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Hearing from God

How to Hear When God Speaks

Why You Don’t Hear His Voice

How He Speaks to Us

The Chronicles

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Communication is a dialogue between two or more people. However, it is not effective if one of the persons is not listening or if someone isn’t speaking plainly. Furthermore, it definitely isn’t effective if a question being asked is not answered or if the message being communicated is completely ignored. Have you ever experienced being on the speaking end, asking questions, for which there is no response? What about the times when you ask God a question, but He says nothing? Perhaps, He’s spoken, but you’ve misunderstood or missed His communication.

I know exactly how you feel because I’ve experienced those moments, too. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve communicated with God, you can still miss a word from Him. But why miss a word when you don’t have to, especially when you really need it? There are various reasons why you may be missing His answers and messages; one of them being that you aren’t communicating effectively on the speaking or listening end.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’ve been in difficult situations when I needed answers and didn’t get them; it caused frustration, stress, and even depression. So, I understand how difficult it can be, which is why I’m sharing my personal experiences to help you discover and understand the following things about your communication with God:

  • How to hear when God speaks

  • Why you don’t hear His voice

  • How He speaks to us

As you learn these things, your communication with God will improve!






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Hearing from God

How to Hear When God Speaks

Hearing God is not always easy, but it is simple. Sometimes, it can be effortless. Other times, you must prepare yourself and clear your environment. Just like in our earthly conversations, sometimes, there are barriers that prevent us from hearing and understanding a message; there are “noises.” You may have some noises in your life that need to be quieted, so you can hear God.

Sinning habitually and willingly can also be a blockage. Repent of your sins and simply ask God to remove anything that may be obscuring your hearing. In addition, you must be submissive, meaning you need to open your heart and spirit, as well as, your ears to hearing Him. Cast all your own selfish motives and desires to the side and become completely open to God’s will. You must be willing to submit to however, whatever, and whenever He does what He does.

The number one way to increase and open up the channels of communication is in one word. As generic and cliché as it may sound, it is what I’ve discovered is vital. As people, we spend excessive time focusing on relationships with other people. This is ordinary and understandable because we are human and humans make the world go round. If you lived in a world where you were the only person, I doubt it would be a life worth living.

As painful as relationships can be, they move us. But, how is it that during our detrimental times, we get so wrapped up in relationships and seeking help from people with no power? Shouldn’t our most intimate, time-consuming relationship be with someone who can help solve our issues? Who can soothe our pain? Who can give us answers to our questions? Who can love us infinitely and unconditionally as we all desire? It’s so simple until it’s complex. Yet, the primary key to improving your communication is by improving ― Are you ready for that one word? Well, the thing that may be holding you back is ― intimacy. Even if you currently have a relationship with the Lord, how intimate is it? When you have a genuine, caring relationship with someone, you speak with them about everything without hesitation. According to John 15:15, the Lord is our friend and He confides in us ― He will tell us things. Just as He confides in us, He wants us to be comfortable confiding in Him.

During moments when you can’t hear God, take the time to improve your relationship with Him. Fall on your face shamelessly, until you hear Him. I don’t care how long it takes. God seeks our hearts, souls, spirits and lives. Our everything. The closer we get to Him, the more we can trust Him. I guarantee, once you reach the ultimate intimacy with Him and experience communication beyond what you can fathom, you will never be able to doubt the ability to hear Him again.


STOP: Make a list of things you can do to increase your hearing of God.

Why You Don’t Hear

As I said before, you may not be able to hear God due to blockages such as sins, selfish desires, and lack of intimacy. However, there are also times when you don’t hear Him because He’s not speaking. There’s nothing worse than speaking to someone and not receive a reply. That will put you on the fast train to feeling alone.

I know what it’s like to feel alone, especially when you are always misunderstood. It’s even worse when you’re always a good listener for everyone else, yet, it seems that no one listens or hears you. And if they even attempt to, you sense their hesitation to impart wisdom to you because they are intimidated. If you’ve ever encountered such a dilemma, I’m sure you’ve felt that you are normal and have issues, just as they do. You just don’t broadcast your issues or consistently dwell on them and you don’t wear your issues on your forehead or the affiliated emotions on your sleeves. Therefore, people don’t “see” your issues or emotions, so they assume all is well. As a result, there’s no one to cry to. Perhaps, people don’t “get it” because you’re crying to the wrong ones about your particular situation.

Moreover, there are times you cry out to God, and you know He hears you because when you intercede and pray for others, you witness changes and breakthroughs in their lives. But somehow, there seems to be static in the connection when you send your personal requests. Have you ever been in this position and felt like there was no one to turn to for help? This is such a painful and lonely place, and I definitely get it. However, just because you don’t hear from God, it doesn’t mean He isn’t listening or speaking.

Even when we’ve clearly heard Him in prior times, I’ve found that there can still be other moments when we miss His communication with us. Sometimes, His communication is loud, blatant, and obvious and may even occur multiple times as confirmation. And then, there are times when you’re confused and asking God what’s up because the air is filled with silence. You find yourself going back to the beginning of time to make sure you’ve repented for every sin you’ve committed since you were in diapers. Of course, I am being facetious. I simply mean, we try super hard to make sure we’ve covered all bases. We stress our brains trying to analyze if there was a sin we missed and didn’t repent of. Nevertheless, our sins may have nothing to do with the lack of communication.

There are so many other reasons we could be missing a word from God. On the other hand, it is similar to taking a test in school when the teacher remained quiet. It is not appropriate for the teacher to speak during the test. It is exactly what it is: a test. It’s the time to apply all that you’ve learned during the good moments when the sun was shining and all was going well. It’s the time to see if you can apply all that you’ve studied. It’s the time to see just how much you truly learned.

Yet, I’m not here to scold you because I’m definitely just as imperfect as you. No matter how many times I’ve communicated with God, I still have moments when I’m confused. Just to be even more transparent, I’m still working on being stronger during the testing times. There are moments when God and I are in constant communication and flowing ― then He goes silent on me. If He stays silent too long, I start second-guessing myself and then I have to repent, lean on His Word, and trust Him. I once heard someone use the analogy that He is like the GPS system. Sometimes, it will become silent and stop giving directions. But its silence does not mean the GPS system is not functioning or is disengaged. It simply means to keep going; you’re on the right track. Nonetheless, because you are unsure of where exactly you’re headed, you tend to become apprehensive and even wonder if the system has suddenly become defective and stopped working. But, if you make a wrong turn, the system will speak. Thus, I always affiliate the silent moments of God with that. If He isn’t saying anything, I trust that I am going in the right direction and I just keep going. I know that He is my Father and no loving parent wants to see their child go down the wrong path. Hence, I lean on trusting God more and more, even when I can’t hear Him.

It’s not always comfortable, but we must have faith, which is the evidence that the things we hope for will come to pass. I’ve come a mighty, mighty long way and I’m still a work in progress, but I know God will never leave me. He is my fortress and my ever-present help in my time of need. He is yours too. We must lean on His Word and trust it because it is truly alive. His Word, as well as His very presence, has proven to be true to me. I know God is real. He’s spoken to me too many times for Him to not be real. Even when we don’t hear God, He’s still very present and very active!


STOP: Make a list of reasons you haven’t been able to hear God. What are you going to do to minimize those things?

How He Speaks to Us

There is no limit to how God speaks. It can be via coincidental incidents, dreaming dreams, knowing knowledge, visualizing visions, and vocal voices, as you will read about throughout this book. God speaks through His Word, people, dreams, visions, numbers, patterns, things you see, literature you read, a “knowing” in your spirit, and many other ways. I’m not going to try to name everything because He is limitless. The bottom-line is that there are no boundaries to how God can and will speak to you. As you read about my experiences, you will understand that I’m not mighty enough to create such occurrences. Furthermore, if you’ve ever had any doubt about God’s existence or power, it is about to be diminished as you read this book. I am confident that your faith in God will increase. You’ll learn various ways God communicates and witness His fresh, new strategies. But most of all, this book is for you to improve your communication with God. As you improve your communication, your relationship with Him will improve and your hope, faith, and trust will increase. These are essential elements to experiencing a new, peaceful, prosperous level of living. To reach new levels in your life, you need to renew and reach a new level of relationship with God.

Sometimes, we make it appear as if getting close to God and hearing Him is hard. There’s a plethora of misinformation that can easily create dizziness when you try to eat from everyone’s table of spiritual food being served. Yet, all of the religious tactics won’t give you a true, profound relationship with God. Those antics make you feel like you’re never good enough or you’re never doing enough for God. Needless to say, we don’t have to do anything to deserve His love or even earn blessings and grace. But, there is one main thing we should do ― believe! Believe in God, believe God, and believe God’s Word. Without faith, it is impossible to please God and anything is possible if a person just believes. You need to know that God has a word for you. Have faith that you are capable of hearing Him.

