating to you. Sometimes its requests are really strange; sometimes down right crazy.

So we tell you today BE A LITTLE CRAZY!!

Don’t make sense, make dollars!

Action Step

Today you will listen to your little voice! No matter what it tells you, you will do it! Doesn’t matter how unreasonable the request seems. Let go, jump off the cliff!

“Your thoughts are like your children. You must not love the good ones and beat up the bad ones. It’s dangerous to take sides. Simply allow yourself to be good and bad. Because you are not what yoiu think. You are not what you say. You are not what you do. YOU ARE what surrounds you: your body, your friends, things you own….
Your reality is you.”


jenny & otis funkmeyer


A Course in Meyericles

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