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A Birthday Rhyme - To Stir A Little Sunshine

A Birthday Rhyme – To Stir A Little Sunshine

Barbara M. Schwarz




All nature of pond life gets to worry, feels the strife and at birthdays, life is rife to shine in celebratory time, where the frogs can just wish every perfect bliss.


On the front cover: “The Deed Is Done” 2017.




A Birthday Rhyme – To Stir A Little Sunshine


‘Life stand grand and life stand tall’ – the image of the curtain call, but in the text so plain: the small rose up again – that tiny little thing – the trickle wondering:


the wish each birthday bring

to blow the candles out and sing


and then with one mighty shout,

wish good luck all about


good luck, good luck,

get your goose unstuck


and have a honk and a hoot

remember all about life shoot


with such wondrous


birthday energy


the start of the brand new,

and good luck in all you do

is what we wish for you.


A birthday poem and painting duet -

Mike, it’s time to get set


for a celebration of your time,

and three cheers to you is what we rhyme:


[A Birthday Poem and Painting Duet for Mike Shaw on the occasion of his 50th birthday – 22nd May 2017:

Have a wonderful Day, Mike!

Best wishes,

Babs the artist.]


Revelry – The Earth’s Own Symphony


A touch of harmony

A touch of brand new energy


A touch of what I see

pelting forward vibrantly


Spring is on the move

Springtime sense has got it smooth

in and out of every groove


See it teem and show

the nature of the pond below

the eye’s imagining

and frogs that start to sing


a birthday to recall

a celebration one and all


The nature of the bog

The nature of the log

The nature of the dog


The bark, the lark,

and then the stark


realisation come:

so many years and so much fun


Come, enjoy now everyone!


A simple sense duet

you get your feet now mighty wet


A simple sense you see

what has come, has come to be

triangular reality


wish and bliss

moments special just like this:


a simple birthday rhyme

to let your heart with great joy chime

(and don’t forget to blow out the candles

one at a time)


50 years and counting – that’s lots of life

amounting to :

further joy in what you do!!!


The earth’s own revelry: to enjoy

this moment blissfully.


Happy Birthday – one – two – three

Much joy we wish you see

in your life’s golden anniversary


For this decade now become

your joyful golden one!


“All nature of pond life – A birthday’s celebration” 2017 – is about the water teeming with life, and revealing the odd (lucky) frog!

“The deed is done – the triangle sum: A celebration for everyone” 2017 is about the great milestone of reaching 50, and enjoying that moment in time. It forms the front of “All nature of pond life – A birthday’s celebration”.


Purple Eyes Publishing

The simple that we see – best wishes to you from me – a joyful harmony : a birthday celebratory fresh energy.

A Birthday Rhyme - To Stir A Little Sunshine

A Birthday comes but once a year - so let's give it a mighty cheer and wish the beneficiary all the joy that we can see - belongs to that special place in history: the moment of our birth, a chance to celebrate our worth with endless mirth and alloy all to celebratory joy!

  • ISBN: 9781370281725
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-04-24 13:05:07
  • Words: 476
A Birthday Rhyme - To Stir A Little Sunshine A Birthday Rhyme - To Stir A Little Sunshine