5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget: A guide on how to utilize your wedding expenses in

5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget

A guide on how to utilize your wedding expenses in exchange for the ultimate romantic getaway (Travel Planning Book for Engaged Couples)

Victor Leung

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While the author has made every effort to provide accurate and most up-to-date information at the time of publication, neither the publisher nor the author is responsible for errors, or for changes that occur after publications.

Examples and success stories in this book are not to be interpreted as a promise of guaranteed free travel. Obtaining a free honeymoon vacation is entirely dependent on the person utilizing the training programs, strategies, tools and resources.

Table of Content


Your step-by-step guide to get a free honeymoon that would have cost $15,000+

Cedric and Cecilia’s 5-star honeymoon for only $300

The Solution

Step 1: Plan

Step 2: Research & Approach

Step 3: Meet the minimum spend to unlock sign on bonuses

Step 4: Spend the points on the honeymoon!

How do you do it?

Honeymoon booking process

What should you pay particular attention to during the process?



About The Author


Congratulations on your engagement! You must be super excited about your road ahead with your significant other. It is an incredible moment and I am sure that both of you want to make it as memorable as possible and not be tied down by your budget. As you think about the wedding planning though, you realize the endless preparation amounting to the big day. On top of that, there is the big honeymoon – the most important part! It will be the first vacation you two spend together as newlyweds. But how can you even dream about relaxing on a beach in Bali when all your funds are going towards your wedding, knowing that an average wedding in the U.S. costs $30,000USD1?

Moreover, when you find out that an average U.S. honeymoon costs $3,000-$5,000USD2, the chances of enjoying a remotely luxurious honeymoon for the frugal seems impossible, doesn’t it? Evidently, these major expenses add up and there are only so many ways to cut down cost before your vision becomes completely compromised. Even if you set aside a few thousand dollars for your honeymoon, unforeseeable events can happen, such as last-minute guests or changes to the venue. These surprises can dip into your honeymoon funds.

For these and similar reasons, many people opt to delay their honeymoon, sacrifice the location and/or duration of the trip as a result of unforeseeable wedding expenses. However, you don’t have to compromise your dream honeymoon! [* While most wedding expenses are inevitable, you should take full advantage of them and use these expenses to get a 5-star, $15,000+ USD worth honeymoon by accruing hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points through credit card sign ups. *] Imagine that instead of going to a domestic location such as Lake Tahoe and Key West, you can think bigger and travel to multiple South American countries including Peru, Colombia and Brazil. Instead of staying at 3-star hotels, you can try out the 5-star brands such as Intercontinental and Waldorf Astoria! That is exactly what we are going to cover in this book, as I introduce the pathway to attain the ultimate honeymoon vacation for the budget-conscious.

Questions must be swimming around your head now. How do I do it? What do I need to learn? How do I accrue enough points and miles? You can find the answers to these questions in this book. As long as you incorporate honeymoon planning into the early stages of your wedding planning and follow the steps outlined below, you and your fiancé can begin to look forward to an experience of a lifetime on your first vacation together as a married couple.

  • * Your step-by-step guide to get a free honeymoon that would have cost $15,000+

I will begin to explain the process of using rewards miles and points towards your honeymoon by telling you one of the success stories involving my friends, Cedric and Cecilia, who just got married not long ago. Their honeymoon included 2 round trip business class tickets from New York to South America, 14 nights of 4 and 5 star hotels, and $1,000 travel credit, by paying only $300 out of their wallets. Without redeeming miles and points, their trip would have costed over $15,000! They were able to achieve such an amazing deal by utilizing their wedding expenses on appropriate credit card deals that accrue massive frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points.

As we go through Cedric and Cecilia’s story together, you will have a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be done during the wedding planning process in order to attain your dream honeymoon for a fraction of your budgeted amount, along with an upgrade in flights and lodging. Then I will follow up with a simple outline of the whole process from start to finish to review and guide you through the process more clearly.

[] Cedric and Cecilia’s 5-star honeymoon for only $300

When Cedric and Cecilia got engaged 2 years ago, they had set out a budget of $35,000USD for the wedding. Understanding that the wedding could cost large amount of money, Cedric and Cecilia came to me for budget solutions for their honeymoon. During our discussion, we tackled the questions below:

1. Where do you want to go for your honeymoon? Do you want to go to multiple destinations?

Decision: They decided on going to three countries: Peru, Brazil and Argentina.

