5 False Beliefs about Duality and How They Steal Your Power


Five False Beliefs about Duality


How They Steal Your Power

Marsha Hankins

Five False Beliefs about Duality and How They Steal Your Power

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Understanding Duality and the Power of Beliefs

What is Duality?

Why did we do it?

What does it mean?

How do we end it?

Five False Beliefs about Duality

FB#1 – Duality is only happening on Earth

FB#2 – Duality was created by a God who sent us here

FB#3 – Duality is the battle between the light and the dark

FB#4 – Duality is necessary for us to know who we are

FB#5 – Duality cannot be changed

How these beliefs affect us

How to let go

How to set new goals

My Story

About the Author



As always, I am grateful to all of my students from my many years of teaching. Not only have I learned so much from them, they have motivated me to expand myself to all that I can be. They are brilliant lights that have inspired me to keep going.

I am more grateful than words can express for my wonderful friend and mentor, Kris Duffy. Kris gave more to the world than anyone beyond a small handful of people will ever know. Without her original channelings from the Christ and her personal support during my spiritual adolescence, I might still be wandering in circles.

I am eternally grateful to the God/Goddess and the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy for the opportunity to serve inside the Experiment in Duality and to grow from darkness into light. My experiences here have been expansive beyond third dimensional comprehension and I have been delighted to serve. What a ride!

And, of course, my gratitude goes to my husband of this, and many other lifetimes, Chip. We have been through much in our many years together and he has supported me through hours of teaching, writing, and marketing. Wherever our next journey takes us, I know it will be exciting.

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Many great masters have been trying to help humanity understand the Great Experiment, or the Experiment in Duality, for almost a century. Channeled teachings have been given to us since the early 1920s by Ascended Masters such as St. Germain, archangels such as Michael, Arial, and Raphael, and other members of the White Brotherhood.

I spent many years of my own process trying to fully understand and master the concept of an experiment in the separation from light. I asked endless questions: What does it mean? Why did we do this? How do we end it?

After many years of teaching, I have found that most spiritual travelers (the lightworkers) are still struggling with the same questions that I had to work through myself. Without the answers to those questions, one will find it challenging to let go of duality and move fully back into one’s light.

In my first book, Ascension: The End of Duality, I shared my personal experiences as I moved through the maze of various teachings to find my right path. I also wrote in detail about the Experiment in Duality, our descent and inevitable ascent on the scale of frequencies inside the experiment, and ten specific recommendations for ending the Experiment in Duality.

In this first book of The False Belief Series: Change Your Beliefs and You Change Your Destiny, I have been guided to write about five basic false beliefs about duality. These false beliefs prevent us from fully understanding our perceptions of separation from the light and how to change them. We cannot ascend to the full remembrance of who we are until we are ready to let go of the false beliefs that limit us in our ability to fully stand in our power as the creators. We cannot know ourselves as one with Source until we resolve our perception of separation on all levels. It is not intellectual knowledge that we seek. It is the integration and assimilation of these truths that we seek in order to know ourselves as Source.

I will share my awareness of what duality means and why we chose to participate in it. I will also describe what I mean by “false beliefs,” how they limit us by stealing our power, and how we can change them. At the end, I will share more of my story. I would normally do that at the beginning of a book, but I think my story will make more sense at the end.

Some of the information is this book will be familiar and some will not. I invite you to hold an open mind and an open heart and hold for the possibility that this just might be true. I did not create the concept of the Great Experiment. I studied the teachings of the Ascended Masters and of the Christ in the I AM SOURCE™ (IAS) program to find my truth. The IAS program became the foundation for my spiritual process.[1]

When I came to accept the experiment as our truth, I asked my God-Self to help me understand it and heal it for myself. With at least a certain level of mastery, I can now help others understand and heal as well.

I have been guided to share the five most basic false beliefs about duality:

1. Duality is only happening on Earth.

2. Duality was created by a God who sent us here.

3. Duality is the battle between the light and the dark.

4. Duality is necessary for us to know who we are.

5. Duality cannot be changed.

Once we understand these beliefs and how they limit us, we can begin to let them go. We can allow them to be healed and replace them with higher frequency beliefs. We can set new goals for our journey and move fully into Oneness. Change your beliefs and you change your destiny.

Let the fun begin!

[]Understanding Duality and the Power of Beliefs

Duality is not the way of the universe. Duality is an energy, a concept, that was created inside the Great Experiment—Experiment in Duality. It was never meant to cause grief or suffering. It was meant to expand us into greater unconditional love.

I know that sounds absurd at first, but it is one of the great spiritual paradoxes, of which there are many. However, once I understood and accepted the Experiment in Duality I found it much easier to put the pieces of my personal puzzle together. Understanding the experiment, what we are doing here, and why, opened up a new world of possibilities for me.

As I wrote in Ascension, “Understanding the Experiment in Duality helped me put the stories in perspective. I could put every creation story into the format of the experiment and understand it. I could begin to look at everyone and everything with greater compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love. Understanding the experiment and my role in it allowed me to release the judgment of myself and others much more quickly than I believe I ever could have done on another path of study.”[2]

Information on the Experiment in Duality has been channeled to us by the Ascended Masters and Archangels since the 1920s. However, the books that came across my path did not provide enough information to answer all of my questions. As I do with everything, I went to my soul for greater understanding and wisdom.

I have come to understand the experiment in a way that serves me. I have come to accept that separation is not our truth but our illusion. I have come to accept that all that I need to do is to put the entire experience on earth into the perspective of the God/Goddess and let it go.

Throughout my works, I use the terms Source and God/Goddess. I am defining Source and God/Goddess the way I use them in my version of New Age. The distinctions I make below are only important for conveying specific concepts and maintaining a common language for exploration. My goal is sharing concepts, not creating more dogma.

Source: the original energy and intelligence of creation.

• Everything exists inside “the body of Source.” Nothing physical or etheric can be separate from Source.

• Nothing is outside of Source. Source is all that is.

The God/Goddess: the spiritual offices that represent the male and female components of Source.

• The feminine energy is the receiving component of creation. She is the space in which ideas and intentions are formed. Nothing begins without a vision.

• The masculine energy is the action component of creation. He is the energy moving through the intention to bring it into form. Nothing is created without some form of movement.

