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5 Ways to Change Your Life Today

By Theo Kay

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Welcome to Your Happiness

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to open this book. What you hold in your hands is a collection of 5 things that can change your life. I want to share them with you, with the hope that they will do the same for you and with each idea you try you will feel happier than before.

If you like this book and want to read more on the subject you are more than welcome to read my book “You are the Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life”.

h2=. Choose to be the boss of your own happiness

Happiness is a choice. You can’t be happy if you don’t want it. It’s all up to you and your understanding of you inner world and the world outside. If you are filled with love and optimism, then you can be happy and enjoy yourself more on the full of challenges road called life. There will be good things to see, as well as bad, but it is up you how you react to them and how much time you stay at those places. You should never forget that you have the power to move on. Life goes only in one direction so don’t try to fight it.

Happiness is love. You will see (if not yet) that the more you love yourself and the people around you, the happier you will be, because you will focus on the positive side of life and you will get that love back. And you can never say you will run out of love. Your heart is big enough for all the love in the world and love is endless. A person who is loved is a happy person. There are people who might try to fool themselves they don’t need love but each of us secretly searches for love and hopes for it. Because when one gets attention and affection, they will feel like they have everything they ever needed and nothing else will matter. They will feel stronger and much more motivated, and ready to cope with every challenge on their way. But in order to be loved, you have to give love first. It’s not something expensive or hurtful.

Happiness is a right. You are entitled to be happy. Each person on this planet is entitled to be happy. It is even stated in some countries’ constitutions. Never doubt that and always know you deserve to be happy. Find your happiness or let it find you, and when it does don’t throw it away – embrace it and enjoy it for you have deserved it. And know that if you can do this then you are lucky – a very lucky person. There are many people in the world who are denied this right – because of wars or political regimes, or other situations. If you can’t help those people, you can at least enjoy your own happiness.

Happiness is wisdom. Because only after you’ve seen much and experienced much, you can fully appreciate the opportunities you’ve been given and what you already have. You will realize that happiness is not possession. You can be happy with very little. But the other way round is very common – you can be unhappy with a lot. Because when you have a lot your mind is focused on the material side of life and this is where unhappiness resides. You try to fight for it, you even try to become richer and you tend to forget what it really important in life. Happiness lies on the spiritual and wise side. Don’t be afraid to explore it. It may take some time to find it but eventually you will. This is where our life journey takes us anyway. In order to appreciate, learn and develop, we have to experience all aspects of life first. And then we know what is important, and what is right, and what it takes to be happy. Happiness is in the little things – you know this already, don’t you?

h2=. Learn to love yourself

Always love yourself. This is who you are. This is who you were meant to be. This is with whom you spend 100% of your time. It’s never too late to learn to do it. All it takes is acceptance of who you are and the things about you that you can’t change. As for the things you can change – you can always work on them and become a better version of yourself.

Your physical body, for example, is something you can’t change much. You can just powder it up a bit. But you need to understand one thing. You are beautiful the way you are. Each person is like a flower in a garden. There are shorter flowers, there are taller. There are flowers of each color. There are flowers that are bigger, others are thinner. But they are all beautiful. Each of them is different and unique, and beautiful because of that.

There are no perfect people. If you think you know such, you need to stop fooling yourself. What you see is just a glamorous façade and you have no idea what is going on beneath it. Every human being has their own problems. You never know, maybe the ones, which the beautiful or rich people have, are quite bigger than your own. What you shouldn’t forget is that how you behave and interact with other people plays a more important role in how they see you and what they think about you. You don’t choose your friends based on their physical beauty, do you? So, working on your character and on being a better version of yourself is actually the most important part.

But first you need to learn to love yourself – for all that you are and all you can be.

Putting the Idea into practice:

Tell yourself that you love yourself every day, and feel that love. Love each part of your body. It makes you the unique ‘You’ that you are. When you love yourself, you will always feel good about yourself. Only when you do you can feel truly happy.

The Lesson:

Always feel beautiful and love yourself. Feeling beautiful is looking beautiful.

h2=. Learn to treat yourself when you deserve it

Do you feel like your life goes on without being acknowledged for what you do and achieve at work or at home? That no one notices your contributions? Well, you do.

You need to reward yourself for your achievements (or efforts if they didn’t bring about the expected result), even if the others don’t do that or don’t seem to appreciate it. Especially when you’ve something outstanding. You set your own criteria for this. Whenever you feel proud of yourself, this means you deserve something special. Why wait for someone else to do that? You are your very own judge and boss, and friend. If you receive a token of appreciation from the others – that means you really deserved it. But you always need to reward yourself for your hard work, even if your endeavor didn’t end up successfully.