2. How many days do you want to spend on your honeymoon?

Decision: With the number of countries and cities they wanted to visit, they decided to travel for 2 weeks.

3. What class of travel do you want to be in?

Decision: They wanted to travel in business class for their roundtrip flight from New York to South America. All flights within South America could be in economy class.

[] The Solution

At first glance, their itinerary could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 based on travel agencies search results. However, with the help of miles and points, we were able to knock down some zeros on the estimated cost! Here is the plan and steps they took, taking full advantage of their wedding expenses:

[] Step 1: Plan

Flights: Cedric and Cecilia decided to start their honeymoon in Lima, Peru and return from Bueno Aires, Argentina. After determining the itinerary, we looked up airlines that fly from New York to Peru and from Argentina to New York, as well as the miles required for those flights. Here were the findings (based on one-way business class tickets):

As you may have noticed, American Airlines (AA) actually require the fewest miles for both flights. However, on the NYC-LIM flight, Cedric and Cecilia decided to go for the United Airlines (UA) option instead of AA due to the UA credit card bonus that was being offered at the time. They chose the AA option on the return flight as AA requires the fewest miles in business class.

Total miles required: 85,000 miles per person, or 170,000 miles for 2 people.

Hotels: Hotel locations were chosen based on which city they wanted to visit, and how long they wanted to stay there. These are the hotels they decided on:

Total nights required: 14 nights of hotel stay, which will be accrued via a combination of points and award certificates.

Total miles and points required: 170,000 miles and 14 nights of award certificates (or equivalent in points)

[] Step 2: Research & Approach

Research: We looked for credit cards with attractive sign on bonuses that could fulfill our requirement above, which is 170,000 miles and 14 hotel nights stay. Examples of the credit cards that were chosen include United Explorer card that offered 60,000 miles after spending $3,000 in 3 months, and Wyndham Rewards credit card that offered 45,000 points (or 3 nights of hotel stay equivalent) after spending $1,000 in 3 months.

Bonus: Credit card application decisions were driven by the type of wedding expense Cedric and Cecilia would incur and the bonus points the cards would yield. In other words, when the couple paid for the wedding cake, they should use a card that gives bonus points for food. When the expense had no particular bonus category, they should use a card that gives bonus points for general expenses.

Approach: Cedric and Cecilia needed to apply for 11 credit cards in total, with a total annual fee of $233 on the 1st year. Cedric and his fiancé applied for 5 and 6 cards, respectively. Each card application represented a specific goal that they wanted to achieve for the trip, whether it is a business class ticket or 2 nights of hotel room.

One very important thing to note is that they did not apply for all the cards at once, but applied strategically with different cards and different banks throughout the year (Don’t worry right now if you are concerned about managing number of cards, credit score, minimum spending, etc. I will teach you how to manage them in a later section). By spreading their card applications, Cedric and Cecilia could manage their cards more easily and meet the spending requirements to achieve sign on bonuses more effectively.

  • * Step 3: Meet the minimum spend to unlock sign on bonuses

Meet Spending: Receiving the cards was only half the battle. After Cedric and Cecilia received their cards in the mail, they had to reach the minimum spending of each card in order to unlock their corresponding bonuses. For example, as mentioned above, one of the cards they both applied for was the Chase United Explorer card. It offered a 60,000 United miles bonus per card after spending $3,000 within 3 months. They also applied for one American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum Select credit card that offered 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 within 3 months.

This was where the wedding expenses came into play. Rather than making unnecessary purchases to meet the spending requirement, Cedric and Cecilia split a $9,000 deposit to secure the wedding venue with the 3 credit cards they applied for. That decision helped them surpass the spending requirements and unlock two 60,000-miles bonuses and one 50,000-miles bonus, giving them a total of 170,000 miles. Since a flight from New York to Lima, Peru cost 35,000 United miles one way per business class ticket, and Bueno Aires to New York required 50,000 AA miles per business class ticket, they were already set on 3 of the 4 tickets to South America with just one deposit. They also had 50,000 UA miles leftover (=170,000 miles – 2 × 35,000 UA miles – 50,000 AA miles) for the rest of the domestic segments (UA requires 55,000 miles to go from Bueno Aires to New York; therefore, 50,000 UA miles was not used for the return flight)!