• One component cannot create without the other. The God/Goddess is a beautiful and essential collaboration.

• The term the God/Goddess is used when Spirit wants to emphasize the male/female energy specifically.

• I have sometimes been guided to just use God to make reading easier, but the intention is always both male and female, as in the original use of the word.

I often use Source and God/Goddess interchangeably. I follow my guidance when writing and speaking without being concerned about the terminology. Because I see all as One, the difference in Source and God/Goddess is no longer significant to me. I recommend just going with the flow of the energy and not trying to figure out why I was guided to use one term or the other. Ultimately, it does not matter.

The God/Goddess (the Divine Male and Female aspects of Source) see everything through eyes of unconditional love and forgiveness. They know that separation is the illusion and that we are all One no matter what happens. Because we entered into the illusion of duality, humans have come to perceive and therefore judge things as right or wrong. Where the divine realms see only opportunities for growth and expansion, humans see darkness, guilt, shame, and blame for the “wrong doings.” We need to find our God’s eye view[3] of the world and the Experiment in Duality.

We get our God’s eye view by raising our frequency high enough to observe duality and the experiences here without judgment. When we can see from the perspective of the God/Goddess within us, we can answer the questions: What is duality? Why did we do it? What does it mean? How do we end it?

What is Duality?

Duality is not our true nature. Our “original divine blueprint” is that of Oneness—knowing no separation from Source. In Oneness with all things, there is only peace, unity, and flow. Everyone, and everything, operates in alignment with the Divine Plan for the highest good of all.

Duality is an experiment in separation from Source. It is an experiment in separating Divine Will (what serves the highest good of all) from individual will (what serves me). Duality is not the battle between the light and dark or the separation of the male and female. Those are relationships resulting from our experiences and perceptions inside the experiment.

Before the Experiment in Duality, we operated from “Thy will not my will be done.” Inside the experiment, we operated from “my will not Thy will be done.” The opportunity to choose a path that was not based on the needs of the whole gave individuals an opportunity to choose what suited them alone. These choices created the experience of separation and the “negativity” that followed.

Going to various dictionaries we find the following definitions:

• Duality is the condition of being “dual”—being of two parts. It is the contrast between two concepts, two aspects, two factions, etc.

• Separation is the action of moving, or being moved, apart. It is a division of the components or parts.

When we consider these definitions, we can see that duality (the opportunity to choose between two different wills or desires) created the experience of separation (division between the parts). This may not seem like an important distinction at first, but it is a very helpful one when trying to understand how to move back into Oneness. Instead of trying to “heal” separation we merely need to make choices that are in the highest good of the whole. When we make choices based on the highest good of everyone involved instead of choices based on the lower-self’s desires, separation will eventually dissolve. It has to.

Adding to the confusion is the concept of polarity, which is often used interchangeably with duality and separation. While dictionaries might use “duality” and “separation” as synonyms for polarity, they are not. They have similarities but they are not the same, especially in metaphysics.

Going back to the dictionary we find the following definitions:

• Polarity is the state of having two opposite or contradictory principles or aspects, and

• Polarity is the relationship between two opposite characteristics or traits.

The difference of polarity versus duality and separation is very important to understanding who we are and how we find our way out of the experiment. I will discuss this a little later. For now, let’s remain focused on the duality of choice.

I am often asked how Divine Power, our creative power as aspects of Source, is reflected in the difference between choices for the highest good all and choices for what we want individually. After all, we are constantly told that we are all-powerful, that we are God, and that we can create anything we want.

Those statements are true but they must be kept in the context of who we were before we entered duality. Only in separation do we wish to create something that is not in the highest good of all. As our consciousness shifts from duality back into Oneness, we begin to remember that what is in the highest good of the whole is always in the highest good of the individual. Divine Power is always focused toward bringing us back into Oneness, not toward creating more separation by putting individual desire first. Only through total surrender to our divine selves do we find our total power. It is another spiritual paradox that when we no longer want anything for ourselves, we can have everything we want.

Many people teach that duality is essential because creative energy is the flow of opposites. Yes, creative energy is the flow of opposites. It is the constant flow of male and female energy that keeps the universe alive. The male energy flows outward and the female energy flows inward. A balanced flow gives us the day and night, the in-breath and out-breath, the wax and wane of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tides, and so forth. However, opposites do not have to be in duality. It is only inside the experiment that the duality of opposites exists.

To understand this difference, we need to go back to the dictionary.

• Duality is the condition of being “dual”—being of two parts. It is the contrast between two concepts, two aspects, two factions, etc. They face away from each other.

• Opposites are positions on the other side of something, usually the other side of the same issue. They face each other.

While duality creates separation between two parts, opposites are simply holding (or grounding) the other side of the same energy. In the fifth dimensional consciousness of the higher realms, opposites flow in harmony, cooperation, unity, and oneness for the highest good of all. In the third dimensional consciousness of the experiment, duality of choice has pushed us into conflict between “opposites.” Just as with the difference in the terms “duality” and “separation,” this distinction may seem subtle and unimportant, but it is extremely valuable to understanding where we have been and how we get back to the experience of Oneness.

I have a guided meditation that I often teach in class in which I take people to what my master teacher, Kris Duffy, call the Cosmic Club Med. We begin sitting in the light of our truth, remembering who we were before coming to Earth. We remember how excited we were to enter the experiment and learn from something no one else in creation had ever experienced. We fly from the Cosmic Club Med toward Earth full of anticipation and wonder. However, when we hit that “darkness” for the first time, it does not seem quite so wonderful.

I remember the first time I did this meditation for myself. I was really pumped up I could hardly wait to leave the club and head for the experiment. My original descent was exhilarating. I knew this was going to be challenging. I knew we were taking a chance. But, adventure and expansion had called and I had answered.

I felt the energy shift as I seemed to leave the light and enter the darkness of duality. The contrast was such a shock that I needed time to orient myself to my new environment. I had never made choices that were not in the highest good of all. I wasn’t even sure what to do, but I had come to learn from the experience of duality so I began to experiment.

Not only did I learn to make choices that increased my sense of separation from the whole, I excelled! When students and clients don’t want to look at what they have done in other lifetimes because they feel so guilty, I can honestly tell them that they cannot have done anything “worse” than what I have done in the past. This is what we came to learn.

