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A collection of riddles

A collection of riddles

Published by Dendra D.M. at Shakespir

Copyright 2016 Dendra D.M.



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Riddle #1

Invest time and gain

It doesn’t equal wisdom

But it’s a good start


Riddle #2

Where you feel at ease

When the world is cold, it’s warm

Shared, even warmer


Riddle #3

Traveling through time

Rousing attached emotions

They play in our heads


Riddle #4

Vocal and silent

Basis of relationships

It’s there if you care

Riddle #5

With cold and trembles

Invisible assassin

Don’t let it grip you


Riddle #6

Source of hope and peace

Many faces, many names

Love connects us all


Riddle #7

Raw yet exquisite

Gaze too long and you’re spinning

Shines through every soul


Riddle #8

Concealed like a trap

Playful when planned from the heart

She smiled, ‘twas pleasant


Riddle #9

Like stars in the night

Guiding wandering souls home

Marbles of delight


Riddle #10

Force that stands us up

Look around, it’s everywhere

Some days it finds you


Riddle #11

Expressed honestly

East to West, even broader

Contagious beauty


Riddle #12

Illusion’s demise

The sword to a swordsman’s fate

Pure heart’s native tongue


Riddle #13

Deceptively brief

The sweet and sour memories

Life’s living in it


Riddle #14

Life gives to you straight

Shy away and you won’t grow

Are you up for it?


Riddle #15

A curse when fear rules

A blessing when love provides

Leave it frequently


Riddle #16

A private moment

The closest point to silence

Sounds caress gently



Riddle #17

Never spent in vain

Always soothing and joyous;

Inspired and grateful


Riddle #18

Fools oft have plenty

Comes with good preparation

Champions exude


Riddle #19

Built slowly through deeds

rarely given completely

Once earned, cherish it


Riddle #20

Dark horse with bright dreams

Envision and realize

You will become one


Riddle #21

Foundation of your dreams

Felt within, by others seen;

Leave no room for doubt


Riddle #22

Testing heart and will

Paints our experiences

Ultimately yours


Riddle #23

Never lie or cheat

Always a better version

Mirror tells the truth


Riddle #24

So tender yet fierce

Soft to senses in all layers

True mistress of life


Ridle #25

By chance encounter

Becomes a constant in life

Always there for you


Riddle #26

Spring of momentum

In one place yet everywhere

Exploring both worlds


Riddle #27

Chosen when inspired

Reaction has more value

We are both winning


Riddle #28

Feigned by most, selfish

You’re worthy, but who has it?

Drought and storms reveal



My solutions (may differ from yours, which is absolutely fine as the riddles are open to personal interpretation):


Riddle#1 – knowledge

Riddle#2 – home

Riddle#3 – songs

Riddle#4 – communication

Riddle#5 – fear

Riddle#6 – god

Riddle#7 – natural beauty

Riddle#8 – surprise

Riddle#9 – eyes

Riddle#10 – motivation

Riddle#11 – smile

Riddle#12 – honesty

Riddle#13 – moment

Riddle#14 – challenge

Riddle#15 – comfort zone

Riddle#16 – whisper

Riddle#17 – good company

Riddle#18 – confidence

Riddle#19 – trust

Riddle#20 – champion

Riddle#21 – belief

Riddle#22 – choice

Riddle#23 – yourself

Riddle#24 – woman

Riddle#25 – friend

Riddle#26 – mind

Riddle#27 – gift

Riddle#28 – loyalty



A collection of riddles

A collection of short riddles written in haiku form (5-7-5). The solutions to the riddles may differ from the author's, as the poems' primary purpose is to explore human virtues and inspire self-reflection. As such, these poems deviate from the traditional haiku topics and lean more towards senryu form, though due to their positive nature they are not easily categorized in one direction or another, they are simply written to express thoughts and trigger them.

  • Author: Dendra D.M.
  • Published: 2016-03-27 22:50:08
  • Words: 578
A collection of riddles A collection of riddles