Cedric and Cecilia went ahead and did the same thing with their other applications. Through proper planning, they applied for card(s) a few weeks before each expense was due. When the new card(s) arrived, Cedric and Cecilia paid with their new card(s) and unlocked the bonuses immediately. They achieved all the bonuses quickly and never had to worry about fulfilling the minimum spending.

[] Step 4: Spend the points on the honeymoon!

Booking the Flights: Besides the 60,000 miles bonus offer, Cedric and Cecilia chose United Airlines (UA) on the departing flight because UA flew a direct route from Newark to Lima. Using the 2 UA credit card sign on bonuses (120,000 miles total), they redeemed the business class flights from New York to Lima for 70,000 UA miles, with 50,000 leftover miles.

As for the return flight, Cedric and Cecilia chose to fly with American Airlines (AA) from Bueno Aires, Argentina back to New York. The business class requirement for that flight was 50,000 miles per person (refer to table in step 1). After receiving the bonuses from 2 other credit card sign ups (100,000 miles total), they booked the business class seats accordingly. Although they had to pay a small amount of tax (about $70 total) for the air tickets since the tax portion was not covered by miles, it was definitely still worth it. Otherwise, the round trip business class tickets from the States to South America would have cost at least $2,500 USD each.

Booking the Hotel Rooms: 14 nights of hotel rooms can be quite expensive, especially if you have no hotel points to redeem. Credit cards that offer hotel points or award night certificates play a critical role here. Out of the 11 cards Cedric and Cecilia applied throughout their engagement, 6 of them were used for hotel stays. Unlike airlines, one great thing about hotel points is that there are no taxes and fees on award stays! Needless to say, they used up all the nights earned from credit cards on their ultimate honeymoon vacation and evaded what would have been a heaping $6,300 on 4 to 5-star hotel accommodations.

Bonus Tip: Cedric and Cecilia’s 11th card was used for travel expenses, which gained them $1,000 travel credit. They used it on their hotel room charges, taxi expenses, and domestic air travels.

Overall Value Received from Credit Cards:

[]How do you do it?

How can I get a similar luxurious honeymoon like Cedric and Cecilia’s?

The answer is simple – copy Cedric’s approach by finding and applying for credit cards with huge sign up bonuses, meeting the spending requirements imposed on each card you got with wedding expenses, and booking an award ticket or hotel room via its respective reward programs. While the formula is simple, the nuances within each of the steps can be quite complicated. Which cards should you really apply for? How do you use your wedding expenses to match the spending requirement? How do you book the air ticket and hotel rooms using miles and points? And how do you manage all these cards without being overwhelmed?

That is why I have created this section for you. I will use a top down approach to help you understand the whole process, by showing you a simple flow chart on how to replicate Cedric and Cecilia’s success. Consequently, I will draw your attention to some important aspects of their story. Lastly, I will ease your concerns and answer your questions in regards to credit card applications, maintenance, preparation time, and credit score checks. By the end of this process, you will have an arsenal of skills to plan for your amazing 5-figure honeymoon without breaking the bank.

[] Honeymoon booking process

Here is a simple process flow of how to get flights and hotels by utilizing wedding expenses:

Find your honeymoon destination > Determine duration of trip > Find flights and hotels > Find credit cards that offer the points > Apply for the cards > Meet the minimum spending via wedding expenses > Receive and redeem points for travel

As you can see, the goal is simple. This process is identical to the process of planning any regular vacation (i.e. identifying your vacation spot and booking the respective flights and hotels). The few steps added above are just the phases in which you will accrue the necessary miles and points for your trip. By the end of it, you will have enough points to redeem for your honeymoon.

  • * What should you pay particular attention to during the process?

Longer preparation time

The first thing we should pay attention to is the additional time needed to book your honeymoon with miles and points compared to cash. Based on the flow process above, there are a few more intermittent steps to earning the necessary points for your vacation. After you apply for the credit card, you need to wait for it to arrive, put spending on it, and wait for the points to be posted. Only after these criteria have been fulfilled can you book that portion of the trip with your points. On average, it takes at least a month for your accrued points to appear in your account. However, here are some bonus tips to speed up the process:

Tip #1: Some banks allow overnight delivery on approved credit cards. You can call the respective banks to speed up delivery. Since they want you to spend with the card, they will gladly accommodate you.