We volunteered to come here to learn about the results of duality and how to heal them. No one knew exactly what was going to happen. It was an experiment!

I often refer to us as the extreme athletes of the Spiritual Warriors. We are the adventurers. We are the volunteers who go where no one else has gone before. All of creation is watching us in fascination and wondering how we are going to get out of this. We might be the hottest show on SOURCE-TV—at least one of the top two.

When we let go of our judgment, guilt, and shame we will remember the beauty, perfection, and divinity of it all. We will see the Experiment in Duality as a great achievement of which we can be divinely proud. But, proud of what? What did we come to learn?

Why did we do it?

Believe it or not, we created duality to learn more about love. I think it is easiest to start with a brief excerpt from Ascension:

“The purpose of the experiment was to expand our capacity for unconditional love. While many people find this idea challenging, even ridiculous at first, remember to hold open the possibility that what I have to share might be true before discarding it.

“As beings of great light, we know that our entire existence and purpose is love. As our love grows, we grow. Therefore, we are always seeking new ways to create and experience higher frequencies of Divine Love, love with no judgments and no conditions.

“Sitting around between experiences at what we affectionately call the Cosmic Club Med, some of us wondered what else we might do to expand our capacity for love. One of us began to wonder if it were possible not to be Divine Love. If it were possible, what would the experience of non-love be like?

“All we had ever known was the divine. When everyone treats everyone else with respect, unconditional love is easy. When no one does harm, non-judgment is easy. We asked if we were able to create the experience of non-love, what might we learn from it? Would we be able to love ourselves and each other no matter what? Would we be able to maintain unconditional love even in non-loving circumstances? Could we move away from Divine Love and find our way back?”[4]

Human beings often say that we cannot appreciate the “good” without the “bad,” that we cannot know happiness without knowing sorrow, or love without hate. The anticipation of this energy moved us into the experiment.

We designed the Experiment in Duality to stretch ourselves, to challenge ourselves, and to expand our capacity for unconditional love by experiencing the “opposite” of what we had always known. Instead of making choices for the highest good of all at all times, we gave ourselves the opportunity to make choices for individual preferences so that we could learn what it felt like to not be in Oneness.

We created duality to help ourselves grow, and we have grown immensely. While it still looks ugly on the outside, we are approaching the end of the experiment, the end of duality, and are coming out of it with incredible gifts of expansion. We each need to be patient and stay focused on our own path. Each time another person’s light turns on, we are closer to the end.

What does it mean?

I wanted to title this section “What did we learn,” but I was guided to call it “What does it mean?” I needed some time to understand the difference.

We have learned a great deal from our experiences inside this experiment. We have learned that separation and isolation do not feel good. We have learned that making choices that do not take into consideration the needs of others creates poverty, intolerance, conflict, arrogance, anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, and a much longer list of discordant/negative emotions and experiences. We have learned that duality is not fun. Duality means someone is suffering, and when one part of the whole is suffering, everyone is suffering whether they realize it or not. So, what does this mean? It means what I said in the last sentence—when one part of the whole is suffering, everyone is suffering whether they realize it or not.

An experiment is a test, a trial, or tentative procedure, especially one for the purpose of discovering something unknown or testing a principle or procedure[5]. When we began this journey into duality, we had no idea what it would really mean for us. We expected unknown emotions, but we thought we were ready. We expected a sense of disconnection, but we thought we were ready. We expected to learn what it felt like to feel unloved as part of the whole, but we had no idea of how difficult it would be to forget our love.

What we have learned is that duality means separation, and separation means suffering. Whether that suffering is a little or a lot, it is still painful and detrimental to the whole. When anyone’s needs are not being met, some form of war will eventually erupt. It might be an argument with family members, neighbors, fellow employees, or even friends that destroys a relationship. It might be major dissension between political parties that brings progress to a screeching halt. It might be territorial disputes that lead to a major war. No matter how small or large, the suffering that develops from separation harms everyone in the system.

Duality means pain. Unity means joy. We have learned many individual lessons. Put them together and we have learned that we belong in Oneness and unconditional love.

How do we end it?

We end the Experiment in Duality through understanding, acceptance, and willingness to change. We call our section of creation a “free-will universe” because we were given an opportunity of choice that does not exist everywhere in creation. We were given the choice to create an experiment in duality for our learning. We made the choice to step out of our memory of Oneness. We also must make the choice to come into it. We must make the choice to step back into Oneness. No one else can choose for us.

When I was a kid, we would play kickball or softball in the front yard until dark. Our mothers would be calling for us to come inside because it was late. It would be so dark that we could not even see the ball, but we did not want to give up and come inside. We did not want to stop playing the game.

Our resistance to just letting go of the experiment is two-fold. First, we actually are fascinated by what we are learning here and do not necessarily want to stop playing the game. Second, we have been away from the light for so long, that we do not fully remember that the light is our home and we are afraid we might be in trouble for staying away so long.

Just as our mothers called us in from the dark when we were kids, the Goddess is calling us Home. However, unlike our mothers who could finally get us indoors with threats or bribes, the Goddess will allow us to make our own choices and live with the outcomes.

Once we consciously make the choice to move back into our light, the journey is not as easy as we think it is going to be. Mastering what we have learned about duality and coming back into perfect balance is like swinging back and forth on a pendulum. When we realize we need a course correction because we are out of balance to one side, we overshoot the balance point because we do not know where balance is yet. When we realize we are not out of balance to the other side, we make another course correction and overshoot back toward where we were. However, this time, we are closer to center.

We continue this process until all of our lessons have been learned, we know where the balance point is, and we know how to stay there. When we no longer need to swing, we will experience true peace, and we can permanently leave duality behind us. Until then, lessons will be repeated until learned and we will swing back and forth until we are completely healed. Patience and persistence, Grasshopper.

One of the most effective ways to speed the process of evolution is to examine and change limiting beliefs. The way we respond to the outer world is based on the emotions attached to the situations. Emotional responses are based on our beliefs. If we believe something is good, we feel good when it happens. If we believe something is not good, we do not feel good when it happens.

When we change our beliefs, we change our destiny. To end the Experiment in Duality, we need to change the false beliefs that have kept humanity in victimization.

