5 Steps Cash Machine




5 Steps Cash Machine





Buyers hate to be sold but they love to buy.

No, this isn’t a Zen koan (parable.) If you have been in business any length of time, you know what I mean. You walk up to greet someone who has just sauntered into your business. They cut you off with an abrupt, ―Just looking!‖


What if you could walk up to any potential customer and be greeted with a friendly ―Hello‖ and warm handshake? By following the 5 Steps Cash Machine, you can. You will change the customer’s perception of you from just a sales person to a highly regarded teacher.


The best part of the 5 Steps Cash Machine is that you automate the lead generating process so it becomes a non-stop, tireless worker for your business. You get new customers even when you are travelling or on vacation.


By following the 5 Steps Cash Machine, you will be creating valuable information that is easy for your prospects to find on your website as they begin searching.

Prospects hear about your business early in their buying process. Your website does the work and, when they are ready, customers call you.


The valuable information you share with your prospects as part of the 5 Steps Cash Machine creates in them the need to return the favor (Reciprocity).

Sharing helpful information (instead of sales messages) positions you as an expert (Authority). Your information speaks to your prospect the way you would if you were right there answering their questions. This allows them to get to know you and like you (Liking).

And, now that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (Social Media) make it easy to stay connected, family, friends and co-workers of your potential customers can share their positive reviews of your work (Social Proof).

These methods of influence work to win you more customers.





Now that you know why sharing your knowledge is so important, let’s go through each of the five steps:


Step 1: Find a Product or Service to Sell


Pick the niche, like:


Weight Loss.

Personal Development.
Internet Marketing.
Home & Garden.



You can sell your own product/service or start with marketplace like Clickbank.

Go to http://www.clickbank.com/ and choose a products with Gravity more than 50. Become an affiliate for two or three products in the same niche.



Step 2: Create Valuable Information


The most common type of information that businesses give away is a free report (just like this one) that prospective customers can download from your website. The content must be related to what you do. The format could also be:


 Online Video

 Checklist

 Toolkit

 Free Trial

 Online Calculator

 How-to Guide

 Chapter of your book


 List of Tips

 List of Do’s or Don’ts

 Podcast

 Mobile Phone App


Most businesses publish the report as a PDF file so that it can be read by anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Customers can download it themselves or you can email it to them.



Step 3: Set Up a Landing Page


Once you have your valuable information ready to distribute electronically to customers and prospects, you want to set up a landing page, a special page on your website, to describe the information and a form to collect email address and other customer data as needed.

Every landing page needs three main elements:


1. A strong headline that speaks to your customer’s needs.

2. A description of the report that offers the customer more benefits.

3. A form to collect the customer’s email address and button to start the download.



The headline is the most important part of the landing page. Your customer will spend only 3-5 seconds looking at the landing page. Your headline needs to communicate the biggest benefit that the customer will get from the report.


The description offers more reasons why the customer will benefit from downloading and reading your free report. It may include a picture of the report cover or a short video from you inviting the customer to download the information.


The form collects the customer’s email address and other data as needed. It’s always best to collect the least amount of data. Long forms that ask too many questions cause customers to leave the page. If you have a large document, consider splitting it up into smaller reports. As people get to know the value of your information, they will be more willing to respond to requests for additional information.


Here is a link to free landing page generator with ready made templates and

video instructions for creating landing pages and thank you pages

[+ http://www.incomepress.com/create-landing-page-generator/+]










Step 4: Set Up Automated Email


There are two ways to set up your automated delivery for your valuable information:


1. The customer downloads the file from a ―Thank You‖ page on your website.

2. Your automated system sends the file as an attachment to a ―Thank You‖ email.



The first option allows your customer to get the desired report right away. However, your website host will charge your account for the amount of data downloaded.


The second option sends an email to your customer with the report attached. It also sets up a method to send follow-up messages, blogs and email newsletters to the newly acquired customer’s email address.



Step 5: Bring Traffic – Cash In


Once the landing page and automated response is set up, it is time to tell the world about it. Here are some ways:

Call to Action – Put an ad-sized graphic on your home page that links to the landing page.

Signature Line – Include a brief description in your signature line in all email.

Blog Posts – Include at the bottom of related blog posts.

Social Media – Announce your free report in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Send a shortened link to it when someone follows you.

Past Clients and Contacts –Reestablish contact by email with someone you don’t see regularly.

Telephone Calls – Offer your report to warm up a cold call.

Press Releases – Send out a press release to your local media offering the free report or put online at PRWeb. Include the offer in other related press releases.

Networking Events – When you meet a good prospect for your services, offer to send your free report.

Speaking Engagements – Offer a free copy to anyone who gives you her business card.

Quotations or Proposals – Attach a copy of a short report when you provide a quote or proposal to a new client.




This is free and slower way to promote your offer. There is a better and much

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Don’t Wait… Don’t Hesitate… Take Action Today!




Very important – remember this: Never start building your business selling

cheap offers for $7 or $10. This way you will never make any serious money.




To Your Success!


Branko Rakic

Ljubljana, Slovenia




























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