Tip #2: Bank reward programs typically process sign on bonus when your billing cycle ends, and banks are more than happy to move the billing cycle of your credit card to a different date. Once you have met the spending requirement, you can send a secure message or call the bank to request for a billing date change. By moving up the billing cycle, you can earn your points faster, and in turn, redeem your flights or hotel rooms with greater options and flexibility.

Tip #3: Before you alter your billing cycle, make sure you’ve paid off your card balances. This can help avoid unnecessary interest charges, secure your credit score, and reduce stress for you and your spouse.

Minimum spend – We can tackle them easily!

Meeting minimum spending requirement is one of the biggest hurdles to meet credit card bonus requirements. However, I am sure you picked up a clue or two from the previous section on how to tackle this. Since you are currently planning for a wedding, minimum spending requirements on credit cards can be easily met because of the large wedding expenses! Instead of thinking about how to meet a $3,000 spend requirement in 3 months from daily expenditures, such as groceries and transportation, your wedding expenses have you covered. You can fulfill minimum spending with 1 or 2 deposits from your wedding arrangements and earn a free flight or few hotel stays in the process.

Timing of honeymoon – Do you want to go right away? When should you apply for the cards?

For Cedric and Cecilia, they wanted the honeymoon immediately following their wedding. In other words, their card applications had to be done with careful thought due to the timing of when their points post and the availability of award tickets and hotel rooms, etc. Without this consideration, they would have had to pay for portions of their trip with cash and not fully utilize the points earned. If you also want your honeymoon right after the wedding, you have to be mindful about when to apply for the cards and how to earn the points as quickly as possible. If you don’t plan this correctly, there is a possibility that you cannot use your earned points to redeem the needed flights and accommodations in time.

To show you the planning that is needed in order to get all the points for your honeymoon, I am going to use a simplified version of what I did for Cedric and Cecilia in terms of when to apply for certain credit cards based on the timeframe of their wedding expenses.

During their wedding planning process, Cedric and Cecilia needed to pay upfront or deposit on certain items including booking a DJ, photographer, wedding venue, catering, etc. Below are 4 common wedding expenses I’ve chosen to help illustrate their influence on timed expenses.

Starting on the third column from the left, “Months till” indicates how early on average a couple should have the item arranged, as recommended by theknot.com. The fourth column, “Pay upfront?,” indicates if the item needs to be paid immediately upon attainment. Please note this is just an example of how most people organize their expenses, including Cedric and Cecilia. Be sure to plan accordingly if your own organizational tool differs. The last column, “C&C,” indicates how much Cedric and Cecilia spent on the deposit or upfront payment, depending on the item. For example, $1,127 for the bridal dress indicates the total cost for the dress, whereas $598 for the flowers indicates only 50% of the overall cost ($1,196), as we are currently more concerned with using upfront payments to achieve credit card sign on bonuses as quickly as possible.

Knowing the expense information is crucial because we can extract them to match with the credit card applications as indicated above. Based on the 4 items listed in the spending table, I will go through them one by one below based on when the upfront expense occurs:

12 months till wedding – Venue/Catering (Cedric and Cecilia: $9,706 deposit)

In Cedric and Cecilia’s example, the first item that needed to be taken care of was the wedding venue and catering, as its booking had to be done the earliest based on our timeline. Cedric and Cecilia had to put down $9,706 as deposit. Before putting down that money, they applied for 3 cards total – one each with Chase United Explorer that earned 60,000 miles per person after spending $3,000 in 3 months, and one with Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select card, which offered 50,000 American Airlines miles after spending $3,000 in 3 months. This totaled to $9,000 of spend requirement. By splitting the deposit into 3 cards, Cedric and Cecilia earned 170,000 miles in total (instead of just one 50,000 miles bonus), which translated to 3 one-way business class flights already.