[]Five False Beliefs about Duality

“False beliefs” are those beliefs that are not 100% Divine Truth. Divine Truth is always simple but that does not mean it is easy. We must each go through multiple levels of evolution to reach readiness for our final Ascension. Each of those levels of evolution takes us to higher levels of understanding of Divine Truth. Just as we think we really understand it, another lesson comes along to show us we have more to learn. Believe me, I know of what I speak.

I love the analogy of our spiritual evolution as that of going through the many grade levels of school. What we think we know in the first grade is not what we think we know in the sixth grade, and what we think we know in the sixth grade is not what we think we know in the twelfth grade. As we gain education and experience, our perceptions and, therefore, our beliefs about the world change.

The same is true as we climb the ladder of spiritual frequencies. As our frequency goes higher, we gain higher levels of spiritual understanding. We move from spiritual infancy to spiritual adolescence to spiritual maturity over time. During each stage, we change our beliefs.

False beliefs are any beliefs that are not 100% unconditional love and Oneness. They are beliefs that create:

• Any form of judgment

• Any separation from others

• Any form of victimization

• Any limitation on who we are and what we can do

False beliefs must be identified and healed in the subconscious as well as the conscious mind. When we look at the pyramid of consciousness given to us by psychologists, we can see that our conscious minds are only “the tip of the iceberg,” and that our subconscious minds direct most of our behaviors. We can consciously understand and accept a belief but that does not necessarily mean we understand and accept it subconsciously.

The process of healing is the process of pulling the old beliefs up from the subconscious such that they can be examined. Then we can determine what we really believe, why we believe it, and what we need to heal. It is easy to toss out “spiritual one-liners,” the spiritual teachings that we know must be true, without fully understanding them, embracing them, integrating them, and becoming them. The journey from spiritual infancy to spiritual adolescence to spiritual maturity takes time.

Humanity has five significant false beliefs (FB) about duality that keep us in separation and victimization. These must be healed to fully experience Oneness and Divine Power.

1. Duality is only happening on Earth.

2. Duality was created by God who sent us here.

3. Duality is the battle between the light and the dark.

4. Duality is necessary for us to know who we are.

5. Duality cannot be changed.

Each of these false beliefs steals our power by creating the belief that we are not all-powerful children of God. They steal our power by creating the belief that we are not the creators and therefore have no control over what is happening to us. Only through stepping into the totality of our creatorship can we find our Divine Power.

My dear friend and mentor, Kris Duffy, once shared the following story in a class. Kris was part of a small group of students who met once a week for a visitation from a Native American Grandmother and Grandfather. These great masters would give spiritual teachings and homework that was to be completed each week. One week they were given an assignment related to their Divine Power. The following week, very few had completed the assignment, including Kris. The Grandmother had Kris stand up. In a loud voice, she asked, “How can you be powerful if you do not believe you are powerful!”

The beliefs we have acquired during the Experiment in Duality have stripped us of the belief in our power to create from our divinity and our light. Humanity has come to believe that we must create through struggle. We create by taking from others. We fight for power over others to get what we want. That is not how we are designed to create. Don’t let the following false beliefs steal your power as the God/Goddess that you are.

FB#1 – Duality is only happening on Earth

The first, and possibly the most important, false belief is that duality is only happening on Earth—that only here do beings experience duality and separation. The Experiment in Duality includes multiple galaxies, which means an untold number of stars, planets, and beings in and out of bodies are participating. Some have healed duality and exited the experiment but most are still moving their way through the various stages of evolution.

This is possibly the most important of the false beliefs about duality because it makes human beings feel alone in the universe and like the low man on the totem pole. It is challenging enough to move out of the concepts of sin and eternal damnation as it is. Add to that the belief that we are the only ones in creation to be this dark, “this bad,” and our self-esteem plummets. We are not the black sheep of the universe.

Beings at all levels of evolution volunteered to participate in the Experiment in Duality. In Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak, the Pleiadians share their history of moving from their darkness back into their light. While many people on this planet look to the Pleiadians as our great teachers, they were not always holding the light that they are holding now. They caution us not to give our power to those who come from the stars just because they come from the stars. Their advanced technology does not make them advanced beings. Inside the experiment, it can be difficult to know who is truly coming from the light and who is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing.[6]

Just as we have human beings at many levels of light on our planet, there are extraterrestrials at many levels of light as well. This does not mean we should fear them, but it does not mean that we should blindly embrace them either. Everyone (and everything) inside the Experiment in Duality is working their way from darkness back into light. It is what we came to do. We are helping each other through the process.

I said everyone and everything. Even Mother Earth and all of her kingdoms are part of the experiment. Humans often kick themselves and the rest of humanity for what we are doing to the earth: the mineral, plant, animal, and elemental kingdoms. But, Mother Earth and her children have volunteered to experience duality.

Since her creation, Mother Earth has presented her kingdoms with feast and famine, floods and droughts, earthquakes, monsoons, ice ages, and more. She has been going through her cycles of evolution the way every planet does and the consequences for the creatures who inhabit her have not always been pleasant. It is part of her duality.

The animal kingdom on our planet also operates in duality in the way they are here to experience. We know that when human beings stay out of the way, the natural ebb and flow of life keeps nature in balance. However, the animal kingdom can be very violent. Animals can be territorial and aggressive. They are sometimes poisonous, and many animals feed on other animals.

The place we have been staying recently has a lovely open space outside the dinette window. We have enjoyed putting out seeds and watching the birds and squirrels. There is plenty of food to go around and, most of the time, the animals share the seeds without problems. However, there are two very aggressive birds—one quail and one dove. When these two guys come over, they chase every other creature away with fervor. They want every seed for themselves. A friend calls them “the bullies.”

This type of behavior (even for animals) is third dimensional duality, not fifth dimensional Oneness. The concept of the survival of the fittest might be the way nature keeps balance, but it also duality. The survival of the fittest says that the bigger, stronger, faster animals will survive over those of lesser stature. Survival of the fittest says that those deemed “more fit” are more important than their smaller, weaker counterparts. This is not fifth dimensional community. In the Oneness of the fifth dimension, even the animal kingdom will operate differently. And, don’t forget the plant kingdom in this discussion. We also have poisonous and carnivorous plants. Every aspect of life on earth has agreed to learn about duality.