Hearing God doesn’t have to be tedious or ritualistic. You just need to become intimate with Him, which doesn’t have to be difficult. Just be who you are; go to Him, just as you would anybody else. Yes, He speaks through people and the Bible, but people have perverted the truth of God and sometimes, you don’t always understand what’s in the Bible. However, these are not valid reasons to remain distant from God and confused about how, when, and what He speaks to you. The best message and interpretation of what God is saying is the message that you specifically get from God and interpret yourself. God deals with us based on what’s going on in and around us. Therefore, the best communication you can receive from God is the one you get yourself. Others can be helpful, but you need to know and hear God for yourself. I pray that as you read about how God speaks to me that you will receive revelations about how God speaks to you.


STOP: Make a list of ways that God speaks to you. List specific incidents, such as dreams, numbers, and visions. Refer to this list often to remind yourself of ways that God speaks to you.

The Chronicles

1. Driving Me Crazy

I tend to make friends very easily. I even make friends as I travel and I actually converse with people from car to car via our driving. We tail, follow, and dash in and out of traffic together. One day while driving, I made a friend as I typically do. This person was driving the way I like to drive ― fast! I figured I could reach my destination faster if I drove faster, which is just typical fast drivers’ thinking. Right?

Suddenly, I heard a voice say, “You need to let her go. She’s about to get a ticket.” I would’ve thought that I was crazy; however, I looked in my rear view and side mirrors because I like to pay attention to my surroundings. I noticed a black car. It had to be moving extremely fast because I could tell that it would catch up to me within the next few moments. I slowed down and moved into the far right (ahem- slow driving) lane. My friend was then in the middle lane, getting further and further ahead of me, making it harder for me to see her clearly. Then, there was the black car, moving past me and making me feel like I was driving in slow motion. The black car moved from the far left lane to the middle lane and soon enough, it was on the tail of my friend. All I saw next were blue lights!

At that point, I was so shocked about hearing a voice and the warning actually manifesting in front of me, I started screaming. “Oh my God! Oh my God! I just heard a voice, and it said she was about to get a ticket and now she’s getting a ticket! Oh my God! I can’t believe it!” I must’ve ranted about that for at least five minutes straight without stopping to even take a breath. Honestly, I would’ve thought I was going crazy if it wasn’t for my passenger confirming that the car we were following was indeed getting pulled over. I might’ve thought I daydreamed the entire incident. Lol.

Note: God sends warnings. Look out and listen!

STOP: Think of a time when you thought you were going crazy, but you later realized it was God. Remember, He doesn’t always show up as we expect Him to.

2. Travel Light

Once upon a Saturday morning, I recall traveling. It was me and one other passenger. I didn’t plan to be away for more than a few days, so I packed light. Nevertheless, after riding for about 1.5 hours, traveling was becoming heavy. I could feel the weight expanding and becoming heavier. As I drove I became more and more uncomfortable as the minutes passed by. I tossed and turned in my seat slightly. I no longer seemed to be traveling light. It was as if I was hauling a heavy burden.

Something began to scream my name. Then, I experienced a sharp pain. My bladder was full and heavy and the rest area was nowhere in sight. It doesn’t seem like it now, but at the time, having to relieve myself was the most urgent and important thing on Earth to me. I was desperate for relief, but not desperate enough to stop on the side of the road in broad daylight; so, I started to pray. I prayed to God for a rest area. I know how this might sound to lots of people. Some may be thinking, “God isn’t going to just build a rest area within seconds for you.” He actually could if he wanted to, but just how much glory could and would He get from that?

Nevertheless, after praying, an inner voice stated, “The restroom is going to be right up ahead.” This might sound like a coincidence or a lucky guess, but it wasn’t. How do I know? Well, when the Spirit reveals something, it’s a different feeling from any other feeling. In fact, it’s more than an emotion. It really is a “knowing.” You just know. And by now, I’m sure you’ve guessed that after hearing the voice, a sign appeared stating the next rest area was within a few miles. I was relieved at just seeing the sign. I was most definitely relieved when I released and emptied the heaviness so I could continue traveling light.

Note: When the Spirit touches you, it is more than a feeling. The facts always follow.

3. Too Short

I’d just come out of a slump in my life and somehow, things were declining again. I was down on my luck and having a rough time financially, as we all do at some point or another. I had worked and actually made quite a bit of money. Yet, I was still hundreds of dollars short of paying a significant bill. I sold valuable items I owned for much lesser than I had paid. And I was still short.

Of course, I’d already prayed to God and was confident that He would come through for me. I’d already gotten extensions and the very final day came to pay the bill. When I awakened that morning, I was still optimistic. However, as the time passed by and 5:00 p.m. seemed to be getting closer by the second, I became apprehensive. There was no sign that God was still going to help, as I’d been believing. All I could do was keep talking to God to keep my head above the rising water.

As the time continued to speed up, there was a knock on my door. It was my cousin, with whom I’d shared my dilemma. I didn’t tell her about what was happening to receive sympathy or money. I simply needed to release the pressure from my chest. Nevertheless, as she came in, she had a smile on her face. Then, she sat down and as she reached into her purse, she asked how much money I needed. I told her I needed $300. She counted and handed me a stack of money. And there it was ― BOOM! Waterfalls! I was not expecting that at all. Yet, she told me about how the night before, the Spirit told her to give me some money.

After pulling myself together from the emotional release of pressure, I gathered the other money that I already had. As I counted, it turned out that I was $370 short, not $300 as I’d told my cousin. But then, I counted what my cousin handed me; it was not $300. She’d actually given me $370! The exact amount that I was short. She didn’t know I was $370 short and neither did I, until that moment; but clearly, God did!

Note: Sometimes, we don’t know what we need, but God always does. Just because you don’t know how you’ll get what you need, doesn’t mean you won’t get it.

STOP: Think of a time when you were in short supply of something, but eventually received what you needed. Did you doubt that you would receive provision? How did you feel when you finally received it? Think on these things during moments when you feel you won’t receive what you need.

4. Sister

I watched her walk down what seemed like a never-ending hallway. I stood immovable, in a trance, until she was no longer in sight. Once she disappeared, I was able to resume getting ready for school. I fought to hold back tears as I told myself that I was wrong and going crazy.

Later that day, my mom picked me up from school as usual. It wasn’t out of the ordinary that my aunt was also in the car. But, why was my sister’s boyfriend there when she wasn’t? I could feel the stiffness in the air as we drove home. Then, all I could think was, “That’s it. She’s gone. She’s not coming back. She’s dead!” The waterfall of tears started, but everyone in the car was so in a trance that no one saw me crying. I wiped the tears and gathered the strength and confidence to speak, “Mom, where’s my sister?”

The immediate hesitation was confirmation enough. “Um…she’s not home right now…” Soon enough, we arrived home. My mom told me to put my backpack in my room and come back to the living room because she had something to tell me. I moved as slowly as I could. Although I already knew, hearing the words would ensure that it wasn’t a nightmare or me losing my mind. As I went back into the living room, my mom really knew no other way to say it but, “She’s dead!” BOOM! Immediately, I screamed and the waterfall of tears crashed through the wall of strength.

Earlier that morning, as my sister and I shared the bathroom to both get dressed for school, “something” told me, she was going to die. I was just a child and didn’t really go to church much, so I was very unfamiliar with the Holy Spirit and how God speaks. For all I knew, I was going crazy. In fact, I sort of thought I was and chose to ignore what I knew and was feeling. Yet, I was able to tell her that I loved her that morning, although that had no effect on the pain I felt.

Along with the pain, I also suffered because I thought it was my fault for not saying anything. Of course, I know now that nothing I said could’ve changed God’s plan for her that day. Or was it God’s plan? Could we have prayed over her and changed what happened that day? Because I was silent, I will never know. That’s a prime reason that I cannot afford to remain silent regarding what I know about God. People perish because of a lack of knowledge, and I refuse to let anyone else perish just because I’ve chosen to be silent. I might have been silent then about God speaking, but since I am now familiar with many ways that God speaks, I will speak (unless He tells me to be silent).

Note: Silence isn’t golden if God gives you the words to speak. Those words are worth a lot more than gold.

5. Peace of Heaven

I opened my eyes to a small figure lying next to me in the form of my son. At that moment, I began to cry because I felt selfish. Not that I would intentionally leave my child if I had a choice in the matter. However, it’s like I didn’t even know or remember that I had a son. Yet, upon awakening, all I could think about was what if my son had awakened to the lifeless body of his mother.