10 months till wedding: Flowers and Photography (Cedric and Cecilia: $1,598 deposit)

Similarly, Cedric and Cecilia both applied for the Wyndham Rewards card, which offered 45,000 points (could be used to redeem 3 nights at any of their properties) after spending $1,000 per card. However, this card did have a $69 annual fee that was not waived for the first year. Yet, they decided to get one each because 6 nights of 5-star hotel room was worth much more than $138 (= $69 × 2). Cedric and Cecilia used one card to deposit $1,000 for the photographer, and earned the bonus right away. As for the other card, they put down $598, leaving $402 left before earning the bonus. They fulfilled the rest of the requirement with another wedding expense (invitation cards) and, in total, received 6 hotel nights for their honeymoon with these 2 cards. The card also offered 2 points per dollar spent, which gave them even more points on top of the sign on bonus.

8 months till wedding: Bridal Dress (Cedric and Cecilia: $1,127 total)

Lastly, instead of using one of the credit cards they applied to from previous spending, Cedric and Cecilia got another hotel credit card – the Chase Hyatt credit card. That was because Chase Hyatt offered 2 nights at one of their properties after spending $1,000 on the card. Since the bridal dress cost $1,127, Cedric and Cecilia were able to use the Chase Hyatt card to pay for it and unlock the 2 hotel nights at one of the Hyatt hotels for free.

As you can see, large expenses used for the wedding can help you build towards a luxurious honeymoon. From the mini example above, you can appreciate the beauty of matching your expenses to your credit card applications in exchange for an unimaginably affordable vacation.

What if my fiancé and I want to delay the honeymoon to a later time?

In this case, you can have a more relaxed timeline to apply for the credit cards for big airline or hotel bonuses. Again, this is because points and miles that are earned via credit cards take time to be posted to your account. With your decision to delay your honeymoon, you can ensure all your miles and points from credit card sign-ups will be ready when you want to book your honeymoon.

Card applications – How do I apply for so many card?

Some people worry about applying for 10+ cards within a relatively short timeframe. It could be a bank denial issue, credit report check, or even a card management issue. In this section, I will focus on how to maximize your chances of having successful credit card applications:

1. Know which credit card(s) belong to which bank. This is important to all of you as spreading applications to different banks can give you a greater likelihood of successful credit card inquiries. That is because certain banks have restrictions on the maximum number of cards you can apply for and can have in a certain period of time. Therefore, applying cards from different banks will keep you within the limit for each bank. If you apply for 10 cards from the same bank, it is more likely that you will be denied for some of them, compared to applying 3 or 4 cards from each bank. For instance, in our example, Cedric and Cecilia opened 6 cards to cover the 4 different expenses, utilizing 3 different banks:

A. Barclays – 2 cards (Wyndham Rewards x2 for 6 hotel nights)

B. Chase – 3 cards (Hyatt x1 for 2 hotel nights, United x2 for 2 one-way business class flight)

C. Citi – 1 cards (AAdvantage Platinum Select for 1 one-way business class flight)

As you can see, they spread out their credit card applications to different institutions. By not putting all the eggs in one basket, they increased their chances of succeeding and were able get approval for all the cards. Since this is just a mini example, I only showed a subset of the credit cards Cedric and Cecilia applied for. However, the main takeaway is still the same, which is to spread out the applications to increase your chances of being approved.

2. Apply for a few cards from different banks on the same day to possibly avoid banks from seeing other applications on your credit report. Applying for cards from different banks simultaneously can increase your chances of a successful application. If you submit the applications at the same time, other banks might not see in your credit report that you have applied for credit from another bank. This could work in your favor when you are trying to obtain multiple cards.

3. The credit agency used from each bank can vary. There are 3 credit report agencies, including Equifax, Experian, and Transunion – each with its own maximum score of 850, 830, and 850. The general rule of thumb is that scores above 700 is great and you will have no problem getting credit cards with big sign on bonuses. When you apply for a credit card, the bank usually only pulls a credit report from one agency. Through this database^3^, you can check out which bank uses which agency at a particular state. With this information, you can increase your chances of a successful application by applying to banks that utilize different reporting agencies.