The participation of all of Mother Earth’s kingdoms in the experiment does not diminish humanity’s responsibility for its interactions with the land, plants, animals, and Mother Earth herself as a conscious being. In fact, it amplifies our responsibility for our actions. While the indigenous cultures of the planet have always understood that the earth is our home and we need to treat her with respect, modern man seems to believe that to have “dominion” means to use her kingdoms for our pleasure and profit without regard to the long-term effects.

If one researches the definition of “dominion,” one will find that it means to govern, to care for, to have responsibility for. Part of our return to Divine Oneness is our oneness with Mother Earth. How we treat the land, the plants, and the animals is as much a reflection of where we are in our reunification with all things as the way we treat other human beings. We are all One.

Everyone and everything inside the Experiment in Duality is in this together. Every species on every planet and every star inside the experiment is going through one phase of duality or another. It is part of the grand design, and it is important that we each release our judgment on each other and on ourselves. We must allow our evolution to take its course as we move from darkness into light and back into Oneness with all that is.

FB#2 – Duality was created by a God who sent us here

The second, and very debilitating, false belief is that duality was created by “a” God who sent us here—that we had no choice. Probably the most limiting aspect of this belief is that we have been sent here as punishment—that we must go through purgatory or hell in order to redeem ourselves.

One of the great spiritual one-liners is that we are the creators. If we are aspects of the God/Goddess then we must have within us the powers of the God/Goddess, and we are here to spread our wings and learn to create the lives we want to live. Certainly, anyone who fully understands the Law of Attraction (like attracts like; as within so without) understands how we draw people and situations into our lives and that we change our beliefs, we change our destiny.

The interesting piece around this universal law of creation is how many people are ready to accept credit for creating the things they like but not ready to accept credit for creating the things they don’t like. When human beings are not happy with the outcomes, the first inclination is to blame someone outside themselves, even if that someone is God. In fact, the God/Goddess are scapegoats for much of what people do not want to deal with or accept. Fortunately, They love us unconditionally because They understand the stages of our evolution. As far as They are concerned, we cannot mess up.

Earlier I described our choices at the Cosmic Club Med and my remembrance of the experience of dropping from the light into the darkness. When we entered the experiment, we forgot our connection to the God/Goddess. We felt lost and alone. We wondered how God could do this to us. This sense of abandonment led to the belief that we must have done something very bad to have been put here. God must be punishing us.

The belief that God must be punishing us is the foundation of the traditional interpretation of the Garden of Eden story. The way this story is most often taught is that Adam and Eve were favored children of God living in the Garden of Eden with all of their needs and desires instantly met. God told them they could eat the fruit of all of the trees except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eating of this tree would result in their death.

When Adam and Eve gave into temptation and ate the apple, God banished them from the garden. In an instant, they knew judgment, shame, guilt, and fear. Now, human beings must walk through some form of purgatory or hell to be tested before they can return to heaven.

If we put that version of the story aside and look at the story as the metaphor for creating the Experiment in Duality, we have a completely different interpretation of its meaning. Consider the Garden of Eden to be the Cosmic Club Med where we knew ourselves as light and great creators as the children of God. We were able to create our needs and desires instantly.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the metaphor for the experiment. This tree represented the ideas of light and dark by creating the duality of wills—the choices between the highest good of all (the light) and the desires of the individual (the dark). Taking a bite of the apple was the symbol of making the choice to jump into the experiment. Our experiences after we entered the experiment created the sense of judgment, shame, guilt, and fear.

There was never anything wrong with our choice to experience duality. We simply chose, in this free-will universe, to stretch ourselves to a new level of understanding unconditional love. As long as we believe we are victims to the creation of a God outside of us instead of accepting our choices as the creators, we will continue to believe we are victims. When we accept and embrace our choices as creators, we become fully empowered to step back into our light whenever we are ready to surrender the game.

FB#3 – Duality is the battle between the light and the dark

The third, and most common, false belief is that duality is the battle between the light and the dark—that this is a war between good and evil. It is not.

There is no such thing as the dark. Everything in creation is made of light. The dark is only the perception of the lack of light. When you walk into a dark room, you turn on a light switch and there is light. However, when you leave the room, do you turn on a dark switch? No! You turn off a light and there is the perception of no light.

The light is either turned on or turned off, which is really saying that the light is either perceptible or not perceptible. Even when a light switch is turned off, the power that gives us light is still charging the switch. The electricity is still flowing. It is just waiting for us to turn the switch on so that we can see again.

Light is our truth. The perception of dark is our illusion. One of my favorite versions of this concept is the realization of the character Neo in Matrix: Revolutions that the Machine City is made of light. When Neo loses his physical sight and must rely on his inner sight, he is able to see the light and the beauty that has been hiding underneath the dark.[7]

We have each been through our cycles of light and dark over our many lifetimes on this planet. When we agreed to experience duality, we agreed to experience the full range of the energies of duality. As Kris used to say, “We have all danced with the dark.” We have had to dance with the dark to understand and learn from the dark. Without the experiences from both sides of the equation, there is no learning and no true point to being here.

The block to accepting this is judgment. In what we have perceived to be darkness, every society, religion, and spiritual philosophy has developed a list of rights and wrongs—the good and the bad. The issue is not about doing away with guidelines and ideals for a healthy community. The issue is the judgment on those whose frequency is not yet high enough to remember that they are part of a healthy community. The issue is working with these people in a loving and productive way that creates lasting change.

I use the following analogy. When we were ready to leave the Cosmic Club Med, we lined up to enter the experiment. Some of us were at the front of the line and some of us were at the back of the line. We began lowering our frequency to descend into duality. The front of the line reached the furthest point from Oneness first and began to move back toward the light. The end of the “conga line” has just reached the furthest point from Oneness and is just now turning back toward the light.

Those at the end of the conga line are not evil. Those at the end of the conga line just need time to move closer to the light in order to begin to remember Oneness. Where we are in line is determined by how much we have allowed ourselves to heal. Those who are letting go of their judgments are moving more quickly toward the light. Those who continue to hold their judgments, for whatever reasons, are moving more slowly. However, we have all danced with the dark and we will all return to our light.