If you learn to do that you will probably become more motivated and certain in your own abilities, and less afraid of failures. Both of those can mean just one thing – for sure you will be on the right path of personal development. And this is something we all do throughout our whole lives, isn’t it?

Putting the Idea into practice:

Whenever you do something outstanding – reward yourself. Do something special for yourself. And next time, when you have to start something hard, promise yourself the reward first so that you know what you’ll get in the end and can have the motivation to pull this thing through.

When you feel motivated, your life will be full of meaning and you’ll be much happier about it.

The Lesson:

Don’t forget to reward yourself for your efforts. All efforts should end positively, even if not successful.

h2=. Choose to change your attitude towards difficulties

Difficulties are the salt of life, someone said that. This is true. No one likes them but everyone needs them. You know how a child can grow spoiled if they always receive what they want and you are never strict with them. It’s the same with our lives. These situations are here to help us grow as people, grow as character, motivation and resilience. They shape us into becoming the better and stronger ourselves. It is only in such events that we discover what we are capable of.

Life has harsh ways of showing you the right way. But it is what it is and some things can’t be undone. You just need to move on. Like it always does. And it’s best if you can understand how that thing changed you for the better, and what lessons it made you learn or what truths it helped you see. You either grew stronger, or found a job that makes you happier, or met someone better for yourself, or saw who your real friends were. It is in stormy weather that you grow up.

Putting the Idea into practice:

Think about a recent negative situation in your life and understand how it changed you and how it contributed positively to your life. What did it make you learn?

Learn to treat all negative events in your life in that logical and understanding way. Some events are out of your control and you shouldn’t feel miserable about them.

The Lesson:

Good things spoil you, bad things makes you strong.

h2=. Learn what it’s like to be a child again

Have you ever wondered why children are always happy and smiling, enjoying everything they do? Have you envied them for that? The secret to this is very simple. They are still not burdened with responsibilities and don’t listen to news to hear all the atrocities that people cause to other people. Their whole attention is directed to what they do, see and feel. They are completely in the moment, something we, grown-ups, can never achieve because there are so many distractions and so many things on our minds.

Can’t we escape this prison of actions, deadlines and information?

Looks very difficult but can be done. After all, you are the boss of your life. If you could live one day, or even one part of a day, like a child, and do what they do, you’d feel the real happiness, just like you did when you were a kid. You’d be able to see again the beauty of the simple life that surrounds you, understand the importance of the little things, hear all the noises around you and be one with this time and this place. It will feel just like rebooting because you will return for a while to your initial inborn happiness when you were curious and relaxed, and felt protected.

Putting the Idea into practice:

You can try to become a child again. Do something fun – alone, with friends, or with your kids, and try to enjoy as much as a child would. Let go of your fears, worries and reservations. If you are at the seaside, try playing with the waves like kids do, or try building sand castles. If you have a trampoline in your backyard, you can go out for some light-hearted and fun jumping. If you have a dog, go to a place outside where you can run together and play. If you have a bike or roller skates, you can take them for a ride. Live for the moment and for what you are doing. Live for your freedom. Don’t think about anything else.

The Lesson:

Learn how to return to the freedom and innocence of childhood.

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You can read one thought per day in the order they are published or you can just choose a random page to see which thought destiny wants to show you on that particular day – the choice is yours.

“365 Rays of Wisdom & 12 Ideas for Happiness: Your Book of Modern Wisdom, Motivation and Well-Being”

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About The Author

As an indie author, I believe everyone is capable of writing. Each of us has eyes to see, a heart to feel, a head to process the information, and hands to write it down. But if you have the drive and the enthusiasm, the love of writing, the imagination to make it real, then you are ready to go!

I started writing long ago, in high school. I tried my hands at poetry and essay writing first. I even ended up in the Top 3 for a national essay contest. I always felt writing was an effective way for me to convey my thoughts and emotions. And it felt very easy. But that was when I wrote in my mother tongue. Writing in English is a different story. It’s definitely harder and it might feel strange to native speakers but my motivation to start this was stronger than all facts against it. I wanted to write and I wanted to be able to reach more people with my words, all over the world.

If you read any of my other books you will learn more about me and my understanding of the world. Then it will become quite clear why I decided to write this collection of thoughts. I’m the kind of person who likes to write about their own experiences, feeling and learned lessons.

This book was important for me to complete because I wanted to help other people feel better and feel happier, and enjoy life as much as possible. Everyone deserves this.

I’ll be glad if you can leave a comment on your retailer’s page, and/or recommend this book to your friends. Your help and support are very much appreciated.

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