What drove me to those thoughts? Where exactly had I been that would make me not want to return? Well, this wasn’t dreamland. This was one of those moments when you just know. Yet, I’m guessing I had a case of sleep apnea that night and had stopped breathing. Sleep apnea is just that: you stop breathing while you’re asleep. During this timeframe, my sleep apnea had actually improved from the perpetual nights of waking up constantly gasping for air.

Whatever the case was, I’d somehow landed in a place that is indescribable, even years later as I’m telling my experience. This place was beautiful. It was beyond peaceful. It was like what the Apostle Paul described in 2 Corinthians 12. I cannot even utter to describe it. “Peace” does not even begin to explain what this place was like. It was too magnificent and it was as if I had no remembrance of my issues on Earth. This place seemed to be something like a garden. I was so excited, I said: “Yes! I made it! I’m here. I’m home.” Then, there was a white silhouette that appeared. It had no definite shape or form to it. But, it spoke and said, “You’re going back!” I pleaded and said, “No, but I’m already here. I don’t want to go back.” Again, the voice spoke and said, “You’re not ready. You’re going back.” I said no again, but then that’s when my eyes opened to me looking at my son, sound asleep next to me.

Based on how I felt and the level of “knowing” I had upon awakening, I KNOW exactly where I went. It was truly a place of peace. I’ve experienced peace on Earth, but it comes nowhere near to even a piece of Heaven’s peace. Heaven is real!


STOP: Think of a time when someone told you something and you didn’t believe them, but it was ultimately revealed that they were telling the truth. Even though you didn’t believe them, the truth still existed, right? The existence of God’s truth and kingdom is not dependent on your beliefs.

6. Life under Construction

I was used to working at home; however, I reached a point where my life was under construction. As I passed through the job site (so to speak), I was hitting one bump in the road after the other. For some apparent reason, my employer’s computer kept listing me as unavailable for work at home, even after making numerous calls to inform them that I was available for another assignment. Needless to say, I ended up having to commute to work. I appreciated maintaining a position that paid my bills and then some, especially after being on the short end of receiving, due to “construction”. Yet, I needed to get out of the building any and every chance I could to talk to my daddy upstairs.

During one of my breaks, I was doing my usual. Enjoying nature. Observing the sky. The people. The environment. Walking and talking to my Dad as I often did about the path I’d been on, my current life, and my future. Then, suddenly I heard someone plainly and clearly say, “Well, what do you want?”

“Well, you know, I really would like to go back to working at home. That will allow me to resume writing and it’s time efficient…” I told Him that working at home was the best fit for me for many different reasons. It would definitely make things easier for me. I further explained myself and headed back into the building to complete my work day.

When I got home from work that evening, I had a voicemail that someone left earlier in the day (but after the time I had my conversation with God). Lo and behold, the voice message was to see if I was available for an upcoming work-at-home assignment! Was the timing of that call a coincidence? I think not. The timing of that call was a God incident! He asked me what I wanted. I told Him and I received it!

7. Light in Darkness

For some reason unknown, I felt uncomfortable around him. There was just something about him that didn’t feel right. My being about twelve years of age or so had nothing to do with it. Somehow, all I could feel was there was something off and dark.

Years later when I was age twenty-something, while visiting my grandmother, she and I were watching the news. There was a story about a woman setting a mental institution on fire. As more details were revealed, my grandmother recognized the woman as a girl who grew up in her neighborhood. Apparently, the girl went crazy after being molested and assaulted by relatives including her brothers. One of the relatives’ names just so happened to be “that man” that I always had an eerie feeling about when I was just a child. I never knew he grew up near my grandmother’s house until that day.

So, how did I have an inkling as a child that something wasn’t right about this man? Never mind how I seemed to be the only child having such an uncomfortable feeling about him. The spiritual discernment I experienced was the Holy Spirit. It was God revealing the truth and shining His light on darkness.


STOP: Think of an unfortunate incident that you’ve witnessed or experienced. Now, think of the lessons learned or things gained from it. Would the gains have been as profound if someone just told or gave them to you? Sometimes, a light only shines so bright because of the darkness that surrounds it.

8. Who’re You Going to Call?

A relative needed a car and I truly wanted to help. After all, she’d helped me to get a car before. So, I had intentions to contribute money; however, life happens and I was unable to. After feeling bad about wanting to help and not being able to, I did what any other kind-hearted person may or may not do out of desperation. I did exactly what I had to do to get that car for her. I dropped down on my knees and prayed.

Have you ever seen the infomercial about the crock pot or some other cooking device where you can place the food in the pot and forget about it, without overcooking? It’s the commercial when they say that you can “set it and forget it.” Well, that’s pretty much what I did. I prayed, set it in God’s hands, and forgot about it. I guess it was easy for me to forget and not obsess over it because I trusted God. But then, one day (perhaps a couple of weeks after), my phone rang. I received a phone call stating that my relative had gotten a new Benz.

She didn’t exactly have the so-called resources that you typically need when purchasing a vehicle. Yet, she called me and then I called/prayed to my Father and voila! So, I have a question for you. When you need help, who do you call? I hope not Tyrone. I hope not Ghostbusters! After reading this, you had better start calling Jesus on the main line!

9. To Be or Not To Be (A Leper)

What I know, realize, and recognize in my life, and the lives of others is that the things we speak actually manifest. It was the year 2005 when the doctor diagnosed me with an incurable skin disease. Ultimately, I had surgery and multiple outbreaks after surgery. There was nothing that could be done.

The suffering increased at first because of my mental state. I think the pain was more than it actually was just because I kept thinking about the nasty bumps, lumps, cysts, and ooze exploding from my skin. However, I became so devastated until I started saying, “I don’t have this. I don’t care what the doctor says.” I would say it even while having outbreaks. I prayed and refused to believe that I had a disease. It took months for the power of my words to manifest, but I guess, I kept saying it so much that I actually started believing my own words.

Now, it has been over ten years, and I’ve been outbreak and disease free since 2006! With that being said, I don’t care who says what, you need to be saying something different (if that person is not speaking healing, growth, and prosperity). Talk to God, repent, and ask Him to remove anything holding your prayers up. Forgive yourself (if applicable) and continue living your life. Of course, believe for the best and most importantly ― expect it!


STOP: Do you know that research studies are now being done that scientifically prove what this article reveals? Our bodies are listening to our thoughts and aligning with them. Our words and thoughts have power. What are you constantly saying and thinking about your body?

10. Wake-up Call: Sound the Alarm

Typically, I’ve always been a light sleeper. Nevertheless, I must’ve been deep down in the ocean. I could’ve sworn I was floating. And I could’ve easily awakened confused about where I was and what exactly was happening. However, I heard a voice call out, “We’re going to go ahead and wake her up.” The minute he finished saying the word “up,” my alarm clock sounded. It was as if he spoke and then immediately hit the button on the clock to sound the alarm.

I know this particular testimony is extremely short; nevertheless, it has had a long-lasting effect because I am still here ― in the land of the living! My friend, that was not a dream! I know what I heard; it was loud and clear! The voice that is ― although the alarm was loud and clear too, like it always is. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the sound of the alarm clock. However, I am and will always be glad to hear it and have it awaken me daily ― an angelic voice is nice to hear also.

11. Showered with Blessings

I was a little frustrated, almost to the point of stressed out. I had been in the house all week long, without any outings whatsoever. So, I was looking forward to having a reason to get out of the house on the weekend, despite not having much money to spend. Nevertheless, I needed to replace a desk that I’d sold.

I took a shower in an attempt to wash off my frustration. Yes, I said it ― wash away my frustration. Showers help to relax me. Bath time is one of the few moments when I can block out noises and slow down my constantly running thoughts. Water calms and relaxes me. As I showered, I heard a voice say, “Now, you know you’re going to have to do better than this. Push!” The voice proceeded to tell me that I would not have to worry about anything and that I would be told what to do. So, I said okay and decided to lie down after showering. As I allowed my mind and spirit to reach a point of calmness and relaxation, the voice resumed speaking. I was reassured that I would not have to worry about anything; I would have the money to buy the desk, as well as grocery shop. Then, this voice stated, “All you have to do is…” Certainly, it wasn’t anything immoral or illegal. Nevertheless, I would like to keep some things to myself. Sorry. I love you, though.

The main thing I want you to recognize is that if you shut down your own thoughts and emotions long enough, you’ll be made aware of God’s. In this particular scenario, I could’ve continued to be caught up in my feelings and never-ending thoughts, but I made a choice. Yes, that’s right. A choice. And just as I had the option to calm myself and reject being emotional and depressed, you too have choices you can make. Choose wisely.


