6 Steps to Getting Pregnant Quickly

Steps to Getting Pregnant Quickly



For over 12 years I have helped couples who had struggled with getting pregnant, have their dreams come true. Fertility issues affect over 17 million Americans and is on the rise. Although, this article is for anyone who is interested in getting pregnant as soon as possible.


Whether this is the first time you are trying to have a baby, or you want to add another child to your family, there are a few steps you want to take before trying. The success of you getting pregnant quickly and having a healthy baby will depend on the health of the parents at time of conception. If you and your partner are not on a healthy track then you want to consider taking steps to become healthier. I tell my patients you want to act as if you are already pregnant. There are several things you want to avoid when you are pregnant such as smoking, drinking alcohol and avoid caffeine. There are even certain types of fish and cheese that pregnant woman would need to avoid. Be sure you look up any of those things so you can be on the right track.


The first step is to consider going organic both in your food, cleaning supplies, healthy and beauty products. Most of the issues that I see with fertility, in my opinion, is a result of contaminated food and toxic products. Our food is laced with pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. All of which will disrupt hormones. Our soaps, detergents, deodorants and tooth paste contain chemicals which all in-balance your hormones.


I realize that organic can be expensive. We personally only pay $20 more per week and it is worth it in the long run. If you want to save money start by buying your meat organic or hormone and antibiotic free. Buy in bulk when on sale. You can buy from farmers markets, directly from a farm, discount stores and warehouses. Even Walmart is selling organic produce and products. If you can do 80-90% organic or pesticide free your doing betting than most Americans. Consider making your own cleaning products and health and beauty supplies. This can decrease costs and give you safe products you can use on yourself and your home.


I do a lot of Chinese food therapy in my practice. Each person will get a diagnosis and then be prescribed certain foods to eat and other foods to avoid. There are certain foods that can increase your fertility and help you get pregnant fast. For instance, any organic red food is good for the blood. If it is good for the blood, then it is good for fertility. Having rich nutrient dense foods can help heal the body and increase fertility. You can contact me or a natural health care provider to find out which foods would be best for you to start eating to help you get pregnant quickly.


Our modern day and age is affecting peoples fertility. Besides our food and chemicals in our products and cleaning supplies, there is also radiation. We are radiated by our phones, computers, tv’s and other electronics. Electrical magnetic frequencies (EMF’s) disrupt hormones and balance to our bodies. There is a lot of information that you can read online concerning this subject. It affects your sleep which will affect your hormonal health. Find ways to lower exposure and protect yourself.


When testing was first done on male sperm count it was normal to have a count over 100 million. Over the years this has decreased. Currently the normal range is over 20 million. According to the World Health Organization, only 5-15% of males sperm count would be considered normal. Sperm banks are having a hard time finding healthy young males to be qualified donor's. When young males are in their late teens and early twenties, they should have a high sperm count. Part of this is decreasing due to radiation, EMF's and chemicals in our food and products. There are ways you can protect yourself. Do your research online to find ways to protect yourself.


Also make sure that both you and your man is avoiding heat. Hot showers, bath tubs, saunas and whirlpools all will affect sperm count. Some men even go to extremes and ice their testicles. Simply avoiding heat will be enough. Make sure your man is wearing boxers and not briefs. This alone can do wonders. Make sure both you and your partner are not putting lap tops on your reproductive area. This increases heat and radiates that area. You may want to consider as a couple doing a detox. You can do both a detox physically, spiritual and emotionally. You can even detox from electronics as much as possible. Get outside more and experience nature. It is healing to the mind and soul.

The second step is to get fertility testing done both for you and your partner. Many of the couples that come and see me are trying for more than a year before they get tested. Getting your tests results sooner than later will help find any issues that can be addressed. This will help you not waste time trying not knowing there is a problem. For woman you can get a pre-conception work up. Your blood work is checked to see if your hormone levels are in range. Your doctor can also check you internally to see if your are healthy.


You can purchase ovulatory prediction kits (OPK’s) at your local drug store to see if you are ovulating every month. Start testing for ovulation on day 10 of your cycle. Do this everyday till you get a positive. The best time to test is at around 2 pm. For men you can now purchase a sperm count test at your local drug store. Although, this test only looks at sperm count and it won’t give you an exact amount. It does test for motility and morphology. It is an easy test you can do at home and most men appreciate easy. The best and most accurate test is done at the doctors office. You can get really good deals online for these at home tests. I like earlypregnancytests.com. Once you get tested, if there are any problems, you can address them. I offer saliva tests for hormones. These are the most sensitive and accurate test for hormones. You can get these tests by contacting a natural health care provider that specializes in fertility.


The third step to getting pregnant quickly is to start a supplemental regimen. Make sure you are taking a good whole food based multivitamin. For woman you would need folic acid. Prenatal vitamins would have this included. Also make sure you are taking an omega 3, vitamin D and probiotics. This is the basics everyone . You can increase your fertility by adding certain herbs and supplements.