Duality cannot be healed through a war between the light and the dark. First, nothing is ever permanently healed through conflict. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said so well:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.[8]

We can only heal ourselves and others through love, compassion, and forgiveness. We can only heal through Divine Justice.

Second, when one is battling the dark, one is battling the illusion! If everything is made of light and dark is only the perception of no light, battling the dark is battling only the perception of the dark. This is futile.

As we try to fight what we perceive to be the dark within ourselves or within others, we only create more separation. Instead of fighting, we can each choose to fully turn on our light switches, let go of all judgment of ourselves and others, and allow ourselves to heal the duality to know Oneness.

I have written an eBook that is part to of “The Standing in the Light® Master Series” titled Divine Justice: Healing through Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness. If you feel guided to read it, you might find it helpful in letting go of self-judgment and self-punishment and allowing complete healing for yourself and others.

FB#4 – Duality is necessary for us to know who we are

The fourth, and absolutely limiting, false belief is that duality is necessary for us to know who we are—that we must experience duality to evolve. Duality is what we volunteered to learn but it is not necessary for knowing our light.

This is where the difference in duality and polarity becomes important. The physical universe exists because of the flow of energy between two poles. Right and left, positive and negative, male and female, are the usual ways to describe polarity. Energy flows back and forth between the extremes to create life.

Right/left and positive/negative are simply two ways of saying male/female. The right, or positive, flow of energy is male and the left, or negative, flow of energy is female. The “positive” male energy flows outward. The “negative” female energy flows inward.

Both are essential. Electricity has a positive and negative flow. A magnet has a positive and a negative end. The science of acupuncture is that of balancing the positive and negative energy flow through the body’s meridian lines by balancing the positive and negative energy in each of the acupuncture points.

We cannot survive without the flow of male and female energy, the flow of outward and inward energy. All living things have a form of out-breath and in-breath. We can neither exhale nor inhale forever. Food and water come into the body but are also released by the body. The list goes on and on. Both energies are important for life as we know it. The balance of the male and female energies is essential for spiritual perfection and the end of duality.

Imagine the flow of energy as an infinity sign. The energy flows around the infinity sign from the right loop to the left loop. As long as the energy flows smoothly and evenly there is balance. If the energy is not flowing smoothly and evenly, such that one side of the infinity sign is bigger than the other, there is imbalance. An imbalance of energy disrupts function and creates discord and disease.

Polarity, the existence of opposites and the relationship between those opposites, is necessary. Duality, the state of operating as two separate aspects of Source, is not. Polarity is a key element in creation. Duality is the illusion we created as an experiment in expansion.

Moving through the stages of duality is part of our evolution on earth, but that does not make it necessary to who we are. We have the choice to exit whenever we are ready. We are ready as soon as we accept that we have learned enough and are willing to let it all go.

However, this does not mean that we can skip steps and bug out. Another of the great paradoxes is that we agreed to learn all about duality and we cannot leave just because we have decided we do not like it. “Learning” means fully integrating, assimilating, and becoming our light once again. It is not just the intellectual understanding of spiritual truth that completes the experiment for us. It is the mastering of experience that completes our time here.

As long as one wants to leave because of discordant emotions and judgments, one is destined to stay. The Tibetans have a saying that one cannot get off the wheel of reincarnation until one loves it here so much one no longer feels the need to leave. How true that is. As long as one holds any judgment on what has happened here, one gets to stay. Remember, lessons are repeated until learned. But, we can learn quickly if we will surrender to our light.

Divine Truth has always been simple: just be love; just let go of judgment; change what you believe. However, simple does not necessarily mean easy. We have many lifetimes of programming to heal, and human beings like to hold onto what they know rather than step into the unknown. If we are willing to let go of what we thought was true as part of duality and step into the truth of the masters, we can leapfrog through the process with joy and ease.

Look around. How much further can we take duality and the resulting separation? Is there anything left to experience that we have not already experienced? How much longer do we want to continue?

The longer we believe that duality is our truth and the longer we believe we must have duality to know who we are, the longer we will struggle. Let go. Let go. Let go.

FB#5 – Duality cannot be changed

The fifth, and most victimizing, false belief is that duality cannot be changed—that we are stuck here unless God decides to end it for us. If we do not believe we have the power to evolve beyond the experiment, we will remain “lost.” If we continue to believe that we are at God’s whim or mercy instead of the co-creators of our experiences, we will not be able to find our power.

When the first four false beliefs combine, it is too easy to fall into a sense of victimization and hopelessness. As long as we feel we have no choice and no control, we are stuck. Before coming into the experiment we knew who we were as great creators, as great beings of light. The challenge we set up for ourselves was entering into duality, wandering in the illusion of darkness, and finding our way back to our truth.

Because this is the platform we set up, the God/Goddess are not going to pull us out prematurely. We have to find our way out because that is part of what we wanted to learn from the experiment. Good parents know when to help their children and when to let them learn through their own experiences and choices. The God/Goddess are superior parents. They will not stop the process of our mastery by robbing us of our power. We have to put on our big boy and girl pants and figure our way out of this. We are the experiment. Only we can end it.

Many of the religions and spiritual philosophies that have evolved out of the Experiment in Duality have created a strong sense of victimization relative to our relationship with Source: the belief that we have only one life to get it right or wrong; the belief that we have many lives but will be judged and rewarded or punished by some form of a God or committee; the belief of predestination which says everything in our lives has been decided before we get here and we are just going through the motions. These teachings undermine our power as the creator of our experiences.

While we are the creators of our individual experiences, we are also co-creators of our collective experiences. When we chose to participate in duality, we volunteered to help each other learn as much as we could from the process. We volunteered to support and to push buttons to expand our learning.

This does not mean we are here to consciously, or intentionally, push people’s buttons (although that does happen at certain stages of evolution). It does mean that as we are going through our own process we are constantly interacting with others in ways that bring their issues to their attention. Together we learned how to go into separation, and together we are learning how to come back into Oneness.

When we are having experiences that only pertain to ourselves, we are creating from our energy alone. When we are having experiences that involve other people, we are co-creating from the energies of everyone concerned. The people around us mirror our issues back to us, both our light and our dark. The people in a co-creation may be at different places in the conga line, different levels of consciousness. The perspectives of those in a co-creation may widely vary which affects the outcome. Things will not always go as planned or desired. This is OK. It is part of the journey.