STOP: Do you ever have moments when you’re so depressed and frustrated that you don’t want anything to cheer you up? Will being stubborn and resistant make you feel any better any faster? What can you do to knock the wall of resistance down so you’re open to hearing God?

12. Suppression

The battle with depression seemed to be never ending. Having many family members who had their battles with it, depression seemed to be an epidemic curse placed on our family decades or maybe even a century ago. Nevertheless, there I was battling with this ugly thing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I didn’t have much money to spend, so I decided to make it a movie watching day. For a person with nothing special to do, I was enjoying myself as I relished the comedy and action movie genres.

As I watched television ever so comfortably in my living room, I felt something crawling on my face, so I quickly reached to knock it away. What I touched was wet. Liquid. Tears. Of course, I was confused. What was I crying about? I was having a good moment. There wasn’t anything on my mind and on a conscious level, nothing was bothering me. However, it took only a few moments when suddenly, I felt pain in my heart. I honestly didn’t understand how I could have nothing on my mind, and yet, be hurt and crying. Moments after feeling the pain in my chest, I became enraged. I was livid! How long was I going to have to battle with this? Why wouldn’t it go away?

I found myself standing in the kitchen and saying to myself that I was going to start living carelessly. I would start doing anything. I would do evil to others and hurt them. Maybe, if I hurt someone else, it would somehow soothe my pain. After all, I was always trying to save and help others but it had done no good for me up to that point. As I thought to myself, “Yep, that’s it. I’m going to start doing stuff to other people,” I heard a voice say, “Now, you know better. You know that’s not how God made you.”

I looked around wondering if I was going crazy. But, the voice reassured me that I wasn’t just making up voices or going mad. The conversation went on for hours. Then, I began to hear several voices praying for me. They told me that anytime I start to feel a little pressure to just breathe; they revealed that they’re always with me and praying for me. “We love you.” Is what they said.

There were many questions that I’d asked God in recent times. During those several hours with what I assume were angels, they actually addressed and spoke about every question and concern that I talked to God about. On that particular day, I went from being emotionally bound to being rescued and “broken out” by what I never saw. With that being said, take note that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That’s actually an excellent mantra to apply when exercising your faith. Just remember that there’s existence beyond the obvious.

13. Prophesied Prophecy

A relative had spoken to me about her pastor: how God used him, and how prophetic he was. Because of what she’d told me, I was intrigued. I advised her that I wanted to meet him so he could prophesy on my life. At that point, I’d never received a prophecy, so I thought it would be interesting.

I finally had the chance to visit her church; however, it was New Year’s Eve so there really was no time to be introduced to the pastor. Yet, I was fine because, at that point, I just wanted and needed spiritual food to eat to start the upcoming year just right! I sensed that the year ahead was going to be even better than the last. I could feel the Holy Spirit strongly as if I was sitting in the first row, although I was in about the seventh row back. Because I was praising and worshipping so much, I kept opening and closing my eyes. I recall seeing the pastor walk pass other rows to come to my row, but then I closed my eyes again as I basked in the Spirit. I heard the pastor’s voice closer to me and as he continued to preach, I could tell that he was next to me. Perhaps, just two people away. I opened my eyes; his hand was on my forehead as he stood directly in front of me, prophesying.

I had to watch the recording of the sermon. The church is large and is televised, so luckily, I was able to review. I needed to watch a playback because I had missed the beginning of the prophecy, as I was lost in the Spirit. Anyway, the pastor’s prophecy was accurate and the word of wisdom he delivered regarding instructions was also relevant. God gave me a desire in my heart to receive prophecy and he fulfilled it. Just as Proverbs says ― God will give us the desires of our heart, meaning He will implant the things into our hearts that we should desire and He’ll fulfill them. In addition, it seems I prophesied the prophecy.


STOP: Think of a time when God put a desire in your heart and it came to pass effortlessly. Write it down and refer to it when you feel the need to force a desire to come to pass. Sometimes, a delay or a denial is communication from God. Are you open to listening?

14. Answers before Questions

Life can be challenging. As a result, there are many frustrating questions to be answered. How awesome would it be if you had answers before your questions ever developed? Extremely awesome, right? But, if you were always made aware that the answer was an answer, the question would never develop. I think that’s why some events occur in the sequence that they do. Answers and questions can be presented to us in a manner that they’re distinguished only in hindsight.

A few years ago, I was offered a job around April. I didn’t give it much thought, but over the next couple of weeks, I was contacted regarding ten different jobs. I was confused and wondering why so many employment opportunities were coming my way when I was secure in my current position. Nevertheless, about two weeks passed since being contacted by the various employers. Then, unexpectedly, I received a notification that at the end of that business day, I would be unemployed.

I prayed and decided that I was going to be okay. But I wasn’t confident that I was going to be okay because I’d been contacted many times in the prior weeks. I’d already refused those offers. Even so, I still felt that I was going to be okay. How did I know I would be okay? Because I prayed and I trusted God to take care of me.

The next day, which was the first day of being unemployed. I was celebrating, happy, blasting music, singing, and dancing. I was so joyous because I viewed this as an opportunity. It was an opportunity to vacation from work. I’d been working so much; I think God made me take a vacation because I would have otherwise not done so. Nevertheless, on the first full day of being unemployed, I received a call. By the time the call ended, I was hired! Just like that. It honestly wasn’t even much of an interview either.

I believe that because I chose to trust God and was sincere about leaving the situation in His hands that He responded expeditiously. No one can tell me that God doesn’t answer when you call! There’s always a positive perspective that can be taken, even in unfortunate happenings. Having trust and faith is a matter of choice.

While I’m on the subject of jobs, I’ll tell you about another incident. Unlike the previous example, I wasn’t given the answer prior to the question, but I was seeking a job. I prophesied with faith that I would be contacted that particular week. I didn’t prophesy based on any recent contacts or conversations. I just decided to believe and speak what I wanted into existence. And guess what? I was contacted about five different jobs in one week! But wait! There’s more ― a third example! This was also an entirely different time period from the other incidents. I knew the contract I had would have soon expired ― as in a couple of weeks. So, while it was on my mind, I decided to pray for a contract extension. One hour after praying, I received an email stating that my contract was extended!

Note: Sometimes, what it takes is for you to pray and speak a word of faith and be highly convinced that the thing you speak is going to occur. It’s cool to believe and expect, but you need to KNOW!

15. Shopping Grace

Do all women really love to shop? Yes, no, maybe, somewhat? Well, I’m probably the only one who is in the “somewhat” category, which is perfectly fine because it just further solidifies why I’m called “unique.” I like being able to buy what I want, but it’s only fun when I know exactly what I want and have a list. Control freak, I know! Otherwise, shopping fun falls into the “somewhat” category when I’m just browsing for anything and in that case, the internet is my number one favorite place to shop!

One day, I was browsing the internet for the perfect picture to finally put the finishing touches on my newly decorated bedroom. I had no idea what I was looking for and was perplexed (the spoils of joy when you finally have enough money to buy anything). I finally narrowed down my search and decided that I would choose between just two stores. I selected my colors and toggled between the tabs of the two stores as I browsed for the perfect picture.

“I love the sky and water,” I started thinking to myself. Then, suddenly it hit me! “If I could find a picture with blue and brown that has the sky and water…” It was all of about five seconds after thinking that when I scrolled down on my computer screen and there it was! It was perfect: a blue and brown picture of the sky and ocean! Some of you may be thinking, this was a prophetic moment and perhaps, it was. However, it was also evidence that God is listening, even when we aren’t intentionally submitting requests and talking to Him.

There is absolutely no way that I caused the picture to appear like that. I can and will attribute it to the God in me. However, my question to you is this: If God can cause a simple request like that to be granted (and I wasn’t even talking to Him about it), then can’t He grant requests when we are talking directly to Him? Of course, He can. I don’t think there’s ever a time when He’s not listening to us, assuming our hearts and spirits are in the right place.


STOP: Think of a moment when you just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. There are no coincidences. Just as God placed you in the proper position then, He’ll do it again. He’s always leading the way. Who and what are you following?

16. The Package

I hope you read Chronicle 15 because this is a continuation of it. So, now that I’ve told you about how I found the perfect picture, let me tell you about when I received it. Honestly, the huge empty space had been that way for months. Everything else in my bedroom was finally set up and perfect and I actually sort of liked the huge blank wall. Nevertheless, I finally decided to give in and search for the perfect picture. Excited about filling in the empty space, I started wondering when the picture was going to be delivered. I retrieved the tracking link, but before I could actually read the tracking information, there was a bump against the door. As I approached the door, I heard someone walking away. Then I heard what sounded like a truck pulling away. When I opened the door, there it was ― the package. It was only a moment prior that I was so curious about its arrival status!