4. The “secret” number of days between each card application of the same bank is 91 days (for people with credit score of 700+). For people with great credit (700+ out of 850), applications can be more frequent than others. Usually, 6 months is the baseline for people with decent (600-700), but not great, credit to succeed in their credit applications. This is why spreading out credit inquires to different banks can help since you are diversifying your portfolio, making sure that if one application fails, you still have a chance with the others. In our example, since Cedric and Cecilia had excellent credit (both over 750), they had no problem in applying for new credit cards in their points accrual saga.

Bonus: Relationships with the bank such as having a checking or savings account can play a key role in some 50-50 decisions. For example, a few years ago, when I first started working after college, banks had very little information about me in terms of my income and credit history. When I applied for my first credit card with a big sign on bonus, the bank agent said that there was not enough history to make a decision even though I had a stable income. However, the agent brought up that I had a checking account of 4 years with the bank, and approved me on the application since I had been responsible with a consistent and reasonable balance on the account. That is why you should remember to utilize your relationships with the banks and apply for those cards accordingly!


Are you now tempted to replicate Cedric’s results on your own but still have concerns about the process? Don’t worry. I will address your apprehensions below. I will discuss about credit score health, credit card annual fees, value of points and miles, and how to redeem them.

Credit score health: As briefly mentioned above, credit card companies look at your credit report every time you try to obtain new credit. Many people believe that applying for a credit card can only harm your score, but that is not necessarily true. While your credit score usually has a 2-5 point drop with a new credit inquiry, you can propel that number back up by being a responsible spender. There are many things factored into your score, such as timely payments of the full balance, utilization rate, and length of credit history. Getting new credit cards is only a very small part (<10%) of the equation. As long as you are being responsible with your spending and payment, you can keep getting new credit cards with exceptional sign on bonuses.

For instance, after getting over 20 credit cards and obtaining over 1 million points in the past few years, my credit score has never been higher. My Transunion score is currently at the highest it has ever been, 810 (out of 850), according to a free credit score provider, Credit Sesame (700 or above is considered a good score). I have enjoyed trips to Iceland, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Hawaii, and other locations using the points I have accrued. This definitely demonstrates the public’s misunderstanding of how credit scores work. Come aboard and take advantage of amazing sign on bonuses.

Credit card annual fees: Most cards that you apply for in the U.S. waive the first year fee, even when the sign on bonuses are 50,000 points or more. You should not be put off by the fact that “you might forget to cancel a year later” and have to pay the second year’s annual fee. You are getting a free flight out of a simple credit card application! There are a few things you can do to avoid the annual fee after the 1st waived year:

1. Banks are lenient on the fee deadline. If you “forget” to pay and see the fee on your statement, you generally have about one billing cycle to waive the fee. Simply call or send a secure message to your credit card issuer. If the bank does not waive the fee, you can always cancel it then to have the fee reversed.

2. You can also downgrade your credit card to a no annual fee option from your fee-paying card. This allows you to keep your credit and relationship with the bank, which is beneficial for future card applications. You can also do this through secure message or phone call.

Value of points and miles: In the frequent flyer world, we always ask ourselves what each mile or point is worth. Advanced points junkie definitely need to know this. For us, we can look at it in a simpler way.

1. Flights: If a typical flight from U.S. to South America in business class is $2,700 round trip, and it costs 85,000 miles plus tax to redeem that flight, then the 85,000 miles is worth $2,700 minus the tax. With this conversion, instead of considering how many points you gain, you can focus on how much you save.

2. Hotels: The value you get from hotel rooms are a lot easier to calculate because there is no tax involved when you redeem your award stay with points. In other words, if you redeem a $400USD per night stay at the Grand Hyatt Berlin for 15,000 Hyatt points, then you would have saved $400USD. A similar concept goes with award night certificates issued by banks. One award night certificate is worth a night’s stay at the Grand Hyatt Berlin.

Redeeming points and miles: Once I receive all the points and miles in my account, how do I redeem them?

1. Flights: Most airlines have made it somewhat user-friendly on their websites for customers to redeem points. For example, on the American Airlines (AA) homepage, type in all the information you need, such as departing city, destination, and travel date, and click on the “Redeem Miles” button to display the award availability on your desired flights (I have attached a screenshot of AA homepage so that you know where the button is).