One of the challenges of co-creation and being in this “together” is that we can only change ourselves. We can have an influence on those with whom we co-create, but we cannot force them, or will them, into the changes needed for spiritual evolution. We can pressure or coerce others into doing what we want them to do on the outer (power over), but spiritual evolution is an inside job.

We must allow others to be where they are on their journey and detach from the how their journey looks to us. We are on different paths for different reasons. It is not our job to figure out what someone else’s path is supposed to be. Allow and detach. We are all going Home, just not at the same time.

How these beliefs affect us

Any belief that robs us of our power puts us into victimization and blocks us from knowing ourselves as Source. Whether conscious or subconscious, our beliefs determine what we call our reality. We change our “reality” by changing our beliefs.

The five false beliefs covered in this book create beliefs in limitation and, therefore, a sense of victimization. We cannot step into our full power unless we believe we have that power. The five false beliefs about duality have made human beings feel that they have no control. While we may not have control over what is happening around us, we have complete control, or command, of what is happening inside of us. Only we have the power to determine how we feel in any situation, even in something as big as the Experiment in Duality. I can assure you that not one Ascended Master graduated from this planet with any sense of victimization or powerlessness.

The five false beliefs about duality perpetuate separation. We cannot fully and completely know and experience our Oneness with all things until we have transformed the separation created by duality. We cannot transform that separation as long as we feel any anger, judgment, conflict, or lack of unity. We cannot just talk about Oneness. We have to be Oneness.

The five false beliefs about duality block us from our full creatorship. We are either the creators or we are not. We cannot take credit for creating the things we like, not accept credit for creating the things we do not like, and be in our full power as creators. We cannot accept our Divine Power and Divine Perfection if we believe we are victims to the experiment.

We each have the power to create our reality, our perspective on the world. We each have the power of choice. We each have the truth of who we are in our hearts, and can choose to embrace and act on that knowledge and wisdom. We have many examples of people who rose above victimization to stand in the power of their love. I recommend checking out the following books if you have not already:

• Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

• Immaculee Ilibagiza, Left to Tell

• Malala Yousafzai, I am Malala

We are the love, wisdom, and power of the God/Goddess. Do not let false beliefs steal that power.

How to let go

We each have to make a conscious decision to end duality. We each have to choose to continue our experience of separation or to move back into our experience of Oneness. As I said earlier, Divine Truth is always simple but that does not mean it is easy.

We may understand intellectually that we are One and that Divine Will trumps individual will, but letting go of the energies, habits, and fears we have acquired inside the experiment is not as easy as we would like it to be. The questions asked over and over in What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole[9] is how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go. It takes courage to let go of everything you thought was true and jump into an unknown (or unremembered) world. We need to have patience and cut ourselves some slack on our journey back into Oneness.

We are designed to heal duality, but we are designed to heal one step at a time. When we each jumped into our place in the conga line, we descended (or densified ourselves) one level of frequencies at a time. We kept going until we could go no further from the light. We then turned around to head Home. We ascend that staircase of frequencies one level at a time as well. We can choose to walk or run up the steps of the staircase, but we do not make one gigantic leap from where we are now to Home.

We have been given the saying that there are many roads to the Buddha. This is because there is no one road Home to Oneness. While my road of choice is the Standing in the Light® Program, we are blessed with a wide variety of options for the serious spiritual student. Whatever course you decide to follow, there are certain “musts” to the return to Oneness that should be part of your program.

• Meditation

• The removal of dogma

• Non-judgment

• Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness

• Trust and Surrender

In the last chapter of Ascension, I give ten recommendations for raising one’s frequency for the return to Oneness. While I am not going to expand on them here, I do want to share those ten main points.

1. Learn to meditate.

2. Learn to be a clear channel to your inner guidance.

3. Go into the silence for one to five days at a time.

4. Remember that this is an illusion and you are the creator.

5. Stop beating up the “ego.”

6. Get past all dogma.

7. Heal your beliefs around karma and all other religious influences.

8. Learn to balance your life.

9. Balance your male and female energies.

10. Accept that there is no one “spiritual” diet.

Judgment is the block to experiencing Unconditional Love. It is the block to knowing ourselves as One, and the block to being in our full Divine Power. Judgment of ourselves and others will keep us stuck in the illusion of darkness and perpetuate our sense of separation.

Meditation, focusing on the light and love, learning energy practices that raise your frequency, and following your passion are the first steps to letting go of judgment. As we let go of judgment, we let go of separation. As we let go of separation, we let go of duality. Anything that raises our frequency moves us into higher levels of love and closer to Home.

Learning how to get clear guidance (how to channel to our God-Selves) gives us the ability to see people and events from the divine perspective and to know what actions are in the highest good of all. The willingness to surrender what we want as individuals to what is in the highest good from our God’s eye view is essential to ending duality. We cannot have it both ways. The lower-self wants to take care of “me” and the God-Self wants to take care “we.” Only when we see and feel as One with all things are we ready to go Home.

How to set new goals

If the goal is to end duality and fully experience ourselves as One, we must heal the beliefs that block us from doing so. When we let go of old beliefs, we need to replace them with new ones. Reinforcing the new beliefs until they become our truth creates permanent change. Change your beliefs and you change your destiny.

One of the techniques taught in Standing in the Light® is designed to help students create and reinforce higher frequency beliefs. In the clearing and healing class, students identify beliefs and emotions that are limiting them by blocking their light and love. They ask their souls, their God-Selves, to help heal these limitations. Then they ask their souls to give them new, higher frequency, empowering beliefs. By focusing on these new beliefs through meditation and affirmation, these beliefs become their truth.

In the case of the five false beliefs about duality, one might make these changes.

1. Duality is only happening on Earth could become: Duality has happened throughout this universe. We are in this together.

2. Duality was created by God who just dropped us here could become: I am the creator. I am all-powerful. I chose to be here.

3. Duality is the battle between the light and the dark could become: There is only light. I see that light in all things, especially myself.

4. Duality is necessary for us to know who we are could become: I am finished with duality. I am letting duality go now.

5. Duality cannot be changed could become: I am the creator. I can change this now.

These are only a few of the possibilities.