This is just a simple example of how things are always working and fitting together perfectly without our efforts. We tend to want to know when something is going to occur, even though God already has the package on the way to our doorsteps! Sometimes, God wants participation from us and other times, He doesn’t need/want our involvement, other than trusting Him and having faith. Searching for answers can have no influence on anything, other than increasing impatience, like when I was tracking the package. I knew it was on the way, but I was excited and thus becoming impatient, so I wanted the package when I wanted it. With that being said, let God deliver on His timing and it won’t be a moment too late.

Note: Seek and you shall find!

17. I Was Just Playing

Just as I do and don’t like to shop, I do and don’t like to move. I like the excitement of moving to a new place, but not so much the work it takes to get there. Every and anybody knows that if you have a regular job, you need to take a few days off from that job because moving is a job! If you didn’t think you had much before, this is the time when you find out that you actually have a lot. I typically try to lessen the amount of work to be done by selling and giving away as much as I can stand to.

One particular time, I sold and gave away so much stuff until I didn’t even have a microwave. In my new place, I decided that I didn’t want to have extra, unnecessary things either. I still had moderate chic decorations, so I really didn’t need much anyway. As far as not having a microwave, the oven was working just fine for me. However, my mom felt that it was absolutely necessary for me to have one. She completely omitted my refusal and one day, she showed up with a microwave. It was at that point that she wooed me, and I decided that I wanted one, so I gratefully accepted it.

I happily restructured my kitchen décor and made room for it. When it was time to test it, guess what? It didn’t even work. I pushed button after button, but the microwave was lifeless. There was absolutely no feedback at all. Not a sound. Not a light. Although I didn’t initially have a strong desire to have a microwave, I started to feel a little disappointed when it wasn’t working. I’d finally reached a point where I was excited to minimize my gas bill and also heat my food faster but all to no avail.

I decided to turn it into a humorous moment and I started to pray over the microwave, as I laid my hands on it. Suddenly, I received the urge to stop playing like I was praying and to pray for real; so, that’s what I did. I closed my eyes, put all jokes to the side, and started praying aloud for real. Then, I tested the microwave by pushing the buttons and of course, by trying to heat something. And that’s when my sibling started shockingly screaming, “Mom! Oh my God! This girl just prayed over the microwave and fixed it. Now it’s working!”

Note: You have power that you aren’t aware of and therefore aren’t using.

STOP: Think of a time when you were “just playing” or weren’t really expecting a desire to come to pass, but it still occurred. What are the things in your life that you need to get serious about? If God moved when you weren’t really expecting Him to, can’t He move regarding something you are serious about?

18. Catching Feelings

When I told him that he’d fallen asleep on me the night before, I asked him how, why, and what did he feel. He looked at me and gave me a one-word answer. “Peace!” is what he said.

The night before, a family member became distressed, distraught, and heavily weighed down by a recent mistake he’d made. He spoke about the countless number of blunders he’d made and how he was still making them. He was tired of his shortcomings and felt worthless. Clearly, he felt screwed up and that maybe, his life wasn’t worth living. I’d never seen him break down and cry out so passionately and painfully. When a person is experiencing pain, I’m typically compassionate; however, I started experiencing something way beyond compassion. I suddenly felt an immense amount of pain in my own heart, as if I was the one in such emotional turmoil. As the pain increased, I realized that I was literally catching feelings ― his feelings.

I desperately wanted him to experience pain relief and peace, so I hastily grabbed my oil and began to pray. I applied my hands to his torso with every intention to permeate him with peace. I have no idea how long I’d been praying, but I noticed he was very still and silent. I wiped my tear soaked face and began to shake him and call his name. He was asleep! The next day, I spoke to him and mentioned that he fell asleep and when I began questioning him about what he’d felt when I laid my hands on him, that’s when he replied “Peace.”

19. God Stopped It

When I was in my early twenties, I had a dream that an angel appeared to me and told me I was going to die soon. I was told I wouldn’t live to see my mid-twenties. I was excited! Of course, by that statement, I really don’t have to tell you that I was suicidal at the time. But after that dream, I knew I didn’t have to do anything to speed the process and I lived with stimulating expectancy just knowing my suffering would be over soon.

When I was about twenty-four, my friend and I were riding in the rain on the expressway. We drove around a sharp curve, but then we were on a straight path. We drove through a puddle of water and it felt like we were then on a pair of skates. My friend hit the brakes and the tail end of the car started a slow motion dance. The back moved from side to side and then the rest of the car decided to get into the motion also. That’s when the entire car started spinning around on the expressway. As I looked up, all I saw was 360 degrees. The sky was spinning in a circle! I recalled the dream of how the angel appeared to me. I leaned back, grabbed onto the door, closed my eyes, and said, “Father, forgive me for my sins. Here I come.”

Suddenly, there was silence. I opened my eyes slowly, and it seemed that everything was still. I started looking around at everything in sight and checking my body for pain. I searched for evidence that I was a ghost. As I continued looking around, I noticed the car had stopped on a portion of the expressway that just so happened to not have a guard rail. Had the car stopped just a couple more inches over, we would’ve exited the freeway via the embankment and experienced a drop that would’ve guaranteed no survival.

As I sat completely up, I saw we were facing oncoming traffic. Luckily, the cars had ample time to stop before reaching us. People came to our rescue and asked if we were okay. I honestly didn’t know what I was at the time. However, I was more rattled inside than outside. To everyone’s surprise, there wasn’t a scratch on any of us. After placing our misplaced souls back into our body, we proceeded on our journey. As we drove off, stiffened and in shock, all I could think about was how just before the car went tumbling over and down the embankment, God stopped it!

Note: Just before everything goes down, God will stop it.

STOP: Think of an instant when you physically moved just in time. As a result, this move caused you to avoid a car accident, robbery, bullet, fight, hospitalization, sickness, etc. Do you think it was your own power that saved you? What caused you to move?

20. Energy (Part 1)

Have you ever been in a room when someone walked in and then suddenly, the entire vibe changed? Everyone in the room may have been laughing and having a good time until Nancy entered; somehow there is a feeling of negativity. Energy doesn’t lie! My admonishment to you is to remain cognizant of people’s energy and the effect that it has on you. If you aren’t being positively added to, I’m pretty positive that your positivity might be subtracted. Energy rarely stays exactly the same. If you’re happy and a certain someone comes in, you either become happier than before or some of the happiness may decrease.

I had a friend who always had issues. According to her, the sun never shined, the moon didn’t exist, all men are dogs, it’s impossible for anything to ever go right and blah blah blah. I should’ve paid more attention to the changes in myself. I would speak with her and initially be happy, hopeful, positive, and optimistic. By the time our conversations ended, I would be completely drained. I tried so hard to pump her up with positivity that I was losing mine and exhausting myself. As time passed, her problems increased, and she required more help. Even when her issues were resolved, she still found a reason to complain and be unhappy and negative. When the jealousy and lies kicked in, I had no choice but to terminate the friendship. Plus, it felt like my optimism regarding many things was terminated too.

It’s extremely vital to pay attention to how things feel in your spirit because God will communicate with you through it. Most of the time when you have a bad feeling about something, it’s because that something is bad! Unfortunately, I kept ignoring the signs and patterns that revealed she wasn’t a true friend. In fact, she was too hurt to even realize many of the unhealthy habits that developed out of her bitterness. But guess who should’ve realized the friendship was unhealthy and should’ve run before all of their positive energy got sucked away?! Yes, me! I know this example is not all that deep but every time God speaks to you, it’s not going to always be all that deep. He speaks in bold, obvious ways, but sometimes He speaks so subtly that you can easily miss what is said. So now that I’ve given a simple subtle experience, let me give you something audacious! (Next chronicle, please!)

21. Energy (Part 2)

I had a different friend (than mentioned in the previous chronicle) that I would give rides to and from work. It was not a big deal at all, considering we were going to the same employer and we lived .25 miles apart. She was nice and humble; however, it also seemed like she had a dark shadow over her. There was a little bit of consistent negativity and cynicism residing within her, but nowhere near anything like the previously mentioned female. Because of that, our conversations became fewer and fewer, as I would deliberately play the radio to avoid the consistent negative energy.

My car was fairly new and had mostly traveling miles on it. If I can recall correctly, I think I had about 10,000 miles or perhaps, even less on my car. I’m not sure exactly when it started happening. All I know for sure is that it started during the stint that I would give my co-worker a ride. For some odd reason, when I would turn the key, my car would stutter and hesitate to crank. After a couple of weeks, I realized something: The car never acted up when I was going somewhere, other than work. It only did this when I was giving this chick a ride.