It is best to go to a natural health care practitioner that specializes in fertility to get advice on what herbs and supplements to use. I am an Oriental practitioner and life coach. I do fertility coaching and work integratively with my clients. I do evaluations to see what each person needs individually and prescribe them the right herbal formula and supplements. There are herbs, minerals and vitamins that can increase sperm count and the quality of eggs. Getting on the right nutritional and supplemental program will increase your chances greatly of getting pregnant quickly each month.

The fourth step is the pay attention to the times you are trying to get pregnant. Once you have taken your OPK and know when you are ovulating, you want to plan to try several times around that time period. The sooner you try before you ovulate, the more successful you will be. Sperm will last about 3 days and want that sperm to be waiting for the egg to be released. Let’s say you have a normal 28 day cycle and ovulate on day 14. You will want to try to conceive (TTC) on day 10, 12, 14 and 16.


Don’t try everyday because it will deplete sperm count. It is also unnecessary since sperm lives for 3 days. If you are trying on just the days that your OPK tests positive, it may be too late. Be sure that you don’t just have sex for trying to have a baby. This can be draining on a couple. Your partner may resent the process. Having a healthy and fun sex life is important to the health of your relationship.


The fifth step to getting pregnant quickly is to include some great tips and tricks that will increase your chances each month. Be sure that you are not using any lubricants when trying to get pregnant. All lubricants except one will destroy sperm. Pre-Seed is a lubricant that actually increases fertility. It has an antioxidant that keeps sperm alive longer. Even if you don’t need lubricant, I would suggest trying this to increase your chances. You can buy Pre-Seed at any drug store or online.


The second trick is to use soft cups. Soft cups are used for menstruation but couples are now using this to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Many couples are told to wait fifteen minutes after trying placing a pillow under your back and putting your feet up against the wall. This is unnecessary when you use these cups. After having sex you will place the cup in as the directions state. The you can go about your day. What these cups do is take all the semen that is left over on the vaginal wall and push it up next to the cervix. You can keep these cups in for up to 12 hours. It holds the sperm next to your cervix waiting for it to open during ovulation. You can get both of these products at a reasonable price on earlypregnancytests.com. Read the reviews of these products. Many couples had success in pregnancy using these them. Some where getting ready to do IUI’s or IVF”s and were able to get pregnant before they took that step. I personally believe it the next best thing as an IUI without the drugs.


The six and final most important step to getting pregnant quickly is mind-set. Our minds are powerful and affect our bodies. I don’t like the word infertility. I don’t use it because most couples are fertile if they have all the working parts. Most couples with fertility issues have struggles getting pregnant due to in-balance somewhere in their bodies. Don’t speak the word infertility over yourself. It will become a mindset. I believe that the grief and loss over fertility issues and discontentment will lead to a mind-set of infertility. It will increase stress and cortisol which will put a couple out of balance and affect their hormonal health and well-being.


In my life coaching practice I help my patients and clients with tools that will help them get into a more positive mind-set in order to conceive. I have worked as a fertility coach for many years. Appreciating what it is that you have and not what you don’t have will put you into a better place in your mind. Being thankful for the life you have without children and the freedom you have can experience because of that circumstance.


I would encourage you to join a support group like Resolve. You will find out that your not alone. You will also learn from what others are doing that may help you. Start a hobby that will feed your soul and get you out of thinking about getting pregnant. This will heal you. Start healthy rituals for yourself and you partner that you can take with you for the rest of your life.


Suffering from fertility issues does not have to be anxious or depressing. Many couples can actually have positive life changing affects that will help them to become better parents in the future. One day you will be able to help someone else and let them know that they are not alone. You will be able to encourage them towards a new way of thinking or healthy lifestyle. Who knows, it may become your life’s work, just as it has become mine. Know that this dream in your heart can manifest itself. Picture your baby and holding him or her in your arms. You are already a Mom in your heart and one day your dreams can come true.

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6 Steps to Getting Pregnant Quickly

This is a simple and easy to follow book on how to get pregnant quickly. Whether you are struggling getting pregnant or have already had a baby, this book will teach you easy to follow tips and tricks to getting pregnant fast. Over 17 million Americans struggle with fertility issues and this number is on the rise. Our food, health care products and cleaning supplies are contaminated with chemicals and drugs that disrupt and in-balance hormones. This book will give you the basics to start protecting yourself and make changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Your dreams of having a baby can come true and it can happen fast. It only takes just a few short months to make changes that will increase your fertility. It will not only help you to get pregnant but will help your overall health and well-being. If you have found it difficult to get pregnant or just want to get pregnant quickly, this book is for you.

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  • Published: 2017-05-13 01:20:08
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6 Steps to Getting Pregnant Quickly 6 Steps to Getting Pregnant Quickly