With new beliefs in place, we can set new, more empowered goals for ending the duality within. Following the guidance from our God-Selves is the only way to truly make this shift happen. The lower-self gets caught up in mental body activity and its desire for gratification. We must let our God-Selves lead the way in setting our goals and crafting our vision for ascension.

Our original goal was to experience duality and learn all we could from the experience. Now that we have taken duality as far as it can possibly go, it is time to change the goal to ending duality, individually and collectively. While this may sound like a no-brainer, it is not.

We have become very attached to our earthly experiences. We do not have a clear road map for graduation. We are still afraid of leaving on some level or we would be able to let go.

We have to keep taking one step at a time. Healing just one false belief gives us a new truth. That new truth gives us a new way of being. That new way of being gives us new goals. New goals lead us closer to the end of duality.

[]My Story

My “big” awakening came in August 1999. Before that, I was aware of my spiritual connection but not interested enough to jump into the water and start swimming.

In August of 1999, I had an experience during a past life healing that left me with no doubt of who I am or what I have come to do. The energy shook me to the core, lifted me into joy, and confirmed what I had intuitively believed to be my spiritual truth—that I am part of Source, that past lives are real experiences, and that we have the power to heal through our energy and our beliefs. What had previously just been a theory now became a science.

The journey from that day to this has been both joyful and terrifying. We want, and usually expect, that once we wake up to who we are as spiritual beings that our road will be easy and joyful. However, the old paradigm seems so real that it is not as easy as it should be. Simple, yes. Easy, no.

I had to maneuver through my spiritual adolescence like everyone has to do on the spiritual journey. When we first wake up we are like young children, in awe and wonder and full of questions. Then, just like human children, we move into our teenage years. We have read the books and taken the classes, and now we know it all. We think we are grown up, but we are not. We lack the years of experience required to integrate, assimilate, and truly become the energies of spiritual adulthood and full living mastery.

Without humility, and understanding of where we are on our road of ascension, we can easily get stuck, find ourselves wandering in circles, and give away our power. One of the reasons I love Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda is Yogananda’s candor about his arrogance and entitlement. Here was a man born into the Avatar level of spiritual evolution and he was still in his spiritual adolescence. Without the firm hand of his chosen master Sri Yukteswar, even Yogananda would have floundered.[10]

I can totally relate. I will always be grateful to my God-Self for guiding me to my master teacher, Kris Duffy, and for her patience in helping me through my “teenage years” as her student.

One of the most valuable tools any of us can have is a technique for accessing clear information from our God-Selves. I rely on my soul, my God-Self, to teach me what I need to know beyond what I hear from others. I remember the day I first accepted the experiment as real and asking my God-Self to help me heal.

When I embraced the concept of the experiment, hidden layers of guilt, shame and blame came to the surface to be released. We cannot heal what we deny. While love is our truth, we cannot always heal by only focusing on the love. Sometimes we have to own the density of our experiences in order to come out of the denial and allow complete healing. You cannot heal an infection by putting a bandage over it and hoping it will go away. You have to treat the infection in order to completely heal the wound. Sometimes we have to face our “darkness” before we can heal it. It is not much fun, but it gets the job done.

I also remember the day I asked my soul to help me understand why we created the experiment—why we thought duality would be a good idea. The answer came instantly, “To expand your unconditional love by stretching yourselves to love beyond all judgments; to go where no one had ever gone before and come back; to persevere against the unknown; to grow up.”

The answer rang so true in my heart that I could not deny it. That moment changed everything for me. I moved from judging what was happening here to fully embracing what was happening here, and my judgments began to dissolve.

I have been through everything from hating humanity, to hating God, to hating myself, and experiencing every discordant emotion and limiting belief one can imagine. I have also felt love and joy so overwhelming that I cannot give it words. When I say that Divine Truth is always simple but not always easy, I know of what I speak.

I have never met anyone on this journey of enlightenment who has not been discouraged, in fear, or in resistance at more than one point. We just keep focusing on the moments of joy and love, meditating and healing until we move through the rough spots.

If I can move out of the darkness that I knew earlier in my life to who I am now, I know that anyone is capable of making the journey. We are all heading Home. We may take different roads to get there, but before too long we will back at the Cosmic Club Med, enjoying our drinks of choice, sharing stories, and marveling at how extraordinary this journey has been.

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Marsha moved from life coach to metaphysical practitioner to teacher. She is the creator of Standing in the Light® and the channel for the Eminent Reiki™ attunement and process. She is ordained in the Order of Melchizedek through The Sanctuary of the Beloved. Marsha has taught nationally, has been a public speaker for many years, and is the author of Ascension: The End of Duality, Divine Justice: Healing through Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness, and many articles.

While her home base is Colorado, Marsha is now in semi-retirement and traveling with her husband in their camper trailer. She is still an active author, speaker, seminar leader, and teacher trainer.

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[1] I AM SOURCE™ was channeled from the Christ through Kris Duffy in 1991 as a “how to” for modern man. It is the foundation of Standing in the Light®: 4th and 5th Dimensional Procedures for Experiencing Oneself as God.

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5 False Beliefs about Duality and How They Steal Your Power

The steps to achieving Oneness can be confusing. The misperception that duality, separation, and polarity are the same has kept many people stuck on their spiritual journey. Discover 5 beliefs that might be blocking you from remembering who you are and standing in your power as a creator. Marsha Hankins is an expert at helping people identify the beliefs that create separation and block the experience of Oneness. In this book, she shares from her 18 years of experience as a teacher and spiritual facilitator, and from her personal journey toward spiritual mastery. To find our power as spiritual beings we must identify and change the beliefs that have created the illusion of who we are. The concepts of separation, duality, and polarity have been confusing, but they do not have to be. 5 False Beliefs about Duality is the first in a series of books about the limiting beliefs that block humanity from healing and remembering who we are. In this book you will learn: • What false beliefs are and how they keep you going in circles • How duality, separation, and polarity are different and why that is important • Why duality feels real and how to change that perception • How to release judgment and find inner peace • How to step out of denial and find your true power The spiritual path is simple, but it is not always easy. This book will help you move into a greater sense of Oneness and take a giant leap toward experiencing Pure Joy. Get 5 False Beliefs about Duality today and remember who you are.

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5 False Beliefs about Duality and How They Steal Your Power 5 False Beliefs about Duality and How They Steal Your Power