At first, when I realized it, I tried to deny it; I questioned myself and thought I was tripping. But then, I paid extreme attention and started doing things differently to test my theory. When we got off from work, I would get to my car before she did, and it started up with no issue. So then, one day, I deliberately waited until she was getting in and tried to start the car―there it was again! The car started acting up. So, I tried my routine a few more times by starting the car before she got to it versus starting as she was entering the car.

Well, folks, my test didn’t fail me! Oddly enough, the pattern was consistent and my theory was right. It was her! Every time she touched my car, either it hesitated to crank (with me trying a couple of times) or if it was beginning to start, as soon as she touched it, it would completely cut off. This female truly had something going on with her beyond the energy draining attitude. Not only was her attitude the type to drain your positive energy, it was strong enough to drain energy from my car! Lol. Is that not hilarious but tricky, all at the same time?! Never in my life had I experienced such an event of a person touching a car (even just the door handle) and being able to cut the car off. Perhaps, God felt I wasn’t getting the message enough about hanging around someone who was draining, so He sent another level of warning! Lol. Just know, He speaks through patterns too and patterns don’t lie!

Note: Sometimes, God’s messages are not even as deep as you might think. They might be simply simple and a matter of you paying just a little attention: Enough attention to recognize patterns.

STOP: Make a list of patterns in your life: a list of things that causes you to scratch your head. What could be the reason for such repetitive occurrences? What changes could God be telling you to make so the patterns are broken?

22. September 11, 2012

This particular morning, I was having a moment and was thinking, “I’m so screwed up, so who in the world can I help? I need to give up on trying to help others altogether or at least until I am completely together.” Then, I started thinking, “What good am I? I’ve made too many mistakes, and I keep making wrong turns. I need to just give up all hope and don’t try to help anyone else because I’ll probably just mess them up.”

Unexpectedly, I received a message that simply said: “Peace from broken pieces is an excellent audible.” Then, the conversation took off from there. I expressed my thanks and admitted that I needed something and I was having a moment. Without me explaining the detailed thoughts that were going through my head, my aunt suggested that I help with a talk show. Then, she started feeding me with words of encouragement. With tears skating down my face, all I could do was shake my head, look up, and say thank you, Lord.

I cannot explain my emotions during that moment; it cannot be put into words. I could only think about how God knows that I will not place my burdens on others and although I needed someone to talk to, I refused to reach out to anyone. So He sent someone to me. When you feel alone, invisible, and like no one cares, it is tremendously amazing to hear someone say, “I am here for you” and “I love you.” My aunt let me know she was there. God also let me know that He was there; He was listening and wanted me to know that He loves me.

Earlier in the morning, I was watching a sermon and was barely listening because I was wrestling with my tears and emotions. Yet, I somehow replayed words from the sermon in my head. “Glean behind the reapers.” As I listened earlier, I was thinking, “Yeah, right. Who am I going to glean behind? I have no one to follow.” And then the “aha” moment occurred: My aunt is very knowledgeable, skillful, and sharp. She is a reaper! Need I say more? God was speaking to me, even as I was wrestling in pain earlier in the day. He was working on things throughout that entire moment, which reminds me of another sermon I listened to that morning. I remember hearing that even when it seems like God isn’t listening or doing anything ― He is! All within a couple of hours, I went from sulking in despair and depression to a great moment of awe. It was possible only because I know how God speaks!

23. The Vanishing

A relative once said that there is healing in water and anytime that I feel sick, I should pray over the water and drink plenty of it. So, that is exactly what I did on this particular day. I felt a weird pain, so I grabbed some anointed oil, and I went deeply into meditative prayer. I’m talking about the type of prayer that takes you into the spiritual realm; the type of prayer that makes you feel like you are high on drugs! I anointed my body and my home. I prayed over the water and then I drank about 32 ounces.

I cannot even tell you when the pain disappeared because after praying about it and drinking the water, I spoke that I was healed. All I can tell you is that I noticed the pain had dissipated that day. The bottom line is that I prayed over the pain and that was my request. The vanishing of pain was the response. This is one of those cases when you feel in your spirit, and you just know that it was God. The more you speak with Him, the more you’ll recognize Him and His voice. Although this case is minor, it’s still an example that God is real and true healing can be received when you accept Him and believe in His power.


STOP: Every believer is called to heal the sick, whether a physical or emotional ailment. Do you or someone you know have ailing parts that need to be healed? What can you do so you can hear what God’s preferred regimen is?

24. Coin. Me. Dollar.

I recall a moment when I did not have much money. All I had was a few dollars and there were many needed items that I was on the way to the store to pick up. However, I had to get just one more dollar to purchase everything. One dollar does not seem like much, but when it makes the difference between being able to purchase things you really need and trying to survive without them, one dollar can make a huge difference. I had just spoken about being short of money when my child said, “Mom, look!” On the floor of my vehicle, there was a gold dollar coin! My child and I immediately started praying and giving thanks because there was no other explanation for how our need was being met. We didn’t try to logically figure out how the coin got there. The point was that the Lord knew when and what we would need and He supplied exactly what we needed at the exact moment that we needed it!

The real power that we are all capable of possessing comes from within; it is the Holy Spirit. I cannot express any further or deeper how real the power of the Holy Spirit is! As the power is constantly revealed, I know the Lord is real. I learn more and more to take heed to the direction of the Holy Spirit. As I reflect on moments when I didn’t take heed, I realize I made horrible mistakes and allowed myself to be involved in situations that could have been avoided. I have often rejected the warnings by thinking I was just being crazy or negative. However, God was warning me but I took matters into my own hands and did whatever I wanted to do.

When we do not obey God, we can only blame ourselves. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to know if it is you or if it is God warning you. Therefore, it is important to constantly stay connected to Him. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with talking to Him at any time and asking Him for confirmation. He will send confirmation. You just have to be open to communicating and willing to listen and pay attention.

Note: Pay Him attention and there’s no limit to what He’ll pay you.

25. Flooded (with Funds)

I had just started a second job a few weeks prior and things seemed to be lining up for me. I got dressed and just as I was about to leave, my car was under water! As I made my way to it and looked inside, the flood water was staring right into my face. It was definitely pointless to even try to open the door, so I went back inside and the outgoing phone calls started. I was upset for a laundry list of reasons:

1. My car was still fairly new and after this, it could suddenly become considerably old.

2. Although it wasn’t my fault, I was already having to call into my new job.

3. Even though it was just a second job, I really couldn’t afford to miss any money.

4. The emergency roadside company that I’d been paying wasn’t going to tow my car.

5. Because they weren’t going to tow my car, I then had to pay money to have it towed.

6. It turned out that I was parked next to a drain that contributed to the flood because my landlord didn’t have it cleared out.

7. I’d already been having more than enough problems and just when I thought things were about to go my way, this situation was a clear indication that they weren’t.

8. My insurance deductible was high, and it wasn’t a good time to accumulate an extra unnecessary expense.

That day, I hyped myself up with all of those negative thoughts and affiliated negative emotions of frustration. Yet, what began as a bad day, ended up being a good experience:

1. My car was still like new.

2. I didn’t lose my job.

3. My budget wasn’t messed up by missing work that day.

4. I dropped my account with the crappy roadside assistance company and instead of giving money to them, I had more money to keep to myself.

5. I was able to get my car towed because I had money.

6. Because it was my landlord’s fault, I could use their insurance to file a claim, instead of mine.

7. It was just a bad moment and this particular incident didn’t mean I would keep having them.

8. I never had to pay the deductible to my insurance company.

I’m saying all this to say (or writing this to say), my mood was determined by my perspective. I helped a bad moment to become a bad day based on how I perceived the situation and thought about it. I guess seeing my car submerged under water sort of flipped a switch. However, it looked a lot worse than it actually was. To add more to my positive list above, money was actually added to my pocket! Because there was no major damage to my vehicle, and it just needed interior cleaning, I actually had an additional $500 in my bank account. Yes! I was basically given $500 just to be inconvenienced for a day or two. God knew I could use the extra money. Clearly, I could because I was working two jobs! I wouldn’t have expected that I was getting money through being inconvenienced, but I am well with it. I’ll take it however I can get it!


STOP: Think of a time when you kept experiencing one negative thing after another. Make a list of those things. How did God show up and turn things around? Make a list of the good that came out of the bad. What did you learn as a result?