One important thing to look out for is most airlines provide saver awards and standard awards, in which standard awards are usually double the miles of saver awards, if not more. For example, New York to Lima, Peru costs 30,000 AA miles for one way business class ticket in saver award, and the same ticket costs 65,000 AA miles for standard award. While standard award flights are more widely available compared to saver award flights, the miles required to redeem standard awards are so much more that it is not worth it to redeem standard awards. Stick to saver awards as much as you can so that you are using your miles more efficiently.

2. Hotels: Similar to airlines, you can search for available hotel rooms at their respective hotel sites. In order to redeem hotel rooms using your points, simply go to a hotel chain website, such as Hilton.com (where the reward program is called HHonors), input your hotel location and duration of stay, and click “GO.” A list of Hilton-branded hotels will pop up on the screen, and you can click on the “use HHonors Points” box to see which hotels allow you to use your points. If you have hotel night certificates, you would have to contact Hilton (or the equivalent hotel chain) to redeem the award nights. Below is a screenshot of where you should go in order to see the points required for each hotel.


Whether you are just engaged or the midst of your wedding planning process, thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoyed this guide and gained new insights on how to attain an expensive, luxurious honeymoon without breaking the bank!

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[]About The Author

Victor Leung is a travel enthusiast who has used frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points to help himself and others travel around the world. After scoring a $5 USD first class flight from Asia to U.S., he was immediately addicted to the frequent flyer community.

What makes Victor even happier is that he is able to help his family, friends, and clients travel luxuriously for a fraction of the typical travel cost. By sharing his stories, concepts and knowledge on how to travel in style cheaply through pointdozer.com and his books, Jetsetter Fast Track and 5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget, he wants you to pick up the art of slick travels as well!

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5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget: A guide on how to utilize your wedding expenses in

Free video training - get the step-by-step system I use to help couples receive a $15,000 USD worth honeymoon using frequent flyer points and hotel reward points, and how you and your fiancé can do it too -> your5starhoneymoon.com (just copy and paste into your browser) ----- 5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget is the book that can help you and your fiancé achieve the honeymoon experience of a lifetime, from flying business class to places such as Bali and Maldives to staying at 5 star hotels in London or Paris, by spending only a fraction of your estimated honeymoon travel budget using frequent flyer miles and hotel reward points. Simply incorporate the honeymoon scheduling into the early stages of your wedding planning, and you can take advantage of the credit card sign up offers, earn hundreds and thousands of miles and points, and not pay for (almost) any of your honeymoon costs. I used 5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget a little while ago to help my close friends, Cedric and Cecilia, plan their honeymoon. By benefiting over $15,000USD value of business class flights and upscale hotel rooms, they were blown away by how useful frequent flyer points and hotel reward points were. All they had to do was include their romantic getaway research to the overall wedding plan. My friends and clients trust me with their travel and honeymoon planning for good reason. I give them the best plan to save money and also travel in style, especially in their honeymoon planning. In return, they value my award travel advice dearly. I appreciate every last one of their success stories, and I want to help you do the same. What Miles and Points Have Done for Me, My Friends, and Clients: - Helped couples like Cedric and Cecilia get business class flights and 5 star hotel rooms on their honeymoon - Travel first class (that is worth over $10,000 USD) from U.S. to Hong Kong for only $5 - Clients flew all the world using the points accrual tactics I consulted on. Countries include Iceland, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Hawaii, and many more - Stayed at 5-star hotels such as Intercontinental, Venetian, Hilton Resorts and others for $20 or less - Saved over $200,000 USD for all my clients combined (to date) How? It’s all about planning early. Research for the credit cards with sign on bonus. Get the cards. Meet the spending. Redeem the miles and points for travel. Let me repeat the headline again: By simply incorporating honeymoon scheduling into the early stages of your wedding planning, you can take advantage of the credit card sign up offers, earn hundreds and thousands of miles and points, and not pay for (almost) any of your honeymoon costs. Download the ebook to find out how! And you’ll also get access to my course “Getting a 5-star Honeymoon on a budget” for free, so that you can position yourself to great success in your honeymoon planning, and start your marriage with a great vacation! Keep those points coming! Victor

  • Author: Victor Leung
  • Published: 2015-11-23 21:40:12
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5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget: A guide on how to utilize your wedding expenses in 5 Star Honeymoon on a Budget: A guide on how to utilize your wedding expenses in