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Table Of Contents

Things To Do Before Work

Make A List Of Your Tasks

Silence Your Phone

Eat A Good Breakfast

Things To Do During Work


Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Stretch Regularly

Things To Do After Work

Put Away Your Materials

Shut Down Your Computer

Clean Up Your Workspace

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Without further ado, in no particular order, here are the 9 things that you can do all throughout your day.

[]Things To Do Before Work

[]Make A List Of Your Tasks For The Day.

A simple checklist of the things you need to do can be surprisingly helpful at keeping you on track. Aside from ensuring that you don’t forget to do any of the written tasks, when you are able to physically see how much you have to do, you can get serious about work. This can also help you avoid forgetting something and embarrassing yourself. It will also provide your mind with a little ease and free up some short-term memory space.

[]Silence Your Phone.

Loud ringtones don’t only break your concentration, but also that of the people around you, unless you have your own office or something to that effect. Besides, when you become engaged in a task, the sound of your own cell phone can be maddening. Don’t turn your cellphone off because there may be urgent matters that can only come to your attention through your cellphone, but turn it down so as not to be bothered.

[]Eat A Good Breakfast.

Low energy and a bad mood in the morning are often the results of skipping the most important meal of the day. Make it a point to eat your breakfast before going to work and you will see the difference. Drop the coffee-and-donut routine and look for something healthier like some eggs. No time to prepare in the morning? Make breakfast the night before and put it in a plastic container so you can eat it on the way. But don’t forget to pop it out of the refrigerator before you leave for work.


[]Things To Do During Work


You might say “Well, duh” or something similar. However, no tip is too small or obvious in the pursuit of productivity. Concentration is both a talent and a skill. Some people can focus on tasks easily, they’re usually the more productive ones, and some are not quite as good. However, you can train yourself to keep your cognitive, and processing, resources on the tasks at hand. It takes practice and, semi-ironically, concentration to build up your powers of concentration.


[]Learn And Use Keyboard Shortcuts.

All software needed to finish the job comes with built-in shortcut commands. While the standard point-and-click method works, using shortcut commands is a more efficient alternative. Simple keystrokes can work like magic and improve your output by a lot. The less time you have figuring out which menu to pull down, the more time you will have to work on the task at hand. Also, take a good look at your keyboard. Chances are there are already pre-programmed buttons that launch certain applications from the get-go. Familiarize yourself with these shortcuts and you will make better use of your computer, and your time.


Stretch Regularly.

You might think that getting up keeps one away from work and distracts from the task at hand, but think again. When you get up and stretch, you relieve stress on your body and mind. With fewer distress signals to bother you, your brain can become so much more efficient. When you stretch, your blood flow greatly increases, which better oxygenates your body. The trick is to pause your work in a way that you will find it easy to resume. If your work was a set of math problems, then you should pause after completing a problem, not while in the middle of one.


Things To Do After Work

[]Put Away Your Materials.

You might be using them again as soon as you start the next day, but that is no excuse for leaving them lying about. Putting away your tools and equipment doesn’t only keep them organized, it also makes the work area safer, and in the case of common resources, makes it easy for others to find and use them. Also, if someone has sticky fingers, putting away your tools can secure them so you don’t lose productivity by trying to search for something that is no longer there.


Shut Down Your Computer.

Some people simply put their computers into sleep mode, or let them run overnight with the monitor turned off. Unless you are running some resource-heavy task that requires all night, you should shut down your computer. Putting a computer into sleep, or hibernate, mode doesn’t allow it to flush its memory completely. That means that you don’t get off to a fresh start when you turn it on the next day. A full shutdown means that you can start off from the best possible state because your computer was able to clean itself with the shutdown. Exactly like you need a good night’s sleep so does your computer.


Clean Up Your Workspace.

When you’re done for the day, make sure to tidy up your workspace. Yes, this has been mentioned before, but it is worth repeating. Place your papers in folders or envelopes. Pick up bits of trash and throw them into the waste bin. Wash your coffee mug. Do what you can to improve the cleanliness and orderliness of your area so you can come in the next day to a neat and conducive workplace. It may be a hassle at the end of the day, but you’ll really appreciate it in the morning.






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9 Things To Do Before During And After Work

Here is a list of 9 things that you can do before, during, and after work to increase your productivity and get more work done. Not only that, you will also feel more relaxed and accomplished. Go ahead and take a look at this great list of tasks you can do to help you be a more productive and efficient person. Of course, this is only a small list of things to do so be sure to check out Work Less Live More By Spencer Coffman as well.

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9 Things To Do Before During And After Work 9 Things To Do Before During And After Work