26. Computer Techy

I have a question for you. I might have already asked you, but let me ask again. Have you ever been in a room when a person walked in and caused the energy to shift? Well, the same way you can feel the difference in energy in that case, I can feel when there seems to be a dark shadow (so-to-speak) over a person. I don’t necessarily have the exact details about what it is; I just know there’s an unusual dark presence. I mention this because I had an associate on whom I could feel the “extra presence.”

I had a new computer that I’d purchased several weeks prior. Although it was new, I’d already performed many tasks on it, so I knew it was working perfectly. However, my associate asked to use my computer, and I didn’t see a reason to say no. An hour or so later, I went back to use it but something was wrong. No matter what I tried, I could not get the computer to work properly. I pursued a bachelor’s degree in computer programming. I’ve also worked on computers for over twenty years. Therefore, computers aren’t exactly foreign to me. It was frustrating because I use my computer, not only for pleasure but business too! But then, suddenly, I knew exactly what to do: I extended my hand, touched the computer, closed my eyes, and bowed my head. You already know what time it was!

It’s funny how we don’t remember to pray until we’ve exhausted and run out of all other options. It seems we have to become frustrated and desperate before we remember God is and has all the answers. I wasted time and energy trying to figure out my own solutions. When I prayed, magically, the computer was resurrected (so to speak) immediately after prayer. I spent hours “trying” to do something that God did within just a few moments. Along with the long (infinite) list of things that He is, God is also a computer technician. There’s nothing He can’t fix!

Note: Don’t spend a lot of time trying to do what God can do in seconds.

27. Be Childish

The Bible says we should maintain a childlike imagination. So, I suggest you pay attention to the imaginations of children and take notes. In their minds, there are no limits. Yet, along the way, as children become adults, they encounter unfortunate incidents and misunderstandings about life, which eventually deteriorate hope. People grow tired and tend to lose faith as they continue to wait for things to come to pass. After waiting a while for wishes, hopes, and dreams to become a reality, many people give up hope and faith.

Everything we want is not of God and best for us; therefore, everything we want won’t be granted. Everything isn’t meant to be understood or accepted. Just release it and keep moving forward. Don’t lose hope: If one dream dies, dream another dream. Let your childlike imagination catapult your faith. Faith works when you work it! Be positive. Believe!

This is what my child knows and has witnessed. There have been moments when his stomach would ache, and he would ask me to pray over it. It only took one time for me to put my hands on his stomach and pray, and have the pain dissipate. There were countless incidents that followed where my son would come directly to me to heal his stomach and even headaches.

Whenever he had a problem with his game system, I would hear a scream, “Mom! I need your magic touch!” By magic touch, he meant the power of God that comes through when I pray and touch his game. Actually, a few times, my son would touch and pray over his system when it malfunctioned. Even if he had prayed the last time and it didn’t work, he would try to pray the next time before calling me. This is an excellent lesson for many adults who don’t even attempt to pray over their situations before running to someone else that they perceive as having power. I’m not saying not to ask anyone to pray over you, touch and agree, but if you knew how to pray effectively and get God to answer your call, you wouldn’t have to depend so much on three-way calling.

One key to getting my prayers answered is me having the childlike imagination to see prayers getting answered, even before God answers my call. Sometimes when I pray, I actual visualize the thing that I request of God. By the time your prayer ends, you should be completely persuaded that your call will get answered. If you’re not feeling that way, go back into prayer and don’t come out until you feel different. You should go into prayer one way and come out another.

Countless times, people have called me for prayer when they have the same power within. I don’t mind praying for others, but I like to teach. So, if you keep asking me the same questions, either I’m a horrible teacher or the student is a bad one. Either way, something in the equation is off. I like to teach people that their prayers can work just as mine do. Of course, you want to repent and ask God to remove anything that may be hindering your prayers.

But, something I recall from many stories in the Bible is that when Jesus healed people and set them free from whatever bondage, most of the time, all He asked was if that person had faith. He didn’t give a questionnaire of all the sins they’d committed and if they were up-to-date on tithes and offerings. I’m not saying these things aren’t necessary, but what I’m saying is that having faith and getting prayers answered are not grad school coursework. There are times when you get an immediate answer and there are times when there are levels (i.e. level of anointing) to getting a response to prayers, but that’s another book. One thing I know about Jesus helping folks is that Jesus had faith and so did the person He healed. Perhaps, those are ingredients to how my prayers over my son work ― simply, two believers believing.

If a child can believe, why can’t adults? I know it’s easier for children to believe because they haven’t been tainted by life and gone through the many trials and tribulations that break down and test our strength and faith. However, no excuse is good enough. If the children can have faith, so should adults!


STOP: Make a list of dreams and desires you’ve given up on. What are things you can do to reignite your fire and desire? How can you seek God’s guidance regarding those things? What are some ways God may have been speaking to you about them?

28. Forty Days

After I finished my forty-day fast, many of my requests started coming to pass. One relative for whom I had prayed called me with joy and peace in his voice. Another received a job promotion. Others were moving one step closer to God. My hair was finally being restored after falling out so badly that I had a bald spot. My career was moving and excelling, I was experiencing a different adventurous outing every weekend.

I have different fasts that I do. During those forty days, I was on the Daniel Fast. Within the forty days, I decided to throw in an extra challenge: I went forty hours with absolutely no food, water only. By the end of forty hours, I couldn’t eat, although I wanted to. I ate two spoons of something (can’t remember what) and I had to force it to stay down with lots of water. My body was shaking and I was sick. I had to recuperate by sleeping and resting. Yet, I was able to maintain the Daniel Fast for what was left of the forty days. I typically like to fast to build my spiritual muscles and discipline against temptation. Although I’m bound to hear God at any moment, it seems like when I fast, I’m even closer to Him. It also seems like He downloads a lot more knowledge and wisdom into me.

Surely, God could’ve made changes in the lives of my relatives and my life, without me fasting, but I like to offer fasting as a sacrifice to show God just how serious I am about wanting Him to grant my requests. Certainly, such sacrifices may not be necessary, but it’s just something that I have going on with God and don’t mind doing for Him. Many people sacrifice things to prove themselves to other people. Are you one of those people? If so, what are you willing to sacrifice for God?

29. Frozen Still

Once upon a perfect day ― well, actually it could have been perfect but it wasn’t! I had to work and wanted to work in bed because it was cold inside my home due to it being thirty degrees outside. Yet, I guess I can’t complain too much because I work at home, so at least I didn’t have to go outdoors and totally experience every drop of the thirty-degree weather. Nevertheless, it was freezing inside of my home, and I guess it was so cold that both my computer and cable box were malfunctioning.

I prayed and commanded whatever darkness it was causing my devices to malfunction to leave. I told them that they must go, in the name of Jesus! I, also, commanded the devices to work in the name of Jesus! I decreed that when I tried to use the equipment again that the devices would work. Yes, I did! I told that cable box, “Next time, you will work!” This might sound funny to you, but once you tap into the power of God, it’s so amazing until you start using it on any and everything. Besides, when I call God’s power to come forth, I doubt He’s sitting back and laughing. In fact, I’m willing to bet you the million dollars that’s going to hit my account soon that God is proud of how confident I am in the power of “Jesus.” Clearly, I’m super confident in the name because I use it on small, tiny, minuscule, invisible, and all the way up to the gigantic, enormous, huge, “gi-normous” things. Lol. (Yes, I make up words and I’ll use the power on those things, too!)

As crazy as it may sound to pray over and speak to a cable box and computer ― Guess what? After I finished that prayer, when I tried them again, I had absolutely no problem. The television, cable box, and computer were all functioning normally.


STOP: Make a list of things you’ve felt were too small to pray about. Talk to God about them and seek His voice.

30. Driving Ahead

I, often, dream about dead relatives. Throughout time, I’ve come to realize that they aren’t always necessarily dead relatives. Sometimes, they are just familiar spirits. I’ve had dreams when my relatives have warned or given clarity to me about situations occurring in my life. I’ve also had dreams when I was so-to-speak tortured by those relatives. I remember having a dream of about five dead relatives who all sat silently staring at me. The look in their eyes and on their faces wasn’t pleasant. What I know is the way they looked at me spooked me, and I felt disturbed in my spirit when I awakened. Contrarily, I’ve dreamed of all those same people in other dreams that gave me messages and helped me.

I recall a dream regarding my grandmother. It was actually a two-part dream. There was one part that revealed that I was to tell my brother something. The second part revealed my uncle offering to take my car so he could clean it and put gas in it. When I finally agreed to give him the keys and let him take it, my grandmother looked at me and said, “He’s going ahead to prepare something for you.” When I woke up, I realized she was speaking about something occurring in my life, and it wasn’t my uncle who was preparing something for me. Why was my uncle used in the dream though? I have no idea. I’m not an expert dream analyzer, so I don’t know everything about them; however, I know enough to grasp profound information. It’s not always meant for us to know every single detail of a story and we never have to when God has gone ahead of us and made the way clear. In due time, He’ll reveal every step of the way that He has for you.

31. Snake Patterns

Dreams are a major method of communication that God uses with me. During a time when I talked to God much less than I do now, He was speaking to me. I would have dreams about black snakes. Then, within a day or two, I would actually see a black snake slither across my path. As if that’s not enough, I would then experience an over-the-top dramatic incident. It seemed that there was always another enemy of mine being revealed after seeing a snake in my dreams and also crossing my path in my awake life. It seems that God was warning me of the upcoming drama.

It never failed! There was never a time that I dreamed of a snake and then didn’t see one when I was awake. There was never a time that a snake crossed my path and then I didn’t have an enemy trying to attack me. In fact, there was a point when having the dreams and seeing a snake cross my path became so regular that the snake would slither in front of me, and I would just keep on walking, talking or doing whatever I was doing. They basically became like squirrels to me. You know, people don’t pay much attention to squirrels. They are harmless, and they’re just there. They don’t bother you; they’re just passing through. Well, the snakes never tried to attack me. They just slithered by. Before that time period, I was fearful of snakes, but I guess the dreams and constant meetings with them cured me of my fear. These dreams, sightings, and enemies fall into the pattern that I told you about (several chronicles ago). In this case, both dreams and patterns revealed information to me. I was able to monitor my surroundings cautiously because of the warnings I recognized were being sent via dreams.


STOP: Make a list of dreams that present patterns. What patterns in your awake life align with the patterns in your dreams? What could God be telling you? Seek Him for confirmation.

32. Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

For some odd reason, I kept awakening around the same time ― within the 2:00 a.m. hour. It was crazy and almost annoying because I was finally gaining as much of a normal sleep pattern as I could. Plus, the nightmares were subsiding, and I would awaken feeling well rested and refreshed. Nevertheless, one Thursday morning, there it was again! There was something obviously demanding my attention and telling me to come out of my ever so restful sleep. Just as it was requesting that I come out, I wanted it to come out as well and leave me alone so that I could enjoy my restful nights. However, the thoughts started flowing and I recognized the pattern so I immediately conversed with God.

I felt that He was 100% behind this shenanigan, and I asked Him to reveal to me why I needed to wake up like this. Suddenly, it was revealed that I needed to speak with Him regarding a certain something ― healing. I proceeded in the conversation and asked Him to reveal what I needed to do to receive healing. The Spirit revealed that I needed His truth and I needed to consult with my Bible. I was lying comfortably on the bed and my cell phone was conveniently by my side. Therefore, I opened my Bible app and started to read my bookmarked scriptures, but then I was told to hit the read button because I needed more than what I was reading. Why was I surprised to be taken directly to Matthew Chapter 9, where there are various passages about Jesus healing?

I was taken to those scriptures for guidance on how to proceed so that I could receive healing. But how did the Bible app know exactly what I needed? That’s impossible, right? Yes, I know it is. It wasn’t the app itself at all. Forget about it being a technological app. People get so used to technology as if technology provides all answers to all problems. We tend to get caught up in what God uses to reveal Himself. I get amped on the fact that He even communicates with me as He does, most of the time. Whatever the case is, it was technology, but it was also God’s Word. A chapter based on healing being readily accessible was merely God revealing His truth to me in an intimate manner. The very thing that God revealed as a problem, within minutes, He revealed the answer!

33. Miracle 7

I had a conversation with God, the kind you have when you have been thinking and thinking and overthinking. I was thinking about the miracles that Jesus did, but I was telling God that I wanted to see and hear of modern day miracles. At the time, I had an issue; I needed a miracle.

Later that day, I was watching a Periscope video when the broadcaster spoke of a moment he had on July 12. (Periscope is an application by which the broadcaster livestreams and the watchers can type comments on the screen for the broadcaster to read.) He said 12, but he meant 2012. The ironic part is that my birthday is July 12th. When the numbers 7 and 12 are involved, God sends a message to me. Anyway, the broadcaster spoke about how he was on the side of the road with a broken leg and a bone was protruding. Nevertheless, he began singing a song but I cannot recall the title. However, he sang for about eight minutes. On the eighth minute, he watched as his leg supernaturally healed. In addition to this story being told of a miracle occurring on 7-12, the other ironic part is that 7 is God’s number. My grandmother would always say that after the number 7, you will find the end of something. So, after the number 7, on the eighth minute, he received a miracle.

Of course, it was a miracle for him; however, I think it was even more of a miracle for me just to hear his testimony after I had such a conversation with God and my numbers were mentioned. Yes, God speaks to me through the numbers 7-12. Anytime those numbers appear, God does or says something extremely amazing that blows my mind. I know God was at work through this dude’s message. God was speaking directly to me to believe Him for a miracle because He still performs them.


STOP: Make a list of numbers that God may have been using to speak to you. What numbers have you seen consistently? How do those numbers relate to situations in your life? Ask God what He’s saying and listen for a response.

34. Disbelief Has No Effect on God

I sent a message to at least twenty people I know personally to receive feedback regarding a new project that I was working on. As the day aged, I rarely received any feedback, so I started thinking about how people rarely support me. My thoughts were about to take off in the wrong direction when I heard a voice. The voice clearly stated that I didn’t need anyone to accept or validate me and that I needed to keep going, regardless of what people do or don’t say or do.

About thirty minutes later, an alert sounded on my phone regarding a live Periscope broadcast. I logged on to watch the video and it was titled, “There is a reason why they don’t support you.” The broadcaster proceeded to expound on the subject as I reminisced about various accomplishments in my life. I thought about how no one supported me throughout the process and only showed up to cheer after the accomplishment was achieved. Then, the broadcaster stated, “You don’t need anyone to accept or validate you. Keep going.” Wow! She said the exact thing the Holy Spirit said to me. Everything she said during the broadcast was very relevant to the thoughts I was having just prior to her starting the broadcast. Can you say, “Confirmation”?

Note: You don’t need them to believe in you. You just need to believe in you!

35. Plain Vision

I received a text from a friend. It was the type of text that a person sends first thing in the morning to start the day with a good deed, even if just to get “a good deed” for the day out of the way. Yet, the text was appreciated just as if it wasn’t a group message and was meant for me personally. The text was basically referencing Habakkuk 2:2 to write the vision and make it plain.

I’m sure most of us receive daily spiritual, motivational emails. You know the emails that give you the scripture for the day along with a little explanation of it. The next morning, I received one of those emails. Guess what scripture it was? Right! You already know! It was Habakkuk 2:2. So at that point, of course, I had to be obedient and write to make my vision plain. I wrote my vision and prayed about it. One of the main things I wrote was ― $140k! As if that wasn’t enough, my cousin, who never dreams about me, called me to say that she had a dream about me. My cousin has many prophetic dreams and guess what? Well, I’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not she had a prophetic dream.

She had a dream where she was basically asking me how much money I was making. And guess what again? Do I really have to tell you? All I’m going to say is ― $140K! How, why, and where did she get that from? How could she be dreaming about that number?! I hadn’t told her, at that time, I was making $40K and had asked God for $100K more! Yes, I wrote the vision and made it plain to God, but then He sent confirmation and made it plain to me!

Note: Talk to God: He’s listening!

STOP: Think of a moment when you asked God for confirmation and He sent it. Write it down. Since you’re already writing, go ahead and write a vision that you have for yourself and make it plain. Pray about it and ask God to confirm that your desires are in alignment with His will. When He confirms it, He’s letting you know that He’s already signed off on it. Be sure to write the confirmation too and refer to it anytime you begin to lose hope and faith. The waiting season can be vexing but you can get through it and see the promise come to pass. Click here for the 8-step guide on learning how to thrive through the waiting season.


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I’d always (since elementary school) had a relationship with God. In fact, I was about seven or eight years of age when I got saved and also baptized. Of course, I prayed and went to church sporadically within my years of darkness. I was good to people and yet, to no avail, it seemed like I was still always struggling or suffering. Therefore, I understand dark places. God allowed darkness because the more darkness I was exposed to, the brighter a light shined.

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After the last extremely dark period in my life, a light came on, and I somehow entered into a new realm of knowing and understanding God. It just came with a pruning process by which He had to shave a lot of things off me so my channels would be unclogged. Ever since the channels have been unclogged, my antenna has tuned into an unbelievable frequency of supernatural wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Ironically, it was always available to me. God was always there. My lack of His awareness, did not negate His presence. He was always guiding my forefront and cumulative in my background.

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